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The Ed Show for Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

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July 3, 2014

Guest: Gyasi Ross, Bruce Bartlett, Harry Moorhouse, Brian Parker

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I`m ready to go. Let`s get to work.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: The fundamentals are -- of our economy are

MITT ROMNEY, FMR GOV. OF MASSACHUSETTS: I`ll tell you what, $10,000?
$10,000 bet.

GEORGE W. BUSH, FRR U.S. PRESIDENT: We`re in the midst of a serious
financial crisis.

SARAH PALIN, FMR GOV. OF ALASKA: What the bailout does is help those who
are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up
our economy.

BUSH: We`ve seen triple digits swings in the stock market.

ROMNEY: We`ll, we`re going to have to hang the Obama misery index around
his neck.

BUSH: Major financial institutions have tethered on the edge of collapse.

MCCAIN: The fundamentals are -- of our economy are strong.

BUSH: And some have failed.

ROMNEY: That those companies needed to go through bankruptcy.

MCCAIN: With the leadership and the backing of the American people,
President Obama will turn this country around.

Turn this country around.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching,
July 3rd 2014. And we have a lot of good news out there tonight and it`s
all about the economy.

No partisan commentary, it is all about the numbers. The Obama economy is
now under the microscope. Just how are we doing?

The Dow Jones closed at over 17,000 today. It`s the first time in history,
the market has topped 17,000. Wow.

The Jobs Report, out today, says the economy added 288,000 jobs in the
month of June. Good number. Today, in fact marks 52 straight months of
private sector job growth. It`s the longest jobs growth steak on record.

And there`s more good news. 9.7 million Jobs have been since early 2010.
1.4 million of those jobs were added in the first half of this year. It`s
the most in any first half of the year since 1999.

It`s all positive, the unemployment rate now has dropped to 6.1 percent
it`s the lowest rate since September of 2008. More positive news? Oh
yeah. Not bad for the Obama economy.

Earlier today President Obama said, the economy is doing good. But, it
could be better if Republicans would reach across isle and just do their


OBAMA: And we just got Jobs Report today. It`s showing that we have now
seen the fastest job growth in the United States in the first half of the
year since 1999. Given where we started back in 2008, we have made
enormous strives thanks to the incredible hard work of the American people
and American businesses that have been our there, competing, getting

We could be making even stronger progress, we could be growing even more
jobs if, those of us here in Washington were focused on them, focused on
you, the American people rather than focus on politics.


SCHULTZ: A very modest president standing up today talking about the
economy. President Obama didn`t say anything about him or his agenda. He
only talked about American workers and American businesses.

President Obama deserves a credit. He has brought our economy back from
the brink of collapse. The President fixed this mess when he inherited it
all from George W. Bush and the criminals on Wall Street. It is the worst
at its worst.

In March of 2009, we lost 826,000 jobs in a single month. We were loosing
26,000 jobs a day. Remember those days? There was panic on Wall Street as
the Dow Jones bottomed down at 6,600. In the midst of our nation`s
hardship, this happened in CNBC.


RICK SANTELLI, CNBC EDITOR: This is America. How many of you people want
to pay for your neighbor`s mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can`t
pay their bills? Raise their hand.

President Obama, are you listening.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How about we all stop paying our mortgage? It`s a moral

SANTELLI: We`re thinking of having a Chicago tea party in July. All you
capitalists that want to show up to Lake Michigan, I`m gonna start


SCHULTZ: Where is that Tea Party today Mr. Rick Santelli? By the way,
what has the Tea Party done to contribute to this economy? Nothing.

The plan Rick Santelli was out slamming is responsible for fixing our
economy. During the recovery, Republicans try to pin Bush`s mess on
President Obama.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH), HOUSE SPEAKER: They`re tired of settling for
this new normal under the Obama economy. And frankly they`re tired of
asking the question, "Where are the jobs?"

SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: Working class jobs, blue-collar jobs where
people can earn a living, provider for their family. Those are the jobs
that have been decimated under the Obama economy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What we need the president to do is to say, the Obama
economy is not working.

REP. PAUL RYAN, (R) WISCONSIN: I think the people are going to conclude
that the Obama economy is not working.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Small business startups, entrepreneurship remains at a
17-year low in the Obama economy.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, (R) KENTUCKY: In the Obama economy, we are facing a
looming fiscal crisis that some are called the most predictable in history.


SCHULTZ: You think somebody is trying to sell you something? The economy
has recovered in spite of Republicans. They have been hecklers from the
stands. President Obama fixed our economy in the face of constant
Republican obstruction.

In fact, what`s amazing about this, this is all happened with the most
obstructed president in the history of the country. John Boehner has
always been asking, "Where are the jobs?" Well, the jobs are here.

Another favorite lie of Republicans in recent years has been, "Oh yeah,
Obamacare is nothing but a jobs killer".


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When Obamacare was debated in congress, we screamed
from the rooftops that it just wouldn`t work. That it would be a job

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Obamacare is the biggest jobs killer in this country.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let`s repeal this failure before it literally kills
woman, kills children, kills senior citizens. Let`s not do that, let`s
love people.

MCCONNELL: But there`s only one escape hatch that will fully help those
trapped by this law. And that`s full repeal.

BOEHNER: In my opinion, Obamacare is the biggest job killer we have in
America today.


SCHULTZ: Really? Really? The biggest jobs killer. 9.7 million Jobs
added, 52 months of private sector job growth.

Everything the Republicans have told us about the economy has been wrong.
Republicans have done nothing but lie to you about the economy since
President Obama took office hoping that they would be right. The green
line on this chart is when President Obama signed Obamacare.

The economy has added over 9 million since that day. The Obamacare kills
jobs argument, well, it`s a flat-out lie. Even with the jobs growth in
late 2012, let`s not forget Mitt Romney. He tried to convince Americans
President Obama was bad for the economy.


ROMNEY: He said he was going to focus on job creation. Instead he focused
on Obamacare that kill jobs.

He cared more about the liberal agenda he was pursuing, than he did about
repairing the economy. I mean, did Obamacare create new jobs?


ROMNEY: Did his war on coal, and gas, and oil create new jobs?


ROMNEY: Did those Dodd-Frank regulations make is easier for banks to make
loans to people?


ROMNEY: Almost everything he did hurt the economy.


SCHULTZ: Now, is Mitt Romney telling the truth to the American people when
he talks like that? I mean, Mitt, do you have numbers that other people
don`t have? Do you have something to report to America? Is their
something out there that we don`t know?

Because, what we`ve done here on the Ed Show tonight is all facts. Mitt
Romney is dead silent this day and he should be. All Republicans are going
to lose their favorite line of criticism across the board.

From here on, from here on out, they have no right to slam the Obama
economy. John Boehner should keep mouth shut and quit asking, "Where are
the jobs?" That`s old, it`s tired, it doesn`t play anymore. And if
Boehner and the Republicans don`t feel like fools today, they never will,
they have been wrong.

Republicans had absolutely nothing to this recovery. They have done
nothing but lie to the American people about this President for six years,
all the way from this birth certificate to the economy. Republican lies
are starting to show up in the polls.

Hey, they`re good at it. There`s a lot of low-information folks across
America that you can poll and find and put the way you want. A Quinnipiac
poll shows that 33 percent of Americans think President Obama is the worst
president since World War II. Now, where did they ever get that idea?

George W. Bush came in second at 28 percent, Nixon in at third at 13
percent. Meanwhile the American people agree with the President of the
United States on two major issues. 76 percent of Americans want
immigration reform. 61 percent of Americans say that the 2003 invasion of
the Iraq war was a wrong thing to do, but Dick Cheney is out there trying
to reverse that.

58 percent say that the withdrawal from Iraq was the right thing to do.
The American people are on board with this President, but the mainstream
media will never report it like that. If you look at the numbers, if you
are a fair-minded American and you just look at the numbers, you can easily
make the case of what President Obama was handed and what he has

By staying out of the way of business and letting people do their job and
praise the American worker and give them the tools to do what they do, the
stimulus package that worked, the automobile industry that was saved with
the loan and Dodd-Frank.

You can make the case the president is doing a great job. President Obama
has ended the wars exactly the way he said he was going to do it on the
campaign trail, ended the war in Iraq. He`s passed the Affordable Care
Act, and now he has the economy, look out the economy`s booming. But I
can`t let this one go by again.

There`s one other thing the Republicans told us for years. For years they
told us. "You can`t raise taxes on the job creators". Oh, really? The
Bush Tax Cuts which we extended in 2010 which we should have never done,
because there are a lot of Democrats out there who were afraid that the
economy would buckle because they were listening to the propaganda. But
the president campaign in 2012 and so did the Democrats that the Bush Tax
Cuts were going to expire and we were going to go back to the old rates of

All Mitch McConnell did was run around Kentucky and run around the country
telling us that this was going to kill jobs. That we were going to tax the
job creators. That Obamacare was going to kill the economy. None of that
has come true.

You can get back and expect more from the top 1 and 2 percent income
earners in this country. And now we`ve got more work to do. Now, we`ve
got to work on those trade agreements. To make sure that those middle
class, hardworking blue-collared jobs that Ted Cruz was just talking about
are going to be able to compete on the level playing field.

We have done this with lousy trade agreements. We have done it with no
stimulus package on a jobs package or help from the Republicans. Just
think where we could be if Washington would get its act together. The
presidents not the problem.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s question.

Will Republicans ever have the character to admit the Obama economy is
working? Maybe Mr. Santelli, you can answer that first.

Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622. You can always go to our blog at We`ll bring in results later on, on the show.

For more let me bring in Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan adviser and former
Bush 41 policy advisor.

Mr. Bartlett, good to have you with us tonight.


ED SCHULTZ: I`m going -- you bet. I`m going by the numbers. Can
Republicans continue to slam the Obama economy? When are they going to
have to come to grips with what had happened, where we were and where we

BRUCE BARTLETT: Well, the short answer is no, never. They will simply
continue to tell the lies that they`ve been telling for some years. And I
was glad particularly to see you talk about the horrible negative effects
of allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. If you can go back to January of
2013, I predicted a Bull Market in the stock market when every Republican
was selling everything they own and buying gold for the inevitable hyper
inflation. So, maybe these people are just really ultimately hurting

SCHULTZ: What would the economy be like Mr. Bartlett without Republican
obstruction? What if we did have a job`s package? What if the congress
did work together across the isle and the president were to sign something
for infrastructure? What would that do to these numbers in your opinion?

BARTLETT: Oh, I think we could have then gotten to where we are today.
Several -- in terms of jobs, several years ago, if we had a bigger stimulus
package in early 2009. And if we had additional spending, for example
state and local governments, the national unemployment rate would be
something like a full percentage point lower if we could have just kept
state and local governments from having to tighten and layoff workers,
which they`ve done in large numbers.

We`ve had a sharp drop-off in government capital spending for things like
roads and bridges. And now the Republicans are allowing the highway trust
fund to run out of money, because they`re refusing to supply it with new
funds. Because, in their mind all government spending is waste, all
government spending is negative, and they will continue to maintain this
position until the bitter end.

SCHULTZ: And we have cut federal spending have we not? And federal
employees haven`t had a raise in several years. And the minimum wage is
still where it is right now. We can`t get that moving forward.

And I`d like to ask you, what has President Obama done right? What has he
done wrong?

BARTLETT: Well, I think he certainly did the right thing in speaking
macro-economic terms with the stimulus in 2009. He`s appointed the right
kind of people to the Federal Reserve Board who have kept interest low,
kept the money easy. Even though every single Republican economist has
been saying for six solid years that this would be disastrous, and we would
have hyperinflation. You should put all of your money in gold.

I think where he`s been a little weak is that he -- as you said, he caved
to the Republicans on extending the Bush Tax Cuts. And he`s not really
taken his case to the country about why we needed a jobs program, why we
need more infrastructure spending. I think he`s allowed the Republicans to
set the agenda on too many of these issues.

He never talks very about his successes such as bringing down the deficit
by two-thirds. I doubt many people even know that. So, I think he ...


BARTLETT: ... has done not enough take credit for the right things that
he`s done.

SCHULTZ: Your reaction finally to the people rating President Obama as the
worst president since World War II.

BARTLETT: Well, I think that`s complete nonsense. And in fact, as much as
I hate George W. Bush, I wouldn`t even put him in second place. I think
Lyndon Johnson who presided over Vietnam probably deserves the number one
place. But look, these numbers change radically over time. When I was
young, Harry Truman was viewed as one of the worst presidents, now he`s
viewed as one of the best. This is not a number worth taking seriously, in
my opinion.

SCHULTZ: All right. Bruce Bartlett, great to have you with us tonight, I
appreciate your time. Thank for being with us on Ed Show.

Remember to answer tonight`s question, right there at the bottom of the
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Facebook, we appreciate that. And also you can find us at

Coming up, conservatives revved-up efforts to suppress voting rights this
year. We`ll look at the battle in Ohio where Nina Turner has been leading
efforts to restore the voice of the people.

But first, the immigration debate heats up in California as we had in to
the 4th of July weekend. Next in Trender, why real patriotism means


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We`re talking about the economy today. Ed Show Social Media Nation has
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Here today`s top Trenders voted on by you.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, holiday hurricane.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Arthur now a category one hurricane is taking aim at
the Carolina Outer Banks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s hard to believe that the hurricane is coming

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don`t call me (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Arthur could fizzle (ph) the fire works for travelers
(ph) on the North Carolina Coast.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Most people aren`t thinking about going to beach.
They`re evacuating.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s get out of here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t even sit here and try to sit out the hurricane.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The current forecast track shows the storm brushing
much of the coast over the next few days.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You can`t mess with Mother Nature.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two Trender, sit, stay.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is video of a dog that simply wants to play fetch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Even if he barks, he`s trying to play with is, as you
can see a statue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And that looks like a man.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is a man. This dog got tricked by a sitting statue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It won`t take no for an answer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I will keep my eyes on you rock.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The dog he even brought his own stick, can`t figure out
why the man won`t pick it out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Stop trying to make the fetch happen. It`s not going
to happen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And today top Trender, order battle.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 140 undocumented immigrants were turned a way from a
processing center when protesters block their busses.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thousands of people are being allowed into our country

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bring those people back to Mexico.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s heartbreaking to see this happening coming from
the Land of Opportunity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Protesters plan more anti-immigrant action in

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We stood up as people, what America is founded on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The commonwealth (ph) of weak people is not nation of

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please use the word illegal aliens. They cannot cross
here, illegally.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you proud or embarrass of what happening in your

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What it could be when (inaudible) in throwing these
people out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As far as exercising the constitutional rights, I`m
proud to that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The next wave of immigrants arrives as early as


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, Gyasi Ross, Attorney and Author of, "How to
Say I Love You in Indian". Great to have you with us tonight.

What is your reaction to this anti-immigrants, these protest, these mob
mentality that is taking over this situation that`s taking place in
Murrieta, California this week?

GYASI ROSS, ATTORNEY: It`s ugly. I mean, it`s unfortunate. I understand
the need for a new ones and detailed discussion regarding meaningful
immigration reform, but the rhetoric and the actions taken are just hateful
and the racist in fact.

You know, the Homeland Security says that there are 11 million people who
are living here in the United States illegally. That`s what they say. I
submit that. If we were to apply the Homeland Security`s criteria for
residency and for citizenship retroactively, there would be about 300
million people leaving here illegally.

A lot of people don`t understand the history that allowed them to be here
and their people, their folks, and family to be here in the first place.
It`s hypocrisy I suppose.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Ross, there is a law on the books that says that when these
underage kids, when these adolescent kids, these minors come to the United
States that they have to be processed. That is a law that has been passed.
And it`s going to have to be addressed by the congress which is terribly
inactive right now.

ROSS: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Are these protesters breaking the law? It seems to me that they
are. They are obstructing the process of immigration services to process
these people. What`s the outcome here? What should be done?

ROSS: I think that they`re operating within the free speech rights. Their
right to express themselves and the right to say what they want to say even
if it is in fact hateful. I think to the extent that they do interfere
physically. I`m talking specifically physically with the process, the
busses that are coming and going, that is obviously, I think more of an
Administrative Law question and or a municipality law of question.

This Mayor Long, I believe that`s his name, he seems like he allows these
protesters to do pretty much anything that they want in a very racist and
hateful fashion toward these brown skin individuals who are coming across
the border.

But the specific question Ed, I don`t think that they`re breaking the law
simply by voicing their displeasure with these people that are .


ROSS: . coming across the border. But I believe .

SCHULTZ: Well, they turn those busses back. I mean, they intimated these
people to the point where they turn these busses back out of fear and .

ROSS: Right.

SCHULTZ: . the officials who are transporting these kids, they`re trying
to do their job.

ROSS: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: You know, that some kind of obstruction. I mean speaking as an
attorney what kind of legal battle do these immigrants face right now?

ROSS: Well, obviously, I mean, you know, there has to be once again, go
back to the original statement that there needs to be some sort of
meaningful process here. And whether that`s the right to earn citizenship,
those things are be discuss legislatively.

Cool, we understand that, but what`s more important to me is the level of
vitriol and hate that this leader Mayor Long and other leaders white
Republican leaders, white folks in general who are allowing this level of
hate to build up within their municipalities, that is dangerous.


ROSS: And moreover just a final work.


ROSS: If I can work for second Ed. You know, it`s interesting that the
specific hypocrisy rises to a sort of a Larry Craig ask (ph), Mark Foley
ask (ph) level of hypocrisy because their ancestors, they`re the direct
lineal descendants of people who came over here in search of greater
opportunity just like these indigenous people who are passing through the

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Fox News aired this graphic of the statue of liberty with
the caption, "Defending the Homeland," in their discussion of this

ROSS: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Do they miss the irony here?

ROSS: Yeah, I think -- well, they missed a lot of irony Ed. You know
that. They -- I`m not even sure irony exist to them. I kind to default to


ROSS: . my friend Ben Jones (ph), who says that you cannot be bigot and a
patriot at the same time. I look at the folks down on the border, the
tribes, Tohono O`odham, (inaudible) they`ve been fighting this border
disputes for years on behalf of native people. This is not a new
discussion however they done it .


ROSS: ... successfully in a much more compassionate and meaningful way
than these folks who are, you know, they`re really trying to do it simply
by at the rule of the gun.

SCHULTZ: OK. Gyasi Ross, good to have you with us on the Ed Show. I
appreciate your take on all of these. Thanks so much.

Still ahead, on the bus with Nina Turner, the front lines of the fight for
voting rights in Ohio. If it`s not gerrymandering it`s suppressing the

Plus a great American tradition with a side of fair play. The owners of
Moo Cluck Moo serve up their successful business strategy.

But next, I`m taking your questions on Ask Ed Live. Stay tuned. We`ll be
right back on the Ed Show on MSNBC


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Time now for ask for Ask Ed Live
Segment. We love hearing from our viewers. I appreciate all the
questions. Our first question tonight is from Warren, "What should
congress get a break for the fourth of July when they don`t work?"

Well, who`s going to hold them accountable? I mean, well they should just
take the rest of the summer off or just go home and take -- do Town Hall
meetings and let the American people telling them what the truth is.

If you could vote yourself for raise and vote yourself for benefits, would
you do it?

Sure, you would. That`s what they do.

Our next question is from Cathe, "What are you on forth of July plans?"

Well it`s interesting that you asked Cathe. We are going to be celebrating
in our family an engagement. That`s right on. On the 12 Hall Maple River
golf course today and Maple to North Dakota our son Dave, he popped the
question to his girlfriend, Kelsey. They met on the 12 Hall one year ago
today. I think he really want, to some effort to do this. He had these
all planned and she didn`t know it was going to happening. And the gulf
cart came around and he was standing there unexpectedly pop the question
and she said, yes.

They will be the last of our six kids who are going to get married, so we
got 11 grandkids and I`m sure there will be more on the way. By the way,
on Fourth of July, when they all come of the lake, believe me it`s like a
tornado. They eat everything, which is fun.

There`s a lot more coming up on the Ed Show. Stay tune. We`re right back.

FRANCES RIVERA: I`m Frances Rivera. Here is what`s happening. Hurricane
Author packing 90 mile per hour wind, is continuing to approach toward the
North Carolina coast. The storm is disrupting holiday plans for thousands
of vacationers. Some have been force to evacuate. Others are scoping up
emergency supply instead of burgers and hotdogs.

Forecaster say, a slight shift in Arthur`s track could bring some of its
worst winds further in land, but for now it`s expect to graze the out banks
and then at the coast that remain offshore.

Now, back to the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Republicans know they`re in the
minority of the key issues that matter to the American people. They are
ideologically bent against the country.

At this point, they know the only way to secure victory is to suppress the
vote and they`re pretty good at it. Republicans know they can`t win the
presidency without the State of Ohio. History tells us that.

Which is why Ohio Secretary State, Jon Husted has done everything in his
power to limit access to the polls. Husted had said a 2014 early voting
schedule that eliminated Sunday and Monday voting throughout the State of

Well, on June 11 a federal judge ruled Ohio, must allow voters to cast in-
person ballots on the final three days before the election. Let`s be
clear. This fight is not over in the story we`re about to show you tonight
takes the cake.

Back in April, we took a ride with Ohio State Senator Nina Turner.


SCHULTZ: When Republicans in Ohio ramp up their efforts to restrict access
to the polls, State Senator Nina Turner wasn`t afraid to speak up. But
Nina Turner isn`t just mad. She is trying to get elected.

Turner was running against Jon Husted for Secretary of State in Ohio. I
sat down with Nina and ask what motivated her to run an all or nothing

STATE SENATOR NINA TURNER, OHIO: Well Hamilton County for example, there
was a vote to move the board of election from centrally located place in
Downtown Cincinnati to a suburban area that some folks estimate that if
somebody estimate that, if somebody had to catch the bus so they could take
them up to two hours, one way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Husted cast the deciding vote this afternoon. Local
democrats have been opposed to this move because they say it limits the
number of people who can take advantage of early voting.

TURNER: Two hours one way. And then even when they got out the bus, they
would still have to walk quite some distance.

SCHULTZ: We took the trip with Senator Turner to see just how long it
would take.

TURNER: We are, you know, taken us...


TURNER: ... about hour and 10 minutes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s 10:19 right now.

TURNER: And we got on the bus at 9:09. That bus didn`t leave until 9:19
and here we are about an hour and 15 minutes later, just get off the bus
and now walking.


TURNER: Walking to the polling (ph) place. So this is the entrance to
where the place will be, but you still -- we still going to walk all the
way back there.

Now, where are the sidewalks though for us to walk on?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are no sidewalks here.

TURNER: No sidewalks.

we stimulated the best of all situations, right? The weather is perfect,
right? Our bus was on time. We didn`t have any major challenges. Imagine
the reality in October, November.

I have a stroller, I have a wheelchair. I`m trying to cart things. My bus
is not on time, so I miss my transfer.

And so even in the best scenario, we got here in an hour and a half, hour,
45 minutes. That is just -- and for what? I mean, I can tell you, go back
to for what, to save a couple dollars?

STATE REP.DENISE DRIEHAUS: There are thousands of people that go down and
vote early downtown and those are the folks who are here to represent

You know, I got a car. You know, I can get here. This is isn`t about me,
this is about the people that I represent that don`t have access to
transportation and can`t get to the polling place on election day, which I
think is sometimes for people that, you know, aren`t expose to working more
than one job, that don`t have, you know, are a single parent and they are
taking care, you know.

And all these disadvantages, they really don`t understand what the big deal
is. This is the big deal.

households in Hamilton County that don`t have cars. That`s speaks to the
need for a mass transit to be able to get people to early voting.


BURKE: That doesn`t happen here.

DARLENE WEAVER, OHIO VOTER: And I`m glad I got this (inaudible) because,
you know, we`re trying -- they trying to push us back in time, many people
(inaudible) for us to be able to vote.

And it`s a shame that they trying to do this. I have (inaudible), that was
a long walk, you know. Money knees hurt bad but, you know, I`m a
(inaudible) person. I will go to the end.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The ride was such a long ride. I thought I was going
on a vacation.

I didn`t realized how long it was.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And the just as anywhere as a threat to justice,
everywhere. So what we`ve got to do is we`ve got to be able to step up,
stand up, speak out and be very vocal about this because the people who
this is going to affect, they don`t have a voice.

They can`t come up here and make the statements that we are making today.
We have to represent them on their behalf, step up and show exactly what
this is doing to our community.

TURNER: This journey was very important that we highlight in a real
scenes, what it takes for somebody to come and vote. Voting shouldn`t take
all day and you shouldn`t have to jump over hoops and hurdles just to
exercise your right to vote.

Unfortunately in the State of Ohio, this is become the pre-civil rights
remix and it`s not a good one. And this is not right. And so to put
ourselves, today what we were able to do is to try just for a little while
to put ourselves in the shoes of somebody who would have to make this
journey just to vote in-person.

This is unconscionable, it`s undemocratic, it is un-American. And so we
stand here both elected and non-elected to say that this is not right.

And as one reporter ask us, you know, whether or not this start today or
two years from now, it doesn`t matter. The House is burning. It is on
fire and we are sounding the alarm that nobody should have to go through
this to vote.


SCHULTZ: When that story run in April for the first time, we ask Governor
John Kasich for a comment on it, from the State of Ohio and the Governor
had no reply.

We ask him to come in the program, I offered to go to Ohio to do a sit down
interview with Governor Kasich and we got no reply on that either. What do
are they afraid of?

They`re afraid that the country will see exactly what the Republicans are
doing. Nothing, when it comes to injustices like this.

This is social engineering of the vote, to suppress the vote, so the
Republicans can stay in power. That is a miscarriage of justice, what you
just saw. It is wrong. Those folks should be able to walk down the street
and vote like most people.

Coming up, an American success story fit for the fourth. The owners of Moo
Cluck Moo are growing up the good stuff for the punch out. We`re right


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight. Religious war, you know, Tony Perkins
of the family research council, well, the leader of the group has love for
the Supreme Court. Perkins is celebrating the Hobby Lobby decision by
truly misinformation around like its confetti. Perkins says the President
wants to crash religious freedom.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Perkins was about, I believe in the eyes of the
government of the Obama administration want to break through this firewall
that is long existed around religious freedom in this country. And if they
could have force businesses on this issue, in this manner, there would be
nothing stopping them for advancing the rest of their liberal anti-
religious agenda.

Today is a day they celebrate. We celebrate the decision, the Hobby Lobby
case but our religious freedom, we much remain vigilant for all of our
freedom because they are simply one executive order away from being


SCHULTZ: President Obama is an anti-religion, he`s pro-woman and also he`s
anti discrimination. The president wants to protect a woman`s access to
care. The Supreme Court majority wants to protect the corporate WEMS (ph).
The court has short change women for a short-sided decision. If Tony
Perkins thinks he can twist an attack on women into a celebration of
freedom, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work. Fourth of July means family, friends and
cookouts, like cookouts with broth (ph) and hamburgers.

One Michigan-based fast-food company has proven you can grow a great
hamburger. And oh by the way, you can also pay your employees a fair wage.

Over a year ago, Moo Cluck Moo has been paying their employees $15 an hour
and they are selling a lot of hamburgers and very popular. This is a great
Americans small business success story. Moo Cluck Moo co-founders Harry
Moorhouse and Brian Parker join me tonight on the hills of some very good
economic news. 9.7 million jobs, added 52 months of private sector job
growth in a battle in Congress, should we move the minimum wage to 10.10 an
hour. That`s what the president wants.

These gentlemen are going to $15 an hour.

Harry you first, how has that wage scale impacted your business and how of
your customers reacted?

HARRY MOORHOUSE, MOO CLUCK MOO, CO-FOUNDER: Well, I think in both case --
in two -- yeah, as far as our customers are concern Ed, I think they
respect that. And it certainly has helps business in that regard.

But more importantly, it really impacts the lives of the people who work
with us. We don`t really have turnover here. And we think it`s worthwhile
to pay people at their serving food and making food a livable wage.

So, from our perspective, it`s working out very well, both as a business
and for the customers.

SCHULTZ: Brian, has it hurt the expansion opportunities that you and your
partner in this business have had? Could you be better off as a company if
you`ve been paying a lesser wage?

BRIAN PARKER, CO-FOUNDER, MOO CLUCK MOO: No, not at all. It hasn`t hurt
as. In fact, its even helped us. We are able to attract and retain good
quality people.

And as Harry mentioned, people -- our customers and embraced it. They have
no issues with it. In fact they applaud us for it.

SCHULTZ: You know, what dollar amount Brian, do you charge for a hamburger
in America today? How do you know what to judge, what to pay for? And,
you know, your guys` quality, I hear just rave reviews about what you guys
do, how do you know what to charge?

PARKER: Well it`s not easy because things fluctuate. Transportation cost
are higher, fuels are higher to get deliveries or to received deliveries.
We`re looking at a higher quality of beef, so there`s all sorts of factors
the weigh in on it. We`re not very greedy. Basically what we want to do
is -- we`re in the business of nutrition. So we feel that if we have
something that`s more nutritious and better for our customers, they`ll pay
for it.

We`ve had no push back on that. So to answer your question on how we
determine that price, a lot of factors come in to play. And we`re not
really worried about the rest of the market place because we are serving a
different product.

SCHULTZ: Harry, what could the big to (inaudible), the big fast food
corporations learned from you guys?

MOORHOUSE: Well I think again, it`s about treating people with respect,
not that, you know, they don`t say they do that or you hear the -- you hear
this a lot Ed. And about people saying in my business, everyone is like
our family. Well if they were really in your family, wouldn`t be paying
them eight bucks an hour.

You`d be paying them enough so that they could pay their rent without
public assistance. And we feel that, that`s extremely important. So
rather than having a company song in a rally around the company flag, we
think paying the folks a living wage of 15 bucks an hour and giving them a
full time job, helps them support their families much better. And we -- I
think we`re all better off for that.

So -- And quite frankly the more people have and the more money they have
the more they can spend so they can afford things and it helps the economy.
It`s -- That`s been proven out several times in history, I don`t want to
get into all that. You did ask a question about expansion. And we`ve got
the two stores now, we`re going to have a third store in the fall and we`re
licensing territories all over the country now.

There`s awful lot of people that are really interested in taking this model
to their community, the model of better jobs and more nutritious food at
affordable prices. So we`re in a lot of discussions right now and we think
we`re going to have some big news on that front very soon.

SCHULTZ: That is fantastic. Brian, do you have any tips for our audience?
I should ask who`s got the brains for the cooking behind this operation

MOORHOUSE: Actually it`s a guy name Jimmy Schmidt. He`s our executive
chef. He`s designed every -- all of the food, he designs our specials
every month and he`s also an engineer by trade and a food technologist and
we have a really big announce, we`re going to come out within August with
some real new food technology that involves protein binding (ph).

I won`t bore you with it but the bun we`re going to be able to make with
this new technology is going to be a wonder and it`s nothing that is out
there on the market right now. So we`ll be happy to check back.

SCHULTZ: All right.

MOORHOUSE: .on you and let everyone know what that is.

SCHULTZ: I will check back with you for sure at Dearborn, Michigan, no
question about it. What`s the key to cooking a good hamburger on 4th of
July Brian?

PARKER: Well it all starts with the beef. What we`re serving right now is
wagyu beef. We get our beef source from a farm in Fort Wayne, Indiana,
Joseph Decuis farms. This is the real deal. This is real Wagyu. We don`t
know about anybody else but Harry and I have been to the farm, I`ve been
down there several times and that for us is a game changer. It`s about the
flavor, it`s about the way it`s prepared and processed, and it`s very much
about the marbling and the meat and with the fats that we have in our beef,
it`s very, very high in Omegas.


PARKER: So that starts with the beefs.

SCHULTZ: So, you -- it sounds to me like Harry Moorhouse and Brian Parker
are just brilliant on the basics. You got a great product, you treat your
people right, you pay them right, you got good service, and you`re
expanding and you`re doing it the American way, I love it. Gentleman have
a great 4th of July, it`s a great story. I appreciate your time tonight.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton, starts right now. Rev, I`m not taking a shower after work, I`m
going to go jump on the lake, its 4th of July.


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