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The Ed Show for Friday, August 29th, 2014

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August 29, 2014

Guest: Virg Bernero, Adam Green, John Garamendi, Chris Van Hollen


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Minding the polls, Republican Tom Corbett has been on
the attack.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you have staff members that are Latinos?

GOV. TOM CORBETT, (R) PENNSYLVANIA: No, we do not have any staff members
in there, if you can find us one, please let me know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No incumbent governor has ever lost in Pennsylvania.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for
watching. If it`s happening here and it`s happening over here, and of
there, and over here, when does it become a trend? When do you think that
maybe this is what`s happening?

Americans are sick and tired the Republican governors trashing their
states. No doubt about it, red state governors, they don`t care about
jobs, they proven that, worker`s rights, infrastructure, or in the

Now it`s starting to show in poll after poll. And some Republican
governors flat out could lose their jobs in 66 days, we`re not far away.
First top Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett. Corbett allowed the oil
industry to run amok in his state. He`s rolled back regulations and on
fracking and on gas drilling big time.

There have been at least a 106 water well contaminations due to the lack of
regulation on fracking. And in education, Corbett let the Chester Upland
School District go bankrupt. Some of the teachers were working for free.
He signed a controversial voter I.D. law that makes it harder for people in
his state to vote. Corbett also thinks women shop at the grocery store.


CORBETT: I think a lot of people want to be able to walk into a grocery
store, particularly, a lot of the women, want to go and buy a bottle of
wine for dinner, go down, buy a six-pack or two six-packs, buy dinner and
go home rather than what I just described as at least three stops.


SCHULTZ: Corbett`s bad leadership will likely cost him his job. A new
Fraklin and Marshall poll shows Corbett loosing to Democrat candidate Tom
Wolf by what? 25 points, Corbett know he`s in trouble so he`s trying to do
what? Shake things up.

Now here`s the deal, after initially rejecting Medicaid expansion under
Obamacare, Corbett has reversed course. Guess what? Starting January 1st,
600,000 uninsured Pennsylvanians will have access to healthcare. There`s a
180 for you.

Next top, we have our old buddy Rick Snyder in Michigan. Now this guy
orchestrated the City of Detroit`s bankruptcy. His master plan was to gut
and privatize as much as city assets as possible. Snyder has increased the
power of the emergency city managers which most people don`t like. He has
absolutely no problem circumventing democracy in order to advance his
backwards of agenda of privatizing everything.

He`s attacked worker`s rights in the state of Michigan by passing a right
to work legislation. Now Snyder`s record coming back to hunt him somewhat,
a new poll out of Michigan shows that Democrat candidate Mark Schauer
leading by two points.

Then we have our old buddy Scott Walker in Wisconsin. I mean where do you
want to start with this guy? Walker passed radical anti-union legislations
sparking massive protest in the City of Madison. Walker cut over a billion
dollars out of public education in order to balance the budget. He`s
rejected Medicaid expansion and state exchange for Obamacare which was not

He promised jobs, you know what he`s done? He`s taking Wisconsin
backwards. His state ranked 37th in job creation last year, and far below
the 250,000 jobs he said he was going to get started. He`s passed a
radical voter suppression bill that was dragged out for years in the

Now Walker could be in some legal trouble, well-documented. Court document
show that Walker solicited donations for the conservative group Wisconsin
Club for Growth during the recall elections of 2011-2012. Wisconsin law of
course prohibits officials from coordinating campaign activities with
outside local groups and political groups.

Now, Walker`s judgment has come into questions time and time again. And he
loves the wealthy donors.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I tell you what, Scott. Once you crush these
bastards I`ll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time.

GOV. SCOTT WALKER, (R) WISCONSIN: All right, that would be outstanding.


WALKER: Thanks for al the support and helping us move the cause forward,
and we appreciate it.


SCHULTZ: We sure do appreciate it. We appreciate that recording. New
polling shows that Walker is in trouble. Walker is leading Mary Burke by
only three points among registered voters but among likely voters Burke is
leading by two points. Both polls are within the margin of error.

Then we go to the middle of the country. The bread basket of America,
Kansas; where Governor Sam Brownback is also in danger of loosing his job.
Brownback signed a law, one of the largest income taxes in Kansas` history.
The governor has come under heavy criticism for shifting the tax burden
from the wealthy to moderate and lower income workers.

Brownback lowered the top income tax rate by 25 percent, real Reaganism
right? Brownback`s radical tax plan even caused Moody`s to downgrade
Kansas` credit rating. People of Kansas, well, they`re not too impressed
as of late. Now polling shows Democratic candidate Paul Davis with an
eight-point lead over the former senator from Kansas.

Finally, we have Mr. Private Prisons, Florida Governor Rick Scott, one of
my old time favorites. This guy has turned down billions in infrastructure
funding that would have helped jobs. He is taking part in unprecedented,
and I mean unprecedented voter suppression. He`s limited early voting days
and he`s trying to illegally purge hundreds of thousands of voters off the
floor to voter rolls.

Wait a minute. He`s a science-denying Republican in a state that needs to
address climate change, just ask Miami. After meeting with climate experts
just last week, scientist told the truth about Scott. One scientist told
Think Progress, "I don`t honestly believe the governor is climate literate,
and I don`t think he is particularly interested in becoming climate

Recent poll in Florida show the governor`s race simply is too close to
call. A Rasmussen poll has Scott up by one point. A Quinnipiac poll from
had Charlie Crist up by five points and this was after Scott spent $20
million trashing his opponent. The fact is, Americans according to the
polls, they are sick of the Republican austerity plan.

These governors who are the darlings of the Republican Party, they were the
future, they were the ones who were going to set the new course, they`re in
trouble. Governors are clearly not paying attention to the people.
American workers, no they`re not paying attention to this. They`re not
getting protected by these guys, they want new jobs. Easy access to voting
has been restricted, and of course the environment is being neglected,
they`re all deniers.

Now with these guys, you get no help across the board. This is why I think
all the chatter that`s out there that, "Ah, it`s going to be low voter
turnout. Well, nobody`s exited", really? If that`s the case then it
really all comes down mobilization doesn`t it? It really comes down to all
of these groups that are grassroots, that are liberal, that are
progressive, that have done the door knocking, done the social media,
worked with labor. It`s really their ground game that`s going to be

That heart, that passion, that desire. Because if you look at these
numbers, you just can`t pick one state, it`s everywhere. Republicans are
in trouble on a state level. These guys that went home and thought they
could be heroes to the austerity program, it`s backfired.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
questions, "Are Americans fed up with radical Republican governors?" Text
A for yes, text B for no to 67622, you can always go to our blog at We`ll bring you results later on in the show.

For more let me bring in the Mayor of Lansing, Michigan Virg Bernero, and
also with us tonight Adam Green Co-founder of the Progressive Change
Campaign Committee, gentlemen great to have you with us tonight. Virg, I
want your take, you run for governor, you called Snyder out on exactly what
he has done, and now he`s in trouble as far as the polls are concerned.
What has happened in Michigan from your perspective?

MAYOR VIRG BERNERO, (D) LANSING, MICHIGAN: Well it`s like you said Ed.
The Republicans have worn out their welcome. A lot of this was bait-and-
switch. Rick Snyder run as a sort of a moderate, sort of a repeat of an
old governor we had years ago, Bill Milliken (ph). And he`s proven
anything but. He like a number of other Republican governors have really
catered to the right-wing, they have catered to the Scorched Earth Society
and the public, and we`re now seeing it.

And of course, a lot of it also is about -- it`s about the economy, it`s
like you were saying. The people at the top are doing great. We as
Democrats have always believe and we believe now that you build the
economy, that you grow jobs, you create opportunity by starting from the
bottom-up and the middle-out. They believe the old Reagan philosophy,
start at the top, take care of the rich folks and some good stuff might
trickle down to us little folks down here.

And in Michigan, we`re tired of being trickled on. We believe we deserve
better, and I think the people are going to rise up, I think that shows
Mark Schauer`s strength. And Mark Schauer is just getting started. The
polls show something like 30 percent of people still are just getting to
know, they`re not sure exactly who Mark Schauer is.

But you know what they`re sure of Ed? They`re sure of who Rick Snyder is,
and he ain`t on their side.

SCHULTZ: No questions about it.

BERNERO: . that`s becoming clear.

SCHULTZ: Adam your organization, the PCCC has been all over the country.
If you had to put your finger on what has happened, what has turned against
these Republican darlings who thought that they were going to be the answer
for the future, the party -- what`s happened, what are people saying, what
are they paying attention to?

ADAM GREEN, CO-FOUNDER, PCCC: Yeah, great question Ed. I encourage all of
your viewers at home to mark the number 4th on your calendar as judgment
day. Because it really will be the first time that voters in these
Republican states have a chance to cut the verdict on these Republican
governors that have declared war on working families. And that`s the
answer to your question. These governors have gone to war with working

Folks from Rick Scott in Florida to Scott Walker in Wisconsin, these
governors have attack Unions. They have decreased taxes on the wealthy and
increased the tax burden on the middle class. They`ve starved their state
of federal funding just to prove some antigovernment point. And by in
large, all these governors have some of the worst jobs records in the
nation. So this is the moment for progressives to call out the vote,
mobilize, get people to the polls on Election Day and cast some of these
Republicans out of office.

BERNERO: What we`re seeing Ed is...

SCHULTZ: And do you see -- go ahead.

BERNERO: I`m sorry. I was going to say Ed...

SCHULTZ: No, go ahead.

BERNERO: ... it`s really Robin Hood in reversed policies. And I think --
and people sense that, this economy, this so-called recovery, is really --
there`s been very little recovery for middle class and below. For the
folks at the top, they`re doing very well. Here in Michigan, we saw tax
cuts for the rich. We saw a tax increases for retirees. We see cuts to
education. We see cuts to infrastructure.

And if you`re going to grow opportunity for everybody, you`ve got to invest
in education, you`ve got to invest in job training, you`ve got to invest at
infrastructure, our roads and bridges -- bridges are still crumbling in
Michigan. And we`ve got schools that are crumbling. Nothing has been done
for the inner city. And Detroit, maybe we`ll talk about Detroit a little
bit, you know, the bankruptcy there. The people still haven`t felt.
Regular folks have not felt any relief. They`ve got to find an emergency
financial manager in there.

He`s managing the books. You know, what we`re seeing Ed? Wall Street
solutions for main street problems but the Wall Street solutions are...


BERNERO: ... only working for the folks in finance, they`re not working
for the folks on main street.


BERNERO: The streetlights still aren`t on, there`s still problems
answering 911 calls. For regular folks things are hard in Michigan, and
they`re tired on it.

SCHULTZ: Adam, speak to that economic populism that you have touched on in
the past. And this seems to be the worm that`s turning out there, that`s
waking up a lot of independent voters that maybe in the past have voted

GREEN: Absolutely. There is a rising economic populist tide in America.
It goes from Elizabeth Warren on the federal level, to Bill de Blasio on
the city level, and to all these governors` races on the state level. And,
you know, what we have seen is that voters are inspired by big bold
progressive economic populist ideas. And that`s why it`s so significant
that these Republican governors, two Tea (ph) have just declared war on
everyday working people.

And the more the Democrats like Mary Burke in Wisconsin and Charlie Crist
in Florida speak to these economic issues, that is a recipe for success on
Election Day. And it comes down to activist groups like ours to make sure
that we`re doing the hard work of actually getting people to the polls.

SCHULTZ: Do the people get the obstruction that has taken place Adam? Do
they understand how the wheels of government have been stopped by the
Republicans in the house?

GREEN: Well, that gets back to the idea of judgment day, right? These are
governors that came to power at the high point of the Tea Party. And what
we`ve seen is the product of people who are antigovernment accidentally
taking control of the government. And voters, especially at the state
level have seen it right in their backyards.

And that`s why it`s so important again that we continue to elevate this
economic populist message. And between now on Election Day, we must call
out the vote, and make sure that every voter gets to the polls and that we
win these elections.

SCHULTZ: Virg, what`s going to get people out in Michigan? What is going
to get people out in Michigan?

BERNERO: I think, it`s like you said, I think they are getting out. I
think they`re angry. We`re going to do the work necessary, all of the
organizations were better organized that ever before, the state party is
better organized. But frankly it`s going to be, because they`re angry,
they`re upset, they deserve better. There was a bait-and-switch here, and
with all due respect to the governor, I tried to work with them, this is
not sour grapes.

He ran as a nerd, he ran as a technocratic nerd, a guy who`s going to get
under the hood and fix it. But then he began to caucus (ph) out to the Tea
Party. And I think this is what`s happened, maybe in some of these other
states. The guy might be, maybe who knows? Deep down maybe he is a modern
(ph). But the fact is, he`s not willing to stand up to the lunatic fringe
Republican Party.

And it think regular folks, they just wanted to work for them. Regular
folks don`t care so much about Democrat, Republican, about Tea Party but
it`s got to work for them, and they`re not part of a deal. You know,
education has always been a key part of opportunity, education has been
cut. The public schools have been cut and the teachers know it.

They`re not getting the tools they need. We`re not getting the tools, the
investments, and the infrastructure. And of course, the ultimate
investment Ed is in people. You know, you talk about capital investments.
You talk about things that you can invested and get a return from. The
Republicans understand that, but what they don`t understand is the most
important assets you have is your people.

And we aren`t investing in our people, and our people is what`s going to
take us back, it`s what`s going to bring us back. We got to invest in
education, and job training, and job skills. They haven`t had it, they
know it, and they are going to show up on judgment day, November 4th.

SCHULTZ: Climate -- I want to ask Adam. What about climate change? We`re
hearing more about it now than we heard in the last election cycle. I
don`t know if that motivates people or not. But the Republicans are
definitely deniers, there`s no question about that. Very few step to the
plate and say, it`s a problem and we got to do something about it. Is this
going to move people at all on these midterms, or is that just maybe two
more academic of a subject for people, and it`s more basic right to the

GREEN: Well, if you think -- particularly in states like Florida that are
really hit with climate issues and they have a climate-denying governor,
this will be an issue. And there are people like Tom Steyer and various
environmental groups they`re making an issue with substantial amounts of
money in this election. I think it speaks to a larger mainstream versus
not mainstream issue, where we`re taking on this Tea Party fringe. But,
and I think that at the end of the day we`re going to economic populism
issues that are number one on voter`s mind.

You know, in Wisconsin, and pretty much there are 10 -- 10 out of 10,
they`re last in the Midwest in terms of job creation. In Maine where we
have a crazy right-wing governor, they`re 58th in the nation in terms of
economic growth. And those are the issues that will get voters to really
wake up and go to polls on Election Day and boot some of these Republicans


BERNERO: Ed, the attack on teachers, the attack on pensioners, you know,
the Republican seem to abhor and resent the idea that anybody gets a
pension. You know, this has taken people out of poverty...

SCHULTZ: They do.

BERNERO: ... the advances from organized labor -- the attack on organized
labor has been relentless and I think you`re going to see the people rise
up and fight it.

SCHULTZ: Virg Bernero, Mayor of Lansing Michigan, Adam Green Co-found of
the PCCC, gentlemen, great to have you with us on this labor day weekend.
I appreciate your time tonight. Thanks so much.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
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Coming up, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand`s new book exposed sexism in the
senate with a lot of allegations. Rapid Response panel weighs on that.
But first, conservatives criticized the president over his lack of strategy
in Syria. Congressman John Garamendi joins me on that. Stay with us we`ll
be right back.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Daredevil surfers flock to the waves, crowds spectators
lined ashore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let it rip paint pen (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s nothing like it. It`s in an adrenaline rush.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Storms off both coast cause wild waves.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: High waves and rip currents are being churned up and
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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I like these battles of humongous waves

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The number two trender, on alert.

THERESA MAY, U.K. HOME SECRETARY: JTAC has today raised the threat level
to the U.K. from substantial to severe.

now with ISIS is a greater and deeper threat to our security that we have
known before.

SCHULTZ: Great Britain raises its threat level.

CAMERON: This is not some foreign conflict, thousands of miles from home
that we can hope to ignore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a near concerned that Cameron is dealing with
on his borders.

MAY: We will take the strongest possible action to protect our national

CAMERON: We cannot appease this ideology. We have to confront it at home
and abroad.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top trender, Syria`s business.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President Obama is taking heat for saying his
administration has yet to develop a plan to deal with ISIS militants in

want to put the cart before the horse. We don`t have a strategy yet.

SCHULTZ: Conservatives jump on the president for his lack of a serious

describe what happen today and that`s disaster.

REP. MIKE ROGERS, (R) MICHIGAN: He shocked me to have a press conference
to say, we don`t have strategy was really shocking given the severity of
the threat.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But what does he do now?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well you bomb the bad guys.

display of a lack of leadership.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight here on the Ed Show Congressman John Garamendi
of Californian who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.
Congressman, your reaction to the president`s comment yesterday about not
having a strategy or plan for Syria.

REP. JOHN GARAMENDI, (D) CALIFORNIA: Well, the Syria situation is
developing, and if we need to make sure that we have allies working with
us. The president will be meeting with NATO next week. We know that Kerry
is headed to the Middle East to try to rally support there.

We have to have other nations in place, and when that comes together with
the military which is now assessing the various options that they have
available to them, then there will be a strategy. And the president was
being honest that at this point, the strategy is being developed, it is not
yet in place. And there`s one other factor that`s really important, and
that is that the War Powers Act is operating, and congress is going to have
to deal with this issue, yes or no.

And so the president needs to makes sure that whatever the international
diplomatic program is, together with the military program, coincides with a
congressional authorization. So, yes it is a strategy in development, it
is not yet in place. The president is being honest which is what we ought
to have from a president.

SCHULTZ: So, you`re not troubled at all by the president`s wording or
phrasing of the situation right now and you don`t think that that damages
his position on foreign policy at all?

GARAMENDI: Well, if one word -- to really understand what is actually
happening, what the White House, what the Pentagon, what the secretary of
state, all of those people are doing, we are in the process of developing a
strategy. We know that we cannot do this alone. We know that we don`t
want American boots on the ground which means there`s going to have to be
somebody else`s boots, and that is Iraq, quite possibly Turkey is going to
get involve, and certainly we know the Kurds are involved.

So, that`s the process that`s underway. Yeah, I put my foot in my mouth
many times and the president probably wishes he`d have that word back too.
But the reality is quite different that what other people want to make of
it. And as I`ve said before, if the president would have Cheerios in the
morning he`d be condemn for not having Wheaties.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Well, the president, some are thinking that he is overly
cautious on this issue, maybe even not prepared. But your thoughts, I
mean, are we being too cautious here? I mean, there are public executions
that are taking place with ISIS. Obviously, the air strikes have been
intensified, but when he says he doesn`t have a strategy yet, it sounds
like he`s winging it.

And I don`t know -- you`re the -- seriously, Congressman you`re the first
Democrat that I`ve heard come out in some sorts defend the president for
the way he`s positioned this and explaining that there`s a lot of players
at this table.

GARAMENDI: Well, I think it`s easy enough to take shots at anybody. And
certainly the president being the highest on the pinnacle, people could
shoots at him, but that`s not going to solve this problem. This is a very
complex situation, certainly a political situation. He is going to have to
come to congress with a strategy, with a plan for Iraq, quite possibly for

That takes a lot of time and effort to understand the politics of congress,
and you need to make sure that your military can carry it out. We are in
the process, it`s been said we`re in the process of determining through our
intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets, what is on the
ground in Syria, where is ISIS, what are their assets? All of those things
need to be known, Ed. And we need the diplomatic piece of it.

This other weekend, last week, and I was with an old rancher up in a ranch,
and he was saying, "You got to be careful, John. You know you want a --
got a rattle snake out there. You sure as heck don`t want to step it`s his
tail. He`ll come around and bite you." You got to be sure you can get at
the head of this snake, and that`s what the president`s in the process is

Sure, he should have used a different word, but the reality is quite, quite
different here. We do know that the air strikes have contained and have
slowed ISIS quite possibly, not possibly, clearly pushed ISIS back to Mosul
Dam, and from (inaudible) and dealt with those folks that are on the
mountain. So, there has been actual action taken, a strategy in place to
give the Iraqi government time to reform, time to get a new Prime Minister
in place. That was a strategic...


GARAMENDI: ... implementation of a program that has stabilized the
situation. And now we need to take the next step. Thank you, Ed, but we
can make progress here.

SCHULTZ: All right. OK. Congressman John Garamendi of California with us
tonight, I appreciate your time, John. Thanks so much.


SCHULTZ: Still ahead, front row articles in the -- antics, should I say,
in the halls of Congress. What`s happening? Just how are they treating
fellow colleagues?

Rapid Response going to weighs in on sexism within the Senate. Plus, Pat
Robertson pontificates about the end times, Pretenders is next. But I got
your questions next. Ask Ed Live coming up. We`ll be right back in the Ed


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, appreciate all the questions.
Tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment, our first question comes from Peter.
He wants to know, "Will organize labor movement in this country ever have
the same prominence as they did throughout the 20th century?"

It`s hard to say, election outcomes have a lot to do with that. As far as
numbers of workers, probably not but influence and organization and
advocating for workers I think would be as strong as ever if not better.

Our next question is from Cathy. She wants to know, "Ed, what are your
plans for Labor Day?" Well you know what? Former Minnesota Vikings head
coach Bud Grant once said, he can`t hunt and fish all the time, I agree
with that. One thing I`m going to be doing this Labor Day is plotting
strategy for the Ed Show for the next couple of months about where we`re
going to be on the road, to go out and tell the story to motivate people to
vote and get into the process, 66 days away.

What are the stories out there that are going to move people in this
country? That`s what I`m going to be doing, mapping strategy out about
what we`re going to do here the next couple of months. And that is a very
detailed work, I`ll have you know. Stick around, Rapid Response panel is

JULIA BOORSTIN, CNBC MARKET WRAP: I`m Julia Boorstin with your CNBC Market

Stocks in the end the week on the plus side, the Dow up 18 points, the S&P
up more than 6 to close off its best August in 14 years, and the NASDAQ
adds 22.5 points.

One big winner today, Tesla motors. Shares hit a records after the company
said it would partner to bring charging stations across China. Consumer
sentiment rose more than expected in August according to the University of
Michigan. However, consumers spending fell slightly last month, first
declined since January.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. You`ve heard of the Good ol` Boys
Club? A 102 women currently serve in the 113th Congress, that`s a record
number. But the fact is women is still make up less than 19 percent of the
total membership of who makes the decisions in this country.

Capitol Hill is still a Good ol` Boys Club no matter how you look at it.
Need proof? Look no further than Senator Kirsten Gillibrand new book, "Off
the Sidelines". According to excerpts published in People Magazine, some
of Gillibrand`s male colleagues on Capitol Hill don`t even try to hide
their sexism. In the Congressional gym, an older male colleague told here,
"Good thing you`re working out because you wouldn`t want to get porky."

Another one -- Another time, one of her fellow senate members squeezed her
stomach and said, "Don`t lose too much weight now, I like my girls chubby."
A southern congressman told her, "You know, Kirsten, you`re even pretty
when you`re fat." A United States Senate and a United States senator
should be able to do her job, no question about it, without her body being
scrutinized by colleagues. If those comments were made in any other
office, boys in America, you better H.R. would be talking sexual
harassment. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.


ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS JOURNALIST: It`s 2014, I covered the Senate in
the late 1980s and 1990s and we all had our stories of whom you would not
get on elevator with, and whom you would protect your young female interns
from. Some of those former senators were actually expelled.

DANA BASH, CNN ANCHORWOMAN: After I had my son three years ago, I got some
comments that would blow you away from male senators. Maybe not realizing
that they were saying inappropriate things but talking about, you know,
getting my figure back and things like that.


SCHULTZ: So, what do you think, Good ol` Boys Club? Enough is enough.
These comments reflect a complete lack of respect for women. And those
comments were made by men who have a direct impact on issues like equal pay
or reproductive rights.

Joining me tonight on the Rapid Response panel, Zerlina Maxwell, political
analyst and contributor to Also with us tonight, political
commentator, John Fugelsang. Great to have both of you with us tonight.
Zerlina, I know elections can certainly change a lot of things to get more
women into elected positions but, what should be done about this if
anything, what do you think, what`s your -- are you surprised by this?

ZERLINA MAXWELL, POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, I`m not surprised by this at
all. And I think that, you know, the outcry for Senator Gillibrand to name
names, instead we probably should be asking why no women are surprised by
this story. And why all women are saying, "Yes, that sounds familiar, that
sounds like something that I can relate to because that has happened to me
as well".

And I just think that this is the kind of issue and the opportunity for us
to talk about sexism and sexual harassment, and why men feel entitled to be
able to comment on women`s body, simply because they`re in public. So that
has to do with sexual harassment in the workplace, that`s tact (ph)
calling, that`s harassment in all different scenarios.

SCHULTZ: Well, whether she acknowledges who said that and identifies what
senators were involved, I think what is immense credibility, John, to the
story is that there are two reporters who are on the air right now, who
say, "Yes, that`s the way it is." And I`m talking about Andrea Mitchell
and also the reporter from CNN. What about that?

JOHN FUGELSANG, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, of course that`s credibility.
And again, for some of our right-wing friends to smear Senator Gillibrand
for not naming names, they`re insulting all the Republican women who have
to put up with this stuff everyday. And I applaud the senator for not
naming names and not taking the bait. It is not incumbent upon her to
describe her experience to their standards.

But, you know, this just proves that even women in the United States Senate
can be objectified by their peers. The problem is those male peers are the
kind of low wattage guys who would love to be objectified in the workplace
by a woman but no one wants to. And it`s that infinite rage that so many
these charming fellows have that drives them to say such inappropriate
things. By the way, Ed sexy tie, yes. You know...

SCHULTZ: Thank you.

FUGELSANG: How would you like it if I...

SCHULTZ: My wife picked it out by the way.


SCHULTZ: By the way, for disclosure, my wife is in charge of all ties on
the Ed Show. That is for me, anyway.

FUGELSANG: Good to know.

SCHULTZ: Republican -- yes, Republican pollster Frank Luntz twitted out,
is Kirsten Gillibrand only hiding the identities of the male senators who
sexually harassed her because they are Democrats? Zerlina, what`s your
response to that?

MAXWELL: I mean, I just think this is not partisan, we have to stop -- we
have to resist the impulse to make this partisan because sexism happens to

And all women experience this too, and like he said, Republican women are
quite likely experiencing the same thing. And so, I just think that, it is
a distraction to say she has to name names. I think we should talk to the
women in our lives their own experiences then we`re going to be surprised
by what we learn.

That this is all too common and that women are experiencing this everyday.
We have the hashtag "YesAllWomen" and it was millions of woman all over the
globe telling their own stories about harassment and objectification.

FUGELSANG: And again, you know, discussing Frank Luntz`s tone deafness
really takes us away from discussing Frank Luntz`s evil which is a much
more important issue. But for him to be suggesting that she`s protecting
Democrats, that`s like saying someone like Dana Bash who spoke about her
harassment is protecting Republicans. It`s offensive and ludicrous, and I
love, Ed, seeing all these anonymous trolls on Twitter and in the comments
section across the media demanding this female senator reveal the names and
not -- and have full disclosure and they`re anonymous...


FUGELSANG: ... reveal your own identity, pal. Physician, heal thyself.

SCHULTZ: So, do you think that the senator from New York should start
naming names? I mean, I think she`s awful brave to come out and do this.
And I`m surprised that other senators haven`t done it in the past, but I
think she`s taking a very bold and a very important step because, as I
mentioned in the intro to your interviews here tonight, these are the guys
that don`t want to do equal pay...


SCHULTZ: Is that who we`re talking about?

FUGELSANG: Ding, ding.


SCHULTZ: Are these the guys who don`t want to do equal pay for women.
What about that? I mean I think that is the big story. How these guys
vote on women`s issues as well if they have the strength to say things like
this. What do you think?

MAXWELL: Well, I think when it becomes -- that`s when it becomes partisan
when, you`re legislating your sexism. And so, when you`re saying equal pay
or something that women are making up, and you`re also saying I don`t
believe your story about your own harassment, you need to show me proof.

You`re just validating our point that men feel entitled to women`s bodies,
feel entitled to be able to comment on women`s bodies but yet don`t want to
take responsibility. And I don`t think she should name names because that
only allows the person who did it the opportunity to come out and do some
fake remorseful press conference...


MAXWELL: ... in front of his wife and pretend like he`s a great guy.

FUGELSANG: And even more so, Zerlina, I`m sure you`d agree, that guys
these low wattage guys who did this in the first place, believe me,
testosterone runs the brain, they`ve already forgotten they ever said it...


FUGELSANG: ... and they`ve said lame comments to four hundred other women
since then. It would do her no good at all. It would just trap her into
playing the game of the sexist.


SCHULTZ: You said they are low wattage, I thought they`re high wattage, I

FUGELSANG: No, there`s a lot of...

SCHULTZ: I mean...

FUGELSANG: ... Ed, it might shock you.

SCHULTZ: What are they doing? There a male political reporter said that
he didn`t believe the report and then believed the book and of course he`s
backtracked and apologized. I mean, this is something that needs to be
addressed if these are the people who were making the decisions on women`s
issues in America. If this is how they feel, how do we expect them to take
them seriously?

Zerlina Maxwell and also John Fugelsang, great to have you with us tonight,
thanks so much.

FUGELSANG: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Coming up, while congress is on vacation corporations are gaining
the system to avoid paying taxes. Congressman Chris Van Hollen weights in.
Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, Wit`s end, Pat Robertson. The end is
near, and Pat Robertson, he`s excited. The Pat Robertson thinks ISIS can
fulfill the prophecy for the end of days.


PAT ROBERTSON, CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN: The Bible says, in the last days --
and it`s in Isaiah, that Assyria is going to go and join with Egypt.
Assyria doesn`t existing anymore, it fell apart, but what is Assyria, it is
Iraq and Syria. And ISIS is bringing Iraq and Syria together, call it
Assyria and let them encompass current Syria and current Iraq and then we
would be fulfilling Bible prophecy and it may will happen. You know, it`s
one of those things. You can mark my word (inaudible). Was that prophetic
or I`m just playing games?


SCHULTZ: Doomsday is Robertson`s favorite pastime.


ROBERTSON: Are we really coming to the last days? I think so. I think
that the world is going to be in chaos. This year, we`re not going to have
a unified world. There will no flesh remaining on Earth. There would be
nobody alive. I don`t see anything else that fulfills the prophetic words
of Jesus Christ other than an asteroid strike.


SCHULTZ: OK. Robertson is saying some scary stuff. If Pat Robertson
thinks going off the deep end means he can predict the end of the world, he
can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work. Greedy corporations in the past, they`ve had no
problem with your taxes going up so they can pay less. They know how to
milk the system. This week, Burger King said it`s planning to buy Canadian
fast-food chains Tim Hortons. Burger King would join a growing list of
corporations moving overseas to lower their tax burden here in the United

Originally, both companies said that they knew global headquarters would be
in Canada. This news instantly sparked outrage in the United States.
Burger King released a statement saying that the merging was about growth,
not tax evasion and they would continue to pay all their taxes. Only time
will tell if Burger King actually moves to Canada, action must be taken to
stop corporate inversions schemes that out there abundantly.

It`s estimated the treasury could lose $20 billion over the next decade if
corporate inversions continue. Earlier this month, President Obama said
executive action could be on the table to stop the tax cheats.


OBAMA: We`re reviewing all of our options. As usual, and related to the
answer I gave Jonathan about executive actions, my preference would always
be for us to go ahead and get something done in congress...


SCHULTZ: So far, congress has taken no action to stop tax inversion. They
aren`t coming back from their August recess until September 8.

For more, let me bring in Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland,
Congressman, always, good to have you with us tonight.

REP. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN, (D) MARYLAND: Happy to be with you.

SCHULTZ: This is a story that broke -- you bet, this is a story that broke
early in this week. We`re doing it again tonight because we got a lot of
reactions to it. It seems like there`s a real fairness hot button amongst
consumers out there across America. They see this is a real injustice.
But with all the obstruction that`s going on in congress, what hope do you
have that this could be addressed and how big a problem is it?

HOLLEN: Well, it`s a big problem and Congress needs to act and it needs to
as soon as it gets back. There is no excuse for inaction, Congressman
Sandy Levin and I have introduced legislation, the house that would deal
with these inversions, which are just a fancy name, Ed, for a bigger
American company swallowing up a smaller foreign company in order for the
American company to dodge its tax responsibilities, the American tax payer.

And of course, what that means is other Americans are going to have put a
bigger bill so that Burger King can pay less, even though Burger King
enjoys all the benefits of the American consumers here in the United
States. So, I hope Congress will act, I hope that Harry Reid and the
Senate will take up legislation and ask for a vote on this, because the
American people need to know where our people stand on this.

SCHULTZ: Do you think the Republicans even care about this because the
narrative with them is going to be, "Well, if we do this, then we`re
antibusiness and we certainly don`t want to be perceived as that". What
about that?

HOLLEN: Well, what Republicans say is, "Well, the fundamental problem here
is with our corporate tax structure". And what I would say is we like to
change the corporate tax structure, too. We can lower the rates and expand
the base, right now, as you know we do have a high corporate tax rate, but
the effective tax rate in the United States is in the middle of other
countries, because of all the deductions people can take.

So, we can fix that but Republicans have used the need to do tax reform as
an excuse for not acting now on this very specific case of inversions. In
fact, Dave Camp who`s the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee,
Republican put a tax reform plan on the table, had lots of problems but the
person who ran away from it the fastest was John Boehner, the Speaker of
the House.

So Ed, when you hear Republicans say, "Well, we`re not going to deal with
the problem or these inversions until we get overall tax reform. And then
the speaker runs away from the one tax reform plan his own chairman has put
forward. You know they`re using that as an excuse to simply allow these
American corporations to invert and -- at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

Again, the bottom line is it means American consumers taxpayers are going
to pay $20 billion more so that these companies through this tax avoidance
scheme can pay less.

SCHULTZ: So, the tax avoidance takes place, the corporations pay less,
there is not enough money in the treasury, the Republicans come back to the
American people and say, "Well, gosh, government`s too big, we got to cut
it back". I mean this is all about their scheme to attack government
services and reduce the size of the government, isn`t it?

HOLLEN: Well, you`re raising a good point, right? So, if you allow these
inversions to continue, that means a $20 billion less revenue. That means
a $20 billion higher deficit. And so, then Republicans come along and say,
"Well, we got these high deficits so we got to cut...


HOLLEN: ... our investment, our kid`s education, or we got to reduce the
amount for Medicare". Whatever it may be, they`re letting these
corporations get a free ride in terms moving overseas, essentially
deserting the country for taxpayer purposes, while getting all the other
benefits of being here in the United States at the expense the American

And that just goes to show, the bottom line is, and whenever you see this
kind of choice being made in the congress. Our Republican colleagues
always double down protecting these corporate special interests at the
expense of regular folks.

SCHULTZ: There`s no doubt about it. Congress Chris Van Hollen, have a

HOLLEN: That`s why we need a vote on this, Ed. We need a vote. We need
it on the next couple weeks.


HOLLEN: I hope Harry Reid will bring up and sit (ph) in the House. We
will continue to push for a vote in the house.

SCHULTZ: All right. Well, I`m sure you`ll going to get in air for the
last few days of your recess and what not. This is what a lot of people
have been talking about. You have a great Labor Day weekend. I appreciate
your time. Thank you, Congressman.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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