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The Ed Show for Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

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Date: March 11, 2015
Guest: Tim Ryan, Larry Cohen, Barbara Boxer, Chris Coons, Shmuley Boteach

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Welcome to the Ed Show live from Detroit
Lakes, Minnesota.

Let`s of news, let`s get to work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The connivence...

SCHULTZ: Tonight, a convenient truth.

private personal e-mails, e-mails about planning Chelsea`s wedding.

SCHULTZ: Republicans` dig for dirt (ph) on the Clinton.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m looking really forward (ph) to go into
Chelsea`s wedding at the reception. I`d like to talk to you about Bolivia.

SCHULTZ: Later...

SEN. TOM COTTON, (R) ARKANSAS: What I`m focused on is our

SCHULTZ: Return to sender...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is feels like Utah -- hi.

SCHULTZ: Plus, we are awaiting new information about the military
chopper crashed off the coast of Florida.


Good to have with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.

We start this evening with breaking news out of Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson is expected to resign later today.
NBC News has obtained a copy of his resignation letter.

This news comes after the Justice Department announced that it would
not pursue federal civil rights charges against Ferguson Police Office
Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. And in November, grand jury
chose not to indict Wilson. A second Justice Department report released
last week concluded the Ferguson Police Department routinely engaged in
racially bias practices.

For more on this, let me bring in Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC Political
Analysis and Professor of Georgetown University, also with us tonight,
Trymaine Lee who was an MSNBC National Reporter.

Trymaine, what is the latest here? How do we read this? I mean, my
quick take on this is this. This is a result of the Justice Department`s
investigation. It forced the hand of the locals down in Ferguson,
Missouri. I don`t think this would have ever happen and the Justice
Department not gotten involved in this. And this is changed but it`s not
change from within, it`s forces from the outside that are coming in making
this happen. What`s the latest that you know on the ground?

TRYMAINE LEE, MSNBC NATIONAL REPORTER: Well that`s right. I spoke to
a number of people down the ground including a number of elected officials
who say, the only reason this happen is because it was exposed by the
Department of Justice with their report last week. And they say that, you
know, the fish rots from the head down. And while the City managers step
down, the police chief is not resigned. Now, they`re calling for the
resignation of the mayor that kind of trifecta (ph) of the city`s

Now again, without the Department of Justice kind of pulling the
curtain back and we saw at least from the report how rotten things had
been. Many people say this was just a start and that -- and so the hammer
continues to fall and that they see the kind of wholesale change that could
really shake up this culture.

They said time and, again, that you may replace one person and add
someone else, but until you really shake -- loop (ph) that culture that has
been -- the kind of infested this place for so many years, would won`t real

SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson, what`s your analysis to this? I mean,
if this doesn`t happen I don`t know how you change anything else. What do
you make of it?

agree with brother Trymaine. It has to be dealt with -- by acknowledging,
first of all, the Department of Justice`s report was a damning one. It
suggested that there was not simply an aberration, it was systemic.

But these things were going on, you had racist e-mail. You have the
ignorance or the ignoring of those e-mails by people at the top. You have
the perpetuation of a culture of intimidation of African-American people.
You have the economic exploitation of the most vulnerable. You have the
radical inequality of the poor versus those who are better off. And you
had a racially segregated police force that was predominantly white
overwhelming unequal, and unfair, and unjust to those black citizens.

So you put all of that together, of course the police chief has to
resign, of course the city manager has to resign, and quite frankly, it
would be good if the mayor himself resign and didn`t see himself as somehow
outside of this system. He after all is responsible for what goes on in
that city and he is turning to -- deaf ear so to speak to this whole
proceeding. And he can`t pretend as if he is somehow above the fray.

I think that the Department...


DYSON: ... of Justice report is so necessary and so vital. But, Ed,
you said something that is very important. Know the change won`t happen
within, it always has to be forced. It always has to be encouraged and as
a result of that, those changes begin to take place.

SCHULTZ: Well, I think it`s very profound that it had not been for
the Justice Department investigation and report, where is the governor of
Missouri, where is the state legislature, where are the state leaders?
It`s almost as if it didn`t happen.

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: And had the Justice Department had done this, we wouldn`t be
talking about this right now. So when you say all politics as local,
Trymaine, the politics in Missouri would have stayed the same.

LEE: That`s right, Ed.

SCHULTZ: And it not been for Eric Holder, what about that?

LEE: Well, that`s right. Well, someone say it started with the
killing of Michael Brown and it took Michael Brown`s death the kind of
illuminate some of the issues here.

Now in April, there are indeed municipal elections in Ferguson. Three
city councilors (inaudible) including two wards that include areas of the
city that had been bombarded with tear gas and where Michael Brown was
killed on (inaudible), ward one, and two, and three.

And so there are actually legislators who are introducing legislation
clearly born from the unrest in Ferguson. But again, until we figure out
what the Federal Department of Justice going to do with the consent degree
as they had out on negotiation of the city. Will the city walk, you know,
wholeheartedly in a good faith with reforms that are called for?

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder said that no tool and nothing will
be left off the table. We will see but when the Federal Monitor, if that
happens, if they are these benchmarks, we`re going to see a massive shake
up of this culture and see if this department can withstand the force.

Now, remember months ago, there had been rumor that there had been,
you know, back room conversation about dismantling the entire Police
Department, removing Chief Jackson and then handling over power to the
county police. You talk to local they`ll say, "Well, you know, the county
police are in fact no better but at least they have to enter...


LEE: ... to the (inaudible) court and that`s (inaudible) as the local
police have to.

SCHULTZ: Dr. Dyson, doesn`t this start with some type of social
engineering project, sociology here that to get into the communities, to
give them a voice, to break up the neighborhoods into sections where every
neighborhood feel some type of representation, and then to coordinate that
with the Police Department and the communication has got to be. Things are
going to be different. We`re listening to your voices and this is how
we`re going to police your community.

I mean, from friends that I have and law enforcement, this is the only
formula when you`re starting over that`s going to work in a situation like
this. What would you suggest?

DYSON: Well, that`s an excellent suggestion. There`s got to be a
break up of the racial monopoly in that city and it`s also got to be a way
in which the voices of the people are heard.

What we have forgotten here Ed, is that the police are to serve the
people. There has been a mass occupation of Ferguson by the Police
Department. Those people have been living under tyranny and really in
(inaudible) apartheid.

So what we got to do is to force ourselves to confront the apartheid
that existed. And when you do that, what you suggested in terms of social
engineering is critical, but also exposing those police people who after
all don`t grow up on Mars. They grow up in the same cities, in the same


DYSON: ... that inherits the bigotry of others. They have to have
those things challenges. So they have the challenge.

So they need to bring in people who are able to discuss this, to talk
about systemic racism and to talk about white privilege, to talk about
police brutality and to talk about the rights of citizens in the face of
such overwhelming odds.

SCHULTZ: This would be the perfect time for the federal government to
followup with a massive jobs program in Ferguson. I`ve heard a number of
elected officials talk about how there is a high unemployment rate among
black youth in Ferguson. You know, if you occupy somebody`s time and you
give him a job and they got some money, their life can turn around.

I mean, it would seem to me, Trymaine, that if there has to be some
kind of new model here, if these changes are going to mean something, other
than just personal changes. What do you make of it?

LEE: Well, that`s right. When you look at across the state, you
mentioned job, but you also have to look at education. Now, of the -- the
two unaccredited school districts in the entire state, you`re looking at,
you know, one that concludes Ferguson, Norman (ph) and also the Kansas City
school district.

So these kids out there, many you would see out there late at night
who had been battling back and forth with the police, who are disaffected
in so many ways, who don`t have access to quality education and health care
and their families are hungry. This is who you`re dealing with.


LEE: So not just jobs, well before that point, are these kids -- do
these kids have a ladder out? Do they have any prospects at all? And it`s
almost cliche (ph) at this point to say that, you know, urban communities
across the country are experiencing these kind of disparities but this is
exactly were kind of creates (ph) this perfect storm that we saw explode at
the Michael Brown`s death.

SCHULTZ: If you don`t do it in Ferguson, where are you going to do
it? If you`re not going to try to rebuild this community, where are you
going to go? Because -- and I think it`s so important to look at it that
way because the country is focused on what has unfolded in Ferguson. And
to start anew with everybody`s attention, I think is very important.
Michael Eric Dyson, I give you the last words.

DYSON: No. I absolutely agree with you. And this is where we have
to see that though the President said, this is an, you know, that this is
not made up but it`s an aberration, it is much more systemic than people
have been ready to acknowledge. And then once the federal government does
that, it can certainly intervene. It can bring charges against Darren


DYSON: ... but what we it can`t do is to bring a battalion of
resources to bear upon that city to change its future.

SCHULTZL: Well, it`s very clear that the residents of Ferguson and
the minority community, they`ve gotten what they wanted. They got some
intervention from the feds. They got an investigation. They got a real
calculation about the way things are, and now there are some changed. And
now I think it`s up to the community. It`s up to those people that live on
avenues and streets that care about their future and their kids to step up
and be a part of those changes and do something and this is going to be a
story to watch for a long time.


DYSON: I got to say this very quick -- but what we have to see is
that, if the police stop killing on our black men. That`s the proof and to
putting not simply economic opportunity but they got to stop being murdered

SCHLTZ: Well, I`ll give you this one. What about disarming the
police, what about just have them carry nightsticks and the authority to
arrest. I mean that would take a brave person to do something like that
but if you really wanted -- there are places on the face of this earth...

DYSON: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: ... that there are police officers that don`t carry

DYSON: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: Now, you know, I know the right-wing is going to think I`m
crazy for saying that but if you`re really want change you have to
institutionally show to the people that you want to do this, and that would
be part of a big social engineering project if Ferguson is going to turn
around, that`s how I see it.

Gentlemen, great to have you us.

DYSON: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate the discussion, thanks to your time.

Coming up, Jed Bush gets on the Iran letter bandwagon. He`s got all
kinds of advice and analysis. Plus, digging up dirt on the Clintons, it`s
the game to right-wing loves to play.

Stay with us, we`ll be right back at the Ed show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed show. Thanks for watching tonight,
more bad news for Hillary Clinton.

Today, the Associated Press filed a lawsuit against the State
Department. The A.P. is attempting to force the release of e-mails and
documents related to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

The lawsuit comes after several requests filed under the freedom of
information act. The first request from the Associated Press was filed
over five years ago. The State Department declined comment (ph) on today`s

The news comes just one day after Hillary Clinton`s press conference
on her private e-mail server. Republicans are still jumping all over
Hillary on this.

I must be Clinton cheerleader all of a sudden. I mean, I thought she
cleared the air yesterday. I thought she answered all the relevant
questions that need that were pertinent to the issue about her personal e-
mail, and how she personally handled it. And I think she met the test.

Now, you might not think that as a liberal or conservative critic, but
this is just me, OK? Of course, Republicans don`t agree with that

Here is the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi earlier


not sure how setting up your own private server is more convenient than
just having an intern, add an e-mail account to your smart phone.

Secondarily, she said, "We went through the documents." I have no
idea who "we" is.

Thirdly, there are private to private e-mails. It wouldn`t be
captured by any


SCHULTZ: So what do we have here? We have an issue of trust. Do the
American people want to trust Hillary Clinton? And I`m talking to
Democrats now and liberals, do you want to trust Hillary Clinton? You may
of may not want to. Do you want to trust Trey Gowdy? Do you want to trust
a right wing Tea Party silhouette (ph) from South Carolina who was own a
mission to destroy Hillary and Bill Clinton?

And don`t think that this isn`t about Bill Clinton either, because you
see, Bill Clinton on the campaign trail is very effective. Bill Clinton, I
think, showed a lot of people how to campaign for somebody else when he
helped Barack Obama get reelected in 2012. So this is about across the
board destroy the Clintons. That`s how I see it.

But Trey Gowdy, why should we trust him? Do you really think that
Trey Gowdy would do himself any political favors if he were the one to go
down in history as the chairman, the Tea Partier from the South, who is
willing to exonerate Hillary Clinton from absolutely any wrong doing? Do
you think that he would have good political standing with right-wing
Republicans if he were the guy to do that? The answer to that is, hell no.

So Gowdy made clear what he really wants in all of this.


GOWDY: I think it`s imminently reasonable to ask someone to turn this
server over to an independent neutral third party. Not to the House of
Representatives, turn it over to a retired judge and archives, and
inspector general, so we can have some assurance that the "we" that
separated the public from the private did a good job.


SCHULTZ: And who`s going to select this person Mr. Gowdy, you, the
right-wing, a think tank? Who`s going to select this person? You mean to
tell me that the Clinton`s are just average citizens, you know. They don`t
have any global impact, whatsoever.

Even if Hillary Clinton turned over the server, Gowdy and the
Republicans would never be satisfied. Could you imaging Gowdy coming out
and saying he looked over the server and he just didn`t find anything? The
right-wing would manufacture it.

Turning over the server wouldn`t change the Republican attitude
towards the Clintons one bit, or their mission to destroy them.
Republicans are looking for dirt wherever they can simply find it.

So now we`ve got Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, trying to elevate his
visibility also weighing in on Hillary Clinton`s press conference today.


SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: I don`t think convenience should trump
national security. She also has admitted in other interviews that she has
an iPhone and a Blackberry, so she does carry two devices.

I think that the fact that she didn`t obey the rules on putting our e-
mails on a government server, and now she says there wasn`t classified
information, I`m not sure that can be trusted, since we can`t trust her to
do the right thing the first time.


SCHULTZ: Yeah. We just can`t trust Hillary to do anything right, can
we? Let`s see. She`s been the first lady, she`s been a United States
Senator, she`s been Secretary of State, I don`t know how the hell she got
all of those jobs or whatever happened. But we just can`t trust her. But
we can trust Rand Paul, who has some civil rights issues, as I recall,
being reported previously.

Here`s the point. If there`s no security breach, and the country has
not been hurt by this, what`s the mission? Tell me what the law is that
she broke.

Hillary Clinton was very clear. Her private server was secure and had
not been breached. That`s not good enough either is it?

I still think the biggest issue on all of these is security. Hillary
Clinton has not broken any laws. There`s a big difference between a rule
and a law.

This attack on the Clintons has everything to do with the White House,
and right now, Republicans don`t have a solid candidate for White House, so
they`re going to try to bloody up the Clintons as best they can. And
they`re pretty good at this, and they did it for years.

The Clintons are the most recognized people on the face of the earth.
They have tremendous power, there`s no question about it. They have
influence around the globe. And the Republicans don`t have anything to
match that. So why in the world would they want to compete against them?

Get your cellphones out, I want to know what you think.

Tonight`s question, "Will Republicans ever get over their Clinton
scandal obsession?" Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622, you can go to
our website at and leave a comment there. And of course, you
can get my podcast and my video podcast at

Let me bring in Senator Barbara Boxer of California. Senator, good to
have you with us tonight.

SEN. BARBARA BOXER, (D) CALIFORNIA: Great to be with you.

SCHULTZ: Senator, are the Democrats, the scuttlebutt in the hallway,
are they satisfied with what they heard from Hillary Clinton yesterday.

BOXER: You know, I have to say, we`re not talking about that, because
we all know this is politics. We`re talking about why it is that why --
anything get anything done in the Senate? And why 47 Republicans did the
unthinkable and embolden the right-wing hard liners in Iran by sending that

Look, we know what`s happening here. You said it in the best way
possible, but you left one thing out. The Republicans are obsessed with
our President. They are out to get him, and make sure he doesn`t have a
legacy as we see this economy really booming, and we see the fight against
ISIL going better. All they want to do is hurt him, and they are now
turning their attention to the person they fear the most in 2016, Hillary

She has, as is no doubt about it, followed the rules, followed the law
and I find it interesting the Republican Party`s turning into the e-mail
pleas. And at some point, the American people are going to get scared of

And, you know, I want to know Rand Paul, he`s a friend of mine, he`s a
colleague of mine. We sit on the Foreign Relations Committee. Gowdy,
Chairman Gowdy, he is the head of a very important committee. He, Rand
Paul, myself, we all sat in highly classified meeting. I want to know, did
they ever write a classified e-mail to someone. You know, why don`t they
turn over their personal service?

This whole thing is unbelievable. They`re going after Hillary Clinton
because they know she`s exciting the public. And we`ve just going to get
past this...


BOXER: ... because you can talk all day. I`m not interested to know
as much as I love to know about Hillary`s grandchild, how many times the
grandchild ate in a day, and all the rest of things that I know she must`ve
been communicating with Chelsea. This is ridiculous.

SCHULTZ: Well, so I think that you think that she should not turnover
her server under any circumstances.

BOXER: Oh my God. I would not support any candidate -- let me make
it clear -- for a public office who turned over their personal e-mails,
because they have to protect privacy and their families. And I just can`t
even believe that this is -- I mean, if she did it? I would be so unhappy.

The fact of the matter is Chairman Gowdy is not turning over his
personal e-mails. I don`t care what...


BOXER: ... he writes his family. I don`t know what Rand Paul writes
on his personal e-mails, so with Ted Cruz or Jed Bush.

Here`s the deal, Jed Bush handled his e-mails the exact same...


BOXER: ... way as Hillary Clinton, where is one (inaudible) person
questioning the fact that Jed Bush destroyed e-mails that had to do with
Homeland Security or anything else?

SCHULTZ: Well, if he came on this network, he`d probably get that

BOXER: Well good. I`m glad to hear that.

SCHULTZ: If he came on -- if he showed up on this network,
(inaudible), we`ll definitely get that question. Finally Senator, I want
to know.


SCHULTZ: Unequivocally, you trust Hillary Clinton?

BOXER: Yes, I do. Look, I`ve been to...


BOXER: ... so many classified briefings. And I can tell you, you
don`t write e-mails about what you learned. That is ridiculous. She
followed the rules. She followed the law.

If the Republicans don`t like the law, and they want to turnover
everybody`s personal e-mail, introduce a bill. Introduce a bill, and start

SCHULTZ: SCHULTZ: Senator, great to have you with us.

BOXER: ... by showing your personal e-mails.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time tonight. Senator Barbara Boxer of
California, leaving no stone unturned. Thank you.

For more, let me bring in Jonathan Alter, MSNBC Political Analyst.
David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones and MSNBC Political
Analyst. Well, gentlemen, there`s a lot to unpack here.

Jonathan, you first, what would happen if Republicans got this server?

political field day. And first of all, we need to be clear. The odds of
them getting it, I think are very slim.

Hillary Clinton has already turned over thousands and thousands of
pages of documents that might relate to Benghazi. And that`s the committee
that Trey Gowdy chairs. It`s a basically a -- House Select Committee on
Benghazi. So, he wants anything to do with that. He`s already gotten all
these documents.

He knew months ago that there are also these other e-mails. It`s
highly unlikely that a judge will force her to turnover this -- these e-
mails to either the Congress or the Associated Press. There`s no president
for judge doing that.


ALTER: Usually these e-mails, this is the point that keeps getting
missed at. These e-mails have worked.


ALTER: . inside of government aren`t released for decades after
people`s government service is over. What is the compelling need to have
them release right now. Sure in the press I like to see him. Of course.
But the compelling public need for them to be turnover doesn`t exist.

SCHULTZ: David Corn, how .


SCHULTZ: .does this play with her be possibility of running? I mean
her biggest hurdle right now seems to be national media.

CORN: You know, I don`t think this is an issue that motivates voters
one way or the other. You know, you can compare it to the economy,
immigration, ISIS (ph), education and all that, so I don`t think it`s going
to, you know, swipe (ph) voters one of the -- one way or the other.

But, you know, Ed, I usually, you know, agree with you. I usually
agree with my friend Jon Alter. I do think this is a serious matter. I do
think that Hilary Clinton did something that wasn`t right. I agree with

OK, good.


CORN: She took e-mails and we`re really the property in theory of the
public, of the federal government, and she decided which ones to give back.
Now, I`m not saying she hit anything, destroyed anything, deleted anything,
but there is -- you know, I understand why people on, you know, on the
right wing conspiratorial side of the coin, you know, will keep saying and
they actually have the basis to keep saying "How do we know, how do we
know, how do we know?" Because Hilary, you know, Clinton, sort of painted
the chain of custody here, to use the CSI terminology.

And so, no matter what she says, you know, what a Barbara Boxer trust
her or not, there will always be an element of doubt because the e-mails in
the server were not.

SCHULTZ: So what do you see is a big issues here? So, David, what
are big issues.

CORN: Yes?

SCHULTZ: . here? I mean, for me, security. OK? That is.

CORN: Yes.

SCHULTZ: . the big issue here. Confidentiality, I think that is also
big. And I don`t think it`s against the law to delete an e-mails.

CORN: I`m not saying it`s against the law to delete e-mails. To me,
as a journalist and as a historian as Jonathan as well, records have to be
preserved. They have to be preserved.


CORN: . in way that`s independent of the official.

SCHULTZ: So you`re not convinced that they are?

CORN: And they -- well, they were warrant. They was.


CORN: . on the server that was monitored by people outside of
government. So.

SCHULTZ: OK, Jonathan, you take on that.

ALTER: I agree with David. I agree that she made a mistake in not
having separate e-mail accounts for official business.

SCHULTZ: She admitted that.

ALTER: . that she made a mistake in waiting so long to respond her
judgment that has been called into question on this. I don`t believe in a
way that would violate the law or even, you know.


ALTER: . violate any conscience or anything like that, the idea of
this being a long-term political issue. I think it`s ridiculous or just
become Republican talking point in by next week we`re all going to be on --
to something else.

But, I think what David is indicating where I would really agree is
there are issues here that -- it sort of warning sign that Hilary Clinton
believed she doesn`t have to play by the same rules as other people, that`s


ALTER: . but not disqualifying for her.

SCHULTZ: All right, Jonathan Alter, David Corn.


SCHULTZ: . good to have you guys with us. Thanks so much.


SCHULTZ: Appreciate the analysis you`ve said. You bet.

Coming up, Congressman Chris Coons joins us to discuss the drums
(inaudible) beating harder and harder over or the right.

We`ll be right back. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Search and rescue operations are underway off the coast of Florida.
Eleven military service members are presumed dead after an army Black Hawk
helicopter accident.


ASHTON CARTER, DEFENSE SECRETARY: We know that on board there were
four soldiers from a National Guard Unit in Hammond, Louisiana and seven
marines assigned to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.


SCHULTZ: The UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was reported missing around
8:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Search and rescue crews found debris from the
crash at around 2:00 a.m. the next morning.

The accident happened during a training exercise near Elgin Air Force
Base. Officials say there was heavy fog. A second helicopter in the
training exercise returned safely.

Next up, Jeb Bush`s "blame-game" on Iran. Stay with us.

Market Wrap.

No rebound for stock after Tuesday`s big fell off. The DOW falls 27
points, the S&P 500 off by 4 and then NASDAQ sheds nearly 10 points.

Shares of Shake Shack are sliding after hours impost to the lost since
first quarterly report as a public company. And Bank of American shares
are also lower after results of the federal reserves latest stress test.
The fed says it found weakness and aspects the company`s lost in revenue
modeling and internal controls.

That`s it from CNBC First in Business Worldwide.


HARRY REID, (D) NEVADA: All of us should be suspicious of an
administration that is so intent on keeping the elected Representatives of
the American people out of this deal. There is only conclusion, you could
reach which is the intents of like a bad deal.

SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

We`ve seen this movie before, haven`t we? A Fringe-group of
Republicans creates a self-inflicted disaster. They face criticism then
they point the finger to the President. The situation surrounding
Republicans letter to Iran is simply no different.

Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush in 2016, GOP front runner followed
the script to a tea (ph). Bush released a statement claiming the 47
senators were just reacting to reports of a bad deal. Bush said that they
would not have been put in this position if the administration consulted
with them regularly rather than ignoring their input.

Republicans have been called traitors for undercutting the president
in the midst of this high stakes diplomatic negotiations. It`s bad for the
GOP brand so they`re coming out of the wood (ph) big time to deflect the

Even Senator Jeff Flake, one of the few responsible Republicans who
did not sign the letter managed to slip the president some of the blame.

SEN JEFF FLAKE, (R) ARIZONA: I just didn`t think it was productive so
to, you know, during this time when there are very tough negotiations going
on. They`re tough enough without introducing this element.

When the president says, "Hey, I`m going to veto whatever you do, he
doesn`t foster much cooperation.

SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, Senator Chris Coons, Delaware. Senator,
always a pleasure, good to have you with us.


SCHULTZ: What do you make of -- the Republicans now playing the
"blame-game" on the President, trying to reverse this after taking so much
criticism of sending this letter to Iran?

COONS: Like shifting the blame isn`t a constructive path forward
here. The 47 Republicans Senators who sent a letter directly to the
ayatollah of Iran at this very delicate stage of the negotiations. Were
not acting responsibly and I think more inducting (ph) in America`s best
interest. And that was covered in some detail today by Secretary Kerry in
a hearing about the authorization of the use of military force against

Secretary Carter, the Secretary of Defense, General Dempsey, Chairman
of Joint Chiefs, joined Secretary Kerry as we had a very somber, a
conversation about the cost of war in front of us.

As you`ve said just a few minutes ago before this segment, we`re
mourning the lost of 11 members of our Armed Forces who were killed in a
training accident just off the coast of Florida, four soldiers, seven
marines. It`s a reminder of the very real human cost of conflict. This is
not an appropriate time for us to be turning this into another partisan
bickering fight.

It undermines our president`s ability to negotiate. It undermines our
standing in the world and it is unfortunate destruction from the very real
and important issues in front of us whether we should be authorizing the
President to continue the work against ISIS, and whether we should be
preparing for a strong deal of these nuclear...


COONS: ... negotiations resolve appropriately.

SCHULTZ: But, Senator, earlier today, Hillary Clinton tweeted out the
letter undermines American leadership and no one considering running for
commander-in-chief should be signing on. Would you follow that line of
thinking, what`s your response to that?

COONS: Well, what Secretary Kerry said, today, are reflected on what
Vice President Biden also said in a public statement. They are both former
chairs of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee. They both said that the
President relays on the power to reach executive agreements hundreds every
year to protect our troops, to engage in commerce.

And as Secretary Clinton is pointing out, anyone who hopes to be
commander-in-chief shouldn`t be signing on to a letter like this that
undermines the power of the President as commander-in-chief, as a chief
executive of our government, to be able to enter into the sorts of
agreements that protect our troops, that allow for air travel, that allow
for hundreds of different topics to be negotiated and agreed upon between
United States and other (inaudible) nations...


COONS: ... it`s just not responsible.

SCHULTZ: I mean if you listen to the Republicans and the guy that
started all of this, Sen. Cotton, he thinks he is saving the country from
such a horrific deal. That this maybe unprecedented in the way they have
done this, but it`s so bad and so dangerous they just have to do it. What
about that?

COONS: Well, look, there are many of us who have real concerns about
Iran, who don`t trust Iran, who think that there are elicit efforts to get
a nuclear weapon, post a real threat to the region, to Israel, to United

But if you`ve got policy disagreements with our President, as
apparently Sen. Cotton and others do. The place for that is the Will of
the Senate, you should write up, Ed, give speeches, persuade your fellow
Senators to be prepared to take on a challenges to this deal if resolved,
if announced. But to write directly to the Head of State of a foreign
government in a way that was frankly both constitutionally inaccurate and
somewhat kind of descending, is not constructive in this environment.

We really need to focus...


COONS: ... on the issues right in front of us and if I might, Ed, one
thing I raise in the hearing today in addition to the human cost of war is
the physical cost of war.

We can`t be barreling forward towards expanding the conflict with ISIS
with no plan for how to pay for it. So I`m going to introduce an amendment
that calls on Congress to have a clear plan for how we would pay for this
new war against ISIS. I think we need to focus on the (inaudible)...

SCHULTZ: Well, give us a number, Senator.

COONS: Well, I think we have...

SHCULTZ: Senator, give us a number if you can, quickly. What are we
talking about?

COONS: It`s proposed to be billions of dollars a year probably less
than $10 billion a year in the first few years. But like the Afghanistan
conflict, I don`t think we know. At the outset just how want it may go...


COONS: ... or how much it may cost and we should be prepared to pay
for it.

SCHULTZ: Accuracy in numbers in war, never have gone together, no
doubt. Senator Chris Coons great to have you with us tonight, I appreciate
your time.

Joining me now is Rabbi Shmuley Boteach who is the founder of This
World: The Values Network. Rabbi, great to have you with us tonight, and I
just want to clear the air. I missed spoke the other night when I said
your country, you know, I didn`t mean that and I hope you weren`t offended
by that...


SCHULTZ: I think you`re truly are...

BOTEACH: I`m surprised you would even say that. I love you, I love
your show, your one the fairest people on T.V. and meets...


BOTEACH: ... you very strong viewpoint. So don`t even mention it,
thank you for having me.

SCHULTZ: Well, I don`t want any misunderstanding. I know you`re a...

BOTEACH: There was absolutely -- there`s no misunderstanding at all.

SCHULTZ: ... red blooded, great American...

BOTEACH: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: ... and I understand you loyalty. There`s no question about
it. But in hindsight as all of this has unfolded. What good has come of
this letter for the world for these negotiations and for the Republican
Party, your take on that?

BOTEACH: Well, first of all let me repeat. I`m very grateful to be
on your show and the apology is ridiculous. I`m the one should be thanking
you for allowing to air my view.

Look, Ed, in the final analysis...

SCHULTZ: Well, I just didn`t want you to be offended. I`m sorry

BOTEACH: Not in the slightest. Let`s be clear...


BOTEACH: ... what the Republicans did with this letter is utterly
unorthodox and Prime Minister Netanyahu was accused of breaking protocol.
Even if we accept that all that is true, who is the evil party here? Is it
congress, is it the Republicans, is it Benjamin Netanyahu, or is it
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has a problem continually threatening Israel
with genocide. He tweeted that Israel will be wiped out in the face of the
earth and it has no cure of the being inoculated (ph).

He is the identifying Americas as a great thing (ph). I find that all
of this are distractions. So let`s say the Republicans made a mistake, how
else are you suppose to be heard when it comes to an administration that
threatens to veto, that says they`re going to do this bill no matter what,
they`re going to do within two weeks. They`re going to leave Iran with a
very significant nuclear infrastructure. This is a country that you would
not -- I would not buy a used car from. We wouldn`t trust them with

SCHULTZ: So you think that -- so you think the letter was necessary,
I don`t want to put words on your mouth but you, it wasn`t necessary.

BOTEACH: I think that President Obama has to get the message somehow
that a large number of educated and informed people believe this to be a
catastrophic deal, catastrophic for Israel, catastrophic for the United
States, catastrophic for the Middle East.

Now, if we`re wrong, if we`re wrong, if we`re all paranoid, if we`re
all fear-mongerers then why not address the dissenters? Why should the
President call a joint session of Congress the way that Prime Minister
Netanyahu did and speak for the Republican Party, speak to the Democrats
like Senator Menendez who are totally opposed to this deal. Why doesn`t he
allow, why he is threatening a veto when the Senator is saying, we just
want to pass a bill that will allow us to ratify this as a proper treaty.


BOTEACH: But no one understands this. Why the oppositions have

SCHULTZ: It`s pretty clear that there`s no backing down from people
who believe the letter was the right thing to do.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, great to have you with us tonight.

BOTEACH: Thank you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Coming up, a called of -- you bet -- a called to put infrastructure
before trade, a blood pressure is going up again.

Congressman Tim Ryan and Larry Cohen of the Communications Workers of
American join me. Is there a possible deal here?

Stay with us. We`re right back.


SCHULTZ: And we have an update on that breaking news that we start
this hour with tonight. The police chief of Ferguson, Missouri has just
given a statement regarding his resignation. Chief Thomas Jackson tells
NBC News, "I`m confident the city will pull through these trying times.
The people are committed to Ferguson."

Jackson is stepping down following the Department of Justice report on
police practices in his city. We`ll be right back here on the Ed Show,
stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And finally tonight, this is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work. One of my next guests thinks he`s found a way to
finally get Congress to invest in America`s infrastructure, put the TPP on
hold until they take action.

Four Democrats from the House send a letter to President Obama today
urging him to use the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal as leverage.
They want him to demand a multiyear surface transportation bill before he
moves on any trade deals. The Highway Trust Fund is set to expire on May
31st, America`s roads, bridges and highways as we all know are crumbling.

The letter points out India and China spend 7 to 9 percent of their
GDP on infrastructure. The United States only spends about 2 percent. The
TPP is controversial. I think it`s a bad deal. Investing in our
infrastructure should be a no-brainer, is there anyway to mix the two or
should they be separate?

Joining me tonight Larry Cohen, President of the Communication Workers
of America, also with us tonight Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio.

Congressman you first, you know, A for effort, tying to come up with a
solution to get things done in America. But, if we connect these two, what
does it mean for the long haul, what are you trying to accomplish here?

REP. TIM RYAN, (D) OHIO: Well I`m not saying you have to connect
them, I`m saying put the trade deal on hold because you`re going to lose
any leverage you possibly have, the corporate interest want the trade deal
but the corporate interest also want a transportation bill. Tell the
Republicans, tell the corporate guys who want this trade deal, you`re not
even going to touch it until there is a fully funded, robust, long-term
transportation bill that`s going to put people back to work.

And I`m not saying I`m going to vote for the trade deal either because
more than likely I`m not. But I want to communicate directly to the
President and say, you`re going to lose any leverage to get any other piece
of legislation for the rest of your term once you passed the trade deal.
Make them fund the transportation bill, get our building trades folks back
to work, our labors, our construction people, get them back to work.

And with -- the other thing is they`re talking about trade adjustment
assistance which means we`re going to lose jobs in the trade deal and those
people can then qualify for trade adjustment assistance. So we know we`re
going to lose jobs over the deal...


RYAN: Let`s get our people back to work before we lose...

SCHULTZ: All right.

RYAN: ... any leverage to have that to happen.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Cohen, what do you think of this proposal, this tactic,
what about it?

right. I think if there`s any possibility for working with the Republican
majority in the House and Senate this is it. This does create jobs. It
creates high paying jobs so it has a multiplier effect. It also includes
mass transit support which is key for those of us who also care about the
environment it`s not just road building and surface transit. It`s exactly
the right play. We applaud the four members of Congress for doing it.

SCHULTZ: But, it sounds like, OK, if you do infrastructure then we`ll
rubber stamp the TPP, that`s where it gets dangerous or am I misreading
that Congressman?

RYAN: Yeah, I think you`re slightly misreading it Ed. That`s not my
intention at all. But I`ve seen these trade deals...


RYAN: ... come through and they pass, I mean period. You get a
certain amount of Democrats and you get most Republicans that vote for it
and it normally passes, and all I`m saying is that we`re going to fight as
hard as we can to try to stop it. I`m whipping (ph) votes against it,
right now currently with Rosa DeLauro and others. But, the President is in
a position because he`s pushing for it to say, I`m not going to do it...


RYAN: ... and going to go out and play golf and you guys bring me a
transportation bill and when you bring that to me I`ll to you about the

SCHULTZ: All right, there`s a lot of noise being circulated around
all of the unions who are on-board against the TPP. On Tuesday, AFL-CIO
President Richard Trumka, he came out and he warned law makers, if they
vote for TPP it will be used against them in the 2016 election. Mr. Cohen
what`s that mean and does it have teeth?

COHEN: It does have teeth. In my 10 years on AFL-CIO executive
council and as vice president, this is the first time that every union not
AFL but all the independent unions as well have sent a letter to every
member of Congress and the President saying no on fast track. And secondly
that, there`ll be no fund-raising done until fast track is defeated.

So, I think it does have teeth, I think we have to keep sounding that
theme to make sure the teeth are real. And I applaud Richard Trumka and
all of us for uniting in this way on what would otherwise be a devastating
blow to America`s workers union or not union.

SCHULTZ: And Mr. Ryan how does that receive you, how do you receive
that as a member of Congress. And now it seems to me that the unions are
making a very strong statement here and I think it`s very clear you can
draw a line between winning and loosing when it comes to their support?

RYAN: Yeah, no doubt about it. You know, I feel OK about it because
I`m 99.9 percent sure I`m going to be with them. I haven`t seen many trade
deals I like, maybe with Europe where they have high working standards and
environmental regulations that would even the playing field up. But, the
unions do a pretty good job of making sure they communicate to us what they
want and fortunately I`m with them on most of these issues so I`m not going
to be too concerned about it myself.

But, I think it`s showing that working families and the unions in this
country are tired of getting slapped around and tired of being, you know,
for somehow all the economic problems in our country are the union`s fault.
Whether it`s the teacher`s union or the building trades or the public
sector workers, every problem in the country from the Republican side we
blame the working class people who are just trying to earn a living for
themselves and their family.

And I think what you`re seeing with Mr. Trumka and...


RYAN: ... what other unions are talking about is that they`re feed up
with being, you know, the last person in line to get any legislation passed
in their favor.

SCHULTZ: All right, Congressman Tim Ryan, Larry Cohen, President of
the Communication Workers, gentlemen great to have you with us tonight I
appreciate your time.


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