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PoliticsNation, Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

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Date: February 10, 2015
Guest: Gregory Meeks, Jim Arkedis, Chaka Fattah, Faith Jenkins, Karen
Desoto, Angela Rye, Jason Johnson, Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani

Schultz. "Politics Nation" with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.

REVEREND AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: Good evening, Ed. And thanks to you
for tuning in.

Emotional reaction from the friends and family of Kayla Mueller. They
spoke out late today about the aid worker who was killed while being held
hostage by ISIS.


friend, my candid spirit. And I`m going to miss her more deeply than word
can express.

LONI LYON, KAYLA MUELLER`S AUNT: She had a quiet calming presence. She
was a free spirit, always standing up for those who are suffering and
wanting to be their voice.

STREET: I`m not yet sure how to live in the world without Kayla, but I do
know we`re living in a better world because of her. So I`m going to end on
a quote that reminds me of her. Peace is not something you wish for. It`s
something you make. It is something you do. It is something you are. And
it`s something you give away.


SHARPTON: A heartbreaking tribute to this young woman, but it`s still
unclear what happened to her. ISIS claims she was killed when a Jordanian
bomb hit this building in Syria. But the U.S. says it can`t confirm that.
And one senior official said her injuries were not consistent with an

Jordan has steep up its response to ISIS after the group killed a Jordanian
pilot. The country has deployed thousands of troops to the Iraqi border.
This as President Obama preparing for ask Congress for new authority to use
force against the terror group. It will be the first war vote in Congress
in 13 years.

But tonight Americans all over the country are grieving for Kayla Mueller.
Today her family released a letter she wrote them more than a year in
captivity. She wrote, I have been shown in darkness, light, and have
learned that even in prison, one can be free. I am grateful.

Joining me now is Congressman Gregory Meeks, Democrat of New York. He
serves on the house foreign affairs committee. Also with me is Jim
Arkedis, a Truman fellow and former Pentagon analyst. Thank you both for
being here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you for having us.


SHARPTON: Congressman, Kayla Mueller`s death is obviously a real tragedy
for her family and for all Americans. Will this stiffen resolved to fight
is, in your opinion?

REP. GREGORY MEEKS (D), NEW YORK: Well, I think we have the resolve to
fight ISIS, and we will continue that resolve. I think that United States
utilizing our air powers and working and coordinating with our allies will
just stiffen it. I think that what will happen is hopefully that our Arab
allies, as you seen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, others, stepping up their
commitment to this fight, because we have to get rid of this terrorist

SHARPTON: Jim, the Mueller family received a forecast of Kayla`s body.
And a senior U.S. official says her injuries are not consistent with an
airstrike. Is ISIS trying to avoid responsibility for her death?

JIM ARKEDIS, FELLOW, THE TRUMAN PROJECT: They are absolutely trying to
avoid responsibility for her death. And the importance thing for us all
for remember is that they are 100 percent responsible for it. They took
her hostage. And so, it`s heartbreaking to hear her friends and family
talk about what a special person she was. And if there`s any doubt in
their minds that somehow she got wrapped up in this entire thing and that
blame should be laid at the feet of anyone other than ISIS, it`s simply not
true. They are the ones who kidnapped her and they are the ones who held
her hostage, and that`s the end of the story.

SHARPTON: Congressman, we don`t have all details of what President Obama
will ask for, but in his authorization for the use of military force, that
is -- but the "Associated Press" says it`s expected to be a three-year
authorization, so the next president would need to get it renewed. It will
have no restrictions on geographic location, and it would be limited to
fighting ISIS or a future group that evolves from it. Will Congress
approve this kind of authorization?

MEEKS: Yes, I think that we`ve got to see, you know, the devil is always
in the details. And I think that as long as we`re not talking about boots
on the ground, maybe with the exception of special forces, I think that the
Congress is ready to come together to make sure that we are working to give
the president the kinds of dollars and authority that he needs to combat
against ISIS, and working in conjunction with our Arab allies in the
region. And we --

SHARPTON: How will this tragedy, Congressman, how will this impact any
future decisions of how we deal with these matters in the future how we
vote on these matters?

MEEKS: Well, you know, I think number one, it is clearly Kayla is someone,
26-years-old, dedicating her life to individuals that you don`t know that
may not see the world as her. It just shows the exemplary, the different
life that she has and great family she has. And I think Congress is going
to be resolved as stand around our American citizens in that regards.
Those that have been that were decapitated. Those individuals destroy.
And Congress is going to stand behind them and make sure that those lives
are not lost in vain.

That is something that I think helps stiffen and makes us understand the
necessity to bestow and to and give the president the kind of strength he
needs working with our allies. And we can do that, because it would hurt
us to put books on the ground. Because then we look at it United States
and not Arabs that is focus a bit, just a western situation. And any boots
on the ground, it needs to be other Arab nations, I think that would focus
on, I look at, and I will be looking at the authority that the president is
asking for, and if it`s in that regard, I think that in those constraints,
I think it will pass with strong support.

SHARPTON: Jim, the president talked about Kayla Mueller in an interview
with BuzzFeed posted just moments ago. Watch this.


operation at significant risk to rescue not only her, but the other
individuals that had been held, and probably missed them by a day or two,
precisely because we have that commitment.

The one thing that we have held to is a policy of not paying ransom ransoms
with an organization like ISIL. And the reason is, is that, it once we
start doing that, not only are we financing their slaughter of innocent
people and strengthening their organization, but we`re actually making
Americans even greater targets for future kidnappings. So you know, it`s -
- it`s as tough as anything I do, having a conversation with parents who
understandably want by any means necessary for their children to be safe.


SHARPTON: Jim, he says we would be financing their slaughter and that we
would be putting Americans at more risk and of really putting them in a
situation where paying ransom would increase a lot of the danger, your
reaction to the president`s statement?

ARKEDIS: I fully support the president`s statement. The fact of the
matter is that ISIS is a group of brutal thugs. And the only language that
they understand is power. And I am absolutely for negotiation and
compromise whenever it is possible. Dialogue is one of the most important
parts of our foreign policy. However, ISIS is beyond -- far, far, far
beyond the point of trying to speak with and reason with. And we have to
use our military to be very strong against them and snuff out this cancer
at its root.

And at this point our military is the only way to do that, and the
president is right to say if we continue to pay ransom, that will only
continue to encourage them to take future hostages and financial their
current operations. So yes, I absolutely endorse what the president said.

SHARPTON: Now Congressman, when the president talk about we would be
putting more Americans at risk, I want to raise -- the White House press
secretary, he was asked today if ISIS is holding any other Americans.
Here`s how he responded.


other hostage that is held in the region, but you asked me specifically
about ISIL. What I can tell you is that we are aware, we have avoided
discussing the individual cases of Americans being held hostage, but we
were aware of other American hostages being held in the region.


SHARPTON: Now, this is interesting, because he`s saying there`s at least
one other American being held in the region. Does this have an impact on
U.S. policy, Congressman?

MEEKS: I think that our policy is going to move forward. And I think that
the statement earlier that we cannot, you know, start ransom money to help
finance these guys, we could do that. But I think it`s also good. You
know, there`s other thing going on, and that is to talk about though that
maybe held hostage continuing because I know what the president is doing.

He`s trying to find them first. And he is not afraid if he finds out where
they are, to try to get them and get them out. And so, those kinds of
operations, you do clandestinely, so this president is serious about trying
to find them and getting them out, and to the degree that we can, not
paying for them, that`s what`s taking place right now. And I think that`s
the way he needs to continue to move forward.

SHARPTON: So a terrible tragedy. And we`re going to stay on this.

Congressman Gregory Meeks, and Jim Arkedis, we thank you for your time

ARKEDIS: Thanks, Reverend Al.

MEEKS: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, eight years ago today, Senator Barack Obama announced
his intention to run for president. What he`s saying today about his

Plus the so-called "American Sniper" murder trial. As the movie smashes
record, a real-life trial is about to kick off. Will the movie impact the

And Aaron Hernandez`s fianc‚ gets immunity. Will she testify against him?

And what is President Obama saying about Michael Jordan`s trash talk?
Conversation nation is ahead.


SHARPTON: Breaking news tonight. NBC News has learned that a New York
police officer has been indicted in the shooting death of Akai Gurley. The
28-year-old was shot by a rookie police officer Peter Liang in a dark
stairwell at a Brooklyn housing project in November. NBC News has not
confirmed the charges, but "New York daily News" reports the officer has
been indicted for manslaughter. He could face up for 15 years in prison.

The Gurley shooting came just months after the tragedies in Ferguson and
Staten Island. In that case Eric Garner was killed by a police chokehold
which was caught on camera in broad daylight. A grand jury decided not to
indict the officers involved, but the justice department is investigating.
In all the cases I mentioned here, we have said we believe there is enough
evidence to have a public trial. Thankfully in the death of Gurley, we
will now have that trial.

We`ll be right back.



OBAMA: I stand before you today to announce my candidacy to president of
the United States of America.


SHARPTON: Then Illinois senator Barack Obama eight years ago today
announcing his intention to run for the country`s highest office.
Traveling to the same spot where Abraham Lincoln announced his candidacy,
the old state capitol in Springfield, and laying out a vision that would
guide him and the country in the coming year.


OBAMA: Let`s make college more affordable, and let`s invest in scientific
research. Let`s be the generation that ensures or nation`s workers are
sharing in our prosperity. We can turn this crisis of global warming into
a moment of opportunity for innovation and job creation. I want to win the
next battle for justice and opportunity. I want to win that next battle
for better schools and better jobs and better health care for all.


SHARPTON: Eight years later, despite historic obstruction from
Republicans, millions more Americans have health coverage. The uninsured
rate is now 12.9 percent, a record low. On claimant change, a landmark
agreement with cut carbon emissions up to 28 percent by 2025. On the
economy, 7.5 million private sector jobs have been added.

Now the president is entering what he calls the fourth quarter of his
presidency. He`ll put forward an ambitious domestic plan tackling income
inequality. Republicans have tried to derail his agenda from the start,
and they`re still trying. And it`s that fight over protecting and
expanding the Obama legacy that will dominate the next two years and

Joining me now is Congress Chaka Fattah, Democrat from Pennsylvania. Just
minutes ago, he and other members of the congressional black caucus wrapped
up a meeting with President Obama. Thank you for being here.

REP. CHAKA FATTAH (D), PENNSYLVANIA: Reverend, it is great day to be here
and historic day because I remember that speech. And it was just within
days from that that we saw his campaign really take hold. And we`ve seen
the results. This country is moving forwards under this president`s
leadership. And we`re going to block and tackle and defend this legacy,
but we also want to advance the legacy. There`s so much more for us to do.
That`s what the president talked with us today about.

SHARPTON: Now Congressman, eight year after announcing he would run for
the White House, what priorities did you talk about with the president

FATTAH: We talked about criminal justice reform. As you know there`s a
bipartisan consensus around doing something about defend that we
incarcerate more people in our country than any other nation on earth on a
per capita basis, and we have to change that. We talked about education.
We talked about making sure that the insurance of dealing with the question
of the economy, that we make sure that family that are struggling to get
into the middle class are also included in the debate, and that we work to
maintain the middle class and make sure they can share in a country`s

SHARPTON: Now, you know, right now Republicans are trying to hold funding
for homeland security hostage to roll back the president`s immigration
action. Today GOP Senator Mark Kirk said Democrats would be to blame if
there was a terror attack during this.

Quote "the Republicans, if there is a successful attack during the DHS
shutdown, we should build a number of coffins outside each democratic
office and say you are responsible for these dead Americans."

At a time when the U.S. is dealing with the threat of ISIS or ISIL, what do
you make of this remark f a Republican senator?

FATTAH: I remember the attack on 9/11, and Democrats joined with
Republicans and with President Bush to respond to that. Only under
President Obama have we seen the notion of a terrorist attack as an
opportunity for a partisan attack on the president. It`s shameful we have
a majority party that really is morally bankrupt to the point of attacking
the president on some notions that our enemies, our foreign enemies would
be successful on some attack. That`s not what we did.

SHARPTON: But even beyond the partisan politics. It`s almost
unbelievable. They`re talking about holding up funding of homeland
security at a time like this. We`re dealing with the mourning of a hostage
that has been killed and they`re talking about holding the funding to deal
with their differences on immigration? I mean, this is unbelievable, I
would assume, to most Americans.

FATTAH: Well look, this president is unequivocal. He will not compromise
on the question that we`re going to make sure that we protect the homeland
and that we don`t have a bill that they try to deal with thinks policy
issues on. So he says send him a clean bill and he will sign it. And we
know that we want our airport, our courts, our railroad stations, our
community is safe, and that, you know, the questions on homeland security
should not be merged into this immigration debate.

The president has said pass a bill, send it to him, let`s fix the
immigration system. The Senate passed a bipartisan bill, the house refused
to take it up. So don`t take it out on the appropriations bill. Let`s
make sure that the Congress does its job. If they want immigration reform,
let them pass a bill.

SHARPTON: The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he is
coming to address the Congress in March, despite many that have called on
this speech to not take place since it went around protocol in not
informing the president of the United States of the invitation by the
speaker of the house. Did that come up in the meeting with the caucus?
And are members of the congressional black caucus going to join other
Democrats who say they are not going to attend of speech.

FATTAH: Well, no. It didn`t come up in the meeting. And I did note today
that they did finally read the letter. We say there was invitation by the
five partisan leaderships of the Congress. Well, we know that that is not
true. That was a pretext because the bipartisan leader of the Congress did
not invite them. And I think this would be used as a circumstance in which
perhaps this speech can be delayed. But there will be lots of people, not
just congressional of black caucus members. The vice president would not
be there. A host of people think this is ill-advised. And that again, we
should not put our nation`s relationship with one of our most important
allies, Israel, in this partisan mix here to try to, you know, I don`t know
what the specifically was things, but I think it should be reconsidered.
And I don`t believe that at the end of the day, we are going to see the
speech go forward.

SHARPTON: Well, the speech is to come out and really oppose the
president`s position, but it did not come up in the meeting with the
congressional of black caucus and the president, you are saying no?

FATTAH: It did not come up at all.

SHARPTON: But do you feel most of the caucus members will not attend the

FATTAH: I feel that. And I also feel that there is so many other members
who would not attend the speech. This is not a matter of the congressional
of black caucus. This is a decision in which we have foreign leaders who
are invited on a bipartisan basis and we don`t have a circumstance where
right in the midst of an election in a foreign country that we would use
the Congress as a prop for that election.

SHARPTON: Congressman Chaka Fattah, thank you for your time tonight.

FATTAH: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, the "American Sniper" murder trial. How the hit
film could affect the trial of the marine accused of killing Chris Kyle.

Also a bombshell development in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial is all in
tonight`s justice files.


SHARPTON: Move over binders full of women. We have a new one. Meet Mike
Moon. The Missouri state rep has a strange new political strategy. He
released a resolution to quote "insist that each member of the Missouri
congressional delegation endeavor with manly firmness and resolve to
totally and completely repeal the affordable care act."

Repeal the ACA with manly firmness? I heard that he lifted that line from
the declaration of independence, but I really think he just has been
watching too many tough guy movies.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go ahead, make my day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you talking to me? You`re talking to me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Say hello to my little friend.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel the need -- the need for speed!



SHARPTON: But maybe Mike Moon is on to something, like that manly all male
panel Republicans held on women`s health, or the almost all male committee
chairs they appointed. And maybe they thought it was manly not standing
and applauding for the equal pay at the state of the union.

And now we have a new one, manly firmness on Obamacare. I guess State Rep.
Moon thinks it`s tough when 200,000 Missouri residents lose health
insurance if the law is repealed. Kicking people off insurance isn`t
manly. It`s wrong. Did he think we would ignore his macho man fail? Nice
try, but we got you.


AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST, "POLITICS NATION": It`s time for the "Justice
Files." Joining me now legal analyst and professor at New Jersey City
University Karen Desoto, and also former prosecutor and host of "Judge
Faith" Faith Jenkins. Thank you both for being here.


SHARTPON: We start with the murder trial in the shadow of a Hollywood
blockbuster "American Sniper." Testimony should start tomorrow in the case
of Eddie Ray Routh. He`s accused of killing sniper Chris Kyle, the man
"American Sniper" is about, and his friend Chad Littlefield, in 2013.
Investigators say Kyle and Littlefield took Routh to a gun range to help
deal with his PTSD. They say Routh turned on them, killing them both. The
movie is about Kyle, his breaking Box Office records, raking in millions.
The judge estimating no more than two dozen people were dismissed from
service because of the publicity about the case and what it could do to the
impartiality of judgment in the trial. In the movement -- and the hero
status might affect the trial. Faith, the judge went to great lengths
trying to find an impartial jury. Is that even possible here?

JENKINS: It`s possible and according to all the attorneys and the judge,
they selected a jury and it has been done. Is it challenging? Of course.
Because anytime you`re selecting a jury, you want people who don`t have any
independent knowledge of the case and the facts of the case coming into the
courtroom. So what they`ve had to do is they`d have to sit done, they`ve
had to ask these jurors what have you heard about this case? Have you seen
the movie? Have you read the book? And if you have, that doesn`t mean it
is automatically dismissed, the question is, if you have, you set aside
what you previously heard and just base your decision on the facts and the
testimony you hear in court.

SHARTPON: But Karen, how do you weigh whether or not they are in fact
impartial? I mean, they may say the right things, but how do you really
determine that?

questions, but I`ve tried enough to enough cases to tell you that there`s
no such thing as an impartial jury. Everybody comes with their own biases
and motives and their own agendas. So you try to get as close as you can
to that. Can you? You can try, but the problem is you have to take their
word for it. If they`re going to answer truthfully, well, you know, you
don`t know. And there`s always these unconscious biases that I think speak

SHARPTON: Now, I want to play the 911 call Routh`s sister made after Kyle
and Littlefield was killed. Listen to this.


DISPATCHER: 911, what`s your emergency?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Listen, my brother just came by here. He`s now lost
it. He told me that he`s committed a murder.

DISPATCHER: Okay, hold on.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: And I`m terrified for my life. I don`t know if he`s
going to come back here.

DISPATCHER: Who did he say he had killed?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: He said that he killed two guys they went to a
shooting range, and like he`s all crazy -- he (bleep) psychotic.


SHARPTON: Routh has a history of PTSD. His attorney plans to use an
insanity defense. Will jurors buy this?

JENKINS: This case isn`t a who had done it, right? So his defense is
going to be some type of mental disease or defect. I don`t think based on
his history, his family called the police before. They had taken away his
guns. They said that he was having some issues, some mental issues, based
on his history, yes, I think the jurors will going to say that this was a
person suffering from some type of mental disability. However, that`s not
the standard, the standard for court is, did he know right from wrong at
the time? Did his mental disease or defect cause him not to know right
from wrong when he killed these two individuals? That`s the standard in

SHARPTON: Karen, you know, the defense tried to move the location, they
tried to move the timing of the trial and failed. How will they try to
manage the public image that Kyle has?

DESOTO: Well, unfortunately I think that that`s very difficult. This is a
small county, this is a small town. Moving it anywhere is always going to
be problematic, however you also have a judge that used to be a former
district attorney. Those were factors that are all going to be very
difficult. You can`t play down this kind of publicity. This is a movie
that almost everyone has seen, you`re talking Oscar nominations, it`s
Bradley Cooper, my goodness, and of course the equation of him as a hero is
going to be problematic for the defense team in this case.

SHARPTON: Now, let`s move to a developing story in the Aaron Hernandez
murder trial. Late in the day we learned his fiancee might be on the stand
testifying against him, the judge giving her immunity. She was facing a
perjury charge. This deal means she could be forced to testify against
Hernandez or face jail time, according to "The Providence Journal."
Prosecutors have suspected that she may have dumped the murder weapon and
disposed of other evidence. She`s been in court sitting right behind the
former New England patriot, and she still lives in their home with their
daughter. Hernandez and two other American are accused of killing semi
pro-athlete Odin Lloyd in 2013. Karen, what do you make of all of this?

DESOTO: Well, I think it`s an amazing development in the story, because
there have been allegations about the motivations of why this took place.
Why would Aaron Hernandez kill Lloyd? And this is one of the pieces to the
puzzle. This testimony is going to be key to that, because it appears that
there really is no motive at this juncture. So this information could give
them that, plus the murder weapon. I mean, these are two key details that
the prosecutor was probably sweating prior to giving this immunity, and
obviously they are giving her immunity, because they`ve worked out,
hopefully some type of a deal and she`s going to testify.

SHARPTON: Faith, motive Karen says and murder weapon, there was a picture
and people were debating whether that was a gun in Hernandez`s hand in the
photo, or whether or not it was a something else, a remote that you would
use for television. She could clear that up, possibly.

JENKINS: And if she does. If she testifies that she took a gun and
removed a gun from that house and hid it that could be the nail in the
coffin for Aaron Hernandez and his defense.

SHARPTON: So, you think she will actually testify.

JENKINS: If she`s forced to take the witness stand and she has immunity,
if she didn`t testify, she could go to jail. So, she`s in a very difficult
place here. She`s already been indicted for perjury.

DESOTO: Why would you give them somebody immunity unless of course you
want them to testify.

JENKINS: Right. So, they know she knows something.

SHARPTON: But will she do it? Yes or no?

DESOTO: Well, she has to.

JENKINS: She has to take the witness stand. What will she say? We don`t
know. If she`s subpoenaed, she has to, you know, appear on the stand.

SHARPTON: We`ll see. We`ll be watching. Karen Desoto, Faith Jenkins,
thank you both for your time.

JENKINS: Thanks, Rev.

SHARPTON: Coming up, the GOP has a new plan against Hillary Clinton, and
it might backfire.

Plus, President Obama talks about Michael Jordan`s trash talk.

And we`ve seen President Obama sing at the Apollo, but now he`s singing
"shake it off." Kind of. "Conversation Nation" is next.


SHARPTON: Time now for "Conversation Nation." Joining me on the panel,
political strategist Angela Rye. Political analyst Jason Johnson, and
HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

We start tonight with the GOP`s new strategy against Hillary Clinton.
They`re actually trying to push her into running. The RNC posting a memo
on the GOP`s home page declaring Hillary`s hiding, quote, "Potential
republican presidential candidates are out in public, speaking to voters
and sharing the ideas, but Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found. And
they promise we`re going to keep asking, where is Hillary? You will see
more from us in the coming days and week." They also released this attack



PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: Hey, this is Barack. Listen, I
need to know if you`re on board.

CLINTON: Well, yes, I guess it could.

OBAMA: Because I`m counting on you.

CLINTON: I try to help.

OBAMA: Because I`m counting on you.

CLINTON: Of course, I will do anything to help.

OBAMA: Okay. Good. It all comes down to you. I have no doubt that
Hillary Clinton is the right person to lead our nation and the world.


CLINTON: You`re absolutely right.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: What is happening here?

OBAMA: I know it`s disappointing, though I was never that good. I hope I
get a chance to see you guys again at the White House sometimes soon.

CLINTON: All right. Well, look, I will be there as fast as I can.


I love that phrase. I think if you don`t mind, I will use that.


SHARPTON: Angela, create a video, but are they really sure about this
strategy? I mean, be careful what you ask for.

ANGELA RYE, POLITICAL STRATEGIST: Rev, can we talk first about why they`re
using that Jimmy Fallon slow jam in the news like background track? That
is horrible. And On top of that, when was the last time Hillary Clinton
had a flip phone? Like, they don`t even have new footage. It is terrible.
Not only is it a bad strategy, it`s a bad video. And I don`t know who
they`re trying to get to watch it, but I think we`re all smart enough to
know what it looks like when you just splice clips together. You make a
mess. That`s exactly what this is, a hot mess.

SHARPTON: Well, Caroline?

was going to say the one good thing about all of this, I suppose is the GOP
at least has started to use YouTube, that obviously like trying to show off
the new technology. Well done. You`re nearly there, guys. Not quite,
though. I mean, this really misses the mark. And it kind of looks like
somebody did it in their basement which is --

SHARPTON: But Jason, they really want Hillary Clinton out of hiding?

of those like Brer Rabbit like, don`t throw me into that Briar Patch
situation. Once Hillary Clinton comes out swinging they`re all going to be
-- I mean, everybody knows when Hillary Clinton is really bringing to the
table. And I also think it`s crazy. When I looked at this video, it only
had like 300 hits. I`m sure there`s YouTube cat videos that have done
better in it so far. So, if this is their promotion to try and bring
Hillary Clinton out of hiding, she`s got to actually see it, first, and
apparently no one has.

SHARPTON: Well, you know, Angela brought up the flip phone in terms of no
one uses those phones anymore, maybe that`s the demographic they`re trying
to get to.

RYE: Hello, church. Hello, church. Absolutely.

SHARPTON: Now, Michael Jordan might be the greatest basketball player of
all time, but he`s not winning any spelling bees. David Axelrod talked
about getting Jordan to sign a poster for the President`s 50th birthday.
MJ wrote, quote, "To Barrack, you still owe me dinner. Wishing you well,
Michael Jordan." But he misspelled the President`s name with two Rs.
That`s why I tried to roll the Rs. Still a nice thought from Jordan. Most
recently there`s been some ribbing between them after Jordan called the
President a hack golfer. Now President Obama has no hard feelings.


OBAMA: You know what? Michael will always be -- will always have a place
in my heart, the joy that he gave all of Chicago. He talks trash on the
golf course, I understand even though he has never played with me, he`s a
pretty hyper-competitive guy, and obviously somebody wasn`t giving him the
proper spelling of my name. But I`m going to forgive him for all of that.
Because I have six championship memories that will never go away.


SHARPTON: Caroline, I think that was interesting, the President took it in
good stride. What do you think?

MODARRESSY-TEHRANI: I thought it was really sweet. And I do think there`s
a deeper situation going on here, which is that Michael Jordan, famous for
playing mind games. I think that this is the ultimate mind game. I think
he`s trying to psych up the President before he`s calling him up and saying
let`s play another round of golf. I think this is all part of Jordan like
his stealth approach to finally beat the President when they do play golf.

SHARPTON: So, is this a mind game to build up to the ultimate golf match
between the President and the greatest basketball player of all time,

JOHNSON: Yes. I think so. I`m sure Jordan will get on the court, they`ll
get on the golf course, and Jordan will be like, you know, I won six of
them, and Barack Obama won`t really know how to respond to that. I mean,
look, it`s very clear to me that this goes back, this is like some deep
Chicago thing, Jordan wants to make sure that President Obama always knows
who is the better champion. So, yes, I think this is going on the golf
course and eventually is going to hit the basketball course.

SHARPTON: But Angela, Michael Jordan won six, but the President won two
real big ones. I mean, there`s no shame in his game.

RYE: There`s no shame in his politics or on his game. I think that he
said the last time that when Michael Jordan criticized his golf fame in a
word we won`t use on this show, Reverend. But he did say, he said, back to
him, hey, if I was playing golf twice a day for 15 years, I probably would
be just as good as you. So, even if this is a buildup to a match, I think
it`s one that the President would take in stride, when he has time, Rev.
When he`s not solving the nation that cannot make --

SHARPTON: Well, they`re both welcome on POLITICS NATION for the pre or
post interview. Everybody stay with me. By the way, Jason, spell Barack -
- no, just kidding.


We`ll be back with President Obama doing "shake it off" sort of. Next.


SHARPTON: We`re back with the panel. Angela, Jason and Caroline. You`re
probably sitting on your couch in your favorite chair watching this show
right now, but is your TV watching you, too? The "Today" show`s Kerry
Sanders has more on how one brand of television might be eavesdropping on
everything you say.


KERRY SANDERS, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Samsung`s newest smart TV has a
little camera on top that pops up to watch you. And when you talk, it
hears and then follows your command. Pause. Unless you opt out, it`s
always watching always listening. Deep in the Samsung Smart TV user
agreement is this warning, "Please be aware that if your spoken words
include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be
among the data captured and transmitted to a third party." Samsung says it
takes consumer privacy very seriously, using industry standards security to
secure consumers` personal information and prevent unauthorized collection
or use, and the company doesn`t keep or sell the voice data to others."
But critics warn it`s not a problem until it is.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: So a divorce lawyer might be interested in the kinds of
things that go on on the family`s couch, for example.


SHARPTON: Caroline, what do you think? Is Big Brother finally here?

MODARRESSY-TEHRANI: Yes. I mean, honestly, Rev, yes, I think so. This is
kind of terrifying. And I appreciate the company sort of saying, looking
though, we`re being transparent about this to a point by putting it in the
privacy terms and conditions, but still it smacks of something that is too
-- too dangerous, going too far, and I`m concerned as well. Because I
mean, you know, they say we`re going to keep your data safe. Well, really?
I mean, we`ve just come off the back of the Sonny hack, where it`s another
large conglomerate says, don`t worry, all your information is safe, and
then look at what happened. I just don`t think that they`re able to make
good on the promises to safeguard our data and I don`t know why they want
to sell it to a third party, quite frankly.

SHARPTON: Jason, this could be a very, very controversial in a lot of
homes for a lot of reasons.

JOHNSON: Well, yes, first off, they were also saying that they might
eventually as facial recognition technology. So, it isn`t like how "The
Terminator" started. You know, intelligent A.I. coming out of the screen.
One. I don`t want anybody to hear what I`m saying in front of the TV, I do
a lot of cussing before NFL games, I`m sorry to say. But on top of that, I
just think it`s a grotesque violation of privacy, and Samsung really needs
to change its policy.

SHARPTON: Well, I`m not even going to ask you, Angela, because we know
that technology has gone too far in your mind.

RYE: Absolutely. I think when you think about the fact that they have in
that little clause that says unauthorized use, I want to know what the
authorized use is?

SHARPTON: Yes. Right. Well, you may not want to know it.

Finally tonight, is there anyone who knows how to shake it off? It`s
President Obama. Evidenced by this latest dub of him singing Taylor
Swift`s hit song.

Angela, pretend you`re on "The Voice." How was it?

RYE: Well, his voice wasn`t that great, but the spicing again of the clips
we saw from bad version of that earlier, this was really good. And you
missed the uh-huh part, Rev. That`s what I wanted to see. That`s the

SHARPTON: Caroline?

I just going to say that I don`t think Kanye would be interrupting that


RYE: That`s good.

MODARRESSY-TEHRANI: I think it was pretty good. Definitely better than
the GOP mashup that we`ve saw it earlier.


JOHNSON: I absolutely love it, but nothing will ever beat the mashup of
Mitt Romney singing the real slim shady from a couple of years ago.


That was the best one we`ve ever seen. So, Barack comes in second. The
President comes in second. But Mitt Romney is always first.

SHARPTON: Well, Angela, Jason and Caroline, thank you for joining us.
"Conversation Nation" will be right back.


SHARPTON: We close tonight by remembering Kayla Mueller, and a life spent
helping others. Mueller was captured in 2013, while helping refugees from
Syria`s civil war. Before that, she had done aid word in Israel and India,
and back here at home. She had helped homeless women and HIV patients.
Today President Obama said, quote, "Kayla represents what is best about
America, and expressed her deep pride in the freedoms that we Americans
enjoy, and that so many others strive for around the world." It`s a
feeling shared by her friends and family.


ability to share another person`s suffering and still add a little
happiness to it. She could always find that silver lining.

LORI LYNN, KAYLA MUELLER`S AUNT: The world wants to be more like Kayla,
and if that is her legacy and the footprint that she leaves on the world,
then that is a wonderful thing.


SHARPTON: Mueller`s family shared a powerful letter she wrote to them from
captivity, a letter that a lot of people read through tears today. She
wrote, quote, "I remember mom always telling me that all in all in the end
the only one you really have is God. I have surrendered myself to our
creator, because literally there was there was no else -- one else that I
could. I have been shown in darkness, light, and have learned that even in
prison one can be free." She also wrote, "I am also fighting for my side
in the ways I am able, and I have a lot of fight left inside of me. I`m
not breaking down, and I will not give in, no matter how long it takes. Do
not fear for me. Continue to pray as will I. And by God`s will, we will
be together soon. All my everything, Kayla."

It shows that even in darkness, her sprit was strong and she sought light.
They may have broken her freedom, but they didn`t break her spirit, a
spirit that we must all have to fight the ruthlessness and those that would
look at life as something they can take for no reason.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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