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The Ed Show for Monday, April 13th, 2015

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Date: April 13, 2015
Guest: Sherrod Brown, Robert Reich, Eric Boehlert, Genevieve Wood,
Benjamin Crump, Laicie Heeley, Michael O`hanlon, Ana Rivas Logan, Ricardo

ED SCHULTZ, THE ED SHOW HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed
Show live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Let`s get to work.


champion and I want to be that champion.

SCHULTZ: Tonight, she`s ready.

CLINTON: I`m in, I`m into win. I`m in it.

SCHULTZ: Plus, he is in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Senator Marco Rubio said to make his announcement
today in the big way.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R) FLORIDA: We`re excited about the announcement.

SCHULTZ: Later, new details emerge in the Walter Scott case.

MICHAEL SLAGER, CHARGE FOR MURDER: Why would I do that? That is

SCHULTZ: And, Congress takes up the Iran debate.

PRES. BARACK OBAMA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Partisanship has crossed all


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.

One thing is very clear that Hillary Clinton is doing everything she
possibly can to make sure that 2015 is a lot different from 2007. She
announced her candidacy for the presidency on Sunday. She got a very
simple message. Clinton says she`s going to fight for everyday ordinary
middle-class Americans. She kicked off her campaign with this video.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m getting ready for a lot of things, a lot of
things. Its spring so we`re starting to get the gardens ready and my
tomatoes are legendary here in my own neighborhood.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My daughter is about to start kindergarten next year.
And so we`re moving just so she can belong to a better school.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: My brother and I are starting our first business.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: After five years of raising my children, I am now
going back to work.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Every day we`re trying to get more and more ready and
more prepared.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: A big boy coming your way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Right now I`m applying for job. It`s a look into
what the real world will look like after college.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: I`m getting married this summer to someone I really care

UNIDENTIFED MALE: I`m going to be in a play and I`m going to be in a fish
costume for a little tiny fishes.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: I`m getting ready to retire soon. Retirement means
reinventing yourself in many ways.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, we`ve been doing a lot of home renovations.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: But most importantly, we really just want to teach our
dog to quit eating the trash.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And so we have high hopes for 2015, that that`s going
to happen.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: I`ve started a new career recently. This is a fifth
generation company which means a lot to me. This country was founded on
hard work and it really feels good to be part of that.

CLINTON: I`m getting ready to do something too, I`m running for president.

Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the
deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.

Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. So you
can do more than just get by. You can get ahead and stay ahead, because
when families are strong, America is strong.

So I`m hitting the road to earn your vote because it`s your time. And I
hope you`ll join me on this journey.


SCHULTZ: Well one thing is for sure, they didn`t put that together in just
a few days. I`ve been thinking about that for a while. The video`s theme
is what ordinary people care about.

Now, you`re always looking for an angle and I don`t want to be too much of
a scenic here. But I just don`t think it`s a coincidence, that Clinton
announced her campaign during Sunday`s final round of the Masters Golf
Tournament. I think timing is everything.

I mean, there are too many everyday Americans who play golf at Augusta
National but the nation`s attention was on this.

Clinton is not concerned about the folks over the country club, that`s her
message. Her message is aim to connect with everyday ordinary people
having a baby, finding the best school for your kids, starting a business,
getting ready to retire, being concern with that pension is going to be
there, even the dog eating the trash, which I think we can all relate to.
I got two sitting right over here that have done it quite often.

Look, I think her rollout was well thought out. It was classy, it was
highly produce and I think it sends a direct message to America.

Sunday`s announcement was a far cry from her 2007 rollout campaign that
didn`t go anywhere in 2008.

Clinton`s earlier campaign was heavily criticized. There was just an error
of arrogance about it, not to be demeaning in any way but that`s the way it
came off. Her message back then was, "I`m in it to win it."

Well, I don`t think most Americans care about whether she won or not. The
theme was all about Hillary Clinton and not ordinary people. And if you
break it down as I see it, Clinton`s going after the very same people who
elected Barack Obama but using a different approach, different verbiage,
and trying to make people believe that she does care that she knows what
they`re going through and she`s going to do something about it.

Clearly, it is a complete 180 (ph) and this time around her launch message
is, "Everyday Americas need a champion. I want to be that champion." She
wants to work for you and, you know, ironically there was a new champion at
the Masters Gold Tournament and Hillary Clinton wants to be the champion of
the ordinary people.

I don`t know. Is that a coincidence? Message delivered and message
received, I think Hillary Clinton strategy so far is outstanding.

People don`t care about the candidate what they care about is themselves,
what they`re going through in their lives and what`s in it for me.

Hillary Clinton`s message is clear. Now, we have to hear where she stands
on the issues and that`s going to be coming pretty soon. If Hillary
Clinton is going to be the champion for the middle-class, she`s going to
take some pretty strong positions that will affect the middle-class, and
one of them is on the trade deal like TPP and deep division in the liberal
camp over this.

Senator Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden are planning to introduce fast-track
authority for the TPP this week. And as we`ve outlined on this show time
and time again, the Trans-Pacific Partnership would funnel (ph) good paying
jobs right out of America. We`ve never seen a trade deal create jobs,
there`s a history here. The Obama administration was pushing hard for the

Here is American Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy.


CAROLINE KENEDDY, AMBASSADOR TO JAPAN: You guys are missing the story, OK?


KENNEDY: Because what is going on out here in Asia is, there is so much
opportunity for America. There is so much good will towards America.
There is economic opportunity.

O`DONNELL: Ambassador Kennedy is keen on a massive trade deal, the biggest
since NAFTA that is now being negotiated among the U.S., Japan and 10 other


SCHULTZ: That is the story that will affect the most workers in this
country. A deal that handles 40 percent of the global economy should not
pass without debate.

Now, Hillary Clinton needs to speak out on this, I`m sure she knows that
her campaign knows it. I`m just wondering if they realize how big a divide
could be created if she takes the wrong position. We need to know if
Hillary Clinton can distance herself from Bill Clinton and Barack Obama`s
trade policies, that`s what people want to know.

If Hillary Clinton supports the TPP, she will not be supporting the middle-
class in a very big slice. So what it comes down to as I believe that
fast-track and the TPP would motivate or open the door for the opposition
within the democratic camp, and it maybe this issue when she comes out and
talks about it, it may determine whether she gets real competition for the

Get your cellphones out, I want to know what you think.

Tonight`s question, "Will Hillary Clinton be the people`s champion?" Go to to cast your vote, we`re going to bring you the results
later on in the show.

For more, let me bring in Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown also with us, of
course -- also the former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Gentlemen, great
to have you with us tonight, I appreciate your time.

Senator, you first. There`s a lot of ordinary people in Ohio that elected
you twice are these folks could have be for Hillary Clinton? Is this
message going to resonate?

SEN. SHERROD BROWN, (D) OHIO: Well, I think there going to be for Hillary
Clinton because I think she`s going to continue to give them reasons to be.
I think she -- as she said, she wants to champion ordinary people. I heard
her in 2008, my wife and I -- Connie and I we`re seating in Cleveland State
in the auditorium during the presidential primary debates in 2008. I heard
Hillary Clinton then say that she would renegotiate NAFTA. I think that`s
a consistent position for her to oppose fast-track and to oppose the Trans-
Pacific Partnership unless they really do accept real amendments on trade
enforcement, and transparency, and in real enforceable (ph) environmental
and worker standards, and other kinds of things that in currency and other

So I`m hopeful. I think she will. I think she will be consistent on this.
She wants to talk to people in my state, she needs to be aggressively
supportive of a very different trade policy then the one that`s caused us
so many jobs over last decade plus.

SCHULTZ: Well, that`s a mouthful right there. That is a -- that could be
a heavy lift based on what we`ve seen in the past.

Mr. Reich, your thoughts. I mean can you have it both ways? Can you
support the TPP and fast-track and still be a big advocate for the middle-
class? Is this going to work?

ROBERT REICH, FORMER LABOR SECRETARY: No. You can`t Ed. Look, yesterday,
Hillary Clinton said that the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top,
and she wants to champion everyday Americans.

Now, the only way to champion everyday Americans, I guess, those at the top
who have the deck stacked into their favor is to oppose the Trans-Pacific
Partnership. This is a disaster of a trade deal.

But also being favor of raising tax on the top, so we have more money for
education for everybody else. And also make sure that you got big money
out of politics and go after Wall Street, the big Wall Street banks that,
you know, that impose a huge cost on average working people.

So there`s a lot that Hillary Clinton can say, should say, I`m hopeful as
of Senator Brown that she will say.

SCHULTZ: Well, Mr. Reich, you`ve known Hillary Clinton for your entire
adult life. Is this window dressing or is she really going to be the
champion of the people?

REICH: Well, let me say this, Ed. You know, I`ve known her since she was
19 years old and she has consistently, consistently over the years, been
very, very strongly in favor of equal opportunity and upward mobility,
education, working and worrying about people in the bottom half and the
poor and the lower middle-class, the working class we used to talk about.

The really question is a matter of courage. It`s not a matter of values
and conviction. It`s a matter of courage.

Will she have the courage to come out swinging and take on some people and
some groups that the Democratic Party has cozied (ph) up to like Wall
Street? That`s the question that she will be answering over the next year.

SCHULTZ: Well, I think all three of us here, on this program right now,
would certainly support Hillary Clinton if she got the nomination, you
know, because we know what the other sides all about. But this would put
the unions in a pretty tight spot, wouldn`t it Senator Brown? I mean...

BROWN: Well, of course...

SCHULTZ: ... all of them have said, no. That all of them have said, no to
the TPP and I don`t know if you can win Ohio unless you got that
infrastructure, what do you make of that?

BROWN: Well, you`re right. I mean Secretary Reich is right on what he
said about Hillary Clinton understands that the deck is stacked against
ordinary people, the broad middle-class, it`s not how to race, the profits
are up, productivity is up, profits are up, executive compensation is up,
bonuses are way up. The deck is stacked against the middle-class, against
those who aspire the middle-class, the ordinary people. And that`s why I
think she always going to leads (ph), she`s going to be aggressive, she is
going to make the sharp contrast between what they stand for or we stand

I`m organizing my colleagues in opposition to fast-track. I ask people to
come to sign up, help us organize. We
(inaudible) this legislation is probably coming to the Senate in the next
couple of weeks.

We have a real chance if Senator`s listen to what the public wants, then as
Secretary Reich said, they`ll have the courage to do the right thing here.
But it really is a question of people organizing and questioning in the way
that this show has done for so many years, Ed.

SCHULTZ: I want to ask both of you the same question here, you first Mr.
Reich. In the last midterm, the Democrats really didn`t embrace Obamacare
and the positive things that have unfolded because of the Affordable Care
Act nor did they run on the consistent private sector jobs that have been
created for now, what, 62 months. Does Hillary Clinton need to embrace
these things? Your thoughts.

REICH: I think absolutely. Not only Obamacare and not only the job record
so far. But I think she needs to go further. I think she needs to embrace
a height in a minimum wage up to $15 an hour. I mean let`s -- where is the
movement is this country?

This election in 2016 is going to be the defined and determined by turnout.
It may either -- that`s the issue. That was the problem in the midterms.
I mean, we had a fewer people voting in this country than we`ve had since
1942, and that was in the middle of a war in terms of percentage of the
total population, I was able to vote.

The way you get turnout is you create enthusiasm. They way you create
enthusiasm is you talk about what really matters to people in a higher
minimum wage. I avoiding and being against the trade deal that`s going to
take jobs within (ph) the United States and also make it almost impossible
to protect workers health and safety, you also say no to that.


SCHULTZ: (Inaudible), Senator. Yeah. Go ahead.

BROWN: Secretary Clinton needs to make the Republicans explain to 600,000
Ohioans who now have health insurance that didn`t have it three years ago,
needs to make them explain why they`re going to take it away. That`s why
she needs to advocate for that, she needs to do what Secretary Reich was
saying she needs to do, she should talk about 60 months of job growth, 60
consecutive months in my state and nationally ever since the auto rescue
that she stood up on and that the administration stood up on. All of those
are things we should be trumpeting not running from, that`s how you win
elections on states like mine, in Ohio.

SCHULTZ: Senator Sherrod Brown, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich,

BROWN: Thanks.

SCHULTZ: ... I appreciate the conversation. Thanks for being on the Ed
Show tonight.

Remember to answer tonight`s question at We`ll have
the results for you right after this break. Share your thoughts with us on
Twitter @edshow and on Facebook, and you can get my video podcast about
this rollout at

Coming up, the right-wing is already in the attack mode. We`ll look at the
latest Clinton conspiracy theories next. And later, Secretary Kerry on
Capitol Hill talking about Iran with Congressional leaders, we`ll have the

Stay with us. We`ll be right back at the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Here is where we stand on tonight`s Bing Pulse Poll question,
"Will Hillary Clinton be the people`s champion?"

Well, between 30 percent and 35 percent of the people are saying no, as the
chart goes, you know, 33 percent say no, 67 percent say yes at this point
and keep on voting. We`re coming right back at the Ed Show. The Clinton`s
conspiracies are out and about already.

Stay with us.



FAKE HILLARY CLINTON ADVISOR: This time maybe focus on all that you`ve
done for women`s right.

FAKE HILLARY CLINTON: Oh, OK. OK. I am running because I want to be a
voice for women everywhere.

FAKE BILL CLINTON: Did someone say women everywhere?


SCHULTZ: Saturday Night Live had some fun with Hillary Clinton`s
presidential announcement but others are taking a far different tone. 574
days away from the 2016 election and Republicans are already in full attack

RNC Chair Reince Priebus appeared on Face the Nation before Clinton even
announced on Sunday.

Reince Priebus is already drumming up conspiracy theories.


REINCE PRIEBUS, RNC CHAIRMAN: The facts are people have a lot of questions
about who she was on planes with, who she was talking to and how perhaps
she used her position as Secretary of State to get money into the Clinton
Global Initiative.


SCHULTZ: Money from the Clinton Global Initiative can`t be use for the
campaign obviously.

Priebus had a list of things Hillary Clinton could do to make things right.


PRIEBUS: Number one, she should abide by the request of the committee in
Congress led by Trey Gowdy to respond to the e-mail request and hand over
the server. That`s number one.

Number two, she should account for all of the money that she received at
the Clinton Global Initiative.

And then once she gives forth an accurate accounting then people like you
and others that you`re going to have on your show can look through it and
figure out whether or not these are things that we need to look into


SCHULTZ: And we all know Reince that your buddy in Wisconsin, Scott
Walker, has certainly been forthcoming with everything as well.

Republicans already looked desperate, don`t they?

Immediately, after her presidential announcement, Clinton resigned her post
at the Clinton Foundation.

Rand Paul is out with the new first ad of the Clinton campaign season. The
commercial immediately trash the former Secretary.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the
Washington machine, the arrogant to power, corruption and coverup,
conflicts of interest, and failed leadership with tragic consequences.


SCHULTZ: Don`t worry, folks. We only got 18 months of this.

Rand Paul is also going after Hillary Clinton on Benghazi.


SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: The issue in Benghazi is an enormous issue
because it`s whether or not as commander-in-chief, she`d be there for the
3:00 A.M. phone call. I think Benghazi was a 3:00 A.M. phone call that she
never picked up.


SCHULTZ: But we got to have the whole gamut here now, folks, all the
possibilities on the table.

Meanwhile, Conservative Thought Leader Bill Kristol, he came up with the
best idea.


Clinton, why don`t we get to nominate Dick Cheney. I mean, he has a


KRISTOL: He has a much better record.


SCHULTZ: Come on. Do it.

For more, let me bring in Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters,
also with us tonight, Jonathan Alter, MSNBC Political Analyst and Genevieve
Wood, Senior Contributor with The Daily Signal. Great to have all of you
with us tonight.

You know, I`m glad Kristol said that about Cheney. We got to have some fun
here along the way somewhere. I mean that we got 18 months of this stuff.

Eric, you first, how ugly are things going to get? I mean, these
conspiracy theories, they`re kind of, you know, new story-based but they
seem to be stretching quite a ways. How is it going to play out?

same play that we`ve seen for decades actually, if we go to Bill Clinton
and the conservative media. It`s all about conspiracy theories. Barack
Obama, where is he born? You know, who gave the stand down order for
Benghazi? It`s all conspiracy theories. Hillary Clinton, we`re going to
see the same thing.

So, if you don`t have the facts, you kind of connect not existing dots.
And it plays very well in the echo chambers. It gives everyone, in the
conservative media, lots of things to talk about over and over again. But
it rarely touches on reality.

But so sure, we`re going to see it. We`re going to see it for 18 months as
you said and they`re just going to keep repeating it to themselves over and
over. That`s kind of the Clinton playbook.

SCHULTZ: Genevieve, what`s going to work against Hillary Clinton? You
know, of...


SCHULTZ: ... what`s out there? Where do you -- what do you think the --
where are the vulnerabilities here?

WOOD: Well, I honestly think, it`s the fact that she doesn`t have much of
a record. She`s held office but she hasn`t done a whole lot that she can`t
point to.

I mean, I think this is going to come down to the issues, Ed. Look, I --
Mrs. Clinton as much as the next guy when it comes to this kind of, you
know, a scandals and the like. But let`s see clear, Monica Lewinsky wasn`t
a conspiracy theory. It was true story and Bill Clinton was impeached.

At the e-mail scenario that we`re looking at now is only conspiracy theory.
Hillary herself has come forward and said, "Yeah. I deleted e-mail that
never going to show the public."

I think the problem for Hillary is that, many people, those are now in
their 20s and 30s, who got all excited about Barack Obama in a new
direction. They`re going to be reminded about things or learn things about
Hillary that they don`t like so much and frankly at the same time,
Republicans have a lot of fresh faces.

So I think that`s going to be a dynamic...


WOOD: ... we haven`t had in the election.

SCHULTZ: Well, one of those fresh faces is going to announce later tonight
and that`s Marco Rubio. And if we`re measuring what people have
accomplished, I do believe that Hillary Clinton cosponsored over 200 bills
when she was in the Senate.

So this narrative that she hasn`t done anything, Jonathan, does that have

JONATHAN ALTER, MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: I don`t think it`s really going
to work for them. Look, I think, Genevieve is right that the Republicans
do have some fresh faces. So the idea that Hillary Clinton is just going
to roll right into the White House is, it doesn`t come forth with what
we`ve known in previous elections. She`s going to have to fight for this.
She`s not going to have to fight for the nomination but what was so
interesting to me about this announcement was that she did the same thing
that Bill Clinton did in 1992 when he was running for president.

She said, "This is not about me. This is not about my baggage. This is
not about whatever, you know, `scandal` you want to try to bring forth.
This is about you, the voters."

And, actually, that`s what voters believe. They think it`s about them and
their interest, and whether the game is rigged against them and whether
they can get ahead and what`s going on with their families. And as long as
Hillary can recalibrate the discussion, bring it back over and over again
to other people, the voters and have it not be about her and her past, she
can run a 21st...


ALTER: ... century campaign.

SCHULTZ: Well -- OK. That strategy is very similar, no doubt, very
profound but this is a new age of Citizens United...

WOOD: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: ... that cannot back any of that. What about that, Jonathan?

ALTER: Well, it`s true that, you know, the of Citizens United case means
that the Republicans will have a tremendous amount of money but, you know,
the early estimates are that Hillary Clinton might raised over $2 billion
for this campaign which is twice what Barack Obama spent in 2012.

So I think, she`ll be well financed...


ALTER: ... and it`s not going to be about money. These figures are so


ALTER: It`s going to be about whether she can present herself as a fighter
for working Americans. And if she can do that, she`s going to be the next

WOOD: Yeah. And I going to be look...


WOOD: ... she`s already made a number of the stakes already in that pow
(ph) coming out saying, you know, that we were dead broke and we`re just
one of the people -- I don`t think anybody...

ALTER: No, that`s not.

WOOD: ... vibes that.

ALTER: It`s not a big deal.

WOOD: I don`t -- no, no.

ALTER: Come on.

WOOD: Look. It`s an example of what she`s already done as a misstep. I
don`t think most people buy that and I don`t think she`s going to be able
to carried off to the entire campaign. That`s not been her strategy is the

SCHULTZ: You don`t think she was broke?

ALTER: Genevieve, this is about the issues. This is about very, very
different views of America between the two parties.

WOOD: I totally...

ALTER: It`s not about trivial statements that somebody made...

WOOD: I totally -- I agree with you.

ALTER: ... a few years ago. That`s not what this election is going to be

WOOD: No. I agree with you on that but if you notice, Hillary Clinton
mentioned barely one issue in her announcement, she didn`t talk about
issues at all.

SCHULTZ: Well, there`s 18 months to talk about issues. She has to come up
with a general theme of where she wants to go as I see it.

Eric, what about the Clinton Foundation, is that baggage? I mean, I think
the American people know exactly how effective the Global Clinton
Initiative has been, what about all that?

BOEHLERT: Well, I think the D.C. press and then I think the Republican
Party thinks its baggage. I think it`s an uphill battle.

If you going to try to turn one of the most successful global charities
into a downside, you know, Rand`s talks about, you know, all these dark
secrets about all this money pouring into the Clinton`s pockets. It`s
going to a global charity.

If Republicans want to talk about the billions that Bill and Hillary
Clinton have raised, essentially for poor people around the world, good

SCHULTZ: Well, I also think that if the Clinton`s were broke when they
came out of the White House, there`s a lot of Americans that`ll going to be
able to relate to that. I mean, there is no free lunch. Look, I think
that`s a level of honesty that I think a lot of people can relate to.

You know, Eric Boehlert, Jonathan Alter, Genevieve Wood...

WOOD: It wasn`t honest. It wasn`t honest.

ALTER: Look.

SCHULTZ: It wasn`t honest.

ALTER: This is not...

SCHULTZ: Go ahead, Jonathan -- will respond to that.

ALTER: Just to say, there`s a million gaps that these politicians make.
There`s lot of flops that we like to go over. This is an election about
big things. Does global warming...


ALTER: ... exist? You know, should we try to have our tax policy help
working families not extraordinarily wealthy people? These are real thing

SCHULTZ: Well...

ALTER: ... real people lives.

SCHULTZ: That`s a great question.

ALTER: You know...

WOOD: Right.

SCHULTZ: It`s a great -- where is Hillary Clinton going to be on the
corporate tax?

ALTER: ... gaps.

SCHULTZ: Great to have all of you with us. I wish I had more time for
you. It`s great.

Still to come, Republicans push forward on their plan to stop the Iranian
nuclear deal and disturbing new details on the Walter Scott case. We`ll
bring it to you next.

Stay with us. We`ll be right back in the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And we are back.

New audio from the dash cam shows what happens after a deadly shooting
incident in South Carolina. Police officer Michael Slager has been charge
with murder after shooting an unarmed black man Walter Scott eight times in
the back as he ran away from a traffic stop on April 5th.

NBCs Gabe Gutierrez has the story.


GABE GUTIERREZ, NBC CORRESPONDENT: On a portion of the dash cam video from
Officer Slager`s patrol car, Slager can be heard talking to a senior
officer about what to expect following the shooting. The officer suggest
he jot down he`s thoughts once his adrenaline stops pumping, Slager
response with a laugh.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

GUTIERREZ: Then later a voice believed to be Slager is speaking on the

SLAGER: Hey everything`s OK, OK? I just shot somebody.

GUTIERREZ: Slager said Scott grab his Taser but three days later Slager
was charge with murder. He is not yet entered the plea.

Meanwhile North Charleston is a community trying to heal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We had a hard week.

GUIDERA: It was a week that followed the shooting of Walter Scott by
Officer Michael Slager and ended with hugs and handshakes for the Mayor.

MAYOR KEITH SUMMER, NORTH CHARLESTON: I have seen so many -- and got so
many hugs and thank you, we need to do in the right thing and making them
proud of their community, sometimes as diversity income growth.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Attorney Benjamin Crump with us here on the Ed
Show. Mr. Crump good to have you on.

This audio and where there is laughter, what is that do to the case as you
see it?

BENJAMIN CRUMP, LAWYER: Well, I certainly think it allows the prosecutors
to look at the mentality immediately follow this tragic shooting of the
shooter. You look for the humanity, you look for the sensitivity the
remorse and you don`t get that when you get this contemporaneous record of
what happen right after.

SCHULTZ: How revealing is this?

CRUMP: I think it`s very reveal and because remember in so many shooters
and you don`t have this video recorded are the thing in Michael Brown case,
you had no video. And many others, you had a video of whether the two that
we have to (inaudible) in Cleveland Ohio. You see after they the shoot 12-
year-old boy, that how they treat his 14-year-old sister who (inaudible) to
the scene when they hand cuff her.

So I think these videos play up or have a profound of thing -- on the
prosecutor being able to tell the jury, "We can glean their mentality by
their actions and what they say."

SCHULTZ: Mr. Crump, Michael Slager the fired officer who`s accused of
murder has not entered the plea yet, what is he up against in trial? I
mean, how uphill battle is this going to be for him to prove his innocence
when there`s such damaging tape?

CRUMP: Well, and that is the thing. You have this video that seems to
contradict what they put in the police report and we see when he went to
shoot that he had aimed the look over the good as if he was aiming for a
target. And it`s hard to say I accidentally shot or was a state when you
are aiming like this.

So I believe that this video, not we have this video, is going to be once
and finally we can say police officers don`t know always tell the truth and
that we have to course in the narrative, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Benjamin Crump, good to have you with us on the Ed Show tonight
with this latest development. Thanks so much.

Stick around Rapid Response Panel coming up on the Ed Show. We`ll be right

JANE WELLS, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Jane Wells with your CNBC Market Wrap.

Stocks end in the red, the Dow falls 80 points the S&P is off 9 and the
NASDAQ ends down 7.

But gas prices are down again according to Lundberg Survey, they fall about
$0.5 of the last three weeks to $2.44 a gallons.

Netflix has been upgraded to a buy at UVS with a price target of, get this,
$565 a share and shares jump more than 4 percent today on that news to $475
a share.

Finally, earnings of JP Morgan are up before the bell tomorrow along with
results from Wells Fargo with the U.S. economy is slowing down. You`ll see
it in the bank results first.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: And we are back.

At this hour Secretary of State John Kerry is briefing Congressional
leaders about the Iran nuclear deal. Kerry needs to convince them not to
undercut the agreement.


JOHN KERRY, SECRETARY OF STATE: We hope Congress will listen carefully and
ask the questions that it wants, but also give us space and the time to be
able to complete a very difficult task, which has high stakes for our


SCHULTZ: Space and time is the issue.

Senator Bob Corker, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee wants to
vote in committee tomorrow.

Tomorrow, he is pushing a bill requiring 60-day hold before the president
can ease sanctions on Iran. The legislation would give lawmakers time to
reject the deal.

President Obama promised to veto the bill but Corker says he may have
enough votes to overwrite the veto.

John McCain through in his two sense and bashed the negotiations.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: John Kerry is delusional. And he came back,
in my view, I think you`re going to find out that they had never agreed to
the things that John Kerry claimed that they had.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now in our Rapid Response Panel, Laicie Heeley from
the Center of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation also Michael O`Hanlon with
us tonight, Senior Fellow and Director of Research at Brookings Institute,
great to have both of you with us.

Laicie, what is your response to McCain`s assessment? He is very harsh on
all fronts with the Secretary of State.

as the days have gone on since we saw that the administration reached this
agreement and the agreement really went far beyond what people expected.

As the days have gone on, the debate has become more and more partisan and
we see it really evolving here to a point where Senator McCain is calling
Secretary Kerry delusional.

So this is really -- it`s going to very far down the road. Folks -- that
originally said these are the terms that we need when they have to met and
their moving the goalpost so they`re asking for additional things.

So we`ll see what happens in the committee tomorrow but a lot of Democrats
are seeing that this is becoming a partisan fight and they are not quite so
interested in it.

SCHULTZ: Michael, what about the ayatollah`s demands about sanctions? I
mean it`s like moving the goalpost and coming back and saying, "Wait a
minute. Nothing is going to happen unless all the sanctions are dropped."
How serious do you think this is and it also placed into the narrative that
the Republicans are talking about?

thing I want to do of course is defend the ayatollah and I`m not going to.
But I think that what he is basically expressing is, "OK, listen, the main
thing we`re getting out of this, we, the Iranians", is a lifting of
sanctions. And now, you`re telling us it`s going to take a period of many
months to complete that task and he sort of confused that to why that
should be.

So given that we have, you know, the legal authorities in our own hands and
in the hands of the U.N. to change things. I think what he doesn`t
appreciate is how long it takes some of the business transactions that
would be involved in the lifting of sanctions to be completed.

And maybe we need to have...


O`HANLON: ... that kind of explanation process. So that part of it
without defending the ayatollah more general, that part of it...

SCHULTZ: No, I understand.

O`HANLON: ... is an understandable point on, you know, on his part.

SCHULTZ: Well, this is what McCain is, this is his big bait. This is the
President`s reaction of McCain being so pointed on the Secretary of State.


OBAMA: You know, when I hear some like Senator McCain recently, suggest
that our Secretary of State, John Kerry, who served in the United States
Senate, a Vietnam veteran, who`s provided exemplary service to this nation,
is somehow less trustworthy in the interpretation of what`s in a political
agreement than the Supreme Leader of Iran -- that`s an indication of the
degree to which partisanship has crossed all boundaries.


SCHULTZ: Heeley, this is very rare for the President to call out a Senator
by name, underscores how heat it`s (ph) getting which of course place to
your point previously. How will Kerry sway Democrats to hold off?

HEELEY: Senator McCain of course is an influential Senator, so his
statements that carry a lot of weight. And the President, you know, his
statements really, they went too far. He even went further on Twitter and
drying connections to Obama`s trip to Cuba.

So it`s very heated now. It`s particularly heated because a lot of
Democrats have fallen off of their support for this Corker legislation
that`s going forward in the Senate Foreign Committee.

Democrats, they like what they see so far, they like this deal. They think
that, you know, a lot of the provisions go a lot further than hey thought
that they would. And so, they`re willing to see it through rather than
jump to a conclusion before we`ve even gotten to signing on the dotted line
really and that`s when it comes down, the Democrats and have that debate.

SCHULTZ: Michael, don`t you sense a tremendous amount of frustration on
the part of the President that they work so hard on this and now, it`s
getting soured by all this partisan bickering this going back and forth
that really could affect the deal. How do you see -- what are the chances
of a deal as you see it right now?

O`HANLON: Well, you know, this is the diplomatic centerpiece of at least
thus far of the Obama presidency, which is why I agree with Laicie that
this is becoming partisan because I don`t think many Democrats in the
Congress are ultimately going to oppose this.

It is the signature of diplomatic effort of their party`s president and
even though you can debate it on the merits and especially the issue of the
sunset clauses which I think, you know, you can argue should have been
avoided and it would have been very hard to avoid that, Iran probably would
have rejected any effort. But we could try to keep the world together in
insisting that Iran have to abide by firm restrictions until their behavior
demonstratively improved.

But anyway, you could have tried that. It may or may not have worked. You
could have a good substantive debate as to whether that was even remotely
feasible. But I think in the end, it is going to fall back on partisan
lines because the Democrats in the Congress, even if they have
understandable substantive reservations about the specifics of the deal as
to why, are not going to want to oppose their party`s president on his big
achievement of this part...


O`HANLON: of this presidency.

SCHULTZ: Well, it sounds like Chuck Schumer is ready to do it. I don`t
know if McCain`s comments are going to change his attitude at all but we`ll

O`HANLON: That`s good point.

SCHULTZ: Laicie Heeley, Michael O`Hanlon, great to have you on with us.
Thank you so much.

O`HANLON: Thanks.

SCHULTZ: Still to come, we`re just minutes away from Marco Rubio`s 2016
campaign kickoff. I don`t think he is doing anything. Well, we`ll talk
about it. We look at Florida`s Senator`s chances, next.

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: In tonight`s Two-minute Drill, a masterful performance. Jordan
Spieth took home the green jacket in record fashion. This kid is
unbelievable. His poise is phenomenal.

In spite went wire to wire on the tournament leading the pack through all
four rounds, he shot a two wonder on Sunday to finish four strokes ahead of
Phil Mickelson who was 14-under and played great. And also, Justin Rose
had a heck of a game.

But at the age of 21, he`s the second youngest Master`s champion. In spite
shot his way into the record book throughout the tournament, he played the
best first round in almost two decades and tied Ray Floyd`s 35 all score.
He set a record for the lowest score to 54 holes. His 28 birdies was also
a Master`s record. A bogey on the final hole left him just shive (ph)
another record but put him in good company in spite his final score of 2-70
tied Tiger Wood`s records set in 1997.

And you remember when Woods did that, we thought, guys, no one`s ever going
to match that. You think. This kid is unbelievable.

The Master`s win makes Jordan Spieth the second ranked golfer of the world
behind Rory Mcllroy.

Stick around, lot more coming up to the Ed Show. We`ll be right back.



RUBIO: We`re excited about the announcement tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow at
6 P.M. Eastern time live so you can watch it


SCHULTZ: How`s that for production versus Hillary Clinton? In just a few
minutes, Marco Rubio will throw his hat in the ring for the 2016
presidential race.

The freshman Senator from Florida is expected to announce in his hometown
of Miami. Rubio will make the announcement at Miami`s historic Freedom
Tower, a symbolic gateway into America for the first generation of Cuban

He`s clearly fine to make a statement on immigration. Although DNC Chair
Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims Rubio`s flip on immigration will be a


DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, DNC CHAIR: The last time I checked, there`s a
little bit of pressure on the President of the United States. If Marco
Rubio couldn`t even hack the pressure from the right-wing Tea Party
extremists after he embraced, and authored, and -- helped push through
Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the Senate, a little bit of pressure on
him and he walked away and folded like a house of cards, then, how they`ll
going to hack the presidency?


SCHULTZ: He voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act, he voted against
student loan reduction and of course, he`s always opposed minimum wage

Joining me tonight, Rick Herrero, he`s the Executive Director of CubaNow,
also with us tonight, former Florida State Representative Ana Rivas Logan,
great to have both of you with us.

Ana, you first, a question to Marco Rubio is why did you flip on
immigration? Was it political pressure or was it your core belief
changing? Well, how`s that play in Florida?

REP. ANA RIVAS LOGAN, (D) FLORIDA: Well, tell you what, when he was in the
House, he supported the DREAM Act then he didn`t support the DREAM Act when
he was a Senator now and -- as U.S. Senator, he supports immigration
reform, he doesn`t support immigration reform.

I think, Marco plays to the far right especially to election time and
that`s the bottom line.

SCHULTZ: Ric, how do you think that place that flip? Does it bother him?
Is that going to be your problem for him?

doesn`t bother him at all. I mean, he`s been very inconsistent of many
issues including Cuba. For example, he`s been ardently opposed against
having any opening with Cuba, any relations with the Castro government.

However, he sent his own chief of staff on a junket to China last year,
paid for by the Chinese government. And his defense for doing that was
that we should engage our adversaries whenever it helped promote our

So how can you reconcile those two positions? Obviously, he`s willing to
say whatever it takes.

SCHULTZ: Ric, what about his resume? I mean, if we`re going to go down
the same road that we went with Barack Obama in 2007, is it fair to ask
Marco Rubio, "What have you done?"

HERRERO: Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, where is his record? I, you
know, immigration I think is one -- is going to be a very touchy issue.

He did support an effort to pass immigration reform and then, he was the
first one to run away from it right now. If he is suppose to be the
candidate that is going to bring Hispanic voters over to the Republican
Party, he`s going to have a lot to answer for.

SCHULTZ: Ana, who wins Florida when it comes to Republicans...

LOGAN: Well...

SCHULTZ: ... Bush or Rubio?

LOGAN: The polls right now show Bush is ahead of Rubio and Hillary is
ahead of the pack completely by a pretty nice margin. So I think Hillary
takes Florida.

SCHULTZ: What do you think his theme is going to be, Ana?

LOGAN: His theme is going to be a far right, you know, Republican very far
to the right and then, when it comes to the general, should he win the GOP
nomination. He`s going to have a very hard time reconciling.

But it`s going to be the same old, you know, right-wing Tea Party agenda,
you know, anti-Cuba, anti-women, anti-immigration on, and on, and on, and
on. Whatever the Tea Party stands for, that`s what Marco Rubio is going to
stand for.

SCHULTZ: You know, we keep hearing, Ric, about how they want Hillary
Clinton to go big, to go bold. We don`t hear any real narrative coming
from Republicans other than cut taxes and deregulate. Are we going to get
something new out of Rubio? You`re looking live at his announcement coming
up here in just a few moments. We`re going to get anything new out of this

HERRERO: The only thing new that you`re going to get from Rubio is the
word "new" in his campaign slogan, "A New American Century". His
positions, however, are more the same, pro-embargo, climate change denier,
anti-gay marriage and basically, everything else that represents the past.

SCHULTZ: Ana, do you think he can raise a kind of money that Ted Cruz has
done early on?

LOGAN: Well, that remains to be seen. We do have a couple of billionaires
who are -- have already said they`re going to engage in his race. So he
could raise some big dollars from these billionaires. And we`re going to
see, I think, a lot more involvement among the billionaires in these races.

SCHULTZ: All right. Ric Herrero and Ana Rivas Logan, great to have you
with us tonight, a story we`re following here on MSNBC this evening.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz. PoliticsNation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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