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PoliticsNation, Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

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November 19, 2014

Guest: Jonathan Capehart; Loretta Sanchez; Ola Kaso; Jan Schakowsky, Susan
Milligan, Seema Iyer, Jimmy Williams, Angela Rye


And that`s "the Ed Show." I`m Ed Schultz. "Politics Nation" with Reverend
Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: Good evening, Ed. And thanks to you
for tuning in.

Breaking news tonight, President Obama`s historic move to correct a
national injustice. Tomorrow night, he`ll announce his plan to fix
America`s broken immigration system moving past years of GOP gridlock to
help up to five million immigrants stay in this country and pursue the
American dream. He teased the announcement today on facebook.


immigration system is broken. Unfortunately, Washington has allowed the
problem to fester for too long. And so, what I`m going to be laying out is
the things I can do with my lawful authority as president to make the
system work better.


SHARPTON: Our system is broken. And the president is moving forward
because House Republicans have refused to act. The Senate passed an
immigration bill last summer, 14 Republicans voted for it. But when it
went to the House, speaker Boehner ignored it.

It has been 510 days now, 510 days that House Republicans have refused to
vote on the Senate bill or pass one of their own is what the president has
asked for over and over again.


OBAMA: I am always interested in negotiating a legislative solution of the
immigration problem.

Pass a bill I can sign on this issue.

The minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration
reform, I will sign it.


SHARPTON: If they don`t like his plan, they could pass a bill. But what
are we hearing instead? Speaker Boehner spokesperson says quote, "if
emperor Obama ignores the American people and announces an amnesty plan, he
will cement his legacy of lawlessness.

But name calling won`t fix our immigration system. And until speaker
Boehner and his colleagues start doing real work, the president is moving
forward in a move that will shape -- reshape America and his presidency.

Joining me now are Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Democrat of California
and Jonathan Capehart of the "Washington Post."

Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Congresswoman, how do you feel about the president`s
announcement? How do you feel ahead of it tonight?

SANCHEZ: Reverend, I`m elated that the president is finally making some
movement on this broken immigration system. He came in six years ago. He
knew this was a problem. I`ve been in the Congress 18 years. We`ve been
trying to get something. We`ve been trying to make it know. The Senate
passed this, as you said, 510 days ago. And yet the House Republicans have
refused to allow us a vote on any kind of reform, comprehensive immigration
reform that we need.

So finally, we`ve been asking the president, give us some relief. Help
these families who are being torn apart. These are -- you know, American
values system. The American value system says keep your families together.
Keep your mom with the kids. Keep them together. And what we`ve been
doing is tearing communities apart. So I`m elated that the president has
finally stood up and said, do you know what? If the Republicans won`t do
something, I will.

SHARPTON: Jonathan, how big a moment is this in the Obama presidency?

CAPEHART: It is a big moment. And you know, when you listen to the
Republican critics of the president, they make a good point. Why didn`t
the president do this when the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress
during the first two years of his first term. And the problem with that
is, the president decided to push health care first because Washington
can`t handle two big ideas at the same time.

It`s a big deal because the president promised the immigrant communities
and immigrant activists that he would take executive action if the Congress
didn`t move legislatively. He said so from the Rose Garden back in June
and said at the end of the summer and then he went back on that promise and
said by the end of the year, after the midterm elections.

Listening to Democrats who are saying please don`t do this, please don`t
take executive action before the midterm elections to help save some
Democratic seats, that didn`t happen. The Democrats still lost and lost by
a lot. And so, now the president is looking to fulfill his promise but
also to take some action.

The other thing we have to keep in mind here, this is a big deal.
Primarily, because it is a temporary action. All executive orders are
temporary. And what the president will announce tomorrow is temporary.

The only way to make what happens tomorrow permanent or to bring any kind
of permanency to the undocumented immigrants here in this country right now
is for Congress to do something. For Congress to pass a bill.

SHARPTON: Congresswoman, you know our new NBC poll shows the American
people are conflicted on this issue, 48 percent disapprove of the
president`s executive action. But 57 percent support a path to

NBC`s Democratic post has said quote "the public wants this policy. That
doesn`t mean they`ll be happy with how it might get done."

Now, how does the president explain why his action is necessary tomorrow
night, Congresswoman?

SANCHEZ: Yes. Well, look. The president has worked. He has worked with
the Congress. He`s worked with the Republicans. I think he`s bent over
backwards to try to get an immigration reform bill done. It is pretty
apparent that we haven`t gotten it done. That the Republicans in
particular in the House have just refused to bring a bill up for a vote.

So now, the president is saying, you know, I am going to act -- the
American people have to understand. What is the president likely to do?
What are we hearing he is going to do? What he is saying is, if there are
families in America and there is a U.S.-born child, for example, or a
resident child in the family, or in the family, in the immediate family,
then those who don`t have documents are going to get to stay with the child
in the family, in the family unit, and they`re going to get work payments
so they can work. Work permits.

So, it is going to allow them to work and it is going to allow them not to
look over their shoulder each and every day to see if they are going to be
snapped up and deported out of this country. And then these children, who
are American citizens, be left behind without their mom or their dad or
somebody to help them to grow up. That`s all.


SANCHEZ: It`s not a huge thing. It`s not like, you know, we`re letting
every person who doesn`t have documents in this country in. We`re talking
about keeping families together.

SHARPTON: Now right on that point, I want to you stay with me,
Congresswoman Sanchez, and you too, Jonathan. Because we have to remember
that the president`s action is about helping real people. People like Ola
Kaso. She`s an Albanian immigrant whose story was featured in a recent
documentary, "the dream is now."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ola was released after ten hours in the detention
center. Her attorney said there was a possibility she could stay in the
country but her mother would have to leave.

OLA KASO, IMMIGRATION ACTIVIST: There is no way we`re doing that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She decided to go public with her story.

KASO: It`s not about you anymore. You`re doing them an injustice if you
keep quiet about it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One week before her high school graduation, Ola was
granted a temporary stay.

KASO: I have a chance to graduate. A chance to be a doctor. There is no
better feeling than that.


SHARPTON: Let`s bring in Ola Kaso.

Ola, what do you hope to hear from the president tomorrow night?

KASO: I think ideally, I mean, I can`t speak on behalf of everyone in our
community. But we would like to see 11 million people included in this
executive action.

SHARPTON: You would like to see 11 million?

KASO: Yes.

SHARPTON: And explain to someone out there that is on the fence, that
don`t know where they are, why this is so important to you. You`re not a
congresswoman like Congresswoman Sanchez. You`re not a journalist like
Jonathan Capehart. You are a young woman and we just showed you this
story. Tell me the human side of what this means. Forget Washington
politics. What does this mean to you and 11 million other people?

KASO: Well, quite frankly, Congress has failed to act for six years.
Congress has failed to do their jobs and act on immigration and create a
stable and essentially a common sense reform for 11 million people in this
country. And so the executive action could provide stability for hopefully
everyone in our community to stop having to fear deportations and being
separated from their families and not having any certainty about their
future and what`s to come. So --

SHARPTON: What are your dreams? What are you hoping to do in America?

KASO: I am hoping to become a doctor. And I have parents that have raised
me in this country and have raised me to believe in the American dream and
everything that this country has to offer. And I would love to see them
have the stability and have opportunities to grow in this country as I have
had the opportunities to do so. And executive action could provide. That
not only for my parents but our entire community.

SHARPTON: Jonathan, isn`t that what this is really all about?

CAPEHART: Yes. I mean, for folks who focus on the politics of all this,
it might seem -- everyone focuses on the cold political calculations. But
what is driving the White House, and what`s driving the president in
particular, are people like Ola, people like Eric and others who we`ve
gotten to know. Especially over the last summer who are fighting to keep
their families together. Who are fighting for themselves to stay in the
country and fighting for others to be able to come out of the shadows. To
no longer be undocumented and to be fully part of the American story and
the American dream.

But the one thing we have to keep in mind, as I said in my first answer,
what the president is going to announce tomorrow won`t be the 11 million
that Ola hopes he will announce and probably will affect about five million
people. But what the president is going to announce is something that is

And unless Congress stems forward and does something on immigration reform,
all of these families, the 11 million families, the 11 million undocumented
immigrants in this country will still be in some sort of jeopardy.

SHARPTON: Congresswoman, today, Senator Ted Cruz wrote an op-ed titled
"Obama is not a Monarch." He says the Senate shouldn`t confirm a single
nominee, executive or judicial, outside of vital national security
positions because of the executive action. And Congress should use the
power of the purse to strip the authority from the president to grant
amnesty. Translation, government shutdown.

Isn`t that going to back fire on the GOP, Congresswoman?

SANCHEZ: I believe so. I mean, I`ve been talking to some of my more
moderate Republican friends here in the House of Representatives and they
are scared to death of a government shutdown. Because they understand that
Ted Cruz drove a government shutdown the last time that past October. And
that he is, will not blink an eye to shut down the government.

He is like a little kid throwing a tantrum. And this is what this guy
does. And he talks some guys over here into doing the same thing. And you
know, that is what the American people do not want. They want their
government to function. They want us to work together. The president has
worked and worked and worked at this. And these guys have refused to vote
in this House of Representatives.

So, you know, if they`re not going to come along and help us to help
families, working families, families who are decent families, families who
are deacons in churches, families who are PTA moms, families who volunteer
in hospitals, homes and stuff. If they are not willing to help us, to help
American families, then the president is going to sign it and go alone at
it and he should.

SHARPTON: Ola -- let me go back to Ola before we run out of time. What do
you say to people that say you are not an American. You shouldn`t be here.

KASO: Well, this country was built on immigrants. It was built on the
foundation that if you come here, you work hard, you can earn your place
here. And so, quite frankly, I think that their thoughts are really
incongruent to the American ideals and the foundation this country has been
built upon.

SHARPTON: Well, let me say, I look forward to one day calling you Dr.

KASO: Thank you so much.

SHARPTON: Congresswoman, thank you. Loretta Sanchez, thank you
Congresswoman Sanchez. Thank you, Jonathan Capehart, and thank you doctor
to be, Ola Kaso. God willing. Thank you for your time tonight.

SANCHEZ: Thank you, Reverend.

KASO: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Straight ahead, more on the breaking news. And a roar from the
right. Republicans are losing their minds over the coming executive

Plus, a record breaking snow emergency in Buffalo. The city is buried in
six feet of snow. And more is on the way.

And who will host this year`s White House correspondent`s dinner?
Conversation nation is ahead.


SHARPTON: Social media has been on fire about President Obama`s pending
executive action on immigration tomorrow.

David wrote, time to stop breaking up families.

Gloria posted, it`s time, he`s doing the right thing.

Gary said, time to list all the presidents that have done this in both

Great point, Gary. But that`s not stopping many on the right from
attacking today. More on that coming up.

But first, please keep the conversation going on facebook page or tweet us


SHARPTON: We are back with more on tonight`s breaking news. President
Obama to announce his executive action on immigration. The president`s
plan will save five million people in this country from being deported.
But some Republicans don`t care about that. They just want to use
executive action as a new way to attack the president.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think the outrage will be so great that that will
support our efforts to defund the executive order amnesty and not give the
money to execute it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We know there is the i-word in the constitution that
none of us want to say or act on. In this context, everything is on the

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are as the piece mentioned, spending measures,
the president can be censured, he can be sued by the Congress.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think there will be lawsuits filed.




SHARPTON: That`s a whole lot of derangement right there. So let`s go
through it again. They`re threatening on defund to shutdown the
government. Impeach the president, censure the president and sue him all
for doing his job. This has nothing to do with whether the president is
overstepping his authority and everything to do with Republicans playing
politics with millions of people`s lives.

Joining me now, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Democrat from Illinois.
Thanks for being here.


SHARPTON: Congresswoman, are these GOP threats all real or is it just some
bluster and bluffing?

SCHAKOWSKY: You know, the thing that`s so crazy about it, Reverend Al, is
that it is at their peril that they would do any of those things and
completely ignore the issue, as you said, of five million law abiding
people who simply want to be in this country, pay taxes. They would have
to go through a criminal back ground check. Would it add to our economy.
Be good for all of us. They would rather talk about how they will punish
the president?

You know, it has been over 500 days since the Senate passed a comprehensive
immigration reform with 67 votes. I mean, what is Senator McCain thinking?
Why doesn`t he go and talk to John Boehner and say, John, just do it? Stop
talking about shutdowns and suing. And others are talking about
impeachment. It is not helpful to the Republicans to do that.

SHARPTON: You know, Congresswoman, Speaker Boehner has promised repeatedly
to reform immigration. In 2012, he said, quote, "a comprehensive approach
is well overdue." In 2013 he said, "is immigration reform dead?
Absolutely not." In 2014, he promised. "Congress could take this issue up
next year." Now Republicans are saying, they`ll do it next year. Honest.
Who would believe them?

SCHAKOWSKY: No one would believe it. And look, you know, we are now in
the 2016 election cycle. And if the Republicans ever hope to be having a
president of the United States, they can just throw those hopes away if
they do not act right on immigration reform.

And by the way, I don`t know if you talked about this but every president
for the last 50 years has done through executive order, some kind of
immigration reform. George H. W. Bush, 1.5 million immigrants were made
legal. That was about 40 percent of the immigrants in the United States at
that time who were not legal. He made them legal. And so this is not a
new policy. And for them to not act is going to re-down (ph) to their --
you know, they are going to be hurt by that.

SHARPTON: You know, Republicans claim the president is overstepping his
powers by signing the executive action. But they forget, two other
presidents that use executive orders on immigration before as you just
stated. Ronald Reagan in 1987, and George H. W. Bush who you just cited,
in 1990. Used executive action to protect undocumented immigrants from

You know, the hypocrisy that you raised here, and adding Reagan to it, I
think it shows how glaring this is in terms of just political posturing and
looking at people as collateral damage.

SCHAKOWSKY: You know, they have already threatened to sue the president
over the affordable care act. And did you know that two lawyers have
already stepped away and said that there`s nothing there? And yet John
Boehner is talking now at expanding that lawsuit that they haven`t filed to
now immigration.

I mean, this is just so petty. They refuse to deal with the real issue
that is on the table. And how this is going to then business community.
How this is going to help our economy. How it`s going on help families.

Don`t they know? In my district, I have had little children hanging on to
their parents` legs and crying in fear that they`re going to be deported.
Why do that? It`s not good for anybody.

SHARPTON: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, thank you for your time tonight.

SCHAKOWSKY: Thank you so much.

SHARPTON: And be sure to watch the president`s announcement on immigration
tomorrow night starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here on MSNBC.

Still ahead, a left hook to the right wing. Today Elizabeth Warren came
out swinging. And new polls show the American people back a progressive


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D), MASSACHUSETTS: I believe that we can build that
America for everyone of our kids. But I know we`re going to have to fight
for it. So we`d better get ready.


SHARPTON: But first --

Would you go surfing on a frigid lake in the middle of a massive storm, 70
inches of snow and more on the way. We`ll have some of the stunning video
from this historic snowfall next.


SHARPTON: A recovered breaking snow emergency in Buffalo. The city is
buried in six feet of snow. Seven weather-related deaths have been
reported so far. This was the scene driving through upstate New York today
where 70 plus inches of snow has fallen in the last day. The dangerous
weather conditions left drivers trapped on the interstate. Some for over
24 hours. And over 100 people were trapped early this morning. This was
the scene on the ground today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: We picked up 40 inches of snow in 24 hours.
This is the result. It actually left people stranded at this hotel.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: What I`m afraid of is, we can`t. There`s so
much snow that I cannot even get my outside door open.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Take a look at this. This is what used to
be a lawn here during the summer months, of course. Take a look at this.
Well over my hips.


SHARPTON: Residents say they`ve never seen anything like this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I haven`t seen anything like that my entire life. It
is four or five feet in a day is crazy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve never seen anything like this, 36, been through
some pretty good storms and there is by far the worst.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve never seen it like that. It was scary.


SHARPTON: Here`s a time lapse video of the huge wall of snow moving in and
blanketing the Buffalo area. And the stunning images were taken from a
drone during the storm. You can barely see because of the snow.

And more drone footage from the aftermath of the storm. The National Guard
has been called in to help clean up. Social media shows us the scope of
the storm. One person posted before and after images of her house. Some
shared images of walls of snow at their front doors. One household got a
little creative with a makeshift refrigerator. Another person captured
snow crashing through their home. Some someone else shared this incredible
image of firefighters carrying a patient ten blocks through the snow to the

More snow is on the way tonight. Everyone, please be safe.


SHARPTON: Republicans are trying to distract us from really matters.
They`re hoping we lose focus because the country wants economic fairness.
New numbers from the NBC News "Wall Street Journal" shows 65 percent
support Congress raising the minimum wage. Seventy five percent support
increased public spending on roads and highways for job creation. And 82
percent want Congress to find ways to lower the student loans. So this is
the reality. No matter what they`re talking about in the right, and in
their right wing bubble, Americans favor progressive agenda of fairness.
And today, a champion for that agenda, Senator Elizabeth Warren was back
out making the case for change.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D), MASSACHUSETTS: One thing has not changed. The
stock market and GDP continue to go up. While families across this country
are getting squeezed harder and harder. If we want our kids to start a
life without carrying a thousand pound rock of debt on their backs, then we
must make sure that education is affordable. The American dream is
slipping out of reach. This cannot be the legacy we leave for our children
and for our grandchildren. We must fight back with everything we have.
The game is rigged but we know how to fix it. We know what to do.


SHARPTON: And at the very same time Elizabeth Warren was talking about
fairness, GOP stars gathered at the Republican Governor`s Association
meeting where they did everything they could to distract us from what


GOV. BOBBY JINDAL (R), LOUISIANA: This president`s failed leftist
approach, where is the government growing bigger, growing stronger, not
trusting us to buy our own health insurance.

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R), WISCONSIN: You know, as the President talked years
ago about the "Audacity of Hope" --

GOV. RICK PERRY (R), TEXAS: That his job description over the last six
years, when he was asked, what do you do? He said I go to the office. I
sue Obama and I go home.


SHARPTON: The GOP is trying to distract us so people will lose focus. We
can`t let it happen. Joining me now, Susan Milligan. Thank you for being
here Susan.


SHARPTON: At what point will the republicans talk about the minimum wage
and infrastructure instead of distractions like lawsuits and shutdowns?

MILLIGAN: Well, I think they`ll start talking about it when they realize
it`s not going to work for them in 2016. Look, the American people have a
funny way of figuring out what to focus on. And what is happening, and I
think it is really going to hit a peak in 2016, is this frustration and
anger over the fact that while we`ve come out of this recession and the
economy is technically going well, the wages have stagnated and people are
getting pretty frustrated with that. So, you know, you played that clip
from Elizabeth Warren. I think she`s going to play a huge role in 2016.
Not as a candidate but someone who articulates this message for the
Democratic Party. The democrats kind of ran away from this in the mid-term
election. Somewhat understandably given the map, but it didn`t work out
very well for them. But I think that will be a very important message in

SHARPTON: Let`s look at the polling again. Americans favor progressive
ideas on the minimum wage infrastructure student loans. Do democrats like
Senator Warren sense they need to do a better job pushing their message on
these issues?

MILLIGAN: Well, I think she does. And I think that she`s been saying that
for some time. You look at the midterms. There was a minimum wage
increase on the ballots in five states. All five states voted yes is that
four of them were very red states. I mean, on the issues in the polling,
the democrats are being validated. It`s that, they`re just not winning at
the ballot box. So, that`s where the disconnect is. And I think that
that`s going to come to ahead in 2016. But they have to not be afraid of
that message and be afraid of being called liberals or something.

SHARPTON: Now, today Senator Warren talked about how personal this fight
is for her. Listen.


WARREN: When my daddy had a heart attack, we went a long stretch with no
money coming in. The bills piled up. We lost the family station wagon.
And we were right on the edge of losing our home. When the time came,
there was no money to send me to college. But I got a chance. A commuter
college that cost $50 a semester. And it opened a million doors for me.


SHARPTON: You know, how much does that connect with people, Susan? You
know, around the country right now, when they hear her telling that kind of
story, a feeling people don`t have the same opportunities that they used

MILLIGAN: I think it resonates quite a lot. I was listening to that
thinking that I put myself through college. My tuition was $450 a semester
and it was hard. And, you know, my students now might be used to it saying
the amounts of money that they have to borrow just to go through school and
the interest on those loans is just extraordinary. And they`re terrified
of getting out of college and having to pay back these loans. And I think
that a lot of people are going through this. And it is something as I
said, I think is really starting to make people angry. Because the economy
overall has gotten a lot better. Corporations are doing well. Executives
are doing well. But just middle class people are not. They`re not
benefiting from, they lost a lot during the recession but they`re not
benefiting yet from the recovery.

SHARPTON: Susan Milligan, thank you for your time tonight.

MILLIGAN: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Still ahead. So much for leading from behind. Watch the GOP`s
talking points crumble as the President goes big on immigration.

Also, normal Barbie. Just in time for the holidays. A new toy makes a
serious point about girls and body image. Plus, why Mary Jay Blige won`t
let her husband have female friends. Is that the secret to a happy
marriage? "Conversation Nation" is next.


SHARPTON: It`s time now for "Conversation Nation." Joining me tonight
trial Attorney Seema Iyer, democratic strategist Jimmy Williams, and
political strategist Angela Rye. Thank you all three of you for being



SHARPTON: Let`s talk about the President`s executive action and a new poll
showing he is facing some resistance from the public. Forty eight percent
are against the President acting alone on immigration. Versus 38 percent
who approve. But 74 percent do support a pathway to citizenship. Once
they learn details of the plan. So this sounds exactly like the problem
with Affordable Care Act where the people support the policies but not the
president. Angela, is there a disconnect here?

ANGELA RYE, POLITICAL STRATEGIST: Yes. The disconnect is, unfortunately,
it is the thing where they say, you know, don`t kill the --

IYER: I thought the same thing.

RYE: It doesn`t matter like he could be so right on --

SHARPTON: But it is not only the messenger. The deliverer.

RYE: No, absolutely. And not only that, and he is the one who has been
the most effective on the message. We talk about this during the election
as well. All of the challenges, all of the successes that he`s had even
from the economic side. Businesses overwhelmingly support immigration
reform. The policy that people support overwhelmingly related to
immigration reform are the fact that we bring in highly skilled work into
this country. He is again, Rev, the deliver and the messenger and the
problem is, people don`t want to hear from him.


WILLIAMS: I hate to say the two words, Obama fatigue but I`m going to say
Obama fatigue. And I`ll tell you why. Because the republicans have done
such a remarkably swell job of making him look inept, incompetent, all the
in words. Right? All the things that he hasn`t been able to quite do.
And everything that Angela just said. Highest stock market, history of the
country, highest corporate profits in the history of the world. Bob, I
mean, the list is on and on. And yet the guy is feckless, he is the
emperor, he can`t lead. And guess what, he`s done it all. But somehow,
some way the republicans have convinced a majority of the American people,
post 2012, by the way, when he won by five million votes that he stinks and
he doesn`t.

IYER: Instead of just jumping to executive action, shouldn`t he have at
least tried to get Congress on board? And here is my point --

RYE: Since 2013, there`s bill --

IYER: Right. But the difference now is in 2016, the republicans need the
Latino vote. So, their motivation --

SHARPTON: They needed it in the midterms.

WILLIAMS: They need it all the time. Guess what?

IYER: At least at this point they have nothing to complain about if he at
least tried again. And you guys are the experts. I agree.

WILLIAMS: I have a gas stove at home. And if I keep putting my finger on
that gas over and over and over again, at some point I`m going to have
third degree burns. The President of the United States is not stupid. Do
I think he could communicate better? I want him to get on Air Force One
and travel this entire country like a crazy dog and just tell people how
good this stuff is. And by the way make sure he has people with him that
can speak Spanish and who can talk to groups that matter.

SHARPTON: Next up, just in time for the holidays. It`s a new Barbie doll.
But this Barbie looks nothing like what you remember. This one is, quote,
"normal." A normal Barbie with an average woman`s proportions. She even
come with cellulite, freckles and acne stickers. So kids can customize
her. The designer of the toy said he wants kids to play with the doll that
doesn`t perpetuate impossible ideas. He even created a video to show the
doll transform into a Barbie through photo shop. Just to hammer home his
point. Seema, what do you think of normal Barbie? Is she on your wish

IYER: Rev, I have a list of 463 reasons of why I don`t want children and
this is on it. So I don`t have to make decisions between Barbies. But
with that said. There are the parents who are going to be, oh, looks don`t
matter and, you know, beauty is skin deep and people care about your mind
and not your body. And those crunchy folks, they`ve love this doll. But
the rest of us who live in the real world and know that looks do matter and
people do care. And 19-year-olds don`t have cellulite.

RYE: Some of them do.


WILLIAMS: I don`t know what to say about baby dolls.


SHARPTON: I`ve rarely scene you speechless.

RYE: Right.

WILLIAMS: I will say this, when I was a little boy, I used to play with
baby dolls. I`ll admit it. I`ll own it all day long.

SHARPTON: I used to preach to them, so.

WILLIAMS: Thank you, sir. You understand. Yes.

SHARPTON: Best congregation I ever had.

WILLIAMS: But at nine years old, I don`t know if I noticed that baby dolls
or my friend`s dolls, or by the way, my GI Joe had a zit or had, you know,
a big butt. I don`t remember that. Nor did I care. What I do think this
matters here is at least, someone, yes, listen --

IYER: Yes. The doll is scary.

WILLIAMS: The doll look likes chucky. The doll look likes chucky. That`s
the problem

SHARPTON: Let me get you on this, Angela.

RYE: Rev, there are a couple things. One is I think there are certain
types of things we should focus on with children and the toys they play
with. Whether or not they have cellulite or scars or look like they were
fighting with the GI Joe or the son or the daughter that might have a GI
Joe too. I think it`s a little problematic, and goes a couple steps too
far. I think we should focus on whether they have long hair, short hair.
They come in different colors. My parents got me a sash a doll that looks
like me that had my skin complexion because there were only light dolls or,
you know, brown skinned dolls or thank God, that has --

SHARPTON: All right. I want to get to one because I don`t want to run out
of time. I want to move to a question. What is the key to a successful
marriage? Well, if you ask Mary J. Blige, it has nothing to do with --
it`s not -- it has nothing to do with what we`ve always heard. It is not
about having any friends of the opposite sex. The Grammy Award winner said
in an interview that she won`t allow her husband to have any friends who
are women. And she can`t have any who are men. Angela? Do you agree with

RYE: So, I agree with everything that Mary J. ever says. But this, Rev,
this is crazy, I`m not married --

IYER: Why is this crazy?

RYE: This is crazy to me. I`m not married so maybe I just don`t know any
better. But this seems a little outrageous. I have a lot of guy friends
who are trusted confidant and we don`t cross any boundaries and I`m single.

IYER: That`s probably because you`re too good looking for them.

RYE: What? I don`t know if --


I appreciate the compliment, thank you.

SHARPTON: Her friends watch the show.

WILLIAMS: That`s right.

RYE: They know but --

IYER: They know Rev.

RYE: I think that`s too much.

WILLIAMS: Let`s call this one.

IYER: It sounds like jealous.

RYE: Yes.

IYER: Go ahead, Jimmy.

WILLIAMS: Let`s call it what it is. This is about sex, sex, sex, sex,
sex, nothing more, nothing less.

RYE: Everybody wants to have sex with everybody else.

WILLIAMS: Mary J. doesn`t want her husband to have sex with anyone other
than her. Possibly. I never had a conversation with him or her but I
could tell you this, it is about sex. This is about cheating. Fifty three
percent, don`t be horrified. This happens, you know. This happens.

SHARPTON: This is "Politics Nation."

WILLIAMS: Well, this is poli-sex nation tonight.

RYE: Whoa! Get him, Rev.

SHARPTON: Put on a suit and tie and come out here.

WILLIAMS: This is not a production. This is an honest conversation. Mary
J. Blige does not want her husband to have girlfriends because she doesn`t
want him to be tempted. If it is anything more than that, I would like a
further explanation.

SHARPTON: But the assumption, in full disclosure -- but are you suggesting
that you cannot have opposite sex friends without engaging in sex?

IYER: Or wanting to --

WILLIAMS: If you`re faithful to your marriage vows you can`t.

SHARPTON: No, but I mean, just having friends, friends with opposite sex
doesn`t mean you want to go to bed with them.

RYE: No.


WILLIAMS: I`m single for a reason. Do you know what that is? So I can
sleep with whomever I want, whenever as I want.

RYE: That`s not why you`re single.

SHARPTON: Too much information.

IYER: I love this guy. I love this guy.

SHARPTON: When we come back, I`m flipping this. Saturday Night Live`s
Cecily Strong will host the White House Correspondents Dinner. It`s always
a fun night. What`s your favorite moment? Next. And Jimmy don`t say
after the show.

RYE: Right.


SHARPTON: We`re back with our panel. Seema, Jimmy and Angela. Finally
tonight, live from D.C. is Cecily Strong. The "SNL" star will be the
headline comedian at this year`s White House Correspondents Dinner and she
has certainly showed her political humor side in the past.

CECILY STRONG, "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": You taught Senator Mike Lee will
deliver the Tea Party`s response to President Obama`s State of the Union
Address next week. It is expected to be the exact same text of Obama`s
speech but delivered in this voice. President Obama announced this week
that 7.1 million people have signed up for insurance through Affordable
Care Act, exceeding his original goal of just making it through the next
two years. George W. Bush showed President Obama, Hillary Clinton and
several others pictures of his latest paintings of cats and dogs. Anyway,
that man was our president for eight years.


SHARPTON: Jimmy, what do you figure this year`s choice?

WILLIAMS: First of all, she is wonderful. I think she is funny, she is
diverse, she can do all sorts of different things. I like when women host
the White House Correspondents Dinner. I think it is refreshing as opposed
to yet another dude who thinks he`s funny. I`m not saying Colbert is not
funny except for him saying, women tend to lighten it up a little bit.
That`s always kind of good to have.

SHARPTON: All right. Let me, what`s your favorite moment that you could
think of at a White House Correspondents Dinner in the past?

RYE: So, my favorite is in honor of the new Senate majority leader, as of
next Congress, Mitch McConnell.

SHARPTON: Yes. Have a drink with Mitch McConnell.

RYE: Yes, that`s my favorite moment.

SHARPTON: Let`s see it.


PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: Some folks still don`t think I
spend enough time with Congress. Why don`t you get a drink with Mitch
McConnell, they ask. Really? Why don`t you get a drink with Mitch


SHARPTON: Seema, your favorite moment.

IYER: The most exciting for me is when Obama gives his speech and
particularly he gave a very good reference to a TV show that we`re all
crazy about. Do you remember this one?


OBAMA: I`m feeling sorry, believe it or not, for the speaker of the house
as well. These days, the house of republicans actually gives John Boehner
a harder time than they give me. Which means orange really is the new



SHARPTON: That was a great --

IYER: That was a good one.

WILLIAMS: Those are fantastic. I can`t top that. But speaking of women
hosting correspondents, Wanda Sykes. And she was just fantastic. Let`s
see what she did.


WANDA SYKES, COMEDIAN: Proud to be able to say that. You know, the first
black president, you know. Well, that`s unless you screw up. And then
it`s going to be, what`s one the half white guy, huh?



SHARPTON: Seema, Jimmy and Angela, thank you for your time.

RYE: Thanks, Rev.

SHARPTON: And when we come back, a step toward fixing our broken criminal
justice system.


SHARPTON: Finally tonight, righting a wrong that sent too many people into
the criminal justice system. Today here in New York, the city`s new policy
on marijuana went into effect. People caught with less than 25 grams of
pot will no longer be arrested and charged with a crime. Instead they`ll
receive a summons and police officers will be freed up to pursue more
serious offenders. This is a big deal and it is a big step towards fixing
an injustice. Before this policy went into effect, 86 percent of New
Yorkers arrested for marijuana possession were black and Latino. Even
though nationwide surveys showed more young whites use pot than young
blacks or Latinos. It doesn`t add up. And as New York Mayor Bill de
Blasio said last week, these arrests can drag people down for the rest of
their lives.


MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO (D), NEW YORK CITY: When an individual is arrested,
even for the smallest possession of marijuana, it hurts their chances to
get a good job. It hurts their chances to get housing. It hurts their
chances to qualify for a student loan. It can literally follow them the
rest of their lives.


SHARPTON: Most often, people arrested for small amounts of marijuana are
not criminals. In fact, 74 percent of New Yorkers who were arrested for
pot possession this year had never been convicted of a misdemeanor before.
I`m not saying people should encourage kids to smoke pot. But I am saying
that we should not ruin people`s lives. Cut off their future. Even before
some of them understand what options they have in life to criminalize them
is not solving a problem. When we ought to be after criminals that do
real, real hard core crime.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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