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The Ed Show for Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

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July 9, 2014

Guest: Jan Schakowsky, James Peterson, Marcia Chatelain



SARAH PALIN: Make it hurt, impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Whether that`s removal from office, whether that`s

PALIN: Article with impeachment against Barack Obama.

the congress needs to stand up.

PALIN: Impeachment is the message that has to be set for President.

JOHN BOEHNER: This is not about impeachment.

PALIN: Impeachment.

BOEHNER: This is not about impeachment.

PALIN: Not me Boehner. Go rogue.


MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, MSNBC HOST: You`re looking at a live shot of the
president of the United States of America, about to be greeted or being
greeted by Rick Perry, the governor of Texas. U.S. 1 landing in Dallas,
Texas. The meeting of president Obama with local leaders and faith leaders
as well, Rick Perry as you well know, has indicated some chagrin for the
President not returning his letter, asking for attention to the border.

Now Gov. Perry has the opportunity, face to face, to share his concerns
with the President of the United States, which I just indicated, landed not
long ago in Dallas, Texas on Air Force One and we`ll tell you more about
this later, should any news develop.

A crisis in our country, Southern Border is festering and Republicans want
to run the clock, instead of spreading resources to help families in need,
Republican are trying to spread impeachment fever. In the next hour
President Obama is scheduled to meet with Rick Perry as we`ve just seen,
President Obama will sit down with the governor to discuss the droves of
children brought to the United States Border from other countries.

Let me tell you what the President won`t do, so come to GOP`s standard
operating procedure. Stalling as more children reach border patrol
stations and more resources are strain. Republicans want to hamper any
rational response to the urgent demands. The President wants to send $3.7
billion to aid the detainees in Texas. The President urges congress to
untangle the unrealistic and ineffective immigration laws. The President
is ready to act.


executive action, only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue and
congress chooses to do nothing. America can not wait forever for them to
act. And that`s why today, I`m beginning a new effort to fix as much and
more immigration system as I can on my own, without congress.


DYSON: The Republicans on the other hand want President Obama to slow


JOHN CORNYN, (R) TEXAS SENATOR: This President seems just determined to be
tone deaf in terms of the human consequences of the policies that he
himself has caused and he should go there, the President should see what we
saw and I think then he would perhaps reconsider his decision not to do
anything to solve the problem but rather just to throw money at them.


DYSON: Anyone interested in a border visit is interested in pumping the
breaks. The President is acutely aware of the dire situation facing the
children and their families crossing into the United States. As evidence
by he`s tireless effort to help them, the President push towards positive
and crucial change was met with treason as accusations.


PALIN: The tipping point in this drive towards impeachment for me has been
illegal immigration issue, the crisis created by Obama, impeachment is a
message that has to be set for our President that we`re not going to put up
with this lawlessness. And it also means lying to the American people and
it means fraud. I really want congress to do it`s job, the constitutional
power that they have to halt an imperial presidency.


DYSON: Sarah Palin`s premature evacuation from the governor`s seat
eliminated any of her political credibility. But her loss grip on the
legislative reality is not without consequence. Palin`s arsenal of
unsupported accusations and (inaudible) charges against the President
aren`t confined to the dark trenches of the conservative media.

Palin is in the ears and pockets of serious contenders to hold office in
this country. Palin`s latest project came on to the scene as the face of
Iowa pick castration, you heard that right. In her face for a senate seat,
Joni Ernst merit Palin`s impeachment rhetoric at a January forum.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, absolutely as (inaudible) and I do think that,
yes he should take those repercussions from whether that`s removal from
office, whether that`s impeachment. But as a U.S. Senator, absolutely.
Yeah, as a U.S. Senator though, we have to push that issue and we can`t be
silent on things like that.


DYSON: Admit criticism, Joni Ernst to sense backpedal, saying she has not
seen any evidence that the President should be impeach, adding that she
does not believe the president is a dictator but has repeated the use of
unilateral action sure makes some look like one.

The Right-wing wants to mark the President as a lawless tyrant.


REP. LOUIE GOHMERT (R) TEXAS CONGRESSMAN: I knew we had to be a nation of
laws and follow the laws. And what is more tearing to keep adding mass
graves as children are encouraged to flood into the United States, because
our Commander and Chief will not secure the border. I think the more
compassionate thing is when you actually secure the borders and make people
follow the law.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are saying, an explosion on little boys and little
girls coming across the border and it`s the direct result of President
Obama`s lawlessness.

SEAN HANNITY: Governor, on the issue of lawlessness, I agree with you, I
agree with Jana Fenterly (ph) and I agree with Mark Levin, three very
bright people.


DYSON: The fable last ditch effort to delegitimize the executive branch
only illuminates what conservatives value most. It isn`t in care for
children in need, isn`t comprehensive reform, it isn`t even progress, its
abstraction. They`d rather see a (inaudible) president than a successful

Get your cellphones out, I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "What do Republicans care about more?" Text A for impeachment,
text B for reform to 67622 or go to our blog at I`ll bring
you the results later in the show.

Joining me now, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois. Congresswoman,
what leg the conservatives have to stand on in these calls for impeachment?

REP. JAN SCHAKOWSKY, (D) ILLINOIS: Well even John Boehner said impeachment
is off the table but these are people who lived in a fact free zone and a
solution free zone. They`re only solution or the only answer is to take
potshots, political potshots at the President of the United States, who is
actually trying to solve the problem.

It will be interesting to see whether or not John Boehner, who of course
has resisted comprehensive immigration reform, it will even take up the
emergency spending that the President wants to do. You know, and here`s
the other thing, you know, that the children flooding our borders, actually
there`s been an over 700 percent increase in children going to (inaudible),
in Nicaragua and Mexico.

And so it is not just in Costa Rica, it`s not just the United States, and
these children are fleeing violence that was hurt the heart of any person
who`s really thinking about them, wait and gangs and, you know, the kinds
of threats that they`re finding in virtual war zones. That`s what the
President of Honduran said, that children are fleeing his country, because
it`s a war zone.

And I can understand how cold and mean these comments are, that we`re
hearing from supposedly credible people.

DYSON: Yeah, cold and mean is to be underscore there. What do you think
is the advantage of such callousness in disregard of he condition of those
people who are there on the ground and using it as political football to
score points against president Obama as suppose to reaching out to those
people who are most vulnerable?

SCHAKOWSKY: I can`t believe that they`re reflective of the vast majority
of American people. Imagine the mother in Honduras, who would send her
child, risking that child, crossing the desert, because it`s so impossible
for that child to live safely in his or her own country. You know, I mean
I have such empathy and beyond that, it is the law, not the law of Barack
Obama, the law of George W. Bush.

DYSON: All right, Congresswoman, let me just very briefly tell the people,
what you`re watching here is President Obama descending the stairs of Air
Force One, in a long anticipated meeting with Governor Rick Perry, who of
course predictably is smiling face as he reached the President. And we`ll
tell you later if we discover anything about what their conversation is
about, if they`re able to discuss immigration reform, if they`re able to
talk about what Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has just spoken about, the
other commitment to the (inaudible) in predicament of the people who are
there on the ground, not using this a political football but to determine
whether they`re not -- they`re able to come out with some sense of what`s
going on.

So Congresswoman Schakowsky, what do you expect to come out of President
Obama`s meeting with Rick Perry today?

SCHAKOWSKY: Well I hope they come up with a plan on how to deal humanely
and fairly with the children that are there, that are crossing the border.
I do want to make the point again though that the law that the President is
obeying right now is the law that was pass under the Bush administration
that actually prevents sending unaccompanied children back to their

So when they talk about, "This is all the President`s fault" the other
falsehood is that because of the deferred action plan for immigrant
children that are already here that the president adapted by executive
order. In fact this increase in immigration of unaccompanied children
started well before that ever went to into effect. It is the violence that
a recent study that was published today said. It is the violence that has
caused these children to come out.

So I`m hoping that the Governor and the President can come to some
agreement on how we treat these children, so that they`re not in inhumane
conditions but rather that they have legal representation that they are in
settings dealing (ph) for young children and for adolescence and not in --
just in a prison cell with a number of other kids.

DYSON: Yeah, well stated. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, thank
you so very much.

SCHAKOWSKY: Thank you.

DYSON: Now let me bring in Dr. James Peterson, Director of Africana
Studies and Associate Professor of English at Lehigh University and MSNBC

Professor Peterson, before I get to this immediate situation, tell us in
terms of your English professor background and your interpretation of
drama, seeing President Obama descend the stairs of Air Force One, to be
greeted by a smiling Rick Perry, talk to us about the theater of politics
that despite all of the missiles fired from each side to the other that the
progress of American politics or one of it`s strings is that even in the
midst of that nastiness, there seems to be some decorum.

JAMES PETERSON: A better decorum here. I`m not sure this meet and greet
actually reflects that, I think it`s really interesting the way that which
the political theater was played here, you know, Gov. Perry`s camp is
essentially saying, "we`re not going to do the tarmac shape", but they
actually are going to do it as long as they get to sit down. The
President`s camp saying, "Hey, you can do the sit down with the President
but it`s going to have to be on our terms, it`s going to be where we`re
going to be already, which is we`re going to be talking to the people who
are trying to deal with this humanitarian crisis without all the policies
of immigration reform."

And so, I think there`s some strange bet that was always in politics. This
just so happens to be one of them, obviously the humanitarian crisis is in
the state of Texas, Gov. Perry is still the governor of Texas. And so
these two have to meet and talk about it and it`s happening in the sort of
unorthodox and interesting way.

DYSON: Yeah, excellent insight there. So with the amount of abstraction
congress has created, how can they call on Obama to halt action at the

PETERSON: Yeah, this is, you know, this is what`s topsy-turvy about the
political discourse in America. I mean the whole idea that the borders are
not secure, I`m not sure how we -- that`s even acceptable. How could we
effectively have essentially captured 52,000 children if our border weren`t
secure? How could this President, President Obama be the so called
deported-in-chief, the President has deported more undocumented immigrants
that any other president in recent memory, how can he be that and not be
someone who`s enforcing the laws or someone who was lawless, that`s absurd.

And again, what we have is we have political theater or political dramatics
and not a lot of politic reality here. The reality is, this is a
humanitarian crisis. And if you want to understand really where the crisis
comes from that you actually have to go back into the history, not too a
long ago of trade agreement, like the central America free trade agreement,
which basically remove (inaudible) and other sort of impediments and
regulations having to do with trade. You know, the U.S. is the number one
partner in Honduras and in other countries.

And so what happens is that this countries are being underdeveloped
economically as obviously the twin sister of violence allow this countries`
poverty. And so those situations are essentially being a bad neighbor
contributes to and exacerbate what we see on our borders. And so we can`t
just sort of have this liberal free trade and poor people getting poor in
neighboring countries and expect that that`s not going to impact us
directly on our borders.

DYSON: Well and what did that kind of breath taking Geopolitical analysis
you offered to us that really explains that the nutshell, what`s at stake
here and why so many people are being driven by their existential and
political needs to this country? On the other hand you got the dramatics
of the Republican party, trying to perform for the public their attack on
Obama and standing up to him. So what will the right-wing gain by pumping
impeachment into their repertoire.

PETERSON: So number one, someone like Gov. Perry, he`s not talking about
impeachment, well Gov. Perry has to sort of attack Obama, because remember
he essentially lost his bonafides with the right-wing of the conservative
party by simply intimating in the presidential campaign that it will be
good to allow undocumented folks how come into this country, spend their
whole lives in this country, to be able to attend university in the state
of Texas. That basically lost in the election.

And so what Republicans have figure out is that in order to continue to
pander the extreme right, attacking and abstracting Obama is the best way
to do this. So Sarah Palin, we`re talking about her again, why? Because
she`s attacking the President, calling for impeachment, it`s absurd.
There`s literally no evidence or any rationale, politically speaking, to
impeach the President, especially coming from folks in the right. It`s
obviously, actually, essentially Doc, those who can treat the President
from the left, probably have a little bit more in term of evidence here to
think about impeachment, if you think about like drone strikes or think
about the (inaudible) of the NSA, things of that nature.

The folks of the left have a better case, they`re not even talking about

DYSON: Right.

PETERSON: I`m not sure what the folks on the right have in terms of this

DYSON: Well what we have is Dr. James Peterson breaking it down. Thank
you so much for you time.

PETERSON: Thanks Doc.

DYSON: Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen and share your thoughts on Twitter@edshow and on Facebook. We want
to know what you think.

Coming up, why conservatives should celebrate Colorado`s progressive
contraception policy, the Rapid Response Panel weighs in. Plus, a star set
his plan to put an end to extreme poverty by 2030. Ronan Farrow next in
the Trenders.


DYSON: Time now for the Trenders. Keep in touch with us on Twitter@edshow
and on Facebook. And you can find me on Twitter@micheleedyson.

The Ed Show Social Media Nation has decided and we are reporting. Here are
today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want 50 burgers, sizzling outside, juicy inside.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three Trender, Hot wage.

ANDREW PUZDER: My name is Andrew Puzder, CEO of Carl`s Jr. and Hardees.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s you`re favorite meal at Carl`s Jr. and Hardees?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: $6 burger, hold the mayo.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hardee`s high paid CEO opposes raising the minimum

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are lot of American are just trying to make
ends meat (ph).

PUZDER: If government gets out of the way, business will create jobs.

MIKE PAPANTONIO: The states that have raise the minimum wage have also
increased jobs.

PUZDER: You and solve that problem by having the g artificially mandate a
wage increase when there no economic growth to support that. If you give
people more money, business do better and they employee more people.

PUZDER: I just want to make sure that people understand the consequences
of raising the minimum wage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two Trender, Hotshots.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Obama is here in Denver.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He had pizza with a group of Coloradan (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s taking some time to meet with people who have
written him letters. In Colorado the just go, "What`s up in the white
castle now?"

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They all wrote the president letters about their
concerns for the economy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re kind of a buzz kill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: President Obama turns down a dope during his visit in

OMABA: Do you want to have this?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As President Obama visited Colorado pot advocates
busted that tax revenues and tourism are up.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As a day top Trender, taking action.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Being a (inaudible) is understanding that everything
is connected.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thousands of global citizens will get it together to
convince world leaders to end extreme poverty.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have the energy to do it, we the skills to do it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are so excited that MBC and MSNBC are got to be our
partners to take a message around the world.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Big names back the global poverty projects plan to end

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am really excited to be a host this year of the
Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jay-Z together with No Doubt, Carrie Underwood, fun,
the Roots and Tiesto are going to headlight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s the catch?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People have to go to the website, not to take an action to earn tickets.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s the world we want and the world we`re envisioning
is the world we`re going to make.


DYSON: Joining me now is Ronan Farrow, host of Ronan Farrow Daily,
weekdays at 1:00 p.m. Eastern here on MSNBC. Great to see you here in
person ...

RONAN FARROW, HOST OF RONAN FARROW DAILY: Nice to be here. I`m a big fan.

DYSON: Oh thank you and it`s mutual. We`re big fans of yours as well.

So there`s an all-star line up of global stars who are descending on this.
So, tell us why it`s such an important organization that`s doing this work
and why the ideal is so compelling.

FARROW: So, here is the thing and we were talking about this before the
camera start of rolling. I am very skeptical about the model of
celebrities going around with the Tin Cup for donations.

DYSON: Right.

FARROW: It`s great. I don`t want to knock celebrities to do that. I
don`t want to be over cynical about it but.

DYSON: Right.

FARROW: .it`s not sustainable. It`s not the answer.

The interesting thing about this is that they`ve got a totally different
model and it`s about actual generation of social mobilization. They`re
trying to get people to be activist and actually I`ve been out put the end
for the change some issues.

DYSON: So it`s beautiful. At the same time you got a chance to raise some
money and generate some interest but you`re also getting people involved to
help the vary communities that are in need.

FARROW: That`s exactly and the tickets can`t be purchased. You got to
going to these all money ecosystem that`s build. It`s

DYSON: Right.

FARROW: And you got to earn points by doing actual substance of things.
They`re small things. It`s all panacea but the real it`s, you know,
writing a letter to your congressman it`s signing on to a petition and, you
know, I`ll give you an example. Nobody ever wants champion polio. You
know, I was in government at the bottom of the totem pole and I would get
meetings of Bill Gates banging down doors, trying to get funding for polio,
because no one in a real position of power, we meet them on a summer.

DYSON: Oh nice.

FARROW: Because people -- it is an abandoned issue.

DYSON: Right.

FARROW: This particular organization champion`s ad in their last round of
this concert. And there are people on the hill who say that they up the
spending on polio as a result to that.

So it`s a direct, you know, link to actual outputs. I think it`s a cool

DYSON: Sure. It`s very cool. I mean, you know, instead of singing for
your supper and for them to sing for your supper you then got to do the
work that is necessary that they`re trying to aim it. That`s a very good

So tell us what the different is between this kind of global property
project organization and other groups that have attempted to address
poverty in their own way.

FARROW: Well look, I do think if you can get this kind of a model to take
off, it`s the key. It changes the way people think about philanthropy.
It`s not a one time pay out to try to bail people out of a, you know, in an
emergency situation. And that`s important. That`s humanitarian relief.

But if you want development solutions, you`ve got to focus in on mobilizing
people in a way you can actually keep going year after year. This is what
they`re trying to do and they focused in on big long-term development
projects. Education, vaccine, sanitation, those are the three pillars this

It`s smart that they`ve focused it that way. It`s smart that they`re
trying to keep it sustainable. And I going to say MBC and MSNBC are the
broadcast partners on this. And I think it speaks to the quality of
journalism that we`re all trying to go for.

DYSON: Right.

FARROW: And it`s not just passive story telling. It`s trying to get
people involve and exactly the way they`re doing for this.

DYSON: Yeah, actively involved in the very relief of this suffering that
we are -- absorbed (ph) around us.

So you`ve got Jay-Z. I don`t know if you saw the show yesterday. I don`t
expect you to watch every show but we did have a segment where -- I don`t
know, it was me who was .

FARROW: About at Jay-Z (inaudible) moment, right.

DYSON: They had Jay big moment man and -- you mean Beyonce kiss me on the
cheek here. I`m not sure if you saw that. So if it looks dirty, never
watch it.

FARROW: Will you ever feel the same?

DYSON: (Inaudible)

FARROW: I would just never change my clothes.

DYSON: I didn`t really transform but -- so you got Jay-Z, you got Hugh
Jackman. I mean, what -- tell us it`s like a bog deal to have stars of
that quality in magnitude behind you on this effort.

FARROW: It does. I mean -- look, it`s a double edge sword, I think you
loss seriousness if you focus on the celebrity aspect too much but they can
be an integral tool to getting people`s interest up and I think if you
combined it with a model and a community that actually is about sustainable

DYSON: Right.

FARROW: There`s real potential there. Again, I`m cynical about it as the
default pastor but I think this can work and I`m interested to see our
people sign on that. The concert is on the 27th of September.

We`ll be broadcasting and exclusively on MSNBC the whole thing.

DYSON: Beautiful.

FARROW: And, you know, I think people should get into this community.
(inaudible) is on the air, signing up and starting her points this morning.
So I got to do the same. You know she`s going to be ahead of me.

DYSON: (inaudible) is on her case. But see the thing is an interesting.
Martin Luther King Jr. said, charity supports up to two for justice. And
then what seems to me in this case is that we`re trying to be a bit more
just by getting people involved the masses of people to be able to respond
to this.

It`s not a handout. It`s an intense participation in a very provocative
project that seems to yield at results.

FARROW: And it`s not getting people to give their few dollars and there`s
a place for that as I said. But this is something else. This is about
mobilizing people to get the governments and world powers. They can really
make a difference ...

DYSON: Yeah.

FARROW: . to contribute on a much larger scale.

DYSON: So out of people sign up, you know, (inaudible) signed up, you
signed up, I`ll sign up, how do people..

FARROW: Yeah. You go to this website, you go to

DYSON: Right.

FARROW: You know, I`m new to it, myself, this is going to be my first year
but I`m actually going to through to this process, I`m going to try to get
my point so I got a ticket.


FARROW: And I hope that I do because I`m supposed to be reporting on it.

DYSON: All right.

FARROW: You know, a lot of problem.

DYSON: He`s not (inaudible) Beyonce up trying to get (inaudible).

FARROW: Yeah. Can you just took up with (inaudible).

DYSON: You know what I`m saying .

FARROW: That would be helpful.

DYSON: She`s trying to do that men, Beyonce.

All right. Ronan Farrow, thank you so much for joining us tonight.

FARROW: Pleasure to be here.

DYSON: Coming up, Colorado`s cost effect to policy to significantly lower
the rate teen pregnancies and abortion.

The Rapid Response Panel weighs in. Plus conservatives clash over John
Boehner threat to sue the President.

Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz joins me.

But next, I`m taking your questions Ask MED Live is just ahead. Stay tune.


DYSON: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We love hearing from our viewers.
Tonight in Ask MED Live, our question is from Frank. "Do you think the
Republican Christians in America will ever practice what Jesus really
taught, love and compassion?"

You know, Frank I don`t want to beat up on Republican Christians versus
Democratic Christians because I`m sure it`s a lot of stuff that Democratic
Christians ain`t doing right and a lot of stuff that Republican Christians
are doing right.

Having said that, it does disturb me very greatly to see people who are
Republicans and claimed to be Christians doing some of the things that they
do, not practicing love and compassion. Not practicing a consideration of
those who are vulnerable. Not putting themselves in the place of those
that they so willingly demean. Not being able to have any empathy for
them, understanding what conditions and the plugin predicament that they
deal with.

So, this kind of judgmentalism has to be done away with. Jesus talked
about identifying with those who are most vulnerable, whose backs are
against the wall. Those who have compassion are engaging in one of the
great Christian acts of all time.

Understanding perspectives from another persons view point and then doing
something about it, not judging them, not jamming them, but getting
together with other people who can relieve the suffering we observe.
Instead of trying to bet up on people, maybe we should bet up on the
problems that beat up on people and therefore we could relieve their

Our next question is from Allen. "What do you like to do in your spare

Well, a lot of stuff. I love movies. I`m a movieholic. I love the
Godfather, my favorite movie of all time. Look how they massacred my son.

It`s really boy (ph). So, I love the Godfather, I love a lot of great
movies, Spike Lee`s films. I love Malcolm X, the greatest black biopic
ever made. I love going to independent films and alike, but I also love
sports. So, I love football and basketball.

I got to tell you. Last night I`ve committed a cardinal sin for those of
us who are part of the Laker Nation. I did indicate and I was being kissed
by Beyonce. I had a Laker`s cap on.

My god, will Lakers neighbor -- nation ever forgive me? And when we get
Melo to join Koby Bryant, we will have one of the great teams of America.

Stick around the Rapid Response Panel is next.

JOSH LIPTON, CNBC CONTRIBUTOR: I`m Josh Lipton with your CNBC Market Wrap.
Stocks rebounded after two days of losses. The Dow gaining almost 79
points or close 15-point shy of 17,000. The S&P picked up 10, the Nasdaq
increased at 27.

Minutes from the Federal Reserve`s June meeting show Fed may end a
quantitative easing on October, will also keep a key short-term interest
rate low for considerable time at the buying program.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


DYSON: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Republicans are all about state
sovereignty. They justify they disdain for the Federal Government by
praising the efficiency of the state laboratories of democracy.

In truth, the concept is essential to progress. States can adopt different
approaches to common issues to test and prove that policies work before
with they`re more broadly applied. So, if Republicans follow their own
logic, we should all be taking a page from Colorado when it comes to

Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper started an initiative to address the
teen birth rate. As a result, Colorado has provided more than 30,000
contraceptive devices to low-income women at low or no cost since 2009.

Last week, Hickenlooper announced that Colorado has seen a 40 percent drop.
That is not a mistake. A 40 percent drop in teen birth rates in five

The teen abortion rate has drop 35 percent from 2009 to 2012 in the county
served by the initiative. For every dollar spent on the contraceptives,
the Family Planning Program has saved $5.68 cents in Medicaid costs.

The state says $42.5 million in healthcare expenditures associated with
teen births in 2010 alone. It`s a start contrast to the result out of
Texas where Governor Rick Perry has pushed abstinence-only education
programs. How is that working?

According to the New York Times, the State of the nations` 5th highest
birth rate among teenagers. They also reported the highest rate of repeat
births among teenagers between to 15 to 19. Teenage births cost Texas
taxpayers $1.1 billion in healthcare, foster care, and lost tax revenue in
2010 alone.

Folks, the lab results are in and it`s clear which state`s policy is

Joining me now is our Rapid Response Panel, MSNBC Political Analyst Karen
Finney and Doctor Marcia Chatelain, Assistant Professor at Georgetown

Miss Finney, why is it so difficult to broaden access to contraceptives
when we have hard numbers proving that it really does work?

KAREN FINNEY, MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, because as you know it`s
become a divisive social wedge issue, and that`s why you have someone like
Rick Perry teaching abstinence only. We see that going on in other parts
of the country as well and we also see teen birth rates going down in other
parts of the country as well when you responsively give them the
information and access to contraceptives. It makes a lot of sense, right?

Give people the information, give them access to contraceptives, birth
rates go down. But unfortunately, it`s been demagogue as a social issue
rather than as a health issue instead of looking at what is in the best
interest of the individual women and the community.

DYSON: Yeah. That demagoguery certainly has had devastating effects.

So, professor, isn`t this just improving -- isn`t just improving the
quality of life for countless women that`s not all that at stake here.
This is saving the State of Colorado millions of dollars. Why wouldn`t
Fiscally Conservative Republicans get on board for this project?

things that I think is important to note about the Colorado, example is
that they were giving access to IUDs which is one of the most effective and
expensive forms of contraceptives and this was also at the heart of the
Hobby Lobby case.

DYSON: Right.

CHATELAIN: And so, one of the things that we have to be really aware of
is, first of all we can`t let pseudoscience like the science that dictated
Hobby Lobby to dictate incredible gains in public health and we also have
to understand that if we`re going to have systematic guiding of the social
safety net then we`re going to have to have investment somewhere.

And so, I think the Colorado miracle is going to give a lot of people pause
in, at what point do we make this investments to get the returns that we

DYSON: Yeah. That makes a lot of sense there.

Miss Finney, Senate Democrats are expediting legislation that would
override the Supreme Court`s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case .

FINNEY: Right.

DYSON: . it will compel for profit employers to cover the full range of
contraceptive for the employees as recorded by the ACA. Do you see the
chance of that actually passing?

FINNEY: You know, unfortunately no. And I actually was part of a meeting
with Senator Harry Reid earlier today and I think. realistically speaking,
I think he recognizes this. Pay More (ph) is going to introduce the
legislation, they`re going to try to get vote on the floor as early as next
week. I think they recognize it`s not going to get the votes needed to
pass, but what it will do, and I think part of their goal, this is what
Sen. Reid talked about.

It will force Republican to be on the record as saying, whether or not
they`re for or against it. And I think what we`re seeing in the aftermath
of Hobby Lobby is the, you know, again it`s a like a War on Women Part Two,
where women are saying, "Wait a second, we`re taking about contraception
here, we`re talking about access to contraception".

And so, I think the goal is it will, you know, become an issue that helps
motivates female voters in 2014.

DYSON: You know professor in light of what Ms. Finney just indicated,
female voters in, you know, 2014 and later on and then 2016 as well, here`s
the reality that, the Republicans have been accused of being tone deaf when
it comes gender. And this seems only to underscore and reinforce that tone
deafness if you will. So, their tone deafness has to be acknowledged.

But what do you do in light of that? How are the Republicans get beyond
that, or do people on the other side of the aisle, the is -- the Democrats
say, "Look, this is the problem we have and we got confront it, therefore
they are not being able to do about it."

CHATELAINE: Well, I think that the reality is that other -- this
administration, because of the content (ph), the tax Obama that the left --
and Democrats have gotten smarter and more strategic about using these
moments as opportunities to fundraise and organize and to mobilize. No one
lets these moments pass anymore. And so, I think that -- what`s been
amazing about young voters is that we`re monitoring the Supreme Court in
ways that we haven`t in the past, because we`re starting to see the real
life implication of this type of change.

And so, I think that one of the things that the past 6-7 years have thought
us is that, every moment is the critical moment for organizing. And so,
I`m very hopeful that this Hobby Lobby decision is really going to be --
again, the next mobilization moment for the party.

DYSON: Ms. Finney given the inner analysis, do you think that it at least
inspires those who feel that they are being taken advantage or at least
disrespected in the process to really get out there. Is that going to be
sufficient to get people to come in to the polls?

FINNEY: Partially, yes. I mean the other thing that`s really critically
important and this is also something Federy (ph) talked about, it`s
organizing. We`ve got to put more of our dollars from the party committees
and what have you -- the Democratic Party at least needs to put more money
into organizing, knocking on doors, registering people to vote, and then
staying in contact with those people so that we can get them to the polls.

Because it`s one thing to get angry in, you know, June, July, or August,
it`s another thing to make sure that people actually are motivated to get
to the polls. And I think that`s something you`re going to see a lot more
of an emphasis on, so that that combination hopefully will get the number

DYSON: Professor, you were right there at Georgetown University. What`s
you`re sense of advice, teaching you students, are they outraged by this
kind of thing, especially your female students?

CHATELAINE: Well, I think that these are not issues. I think that part of
the problem with this conversation is that, birth control is not a
controversy. It`s a matter of life for millions of women, right? And I
think that, what`s amazing is that, I teach about the history of girlhood
in America.

Sex education is not a controversial issue until the past, you know, 15
years. And so the abstinence (ph) only, industrial complex and the million
of dollars that has been made out of this industry, this is a new thing,
right? And so, when I say that, you know, in 1930 our government took it
upon itself to teach about venereal disease.

And that this moment is unusual, soon say, "Wait a second, there`s
something on the water right now because this is insane". And so, none of
these makes any sense historically, and so the students don`t understand
what`s wrong with us right now. And this is what`s making them organize
and mobilize, and realize that this is nonsense.

DYSON: The abstinence industrial complex, well stated there Professor
Chatelain. Thank you so much for joining us.

And Karen, stick around we want to get your thoughts on John Boehner`s plan
to sue President Obama.

FINNEY: You got it.

DYSON: Coming up, Keith Ablow puppy love prediction lands him in
pretenders tonight.

Stick around Pretenders is next.


DYSON: In Pretenders tonight, Fox News medical expert Dr. Keith Ablow.
The homophobic doctor is now stranger to wild and ridiculous theories,
absolutely no one in the medical community agrees with. This time Ablow is
outraged California passed a law replacing the words husband and wife with
the words spouse in their marriage law. Earlier, today Ablow blast the Fox
News audience with his latest bigoted train of thought.


KEITH ABLOW, MEDICAL EXPERT: Here`s the thing. The state needs to get out
of the marriage business because here is what .


ABLOW: . we can expect. There is no way that the State of California can
deny a marriage license to force spouses now, teach spouses, or I would say
three human spouses and the canine they absolutely love.


ABLOW: . because its love is the foundation of marriage. They can love
their dog to, right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. You are one lucky guy.


DYSON: Oh, you`re my dog Ablow. Ablow has made a number of homophobic
statements over the years, but this one could take cake. Everyone besides
Keith Ablow was aware of marriage equality will not lead to bestiality.
Although in Ablow`s mind anything is possible. Just yesterday, he admitted
he was narcissist.


ABLOW: My second opinion is usually me saying, "What to do I really
think". I questioned myself I want to get to the (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you ever get a different answer.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, now you know.

ABLOW: Yes. Usually, yes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He has a very healthy love affair.

ABLOW: That`s why I`m still in therapy. I said I`m not a finished work of

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I think he goes ...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: . (inaudible) like the man in the marry site.

ABLOW: Exactly. It`s like Jeffrey Jackson say, "God is not finish with

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So narcissism isn`t healthy?


ABLOW: No, some of (inaudible) narcissism is healthy. My mouth, I don`t


DYSON: Finish picking work, unfinished piece of work for Picasso you
ain`t. California`s low clearly isn`t nuts. If Keith Ablow thinks anyone
wants to hear his narcissistic homophobic bigoted statements, he can keep
on Pretender.


DYSON: Welcome back to the ED Show. The Republican pace is getting more
radicals. Staunch conservative seem to have impeachment mania. Speaker
John Boehner attempt to answer what he considers a rogue presidency is to
sue President Obama.


BOEHNER, SPEARKER: The constitution makes it clear that the president`s
job is to faithfully execute the laws. And in my view the president has
not faithfully executed the laws.


DYSON: Reaction from Boehner`s own party has been swift and severe.
Extreme conservatives are not making law blows against him. Erick
Erickson, the editor of the conservative blog RedState wrote, "John Boehner
and the House Republicans may lack the testicular fortitude to fight
President Obama, but I would kindly ask that he save the taxpayers further
money on a political stunt". He won on the right, "They should man up".

Another conservative naysayer columnist and Author Andrew McCarthy called
Boehner`s action "Feckless". Sarah Palin the half-term governor from
Alaska went on Fox News last night and slams Speaker Boehner`s plan.


SARAH PALIN: Americans, Congress, those who are concern about protecting
our constitution and using the one tool that Congress does have to hope
what is going on this lawlessness coming from the top. The one tool they
have, are articles of impeachment. Let`s keep going on that and it`s not
necessarily Shawn (ph).


PALIN: . a lawsuit being filled by Congress, because you don`t bring a
lawsuit to a gun fight and there`s no place for lawyers on the front-line.


DYSON: Even from Alaska Sarah Palin can see the state of disarray, the
distress the Republican Party in. For the far-right a lawsuit is not

For more, I`m joined by MSNBC Political Analyst Karen Finney.

Karen, the lawsuit is likely to draw out into the fall, close to the mid-
term elections. Can Democrats can use to our advantage, to their
advantage. Can they make something out of this?

FINNEY: Sure they will, I mean, you know, Republicans think that they`re
going to be able to use it to their advantage with their base. And I think
again, with Democrats, I mean, this is another example of the do nothing
Congress, by then we`ll start to see the numbers in terms of how much money
is being spent on this frivolous lawsuits, and it`s sort of frivolity in
general or Republican-controlled Congress.

I think the other argument that Democrats will be able to make and I
certainly hope they make, is that you cannot trust the Republicans when
they are in control of the House. Here`s what happens, right? When
Democrats were in control, things got done, there`s a list of items.

When Republicans were in control of the House, nothing got done because
that`s their focus. This is on doing nothing and obstructing President

DYSON: Yeah. Well, you know, this thing is like such a trident (ph)
perhaps even basic questions. But are Republicans getting more radical?

FINNEY: I think they`re getting more scaredy-cat of their base. I mean, I
think part of the problem, you know, both in the House and Senate now is,
that they can`t get consensus among each other to get anything done, right?
It`s not -- they`re afraid of and have trouble with their own factions, so
they can all get on the same page at that time.

We`ve seen that time and time again. Which means, you know, the nerve
feeling feckless.

DYSON: Right, yeah fecklessness and frivolity.


DYSON: An interesting combination. So, right now the President is meeting
with the Texas Governor Rick Perry. What do you think will come out of
that meeting?

FINNEY: You know, what should come out of that meeting is that Gov. Perry
should lend his support for the appropriate -- the funds that the President
has asked for, to expedite, you know, this humanitarian crisis that we`re
now facing on the border. I suspect -- I doubt we`ll see that, I mean for
Perry, this is, you know, he`s trying to manage this against his 2016

And certainly for President Obama, I think he`s just trying to, you know,
get something done in terms of, you know, let`s move forward. The
administration has put forward a plan, they, you know, they`ve sent Joe
Biden to Central America, they`ve sent Sec. Kerry, they`ve asked for the
funding. They`re trying to expedite this process.

I think he -- the President is hoping to just pick support for that. And
again, I think you are unlikely to see Rick Perry lending his support to
that. It`s much more fun for the Republicans to just say, "It`s really all
President Obama`s fault".

DYSON: Of course, you know, point that finger. So, conservatives don`t
like President Obama`s handling of the humanitarian crisis on the border.
But they aren`t doing anything about immigration reform, so how the heck
can they blame President Obama?

FINNEY: Right. Well, I mean they`ll even blame President Obama. I mean,
they`ve said, "Oh, because of what the President did the DREMC (ph)" not
recognizing that part of what`s happening in Central America is that you
have bad actors, you have, you know, people smuggling these kids up here.

You have, you know, trafficking going on. So, you have a lot of other
factors as part of this. Oh, and how about, the House wouldn`t even put
the bill the Senate passed on the floor for an up or down vote, and why?
Because they know it would pass.

So, yes -- everything is President Obama`s fault even when Republicans
can`t get their act together, its President Obama`s fault, don`t forget

DYSON: Yes, yes, the sky is falling, the President`s fault there. So,
conservatives are calling for the President to visit the border. But
realistically, is that going to accomplish anything?

FINNEY: You know, I think it was actually a wise decision not to go to the
border -- and I say that, you know, having worked for President Clinton
and, you know, I know what goes into those kinds of trips, you know as
well. I mean, the kind of resources that that would take away from what
they`re actually trying to do, I think is unnecessary.

I think it would be a political stunt, I think it`s a wise decision, that
today the President actually -- while he was in Texas meet with faith
leaders and others who are actually working to solve the problems, some of
the people who are working to try to ensure that some of these children
have a facility.

Where they can be held responsively and humanely as this process goes
forward. I think that was the right thing for him to do. But, you know,
of course the Republicans, you know, take any potshot at this President
that they can.

DYSON: Yeah. 30 seconds, how is this going to play in the midterms?

FINNEY: In the midterms, I think as long as the President can keep the
part of the process that he`s working on moving forward. I think it will
be fine and again, I think it`s an opportunity to show that, when
Republicans are in charge, nothing gets done.

DYSON: There it is. I think we stated that as possible. Karen Finney,
thanks so much for your time tonight.

FINNEY: Take care.

DYSON: That`s the Ed Show. I`m Michael Eric Dyson in for Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening Rev.


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