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The Ed Show for Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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July 2, 2014

Guest: Raul Grijalva, EJ Dionne, Bernard Sanders, Charlie Crist

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show Live
from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I`m ready to go. Let`s get to work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tens of thousands of illegal are steaming over because
it doesn`t seem like anybody is tapping (ph) them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Protesters push their way in and block the road.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hand them open invitation, it`s sounds like from out
President of United States, "Come on over, we`d love to have you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Before we were asked as a nation and as a people we
were them.

We`re beginning a new effort to fix as much and more immigration system as
I can on my own.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Republicans has said, no, no, no without congress.

JOHN BOEHNER: An effort to erode the power of the legislative branch.

OMABA: Pass some laws.

BOEHNER: Oh, don`t make me do this.

OBAMA: Boehner sued me for this.

BOEHNER: Oh no, this is too hard.

OBAMA: So sue me.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching. If
what unfolded yesterday in California is any indication whatsoever, as to
what kind of summer we`re going to have or what kind of recess the
congressional folks are going to have in August, folks hang on to your hat.
If there is one issue that has both parties heated this summer, its

The numbers are clear. Three out of every four Americans want something
done, they want immigration reform passed. They think workers who are here
illegally deserve a shot at citizenship, a pathway, something Republicans
will never give.

For immigrants and their families, this a deeply emotional issue. In
action, literally means hard working families are being ripped apart. And
for the one in four American who are against reform, this issue brings out
anger and hate. You can`t say it any other way. This hate was on full
display in Marriott, California on Tuesday, a group of anti-immigration
protesters. You want to call them protesters, fine. I call them an angry

They block the buses carrying detainees, headed for a border patrol
facility. The immigrants, by law, were to be processed in place with
families around the country, they`re underage.

Protesters were so intense, the buses were forced to turn around and head
to San Diego. It was no doubt a heated situation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go back home. Go back to (inaudible), go back to
(inaudible), go back to Guatemala. Go back. Go home.




SCHULTZ: Protesters told NBC News, immigrants were infecting Americans
with diseases?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Holding flags, signs, as they deport them and handing
us flyers that say, "Immigrants carry disease." This group in Marriott has
says, the federal government is putting them and their community in danger.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So our agents are being infected.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is not a race issue, this is to protect America,
protect our children and...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They say, the move to bring undocumented immigrants for
processing to Marriott from as far away as Texas is a mistake.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They should be sent back to their own country. They
should be repatriated to their home country.


SCHULTZ: Make no mistake, the scene I`m Marriott is absolutely based in
hate and fear. What are Americans are afraid of? What are these Americans
afraid of? That`s the question. Why they feel threatened? There`s no way
you can look at the video and say that this protest is not about race.

Meanwhile, there were people who supported detainees at the scene.
Immigration supporters said it`s our duty as Americans to care for


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t think that it`s fair to have this children
crossing the border with, you know, they have necessities but it`s the
parents that are bringing them over, it`s not their fault. And someone
needs to help them, why can we help them? They`re children.

You know, a sad sight, is I work in emergency room and taking care of those
children that come over, dehydrated with their bloody noses, not being able
to walk, not being able to communicate, that`s a sad view. So watching
this happen, yeah, it breaks my heart and that`s why I`m here, because I
have a right to support this cause.


SCHULTZ: There`s two sides to every story and then of course there`s the
law. Here`s something that the conservative media is not explaining to
Americans who may be watching or paying attention. The law that allows
central American children to stay in the United States was singed by George
W. Bush in 2008. It was a part of a 2008 bipartisan law mandating, certain
protections for minors fleeing violence and poverty in Central America.

So, what`s the bottom line here? This problem has been around the United
States for a long time. There`s been a lot of violence on children in
Central America and in South America. And what is happen is our congress
acted on it in 2008. So President signed the law, that if underage people
end up in our borders, we by law have to do something with them, process
them and get them into families.

Now, President Obama is asking congress for a reversal of this law. And
the facts are very clear, Republican in action on immigration reform help
cause this entire mess. It`s just another of the latest chapter in
obstruction of President Obama.

Now, Republicans actually have the nerve to try to pin this mess on the
President, saying that he created this. This is a law the President has
inherited and he`s trying to deal with. There`s no way you can call
president Obama weak on immigration, he`s tried on a number of fronts to do
something here.

There has been roughly 2 million deportations since President Obama took
office. In 2012, your government, your tax dollars, we spent $18 billion
on immigration, get the word, enforcement. Now it`s more than other law
enforcement, federal agencies combine when it comes to their budget. This
includes, you can take the FBI budget, the Secret Service budget and the
DEA budget. We spend more money on immigration enforcement in this

Now, Republicans always claim, they always claim, they want to do something
on immigration. Well they don`t. It`s all a Doug and Pony show, it`s all
a big show. They don`t actually want to do anything on immigration because
of the demographics which they politically fear. And you can tell that it
is an election year, because Republicans are out steering up these kinds of
folks with a bunch of fear and a bunch of hate mongering, so their base is
going to get all excited about voting.

Bottom line in this is that this is another situation that President Obama
has inherited. The only way he can fix is executive orders, because
Boehner and the Republicans have tried to make President Obama the bogeyman
in all of this. And you wonder why this President has a low poll rating.

I`ll have a lot more on this tomorrow morning on my podcast at
and other websites as well.

Get your cellphones out, I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Are Republicans responsible for our current immigration mess?"
Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622. You can always got o out blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in the show.

Now, this is a complex issue, it`s not just about enforcement, it`s about
laws that we`re dealing with. And were do we go from here? What is the

For more, let me bring in Arizona congressman, Raul Grijalva. Congressman,
good to have you with us tonight, I appreciate your time. What -- you have
spoken with a number of people who have been connected to these children
that are ending up in America. What is happening in other countries that
is bringing these kids to this country? And what should we do about it,

Rep. RAUL GRIJALVA, [D] ARIZONA: Every parent, any grandparent should
understand that when a parent feels and out community feels that it is more
of a physical risk for children to remain in those communities in those
countries, then it is to take a dangerous trip to try to come to the United
States, to expose yourself to human smugglers and organized crime, when
they see that less of a risk than trying to survive in their own country,
that`s the gravity of what we`re seeing. And at this country in El
Salvador, it is the gangs and organized crime.

In Guatemala, it is organized crime. In Honduras, it is the government
that has yet to shake off and understand what civil law and the rule of law
is. So you have all these factors coming in and you have a region that
historically, historically has been an area in which civil war, political
unrest has been part of the history. And when the Bush administration
carved out that area for a special custodial protection, they did so
understanding history and understanding the current situation.

What we need to do is invest in those nations, to build them up. Yes?

SCHULTZ: So what happens here is that we dealt with this legislatively,
that if these kids end up in the United States that we would provide
custodial protection and they would be placed in the families around the
country. Do you agree with that law? Should we change that law?

GRIJALVA: No, we shouldn`t. I mean that law was there for the purpose,
the circumstances that had created that law are worst now then they were
then. And when you have a Democrat and a Republican that happen to from
Texas, all of a sudden, a feeling, that intensity that`s going on on that
border, as we have felted here on Arizona, suddenly say, we need to treat
these kids as we treat other kids, which is to deport other kids, then
that`s going to be a huge political battle, for humanitarians, for
children`s advocates, for religious groups and for the rule of law, the
effort to eliminate that protection for those children, I can guarantee
you, will be part of the debate this coming week or the week after.

I`m opposed to it. I think it`s simplistic. I think they are just
covering themselves from what is -- what we saw in California. And hate
radio and the bias Fox network continue to feed disease, violence, open
borders, it`s Obama`s fault. To the public, build up that fear, build up
that hatred. And you saw the tip of the iceberg in California and if we
allow carve outs, if we allow to continue to fall backwards on this issue
and not do anything, then what we saw in California is going to be
replicated along the border.

SCHULTZ: Well, let me ask you about that congressman. How concern are you
about what unfolded in California yesterday?

GRIJALVA: You know, I`ve been saying for a long time that we -- what are
the biggest reasons to solve the immigration and fix this broken system is
because of the social fabric of our great country. The social
divisiveness, the underlining issue, the permeates of race, continues to
dominate the discussion. And the more time the Republican majority and the
Republicans in congress continue to use this issue as a political wedge or
canon (ph) father for their base, the more that social divisiveness that
rip in the social fabric becomes more of a reality. That`s what worried
people the most.

SCHULTZ: No question. Now...

GRIJALVA: This country is about integrating all of us in, I`m first
generation, I love this country. And I think opportunity like that
shouldn`t be closed automatically.

SCHULTZ: Well congressman, I would label those folks that were out there
yester as a mob mentality. I mean they turn those buses around, the took
the law in their own hands. Now, is there a double standard of what we`re
seeing here? Did these protesters break the law and should they be
prosecuted in your eyes? What should unfold here?

GRIJALVA: I use the example of the double standard right now when it comes
to what the political ideology. Take for instance, the wealth for Cliven
Bundy doesn`t pay (inaudible) and nothing happens. The people, the
(inaudible) to come to support him, aim their rifles at U.S. marshals, no

And potentially maybe that`s the best way to do it. Some young people,
dreamers, throw themselves in front of buses that were talking people to
deportation, they`re arrested. So if it`s the rule of law and equal
application of that rule, then I think that it`s going to be applied

And from what I can tell, there`s a double standard as to where it`s
applied and to whom it`s applied.

SCHULTZ: OK, a lot of facets (ph) to this story. Congressman Raul
Grijalva or Arizona, great to have you with us tonight on the Ed Show, I
appreciate your time, thanks so much.

I want to bring in now -- you bet. I want to bring in now E.J. Dionne,
Columnist for the Washington Post and MSNBC contributor. E.J., it looks
like we are at a moral crossroads. If abiding by the law and processing
these children, this is gotten very little attention and now what do we do
as a country? Do we reverse the law when these conditions are
deteriorating in other countries? And of course there is child smuggling
going on. What`s the right move here in the moral dilemma? How do you see

E.J. DIONNE: Well I think congressman Grijalva really pointed to something
very important. This isn`t the first time that America has been a place
where people who were suffering under Nazi oppression, suffering under
communist oppression, particularly in Cuba, or victims of civil wars, like
the one in Lebanon, in the 80s and 90s or 70s and 80s.

These were folks who wanted to come to America and they often sent their
kids ahead of them, because parents worry about their kids, that is
understandable and U.S. is always struggled about how do we give asylum,
how do we deal with an influx of people and we got a particularly tough one
now, because the smugglers are operating in connection with the fears of
these parents to bring them here.

I just would much rather have us be a country of asylum than a country that
says, we`re going to turn...


DIONNE: ...everybody back. But that creates a political problem. And as
you said in your setup piece, congress is failure to sort of sit down and
work out a comprehensive immigration law. The blocking of that in a House
Representatives by the Republican leaders, that is a big deal. We ought to
be working on that now instead of kicking it down the road for political

SCHULTZ: So when the Republican say that they want to do something on
immigration reform, isn`t it just a big lie? They have no intention of
doing anything. They almost want this. It seems like they want this
situation in California to be the norm, so they can say that they`re
following what the people want when we know that`s not the case.

DIONNE: Here`s is the issue, if I could put this in political context
because I do think the politics relates to the substance here. Who is
going to decide the 2014 election? For the Democrats, it`s two groups.
It`s the base and whether they turn out and its swing voters and who do
they blame for the dysfunction in Washington? And I think what you`re
finally seeing President Obama do, is say, "Look, it`s not some generalize
mass in Washington. Its Republicans primarily in the house and also
through filibusters in the senate who are blocking things like immigration
reform." And I think that speaks to the base that wants him to speak out
but it`s also making a case to swing voters.

I think on the Republican side, they are primarily counting in their base
and a larger percentage of their base and of all Republicans are very
strongly imposed to immigration reform. So Speaker Boehner.


DIONNE: .and people like Paul Ryan have given strong statements publicly
and especially in private to religious leaders that they really want to
pass immigration reform. And now, they`ve.


DIONNE: .just completely back to off that and that`s something for which I
think they should be held accountable not for partisan reasons but just
because that`s the reality of what`s happen.

SCHULTZ: E.J. Dionne, Washington Post, MSNBC contributor. Good to have
you with us tonight, thanks so much.

DIONNE: It`s great to be with you Ed.

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s question -- you between. Remember
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Coming up, is it time to take a stand against bad trade deals that are
putting American jobs and middle class in jeopardy? No doubt about it.
We`ll have more for more series, Fighting Chance American Steel. But
first, Wall Street speculators are driving up your holiday travel cost.

Sen. Bernie Sanders joins me next in Trenders. Stay with us. We are right
back on the ED Show.


SCHULTZ: What`s hot, what`s not? Time now for Trenders. Check us out on
Twitter@edshow, at wegoted and on Facebook. And you get my podcast at,, and on iTunes. Put it on
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The Ed Show Social Media Nation has decided, we are reporting. Here our
today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Come down Greg (ph), its soccer. It`s soccer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, kick-off.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Millions of fans watching from thousands of miles away.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The fans had been within every step of the way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Conservatives give the President a red card for
skipping the World Cup.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Should President Obama be at World Cup today?

Should the President be their, cheering on the red, white and blue at the

OBAMA: Go team U.S.A. Show the world what we`re made up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What if the game doesn`t go so well?

OBAMA: I was worried that if I walk in there, they`ll all going to swear
not get in trouble.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Wow, you have to be there just for (inaudible) away,


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two Trender, summer storm.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Folks along at East coast are keeping a close watch on
tropical storm Arthur.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think a hurricane is coming.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Arthur could rain on the 4th July celebration.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They should continue to work towards the North.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And moving through nearly every beach destination of
the Southern East Coast.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Expecting to see it, get to a category when hurricane
(inaudible) by Friday.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s going to rain.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And today`s top Trender, pumped up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Billions of Americans will be driving to the busy July
4th weekend.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The price of gasoline at the pump has sought.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Averaging 368 a gallon, 20 cents higher than a year

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But it is extremely high for this early part of summer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wall Street speculation has Holiday Day travelers
paying more at the bank.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The big oil companies, they`re telling us that the
reason that gas prices are going up is because of the volatile situation in

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That fear in the marketplace that the rebels can take
over is what`s driving up the cost of oil.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Wrong, you`re so wrong.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Excessive oil speculation has significantly increase
oil and gas prices.

The American people are sick and tired hearing from the big oil companies
using every excuse they possibly can.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Senator,
always good to have you with us on the Ed Show. I want you to response
Senator to that comment that was made by that analyst that fear in the

Is it fear in the marketplace? What can be done to stop this out of
control speculation?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, [I] VERMONT: Well Ed, as I`m sure you know, the price
of gasoline at the pump has gone up by more than a dollar of galloon in the
last five years and yet there is more supply today than there was five
years ago and less demand.

So if you had a normal functioning market with supply and demand, the price
should go down. What the oil companies always do is if it rains, they
raise prices. If it`s snows, they raise prices. If it`s sun day, they
raise prices. If it is disturbance any place around the world, they raise

The fact to the matter is ExxonMobil made $9 billion in profits, the first
quarter of this year. But the real story is that the oil futures market is
not controlled by people who actually use oil, it`s controlled by Goldman
Sachs, Morgan Stanley and all the Wall Street speculators. And their
function Ed, needless to say is to make as much money as they can by

What we have heard is various estimates as to how much more we are paying
whether it`s 40, 50, 60 cents a galloon of gas because of that speculation,
I don`t know exactly what it is. But there is no question that oil
speculation by Wall Street has driven up oil prices very significantly.

SCHULTZ: Well Senator you introduce a bill on the Senate last year that is
similar to the one that failed in Congress in 2008. Would that be a game
changer? Would you bill change things?

SANDERS: Look, right now what we have seen in recent years is that the
percentage of the oil futures market controlled by Wall Street has

We think that is about 70 to 80 percent of the market now controlled by
Wall Street not people like Airlines or a tracking companies or oil fuel
dealers who actually use the oil but Wall Street which is speculating on

What our legislation does now has 20 co-sponsors in the Senate that`s been
introduced in the House. What our legislation does is break up the amount
of control that any one company can have. And that would, in my view drive
speculation down significantly and result in lower prices at the gas pump.

SCHULTZ: Well, what part the speculation play in the conservative push for
domestic oil production? I mean, it`s -- to rather convoluted formula here
that we`re seeing unfold?

SANDERS: Well I think you raise a very, very important issue. Ed, you
know, for those people say, well look we need to produce more and more oil
because the more supply we have, the lower the cost will be for the
consumer. Sadly, that is just not the case.

Once again, we have seen in the last five years a dollar increase in a
galloon of gas at the pump at the same time, as we have more supply today
that we did five years ago in less demand than we have five years ago.

So I think, what you have now is two giant entities that are ripping off
the consumer and that is the oil companies, ExxonMobil and the others will
making huge profits and at the same Wall Street speculators on the oil
futures market.

Right now, my target is to break up the amount of oil that anyone entity
could hold that would drive down speculation, lower oil prices and gas

SCHULTZ: Finally, any Republicans onboard with you on this, your 20 co-
sponsors early on?

SANDERS: Nope. We have 19 Democrats and myself and independent. But I
would hope especially as people do more driving during the summer that the
pressure builds on congress to do something about this outrageously high
gas prices.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Well, they`re using Iraq to do all of these and what they
say the uncertainty in the Middle East, yet we`re pumping more oil than we
ever have.

Senator Bernie Sanders, great to have you with us tonight sir, thank you so



SCHULTZ: Yes, sir?

SANDERS: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Yes, sir. Go ahead. Go ahead. What did you want to say?

SANDERS: Well, I was just thinking, somebody should write a book.
Somebody should write a book about all the excuses that the oil companies
give for raising prices. That would be a funny book.

SCHULTZ: It would be very funny book and they also put a chapter and
there, to why BP isn`t paying for the damage that they did in the Gulf,
which is another story. We`ll bring you back on.

Thank you Senator. I appreciate your time tonight.

Still ahead, it`s time for Washington to take action to protect American
jobs from bad trade deals. Our series Fighting Chance American Steel
continues. Plus, oh, is it getting hot in Florida?

The Florida`s Governor Race is heating up and (inaudible) getting dirty.
Former Governor and current candidate Charlie Crist, coming up on the Ed
Show. But next I`m taking your questions, Ask Ed Live ahead here on the Ed
Show on MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. I appreciate all the questions. We
have time for one tonight in our Ask Ed live Segment.

Our question comes from Matthew. He wants to know, "What do you think of
President Obama`s latest poll results?" Well, the story out today is the
President is that worst President of modern day history and they`re
comparing him to Bush. The poll numbers are low.

I fear that we are becoming a country that, you know, we`re never satisfied
with anything. The market -- the stock market scratching 17,000, 52 months
of private sector job growth, millions of people affected by healthcare
reform, saved the automobile industry.

And we`re not happy with what President Obama`s doing. Oh, by the way,
he`s the most obstructive President in the history of the country.

We`re not satisfied. The guy is trying to do his job. The poll numbers
mean nothing. Just remember one thing about polls.

Kids got shot up and killed in a Connecticut school house. 90 percent of
this country wanted background checks, we didn`t get it. Polls don`t
matter to those on Washington.

There`s a lot more coming up on the Ed Show. Stay tune we`re right back.

JOSH LIPTON, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Josh Lipton with your CNBC Market
Wrap. The Dow climbs further into record territory gaining 20 points. The
S&P also hits another new high. The Nasdaq falls about a point.

Payroll processor ADP says job creation that`s surged in June with
companies adding 281,000 positions, that was much stronger than expected.
The numbers come one day before the government`s employment report which is
being released early due to the July 4rth holiday. It`s expected to show,
payrolls rising it by 212,000.

And that`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, thanks for watching tonight. Last
week, I attended a rally on the Iron Range, in Virginia, Minnesota with
iron miners and steel workers. Now, these workers are trying to save their
jobs. They say that illegal dumping of steel into the United States at
below market cost by countries like South Korea is driving down prices and
flat-out killing jobs.

We`ll, coming up on the July 10th, the United States Commerce Department is
expected to hand out a ruling determining if the practice is/are in fact
illegal and whether the United States can impose tariffs on foreign steel.
If action isn`t taken in Washington, workers in Minnesota will be the only
ones affected. We hear elected officials talk about the time about the
middle class on a regular basis.

We`ve got to save the middle class. We have to focus on saving middle
class jobs. Well, tonight I want to focus on the middle class, that town
of Lorain, Ohio.

It`s a city that revolves around American made steel. These are the people
who will be affected by July 10th`s ruling.


SCHULTZ: How do you feel when you get laid off? When you know these
market pressures are the cause of all of this.

CHRIS MILLSAPS, LAID OFF STEELWORKER: It`s a big hit to your pride. And
I`m a pretty straightforward guy but there`s a couple of days when I -- was
looking at -- knowing that I was going to laid off, or I was on my couch,
looking at my budget and all my bills. You know, almost in tears because I
was looking at, you know, how am I going to make this bill and this work?
How am I going to do this and it`s just pretty rough.

SCHULTZ: It`s Friday night in Middle America here on Lorain, Ohio at the
American Legion. These steel workers work together, they play together,
they solve problems together, and as a community they have each other`s

A South Korean trade agreement putting American steel workers on edge and
their middle class security in question. It`s on the mind of every

Why do you think you got laid off?

MILLSAPS: Well, from everything that I have heard that the orders are
slow, mostly because foreign markets were pushing pipe into our country and
into the world market at a cost that less than what we can make it.

I mean if we have to sell a pipe at a certain amount of price so that our
company remains profitable and our union workers keep working. And there`s
companies in countries selling that pipe that meets almost up to what our
quality specifications are, but they`re selling it at a considerable cost
less because they`re using non-union labor, you know, child labor or
whatever their country deems that they can use to build that same product.

As corporations in this country in the capitalist society, they`re going to
buy that pipe and save themselves money because of their profit margin.
And in doing so which reduced our orders down so that our mills working at
a creeping phase and a lot of the younger employees like myself are now

SCHULTZ: When all of things you described about the market and the price,
you just take a step back and say "Why are we doing this as it the country?

MILLSAPS: Yeah. And we`re -- inadvertently cutting our own throats. This
country is built on the backbone of the middle class. If you were trying
to, you know, make profit margins for corporations which are driving out
the middle class in a long run, then those tax incomes that the middle
class is making, they`re not going to be there. So then you`re going to
have a group of people that are making Walmart wages left and they`re
happen to collect welfare just so they can put food on their table.

SCHULTZ: The steel industry in Lorain, Ohio, go back to 1895, simply put,
everything revolves around this plant.

DAVID RAMOS, USW LOCAL 1104: This is a business on the third generation
steelworkers. And this is what we know in the City of Lorain. And steel
is Lorain. And the direction that we`re going, I mean, we`re proud. We
will always be proud when it comes to steel making at Lorain. We just need
the level of playing field like everybody is saying. Give us the
opportunity and we`ll show. We always do.

ANDY RAMOS, GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE: Lorain has a long history of the steel
making and I`m third generation also. Both my grandfathers work in the
mill, retires from the mill. My father worked in the mill.

SCHULTZ: This is what you want to do?

A. RAMOS: This is what I want to do. I enjoy what I do. I help the
community by doing what I do and I just hope that the future is there for
the generations behind me to also provide for this community.

SCHULTZ: They are sick of politicians talking about the middle class and
then making deals with countries that undercut their way of life.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Blame here by U.S. Steel that South Korea was selling
tubing here and in the U.S. below cost. But you know what the U.S.
Commerce Department says, "no". And so, now, putting some tariffs on some
of the other countries, but not South Korea, and that really provides some
direct competition to some of our steel makers here at home.

SCHULTZ: Does that kind of infuriate you with Washington is doing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah. I just wonder who makes these decisions.

DAN VORHEES, PRESIDENT, USWM LOCAL 1104: We need public servants that are
worried about taking care of the public and our special interest, Ed.


VORHEES: That`s where it comes down to. You know, you turn on the TV
everyday. We`re talking about takers and entitlements. Well, if it`s not
for good paying jobs and investment in this country, in supporting variants
(ph) for structure, you know, where we`re going to be in 10 years, 15
years, 20 years?

What kind of opportunities are my kids are going to have? Let`s not even
get to the point where we`re talking about my kids and my grand kids.
We`re just talking about my children.


VORHEES: We`re talking about everybody`s children in this group. You
know, the abuse that`s going on by our so-called public servants and not
allowing hardworking Americans to fully utilize our capacity and our skill
and our talents.

SCHULTZ: It`s an outrage (ph).

VORHEES: It`s a disgrace.


VORHEES: You know, look, I`m a fighting man, like everybody else in this


VORHEES: Enough is enough. We deserve better, we are better, let`s act
like it.

SCHULTZ: Some jobs have been lost and there could be more to come, which
puts pressure on the safety net.

There are some politicians, one in particular, Paul Ryan that would call a
guy like you a "taker."

MILLSAPS: You know what I`ve taken in my life? I`ve taken a lot of bull.
If they say that I`m a taker for, you know, collecting unemployment because
my job is not there at this moment for me to work.

In the State of Ohio, I have to put in two applications a week to try to
find a job. I just had to -- I just paid money out of my pocket which my
funds are already tight to rebuild my computer today so that I can pull my
resume out, so I can send my resume to places. You know, I`m not a taker.
I just don`t want to be taken advantage of.

STATE REP. DAN RAMOS, (D) LORAIN, OH: Chinese dumping almost bankrupt
American steel less than a decade ago. But it took that, the brink of
total bankruptcy, the brink of the entire end of the industry for the
government to step in and do something. What we`re saying is -- and what
we`re hoping, you know, we`re hoping everyone realizes we need to stop the
backsliding before it`s a catastrophe. We`re already in dire straits, you
know, but we need to slow this erosion of the American dream.


SCHULTZ: Still ahead on the Ed Show, dark money cast a shadow over
Florida`s governor`s race. Charlie Crist joins me the punch out, stay with


SCHULTZ: And in pretenders tonight, call me maybe. Rick Santorum, the man
who couldn`t get enough votes to be president says, maybe folks -- some
folks weren`t ready for the right to cast a ballot. That`s right, Santorum
says, limiting the vote to white male land owners when our country was
founded, may not have been a horrible idea?


mean, were we ready for an election when the United States was form? Did
they have everybody in the United States vote? Well, our founders didn`t
think so. They limited the people who could vote in an election. Now, you
could say that`s horrible, it`s terrible.

Well, maybe it was, maybe it wasn`t, but it was a decision that was made to
make sure that there are some, you know, some continuity and stability
within the government that was consistent with the values that the
government was founded upon. Democracy is something that comes when it`s
appropriate to come.


SCHULTZ: So Rick, you`re in favor of voter suppression. That`s what it
sounds like to me. The only continuity secured by restricting the vote was
privilege. The founders laid a strong ground work for the country but
greatness was achieved when more people had a voice in their government.
Voting is the basic right for representative democracy. And if Rick
Santorum believes there is a gray area, he can keep on pretended.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the ED Show. We finished tonight with the focus
on Florida. Dirty politics is forming a dark cloud over the Sunshine
State. Republican Gov. Rick Scott is trying to defeat his opponent Charlie
Crist by spending millions of dollars on television and radio ads. Scott
and his Let`s Get to Work Committee are stepping to a new low by going
negative on Crist`s family.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Millionaire Charlie Crist refuses to release his
spouse`s tax returns. Candidates for governor routinely disclosed those
returns. Alex Sink and Rick Scott both did it four years ago. So what is
Charlie Crist hiding?


SCHULTZ: Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel reported a mysterious political
group called Progressive Choice PAC, paid for racially-charged radio ads.
The ads accused Former Gov. Charlie Crist of imposing harsh policies which
negatively impacted African-Americans.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: While Crist was coddling the gun lobby, he was cracking
down on us passing maximum sentencing laws, and enacting the country`s
strictest penalties against nonviolent offenders, many of whom just happen
to be black.


SCHULTZ: Local reports say, nobody seems to know who`s funding that PAC,
but another conservative group is being very open about it, support of Rick
Scott. Americans for prosperity gets funding from the Koch brothers

The group is making phone calls in canvassing Florida to promote Rick
Scott. The two contenders in the Florida governor`s race are on the
collision course in what promises to be one of the meanest governor races
in the nation.

Joining me tonight, Charlie Crist. Democratic candidate for governor in
Florida. Charlie, good to have you with us tonight, I appreciate it. I`m
told by friends in Florida that these ads are absolutely non-stop against


SCHULTZ: What is the issue? Is Rick Scott running a dirty campaign
against you?

CRIST: I don`t think there`s any question about it. I mean, you know,
he`s running scared and I can understand why. He`s one of the least
popular governors in the country and he`s had policies that have hurt our
people, hurt our children in school, hurt our teachers in the class room.

You know, when you`re not supporting education, when you`re not supporting
the environment, when you`re supporting fat cat friends and not helping the
middle class to have a better opportunity for a brighter future of your
state, you got to try to teardown the other guy because you don`t have
anything good to talk about in the four years that you`ve .


CRIST: . been governor already. So, that`s what we have.

SCHULTZ: Can you match him in money?

CRIST: No. We can`t.

SCHULTZ: How ...



CRIST: So now, he is already spending about -- yeah. Go ahead.

SCHULTZ: Well, they`re saying that you haven`t release your taxes.
Clarify that for us tonight.

CRIST: Well, I have. In have I`ve released 10 years of my tax returns and
Rick Scott has release two years of his. He said three, but he got an
extension of the 2013. So he really hasn`t done that either. So he`s
being fraudulent about that. But I released, you know, three times what he
has released.

So, it`s a lie. It`s not true. It`s what he does. I mean, this is the
kind of campaign that we kind to expect from Rick Scott.

SCHULTZ: They want your wife to release her taxes. Is that going to
happen and is that important as you see it?

CRIST: It`s not important, you know, women have a right to choose, Ed.
And my wife is included on that category. She has the right to choice and
it`s her decision to make. We file separately, you know, and so I`m
required not to release my tax returns but to put forward my assets in my
network and I did that. And I added to it by releasing my tax returns,
which I`ve always done any time I`ve run for office back in 1992.


CRIST: So, I`m Mr. Transparent in this race. I`m running against a guy
who, plead the fifth 75 times so he won`t have to answer questions. So,
he`s the un-transparent money candidate and mudslinging candidate.

I`m the transparent candidate who`s released three times as many of his tax
returns as income with Rick Scott. Listen, but it`s about people. It`s
really about him or me.


CRIST: It`s about people in our state. And they need a better chance.
They need somebody who`s got their back. They need somebody who will fight
for the middle class. Fight for our school teachers. Make sure that we
work hand in hand with our friends and the administration in Washington to
do what`s right for people like take high-speed rail, Rick Scott rejected
it. That would`ve been about 30,000 jobs .


CRIST: . about $2.5 billion of investment. You know, he`s just wrong,

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Now, the White House released data this week saying that
Medicaid expansion would create more than 63 thousand jobs in Florida,
mainly in healthcare for 2014 to 2017. Will this be a factor in the race?

CRIST: A huge factor Ed. There`s no question about. Rick Scott has not
lifted a finger to get Medicate expansion done in our state. And as a
result to that, almost a million of my fellow Floridians, again today, are
not getting the health care that they deserve.

It would create over 60, 000 jobs as already you have mentioned. In
addition to that, it would invest over $51 billion in Florida, over the
next 10 years. Money that Floridians have sent to Washington and deserve
to have sent back, but Rick Scott doesn`t believe in that because he
doesn`t like the President and also in him to get any credit for doing
anything right.

And so he blocks everything ...


CRIST: ... that he`s trying to do to help Florida. It doesn`t make any
sense, its nonsense. It`s time for comments (ph) that (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: I see that the Republican Governors Association contributed more
than $2.5 million to Scott, more than any other candidate for governor.
Quickly, why is that?

CRIST: Because he needs it. You know, he`s going to attempt to try to
make, you know, lemonade out of lemons I mean, you know, his four years
have been a disaster here. He`s cut education, he`s hurt the environment.
He`s not fighting for the middle class. He`s giving tax break for the
rich. I mean it`s a nightmare Tea Party administration. And Florida
deserves better.


CRIST: That`s not what Floridians want. That`s why I`m running ...

SCHULTZ: All right.

CRIST: ... to give a brighter future and a better way.

SCHULTZ: Charlie Crist, we`ll spend a lot of time in Florida coming up.
Great to have you with us tonight, keep up the fight my friend, and thanks
so much.

That`s the ED Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politic Station with Rev. Al Sharpton
starts right now. Good evening Rev.


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