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For FBI suspects, tipsters can either email information to  or they can call their local FBI field offices. To find the phone number for your local field office go to for a list by state or city.

The Secret Service contact information is 1-877-CIC-DESK (242-3375).

Nuraldin Shareef Karim: Allegedly orchestrated $7 million in telemarketing lottery frauds. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Omar Horacio Cabral: Accused of stealing identities to commit credit card fraud.

Lee Hope Thrasher and Howard Welsh: On the lam after allegedly running a 29 million dollar charity investment scam.

Janiana Lakatosz

Janiana Lakatosz: Authorities believe she is part of a notorious ring of robbers who con their way into people's homes.  Lakatosz is suspected by authorities of attempted burglaries in Pennsylvania last summer and fall. She and another woman allegedly posed as women in distress or as candy salespeople. Once inside, victims complain, one suspect tried to distract homeowners while the other ransacked homes for valuables. The women reportedly become aggressive when confronted.  Please call 814 471-6500 if you have information on Lakatosz' whereabouts.

Pete Miller

Pete Miller: This is probably not his real name, but the man has been photographed at banks in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio cashing checks of apparent home improvement scam victims. The man carries a phony Louisianna driver's license, but he may actually be from the Indiana area. Police believe he runs with a group known as Irish Travelers and may operate a variety scams based on roof, lightening rod and other home improvement jobs. If you have information on this man and/or his whereabouts, please call the Henry County, Ohio Police at 419 592-8010 or send an email to

Terry McNally: Alleged identify thief who may sometimes pose as a Marine Corp Police officer.

Christopher Valentino: Authorities think this may not be his real name. He was convicted of posing as a talent agent but not delivering on his promises. He collected fees for photographs he claimed people needed to land acting jobs. He was sentenced to 150 days, but fled. If you have information on Valentino's whereabouts, please call Rocky Delgadillo in the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, Consumer Protection Division 213 978-8070.

Priest Ethridge
Priest Ethridge: Wanted by Los Angeles County for 20 counts of auction fraud for fradulent auctions on E-Bay. He allegedly sold laptop computers, collected the money and never delivered the lap tops. Etheridge was born 3-20-73, he is 6' 3" tall and weighs 215 pounds. If you have information about Ethridge, please send an email to or call 213 580-3259.

Authorities also ask your help finding the following alleged fraudsters:

Robert Allan Holland: Convicted by an Iowa jury in December of 2000 of having committed theft by deception and conspiracy in connection with his bilking by phone of some Iowans, whom he persuaded to send him more than $80,000 for foreign currency investments. If you have information, please send an email to and 515-281-6413

Percy Richard Cardenas-Sanchez and Teodoro Vicente Etienne: Wanted for allegedly defrauding at least seven insurance companies in a staged automobile accident scheme. Sanchez pleaded guilty to mail fraud, Etienne failed to appear for his trial. These photos are from 1996. If  you have information about these men, please call 410-347-4380.

Michael W. Burger: Securities Fraud, Failed to appear for sentencing

Jonathon Ross Firestone: Alleged investment Fraud

John Anthony Porcaro: Alleged Telemarketing Fraud related to bogus foreign currency investments

Gregory R. Swarn: Alleged conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud; wire fraud; mail fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering; money laundering

Gonzalo Anthony Quinones: Illeged Computer Sales Fraud

Jimmy Campodomico: Alleged Counterfeiting

Kenneth Eromosele Abulu: Alleged Counterfeiting and Using False Identification

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