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The Ed Show for Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

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July 15, 2014

Guest: Anthony Foxx, Leo Gerard, Raul Grijalva, John Fugelsang, Holland
Cooke, Peter Barca

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Let`s get to work.


shouldn`t be protecting tax loopholes for a few companies who shift massive
profits overseas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The United States will lever punitive tariffs on Korean
steel pipe import.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Rally against alleged steel companies.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The issue here is dumping.

SCHULTZ: The illegal dumping of steel in America which is gutting our

SEN. SHARON BROWN, (R) KENNEWICK: The American workers pay the price.

UNDIENTIFIED MALE: The US Commerce Department decision reverses one of the
most contentious trade disputes in the US.

UNDIENTIFIED MALE: Stand up for American workers and enforce fair trade

UNDIENTIFIED MALE: This is a key victory for US steel.

OBAMA: First-class infrastructure attracts first-class job.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching.
Back from vacation, always good to get a little bit of fresh air and do
what you would to do. I`m fortunate enough to be able to do that. And
it`s good to be back with you here tonight in New York.

You know, you`re out of the news. I`m out of the news. OK, I haven`t been
doing a whole lot but just paying attention to nothing but having
recreation. So, coming back tonight, I thought, what can we agree on?
Let`s start with something that we could really agree on.

Because Americans were disagreeable people, I was on a golf tournament
yesterday in Sheboygan, Wisconsin the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame golf
tournament. You know, Americans are basically happy people. We love the
tradition. We love to build friendships, relationship.

We love to build traditions. We love to be around things that are
positive. So, tonight I think we have a story right in front of us, a
topic that I think every American should able to agree with.

How about some good roads and bridges out there? Rebuilding our crumbling
infrastructure, were not honest if we don`t tell the truth about where we
are with our infrastructure in this country. Now, let`s forget who`s at
fault, let`s forget whose responsible for letting it get where it is.

What are going to do about it now? Can we agree that maybe we need to do
something because you see, as Americans we`ve always like to build stuff.
This week President Obama is hitting the road. And he should, this is what
presidents do.

In an effort to build support for infrastructure funding, oh we`re back to
many already, 65 percent of the roads that we drive in, drive on in this
country are rated as less than good. Now, hold it, does this sound like
America to you? Is this the best we can do, is this where we are?

Hey, let`s be lousy at contraction, let`s lousy at roads. This means, over
2 million miles of American roads need to be rebuilt or repaired. Think
about that number, that`s an awful lot of mileage. 25 percent of the
bridges require significant repair, that`s what the engineering society
tells us. Roughly a 150,000 bridges Americans drive over everyday need

Why aren`t we doing something about this? Isn`t this something that maybe
you and you neighbor Ralph (ph) who`s a Tea Partier could agree on?
America has fallen from 7th to 18th over the past decade when it comes to
investments in roads. That doesn`t sound like us.

Heck, we`re going on the wrong direction. We`re used to be going forward,
number one, Americans like to be number one. We love winners. We
celebrate the good.

Well, President Obama, who half the country doesn`t like, has a plan to fix
this mess. And the President was in Virginia earlier today urging Congress
to do their job to pass this law, Grow America Act, sounds pretty simple.
Yeah, it`s not roll often (ph), it`s just doing something that every
American wants.

He made it clear the first step to a healthy economy is infrastructure.
Let`s do it.


OBAMA: We know that in a 21st Century economy businesses will set up shop
wherever they find the best roads and bridges, and the fastest rail, and
Internet. The smartest airports, the smartest power grits, first-class
infrastructure attracts first-class jobs. And right now, our investments
in transportation are lagging the rest of the world.


SCHULTZ: Now, let`s play with this a little bit. Let`s just imagine that
that was Mitt Romney saying that. Let`s imagine that that was George W.
Bush saying that, or Bush 41, or Reagan. Does the President really have to
matter for us to come to the decision that we need to do something for our
country that we`ve always done in the past?

Can`t we agree on this? President Obama`s Grow America Act would authorize
$302 billion in transportation funding over the next four years. And that
White House estimates that it would create over a million jobs. It`s a win
for everybody. Now, if you`re a governor of a state and you had bridges
that were in really bad shape, would you feel compelled as Liberal or a
conservative governor to say, you know, maybe we ought to do something
about this.

President Obama said that it wouldn`t a dime to the deficit.


OBAMA: And my plan would not add to what is already a rapidly shrinking
deficit. We`ve cut our deficit by the way by more than half since I came
in office. And we wouldn`t be adding to the deficit, because we`d pay for
this transportation projects in part by closing tax loopholes for companies
that ship jobs overseas and avoid their fair share of taxes.

So far House Republicans have refused to act on this idea.


SCHULTZ: Did he say that we`ve cut our deficit in half since he`s been in
office? Financial channels must have missed that one. The only thing
standing in the way of jobs and new infrastructure is this guy right here.
Oh there`s always a culprit.

But don`t you wonder? Mr. Boehner how come you don`t get on board with
this? Don`t the people in your backyard or your constituents want good
roads and bridges? Do they want little school kids to go across little
school bus on a bridge that is not safe? I don`t think so.

President Obama had no problem calling out House Republicans on their
blatant obstruction on infrastructure.


OBAMA: Republicans, Democrats, independents -- everybody uses our roads.
After this last winter, you got potholes everywhere wrecking your car. I`m
waiting for Congress to act but, in the meantime I`ve got to go ahead and
do what I can do.
And in response their plan so far has not been to join me and say, "All
right, Mr. President, you`re right, we do need to rebuild our roads; we do
need to spruce up our airports". Instead their big idea has been to sue
me. That`s what they`re spending time on -- a political stunt that wastes
America`s time and taxpayer dollars.
Keep in mind it`s your money that they`re going to be spending on these
ridiculous pursuits instead of just getting some work done. And I`m not
interested in playing political games. I`m interested in making sure the
economy grows and we`re creating more jobs, and we`re helping more middle-
class families get ahead.
We need to invest in America`s infrastructure.

SCHULTZ: Who could possibly disagree with that? We`re talking about a
million jobs being blocked by House Republicans. All they have to do is
bring it to the floor for a vote. Oh it will pass.

The ripple effect that this do, would have in our economy is simply
enormous. Nearly every industry involved in contraction would be impacted,
including the steel industry. And here`s where the domino effect takes
place. Now, we documented here on the Ed Show the challenges that the
United Steel Industry has.

The dumping of cheap Korean steel on the market has 583,000 steel jobs in
America at risk. Thousands of jobs have been lost and more layoffs are
coming. Labor leaders have been focused to get the Commerce Department to
basically, you know, will you do something about this, take some action,
finally they did.

We we`re hankering (ph) enough about it across the country. It looks like
the government is taking action against foreign steel. It happened on
Friday, this happened while you ROA (ph) (inaudible). On Friday, the
Commerce Department announced that South Korea and eight other countries
are in fact illegally dumping low-cost steel tubing on the American market.

Well, this is jobs. I thought that`s only care about. The government will
now impose tariffs on steel imports from Korea, India, Vietnam, Turkey,
Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

But of course we have focused on South Korea because they are the biggest
culprit of all. The tariff on South Korea will be between 10 and 16
percent. This is a good start, let`s see how they react. This is s huge
win for the steel industry and it`s good for jobs.

Wait a minute, did we agree on something? Yes. Is it a level of
protectionism? Not really because it was an agreement that was already
made. Now, we`re just enforcing an agreement. It will level the playing
field for American steel manufacturers and could potentially save thousands
of jobs.

Coupled this with President Obama`s Infrastructure Bill and the steel
industry could be booming. The linchpin of our economy is trade, if we
give it away, if we don`t pay attention to the dotted I`s and the crossed
T`s, then we`re going to be in the toilet economically. This is a great
move, it`s moving forward.

So, we`ve agreed on this, no one in Congress is yelling that we shouldn`t
have done this. So, who in Congress is willing to stand up and say, "We
can`t build new bridges and new roads". Give us, the American people a

Is it the President? Is it the money -- and it`s not the money, we got
plenty of money. We go wherever we have to go on the globe to make things

Now, it`s time to make things right at home. That`s really what the
American people want. And even though we`re three and a half months away
from making another political decision in this country, it would seem to me
that we as Americans would be able to put enough pressure on a elected
officials to do something and do what we`ve always done and that`s build
it. Because that`s a way are we`re Americans. This is a positive thing.

Can we agree on that? Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you

Tonight`s questions, "Do you believe our bridges are in bad shape or if
President Obama doing the photo op?" Text A for bridges in bad shape, Text
B for a photo op to 67622. You can always go to our blog
We`ll bring in the results later on in this show.

Let me bring in the Secretary of Transportation from the Obama
Administration, Mr. Anthony Foxx.

Mr. Foxx, good to have you on the Ed Show for the first time. I appreciate
your time tonight.


SCHULTZ: Why is this, such a political heavy-lift? This has -- a lot of
America`s perplexed, that we -- just all of a sudden have stopped building
stuff in America.

FOXX: Well, first of all your observation about the lack of construction
is a big point because we`re still just days away from the Highway Trust
Fund running short and going into insolvency and slowing or stopping many
projects across the country and putting 700,000 jobs at risk.

The reason is, that we`ve got a real challenge around how we pay for the
infrastructure we need. There is no free lunch here. And Congress over
the last five years has passed 27 short-term measures.

They have looked under just about every mattress, turned over just about
every rock to try to get our Highway Trust Funds stabilize, but we`re now
at the point where we actually have to make a decision about the future and
we`re pushing Grow America because the American needs an inflection point.
We need to invest in infrastructure and we need to be doing more of it than
we`ve been doing.

SCHULTZ: So, how bad do things have to get with roads and bridges in this
country before both parties would come together and decide, you know, "We
really need to do this". Where is the breaking point?

FOXX: Well, I think we`re there. We have, you know, more than a hundred
thousand bridges across this country that are old enough to collect
Medicaid. We have bridges crumbling. The Brooklyn Bridge the other day
was crumbling, there are bridges all over America. There are roads all
over America that need to be done.

In this past winter, we have record numbers of potholes across the country.
And this is just unacceptable. The American people are paying the price
already in wear and tear on their vehicles, on buying new tires and news
suspension systems.

We need a system that actually cost folks ...


FOXX: ... and by investing we can do it.

SCHULTZ: Now, Mr. Secretary, when you go to Capitol Hill what do
Republicans tell you? Those who just can`t come to the play -- what are
they saying to you about this? Why won`t they do it?

FOXX: Well, you know, it`s interesting. You know, what`s going on in
Capitol Hill right now as folks has scouring around trying to get a few
more months to consider this issue again, but we`ll be right back here in
next spring if it passes.

I think there`s actually bipartisan interest in moving forward on
something. But some folks have boxed them in, boxed themselves in by
taking this no tax pledges, this no increase in revenue pledges, and it
starts to create a (inaudible) ...


FOXX: ... when you have something like this that actually requires money
to work.

SCHULTZ: So, what happens if there is no short-term? What is the sort-
term fix if the funding doesn`t get where it has to be on time?

FOXX: Well, right now tonight the House Representative is considering a
measure that would patches (ph) through next May. But we`ll be right here
again at the beginning of construction season next time. And many states
and local governments around the country will find themselves having to
decide next May whether they can go for with construction program and ...


FOXX: ... we`ll be probably be having the same conversation.

SCHULTZ: Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx with us here on the Ed Show
tonight. Thank you so much, sir. I appreciate your time.

FOXX: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: For more, let me bring in United Steelworkers President Leo
Gerard. Mr. Gerard, this was been a real focal point for labor leaders
specially yourself to make sure that there is a level playing field when it
comes to steel.

How big a victory is this for the steel import tariff for the United States
Steel Industry?

victory. And in fact, the Commerce Department with their determination and
saying what they called the preliminary tariff actually did the right

Would I like if they`ve done it sooner? Absolutely, because we still have
people on layoff as a result for the first determination.

Today, I was at the International Trade Commission, where again we have to
go through another process to prove injury. But with the support of the
Commerce Department and the decision that they`ve made, I think that we
made a really good case today at the International Trade Commission about
the fact that there is injury.

And I`m proud to say that we had about 20 steelworkers who came to the
hearing so that the people on the International Trade Commission could
actually see that people`s who`s lives their decision would affect.

SCHULTZ: So this process is slow, it`s arduous. It`s something that needs
to be addressed. This tariff, how long will it take to reverse this? And
when will these workers be getting back to work and how soon do you think
this would affect the market?

GERARD: Well it really is a tedious and long and painful process because
if you look at what we`ve had to do in our country, tubular good, we go
back to pre-2009. And from 2009 we went after the Chinese who were
cheating. When we create that they had to play on the level playing field,
they left the marketplace only to be replaced by others but primarily
Korea. And we`ve been in this piece with Korea now for close 18 months.

Hopefully, the International Trade Commission will make a decision quickly.
Hopefully they`ll impose the maximum penalty for the cheating that`s gone
on. And then the industry will get some stabilization and come back to
making steel.

And again, it comes on the hills, and what you said Ed. If you could get
this sorted out and if we can get an infrastructure bill as well as a
highway bill, we could put people back to work from every end of the
country. And what we`d end up seeing is instead of 6.5 and 7 percent
unemployment, we`d see 4.5 and maybe lower unemployment.

We could have full employment. That`s one of the reasons the Republicans
are stymieing everything. They`re always doing what they can do to make
sure that they don`t want this President to succeed.

He`s trying to do the right thing and he deserves to succeed. The American
people deserve him to succeed whether it was on the Commerce Department`s
determination, whether it`s at the International Trade Commission, whether
it`s an infrastructure bill, whether it`s a highway bill. All of those
things would put people back to work.

And I think it`s a shame that Republicans are damaging their country for
political opportunism.

SCHULTZ: What the people want. Why doesn`t that matter anymore?

Mr. Gerard, good to have you with us tonight. Congratulations on getting
this first step victory. There are got to be more to come to turn this

GERARD: Ed, thank you for putting this on the show and letting all the
American people see the struggling, the good steelworkers productive
steelworkers were waging to get some fairness in this system. Thank you.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time, sir. Thank you so much.

GERARD: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom on the
screen. Share your thoughts for this on Twitter at Ed Show and Facebook.
Like us on Facebook, also at WeGotEd. We want to know what you think.

Coming up, all in the family that Cheney bunch cheers from hecklers at
their POLITICO Playbook launch.

But first, the immigration debate rages on, as President Obama prepares to
meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Congressman Raul Grijalva joins me next on the crisis.


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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Somebody help me (ph). Melody (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number three trender, hot spot.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Millions of people visit Yellowstone each year to see
its geysers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a super volcano underneath the national
treasure. It`s more than twice the size of the park itself.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Melting roadway keep tourists away from Yellowstone.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The heat is nothing away to be asphalt.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When they crossed the road they`ll put up big sign like
this one.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This road way is the main access to such geysers as

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It basically turned the asphalt into soot. It turned
the gravel road into oatmeal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two trender, cut off.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Yankee captain Derek Jeter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh captain, my captain.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Friends and rivals pay their respects to the future

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Derek Jeter has been name in American league starting
short stop.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The media approaches unbelievable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s one of the greatest players anyone of this
generation has never seen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I wouldn`t call my self great.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Five gold gloves, five world series rings, and more
than 3,000 hits.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Derek Jeter`s a first ballot hall-of-famer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As today`s top trender, border battle.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A group of protesters are near a boy`s ranch near
Phoenix planning to block the buses to keep kids out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m protesting the invasion of United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tension grows on the ground as Washington works towards
a solution.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The only way, this is going to stop. The only way this
is going to stop is if planeloads of children arrive back in the countries
in Central America that they came from.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The administration has been swiftly to try to address a
humanitarian crisis at the border.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President Obama has asked Congress for $3.7 billion
in emergency fund to help fix the problem.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hopefully, that by the end of the week we`ll have a
better idea of how we might move ahead.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona who was a
member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Congressman, I want to talk about tomorrow`s meeting first with the
Congressional Hispanic Caucus with the President.

Obviously, this has to be the focal point of the meeting. There`s been so
much attention to this. What do you think needs to be communicated with
the President and what is the solution at this point from your vantage

REP. RAUL GRIJALVA, (D) ARIZONA: Well, I really believe there is -- the
purpose of the meeting is now much more than original. Originally, it was
to talk about our recommendations to the President that we had forward to
him regarding what he can do with Executive action to move forward on
comprehensive immigration reform.

That will be discussed and that`s the vitally important issue that he has
constitutional and legal authority to do. The issue of the children at the
border, the children that are -- with us in this country right now and
being taking care of, that issue and the supplemental that the President
requested are tied together unfortunately.

And, you know, Republicans in the House and in the Senate are trying to
milk this for as much of political advantage as they can. The solution is
simple. Follow the law, extend the protections that are within that law
that was passed in Congress in 2008. The Court that have occurred that
further protected children, and do so in a way that honors due process, it
can be expedited but they cannot be expedited at the fault ...


GRIJALVA: ... of due process and ignore that.

SCHULTZ: Well, Congressman this seems to be getting lost in the coverage
and in the conversation, that the law that was passed in 2008 says that
these children have to be processed and put into homes in this country.
But -- if you listen to John McCain and it`s almost -- he said, well let`s
put on him on a plane and ship him back. Wouldn`t that be a violation of
the very law that exists right now?

GRIJALVA: Exactly, you know, they attack President Obama for executive
powers, imperial powers that he doesn`t follow the law. And here when
there is -- this instance to follow the law and apply that law. He`s
accused of following the law, so let`s get rid of the law .


GRIJALVA: And start a whole different process which is just to deport.
That the only ...

SCHULTZ: Congressman.


SCHULTZ: Have we seen the birth of a smuggling industry here that has
gotten out of control that we don`t know what to do with?

GRIJALVA: We were very successful in Columbia and stopping the routes for
drugs, primarily cocaine into this country. Those routes have moved into
Central America, these three countries in particular.

And with it also came another profit-making smuggling operation which is
people. And it`s the same cartels. It`s the same crime syndicates.
That`s where the focus should be which is squeeze our money in this country
and treat them like a terrorist and not allow anybody to do business or to
launder their money. And make that focus of what we do.

There are -- it`s a billion dollars operations to all those cartels and
they`re sophisticated in what they`re doing.

SCHULTZ: But Congressman I don`t hear any Republicans say what you just

GRIJALVA: Well, it -- because it doesn`t play to tune that they`re playing
out there. They`re trying to rave up people, reinstitute the whole issue
of fear, drag that bloody flag of amnesty, the border is not secure,
there`s sorts of people coming over, and it`s a consequence, see what
political advantage they get in the midterms and going it to 2016.


GRIJALVA: I think the President needs to be firm, CHC, the Hispanic Caucus
is going to be firm and protect these children because after all they`re
children and there`s a moral and legal imperative that we do that.

SCHULTZ: And finally, Congressman we have seen protesters stop the
transportation of these immigrants and your State today which is what we
saw a few weeks ago, excuse me, in California.

Where is this going? Could you update us on what happen in Oracle Arizona

GRIJALVA: Well, what happen is that, a local sheriff who aspires to be
more than a local sheriff decided to tell the groups that are opposed to
immigration in that area what was happening and they mothered (ph) a
protest. That sheriff`s job is to follow the law and apply the law equally
instead of trying to instigate.

It is sad, the picture is sad, the optics are horrible. This is not what
this country is, and, you know, we have to be firm that we`re taking care
of children here. And those that engaged or those children need to be
dealt with and not simply ignored as we did in Murrieta. And hopefully
we`re not going to do that in Oracle or in other parts of country.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Raul Grijalva, I appreciate your time tonight, sir.
Thank you so much. We`ll follow that later with the President tomorrow.

Still ahead, the Cheney Bunch, the Rapid Response Panel weighs in on Cheney
family POLITICO Playbook launch. Plus, Texas takeover Louie Gohmert calls
for warships to secure the border. Pretenders is coming up.

But next, I`ve got your question Ask Ed Live coming up on the Ed Show on
MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Love hearing from our viewers
tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment. Our first question comes from Nicky
Dee (ph), "Why does it seems like Republican hate President Obama more then
they love America?

Well, welcome back from vacation Ed. You know what? They just don`t like
the guy, they don`t like his policies, they don`t want to see him succeed,
nothing is ever going to change. The only thing we can change is going to
be in three and a half months.

The next question comes from Tom. He wants to know, "Are the fish safe?"
Not totally. This morning they weren`t. On Lake Michigan, check this baby
out. This is my son Dave, picked up a 12 pound rainbow. That`s right.
Cold water on Lake Michigan this year because of the amount of ice that was
out there, so the fish were really scattered but they`re a little safer now
that I`m in studio and Dave had a heck of a time with our team out there.

Speaking of team, I`ll tell you what`s not safe, as golf scrambles across
America, that`s right, the boys from North Dakota went to Sheboygan,
Wisconsin yesterday at the Green Bay Packer, hall of fame golf tournament,
that`s right, we won her. Fifteen under par. So fish are safe, scrambles
across America are not.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

market wrap. The Dow gains 5 points, the S&P falls 3, the Nasdaq sheds 24

Yahoo shares are higher after hours, it`s earnings and revenue were a tad
light but investors were comforted by new details about it`s stake in

Intel is also gaining ground in late trading, the company`s results tapped
estimates, thanks to strong PC demand.

And Fed Chair Janet Yellen testified before the Senate Banking Committee,
she said the economic recovery was not yet complete.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business, worldwide.



LYNNE CHENEY: The Khan Academy, it`s sort of ...


L. CHENEY: I wondered why the line was so long.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. It was quite a scene on Monday,
just minutes into a politico event featuring Dick Cheney and his Wife Lynne
and daughter Liz. Code pink protesters brought the discussion to a hall
calling for the former Vice President of the United States to be arrested.
Lynne Cheney tried her best to brush off the repeated interruptions but
it`s clear, a few years out of the spot light hasn`t done anything to help
savage the Cheney`s reputation.

I`m guessing it has something to do with statements like this.


DICK CHENEY: President made a decision that he wasn`t going to criticize
his successor. That`s his call, with a President -- a President that was
set by his father, I`m not bound by those richer (ph) and some people don`t
like that but I feel very strongly about what`s going on over there now,
just as I did when we made the decision to go into Iraq in all three. I
believe in it then. I look back on it now. It was absolutely the right
thing to do.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What should the Republican party do about climate



D. CHENEY: Turn around the whole trend with respect to the United States
military, that ought to be our top priority for spending not food stamps or
highways or anything else, your number responsibility as President is to
support and defend the constitution of the United States. He is the
Commander and Chief and he is absolutely devastating the United States
military today.


SCHULTZ: And we have not been hit on his watch. Joining our Rapid
Response Panel tonight, Political Commentator John Fugelsang and also talk
radio and media consultant Holland Cooke. Will the Cheney show, the top
dance continues in front of the media?

John, first of all, how out of step are the Cheneys with the priorities of
the country? I mean, do we have to state that we want to stay safe? Is
that where we are?

danger that we might invade another country that never attacked us again.
You know, I think every time Dick Cheney opens his mouth it reminds us that
George W. Bush`s greatest achievement Ed, was not dying in office. And I
actually think it`s terrific for the Democratic Party, the more Dick Cheney
comes out and mouths of this way, his Reince Priebus`s worst nightmare.

This is coming two weeks after he was trying to blame current sectarian
strife in Iraq on Obama. This is like blaming Daniel Craig because
Octopussy is a bad James Bond film, it happened before him. So I think the
more he talks, the better it is, he is king of the bubble, he is Glinda the
good with of the Neo-cons and let him go out spinning and it`s great seeing
Mary Cheney, the living testament to all the cronyism of the Bush
administration, let a job at state invented for her and it would be -- has
alienated the GOP so much with her attacks on Mike Enzi but this is really
just them trying to salvage their reputation among their own friends.

SCHULTZ: Well Holland, speaking of out of step and that`s exactly where I
believe the Cheneys are right now, they`re not focused on the priorities of
where Americans really are on things, they`re against everything that
President Obama is trying to do, 52 months of private sector job growth ...


SCHULTZ: ... turning the economy around, they mark it at 1,700, has not
regulated oil the way they liberals would like to see him do it and that`s
why did his wheel house. So speaking of out or step, I see that the talk
radio on America on the right side of the dial is having a hard time. What
-- Tell what`s happening here, because they seem to mimic everything the
Cheneys do.

COOKE: Well kudos to your charming booking producer, because John and I
actually have a very useful perspective on this, based on what we do for a
living. Admittedly John`s work is more courageous than mine. When you`re
a standup comedian, you`re alone out there and you`ll instantly know what
place and what doesn`t, you`re literally reading the room. And I wasn`t
the talk radio for a living and I hear two things, I hear what`s there and
I hear what`s not there. And what`s not there is what you just said.

For the most part, these talk radio righties are saying, zero about Dick
Cheney, admittedly immigration is the flavor of the month, they were
banging on ObamaCare for the longest time but now the polls tell us, 74
percent of Republicans like it. Benghazi got old, it will probably be
back, but the last thing that`s going to make the phones ring on talk radio
is Cheney`s redemption tour, trying to resell us the Iraq war, who must he
look to the 60 some million millennial who will now -- if they vote, decide
every election.

Cheney is a little younger than he looks but to 20 somethings, he must look
like doctor Evil from Austin Powers and to baby boomers like me, he looks
like Daddy Warbucks from Little Orphan Annie. So this talk radio is not
what you call a hot topic.

SCHULTZ: Well we`ve seen your reversals here, because here`s Dick Cheney
saying that he doesn`t have to go by the Bush manuscript to don`t criticize
the Commander and Chief, although he says, "Well I don`t play by that rule.
I say what I think." Yet when Bush was president, anybody who criticize
President Bush was "emboldening the entity" ...


SCHULTZ: ... and ...

COOKE: Anti-American.

SCHULTZ: Yeah, that`s right, anti-American. So John, where are we on

FUGELSANG: Well it`s funny, back then it was, you know, under Hannity
speak, you can`t criticize the Commander and Chief during war time. Of
course we haven`t legally declared war in this country since 1941, so it`s
a bit flexible. This was very telling that Mary Cheney didn`t show up. I
was hoping she would because it would have given Mary and Dick a chance to
thank all the liberals who made Mary`s marriage possible.

Of course, the fact is there`s a lot of friction in the family because Liz
came out against her own sister`s marriage. Dick Cheney gets a lot of
credit, I don`t really think he deserves for supporting marriage equality,
he did hold a fundraiser at his Wyoming home for Mitt Romney, who wanted to
make his own daughters marriage illegal.

And I think that this really has a lot to do with -- again, with what Liz
did last year, challenging Mike Enzi for the Wyoming senate and it blow up
right in her face. This is a redemption to war, this is them as Mr. Cooke
points out. They`re not heroes of right-wing radio anymore, they`re trying
to win back their base at it.

SCHULTZ: Well, alliance for a strong America and that`s what they`re
doing, they`re raising money and dishing money out. Is it toxic for
Republicans to stand with Dick Cheney at this point Holland?

COOKE: Well, he`s probably doing irreversible damage to the Republican
Party brand in the eyes of those 20 somethings, who are going to decide the
elections from now on. But this isn`t doing Democrats any favors either,
although the -- I`m sure that`s his motive, because our two party system
relies on a vigorous dialogue between earnest points of view. And all of
this family feud stuff is just noise, it`s very unseemly. These family
feuds are a sad public spectacle and we have just witnessed another one as
all of America (inaudible) and moaned during the final sad days of Casey
Kasem. We don`t need the Cheney show.

SCHULTZ: Yeah, what you gentlemen are talking about, Rand Paul may sense
it. I mean he has brought up the concept of isolationism to the Republican
Party and you see this as a response to the (inaudible) of Cheney.

FUGELSANG: Yes, Ed, Liz did have some remarks directly, smirking Rand Paul
and insinuating about Rand Paul and that`s very interesting to see. But
again, I do disagree with you Mr. Cooke, I do think that this does help
Democrats every time Dick Cheney show up and opens his mouth, because it`s
our Republicans friends who need to realize that this guy took 33 million
from Hollibaugh (ph) when he left, turned around and lied us into a war
that took over 4,000 lives of our troops and then gave Hollibaugh (ph)
$39.5 million of our taxpayer dollars, that`s the (inaudible) capitalism
Sarah Palin talks about.

SCHULTZ: You`re right. John Fugelsang ...

COOKE: Yeah. And speaking of Sarah Palin, the Republicans wish they would
both just take a hike.

FUGELSANG: Well I`d like to give Dick Cheney one free plane ticket to the
Hake (ph).

SCHULTZ: John Fugelsang, Holland Cooke, good to have both of you with us
tonight, thanks so much.

Coming up, in senate to outsource. Really? Scott Walker`s failed
initiative to create jobs in Wisconsin, rewarded companies for shipping job
overseas. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, overboard, Louie Gohmert. The Texas
Congressman is comparing the serge of undocumented children at the border
to the D-day invasion?


LOUIE GOHMERT: Even with $3.7 billion that`s requested, there`s no way
that`s and for what that`s being call for, it`s going to stop the invasion
that`s occurring. And that`s why I`m hoping that my governor would unitize
Article 1 section 10 that allows a state that is being invaded, in our case
more than twice as many just in recent months, more than twice as many than
invaded France on D-Day.


SCHULTZ: Louie Gohmert says, the crisis at the border needs to shape up or
ship out.


GOHMERT: The state of Texas would appear to have the right, not only to
use whatever remains, whether it`s troops, even using ships of war.


SCHULTZ: Louie Gohmert wants Rick Perry, the governor to send warships to
handle immigrants crossing the border? The Governor can`t command
warships, but he sure can take a lot of pictures, I`m worried who he choose
as a first mate. If Louie Gohmert thinks immigration reform means going
overboard, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is story for the folks who
take a shower after work, as if there`s not enough surrounding governor
Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Governor went from promising job creation to outsourcing jobs
from his own state. Back when he was running for Governor in 2010, he
said, "My job is on the line to create 250,000 jobs in the private sector."
Well that hasn`t happen. New report show that both he and the Wisconsin
economic development corporation have broken that promise.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Both Eaton Corporation and Plexus Corporation receive
millions of dollars in financial awards from WEDC on to later layoff
workers, their job were taken by employees at the company`s foreign
facilities. One of the companies received a second award from the
Wisconsin economic development corporation even after the fact.

WEDC spokesman Mark Maley says, "Even the loss of one job in Wisconsin is
one too many."


SCHULTZ: The point of Walker`s Wisconsin economic development corporation
was supposed to be used public resource to encourage instate business to
hire and expand. Instead the Walker administration rewarded companies for
doing the exact opposite.

For more on this we turn to the Democratic Leader in the state house
tonight and that is Wisconsin State Representative Peter Barca. Mr. Barca,
good to have you with us tonight. I want to know and I think residents of
your state want to know, what is Governor Walker doing wrong here?

STATE REP. PETER BARCA, [D] WISCONSIN: Well I`m great to be back on your
show and it was really a startling revelation when WKOW broke the story
that there were two different companies that were being awarded, sizable
amounts of money and then later finding out that they were outsourcing jobs
overseas. So we`re calling for more stringent controls to analyze this.
But the problem has been that there`s been a lack of follow through in
tracking these dollars, in tracking what`s happening. And then it comes to
this where you wonder how in the world could you possibly allow dollars to
be awarded in order to ship jobs overseas.

So we`re -- My blood was boiling when I heard the story where analyzing
this plosive (ph) but we need tire controls and it`s been very frustrating
to see one more story of this sort come out on Wedeck (ph).

SCHULTZ: Well the question begs, the Wisconsin economic development
corporation puts money to two corporations that ship jobs overseas instead
of investing on employees in Wisconsin. Are -- Do these companies -- do
you know if they have contributed to Walker`s campaign in the past?

BARCA: I don`t now about these two particular companies but the same
station WKOW also has broken a story about the sizable number of companies
that did get awards that were holding fundraiser for the Governor. And I
know that there`s a lot of these good government groups that are analyzing
this and there`s been quite a few stories. But clearly it`s not working
very well in Wisconsin at all Ed, where tenth of 10 states in the Mid West
in creating jobs, it`s an abysmal performance.

And so, I think that`s why the race is virtually tied here for Governor.
Mary Burke has been very strong when she heard of this story, she jumped
out of immediately and called for a stop to this practice and analyze this.
And I think we`re going to see a very tight race because of the fact that
the number issue on the minds of Wisconsinites is how can we put people
back to work and we`re not doing a very good job at this at this point?

SCHULTZ: So it is documented that these companies that got money ship jobs
overseas, it`s been reported in the Wisconsin media, Mary Burke has jumped
on this, the polls have tightened. When I was in Wisconsin yesterday, a
lot of people were asking me, do I think Walker could get reelected? I
mean, don`t think I have to answer that, I mean I have a gut instinct about
it. But this is not good and it`s not fair to the taxpayers and this story
isn`t going to be going away anytime soon.

We will be back at you Mr. Barca, I appreciate your time tonight, thanks so
much. Peter Barca who is the Democratic Leader in the House in Wisconsin.
Good to be back with you, back right here again tomorrow night. That`s the
Ed Show. I`m Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton, starts
right now.

Rev it`s always good to get fresh air, you know, it`s good to go out and
smell the fresh air, but it`s also good to be back. Good to have you ...

REV AL SHARPTON, POLITICS NATION HOST: It`s good to have you back Ed, good
to see you, good to see you, you`re looking great.

SCHULTZ: I`m trying.


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