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The Ed Show for Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

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Date: April 15, 2015
Guest: Karen Finney, Lanny Davis, Genevieve Wood, Debbie Wasserman
Schultz, Jennifer Epps-Addison, Jan Schakowsky, Mark Dimondstein


ED SCHULTZ, "THE ED SHOW" HOST: Tonight, there is a level of curiosity
about Hillary Clinton.

HILLARY CLINTON, FMR. SECRETARY OF STATE: I wanted to come here on my very
first trip to Iowa.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: You are very out of step with younger voters...

SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R) FLORIDA: Our generation rose to face the great
challenges of our time.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, (R) NEW JERSEY: We need to raise the retirement age
for Social Security.

Anybody wants to run for president if you have a chance to do it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s very mind-boggling that this young man, 25 years
old is -- has ended his freedom...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... this way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Guilty of murder in the first degree...


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.

Just back from Iowa, so we start this evening with Hillary Clinton on the
campaign trail.

Today, mark Hillary`s second day of campaigning in the state of Iowa. She
visited with people in a coffee shop in Marshalltown, Iowa, then she met
with the small business owners at a fruit packing facility in Norwalk just
outside Des Moines.

I was also on the ground in Norwalk today and it became clear to me that
Hillary Clinton has got some work to do with Iowa voters.


SCHULTZ: So Hillary`s in town, you got a smile on your face for that?


SCHULTZ: Are you a Hillary fan or do you...


SCHULTZ: You`re not?


SCHULTZ: OK. What do you think of her?

HOYT: Not much. She`s a liberal and I`m not going to vote for her.

SCHULTZ: No way, you never vote for her?


SCHULTZ: There`s nothing she could say that would change your mind in

HOYT: Nope.

SCHULTZ: Are you following her campaign at all?

HOYT: I have since (ph), you know, on social media (inaudible), but, Ed,
and what`s on the paper, that`s not it.

SCHULTZ: Is it party or is it person?

HOYT: Both. I`d -- yeah. I don`t think that she could take care of the
country. And yes, she said that she fights for women and families that I
think it only does. So far, she advances her own agenda, I think.

SCHULTZ: This is the small bedroom community of Norwalk, Iowa. You blink
twice, you drive right through it.

There is a level of curiosity surrounding Hillary Clinton. They know who
she is. She`s saying all the right things but their curiosity is, does she
really mean it.

Hillary still has some proving (ph) to do in the middle of the country.

SCHULTZ: How do you think Hillary plays in Iowa?

JIM WOOD, IOWA VOTER/BUS DRIVER: I don`t think most people believe what
she says -- of course to most any politician. They say one thing that they
really don`t know (ph).

SCHULTZ: Is there anybody you think who could win you over this time (ph)?

WOOD: Let`s see. I`ll listen.

SCHULTZ: You`ll listen.

WOOD: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: You think Iowans are good listeners?

WOOD: Probably.

SCHULTZ: You got a lot of experience (inaudible)?

WOOD: Yeah. I guess the -- my nominee (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Do you think people are curious to engage, to they see what she`s
going to be all about this time around?


SCHULTZ: That they are wondering what it`s going to be like this time?

OVERTURF: It`s hard for leopard to hide his cubs (ph). So with somebody,
I think I would be looking forward. I`ll be looking forward, the pulses
(ph) are (inaudible). Was he -- is it true? Is it real? Is it as it`s
projected or is it as for people looking for (ph)?

SCHULTZ: You, as a small business owner, what`s on your mind?

OVERTURF: Just (inaudible) day to day as if one (inaudible) sustain.

SCHULTZ: Nothing fancy, pretty basic stuff.

OVERTURF: That`s (inaudible) right here.


SCHULTZ: Could be a lot of trips to Iowa for this reporter before it`s all
over with.

Recent numbers are in step with what I saw on the streets of Norwalk today.

New polling shows that 49 percent of Iowans, they really don`t trust
Hillary Clinton, 47 percent have an unfavorable opinion of her

Hillary Clinton is aware of her issues in Iowa. She`s working hard to set
a new course with people in the middle of the country.

Earlier today, Hillary said, "Our current system works against small
business owners."


CLINTON: I want to hear directly from people like those sitting around
this table who can tell me about their own businesses, about their dreams,
about the obstacles, the hurdles and the successes that you have
experienced. Because, as good as it is that we`ve kind of dug ourselves
out of the hole of the great recession, we`re not up in running yet. And
unfortunately, the deck is still stocked in favor of those at the top and
we need to reshuffle the cards and begin to play a different at hand, a
hand that includes everybody.


SCHULTZ: Hillary Clinton in recognizing what progressives have been
talking about and on this show for the last six years, income equality, the
wage gap in this country. And she is making the populous pitch to small
business owners in Iowa. It`s about access to capital.

She went on to highlight the problems stocked against today`s small
business owners.


CLINTON: American business starts up are down, small business creation
expansion is down, but the figure that really caught my eye is a recent
World Bank survey of the entire world where, now, America ranks 46th in the
world and how hard it is to start a new business.

We need to be -- we have to be number one. Slowly overtime, it`s become
more difficult, more expensive, more red tape, unnecessary regulations that
has really put a damper, and then that was, unfortunately, exacerbated
greatly by the effects of the Great Recession where a lot of banks stop
lending. Stop lending the small businesses.

They stopped lending to people with good ideas. They stopped taking
chances on real opportunities for Americans and, unfortunately, we can see
the results because lack of credit, other obstacles are standing in the


SCHULTZ: You may be wondering what`s different this time around. You
would be hard-pressed to find a sound by just like that from back in 2008.
It is a different approach, it`s a different focus, and there is no doubt
the issues are different and Hillary`s on it. That`s my opinion.

The current system isn`t working for small businesses, and there is
recognition here by this candidate. Clinton is absolutely right to try to
free up more capital for business start ups in this country.

I mean, when you look at small business in America, the course that
Republicans have been trying to say that they are the champions of small
business and have been for years. All they do is talk about tax cuts and
deregulation. It goes a heck of a lot deeper than that if you`re in small

Number one, meeting payroll and to meet payroll, you`ve got to move goods
and services. You got to have good people and you got to have them trained
but you got to have that access to capital.

You can talk about the entrepreneurial spirit of America all you want, and
the heart, and the desire, and the drive, and determination but, you got to
show me the money somewhere.

And Hillary is spot on with this issue. And this is a very progressive
issue where liberals have been talking about this for a long time. If you
going to concentrate the wealth in America, somebody is going to have to
addressed it.

The question is, it is such a big issue. I don`t know if any president of
the United States can come forward with an agenda that would reverse all of

It`s going to take a real focus of a movement and a party with political
power and votes to change what we have going on in this country right now.

Not to say that the Obama administration hasn`t tried but let`s face it.
They had been the most obstructed President. He`s been the most obstructed
President in the history of this country.

We can`t even get a jobs bill. We can get 62 months of private sector job
growth but we can`t get a jobs bill, because the Republicans don`t like the
President. Is that the way it`s going to be?

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think.

Tonight`s question, "Is Hillary Clinton`s campaign headed in the right
direction?" Go to to cast your vote. We`ll bring you
the results later on in the show.

For more, let me bring in Karen Finney who is a Senior Spokesperson for
Hillary for America. Karen, good to have you with us tonight.

KAREN FINNEY, HILLARY FOR AMERICA: Great to be with you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: You bet. There is a different tone, there is a different focus,
grant with (ph) the issues are different. Is the approach that Hillary is
taking, do you think it`s going to work?

And I was down in Iowa today, the Clinton people felt like they had a
really great first day.


SCHULTZ: It`s always good to get off to a good start. Your thoughts on
how this is rolling out.

FINNEY: So far I think so good. And I tell you, I mean, as you know that
I work for Hillary during the `92 campaign, and in the White House, in her
first Senate campaign, so I`d worked for Hillary often on for a very
longtime. And what I really have enjoyed seeing over the last few days is,
this is Hillary doing what she does best, and that is just sitting around
and talking with people.

And one of the things that I think people will see is that, you know, she
is so awesome, really great ideas. She has studied a lot of the problems
that we`re dealing with. She took 500-page briefing book with her over the
holidays and came back.

But part of what this process is about is informing those ideas. She wants
to hear from people. She wants to talk with people, and, you know, you
talked about the small business issues. There was the young man at the
table who talked about how his college loans actually are part of what`s
keeping him from growing his business and starting a business, I bet you...


FINNEY: ... will hear that again.

And so what I -- I think it`s been off to a great start. This is what
Hillary wanted to do. She really wanted to get out, go to some of the
smaller areas where candidates don`t usually go and have this kind of
conversation with people

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Does she have a problem in Iowa? I mean, everybody is got
to hit the campaign trail and present themselves but these numbers --
there`s an undercurrent of conversation. She`s a little bit in tougher
trouble in Iowa that what moved people anticipated, what do you make of

FINNEY: You know, Ed, here`s what I would say to that, you know, where on
day three ish (ph) of the campaign...


FINNEY: . and there`s been a lot of talking about Hillary before this week
essentially. But now she`s out there.


FINNEY: . making her case. And so I want to see in another month when
she`s been out on the road, part of the plan here over the next several
weeks is to continue to visit this early state, do this kinds of
conversations. So I want people to hear from Hillary and then I want to
see kind of where she is.

You know, one of the things I think is really important, Ed, it`s a little
bit different this time is, she`s -- there`s so much about Hillary that
people think they know but they don`t know like the fact that her father
had a small business, a fabric maker...


FINNEY: . and she and her brothers help out in the store. So she actually
knows from my very personal place about the challenges small businesses are

SCHULTZ: Well, she kind of reintroduces herself to those 20-somethings


SCHULTZ: I mean, they were...


SCHULTZ: ... kids, you know, when she was in the White House.


SCHULTZ: I mean, there`s a lot of life that Hillary Clinton that they
don`t know about and it`s almost like a reintroduction process.

Final question I want to know from you, Karen, when this Hillary go to the
bigger events? I mean how long what`s the plan here how long is this --
she going to do this in every town in Iowa just about?

FINNEY: Well, I bet if she could she certainly would. The plan right now
was that over the next, I think, three to four weeks, you`re going to see
her traveling to the early (ph) states, having these kinds of
conversations. And then later in May, I think you`ll see a start to
rollout policy but again, she actually said yesterday she wants that to be
actually informed by these conversations. So yeah, stay tuned...


FINN EY: ... is what I`d say.

SCHULTZ: Why you`re not sure on media interest in Iowa I can tell you
that, there was -- there`s international media. I mean, there were


SCHULTZ: ... from Germany, folks from Great Britain. I mean, there`s
international media that`s trying to figure out, "OK. How these all going
to work out? Karen...


SCHULTZ: . good to have you with us tonight. Thanks so much, I appreciate

FINNEY: Thanks, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Let me bring in Lanny Davis a former Special Council to White
House, and also Genevieve Wood, Senior Contributor to The Daily Signal.
Great to have both of you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Lanny, I want to play a clip from Hillary`s round table today
about health care. A lot people are saying, don`t run away from health
care the way the Democrats did in the midterms. I happen to be one of
those folks I mean I think they need to embrace it. This is her comment on
that today.


JENNIFER (PH): If something really happen with his job for insurance, you
know, or if the Affordable Care Act was repealed, you know, out of
preexisting condition (ph).

CLINTON: One of the most important features for millions of Americans in
the Affordable Care Act is to prohibit insurers from discriminating against
people with preexisting conditions.

One of the many reasons why I will defend all of those important changes in
Affordable Care Act is because of somebody like you, Jennifer (ph).


SCHULTZ: Now, I want folks watching this program tonight to capture that
sound bite.

Hillary is not talking to the cameras. Hillary is having a conversation
across the table in a very low key, slow and consuming manner with this
person who says, "Hey, I really need to have Obamacare or I`ll be in

Lanny, what`s the call here? I mean is this the real Hillary Clinton? I
have somebody tell me today want to know in Norwalk if this is real, if
this it genuine, what do you make of it?

DAVIS: Look, as long as I`ve known Hillary Clinton since law school when
her last name was Rodham. Friends, people in the neighborhood who she
volunteer to do legal services as one of the first thing she did it at Yale
Law School rather than worrying about classes.

It`s always about other people. That is who is she is and what your
seeing, unfortunately, didn`t come across as well in the past in the `08
campaign. What you`re seeing is the real Hillary.

And can I also add one of the things about those percentages that you

Well, the distrust of Washington and anybody in politics is high and you
heard that gentlemen say that. Hillary Clinton`s favorable and distrust
numbers, which don`t make me very happy, are higher than every Republican
running for president by a large margin. So everybody in politics has the
challenge of winning people`s trust. Certainly, Hillary Clinton does but
she`s doing much better than anybody else. I just want to be clear that
those numbers is a little bit.


DAVIS: ... competing unless you compare them to the Republicans.

SCHULTZ: Genevieve, what about that? What about those numbers?

look, Washington and politics is not a particular popular place or field to
be in, and most people don`t trust that. And one of the people that you
talk to that said basically.

DAVIS: Right.

WOOD: ... can`t trust any these guys.

But I think there`s a difference...

SCHULTZ: But that was Iowa.

WOOD: No. I mean Iowa, that`s right. But I mean, I think there`s two
different things here. For Hilary Clinton, you`re somebody who -- whether
people know you well or not, many people think they know her, so she`s up
against, "Can I change what a lot people think?"

Republicans on the other hand, even Jeb Bush, nobody knows as the
Republican feel and hear (ph) as well as they know Hillary, that can be a
negative but can also be a positive because you have a chance to introduce
yourself to America for the first time. I think Hillary`s biggest


WOOD: . is that, many people do have a strong opinion of her left and
right and it will -- if she can change peoples opinions, I have to say I`ll
be impress because I think that`s a very...


WOOD: ... hard thing to do.

SCHULTZ: Well, Genevieve, it`s appears to me from a three people that have
announced on the Republican side and even with Chris Christie was saying
today about entitlements, they`re not populous views. And Hillary Clinton
is striking a populous tone. I mean, are the Republicans going to be able
to survive in that arena?

WOOD: Look, I thought Marco Rubio statements was quite populous when he
was talking about the American dream he was very optimistic.

Well, I mean you maybe coming out from a different advantage (ph) point and
so with Lanny, but I think that was an opportunity message and that`s a
populous message.


WOOD: But at the end of the day, it will have to come down to policies and
specifics and it only be, you know. And for Hillary it will...


WOOD: ... also be can she defend -- is she`s going to defend the Obama
record or she will going to be her own new person that`s going to be

SCHULTZ: What about that, Lanny?

DAVIS: Here`s a quick definition of Marco Rubio or any Republicans
populism, be against any kind of increase to taxes among multimillionaires
and oppose tax cuts for the middle class. That`s there voting record.

Marco Rubio opposed increasing taxes for millionaires. And secondly, with
all due respect, Marco Rubio has said, "I don`t want to go back to 1999",
excuse me, 23 million new jobs, a budget surplus, what does he not like
about 1999?

I would say that Hillary Clinton is much more closer to the people of this
country than Republicans who are feeding the...

SCHULTZ: All right.

DAVIS: ... one percent of the one percent and I...

WOOD: Lanny.

DAVIS: ... they are out of touch.

SCHULTZ: And we will...

WOOD: How is Hillary Clinton has credit for any of that? She was the
first lady then she wasn`t a policy maker in 1998 or 1999...

DAVIS: I think her voting record in United States Senate and you`ll bone
up on her voting record...

WOOD: It was after that period.

DAVIS: ... compared to Marco Rubio opposing raising taxes in the wealthy.
She had...

SCHULTZ: All right.

DAVIS: ... eight years as a Senator, look it up.

WOOD: I`ll be happy to look it up but have another debate on tax...

SCHULTZ: Well, leave it there. Lanny Davis, Genevieve Wood, great...

DAVIS: OK. Great.

SCHULTZ: All right. We will have you back to do that, great to have both
you with us.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at We`ll
have the result right after the break. Follow us on Facebook and watch my
Facebook feature daily, it`s called "Give Me a Minute" and you can get my
video podcast at

Coming up, the self-describe candidate of the future gets called out for
his retro view on same-sex marriage. And later, Chris Christie gets top on
entitlements as he test the waters for 2016.

Lot`s more coming up in the Ed Show. Stay with us, we will be right back.


SCHULTZ: Here`s where we stand on tonight`s Bing Pulse Poll. Thanks for

The question, "Is Hillary Clinton campaign headed at the right direction?"
Well, almost 90 percent of you say yes. Keep voting. The numbers
fluctuate but it looks like Hillary`s got to win at her back according to
the post (ph) watching.

We`ll be right back at the Ed Show. Stay with us. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And we are back.

A Massachusetts` jury has found former New England Patriots tight end Aaron
Hernandez guilty of first degree murder.

The jury found Hernandez guilty of extreme atrocity and cruelty in the
killing of Odin Lloyd in June of 2013. He will now spend the rest of his
life in prison without the possibility of parole.

NBC`s Chris Pallone has more.


CHRIS PALLONE, NBC CORRESPONDENT: He was once one of the NFL`s brightest
stars. Now, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is a
convicted murderer.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Guilty of murder in the first degree.

PALLONE: The jury`s decision came on the 7th day of deliberations after a
nine week trial and the testimony of more than 130 witnesses.

Jury`s finding Hernandez killed his friend Odin Lloyd in June, 2013 and
left his body in a vacant lot not far from Hernandez`s home. As the jury
delivered its verdict, Hernandez shook his head and fell in to a chair.

His fianc‚e who testified earlier in the trial wept so the members of
Lloyd`s family.

In her victim impact statement, Lloyd`s mother offered her son`s killer
forgiveness but she didn`t mention Hernandez by name.

URSULA WARD, ODIN LLOYD MOTHER: My baby footprint is in my heart forever.

PALLONE: Despite having no murder weapon, no witnesses to the shooting and
offering no clear motive, prosecutors we`re able to tie Hernandez to the
crime scene to his cellphone records and surveillance videos.

professional athlete meant nothing in the end.

He is a citizen who was held accountable by the jury to his depraved

PALLONE: Jurors said Hernandez`s star status meant nothing during

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We follow the court`s orders, I assume that the man
sitting in that sit is innocent until the prosecution proves he is guilty,
and that`s what happened today.

PALLONE: The 25-year-old taken away in handcuffs and shackles moments
after the verdict was read, the decision ensures Hernandez will die in
prison pending an appeal.

SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, NBC`s Ron Mott. Ron, reaction to this what
you`re hearing on the ground in Boston tonight?

RON MOTT, NBC CORRESPONDENT: Well, hi there, Ed. Good day to you.

You know, I think this verdict shocked a lot of people and that, many
people on the ground here thought this jury was headed dead lock that this
was going to be a mistrial because of the length of deliberations.

But this jury said they wanted to take this very carefully. They took this
duty very seriously. And in the end, they all say that they were
comfortable with the decision they reached to find him guilty on first
degree murder.

He will be housing a prison, ironically, Ed, about a mile and a half from
Gillette Stadium up in Foxborough where Aaron Hernandez earned all that
acclaim and all that money in the NFL. He is going to spend the rest of
his life presumably in that facility in South Walpole, Massachusetts.

And I can tell you, as a football fan, a lot of people still scratching
their heads over how far he fell and how quickly he fell.

As you know, Ed, better than most of us pursuing the career in the NFL,
it`s a hard job to get, and it`s really hard to be successful for any
length of time in that league. And here was a young man who not only made
it but was on his way to the top. He got a huge $40 million contract
extension just two years out of college.

And so he was well on his way to stardom in this league. Got a Super Bowl
touchdown and then all of a sudden, his life is unraveled here over the
past 24 months.

He is now a convicted murdered with this case and sometime later, this
year, perhaps in a few months, he is going to be tried for double murder up
in Suffolk County in Boston that stems (ph) from a shooting, a drive by
shooting outside a night club there in the summer of 2012.

So his legal troubles are only just beginning after what it`s worth. There
is a Connecticut man who was suing him in Suffolk court. He says that
Aaron Hernandez shot him in the face down in Miami. Ed.

SCHULTZ: Well, Ron, what about this double murder trial that`s coming up.
Does he say -- that trial is supposed to start in May but it has been
postponed? So how do this -- does this verdict play into the double murder
trial? I mean, why would they even go down that road at this point? You
can`t get the death penalty in Massachusetts and he is going to spend the
rest of his life behind bars. What will the prosecutors do with that?

MOTT: Well, clearly the families of the victims in this case, the Furtado
family and them the Abreu family, they want justice just as much as the
Lloyd family got today in this particular case...

SCHULTZ: Understandably.

MOTT: ... so the trial will go forward. We do believe that they want to
try him on these charges. And what a lot of folks are saying, a lot of
legal analyst who`ve been following this case and the Suffolk case are
saying is that, this one will be in largely circumstantial.

They believe the prosecutors have been even stronger case put together up
in Boston. You got a murder weapon that was discovered, that was
recovered, you also had a witness to the shooting.

Apparently, the gentleman who was suing Aaron Hernandez was with him the
night that this went down. And so you have a motive as well. Prosecutor
saying that Aaron Hernandez was offended that one of the victims in that
case bumped him on a dance floor and spilled his drink, the gentleman
apparently never even knew that he bumped into him. And Aaron Hernandez
allegedly waited for these two men to leave that night club that night and
then ambushed them.

It`s just unbelievable story really. We can look at where this young man
is like...


MOTT: ... appear to be going. It seems to have headed far south. Ed.

SCHULTZ: How did Aaron Hernandez allow all of this future to get unraveled
and end up where he is in life tonight? That is the story from

Ron Mott, good to have you with us. Thanks for the report. I appreciate

Coming up, Chris Christie says he can take on Hillary. The Rapid Response
Panel weighs in on this new entitlement reform program. All the
Republicans have got new entitlement reform programs. And Marco Rubio`s
campaign of the future doesn`t match his policies of the past.

Stick around. We`ll be right back.



RUBIO: Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for
president by promising to take us back to yesterday. Yesterday is over.


SCHULTZ: Marco thinks his youth gives him an advantage with the under 30
crowd. The 43-year old freshman Senator is banking on his age to help him
standout from presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

Since when is age a bad thing? Rubio found out that strategy has a double-
edge sword.


TAPPER: 61 percent of Republican voters under the age of 30, I believe,
support same-sex marriage. On that issue, same-sex marriage, Senator,
you`re the candidate of yesterday.

RUBIO: And in fact, people feel that way as that poll says. Then -- they
can petition to state legislature to change the law. When I talk about the
future, what I`m really pointing to is not those issues necessarily.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of
Florida. She`s the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Congresswoman, always a pleasure, good to have you with us.

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, (D) FLORIDA: And me as well, good to be
with you.

E. SCHULTZ: In a statement today from -- you bet. A statement today from
the Clinton campaign is that, Hillary Clinton is on record stronger than
ever saying that she is all for same-sex marriage.

Now, the divisions are the separations of issues that certainly starting to
play out early here. Is Rubio on the wrong side of where the people are on
this issue and other issues as you see it?

D. SCHULTZ: Of course he is. I mean, Hillary Clinton, yesterday came out
strongly in favor of marriage equality because she is embracing a position
that she firmly believes in and that is mainstream.

Marco Rubio has embraced the extreme on this issue. He opposes marriage
between anyone based on who they love as opposed to making sure that we can
allow people to have marriage equality...


D. SCHULTZ: ... and be fully recognized under the Constitution.

He opposes making sure we can treat people equally at the workplace. He
opposes letting gay couples who are loving and want to open their homes to
an adopted child. He opposes allowing gay adoption. I mean, this man is
completely out of touch with the mainstream...

E. SCHULTZ: Well, he...

D. SCHULTZ: ... and how he completely ignored where we -- how far we`ve

E. SCHULTZ: He is afflicted to the states on this issue, legally. I mean,
on same-sex marriage, what is that stand? What kind of position is that?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, if he`s afflicted to the states, in our state,
the courts have rules that gay couples can adopt children. We used to have
a ban on gay couples adopting.

We have the court`s rule that gay couples can legally marry. So even in
his home state, he is still opposing polices that have already become
recognized under the law in our state.

When you`re president of United States, you are president of everyone. And
to have a candidate who says that they will not treat everyone equally
under the United States Constitution and give everybody the same rights...


D. SCHULTZ: ... is outrageous.

E. SCHULTZ: This is a new strategy, I`ve never heard this one, "Because
I`m younger, I`m better". I mean that`s basically where he is coming from.
I mean, is he inline with younger voters? It`s almost an admission. You
know, I`m young and inexperienced but I`m better than out there right now.
Is he inline with young GOP voters?

D. SCHULTZ: I mean, of course not. He`s not inline with younger voter`s
period. I mean, if you ask younger voters, younger voters really are less
likely to look at issues through a partisan lens, that`s why overwhelming
majority of young voters support gay rights and marriage equality, support
making sure that we can make college more affordable.

Marco Rubio voted to cut Pell Grant and against legislation that would make
college more affordable. They`re for making sure that we can help people
reach the middle-class and Marco Rubio embraces tax cuts for the wealthiest
Americans, and supports increase in taxes on the middle-class.

And by the way, Ed, to add insult to injury, Marco Rubio represents
Florida. A state with a huge population of senior citizens and he has


D. SCHULTZ: ... ending Medicare as we know it and things that Social
Security is upon this team (ph) and that we should move toward
privatization. So he`s out of touch with older voters...

E. SCHULTZ: ... Yeah.

D. SCHULTZ: ... younger voters, he`s just out of touch.

SCHULTZ: Well, I remember when John Kerry ran in 2004, they just worked
him over for a flip-flop. I mean, I hope the Democrats don`t let anybody
forget what Rubio has done on immigration.

He ran from his own position.

D. SCHULTZ: That`s right.

E. SCHULTZ: He ran from his own bill.

D. SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

E. SCHULTZ: He took political pressure and he couldn`t stand up to it.
So, tell me, is that conviction or is that political pressure, a guy that`s
going to do some wind sailing?

D. SCHULTZ: What that is, Ed, is evidence that he cannot hack the pressure
of the presidency because last time I check, there`s a little bit of
pressure on the President of the United States.


D. SCHULTZ: If this guy could not even hack, standing by his conviction
for a bill he authored and push through the Senate, abandon the -- as soon
as his Tea Party extremist base blows in the wrong direction, then how is
he going to hack the presidency?

He should grow a spine and standup for the courage of his convictions. He
represents a huge Hispanic population, millions of immigrant families who
would benefit from comprehensive immigration reform. And he, basically,
told them, go back where you came from.

I recognized that he supports some reform but now, he`s embraced with...

E. SCHULTZ: All right.

D. SCHULTZ: ... the Tea Party effort to just to shut the borders down and
deport people.

E. SCHULTZ: Wrong side of the issue, no doubt. Congresswoman Debbie
Wasserman Schultz...

D. SCHULTZ: ... Absolutely.

E. SCHULTZ: ... always a pleasure. Good to have you with us tonight.

D. SCHULTZ: Thanks.

E. SCHULTZ: Stick around Rapid Response Panel is next right here on the Ed
Show. We`ll be right back.

MARY THOMPSON, CNBC: I`m Mary Thompson with your CNBC Market Wrap.

Stocks end higher across the board with the Dow adding 75 points, the S&P
up 10, NASDAQ climbing 33.

The Federal Reserve`s latest Beige book painted a lackluster picture of the
economy in all 12 districts. It called growth "slight" or moderate across
the U.S. in manufacturing week.

And after the closing bell, Netflix reported earnings that came in ahead of
expectations once you exclude certain item. Also subscriber growth was
better than expected sending shares up more than 10 percent.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.



HUGH HEWITT, "HUGH HEWITT SHOW" HOST: Let me ask you then about Mrs.
Clinton`s campaign, can you beat her, Chris Christie?

CHRISTIE: If I run I would beat her.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie never short on confidence. He didn`t
have the best year but it hasn`t to stop him flirting (ph) with the
presidential run in 2016, he`s still thinking about it.

Christie is going to have to really as his work cut out form if he does
decide to get in the race because he`s really out of step with the American
people and the populous view.

Today, workers across the United States took to the streets in an effort to
raise the minimum wage, you don`t see Christie here, fight for 15 rallies
took place in more than 200 cities across America. American`s are fighting
for good paying jobs that can support a family. They want politicians
elected officials to address exploding income inequality.

You`ll never hear him talking about that either.

In the meantime, here`s what`s Chris Christie is really focus on.


CHRISTIE: And one of the challenges that we face is the unrestrained
growth of government spending on entitlements. In the long-term, it will
steal our children`s future and it will bankrupt their nation, frankly,
Washington is afraid to have an honest conversation about Social Security,
Medicare and Medicaid with the people of our country. I am not.


SCHULTZ: Washington is afraid, well, I tell you what. Folks from New
Jersey should be afraid of this guy because he don`t have the best record
when it comes to handling the public retirement system in his own state.

For instance in 2014, Christie`s budget promise $3.8 billion for the states
struggling pension funds, now workers in the state of New Jersey agreed to
make higher contributions. Christie didn`t follow through on his side of
the bargain, he decline the hand over $2.4 billion of the promised total.

You can`t trust this guy and now he wants you trust him with the national

Joining me tonight in our Rapid Response Panel Congresswomen Jan
Schakowsky, Illinois, also Jennifer Epps-Addison, Executive Director of
Wisconsin Jobs Now.

Jennifer, you first if I may. These rallies continue across the country
this message continues across the country, how much of an impact do you
think they`re having with backdrop of Republican candidates continually
saying that we have got to cut programs.

incredible impact, the reality is that this fight is winning. We`ve seen
raises in Seattle, in San Francisco, in Chicago to $15 and $13 an hour.
They`re winning because they`re willing to get out in the street and put
themselves and their bodies on the line, and they`re no longer willing to
be doormats. The corporate conservative is simply want to put profits of
massive corporations over the needs and interest of the American people.

I think it`s the perfect backdrops to Christie who wants to raise
retirement ages, who wants to undermine Social Security when the only
problem we have in Social Security is a lack of political will to ensure
that everybody pays their fair share. We could solve the problem if we
just lift the cut on social security and we will solve the problem.

SCHULTZ: You know, Congresswoman, there`s a lot of talk about yesteryear
and yesterday, it seems to me that what Christie is talking about, his
version of entitlement reform is the same thing the Bush`s we`re talking
about in 2000 and 2004 private accounts to privatize Social Security it
went nowhere, how is this going to go anywhere?

REP. JAN SCHAKOWSKY, (D) ILLINOIS: This isn`t going to go anywhere. I am
so tired and I think the American people are too of the definition of being
a bold politician is going after senior citizens and people with
disabilities, cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.

You know what the average benefit is, $1,300 a month, really? That`s what
he wants to do to senior citizens, the same that he did to pensioners in
New Jersey. He got concessions from them and then he refuse to put money
into the pension system. Now, this guy cannot be trusted with these


SCHAKOWSKY: ... that are turning 80 years, the Social Security will
celebrate it`s birthday, never miss to check. You know, he has to keep his
hands off our Social Security.

SCHULTZ: You know, I don`t believe in minimum wage increases, they don`t
believe in health care, they don`t have plan for that. Now, they`re
talking about privatization of Social Security again and again.

So, Congresswoman, if there so against the populous views of the American
people should this just be a hell of a cycle for the Democrats even though
we start this thing early?

SCHAKOWSKY: I think it is going to be a great cycle. You know, I think
Americans understand and I hope they do that this country has never been
richer that it is right now. Of course, all the money is gone to the top
and people understand thus Hillary Clinton said that the decked stack
against them. And I think people are ready to hear this message because
they are living that reality...


SCHAKOWSKY: Oh, Chris Christie says, we got to get real and that means
cutting Social Security, forget it. That`s not where the American people
are at.

SCHULTZ: You know, Jennifer, that irony and all of this Christie bravado
(ph) that`s talking about what is going to do with Social Security and
scaring young people robbing their future.

Robbing the future of the young people but they certainly don`t want to
give the young people a future with a better minimum wage are going to $15
an hour. I mean I think the political irony here is rather startling, how
do you think young folks are going to come down on this? So they pay
attention to it.

EPPS-ADDISON: Absolutely. Look, Ed, as we speak there are thousands of
people at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee fighting in the fight for
$15, to raise wage is up to a living wage. And at the same time, our
governor, Governor Scott Walker, is planning to cut our incredibly
universities system in Wisconsin by $300 million, how in the world are you
supposed to lift yourself up out of poverty...


EPPS-ADDISON: ... and get an education on $7.25 an hour? It`s the wrong
way and people need to standup, join with this incredible workers who our
leading the way for country and fight for a strong middle-class and for an
economy that works for everyone in America.

SCHULTZ: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, I`m going to change subjects


SCHULTZ: Are the votes in the house for fast-track, right now, I want your
quick take on that.

SCHAKOWSKY: I would say no. My answer is no.

I think there aren`t enough Republican or combine Democratic votes to pass
fast-track right now. No.

SCHULTZ: All right. That is, of course, coming to the 11th-hour.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Jennifer Epps-Addison, great to have you
with us tonight.

Still ahead, its tax day, we`ll check in on the government service that
doesn`t get a dime of your taxpayer dollars.

Stay tune, we`ll be right back on the Ed show.


SCHULTZ: And on tonight`s Two-minute Drill, threes (ph) company.

Stephen Curry has the golden touch on the court, no doubt.

The Golden State Warriors point guard is one of the leading contenders for
this year`s MVP Award of the NBA. He ranks fourth in the league with
three-point shooting. And the new video shows practice makes perfect.

Here is Curry hitting a team practice -- at a team practice, hitting the
bucket after bucket from three point range and make 77 shots in a row from
the arc and he get 94 out of a 100 shots. That`s draining it.

And it was a filled day on the Diamond as the Minnesota State Mankato
Mavericks faced the Bemidji State Beavers, division to a baseball at its

The Beavers put up 20 runs in a second game of the series on Saturday but
that impressive score wasn`t much in a way of mercy rule, of course, it was
called the 8th inning.

Now, the Mavericks more than doubled the Bemidji score. The final line,
Minnesota State 41, Bemidji State 20. Bemidji State only trailed by 7
heading into the top of the 8th when Mankato`s offense unloaded for 14

Is baseball finally exciting? I`m just asking the question. The teams
combined for 56 hits setting an NCAA division to a record.

The major league counterparts could use some help that would be the
Minnesota twins. They need some offensive power. They`ve scored just 16
runs on 46 hits in their last seven games.

Stick around. Lot`s more coming up on the Ed Show. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work. In case you didn`t know, it`s tax day. We don`t
want you to forget.

Many post offices around the country are offering extended hours so you can
meet the filing deadline. Now, I want to remind you just how much money
the post offices gets from your tax dollars. That would be a big fat zero.
That`s right.

United States postal service reaches 150 million households and businesses
each day without any taxpayer funding.

Private shippers, well they`ve got boundaries. The postal service, they go
everywhere. They deliver about 40 percent of the world`s mail volume. The
postal service, what do they do? They employ 626,000 people including
approximately 130,000 military veterans. In fact, they hire more veterans
than anybody in the country.

It`s an excellent service. Big corporations want appease of the action and
want to privatize it.

Congress has required the postal service of prepay future retire re-
benefits, 75 years into the future, nowhere the business carries that same
burden or requirement, and it`s a move to defund the postal service in the
name of corporate interest.

Joining me tonight Mark Dimondstein, he was the President of the American
Postal Workers Union.

This is the day that more Americans rely on the postal service than any
other day and you never let them down.

I`m a big fan of the postal service. I use it all the time. I don`t know
why this attack has taken place. But, Mark, you got a new Postmaster
General. If you can tell us, Mr. Dimondstein, what`s the latest round with
your contract negotiations? Give us some good news tonight.

Postmaster General Megan Brennan has a great opportunity to help turn the
post office around and getaway from the tactics over predecessor of cutting
and slashing services, and slowing down the mails.

So the challenge we`ve given her and really the people of the country had
given her is to work with the unions, work with the people of the country
to expand services.

This is our vision, to expand services, to provide better services, to keep
post offices open later, to serve the people in new ways such as with
postal banking and so on.

So at contract negotiations, the American Postal Workers Union actually,
has proposals put forward. Getting to post office to try to agree with us
that this is the best vision for the future in the post office and it`s
time to stop delaying America`s mail.

SCHULTZ: OK. So how is that being received? Do you have a chance of
expanding services here?

DIMONDSTEIN: Well, I think we`re in the middle of the process and it`s
maybe a little too early to tell but we`re pressing our demands. We have a
grand alliance of 74 organizations that were proud to be part of that grand
alliance that defend and save the public post office. So there`s a lot of
people speaking on the issue of a great future for the postal service, a
real defense of our national treasure.

And of course, tax day is a good day to remind everybody as you quote it,
that there is a big fat zero of tax dollars that funds the post office.
It`s funded by the users and, unfortunately. The narrative of the
privatizers is that this is all tax money and we`re just draining the

And so this is an important day for people to realize that this is their
public postal service funded by postage, funded by postal products, funded
by money orders and it can have a great future if it`s left to be allowed
to be the post office without those who want appease at the action, who
want to use it as a cash cow and who want to privatize it.

SCHULTZ: No doubt about that. Mark Dimondstein, good to have you with us

DIMONDSTEIN: Thank you, Ed, always a pleasure.

SCHULTZ: ... President of the American Workers -- you bet. Good to have
you on. I count on the post office all the time and they always deliver.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz. PoliticsNation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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