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The Ed Show for Thursday, November 13th, 2014

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Date: November 13, 2014

Guest: Dana Loesch, Barry Lynn, Annette Taddeo, Henry Fernandez; Naomi
Klein; Jared Polis

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from New York.

Now if you`re in the business of doing business for the people you got to
have plan. What is the Republican plan for health care? Let`s get to


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There has to be a solution to replace Obamacare.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is Republicans...

SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: Now is the time...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have up in last than forthright about what their
proposed changes before the press, would do.

CRUZ: Do everything humanly possible to repeal Obamacare.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, (R-KY) MINORITY LEADER: We like to repeal it for

SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: Obamacare...

Repeal it for everybody.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH) HOUSE SPEAKER: The House I`m sure at some point
next year will move to repeal Obamacare.

CRUZ: Now is the time...

BOEHNER: At some point next year.

Is that clear?


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folk`s thanks for watching I`m
on the edge of my seat waiting for that plan. Today marked the day where
the next Congress is starting to take shape.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has been elected Majority Leader of the
Senate, the Republican Conference. And of course on the Democratic side,
look at this, Elizabeth Warren as secured a leadership role as the new
Strategic Policy Advisor to the Democratic Policy and Communications
Committee, that`s a big title.

The role was created specifically for her and it secures a progressive
voice in the leadership, what the leftist concerned about right now. Mitch
McConnell has made it very clear what the agenda is going to be all about.
On the top of this list is repealing and chipping away at Obamacare. OK,
give him that. What`s the plan? Here is McConnell just one day after
winning the majority.


MCCONNELL: It`s no secret that every one of my members thinks that
Obamacare was a huge legislative mistake. It`s fouled up the health
insurance market. It`s put states in a deep hole in terms of the Medicaid
expansion and their own ability to finance it a few years from now. If I
had the ability, Karl, obviously I would get rid of it.

Obviously, as you -- it`s also true he`s still there. So, we`ll be
discussing how to go forward on this issue when we get back.


SCHULTZ: Now I got to throw this number at your way folks. He just said
that it screwed up the insurance market. Well -- that`s something I wish I
have. UnitedHealthcare Group up 17 percent, Humana up 45 percent, Aetna up
30 percent, Cigna up 30 percent, look at WellPoint there up 47 percent.

Wow, but, you know, what? Mitch McConnell want`s to take away health care
for 10 million Americans. The Republican agenda seems to be reverse -- to
reverse everything on health care. This is what McConnell wants to repeal.
10 million people, 10.3 uninsured Americans have received the coverage
since October 1st of 2013.

That`s a hard number it could be verified. Republicans have no solution to
find those Americans health care. Where is the plan? It`s not on the
table. It`s all negativity coming from them. Here`s another thing about

There has been a 25 percent increase in the total number of insurance --
insurer sellers -- health insurance plans in the market place, so that`s
mean that there`s more people in the mix. 8.2 million Seniors have saved
over $11.5 billion in health care cost. So you see it just not for the
young kids out there on their parent`s policy.

When it comes to prescription drugs and better places in more competition,
this is what`s it`s done for seniors. Republicans want to get rid of that.
I have to say that because they don`t have a plan right now.

The growth of health care has dropped from 2010 to 2013 per capita. Health
cost grew at annual rate of just 1.1 percent. It is slowest rate for any
three-year period on record. Now let`s talks about the hospitals from a
moment. How are they doing?

Hospitals are projected to save $5.7 billion this year in uncompensated
health care cost. That means the tax payer isn`t picking up the tab for
Americans who can`t afford it. You know those Americans who were going in
into the emergency room whether Republicans were telling them where to go
get care and then somebody else had to pay the bill.

You see they get coverage now. 74 percent of those saving are coming from
states that have expanded Medicaid. Now, let`s not forget the most
important provision of the Affordable Care Act. Its consumer protections,
you would think the Republicans are concern about consumers.

But wait a minute. They don`t have anything on the table. Republicans
want to go back to the days of health insurance companies having all the
power, denying the sick, denying coverage for preexisting condition. They
want to go back to the cancellation and the limits of coverage. In other
words they`re only going to pay so much. And they want to get rid of the
free preventive care, which of course get you out in front of your health

Now Republicans want to deny young adults under that age of 26 from staying
on their parent`s plan, their health care plan which is very popular. Now
Republicans opposition to Obamacare is purely as I see it political at
this. Maybe the plans coming out tomorrow or next week, but what I give
you here to tonight, are numbers that are verifiable, it`s the truth. This
is law, it is saving money, it`s working for millions of Americans and its
saving lives.

Don`t ask me why the Democrats couldn`t run on what I just did here in the
last four minutes. I don`t know. I don`t know it seems to me like it`s a
pretty good sell. But there`s been so much personality bashing on the
President. There has been so much negativity about -- and lies about the
law. These are the hard number one year after. OK, I give it to you,
little rough start on the website. But, you know, what? It got a handled.
It got handled for over 10 million people.

For more let me bring in Kristal Ball who is the co-host "The Cycle" here
in MSNBC. Also MSNBC, Dr. Corey Hebert, he is the professor at LSU Health
Science Center.

And we`ll start tonight with Dana Loesch who is nationally syndicated radio
talk show host and author of the book "Hand off my gun". Dana good to have
you with us tonight, I appreciate your time.

DANA LOESCH, HOST, "DANA" ON THEBLAZE: Of course Ed, good to join you here
from Dallas Texas at TheBlaze headquarters.

SCHULTZ: Are the Cowboys going to be OK, now. I mean I keep hearing -- I
mean what`s happening in there? Is...

LOESCH: Yeah, you know...

SCHULTZ: ... going to be back or what. Let`s get the important stuff out
of the way first.

LOESCH: I moved here to Dallas about year ago. And I`ve kind of adopted
the Cowboys although I`m always going to be -- I`m originally from Saint
Louis, I`m always going to be a diehard Cardinal fan.

SCHULTZ: All right.

LOESCH: But, you know, I`m confident because they`re doing better than the

SCHULTZ: All right. Let`s get to health care.


SCHULTZ: Why do the Republicans not have a plan on the table Dana? All
they talk about is repeal. The numbers I gave are fact, your thoughts.

LOESCH: Right, because Harry Reid hit it on his desk, that`s why. You
know, that there are over at least nine plans that have been submitted by
House Republicans and sent to the Senate alternatives to Obamacare, several
of those which were presented prior to the passage of Obamacare. So, I
mean ultimately I think that`s kind of a question that we need to ask the
outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid because there had been plans
presented. Not all of them I`ve agree with, but a lot of them have some
really good stuff in there that I think should have been included on

SCHULTZ: OK, so what do you agree with and what do the Republicans agree
with of the numbers that I`ve put out?

LOESCH: Well, you were citing White House number so I`m not quite sure
what -- you had mentioned...

SCHULTZ: No, this comes from the Congressional Budget Office. These are

LOESCH: I know and I have some numbers before you from CBO because we know
how the CBO works, you know, they just kind of score what you give them.

SCHULTZ: No, no, no. No wait a minute now...

LOESCH: Yes they do, that`s how it works.

SCHULTZ: ... OK, so whose numbers do you want to believe? The
Congressional Budget Office is not nonpartisan...

LOESCH: Well, I just going, I`m going on the American people that are
reported in. You were saying that -- what did you say Ed that you said
Republicans want to run 10 million people off of health care.

SCHULTZ: They do.

LOESCH: I would say -- I would say that the administration done a really
banged up job of that so far because 4.7 million people have lost their
insurance in 32 different states...

SCHULTZ: Dana, are there more people...

LOESCH: ... they want to accomplish a big part of that...

SCHULTZ: ... wait a minute, are there more people in America today with
health care than a year ago. That`s a yes or no?

LOESCH: No, there are a lot people who lost their health insurance...

SCHULTZ: No? OK, all right, I`ll let...

LOESCH: ... family members have lost health insurance.

SCHULTZ: OK, there`s no...

LOESCH: I have a lot of friends lost health insurance.

SCHULTZ: That`s because it was junk insurance. But let`s go back to

LOESCH: No, no, no. No, no, no. You don`t to get put that out there and
run off.

SCHULTZ: No, no, no I`ll get to that. I will get to that.

LOESCH: They`re not junk plan.

SCHULTZ: I`ll get to that. There are federal standards right now that
have to be met or they can`t be sold in the marketplace.

LOESCH: I know there lowered their criteria. I know...

SCHULTZ: I want to be very clear, crystal clear it. You say that there
are fewer people in this country with health care today than a year ago.
Did I hear that correctly?

LOESCH: Obama -- remember it was PolitiFact`s lie of the year just
recently that the President promised, if you like your health care plan you
can keep it.

SCHULTZ: That`s not the question.

LOESCH: But you said -- no, the question Ed...

SCHULTZ: I want you -- No, I want you tell my audience...

LOESCH: ... whether or not Obamacare was good.

SCHULTZ: Dana I`m not going to do this.

LOESCH: ... it cost people coverage.

SCHULTZ: Dana, hold on.

LOESCH: It cost people coverage.

SCHULTZ: I want you to deny what this fact...

LOESCH: That`s the reality that -- in which we`re dealing.

SCHULTZ: What this fact. There are more...

LOESCH: That`s the reality that -- in which we`re dealing

SCHULTZ: Are you telling me that there are fewer people with health care
in this country today than a year ago. Yes or no.

LOESCH: I am telling you that Obamacare has absolutely cost people health
insurance policy.

SCHULTZ: You wouldn`t answer the question. You won`t give me an answer.

LOESCH: You don`t like the way that I`m answering it because you want to
move the goal post.

SCHULTZ: No I`m not moving any goal post. It`s a hard fact, either you
have insurance or you don`t.

LOESCH: Do you believe that Obamacare...

SCHULTZ: Do more people...

LOESCH: ... has given more insurance...


LOESCH: ... to people? 4.7 million people...

SCHULTZ: I`m doing the interview here.

LOESCH: ... CBO numbers.

SCHULTZ: I`m showing you respect by doing the interview. You`re
interviewing me back, hold on.

LOESCH: I`m doing you a favor by doing this interview Ed.

SCHULTZ: It is a job killer why we have 55 months of private sector job

LOESCH: Why did the CBO said that it`s actually...

SCHULTZ: You`re answering with a question. Let`s go to Krystal Ball.
Kristal, are these numbers are phony?

KRYSTAL BALL, "THE CYCLE" HOST: The numbers are not phony and I mean its
unequivocal to fact that we have more people now insured that previously.
And it`s also it`s been a huge lift for young people. It`s been a huge
lift for people of color. It`s been a huge lift for women.

And, you know, the idea that we did have some bumps in the beginning,
certainly the case. The idea that some people did have to switch to
different insurance because it wasn`t up to the standard of the law,
certainly the case.

But, overall if you look the country as a whole there is not doubt that
folks are better off, they have alternatives, they can`t be kicked off
their coverage. And there was nothing that the Republicans have offered
that comes anywhere close...

SCHULTZ: Dana says there`s nine plans out there.

BALL: They have offered various little piecemeal things. Things like
selling across...

LOESCH: No, they`re been whole plans...

BALL: ... state lines that -- and none of them, but Dana do any of them
come close to insuring the number of people that the Obamacare Act ensures?

LOESCH: Well I don`t that they would cost 4.7 million people with
perfectly good health insurance plan...

BALL: Well in fact some of them would have but...

LOESCH: I don`t even think they have been read by the Senate.

BALL: We have -- again to answer you question though, I mean, would the
Republican plans cover as many people as Obamacare does?

LOESCH: By the federal government. It would make it would exponentially
easier for people to get health insurance.

LOESCH: That`s not true based on like this video (ph) has said.

SCHULTZ: OK, all right let`s go to Dr. Hebert. Doc...

LOESCH: No, no, no, no. Krystal, no, no, no. First off, that`s not true
either. I mean you can`t say that that`s not true. It hasn`t even been
sent to the CBO.

BALL: Yes, independent analysis...

SCHULTZ: Oh, now you`re including the CBO. Now, wait a minute.

LOESCH: I`ve put in a couple a little bit ago.

SCHULTZ: Dana first you`re vilifying the CBO and now you`re quoting (ph)

LOESCH: No, no, no don`t jump in here and save Krystal. Let me talk to
Krystal Ball first. I`m not quite sure...

SCHULTZ: Excuse me, you`re not running over me. This -- you`re not going

LOESCH: ... insight one of this...

SCHULTZ: Dana you`re not going to filibuster, I`m going to let you do it.
I`m going to let you filibuster.

LOESCH: Ed, let me answer your question, you asked me earlier.

SCHULTZ: No, I`m going to go back to this question on.

You`re being unworkable right now. OK, just hold on. I`ll give you more
time. You`re rude as it stand right now. I gave you first shot and you
run all over. Doctor how can it be bad for business of all of these
insurance companies stocks are up?

COREY HEBERT, LSU HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER: Wow. I just got to get a word in
here. Let -- I`m glad I`m here because I bring the different prospective.
I`m looking to a different lens. If the young lady that`s on -- off the
camera right now would understand and look into a patient`s eyes.

A person that has never had health care in their life that will now come to
the clinic, and which happens to my clinic almost everyday and say, "I have
diabetes. I`ve been going to the E.R. which has cost my hospital a million
dollars over my life time. Now I have primary care. Thank you so much for
allowing this to happen".

That, when you can do that and then look and then look in somebody`s eye
and say, "You know what? I don`t want you to have that insurance then we
can talk". But until then, they just don`t get.

SCHULTZ: The Republicans have not come out and said, "OK, this is we`re
going to -- this is what we`re going to keep on Obamacare, A, B, C, D".
They haven`t done that.

HEBERT: Exactly.

SCHULTZ: All they`ve done is talk about repeal. So Dana let me go back to


SCHULTZ: Was there a junk insurance in the industry before this law? Yes
or no?

LOESCH: Well first off, we`re not going to frame the questions that way.

SCHULTZ: Why not? Why do mean. What are you talking to -- what are
talking about?

LOESCH: Hold on. Can I answer your question or your going to yell at me
some more?

SCHULTZ: Were not going to frame the questions that way? OK.

LOESCH: Did you just bring me on here to yell at me for 10 minutes?

SCHULTZ: No, I want you to answer the questions.

LOESCH: No, all right I`m answering it.

SCHULTZ: I want you to answer the questions. Was there junk -- I`m going
you an opportunity here.

LOESCH: If you want to believe -- this is how to need to ask Ed. This is
how you need -- I`m giving you an opportunity.


LOESCH: This how you need to asked Ed.

SCHULTZ: I`m doing the interviewer here Dana.

LOESCH: Do I believe that insurance was perfect? No, I don`t believe...

SCHULTZ: Dana, this isn`t working. You being very rude, you`re not the
host of the show.

LOESCH: Are your going to let me answer?

SCHULTZ: You`re not the host of the show. I`m going to give you the floor
for 30 seconds, go ahead.

LOESCH: I`ll just seat here you can yell at me. Go ahead and yell at me.
I`ll wait.

SCHULTZ: You have the floor for 30 second go ahead.

LOESCH: Oh, is it my turn to talk again OK. Do I believe that health
insurance needed to be reformed? Absolutely, I completely believe that
there`s a number of things that we could have done. We could have increase
portability. We could have decoupled business from people`s health --
peoples health insurance so that they could always maintain their health
insurance no matter -- if they had to change jobs or not.

One of the things that I wish we could do and I wish government would do
and I hope Ed that our Republican Congress takes this opportunity to do is
to increase competition. We can have more chooses and we can have less
cost that we have increase...

SCHULTZ: Dana, excuse me, there are 25 percent more...

LOESCH: OK, you`re going to yell me at me now, all right.

SCHULTZ: Dana, I interrupt because I give you 30 seconds.

LOESCH: I know.

SCHULTZ: Now listen, there`s 25 percent more people -- competition in the
market today offering plans. So that`s been taken care of in that regard.


SCHULTZ: The fact is there are federal standard now.

By the insurance industry that they can`t sell plans that don`t live up to
what consumers need. We had an election that has been decided.

LOESCH: Yeah, and we had another one and we have Republican Congress.


SCHULTZ: That`s good. Hey look you got the power. Give us a plan.
That`s the whole point of this thing.

LOESCH: Well, you know what? We`ve had plans that have been submitted and
no one wants to acknowledge that which is really (inaudible)...

BALL: On the specific of -- if you decoupled the employer insurance. That
would entail a lot of people losing their current issuance which is...


BALL: ... what you`re upset about right now. That`s exactly what that
would entail. I mean one of the reasons that Obamacare was crafted in the
way that it was, was to keep as many people on the plans as they have.

Now, as you pointed out and as Ed pointed out, some of those plans that
people had didn`t met the standard of quality health insurance. So yes, it
was not 4.3 million people but a number of people did have to switch to a
better more higher quality plan.

SCHULTZ: All right, Dana you have the final word.

LOESCH: I just have a quick question. If we`re talking about standard of
care, I`m just sort of carious as to what standards of care having pick
people like -- I have a very good friend of mine who is dealing with breast
cancer. She lost her health insurance in Saint Louis. She`s dealing with
Obamacare. She now does not have any access to the cancer center not just
Saint Louis but in a number of cities...

SCHULTZ: I want to interview her.

LOESCH: ... all across the country Seattle and Cleveland.

SCHULTZ: I don`t believe that.

LOESCH: Seattle and...

SCHULTZ: I want to interview her.

LOESCH: There are tons of stories like that Ed.

SCHULTZ: Dr. Hebert do you believe that?

LOESCH: But you could hear (ph) and you just count all of them because it
doesn`t go along with your narrative.

HEBERT: No, that`s not true. She may not be able to keep her exact health
care plan because of the doctor that she want...

LOESCH: No, that`s the way it is, because that`s how the law was crafted.

HEBERT: ... but that doesn`t matter because it`s about health care for all
not just one person.


LOESCH: That doesn`t make any sense.

SCHULTZ: That`s all we have, time...


SCHULTZ: ... first of all Dr. Corey Hebert and Dana Loesch a lot of

LOESCH: Thanks Ed.

SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight thank you. So that`s difference
we have here in health care in America. People pick and choose their
facts, you`re only allowed to ask certain questions and when you counter
somebody they might come back with a question totally dodging what the
point is. The point is this, there are numbers that are undeniable how
this health care law has helped Americans and the Republicans want to
repeal all of it. At least that`s what their saying.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Do you think we should bring more conservative on the Ed Show?"
Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622, you can always leave a comment at
our blog which I hope you do at and will bring you the result
later on

Coming up, the founder of Domino`s sets out to build a Catholic promise
land in Florida. There just one problem a little thing called the
constitution kind of get in the way. Stay with us we`ll be right back.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Big flight drama for Bono.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: One of the doors falling off his private jet mid-

SCHULTZ: U2`s lead singer has a plane problem over Germany.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The plane mislead at 60 was on route from Dublin to

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The cargo door detached from the plane.

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sermon from the sanctity of deliciousness, the Noid.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tom Monaghan founder of Domino`s Pizza was the
driving force behind Ave Maria.

SCHULTZ: The founder of Domino`s wants to turn a Florida town into a
religious hot spot.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A Catholic utopia faithful to the principles of the
Catholic Church.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Monaghan has pumped nearly half a billion dollars of
his personal fortune into Ave Maria.

WISE: Ave Maria received national attention after Monaghan`s comment about
banning pornography and contraceptives in the town.


TOM MONAGHAN, FOUNDER, DOMINO`S PIZZA: My goal is get to heaven and drag
as many people along with me as I can.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Reverend Barry Lynn, Executive Director of
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Reverend good to
have you with us tonight. What is the harm here as you see it, a Catholic
community setup like this?

BARRY LYNN, EXEC. DIR. AMERICANS UNITED: You know ,well this is a big
problem. You know, about 10 years ago, Florida Governor at that time Jeb
Bush convinces the Florida legislature to allow Ave Maria to be setup as a
kind of planned community. And he convinces the legislature that unlike
other planned communities in Florida there`s no representative democracy in
this town. The prior law had said, "Look, if you setup one of these
planned communities you have to allow people in it to vote at least after
10 years."

In this case, there`s no guarantee that any of these people, 2,500 people
in 11,000 acres in Ave Maria, Florida will ever get a chance to vote. So,
of course, you`re going to have people like Tom Monaghan whose a very
idiosyncratic Catholic not a mainstream Catholic deciding, if you want to
watch a little soft porn on the cable, you can`t do that. If you want to
go into a grocery store, you want to go into a drug store and buy even a
condom you can`t do it in Ave Maria, Florida.

There`s something wholly unconstitutional about that. There`s something
wholly wrong and inappropriate about it because if these folks who live in
that town cannot ever vote they`ll never change the policies.

SCHULTZ: Now this -- this gentlemen stepped down from Ave Maria University
in 2001. Yet I understand he`s still involved in the town. So where`s the
law enforcement here?

LYNN: Well law enforcement...

SCHULTZ: I mean if -- are there laws being broken right now?

LYNN: Well if there are laws being broken then it`s up to the people in
the surrounding county to have their police force come in and enforce those
laws. Similarly if you don`t want to go to the Catholic schools, the
elementary schools, the pre-schools all the way to high school you still


LYNN: ... allowed...


LYNN: ... to go to public school outside of Ave Maria.

SCHULTZ: But the only people that would be in that community would be
people who want to live that way and worship that way, live their life that
way. And so, isn`t that somewhat of a statement of freedom in regard?

LYNN: Not really because we gave up on this idea that if you`re
comfortable with people, and remember when they were only women
stewardesses on airplanes? And then somebody said, "Well we should hire
men." And the big airlines years and years ago said, "You know, we think
most people who fly are business travelers. They`re not going to be
comfortable being served by a man. There are more comfortable being served
by a woman in a skirt."

Comfort level is not a constitutional standard and it`s not a
constitutional standard in a town setup in Florida by Tom Monaghan who did
dispose of Domino`s Pizza. He now owns a place called Domino`s farm, one
of the places that sued the United States Government so they didn`t have to
provide contraceptives...


LYNN: ... to their female employees.

SCHULTZ: And finally, to your knowledge, does the Catholic Church endorse
this? Are they given a stamp of approval? And if they are, what`s the
danger here?

LYNN: No, there`s no stamp of approval as I understand it from the
Catholic Church. The Church, there is a giant cathedral in Ave Maria. Mr.
Monaghan tried to appoint one of his favorite priest to be the head of that
church. The surrounding officials from Florida`s Catholic Community said
you can`t do that. And so that didn`t work.

SCHULTZ: So, they don`t have a parish or a priest right now?

LYNN: No, what they have is the only privately-owned Catholic Church in
the United States of America.


LYNN: And they have problems. They`re certainly decent within the
Catholic Church including within that Church. But there`s essentially no
way to communicate those views to anybody else. So you have no
representative democracy. You have no contraception.

You have no adult entertainment on cable. You have absolutely no freedom
in this place setup by Jeb Bush. He ought to come out and explain what he
thinks if he`s running President about this community and its policy.

SCHULTZ: All right, Reverend Barry Lynn. Good to have you with us
tonight, appreciate your time with the Ed Show.

Coming up, President Obama throws down the gauntlet on immigration.

But next, in Ask Ed I`ll ask Al, how`s it going. And by way what`s weather
in my neck of the woods. We`ll take an inside look at Rokerthon.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. At this moment the Today show`s Al
Roker is over 19 hours into his attempt to break the world record for the
longest uninterrupted live weather forecast. Roker set out on his 34-hour
Rokerthon at around 10:00 P.M. last night and its all for a good cause.
Roker is asking for donations to benefit our Armed Forces and the USO. The
event is being live streamed on and will wrap up at 8:00 A.M.
tomorrow morning on the TODAY Show.

This morning I had an opportunity to drop by and ask how`s the weather
looking for this week in my neck of the woods.


Al ROKER, NBC NEWS WEATHER ANCHOR: Ladies and Gentlemen from MSNBC Mr. Ed
Schultz. My -- who is and it happens that my brother-in-law Jackie Bryant
who is an Air Force retiree is one of the biggest Ed Schultz fans going.

SCHULTZ: Well, thank you.

ROKER: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Al, you`re a weather warrior.

ROKER: Well we`re trying.

SCHULTZ: That`s what you are.

ROKER: We`re trying.

SCHULTZ: 13 hours, fantastic. Congratulations.

ROKER: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Great work always.

ROKER: We`re trying to raise money for the USO. I got to do a USO show
with Jay Leno and Greg Robinson and Kevin Eubanks and Iliza Shlesinger and
realized how important the USO is to (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Yes, absolutely.

ROKER: It really is.

SCHULTZ: Absolutely, I`ve had a big mission this week.

ROKER: What`s that?

SCHULTZ: On Saturday I have to fly from Detroit Lakes Minnesota...


SCHULTZ: All right, now we missed that big snow storm.

ROKER: Yes, you did.

SCHULTZ: That 13 inches down there in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. And now I
got to Minot, North Dakota.

ROKER: OK, well right now it is 12 degrees.


ROKER: That`s rough.

SCHULTZ: But we got a little sun.

ROKER: OK, yes you do.

SCHULTZ: OK, and the forecast for weekend? Saturday fine, it looks pretty
good do you think?

ROKER: Yes, it`s going to be a little bumpy. We got a little turbulence.
But the heavier snow should be done by Saturday.

SCHULTZ: OK. Well the mission is there`s a farmer there named Robert
Martin and he raises beef. And so I`m going to there to pick a bunch of
beef and bring it back and give it back to the homeless shelter in Fargo.

ROKER: That`s fantastic.

SCHULTZ: Yes, that`s the plan.

ROKER: What a great idea.

SCHULTZ: So this is a mission I got to go. I got to have good view of our
flight route...

ROKER: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: ... and all that kind of that stuff, you know.

ROKER: I mean the worst thing that`s going to happen is it`s just going to
be so doggone cold.


ROKER: But everybody -- everybody is used to that there.

SCHULTZ: So this is -- we`re still in bathing suits. We`re still -- down

ROKER: That`s a visual -- that`s a visual image. I don`t know that we
want to, you know -- no, no.

SCHULTZ: When we go below the donut -- when we go below zero then of
course we start thinking some clothes.

ROKER: I got you.

SCHULTZ: Some underwear or beyond.

ROKER: Well that`s a great mission. Wow there`s so many thoughts now
going to my mind...


ROKER: But that`s really great that you`re doing that, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Well, you know, we got things like that, you know, and I think
it`s great what you`re doing always. And you`re always on top of it. And
doing this is fantastic. I commend you.

ROKER: All right.

SCHULTZ: And tell you friend who watches the Ed Show thank you so much.

ROKER: I sure will.

SCHULTZ: And thank you for the beautiful flight (inaudible)...

ROKER: All right, be safe my friend.

SCHULTZ: All right.

ROKER: Thank you so much.

SCHULTZ: Thanks Al.

ROKER: Say hello to everybody in Fargo for us.

SCHULTZ: You bet.


All right, keep it up, Al. All of us here on the Ed Show, we`re rooting
for you, buddy. And by the way I like the forecast. Stick around, Rapid
Response panel is next.

MORGAN BRENNAN, CNBC MARKET WRAP: Hi, I`m Morgan Brennan with your CNBC
Market Wrap.

Stock climbed across the board. The Dow gains 40 points, the S&P adds 1,
and the NASDAQ is up 5 points.

Crude prices end at a shocking $74.21 a barrel down nearly 3 percent today
and hitting a four-year low. The decline sent energy stock skidding.

Meanwhile the number of Americans filling for first time jobless benefits
rose more than expected last week. Claims jumped by 12,000 to 290,000.
However they do remain near 14-year low.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.



BOEHNER: I`ll just say this, we`re going to fight the President tooth and
nail if he continues down this path.

If he wants to go off on his own there are things he`s just not going to


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to Ed Show. The President may finally come through
on immigration overhaul. The New York Times reporting today that President
Obama is expected to move Executive Action. The order is estimated to
affect 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation and also to do it
through executive action obviously.

Now a draft of the President`s 10-part plan obtained by Fox News describes
protecting millions of undocumented families and expanding visa programs.
There are also plans to distribute some work permits. That brings up a
question of legality. Fox News followed up their coverage kind of like
with a freak out.


President rewriting the law and you have President failing to comply with
his oath. That equals offenses that rise to the level of impeachability.

SEN. JEFFERSON SESSIONS, (R) ALABAMA: Every one of these individuals are
going to be given a photo I.D., a Social Security number and the right to
take a job in America.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEW CONTRIBUTOR: On the senate races who campaigned on
working with Obama on immigration? Name the Republican.


INGRAHAM: Right, so there`s no mandate to work with Obama on immigration.

O`REILLY: The mandate is -- the mandate is...

INGRAHAM: The mandate is to look after the American people...

O`REILLY: ... to win the Presidency in 2016.

INGRAHAM: So that`s what`s it`s about, OK.

O`REILLY: And that`s speaking for the Republicans Party. That`s what it`s

INGRAHAM: OK, OK, now we`re getting somewhere.


SCHULTZ: Now I get. That`s an interesting technique. They always have
the guest to ask the host a question. That`s where Dana -- that`s where it
came from, OK. For immigration reform the question is not "if" the
question is "when". Now we might see as early as next week.

Joining me in our Rapid Response Panel tonight, Annette Taddeo who is on
the Executive Board of the DNC, and Henry Fernandez who`s a Senior Fellow
at the Center for American Progress, great to have both of you with us

Annette, you first, what are the expectations of the Latino community for
the President to move on this when the -- let`s face it, the Republicans
have been so stubborn and haven`t moved on it all.

TADDEO: The expectation is that the time as. We honestly wanted him to do
Ed long before even in the middle of all these races. He didn`t. He said
he would do it after the election, well it`s after the election and we`re
looking to him doing executive action. And by the way, Clinton didn`t do
it but Reagan did it and both Bushes did it. When it comes to immigration
reform, they used executive actions so I find it interesting that now we
have the Republicans criticizing the President and even threatening to
impeach him, that is ridiculous.

They have the opportunity to act right now. There`s a bill that passed in
a bipartisan way that they could just take to a vote and votes are there.

SCHULTZ: Henry, what about this talk of impeachment if the President moves
on this. And of course the hot button it seemed like with Senator Sessions
from Alabama was that he`s very concerned about the work permits and then
there`s a question of legality surrounding that. How do you break all that

HENRY FERNANDEZ, CAP ACTION FUND: Well just as your other guest just
mentioned. We`re talking about something that`s happened pretty
consistently through out history since Eisenhower. There have been 39
executive actions taken by U.S. presidents including many that involved
work permits on immigration.

So, this is something that`s well within his scope of authority. It
certainly, no question that -- this is nothing to do with impeachment.
This is the kind of thing that has to be done because Congress has not
acted. And so these Republicans who are making noise now should have been
doing their job and if they had we wouldn`t be in this situation.

SCHULTZ: The President has said that if signs an executive order and the
legislative body comes forward and deliver something that of course would
supersede what the President has done. Annette is that almost like a
motivational move, isn`t it?

TADDEO: Well, absolutely and the thing is that, they can certainly pass an
immigration law. But I just want to make sure that people remember that
there`s a bipartisan law that passed the Senate that is sitting there and
they won`t bring it to a vote at the Congress. So I just think it`s
ridiculous that they`re saying we need, you know, we need to bring about a
law ourselves. I`m like what do you mean? You did, it was passed in a
bipartisan way.

And about the visas, let me add that the Chamber of Commerce has been
asking for this relief, for the visas. For the people to be able to get
their work permits. So this is not just Democrats. This is the business
community saying that we need this.

SCHULTZ: Now, the Republicans -- conservatives are seriously going to look
at this is as amnesty which they of course don`t want anything to do with.
What`s your response to that Henry?

FERNANDEZ: This -- again, this has nothing to do with amnesty. This is an
important authority that the President has. It`s a constitutional
authority to make sure that our laws are enforced appropriately. What
we`re talking about now is currently 1,000 people are deported every single
day in the United States. That`s tearing apart families.

We cannot have an immigration policy that tears apart families. I was on a
rally with Senator Blumenthal had in Connecticut just last week. Two young
girls, middle school age girls got up and spoke about how their mother,
these two girls are U.S. citizens. Their mother is currently being
detained on the other side of the country, in Texas, being held in a
facility, in a detention facility in Texas.

These are American families that are being torn apart by a policy that
doesn`t work. Now is the time for change.

SCHULTZ: So why aren`t conservatives, you know, emotionally connected to a
story like that? Why can`t a story like that move conservatives?

FERNANDEZ: I don`t understand how anyone couldn`t see the pro-family
aspects of what we`re talking about here. And, this is really something
that`s going to not only be good for families but it`s going to be good for
the U.S. economy. We`re talking about something like $5 billion being
pumped just in the payroll taxes as a result of the first year of this kind
of relief.


FERNANDEZ: The opportunity here is tremendous and everyone should get
behind it. And I think it`s going to have real implications for the 2016
elections if Republicans come out and try to impeach the President. We`re
talking about impacting families particularly Latino families and Asian
families. The two fastest growing electoral blocks in America, deporting
their parents, deporting our children, this is simply unacceptable...

SCHULTZ: All right.

FERNANDEZ: ... and it`s time for change.

SCHULTZ: Annette would, you know, there`s got to be trust here, OK. Is
this the right thing for the President to do now or should he give Mitch
McConnell maybe a 30-day window once he gets in a position of leadership
for the new Congress to do something about it?

TADDEO: No the time is now. We absolutely must do it now. And I will
tell you why they don`t get the family aspect of family reunification and
not separation. They see -- what they call illegal immigrants which are
really just regular people that are -- many of them born here that are
being separated from their family. So they see us as not -- almost

SCHULTZ: A threat?

TADDEO: Probably.

SCHULTZ: Certainly at the electorate, there is no doubt about that.

Annette Taddeo, Henry Fernandez, good to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate your time on this subject.

Coming up, the House begins voting on Keystone pipeline. We`ll look at
what`s next for the controversial project.

Keep it here, we`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And we have breaking news, NBC News has learned some of the
details of the secret service report on the September White House jumper
incident. According to a source familiar with the report, problems
including one officer not listening to his two way radio, another officer
who was in charge of the security dog did not have his earpiece in.

Homeland Security says the report will help prevent such incidents from
happening in the future.

Keystone coverage next.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Certain members of Congress seem to
care more about one senate seat than the future the world`s climate. The
latest new action to take place on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline is
taking place in the House.

House members are weighting a bill sponsored by Louisiana Congressman Bill
Cassidy. Cassidy is facing Senator Landrieu on a runoff election next
month in Louisiana. Senator Landrieu cosponsored the bill which the Senate
will likely vote on, on Tuesday.


MCCONNELL: That was Senate Democrats. I think they got the message on the
keystone pipeline and I think that`s why you`ve seen the current Democratic
majority in the Senate have an epiphany.

SEN. MARY LANDRIEU, (R) NEW ORLEANS: You know what? I`d like to vote on
keystone now.


SCHULTZ: On Wednesday, North Dakota Senator John Hoeven who cosponsored
the bill told me he was confident he can get the votes.


SEN. JOHN HOEVEN, (R) NORTH DAKOTA: Senator Landrieu thinks that she may
have another four Democrats. If so, it could get called up and passed in
the lame-duck. If not, we`ll have enough votes in the new Congress based
on the outcome of the election to pass it.


SCHULTZ: Republicans are setting up a showdown with the White House.
Early this morning, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest hinted it
President Obama`s position on the legislation.


JOSH EARNEST, W.H. PRESS SECRETARY: The President, as you recall in a
speech that he delivered last summer, indicated that one of the factors in
that review should be the degree to which a project like this would
substantially contribute to the causes of climate change.

We have indicated that the present senior advisor at the White House would
recommend that he veto legislation like that but we`ll -- and that that
continued to be our position.


SCHULTZ: I`m joined tonight by Naomi Klein who was the author of "This
Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs the Climate", and Congressman Jared Polis
of Colorado, great to have both of you with us.

Naomi, do liberals in this country know where President Obama stands on
this with confidence?

there is just been a lot of reading of the Tillis. I don`t think we know
and I think there are real concerns that he may use the fact that he`s just
made this rather significant deal with China on climate to sort of say,
"OK, now we can afford to sacrifice keystone."

We`re getting a lot of mixed signals. I don`t we do know but that`s
concern and I think it would be a huge mistake because it would really
undermine the goals that we have in that China deal.

Obama has passed on to his successor a really tough work of cutting
emissions down the road and if you`re lucky in infrastructure like Keystone
that is carrying very carbon-intensive oil for decade to come you make that
job of meeting those targets that much harder.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Polis, OK, so the President let`s just say for
conversation he vetoes the first bill that comes on his way, how long can
the veto hold up because more bills are coming on his way with Keystone
written on it with an amendment?

REP. JARED POLIS, (D) COLORADO: Well, we`re exactly where we started out
whether the bill gets to his desk or not. He is currently in charge in
making the decision under the current law. They`re looking at making sure
that all of the environmental laws are applied.

They`ve already changed the routing of it to make sure it does influence
the Ogallala Aquifer. There could be other pending issues, apparently this
is being brought forward without even any dialogue with the administration
about what the pending issues are regarding this and what health danger the
American people could represent.

SCHULTZ: Naomi Klein, looking at this project, energy independence looks
pretty good for America right now. Why do we need this pipeline and they
said it`s a safety and the latest technology and putting it through a pipe
is better than putting on a train or on a track. What do you make of it?

KLEIN: Well, first of all, it`s either or, you know, trains don`t replace
pipelines, we know that now. And one of the thing that`s really striking
is that the case against the Keystone pipeline, it`s stronger now, much
stronger now than it was when this whole debate started.

You know, at the time the argument was, well if they`re going to dig up
that dirty oil in Canada anyway, they`ll going to get it out one way or the
other. That`s not it all clear now. Right now, you know, I just came back
from Calgary which is really ground zero for the tar sands boom. And that,
the city frankly is panicked and they`re panicked because the price of oil
is so low.

That it`s not clear at all that it makes economic sense to go through that
very expensive process of digging up that tarry oil from the ground. It is
so much more expensive. I`ve already seen three major investors cancel
projects or suspend them.


KLEIN: That oil has suspended a major project so is Shell so has Total.
So it`s not clear this stuff is going to be dug up anyway. And by saying
no the Keystone, Obama can send a very clear message that we don`t want tar
sands oil.

SCHULTZ: And finally, Congressman, are Democrats are going to be push had
and caucus for this? I mean Democrats don`t want this. I mean, how can
you be the party of recognizing climate change and then put in an
infrastructure in place that`s going to bring the dirties oil on the face
of the earth to market?

POLIS: It`s being theirs is no good answer as long as we`re tied to the
legacy oil economy. Whether it`s Saudi Arabia, Russia, ISIS, fracking here
at home, the pipeline -- none of those are good answer. Some might be less
bad than others but the real answer is a clean, green, renewable energy
future that will create jobs, improve our health and improve our economy.

SCHULTZ: Well, there is no doubt that they are saying that it`s going to
create jobs, Mitch McConnell said stunning. Senator Hoeven told me last
night, 42,000. So I don`t know why they`re not excited about 250,000 or
200 jobs being -- 200,000 jobs being created almost every month on this
country for 55 straight months.


POLIS: That`s right. How about the hundreds of thousands of jobs the
renewable energy is already bringing to America.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Have they lost a lot of agreements Naomi?

KLEIN: I think they`re losing arguments all the time and, you know,
including the fact that this oil is, as know it`s destined for the export
market, it`s not feeding the U.S. market. There`s a glad (ph) of oil in
the export market, in domestic market because of the Bakken. So this is
really a sort of a last ditch effort.


KLEIN: ... by the investors in the tar sands to reach the Asian market, in
China but here we`re hearing from China. We`ll maybe we don`t want your
dirty fossil fuels after all...


KLEIN: ... because they`re switching to renewable energy as should we in
North American.

SCHULTZ: Got to run. Naomi Klein, Congressman Jared Polis, thanks for you
time tonight.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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