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The Ed Show for Monday, August 25th, 2014

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August 25, 2014

Guest: Ray Jose, Mitch Ceasar, Ana Rivas Logan, John Garamendi, Mike Tate,
Ruth Conniff, Aeneas Williams

ED SCHULTZ, THE ED SHOW HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed
Show live from New York. Let`s get to work.


REP. PAUL RYAN, (R) WISCONSIN: We don`t know whose coming and going in
this country. I think we need the American idea.

RAY JOSE, UNITED WE DREAM: Congressman Ryan, are you going to take away
our Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and deportments?

RYAN: No. I`m not going to do questions. The condition of your birth
doesn`t determine the outcome of your life in this country.

We`re going to do it our own way, on our own time.

JOSE: I ask you again, Congressman Ryan.

RYAN: I want you to read the book

We`re having a problem with immigration reform, put people on probation so
that they earn their ability to stay in this country legally.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you want to take away my DACA and deport me?

RYAN: I want you to read the book


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.

There are times in people`s career when you are presented with an
opportunity to move forward and you take advantage of it or you just kind
of blow it. This was not a good weekend for this man, Paul Ryan, who`s on
a book tour. In fact, in the midst of a conversation, he`ll say, "Read my
book." That`s how desperate this guy is.

Now, when you look at the news, August has been an extremely busy month in
the news business. We have seen the ongoing campaign of U.S. air strikes
against targets in Iraq, against ISIS. Ferguson Missouri is one for the
archives. We have seen weeks of intense protest after 18-year-old Michael
Brown was shot and killed by a police.

And meanwhile, in the midst of all of this, Congress has been on vacation.
Have you noticed? There haven`t been a whole lot of town hall meetings.
Why is that? Well, when your approval rating is in the toilet, why in the
world would you want to go out and see the public? Lawmakers went home
before addressing the ongoing immigration crisis. That would not be good
for Republicans.

So, tonight, we`re going to start talking about the DREAMers and how
Republicans in Congress continue to vote against the interest of Latino-
Americans. Let`s take it back to August 1st, when 212 Republicans voted to
end President Obama`s Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program or

Now, the bill of course never saw the light of day on the Senate floor.
Democrats aren`t going to do that. They`re for people. Basically, it was
a symbolic vote so Republicans could go home and tell all of their
constituents, "You see, we`re against President Obama`s amnesty program."

Well, the president started DACA through his executive order powers back in
2012. To address this issue, it allows children brought to the United
States illegally by their parents to get work permits and avoid
deportation. It`s not their fault. DACA has helped more than 550,000
young undocumented workers to stay and work here in the United States and
of course that`s what they want to do. They want to work.

Now, one member of Congress who had no problem voting against DACA was
failed by presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Ryan of course in the eyes of
some is the golden boy who was allegedly looking to run for president in
2016 and I think he has a heck of a shot to get the nomination.

Now, on Saturday, he was confronted by a group of DREAMers at a book
signing event in Florida. The Wisconsin Congressman and Head of the Budget
Committee in the House had no problem, simply ignoring the questions.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A coupe of weeks ago you voted for deporting DACA. It
would put me and my sister up for deportation and we just had a question,
would you want to deport me and my sister?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thanks guys. Have a wonderful.

RYAN: Thanks for coming.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . evening. I appreciate.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you want to deport me and my.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you want to deport me and my brother?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. I want you to read the book.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is actually my second time meeting you.

RYAN: Oh yeah?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I actually read your book and I read your stance on

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One, two, three.





SCHULTZ: Who has a deadline on a book signing event? Is the schedule
backpacked, Congressman? This was an opportunity and we all know that the
Republican Party is having a hard time with people of color. We all know
that the Republican Party has demographic issues and here is a guy who
allegedly wants to be president, who had an opportunity to talk to a
younger American and say, "This is what I believe in." Not only do I want
you to read my book, but I`m going to tell you face to face, this is what I
think we should do. He couldn`t do that. That`s not leadership.

And in the past, we should point out that Ryan has supported immigration
reform and even the DREAMers. So, that`s the way it is. Why the rush at
the book signing event? "Read my book. Read my book." Ryan has said many
times he`s against amnesty, but his words on his website tell us something

He says, "We need to find a way forward for the DREAMers. These are
unauthorized immigrants whose parents brought them here as children. They
didn`t break the law, their parents did." There is your answer, Paul.
Come on, engage. This is what the younger demographic wants. You couldn`t
do it because maybe you don`t believe it. Ryan wanted to find a way
forward, but now he is voting against the DREAMers. Hey, we got a flip-
flop here.

Last year, Ryan even appeared with Congressman Luis Gutierrez in Chicago
calling for comprehensive immigration reform.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A festive atmosphere celebrating this unlikely
coalition. Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and Democratic Congressman
Luis Gutierrez who agree on a key issue, immigration reform.

RYAN: It`s high time we fix this broken system for the interest of our


SCHULTZ: What`s wrong with that? Can`t it then, can`t say it now. Oh,
wait a minute. You can`t be president and be a Republican and talk like

Ryan is no doubt trying to distance himself from the immigration reform and
the DREAMers. He knows that Eric Cantor lost his job for supporting
immigration reform. Ryan also knows supporting DREAMers could cause him a
possible presidential nomination, he can have that.

Before the August 1st vote to end DACA, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, again,
had no problem calling out Republicans asking, "Where are you?"


REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ, (D) ILLINOIS: Steve King, and Michele Bachmann and
Ted Cruz are literally writing the immigration script for the Republican
Party, a script filled with ugly and mean policies that demonized children,
and marginalized criminals and destroy families.

In January, you were saying that all of the DREAMers should get green cards
and citizenship. We always understood you wanted to deport their parents.
But now, late on a Friday night, you are going after the DREAMers who have
no other country but this one.


SCHULTZ: Late on a Friday night? Slip it on in there so that folks don`t
pay attention to it.

What`s happening here is Paul Ryan is walking a thin line on immigration
reform. He doesn`t want to answer any hard questions or get any
actualities face to face because allegedly, he is running for president.
You can`t do that and -- before reform. But I will tell you what. If I
had to bet on one horse in the race right now for the Republicans, it would
be this guy. That`s right. Unlike some other Republican hopefuls, well,
he`s not under indictment, he`s not under investigation but most of all,
he`s already been vetted. He`s not a problem for Republicans. The fact is
that when he`s on Mitt Romney`s ticket, he didn`t -- he basically came away
unscathed, it was no big deal there.

So, he`s a clean gene, and he is physically conservative and this is
exactly what the conservatives have been looking for, a guy that`s not
going to cause them a problem, a guy that really want reform, a guy who can
back track on issues depending on where the money is and a guy who is going
to be a ruthless budget cutter. This is exactly what Republicans are
looking for and this is exactly what the corporatists want and all the big
money donors.

Now, all Ryan has to do is one thing, distance himself from the same
immigration policy that caused Eric Cantor his job. Ryan`s presidential
campaign hasn`t even started and we`ve already got him in a flip flop. I
don`t know why he voted the way he did on August 1st after visiting with
Congressman Gutierrez and the reporter said they found something they could
agree on. But when he was pushed for a question on his book tour, the only
thing he could say is, "Read my book." Actually, it`s the only job I think
he`s ever have.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Is this the same Paul Ryan we saw on 2012?" Text A for yes,
text B for No to 67622, leave a comment on our blog at We`ll
bring you the results later on in the show.

Now, we`re fortunate to have this gentleman on tonight. I want to turn to
Ray Jose. He`s the national organizer for United We Dream and the DREAMer
who confronted Ryan at Saturday`s event. Ray, good to have you on the Ed
Show tonight, I appreciate your time.

JOSE: Thank you for having me, Ed. And like you said, I`m with United We
Dream which is one of the largest youth organizations in the country.

SCHULTZ: OK. How big? How many active members do you have?

JOSE: We have about 52 -- We have about 26 different affiliates around the

SCHULTZ: Twenty-six different affiliates around the country.

JOSE: Yes.

SCHULTZ: So, you went to see Paul Ryan. Why did you do that?

JOSE: We heard that he was doing a book signing in Kissimmee, Florida.
And I read the title was, "The Way Forward" and I wanted to find out myself
if this was your way forward by taking away DACA and deporting DREAMers
like myself.

SCHULTZ: So, you were curious because of the way he voted. Now, going
away from this event, do you know where he stands on immigration reform?

JOSE: As far as it goes, sir, I don`t think immigration reform is
something that we`re pushing forward as a network. We`re pushing for
administrative relief and we know where Republicans stand because all
they`ve done for the past year is vote on legislation that criminalizes my
community. It is something that will deport me and take away DACA.

SCHULTZ: OK. So, DACA clearly has affected you. And what`s it meant to
you personally?

JOSE: Personally, I`ve been able to work. I haven`t felt that fear of
having to look over my shoulder, of being deported everyday but
unfortunately, that something that my parents still face. Everyday, I`m
worried that I might come home to an empty apartment because my mother and
father might be detained and deported back to the Philippines.

SCHULTZ: Ray, how long you have been in the United States?

JOSE: My family and I had been in the United Sates for 14 years now, since

SCHULTZ: 14 years and I`m asking this question for news content certainly
not to offend you.

JOSE: Of course.

SCHULTZ: You feel like an American. I mean, in your heart and your soul
this is your country. Is that how you feel?

JOSE: I was raised here. I grew up in the United States. I lived in
Florida, Temple Florida. I lived in Maryland. I lived all over the
country and this is just the place that I know and I call home.

SCHULTZ: OK. So, this is obviously very personal to you and your family,
and now you`re confronting the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, a
man who has written a book that says, "The Way Forward", and when you asked
him a question he tells you to read the book. What`s your response to

JOSE: I`ve read what his stance was in his book. And I can see what is on
the Republican`s agenda. And they don`t plan to move on immigration which
is why United We Dream has been pressuring President Obama to go big on
immigration, to expand Deferred Action which has been so successful for
DREAMers like myself, to expand it to my mother and father and to DREAMers
who weren`t eligible for it because they still face that fear of
deportation everyday, Ed, and that`s the reality that we face.

SCHULTZ: Now, Ray, you were curious as to why he voted against DACA and
you wanted an answer. Did you get one?

JOSE: He decided to ignore me and have police escort me out. And I
believe that not being able to -- Although yes, it`s disheartening to not
hear what his position is on an issue like deportation because it affects
me. It would affect millions of DREAMers like myself who have DACA. But
we all know that Republicans have one thing on their agenda. It`s to
criminalize our community, to take away DACA and to deport people like

SCHULTZ: How did you feel when the police, you know, did grab your arm and
walked you out? You did what you were expected to do in their eyes, but
how did that make you feel? And here is the video tape of that. We`re
playing it right now. How did that make you feel?

JOSE: It was a little bit upsetting because I just wanted to hear a "Yes"
or a "No" and not being able to get that answer was a little bit
frustrating. But at the same time, I knew that it would be something along
those lines that he would`ve avoided because the true DREAMers before me,
Jose Palacios and Maria Palacios got the same answer. He said, "Read the

Congressman Ryan, we`ve read your book. We just want an answer and we want
the same answer from any member of Congress who decides to step in the way
of our parents` freedom and justice and our DACA.

SCHULTZ: OK. Ray Jose, thank you for joining us tonight. We`ll follow
the story, no doubt.

I want to bring in Mitch Ceasar, the Broward County, Democratic Party in
Florida and Former Florida State Representative Ana Rivas Logan, great to
have both of you with us.

Mitch, you first tonight. How will Ryan backing off immigration reform
play in Florida? And you`ve been around the political arena some 40 years.
How does the piece of video tape play like that and does it matter to

made a political calibration in effect that Paul Ryan has and the National
Republicans. They had that Republican autopsy, you remember, where they
say, "We have to embrace more people. We haven`t done this right that`s
why we lose presidential elections." Well now, their autopsy basically is
dead and they`ve made a calculation to say, "Turn out to lowering or fear
cycles." and we don`t want to upset our extreme base with immigration even
a most moderate or a modest plan. So, we`re going to have to pull that off
the table, forget about any compromises in the Senate and our basing and
guessing and risking very highly because I think they`re calculating, this
is their way to regain the U.S. Senate.


CEASAR: . and get enough seats. So, they`re thinking, "Hey, we got to
keep our folks not from sitting home but to vote. We can`t do immigration
reform." Ryan`s part of that and frankly he`s been all over the issue. I
think in Florida where we have an emerging Hispanic population, our job is
to remind folks exactly what the Republican Party stands is.


CEASAR: . or how it doesn`t exist.

SCHULTZ: Ana, your thoughts on this? Do you think Paul Ryan is afraid to
talk about immigration because of Cantor`s loss?

ANA RIVAS LOGAN, FMR. FL. STATE REP: Oh, absolutely. But I want to talk
also about, Ed, if you give me a minute about some dissection that I`ve
done with numbers. Here in Miami Dade County, the largest voting
population in the state of Florida has seen a 23 percent increased in
registration during the last two presidential cycles of which 85 percent of
it was Hispanic and only two percent registered Republican. And during the
last presidential outcome which is really what it`s all about, the outcomes
of the presidential when people actually go and cast their ballot, Miami
Dade County saw 131 percent increase in Democrat and a negative 28 percent
in Republican outcomes ballot cast.

So, what does that say? That Hispanics are shunning the Republican agenda
in large numbers. For 85 percent increase of Hispanics to be registered
and only a two percent to register Republican, that`s huge.

SCHULTZ: Well, Ana, then why would Paul Ryan go to Florida and act like
this when an opportunity was presented right in front of him to win people
over and explain who he is, what he`s all about, what he believes in
instead he callously has law enforcement take this get out and the other
folks there as well when he could`ve won people over?

RIVAS LOGAN: Well, because he`s got to win his party`s nomination. And in
order to do that, you got to swing so far to the right. He`s got to, you
know, be the Tea Party darling in order to win his party`s nomination, but
that`s not going to win him a general election. It`s not going to win him
or anyone a general election. So, what`s happening here is that Republican
Party is becoming more and more extreme, and is forgetting about the middle
class in America, its forgetting about the middle of the road people and
its forgetting about the minorities.


RIVAS LOGAN: . more and more so.

SCHULTZ: Well, there`s another demographic in Florida that`s going to give
Ryan a hard time and that of course the senior citizens. Unless, they want
to see the voucher program go through on Medicare. Mitch, how does that
play out?

CEASAR: Well, it`s interesting because as, you know, on that very same
book tour in Florida, he directly lied to some who said, "Are you going to
protect Medicare?" And of course he gave every excuse just to say, "Yes"
which of course he`s not. He wants to basically change the entire system
just as he voted to defund the DREAMer kids.

So, you know, as just said, you cannot win the Republican nomination unless
you are very, very extreme. They`re playing short-term ball.


CEASAR: Not long-term ball because if they embrace Hispanics.


CEASAR: . that have a shot at the presidential, I`m telling you that they
are kissing the presidential cycle goodbye and if Democrats retain that in
`16, that will be gone for Republicans for generation.

SCHULTZ: Well, he looks like an angel compared to Rick Scott, doesn`t he?
I mean, he`s not under investigation and he`s not under indictment. So,
maybe he could get something done in Florida, I don`t know. Ana Rivas
Logan and also Mitch Ceasar, great to have you with us tonight, I
appreciate your time.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at Ed Show and on Facebook, like us
on Facebook. Thanks for doing that. We certainly want to know what you

Next up, here we go again, Scott Walker`s election year dilemma. New
questions about the Wisconsin governor`s fund raising efforts. There are
more groups he may have done hanky panky with.

Plus, the drums of war, Congressman John Garamendi joins me to talk about
the Republican push for action against ISIS in Iraq. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.

The threat of terror group, ISIS, hit home last week with the brutal and
barbaric murder of American journalist James Foley.

Now, Republicans are beating the drums for more aggressive action by the
United Sates against ISIS. Calling the group an imminent threat to the
Unites States, the hawks know the American people are pretty battle-weary.
So, they`re trying to feel an appetite for war by pedaling fear again.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: This is not like the earthquake in San
Francisco. All of this could have been avoided.

RYAN: What I want to hear from our commander-in-chief is that he has a
strategy to finish ISIS off.

problems is it`s gone unabated for nearly two years and that draws people
from, you know, Britain to across Europe, even the United States to go and
join the fight.

RYAN: Let`s not forget that there are reportedly thousands of terrorists
with foreign passports.

MCCAIN: There`s no doubt about this British young men and hundred
Americans that are already over there and the thousands of Europeans that
who are been radicalized who will come back to attack us.

ROGERS: And that`s what makes it so dangerous. They are one plane ticket
away from U.S. shores and that`s why we`re so concerned about it.

RYAN: If we don`t deal with this right now thoroughly and convincingly
it`s going to come home to roost.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, (R) SOUTH CAROLINA: Do they have the capability to
hit the homeland? I would say yes.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight, Congressman John Garamendi of California.
Congressman, good to have you with us.

What`s your response to this kind of ramped up rhetoric that we`re getting?
I`m not here to say that the American people tonight on this program that
ISIS isn`t a problem, but it sure is something we`re getting the same old
2002, 2003 ramped up talking points. Do you think the American people are
getting a fair description of what`s actually happening?

REP. JOHN GARAMENDI, (D) CALIFORNIA: Not from those fellas. There`s no
doubt that ISIS is a threat. There`s no doubt that Al-Qaeda remains a
threat and Boko Haram and others. There are many, many organizations
around this world that are threatening in multiple ways. Certainly
kidnappings, we hear about bombings in various parts. Unfortunately, we
haven`t had much of that except for the issue, the item in Boston.

But we need to be alert. We need to be on our guard always. We also need
to understand that our government, the president and our military is taking
action. Maybe we want to find out what that action is. You ask the folks
that came under the attack of the American war planes as they try the Mosul
Dam or move on to Erbil. We are there. We are providing a very, very
important moment for the Iraqis, for the Kurds and for the other threatened
countries in that area to get their act together and then all of us
together deal with the ISIS.

There`s no way we can do this by ourselves, but in concert with those
countries and those elements, we can and we will succeed.

SCHULTZ: I mean, I view John McCain as a very bitter man for losing the
election in 2008. He can`t get away from that. He claims that if we had
left a residual force in Iraq and come to a security forces agreement that
ISIS wouldn`t be where they are right now. Do you agree with that?

GARAMENDI: If we had never gone into Iraq, ISIS wouldn`t exist today.


GARAMENDI: And so, let`s go back to where we really got off the track. We
went into Iraq for reasons that were at least not true, if not outright
fraudulent, and we wound up totally destabilizing that country and the
region around it.


GARAMENDI: So, that`s why you got to start this discussion.

SCHULTZ: So, when you have the chairman of the House Intel Committee
saying a one plane ticket away from hitting America. What`s changed? I
mean, hasn`t that always been the case? I mean, for us to be vigilant and
on guard and protect the homeland? Has our security change since ISIS
become more powerful and more resourceful?

GARAMENDI: No. It has not. We would continue to the same things we did
before. Good intelligence. We had this shoe bomber and that was dealt
with. There are many different kinds of threats and we need to be very
much on our guard. We need to have the intelligence overseas and we need
to have the security on the airlines in and out of this nation. And we
also need to be aware that we do have home grown terrorist in our own
nation not because they`ve gone off to Iraq to fight, but because they are
here and disinfected for any number of reasons.

So, we have to be on guard everywhere along the line. But be very, very
careful about the slippery slope to war and you want to be very careful.
We want -- Revenge is an emotion to be sure but to go to war on revenge?
Don`t do that. Go to war if you must because you are seriously threaten at
the moment there`s a problem. That problem can and it`s now being dealt
with, with air strikes and pulling together the countries and those who are
threatened by ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East and that certainly
involves the Gulf States, some of whom continue to support financially ISIS
and Al-Qaeda. And we got to pull those folks away from that and make sure
that they no longer do that because ultimately, they, too will be at risk
if this cancer continues to grow.

At the moment, we`ve stabilized the situation at least in Iraq, giving the
Iraqi government a chance to organize itself which it is doing, new
government will be in place by the 10th of September, hopefully, no longer
Maliki but rather a more broadly based government that has an opportunity.


GARAMENDI: . to pull the Sunnis back into the fault (ph) and have a united
government. Will it happen? Let`s be hopeful.

SCHULTZ: And finally, Congressman, we hear Senators Graham and McCain
saying that we just can`t hit Iraq, that we just can`t hit ISIS and Iraq.
We need to go into Syria, your response to that?

GARAMENDI: Well, my response is the same as a couple of weeks ago.


GARAMENDI: . when I was asked this question that these guys are willing to
bomb everybody any place. You got to careful. Syria has an air defense
system, a very robust air defense system. It happens to have been supplied
by the Russians. Are we going to go in there with our airplanes and put
our people at risk? We would need to be very, very much aware. Syria is
not Iraq and Syria has its own air defense system. So, be cautious, be
careful, there are things we can`t do, there are things we have done. And
we tried to get hostages back with a very specific effort with our special
forces, it didn`t work but there are things that we can do.

But watch out, you send the airplanes into a place that has very
sophisticated air defense systems, I think we want to be cautious.

SCHULTZ: OK. Congressman John Garamendi of California on armed services,
good to have you with us tonight, sir, I appreciate it.

GARAMENDI: Thank you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Still ahead, Governor Scott Walker`s damage control, new
documents surfaced this day about his fund raising vast.

Plus, Paul Ryan`s ice cold hypocrisy on his support for ALS research.
Pretenders coming up.

Questions? Ask Ed Live, that`s next on the Ed Show. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Thanks for joining us here in the Ed Show. I appreciate the
questions. I love this segment. Every night, we answer a couple of
questions on Ask Ed Live.

And our first question tonight is from Leonora and she wants to know, "Do
you ever get tired of the political game?"

Well, no, I don`t. There`s too much at stake and I think that we have got
the best framework available in the world to advance humanity and we should
take advantage of that. So, no, I don`t get tired of something that I
think is very vital. And I find it interesting to say the least.

Our next question is from A. Gil, "Do you think racism will ever be a thing
of the past?"

No, I don`t. History shows us that it won`t be, but I do think that this
country has the capability, the framework, and the heart and desire to make
the climate a heck of a lot better and we owe it to ourselves and our kids
to exhaust that effort. We`ll get there.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

Market Wrap.

Stocks begin the week with a rally. The Dow gains 75 points, the S&P
briefly cropped over the 2,000 mark for the first time before falling back
slightly, the NASDAQ is up by 18.

After the Closing Bell, set a degree to buy Twitch. It`ll pay
$970 million with a streaming service. And Burger King`s shares surge
nearly 20 percent on worth. It`s in talks to buy Tim Hortons to move its
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That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show.

There are 71 days left until Election Day in Wisconsin. Governor Scott
Walker needs to do some damage control as I see it on his fundraising
reputation. There could be trouble on the h0orizon.

Newly released court document show Governor Walker solicited donations for
Conservative group, Wisconsin Club for Growth, during the 2011-2012 recall
elections. Allegations surrounding the governor`s office are growing more
serious. And the record shows one of the groups that donated money to
Wisconsin Club for Growth was an iron ore mining company which contributed
$700,000. The company later won approval from Walker to streamline
regulations for a massive iron ore mine in one of the most environmentally
sensitive regions in Northern Wisconsin.

Wisconsin election laws prohibit officials from coordinating campaign
activities with outside political groups. Scott Walker denies any
wrongdoing. The documents were released as part of a legal wrangling of
over a John Doe investigation into alleged fundraising abuses during the
recall elections of 2011 and 2012. But there is more information out this
day. The Journal Sentinel is reporting Scott Walker illegally coordinated
with two national groups on political advertising in a way that went
further than what was previously known. The two groups, the Sentinel
names, are in arm of the Republican Governor`s Association and the other is
the Republican State Leadership Committee.

For more on this, let`s turn to our Rapid Response Panel, Mike Tate, who is
the State Chair of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin and also Ruth Conniff,
Editor in Chief of the Progressive Magazine. Great to have both of you
with us.

Mike, you first, now there`s three groups and this is reporting from a
newspaper that has generally been pretty supportive of Governor Walker.
What does this mean? Does Walker not know the law or did -- has he just
shown a real disregard for the regulations on the books in Wisconsin? How
do you see it?

think that we`re seeing more and more concerning allegations and in fact,
in some cases, what appeared to be faction statements that Scott Walker
doesn`t seem to think the law applies to him. We see this in -- As you
referenced that $700,000 contribution from the iron ore mining company and
then he -- they give that money and Scott Walker apparently gives them what
they wanted. It`s a pretty clear case of pay-to-play activity. If anyone
who`s been around in Wisconsin the last two years knows that this mine was
very contentious, there is a bipartisan plan to put in environmental
safeguards to have this mine operate and Scott Walker just sort of ran
through this mine`s agenda and one has to think that the $700,000 that
Walker got from them was part of the reason why.

SCHULTZ: Well, Ruth, this now appears to be standard operating procedure
for the governor of Wisconsin with multiple groups involved here. What do
you make of it?

RUTH CONNIFF, THE PROGRESSIVE MAGAZINE: Well, it is stunning. It is big
news in Wisconsin. We`ve never had a governor that ran around raising
money for outside groups. And the e-mail explicitly states, the reason
that the governor want -- His finance advisor stated in the e-mail, the
reason that he wants people to give money to the Club for Growth is because
they can give undisclosed amount, any amount, unlimited amount and they`re
-- the donors themselves are not disclosed. So, it`s a very clear effort
on the part of Walker himself to work to coordinate with this group. That
same advisor said, "You know, we`ve had problems in the past with all of
these outside groups running different issue and we need to streamline it,
we need to go through one group." and that group conveniently is advised by
R.J. Johnson who is also Walker`s chief political strategist during the
recall campaign.

So, what they`re doing is they`re saying, "We needed unlimited amount of
money. We need to coordinate directly on what the message is and we can
protect donors from.


CONNIFF: . having their names disclosed by having them contribute to this

SCHULTZ: So, Ruth...

CONNIFF: And he did a great job.


CONNIFF: He raised a lot of money for that.

SCHULTZ: Ruth, what is the legal path here if you got the Republicans
running the state?

CONNIFF: Well, I mean, there are, you know, this is working its way
through the core and I think it`s important to remember that some of the
folks -- the governor -- the Government Accountability Board which
regulates campaign finance in our state which has been very clear that
coordinating with outside groups is a form of political contributions. So,
it violates the campaign finance the way Walker did. That`s run by a whole
bunch of retired judges, some Republicans, some Democrats, the Chief
Prosecutor in this case, French Smith, who voted for Walker in the recall,
rack-rib Republican. You know, there are lot of Republicans who don`t want
to see Wisconsin become a corrupt state.

So, it`s not just a part of an issue and this is a court case that Club for
Growth that`s trying shut down things, it`s a partisan witch hunt that has
no merit. I think these revelations today show that there`s a whole lot
that Wisconsinites of every political persuasion should be concerned about.

SCHULTZ: So, I guess the Journal Sentinel now is part of this political
witch hunt then? If that`s what they`re defense is.

Mike, you`re the Chair of the State Party, where is your opening here for
your gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke?

TATE: Well, I think the opening is more of a continuation of the same
story that instead of focusing on what Scott Walker said he would when he
ran for governor which is creating 250,000 new jobs, we`ve seen him, you
know, use this incredibly divisive strategy, go after worker`s rights, you
know, obviously had this horrible, you know, all this division here in
Wisconsin. And I think we`re really seeing all the stuff Ruth talked
about, this pay-to-play activity that, you know, Scott Walker is simply not
the right person to lead Wisconsin, he`s not going to...

SCHULTZ: But with all of these going on, it`s -- With all this going on,
the polling is still very even. Why is that?

TATE: Well, listen, you know, I think that Wisconsin is a very divided
state but the fact that Mary Burke which been outspent four or five to one
in these campaigns so far is polling even or even one point ahead of Scott
Walker. And it means that the tide is turning and people are realizing
that Scott Walker is not on their side, that not only they see not creating
the jobs he promised, not only the people lives are not getting better but
that is just major potential corruption issue that, you know, serious laws
may even broken and this guy doesn`t seem to think the rules that apply to
everyone else apply to him. And hey, as you mentioned it, 71 days to the
election, the best thing we can do to get rid of all this stuff is to vote
for Mary Burke in 71 days, the general counsel.

SCHULTZ: So, Ruth, are there not very many independent voters in

CONNIFF: Oh, I think there are a lot of independent voters, and there are
a lot of folks who voted for Walker in the recall because they didn`t like
the idea of recalling a governor.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Yeah.

CONNIFF: . who nonetheless are not fans of Walker. I think Walker is one
bad news story away from totally losing. Wisconsin is a toss up now, we`ve
moved in to the toss up category after leading Republican and nationally,
you know, according to National Pollsters, it is a toss-up with an under-
funded Democratic candidate with almost no name recognition. I think what
you see is people moving away from Walker because we learned one thing
after another about how he`s a tool of a national right wing set of groups.
That he goes -- He`s getting an e-mail that says, "Go talk to Sheldon
Adelson. Ask for a million dollars." He talks to Sheldon Adelson and that
money comes to Club for Growth." You know, he`s given his marching orders
in his e-mails, "Go talk to one big national rich right-wing figure after
another" and he goes and he does that work. This has nothing to do with
the interest of the people of Wisconsin. I think that is becoming
terribly, terribly clear to folks as they read this story.

SCHULTZ: All right. Ruth Conniff, Mike Tate, good to have both of you
with us tonight, we`ll follow the story. I appreciate it.

Up next, finding peace in St Louis, football Hall of Famer and Missouri
pastor, Pastor Williams joins us with a direct challenge to end tragedies
like the Mike Brown killing. Keep it here. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, cold-hearted Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin
congressman has been having a lot of fun with the ALS ice bucket challenge.
He dumped a buck on his old buddy Mitt Romney and Ryan took the cold shower


RYAN: I`ve been nominated by my friend, Scott Walker, to take the ALS ice
bucket challenge. I accept the challenge. Being from Wisconsin, it`s kind
of cold so we`re used to this sort of thing.


SCHULTZ: All good. The challenge races awareness in research money for
Lou Gehrig`s disease. It`s a great cause, but Paul Ryan and other key
members of Congress aren`t doing all they can to fight the illness. Ryan
and 15 other members of Congress voted in 2011 for budget slashing
sequestration cuts at the National Institute of Health. They also did the
ice bucket challenge this summer. Both sides of the aisle are guilty here.
There are nine Democrats on the list. As a result, government funding for
ALS specific research dropped by $5 million dollars.

If Paul Ryan and his colleagues think doing the ice bucket challenge makes
up for giving valuable research the cold shoulder, he can keep on



TY PRUITT, COUSIN OF MICHAEL BROWN: One day, we don`t flood the streets
with unity, and we don`t talk about freedom, and we don`t talk -- and when
they look out those windows, the pillars (ph)they`re standing in the middle
of the street, they`ll be more beautiful than any rainbow they ever seen.


SCHULTZ: And finally tonight as Michael Brown is laid to rest, the
community looks to heal after weeks of tension on the streets of Ferguson,
Missouri. Thousands attended the public funeral service at Friendly Temple
Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis. Hundreds more joined the mourners
outside heeding the request of Michael Brown`s parents for no protest on
the day of their son`s funeral. Three aids from the White House were in
attendance while Missouri Governor Jay Nixon did not attend, but did issue
a statement saying, "Out of respect for the family who deserves time to
focus on remembering Michael and grieving their loss."

With Michael Brown being laid to rest, the community continues to work
towards unity. Our next guest wants the leaders from not just Ferguson but
from all over the country to stand united for peace.

Aeneas Williams joins us, he`s a pastor at the Spirit Church is St. Louis,
Missouri, Former NFL great in the Hall of Fame. Pastor Williams, good to
have you back with us tonight.

I know that you have got the unity challenge out there and I`d like you to
take a moment to explain how this can unfold and how tomorrow can be a
better day for Ferguson, Missouri.

AENEAS WILLIAMS, PASTOR, THE SPIRIT CHURCH: Well, starting off, first of
all, thank you for having me, Ed. But it also starts out by I want to
focus on what can we do to unfollow it, and what can we practically do in
the community that would also have tentacles throughout our country and
that`s to unify us because we are the United States. And the best example
I can give you, there is an area where I walk and I pray in the morning and
that`s the area that look like many people drive through and toss bottles
out of their cars and things like that.

And one day, the will to on my heart to get a bag and walked through there
and pick up all the trash. Now, while I`m doing it, I didn`t see anyone
coming by, I`m just doing it because this is the thing to do, got
(inaudible) in the trash near. Well, when I finally dumped the trash in
the trash can, all of a sudden, a cycler, a guy that was on a bicycle
showed up. I didn`t even know he saw me and it`s a guy named Gary and he
says, "Aeneas, I saw you picked everything up. I just wanted to tell a lot
of good deeds go unnoticed. I wanted to stop. Get on my bicycle and tell
you thank you for doing it."

Now, here is why that`s significant, he said, Gary said to me, he said,
"I`ve ridden through this area many times and I`ve seen the trash but I
always made excuses as to why not to get off my bicycle and pick up the
trash." What I want to say, Ed, I want to use our influence and our
generation to say there is a mess going on, there are some things that are
not so pretty in this great country that we live in, but I want to be a
part of the group that say, "I`m not going to pass it up, but I`m going to
play my part and find out how I can leverage my influence to remind that we
are a great country, we have flaws but to unify and start out with the
movement that I really want to piggyback off the great movement of the ALS
with the ice bucket challenge." And I saw how that created huge momentum
that you just entered your promo was talking about Ryan in the ice bucket

What I want to issue and I mentioned it when I get off the air last time is
unity or united and when we said that we`re united, it starts with the
letter W and starts with U and I want to create a viral campaign of people
taking pictures in this country with different ethnicities taking pictures,
put it on social media with the number one finger because, Ed, what I
realized if our enemy country decides to attack us like we had in 9/11,
they`re not going to separate us according to ethnicities, they`re going to
treat us all as United States citizens regardless about differences.

SCHULTZ: And, Pastor, at the highest level, I understand that you`d like
to see the president and the speaker of the House get together and do
something as a show of unity, what is that?

WILLIAMS: Well, it starts out by being an example to these young people on
how to get past the emotions, get past the challenges on different sides
but still, we`re the same country and do what`s best for the entire

I want to issue the first challenge. This is hashtag united, I want to
start with the President Barrack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner and
for them to take a picture together with the number one sign with signifies
united and I want to start there. And I want to also issue the challenge,
the opening season in the NFL, be it a Hall of Famer to all of the clubs,
even though they are playing against each other before the game, they all
are still part of the National Football League with each of those players
and those coaches to get together, taking a picture with the number one
sign up. I want different ethinicities, people in communities take
pictures with each, I don`t care if you`re from India, I don`t care if
you`re African-American, I don`t care if you`re Caucasian, take a picture.
Also, when you see police officers, take pictures with them with the number
one sign up because, Ed, I want to get it out, we are united and we`re
going to solve this together and I`m declaring let`s solve whatever these
issues are in our generation.

SCHULTZ: Pastor, finally, why do you think this is going to make a
difference? We got about a minute to go here. Why do you think this is
going to make a difference?

WILLIAMS: It makes a difference because even when you feel a certain way,
when you`re able to start out, getting rid of your feelings or going past
your feelings and do something that paints a picture of unity. The picture
you set determines the course you take. And by the leaders doing it, it
helps some of our young people in communities that are fighting each other
and have differences to understand that if they could do it, certainly, we
can do it at our own.

SCHULTZ: OK. Pastor, I`ve got my finger up. I don`t know if you got a
monitor but get your finger up, we`ll be united right here.

WILLIAMS: Here we go. It`s up.

SCHULTZ: I am honored to be with you, Pastor Williams, we are united. God
bless you for the work you do and get it rolling, my friend. Thank you so
much for your speaking out on the part of advocates safety and also a
uniting community. Hopefully the country will take notice. I appreciate
your time tonight, sir. Thank you so much.

That`s leadership. That`s an example in a community. It will turn around.
That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening,


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