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PoliticsNation, Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

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July 1, 2014

Guest: Michael Capuano; Elizabeth Plank, Goldie Taylor, Jimmy Williams,
Alecia Phonesavanh, Mawuli Mel Davis

Schultz. "Politics Nation" with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: Good evening, Ed. And thanks to you
for tuning in.

Tonight`s lead, do something! That was President Obama`s message today to
House Republicans as they ignore a looming crisis. The highway trust fund
which pays for projects to keep our roads and bridges safe will run out of
money next month.


the end of the summer, the highway trust fund will run out. Won`t be any
money then. All told, nearly 700,000 jobs could be at risk next year.
That would be like Congress threatening to laugh the entire population of
Denver or Seattle or Boston. That`s a lot of people. It would be a bad


SHARPTON: It would be a terrible idea. But the White House is already
telling states to brace themselves s. "The Huffington Post" reported today
when the trust fund gets below a certain point quote "states will no longer
be reimbursed for transportation projects as they send in bills."

President Obama`s proposed raising the funds by closing tax loopholes.
He`s also taking executive action to get projects approved more quickly.
The President is acting and he`s warning Republicans it`s time they do the


OBAMA: It`s not crazy. It`s not socialism.


OBAMA: It`s not, you know, the imperial presidency. No laws are broken.
We are just building roads and bridges like we have been doing for the
last, I don`t know. 50, 100 years? But so far House Republicans have
refused to act on this idea. I haven`t heard a good reason why they
haven`t acted. It`s not like they have been busy with other stuff. No,
seriously. I mean, they`re not doing anything. Why don`t they do this?


SHARPTON: Infrastructure isn`t a red state or a blue state issue. And if
Congress won`t act, projects all across the country will be in jeopardy.
Projects like replacing the Broadway Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas. It
was built in the 1920s at around 24,000 vehicles travel across it every
day. Officials say the bridge is structurally deficient. And a
construction was supposed to start soon.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everyone knows it needs to be fixed. Nobody has come
up with a solution that enough of them can agree on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And that solution has to come from Congress and
Washington, D.C. Bennett added without a highway trust fund replenishment,
750 million of construction projects in the state over the next 15 months
and 20,000 Arkansas jobs would be lost.


SHARPTON: It`s not just an Arkansas. As President Obama said, if Congress
doesn`t act, 700,000 jobs are at risk across the country. So I can think
about 700,000 reasons for Congress to figure this out.

Joining me now, Congressman Michael Capuano, Democrat of Massachusetts, and
former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell. Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Congressman, you are on the House transportation &
infrastructure committee. Do your Republican colleagues want to prevent
these construction projects just don`t exist?

CAPUANO: Everybody wants the projects. It is the question of whether or
not you are willing to pay for them or not. They tend to figure out that
Ronald Reagan raised the gas tax twice. Dwight Eisenhower, raised the gas
tax twice. But Reagan at one time, actually more than doubled the gas tax.

The U.S. chamber of commerce has come out for an increase tax. There are a
dozen proposals for other ways to fund the highway trust fund. And yet we
can`t get a nickel into it. We are operating on the same tax that was
leveled in 1994. Obviously, costs have gone up, wages have are gone up.
People are driving less. People are driving more fuel efficient cars.
This is such a no-brainer. If you want the projects you have to come up
with the money. If you don`t come up with the money, you will lose the
projects, lose the jobs, hurt the economy.

SHARPTON: Now, Governor, you have been passionate about this issue. And
as you know better than most how critical federal money is. Pennsylvania
receives about $5.1 billion annually from the highway trust fund. What
kind of uncertainty would it create for states if the money is in jeopardy,

RENDELL: Well, the states are going to have to cancel projects. And it`s
not just new projects. It is repair of old projects like the bridge you
referenced in Arkansas. We have a bridge on 495, the nation`s busiest
highway. It`s a spin-off of 95, 140,000 vehicles a day go over it. It`s
closed because it is structurally deficient and there is real danger there.
We have to do it for economic competitiveness. We got to do it for quality
of life and we have also got to do it for public safety.

How is Congress going to stand by and not invest in our own, maintaining in
our infrastructure? You wouldn`t buy a car and then not invest in keeping
it up and make sure that it keeps running well and smoothly. And we have
bridges that are over a hundred years old that desperately need repair.

This is no joke. We have to the put our political ideology aside. And as
the President says, invest money in doing something that`s important to the
country. If the Republicans don`t understand that, I don`t understand what
their plan is. Is there plan to let us become economically uncompetitive?
Is their plan to have four bridge collapses? I don`t understand what their
plan is.

And by the way, the states are doing their part including red states like
Wyoming, Virginia under Governor McAuliffe, even Pennsylvania. Governor
Corbett and I went up and had a press conference with him. We raised the
state gas tax. But we cannot do it without federal help.

SHARPTON: You know, Congressman, infrastructure wasn`t always a partisan
issue. Back in 2005, President Bush signed a major infrastructure law.
Forty seven Senate Republicans voted for it and 217 House Republicans voted
for it. So, they supported infrastructure spending when a Republican was
in the White House. I mean, is this all politics?

CAPUANO: At the moment, it seems to be ideology laced with politics. And
it is just people who think that all taxes all the time, all revenue, all
government spending is bad. And this is a case where Dwight Eisenhower
will built every inch of the interstate highway system which runs through
every state, every inch was paid for with gas tax money. And I guess
that`s no longer any good.

And I wouldn`t mind if there was an alternative proposal. If somebody came
up with a different idea, we could have that debate. Whoever wins, wins.
There is nothing on the table. There is no proposal by the other side.
And that`s what bothers me more than anything else.

SHARPTON: Governor, you know, it is not just the infrastructure. They are
just refusing to move and take action in any number of issues. The
President talked about it today. Listen.


OBAMA: So far this year, Republicans in Congress are have blocked or voted
down every serious idea to strengthen the middle class. Not ideas that are
unique to me, they are not. You know, this isn`t Obama Bridge. It`s keys
bridge. But the Republicans said no to raising the minimum wage. They
said no to fair pay. They have said no to extending unemployment insurance
for over three million Americans looking for a new job. And this
obstruction keeps the system rigged for those who are doing fine, at the
very are top.


SHARPTON: I mean, does this message resonate with regular people,

RENDELL: I believe it`s beginning to get through, Rev. The congressman
said it right. There is insanity out there that all government spending is
bad and therefore we are not going to raise revenue. But there is wasteful
government spending, but there is very important and very useful government
spending and the key is to discern the difference between them.

And something like infrastructure is vitally needed. Minimum wage,
obviously. Those things where the American people are strongly in favor of
those things. But we`ve got to get politicians who can get beyond ideology
and do something to invest in the growth of this country.

And let me tell you. If we did infrastructure right, not only would we not
lose 70,000 jobs but we would produce a couple of million good-paying,
50,000, 60,000, 70,000 a year jobs. Everyone talks about middle class
jobs. The republicans talked about it. Well, they are phonies because
they are not willing to invest in something that we know creates good jobs.

SHARPTON: Congressman Michael Capuano and Governor Ed Rendell. Thank you
both for your time tonight.

CAPUANO: Thanks, Al.

RENDELL: Thanks, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Coming up, Speaker Boehner finds out what backfiring looks like.
His bogus lawsuit isn`t slowing down President Obama at all.


OBAMA: We can`t wait for Congress to actually get going on issues that are
vital to the middle class.


SHARPTON: Plus, backlash to the Supreme Court toxic rulings on women`s
rights. Wait until you see how Chris Christie tries to deal with it.

And 50 years ago tonight, America was on the verge of a landmark law. The
civil rights act was about to transform America forever. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: President Obama`s defiance to Speaker Boehner`s lawsuit has our
facebook community fired up.

Leslie said, I hope that the President becomes even more aggressive in his
remarks, keep Boehner on the defensive.

Kenneth said, President Obama is calling his bluff, as he should.

I agree with that, Kenneth.

And Bill said, the President looks like he`s enjoying himself. This
ridiculous stand may very well backfire on the Republicans.

That`s true, Bill. More evidence of that today. And we`ll be talking
about that more a little later in the show.

But we want to know what you think. Please head over to our facebook page
to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends.


SHARPTON: With its decision to give family-run companies the right to deny
their female employees certain forms of birth control, the Supreme Court
unleashed a new phase in the war on women, one that is already having a
powerful impact on American politics. Hillary Clinton condemned the
ruling, calling it a slippery slope.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: I think there should be a real
outcry against this kind of decision. And there will be many more now.
Look, I mean, many more companies will claim religious beliefs and some
will be sincere. But others, maybe not. And we are going to see this one
insurable service cut out for many, many women.


SHARPTON: Now along with Hobby Lobby, 82 other corporations could drop
birth control coverage based on their religious objections. But
reproductive rights activists are already promising to fight back saying
they will make the decision a key issue in the fall midterms.

NARAL`s President said quote "this will be a main conversation point in

Emily`s list called it quote "a stark reminder of how important it is for
Democrats to keep hold of the Senate. And that they want every woman to
get out and vote in November."

And Democrats are ready to use the court`s decision to boost their 2014
election campaigns. The ruling is now history. Now it`s time to move
forward and put in the hard work to make progress.

Joining me now, Elizabeth Plank, senior editor for and MSNBC`s Joy

Thank you both for being here.


SHARPTON: Joy, the right is calling this ruling a victory for their side.
But could it backfire in the midterms?

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST, THE REID REPORT: Yes. I think as a matter of
optics, it`s actually not a good day for conservatives because this is not
about abortion. This is actually a ruling just about basic contraception,
something that 90-plus percent of women have direct experience with. It`s
a vast majority of women, particularly single woman which is a group that
Republican are already do poorly with, very much support the idea of the
mandate to get contraception coverage. It can be really expensive.

But the idea that the court have now carved out just this birth control as
something that these companies because of their religious beliefs don`t
have to fund, I think optically, it`s really not a good day for the right
because it does look like sort of peering into people`s personal lives and
making decisions that we are going to withhold something that most women
agree that we should have.

SHARPTON: Now, and in that light, Elizabeth, "Politico" report that the
ruling could boost Democrats` 2014 campaigns. I mean, one democratic
Senate campaign director called the court`s decision, quote, "a
disappointment for Democrats, but it does put a big welcome spotlight on
Republicans` support for personhood initiatives like president and other
measures that will go much further than today`s decision to outlaw common
forms of birth control." I mean, where else do you see opportunities for
Democrats in this?

PLANK: Well, I think, you know, if there was any doubt that there is a war
on women and it is being waged by the Republican Party that doubt has now
been squashed. And as Joy mentioned, it`s not just about birth control or
it is just about abortion. Actually it`s about Obamacare. I mean, we
heard every major are figure -- I mean, with the exception of Chris
Christie and Scott Walker, basically call out -- start talking about
repealing Obamacare all over again. It is like flashback back to the past.
Obamacare is the law that brought 27 million women a right and access to
birth control. It is the law that made sure that being a woman is no
longer a pre-existing condition. It is the law that made sure that women
don`t have to pay premiums because they are women. You can bet the women
are going to go to the polls and vote against a party that --

SHARPTON: And that`s significant, Joy, because women are a key voting
bloc. I mean, take a look at this. In Florida, Virginia, Ohio and several
of the swing states, women voted for President Obama by a significant
margin. That`s a lot of power at the polls. And it really shows how
important the women`s vote is then for Democrats in winning elections.

REID: Yes. And remember, you have women running for senate right now in
Georgia, or Michelle Nunn is running in Kentucky where there is the race
against Mitch McConnell. You have a lot of women who are up for reelection
--Kay Hagan, you got Mary Landrieu.

And now, I think you have two rulings, by the Supreme Court within five
days of each other. One, striking down the buffer zone where abortion
activist can get much closer to women. But this one, I think is even more
powerful because it does remind women, it does remind voters who care about
women`s access to birth control, it is the Senate that would have to
confirm anybody who would be nominated by President Obama for the Supreme
Court. Should a vacancy arise if you had a Republican-controlled Senate,
you could see the court tip even further to the right. And if birth
control is on the table --

SHARPTON: It couldn`t get a confirmation.

REID: Exactly.

SHARPTON: Now, when you look at the fact, Elizabeth, that the ruling has
the party in a bit of chaos, I`m talking about the Republican Party, New
Jersey governor Chris Christie, as a case in point, he was asked about the
Supreme Court decision today on CNBC. Watch this big dodge.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Was the Supreme Court right in its decision?

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: Who knows? Is the Supreme Court
right? The fact is that when you`re an executive, your Supreme Court makes
a ruling and you have to live with it unless you can get the legislative
body to change the law or change the constitution. The point is like why
should I give an opinion on whether they are right or wrong? In the end of
the day, they did what they did. That`s the law of the land unless people
in elected branches try to change it.


SHARPTON: Now, the governor is clearly side-stepping the issue. But does
this issue present a problem for the GOP?

PLANK: Well, I think -- I don`t think it is the fact to the majority of
Americans, birth control is not a controversial issue. Nine out of 10
Americans do not think there is anything immoral about birth control. And
actually six of 10 Americans agree with the birth control are mandate. And
even a majority of Catholics, actually. And especially when you look at
catholic women are really not on the side of the Supreme Court on this.
So, I think even some members of the GOP actually know that. Chris
Christie certainly knows that and I think he acted on that.

SHARPTON: Joy, this may be a real trigger for a real momentum in the mid-
term elections that we may not have seen, particularly among women voters
nationwide. Maybe in a state that didn`t have a woman running.

REID: Yes, absolutely. I mean, I think the reality is that abortion is
still a very divisive issue, but birth control is not. I mean, as
Elizabeth just point out, it is very overwhelmingly one sided. And I think
that when -- if the Supreme Court is limiting abortion, I think even women,
some women may say well, you know what, that is a moral question that is
really tough.

If contraception is on the table, young women are going to be shocked to
find out that this is not something that`s already settled into law. That
the court could actually make something as common as birth control,
unavailable and put religiosity over women`s health? That`s huge.

SHARPTON: Or even the possibility of someone claiming religiosity. And
don`t doubt some of them are sincere. But I also think, this opens the
door to people that want to manipulate and maneuver. I had several people
raised to me today on my radio show and at my land office that it`s
interesting they had no problem with covering men getting certain --

PLANK: Viagra --

REID: They will be covered.

SHARPTON: And they had no objection to that. But the objection was to
women with contraception. We are not talking birth control here.

PLANK: Exactly. And I think those ironies are really starting to pop out
-- I mean, they are start popping out yesterday, today and this week. And
as Joy mentioned, you know, unmarried women who were basically, you know,
determined the fate of the last presidential election. Women of color who
determined that the gubernatorial election in Virginia, really went out and
voted. Anything else is going to happen again during the primaries.
Again, the timer, we don`t see this voting bloc as present, as active.
It`s going to be very different this time around.

SHARPTON: How do Republican women running for office handle this, Joy?

REID: Well, I think you saw Chris Christie dodging and squirming. But I
think the problem for him and for all Republicans including female
candidates is there is a requirement in the Republican Party to be very
(INAUDIBLE) on these issues. I don`t see how they get out of supporting
this ruling which puts all of their candidates in jeopardy if they can`t
stand against the ruling.

And by the way, Rev. I just don`t buy the Alito limiting rule saying this
is just about these two the forms of birth control. What`s next? And I
think that people are going to be asking what`s next? Is blood
transfusions? Yes, we are told that it is not going to happen.

Look. We have seen rulings expand far beyond their initial scope before.
And I think Republicans are in big trouble if they can`t stand up against
this ruling and they won`t be able to.

SHARPTON: I`m going to have to leave it there.

Elizabeth Plank and Joy Reid, thank you for your time tonight.

And be sure to watch Joy on "the Reid Report" weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern
right here on MSNBC.

Ahead, the GOP`s big blunder. Speaker Boehner wants to sue the President,
but he`s getting a political verdict he never expected. Why the White
House loves it and how the President is taking advantage.

And police threw a stun grenade in this toddler`s crib. His mother tells
us the disturbing story of what happened to her family, ahead.


SHARPTON: Republican Congressman Darrell Issa has been looking everywhere
for scandal at the IRS. Despite mountains of evidence that there was no
sinister plot to target conservative groups, Issa sees what he wants to
see. But his vision may be starting to fail him.


connected directly to the White House?

looked for the White House, other than the White House is not cooperating
and continues to not cooperate.

CROWLEY: But there is no evidence --

ISSA: That`s a given.


SHARPTON: He`s never looked at the White House? Really? Here`s what he
said last year.


ISSA: For years the President bashed the tea party groups. He was very
public against these groups. And on his behalf, perhaps not on his request
with, but on his behalf the IRS executed a delaying tactic against the very
groups that he talked about.


SHARPTON: And later, Issa wrote an op-ed wondering, quote, "was the
targeting of the tea party applicants direct reasonable doubt from the
White House or somewhere else outside the IRS?"

Issa doesn`t have proof, but, hey, he`s just asking the question. Plus, he
said this just last week.


ISSA: I believe Lois Lerner is hiding something. I believe the justice
department, the IRS, and the White House are interested in her succeeding
in hiding what she`s hiding.


SHARPTON: Did congressman Issa think we`d overlook the fact that he has in
fact spent a lot of time looking at the White House?

Nice try. But here`s how we see it. We got you.


SHARPTON: And later, Issa wrote an op-ed wondering, quote, "was the
targeting of the Tea Party applicants directed from the White House or
somewhere else outside the IRS?" Issa doesn`t have proof, but, hey, he`s
just asking the question. Plus, he said this just last week.


REP. DARRELL ISSA (R), CALIFORNIA: I believe Lois Lerner is hiding
something. I believe the Justice Department, the IRS, and the White House
are interested in her succeeding in hiding what she`s hiding.


SHARPTON: Did Congressman Issa think we`d overlook the fact that he has in
fact spent a lot of time looking at the White House? Nice try. But here`s
how we see it. We gotcha.



PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: Middle class families can`t wait
for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me. As long as they`re
doing nothing, I`m not going to apologize for trying to do something.


SHARPTON: So sue me. That was President Obama`s message today to Speaker
Boehner whose absurd lawsuit is now backfiring big time. Because it`s
actually emboldening and energizing the President to speak out and to take
more executive Alaskas. Today, the President was back at it.


OBAMA: My belief, I think shared by most Americans, that we can`t wait for
Congress to actually get going on issues that are vital to the middle
class. What I`m going to be continually pushing throughout this year are
and for the next couple of years is that if Congress can`t act on core
issues that would actually make a difference in helping middle class
families get ahead then we are going to have to be creative about how we
can make real progress.


SHARPTON: The President telling his cabinet to find additional areas for
executive action. He follows his vow to take action on immigration this
summer and his announcement last night of an executive action protecting
trans-gender federal workers. Speaker Boehner, how is that lawsuit working
out for you? NBC`s first read reports the White House is loving the
politics of Boehner`s lawsuit because it shows just how little his Congress
is doing. But I guess in his world, that means he`s doing a great job as


BOB SCHIEFFER, CBS NEWS: Any way you cut it and whoever`s fault it is, you
have presided over what is perhaps the least productive and certainly one
of the least popular Congresses in history. How do you feel about that?

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R), OHIO: Well, Bob, we should not be judged on how
many new laws we create. We ought to be judged on how many laws that we


SHARPTON: The block everything strategy backfired. And this bogus
lawsuit, is, too. Thanks to Speaker Boehner, there is a spotlight on the
dysfunctional GOP and the President is shining it even brighter.

Joining me now is Goldie Taylor and Jimmy Williams. Thank you both for
being here.



SHARPTON: Goldie, is this lawsuit backfiring for real -- on Speaker
Boehner as I`m claiming?

TAYLOR: It absolutely is. I mean, at the end of the day, the lawsuit
itself was simply a short shift to, you know, the real impeachment that
they would really like to put on the table, but at the end of the day, it
really isn`t about Speaker Boehner. It is about what his base is pushing
him to do. Tea Partiers want to stop this President delegitimize him in
any way they can possibly conceive of. And that`s what this lawsuit is,
will it go through before the midterms? Absolutely not. Will they be able
to pick specific issues around executive orders that they can get to, you
know, repeal or get the Supreme Court to reel back on? Absolutely not.
Will it drum up Tea Party votes? Probably. But what it really has done is
cost more donations to the DNC and it`s going to drum up the democratic
base for the fall.

SHARPTON: Jimmy, more reports on the lawsuit backfiring. NBC`s first read
says the White House believes, quote, "the lawsuit only emphasizes the
contrast that one branch of government is doing something while the other
branch is doing nothing." Bottom-line, the White House sees a political
opportunity here, an opportunity that Republicans might not have seen
coming. Did Republicans ever expect this to boomerang and actually
energize the President, Jimmy?

WILLIAMS: No. I don`t think so. And listen, suing the President is sort
of a stunt. And it is what it is. I could care less if Speaker Boehner
sues the president of the United States. Here`s what I do understand, I do
know that we have a President of the United States who everyone is calling
a lame duck. But he`s got a couple of things sitting in his back pocket,
first he has Air Force One. And he can run around the country just like
George Bush did, by the way, and he can go from pocket to pocket and he
could energize voters and now executive actions, the pen and the phone.
That`s a wonderful thing.

Here is the most important thing though that he has sitting in the back
pocket with Air Force one. He`s got a Supreme Court that has said to
women, you don`t matter. He`s got a Supreme Court last year that said to
African-Americans we don`t care about your voting rights. And he said we
have a Supreme Court that said to gay Americans, you know, what, I`ll tell
you what? We don`t really want to make a decision on whether you can have
marriage equality. We`ll let the states decide, you know, just like some
sort of weird segregation moment. So, here`s the bottom line. You have a
president who is a lame duck president who`s got Air Force One, who`s got
an electorate, a base, pockets of his base that at this point are
remarkably ticked off. That`s good for us in an off year, very good.

SHARPTON: It`s good if they turn out. It`s good only if we turn them out

WILLIAMS: That`s right.

SHARPTON: But the President also Goldie talking about all the things
Republicans have said no to. Listen.


OBAMA: We have seen a Congress that said no to increasing the minimum
wage, said no to immigration reform, has said no to equal pay legislation.
The only thing they seem to say yes to, the Republicans in the House at
least, is more tax breaks for folks at the top.


SHARPTON: Goldie, was this lawsuit an attempt by the GOP to distract
voters from their record?

TAYLOR: You know, I think it was an attempt by Speaker Boehner and the RNC
to drum up votes for this fall. And yes, to distract from their own record
are of obstruction. You know, this President is actually in a lame duck
term of his term. But, you know, this duck is still quacking.


TAYLOR: He`s got a pen and as Jimmy says, you know, he`s got Air Force
One. And so, he is out there drumming up votes, and showing what he`s
going to make action where the Republicans refuse. Sure. You know,
Republicans want to repeal legislation. What they ought to be about doing
is crafting solutions for this country. They ought to be talking about how
they get these children off the border. That would be talking about
comprehensive immigration reform. They ought to be talking about fair
wages, meaningful work for meaningful wages. They ought to be talking
about staying out from between a woman and her doctor. They`re not talking
about that. They are talking about ways to delegitimize this president and
to make his last years in office ineffective. And they are not just going
to be successful I think.

SHARPTON: But Jimmy, just pivoting off of that, here are some areas we
know the White House is considering future executive actions. The
President wants to move on immigration. A possible fix in the Hobby Lobby
decision and the President is talked about executive actions aimed at the
economy and helping the middle class get ahead. Big picture, how much can
the President actually get done without Congress, Jimmy?

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, he`s limited. His options are narrow. But here
is the great news. He sounds very freed right now, right? He`s not
running for re-election. But what we do know is, he said, so sue me. So
we do a hashtag which says so sue me which is great. We take this and it
goes viral. Because the President is basically giving the middle finger to
the Republicans. It`s fantastic. But more importantly, he`s daring them.
He`s saying, I`m going to sign these things and I dare you to do anything
about it going into the elections. And by the way, I hope he does. I`m a
big advocate of a strong executive and strong legislative branch and in
fighting it out.

But when one of them is not even playing except politically not even
passing legislation, he has to do something. So, let him go out there and
do it. And by the way, let him sue him. He could care less. For all
intents and purposes it`s done. And by the time any court case got to wear
should be, and the jury`s prudential system, he`ll be gone and Hillary
Clinton will be running for president. So it doesn`t matter except that
it`s here to rally our base. If I`m the Republicans I would be very, very
scared of going into these fall elections considering what the Supreme
Court has done the last two years and what the Congress hasn`t done.

SHARPTON: You know, Goldie, the chairman of the Republican National
Committee, I had to look at this today. He said he`s surprised the
President isn`t backing down. His quote, "With the House of
Representatives filing a lawsuit to curb Obama`s presidential overreach,
you`d think this administration would get the message. Our constitution is
not a list of suggestions." I mean, someone isn`t getting the message.
But it appears to be the chairman of the RNC, doesn`t it?

TAYLOR: You know, I think Rice and Speaker Boehner, I think they pushed
all in on a bet when they had a pair of deuces in their hands.
Unfortunately, this president called them on that bet and they`re going to
have to show their hand. You know, at the end of the day, this is about
politics. It`s not working out the way that they had planned. It`s not
going to drum up, you know, the kind of republican votes that they made it
and thought it would drum up. But it is going to energize our democratic
base. And I got to tell you, Jimmy is right about this.

The Supreme Court keeps handing gifts to this president that he can take
out into the campaign trail and really show the difference between the two
parties. Really show the difference of legislatively and who really, you
know, can take this country forward in terms of being in the White House.
And so, I think this is the gift that keeps on giving. And so, for Speaker
Boehner I say tonight, sue him.

SHARPTON: And he shows in this Supreme Court decision why a lot of people
will come out and vote not to make sure we have a republican Senate because
if there is an opening, they will absolutely eradicate a lot of the things
that we want or will block a nomination by Barack Obama as president.
Goldie Taylor, Jimmy Williams, thank you both for your time tonight.

WILLIAMS: Thank you.

TAYLOR: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, 50 years ago tonight America was on the verge of
changing forever. What the civil rights act meant for our country and our

But first, a toddler critically injured during a police raid. Officers
burst into a house without knocking and threw a stun grenade in a crib.
His mother tells us how the little boy is doing, next.


SHARPTON: A toddler is on the road to recovery tonight just five weeks
after he was critically injured when a policeman threw a stun grenade into
his crib. Twenty-month-old BooBoo Phonesavanh and his family were staying
with relatives in Georgia after fire destroyed their home in Wisconsin. In
the early morning hours of May 28, a drug SWAT team broke down the door to
this house where BooBoo and his family were sound asleep. Police were with
executing a no-knock arrest warrant. Searching for suspected drug dealer
who was not there.

As they broke down the door, police lobbed a flash-bang grenade into the
house in an attempt to distract anyone inside. But the grenade landed
right on BooBoo`s pillow. The boy was left with severe body and brain
injuries and put into a medically induced coma by doctors. Federal and
state officials have launched investigations into how the raid went so
wrong. Today, we learned BooBoo is making progress. He was just released
from the hospital and will start rehabilitation. It`s a bit of good news
as many continue to question whether this tragedy ever had to happen in the
first place.

Joining me now are the child`s mother Alecia Phonesavanh and her lawyer
Mawuli Mel Davis. Thanks you both for being here.

for having us.


SHARPTON: Take us back to that night. What happened during the raid?

PHONESAVANH: My family and I were sleeping. We heard a very loud noise.
And then we seen bright light and more loud noises. They came rushing in.
And an officer got on top of my husband and pinned him down. And my kids
were screaming. My son started screaming. I went to grab him and another
member of the SWAT team picked him up. And he was holding him at a
downward angle away from me so I could not see him.


PHONESAVANH: And he was screaming. I kept telling the officer, you know,
just give him to me. Let me have him. He`s scared. He needs me. Just
let me have him. And when I went to take my son from the officer, he told
me to go sit down.

SHARPTON: Could you sense that something was wrong with your son?

PHONESAVANH: No. I did not. I had no idea. I could not see him.
Everybody was kind of in shock. And at 3:00 in the morning, everybody was
sleeping, you know. And you wake up suddenly, you`re not really aware of
what`s going on.

SHARPTON: Now, what did you see later at the hospital when you finally saw
your son at the hospital?

PHONESAVANH: His face was blown up. His nose wasn`t even attached to his
face. His mouth was split in so many spots I couldn`t even recognize my

SHARPTON: Attorney Davis, the police are saying they went in this house
searching for a drug deal and drug deals. There were no drugs found. Who
they were looking for was not there. And this young man, this boy is
laying in this kind of condition for nothing other than this no-knock kind
of procedure that they can go through with the warrant.

DAVIS: That`s right, Rev. And the thing that I think everyone should know
is that they did apprehend the men they were looking for about a mile away
after Alecia and her family said, oh, he lives down the street. They went
and knocked on the door. He came to the door and they arrested him without
incident. So, they didn`t even bother to try to do another no-knock search
warrant. If he was such a threat you would think they would have done it
again. It`s unbelievable.

SHARPTON: Now, Alecia, the police are saying they had no idea that any
kids were in the house. How do you respond to that?

PHONESAVANH: I would say they were blind or deaf or, you know, just plain
stupid and arrogant.

SHARPTON: Why would you say that?

PHONESAVANH: Because we had our minivan right next to the door. We had
the family decals right on the back windshield. There is a pack & play not
even two feet from the door right under the window, clears as day. You can
see it. And you would have to go between the van and the pack and play to
get to the door.

DAVIS: And four car seats Rev were in this minivan. So, there is a
minivan that they had to walk past with four car seats in it.


DAVIS: And you know they have to look in there before they enter the
premises because they want to make sure no one is inside of the minivan
that creates a threat for their team.

SHARPTON: So they had to look in the minivan and see the car seats which
would suggest children. Alecia, have police apologized to you for what they

PHONESAVANH: No. They have not made a phone call. There`s no card, no
teddy bear, no balloon. No nothing of any kind of an apology to the family
or to my son.

SHARPTON: Alecia, our prayers are certainly with you and your family. And
thanks to you and to your Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis. We thank you both for
joining us tonight.

DAVIS: Thank you, Reverend Sharpton. We appreciate you.

SHARPTON: And for more information on the case, go to

Coming up, 50 years ago tonight America was about to change forever. But
first, team USA comes up just short. But they made us all very proud are.
That`s next.


SHARPTON: It was a -- effort today by team USA at the World Cup in Brazil.
The United States fell to Belgium in extra time by a score of two goals to
one. The U.S. will not advance to the next stage of the World Cup. This
was a must-win game. The goalie, Tim Howard, was the team USA hero of the
day. He kept the team alive with 16 saves throughout the match. The most
in 50 years, but team USA just couldn`t hold on. Today, fans came together
all over the country to watch the World Cup match. But sadly, the game
ended in disappointment. It was a great run by team USA. We`ll never
forget this run and how they brought the whole country together. They made
us all proud.


SHARPTON: Fifty years ago tonight the country was about to change forever.
President Lyndon B Johnson was hours away from signing the civil rights act
into law. From that point, you could no longer discriminate on the basis
of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.


LYNDON B. JOHNSON, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: This civil rights act is a
challenge to all of us. To go to work in our communities and our states
and our homes and in our hearts to eliminate the last vestiges of injustice
in our beloved country.


SHARPTON: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was alongside President Johnson for
the signing symbolizing the end of one era and the beginning of another.
President Obama recently honored the 50th anniversary of the civil rights
act at the LBJ presidential library in Texas. He was personal when
reflecting back.


OBAMA: In a time when cynicism is often passed off as wisdom it`s perhaps
easy to conclude that there are limits to change, that we are trapped by
our own history, and politics is a fool`s errand. And we would be better
off if we rolled back big chunks of LBJ`s legacy. I reject such cynicism
because I have lived out the promise of LBJ`s efforts. Because Michelle
has lived out the legacy of those efforts. Because my daughters have lived
out the legacy of those efforts. Because I and millions of my generation
were in a position to take the baton that he handed to us.


SHARPTON: I agree with the president. I reject it, too, because I`m the
son of a woman who couldn`t drink a cup of coffee in downtown Dothan,
Alabama, where she was from until this act was signed. But she raised a
son that suddenly watched the first black president of the United States be
sworn in just a few feet away. I reject cynicism.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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