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The Ed Show for Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

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Date: May 5, 2015
Guest: Brad Woodhouse, Matt Schlapp, David Brock, Kerry Kennedy, Wayne
Slater, Harold Cook

ED SCHULTZ, "THE ED SHOW" HOST: Good evening, Americans and welcome to the
Ed Show, live from New York. Let`s get to work.


SCHULTZ: Tonight.

GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE, (R) ARKANSAS: I am a candidate for president of the
United States of America.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hillary Clinton is taking her presidential campaign to
Nevada today.

CARLY FIORINA, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I have a lot of admiration for
Hillary Clinton but she clearly is not trustworthy.


SCIENCES AT FIU: There`s just about nowhere else on the planet where
there`s more at risk from sea level rise so fast.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The mangroves will die.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Governor Greg Abbott is defending his decision to watch
over a U.S. military training exercise.

We`re not going to interfere with their privacy or their rights with this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I didn`t believe a single word that he just said.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.

Well, it is official that Reverend Mike Huckabee is going to do it again.
He wants to be president of the United States. Huckabee kicked off the
campaign from his hometown of Hope, Arkansas, earlier today.

The former Baptist preacher is again running as a social conservative.
It`s the same all act.

He started his speech by recalling his childhood in Hope.


HUCKABEE: I learned about America. In Ms. Mary`s Kindergarten as well as
in Brookwood Elementary School, I learned the Pledge of Allegiance, the
Lord`s Prayer, and Preamble to the Constitution.

We prayed at the start of each day and we prayed again before lunch. And I
learned that this exceptional country could only be explained by the
providence of Almighty God.


SCHULTZ: Well, Huckabee wasted no time going right at the President of the
United States, attacking President Obama.


HUCKABEE: Eight years ago that a young, untested, inexperienced, and
virtually unknown freshman Senator made great speeches about hope and
change. But eight years later, our debts more than doubled, America`s
leadership in the world has completely evaporated, and the country is more
polarized than ever in my lifetime.

Ninety-three million Americans don`t have jobs, and many of them who do
have seen their full-time job with benefits they once had become two part-
time jobs with no benefits at all. We were promised hope, but it was just


SCHULTZ: There is no doubt that Huckabee`s got the smooth. The TV and
radio gig certainly help him out, so let`s go to foreign policy.

He took a hard line on ISIS in Iran. He slammed President Obama`s foreign


HUCKABEE: So, when I hear our current President say he wants Christians to
get off their high horse so we can make nice with radical jihadist, I
wonder if he could watch a western from the `50 and be able to figure out
who the good guys and bad guys really are


SCHULTZ: Oh yeah, more talk always worse (ph). And of course, Huckabee
appealed to his social conservative base again.


HUCKABEE: We`ve lost our way morally. We have witnessed the slaughter of
over 55 million babies in the name of choice, and we are now threatening
the foundation of religious liberty by criminalizing Christianity and
demanding that we abandon biblical principles of natural marriage.


SCHULTZ: Remember, folks, this is about winning Iowa first. Huckabee has
a lot of work to do if you look at the polls. Is talk like that going to
work in 2015?

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has Huckabee in sixth place at
5 percent. His recent headlines aren`t doing him any favors either. This
comment caused Huckabee some major headaches.

HUCKABEE: It`s one of the those things where in a business meeting that
you might have in the south or in the Midwest there in Iowa, you would not
have people who would just throw the f-bomb and use gratuitous profanity in
a professional setting.


HUCKABEE: In New York, not only do the men do it, but the women do it.
And, you know, you are just looking around, saying, "My gosh, this is worse
than locker room talk". This would be considered totally inappropriate to
say these things in front of a woman, and for a woman to say them in a
professional setting, we would only assume that this is a very, as we would
say in the South, that`s just trashy.

SCHULTZ: Huckabee also turn heads with these remarks on contraception.


HUCKABEE: If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making
them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and
providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because
they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the
help of the government, then so be it. Let us take that discussion all
across America, because women are far more than the Democrats have played
them to be. And women across America need to stand up and say, "Enough of
that nonsense".


SCHULTZ: Yeah. The Democrats just want to make sure they get paid for
days work unlike the Republicans.

Well, if you look at the polls right now, it`s not looking too good for
Huckabee. But in 2008, it was a totally different story. Huckabee easily
won in Iowa with the caucus is going on. He beat Mitt Romney by 9 points
and beat John McCain by 21 points. He won Iowa with a very simple formula
that he still follows to this day.


HUCKABEE: Hillary is going to be very formidable candidate. There`s no
question about that. But she`s got a lot to deal with this time that she
didn`t before. She`s tied to the Obama administration. I don`t think that
is a plus for her. And recent polls show that there`s almost an
overwhelming demand for people to undo a lot of Obama`s policies, both
domestically and in foreign policy. She`s going to have to explain how
she`s not going to be Obama`s third term.


SCHULTZ: And let`s go further with the Clintons. Huckabee said he knows a
thing or two about taking on the Clintons.


HUCKABEE: Every time I ever ran for public office at Arkansas, George,
every time, I really ran against the Clinton political machine that had
been developed for about 15 to 20 years before I ended up winning office.
Every race I ever had, I ran against their machinery, I ran against their
money and frankly, both Bill and Hillary came back and campaigned
personally in the state for every opponent I ever had.

Now to be fair, as Michael Corleone would have said, "It wasn`t personal,
it was just business". But it was tough business and you know the Clintons
very well, they play to win.


SCHULTZ: Now, what is a preacher doing quoting a mafia guy, whatever.
Huckabee absolutely has got some issues as a Republican candidate. But the
interesting twist in this guy`s candidacy early on is that he is against
the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

He is from a small town. It sounds like he understands what`s happened to
rural America, and speaking of rural America that was the exact strength
that Mike Huckabee had back in 2008. If you look at the map, he won most
of rural Iowa, in fact, almost all of it and Des Moines, eastern and
western borders counties of Iowa went to Mitt Romney.

So the question is who`s going to win rural Iowa this time around? Is it
going to Rand Paul? Is it going to be Ted Cruz? I would put my money on
the preacher.

Now keep in mind, Rick Santorum won Iowa back in 2012 but of course, those
two weren`t head to head in the prime -- in the caucuses at the particular

So if Santorum jumps in, I think it`s going to be between, obviously,
Huckabee and Santorum for rural Iowa and of course, rural Iowa does show up
when it comes to the caucuses.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think.

Tonight`s question, "Despite the polls, does Huckabee`s experienced of
winning in Iowa give him an edge?"

Go to to cast your vote. We`ll bring you the results
later on in this show.

For more on this, let`s turn now to Brad Woodhouse. He`s the President of
American Bridge 21st Century and Matt Schlapp joins us tonight. He`s a
Republican strategist and former White House Political Director for George
W. Bush, gentlemen, good to have you with us.

Matt, good to have you on the program, I believe its first time you and I
have had an opportunity to visit and I -- and let`s go right to Mike
Huckabee in Iowa. If he won it in 2008, why wouldn`t he win it in 2012?
Why -- what is he possibly done that would turn those voters away from him?

MATT SCHLAPP, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: One of the things that Hillary
Clinton`s going to find, and Mike Huckabee`s going to find, and Rick
Santorum`s going to find is that, it is usually easy to run for the White
House when you`ve already done it one time. You learn so many things.
You`ve already met so many people, so I do agree with you that he`s got a
leg up in that sense.

But, Ed, the other thing to consider is this, unlike the last two
Republican nominations, all of our candidates who are running as
conservatives. It`s not a John McCain or Mitt Romney who were trying to
make it up to conservatives. Most of our candidates really all of them are
running as conservatives and have strong conservative records. So it`ll be
harder for Mike Huckabee to differentiate himself against the pack this
time around.

SCHULTZ: But when it comes to gays, guns and God at plate for him back in
2008, is Iowa still the same state? What do you think, Matt?

SCHLAPP: Yeah. I mean, demographically, Iowa as well as South Carolina,
these are states that have strong pockets of social conservative voters.
And it`s going to be a very important constituency for the Republicans as
they pick their nominee.

SCHULTZ: So, who do you think would wrestle the social conservatives away
from Huckabee?

SCHLAPP: Look, I think, you know, if you look through what`s Scott Walker
is saying, what Jeb Bush is saying, what Ted Cruz is saying, what Marco
Rubio is saying, there`s not a big disagreement on policy. Maybe there`s a
disagreement on the words they choose and they tone they use but by
enlarge, the policy stuck up throughout the field.

What`s unusual about this Republican field is, they`re all running to grab
the conservative mantle.


SCHLAPP: ... I, of course, think that`s a great thing.

SCHULTZ: All right. Brad Woodhouse, it`s pretty clear that Mike Huckabee
wants to connect Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, how does that play in

Barack Obama won Iowa twice. He won Iowa in, obviously, in the primary in
2008. Look, I think, Mike Huckabee has got to figure out what Matthew just
said, and that`s how to distinguish himself in the primary.

You have 20 Republican candidates you have spending almost their entire
time bashing Hillary Clinton, so that`s not going to distinguish him. I
think what will distinguish him is some of the comments, the type of
comments that you play leading in this segment which, you know.

I mean, look, Mike Huckabee could be is pre-madmen era type candidate. I
mean he is as anti-woman, as anti-gay, as any candidate that it is that is
running and that might be what he thinks the formula is for Iowa.

SCHULTZ: He says he knows how to run against the Clinton`s what your

WOODHOUSE: Well, I think that`s crap. I mean he`s never run against a
Clinton. I think it would be interesting to see him run against Hillary
Clinton in a general election. This stuff about I run against the Clinton
machine, you run against a candidate or you don`t run against another
candidate, and he`s never run never run...


WOODHOUSE: ... against the Clinton, I don`t think he has any idea what he
would be in for.

SCHULTZ: Brad, aren`t you rather curious about which billionaire is going
to cozy up to Mike Huckabee?

WOODHOUSE: Well, I think it`s really interesting, you noted today, today
in his announcement he said bring on the million dollar checks, I mean, he
literally, literally violated campaign finance law right out of the right

SCHULTZ: Matt, what about that? Who`s going to cozy up to Mike Huckabee
when it comes to money?

SCHLAPP: You know, that`s a great question and there`s no question that
all of the Republican candidates seemed to be squaring (ph) around the
country looking to get this kind of support. And I`ll be honest with you,
as a Republican, as a conservative, I think they`re ought to be often
careful with doing that.

You know, Mitt Romney said an unfortunate statement about 47 percent of the
American people and he could never shake it. And if Republican candidates
look like it`s more important to find the billionaires that we`re going to
support them, that it is a talk to regular people that are struggling just


SCHLAPP: ... pay their bills, I think that`s a big problem.

SCHULTZ: 45 percent of the voters in Iowa in 2008, when Huckabee was in
the running, identify themselves as very conservative. He got more than a
third of those voters. Brad, do you think Iowa was different today than
what it was in 2008 on the social issues?

WOODHOUSE: I, you know, I don`t I don`t think it`s vastly different. I
think that`s why you see, you know, Ted Cruz announce his candidacy at
Liberty University, Mike Huckabee`s announcement today was totally geared
at the -- at evangelicals and very conservative, very conservative the
people within the party and he`s rhetoric has been like that, he`s rhetoric
on Fox has been like that.

And so, I think it they.


WOODHOUSE: . believe in it`s largely the same and that`s he always...

SCHLAPP: You know.

WOODHOUSE: ... he`s playing to (ph)...

SCHLAPP: If I could, Ed, you know, when Mike Huckabee ran the last time,
he was appraise by a lot of people for having a more moderate voice on
issues like environmental issues and climate and, you know, he was really
embraced for that tone. And now, all of a sudden, he`s being criticized
for being anti-people because he`s a strong Christian and I think it`s a
mistake for Democrats to simply act like faith in our politics as an
important discussion, it is.

Bill Clinton reached out to those voters, Jimmy Carter reached out to those
voters, -- successful Democratic presidents have reached out to those
voters, we know that Barack Obama run as a pro traditional marriage guy in


SCHLAPP: .. had him some slack, these are legitimate voters to go after
and by the way your party would be smart to try to reach out to them to.

WOODHOUSE: Well, look, I think that, look, if he wants to go after those
voters, I`m preferably happy with, in fact, he`s got no threat to be
president. I`m thrilled that he`s in the race because he`s going to pull
the party further, further right on this on these issues. I mean remember
2012, Mitt Romney against plan parenthood, Mitt Romney against the
immigration reform.


WOODHOUSE: . you know, the Republican Party that was.


SCHLAPP: Don`t forget in `14

SCHLAPP: Well we`re on that.

WOODHOUSE: ... all that presidential race, Matthew.


WOODHOUSE: ... we`re in the presidential electorate in 2016.

SCHLAPP: Yeah but...

WOODHOUSE: .... And if you run, if you want to run like you`te living in
the 1950s...

SCHULTZ: All right. Gentlemen.

WOODHOUSE: . go for it. Just don`t forget 2014, all those issues
boomerang down here, the tone is important and your tone of being.

SCHULTZ: . well.

WOODHOUSE: . hostile to cultural conservatives is a mistake but I` glad
your doing it.


SCHLAPP: Well, 2016, it`s going to be vastly different.

SCHULTZ: All right. Matt Schlapp, Brad Woodhouse great to have both of
you with us tonight.

I`ll say one thing. I think Huckabee by far is the best communicator of
everybody in the Republican field right now. The guy knows how to get his
message across.

Remember to answer tonight`s question at, we`ll have the
results right after this break, follow us on Facebook and watch my Facebook
feature "Give Me a Minute" and you can get my video podcast at

Coming up, Hillary Clinton hits the trail while Republicans continue their
hit job on her family`s charity. And later, part 2 of our series, "Rising
Tide: The Climate Crisis", we go to South Florida to see how climate change
is already putting the region at risk.

Stay with us, we`re right back.


SCHULTZ: Here`s where we stand on tonight`s Bing Pulse Poll. Tonight`s
question, "Despite the polls, does Huckabee`s experience of winning in Iowa
give him an edge?" 79 percent of you say no, not all. 21 percent of you
say, yeah it could help him out. It`s the Bing Pulse Poll on the Ed Show.

Stay with us, we are coming right back.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show. Hillary Clinton made a stop in
Las Vegas today and it set to announce her endorsement of a path to
citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

According to a campaign ad age (ph) and I say, Clinton believes a true
solution to our country`s immigration problems would include nothing less
than a full equal path to citizenship.

A Clinton`s swing through Nevada came on the same day as the release of
Peter Schweizer`s "Clinton Cash". The book raises questions about
donations to the Clinton family foundation. Media Matters found more than
20 errors, fabrications are distortions in the book. It hasn`t stop
Republicans from running with a narrative that Hillary is "untrustworthy".

Carly Fiorina took a swipe at Hilary Clinton just a moment after she
announced her own run for the presidency.


FIORINA: I have a lot of admiration for Hillary Clinton but she clearly is
not trustworthy. She has not been transparent about a whole set of things
that matter.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight is David Brock, Founder and Co-chairman of the
Board of Media Matters for America. David, good to have you with us

DAVID BROCK, MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA: Thanks for having me back.

SCHULTZ: You`ve hear this narrative before branding Hillary Clinton on
trustworthy, is nothing new for Republicans. Does it have legs in the wake
of the e-mails, Benghazi and everything else? It seems like there`s enough
there to gen up (ph) the base against her, but how many independents would
had actually poll? How much of a problem is this for Hillary Clinton?
What do you think?

BROCK: Sure. Well, I guess the question is, is this political smear on
the Clinton Foundation going to work? And I think this is a classic smear
in that you prove nothing. But then you say, the target is somehow burden
by scandal. And if you do it right, you make that false association.

But I don`t think at the end of the day, this cloud of Republican suspicion
is going to work, people are going to see through it. And what their going
to see if they look, and they look into this book as we did at Media
Matters, that it`s 100 percent innuendo. They`re going to see the
political ties behind it, Ted Cruz and super PAC and the Koch brothers.

And at the end of the day, no, is it going to matter? It`s going to harden
her opposition to her. We`ve seen that for years, that`s nothing new. Is
it going to persuade anybody? No. What`s going to persuade people is when
Secretary Clinton gets out there as she did today and shows that she gets
it. That there are Americans out there who still have it hard, and she`s
devoted her whole life to making things better for all Americans. And
that`s why she`s going to be the next president, not in a sense that people
are obsess within Washington.

SCHULTZ: OK. So Media Matters has documented that the Koch brothers are
behind this book, this smear campaign, correct?

BROCK: That`s right. Yes.

SCHULTZ: OK. All right. Bill Clinton comes out in a lengthy interview
with an NBC correspondent and talks directly about the foundation. He says
it`s not an attack on Hillary, they`re after the foundation. What do you
make in that political tactic? What does it mean that he stepped out early
on and defended the foundation and his wife?

BROCK: Well, I think, it`s necessary to defend the foundation. It`s been
under this coordinated Republican assault now for two weeks. And the idea,
look, it`s both about Secretary Clinton and it`s about the foundation,
nothing has been proven here.

The State Department yesterday said they look at it and there was not one
action that Secretary Clinton took tied to either donations to the Clinton
Foundation or to President Clinton speaking fees. There`s no quid pro quo,
the author here has admitted it himself.

And so, what you have here, the truth is, Secretary Clinton, you know,
probably every waking moment as Secretary of State was concerned in
fighting over U.S. security. And the suggestion here, it`s not only false
it`s outrageous that she somehow jeopardize our safety for money, it never
happened. And the money, as President Clinton explained, went into the
Clinton Foundation a hundred billion dollars over the years that saved and
improved 400 million lives...


BROCK: ... in 180 countries. I mean, that`s really impressive work and
its good the president is out there talking about it.

SCHULTZ: Is the Clinton...

BROCK: ... what people need to know about the good works of the

SCHULTZ: There`s no doubt. Is there a real sense of credibility to this
book in any way at all, saying that the Clinton team has setup a website,
in Twitter entirely devoted to pushing back on this book? I mean, clearly
they think that book might have an impact and they want to clear the deck
as often as possible? What do you make of this?

BROCK: Well, look, we believe that Media Matters and I can`t speak for the
campaign but every chart that`s put out there needs to be answered in the
media environment we`re in. And the answer here is not only Media Matters
but independent media outlets that are cited by the campaign, look into
this and what do they find?

They found quotes that were doctored and they found, you know, chronologies
that don`t match up. And they found the author falsely saying that the
Secretary of State had powers that she didn`t have and he admitted that
today at the POLITICO. And he got an allegation that`s based on a phony
hoax (ph) press release that was widely known as a hoax.

So, you know, I mean that`s what you have here and it`s important that that
get out.

SCHULTZ: Interesting story last week that the Koch brothers funded an
organization that was setting up clinics to teach Spanish speaking folks
whether they`re documented or undocumented to get a driver`s license, to
learn how to take the test. Hillary is out there in Nevada today talking
about immigration reform. Is this a coincident or is it reactionary?

BROCK: I don`t its reactionary with the Koch brothers are doing but
there`s legitimate concern on the Democratic side. What the Koch brothers
are doing, I mean, they`ve said they`re going to stand up to a billion
dollars and that`s not only to drop negative advertising on Hillary
Clinton`s head but they get it in the sense that they are looking at making
inroads with millennials. They`ve got a front group for that and they`re
looking at making inroads with Latinos...


BROCK: ... and they`ve got a front group for that. And you got to say,
they`ve look at where they failed, they retooling and it certainly is a

SCHULTZ: David Brock, always a pleasure, good to have you with us tonight.
Thank you so much.

BROCK: Thanks for having me on.

SCHULTZ: Still to come, the "Rising Tide" is coming ashore in Miami. Find
out what scientist are saying about the city`s future. And we`ll have the
latest on the shooting in Texas including it`s possible connection to ISIS.

Stay with us on the Ed Show, we`re right back.


SCHULTZ: And we are back.

ISIS says it`s responsible for Sunday`s attack in Garland, Texas. There`s
no evidence to support those claims. Police have identified the two
shooters as Elton Simpson and also Nadir Soofi.

The terror group called the two gunmen their soldiers and brothers during a
radio broadcast.

NBC`s Jacob Rascon has the story.


JACOB RASCON, NBC CORRESPONDENT: It`s the first time ISIS has claimed
responsibility for an attack on U.S. soil. The terror group saying on its
radio broadcast that Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, the two gunmen killed
by police after an attempted attack on anti-Muslim event were "Soldiers for
the caliphate".

The group also adding, "We tell America that what is coming will be even
bigger and more bitter. And that you will see the soldiers of ISIS do
terrible things".

Monday, this video (inaudible) showing Pamela Geller, the organizer of the
"Muhammad Cartoon Contest", being interviewed just as the gunmen open fire.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s go. We`re going to stop this right now. Go.


RASCON: Now, the focus of the investigation turns to Phoenix, home of the
two roommates killed in Sunday`s gun battle with Garland police.

very shock to be honest with you.

RASCON: The president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix says,
Simpson hasn`t attended services regularly for several years but he never
thought of him as violent.

SHAMI: He was not that kind of person that you would think that who will
carry a shotgun and go and try to kill other people.

RASCON: Simpson was known to the FBI added to a terror watch list five
years ago, after being convicted of lying to federal agents about plans to
move to Africa. Soofi was not on any terror list and his grandmother
speaking to Houston affiliate KPRC says, he`s not a terrorist.

would do. He wasn`t that type of person.


SCHULTZ: Authorities have not yet confirmed communication ties between
ISIS and the shooters, a full FBI investigation continues.

Joining me tonight, Steve Clemons, MSNBC Contributor, Editor-at-large for
the Atlantic Magazine.

So here we have and after the fact, "Hey, these are our guys". Is this
claim from ISIS, Steve, legitimate or a publicity stunt?

STEVE CLEMONS, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it`s legitimate in the sense that
ISIS called for a global activity by people to take up the knife, to go
after American soldiers, American police, others in western societies and
to basically, create havoc around the world.

So, while it sounds, you know, very large and indirect, nonetheless, ISIS
believes that it motivated and was the inspiration for these attacks, and
it may very well have been, so, it`s claiming them. It`s a very different
methodology than we have seen from al-Qaeda and many other jihadist groups.

But ISIS, you know, paint in this picture longtime ago, it said, "We`re
going to inspire people to take action everywhere". And that`s I see it as
a legitimate claim.

SCHULTZ: OK. So, should the terror groups claim race concerns? What do
you think?

CLEMONS: Oh absolutely, because it means we`ve got people that are lurking
in our society that can be triggered to go take action. You have Pamela
Geller is not somebody I`ve share world view with but clearly she has the
right to free speech.

They stirred up attention but they had the right to do that. But it`s
going to incite people who use those as inflection points to take action
and you`re going to have conflicts. And so we have this in our society,
it`s in England, it`s in France, it`s in Brussels, like you and I had
discussed all over the world, in Italy. And it`s right here at home in
United States.

SCHULTZ: Steve Clemons, always a pleasure. Good to have you with us

CLEMONS: Thank you, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thanks so much.

Part two of our series, "Rising Tide: The Climate Crisis" next here on the
Ed Show. Stay tuned.

HAMPTON PEARSON, CNBC ANCHOR: I`m Hampton Pearson with your CNBC Market

Stocks fall on a rally in oil. The DOW slides 142 points, the S&P off by
25, the NASDAQ sheds 77 points.

Oil prices rose more than 2 percent to close above $60 a barrel, a 2015
high, slowing exports from Libya and word of a price hike on Saudi crude
helps in prices higher.

And after the bell, Groupon reported earnings that beat estimates but
revenue (inaudible) fell short. Chairs are moving lower in after hour

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Part 2 of our series tonight, "Rising Tide: The Climate Crisis".

We head to Miami-Dade County. These beach communities are already feeling
the impact of climate change. The rising water table causes local roads of
flood even on sunny days.

Scientists in the area say that it`s -- if nothing is done, the worse is
yet to come.


DR. HAROLD WANLESS, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: I hope you`re listening because
this is so serious.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Climate change is happening.

HEITHAUS: We`re really standing here at ground zero. There is just about
nowhere else on the planet where there`s more at risk from sea level rise
so fast.

WANLESS: Because of global warming, we are facing an accelerating rise of
sea level that is going to do severe inundation of our low-lying coastal
areas, our bare islands, low-lying communities like most of Southeast
Florida during this century and beyond.

SCHULTZ: Here in South Florida, you talk to any scientists or anybody who
is working on climate change and they use two words consistently,
"irreversible damage". The water is coming and they can`t do anything
about it.

WANLESS: This is going to happen. This is going to happen. We have
warmed the ocean too much. They were into it for centuries. The
greenhouse gases that...


WANLESS: ... we`re putting in the atmosphere are causing a warming because
there -- they capture this back radiation of the...

SCHULTZ: It`s manmade.

WANLESS: It`s manmade since 1950 or so, we have been driving climate

SCHULTZ: How do we reverse it? Can we do anything?

WANLESS: We have to. We probably won`t build to prevent the first 6 feet
or 10 feet of sea level rise. And I think we`re pretty reluctant to that.

SCHULTZ: Beach front communities in South Florida are looking to the
Arctic to find out what the future holds for them.

AQQALUK LYNGE, INUIT LEADER: We are experiencing the climate change
everyday and you are about to see it tomorrow.

WANLESS: The warmed ocean is setting into motion accelerating mount of
Greenland and parts of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. And I don`t know how
you turn this around.

JASON BOX, GLACIOLOGIST: We have seen this world fastest glacier lose an
ice shelf, the size of Manhattan Island will doubling in speed. This is a
monumental change.

WANLESS: We`re very close, probably, within a decade of having an ice
(inaudible) Arctic Ocean in the summer. That`s going to warm the northern
part of Greenland by -- as it warm that ocean. That is initiating the melt
of permafrost which is releasing more CO2 and more of methane which is
another powerful greenhouse gas.

The current U.S. government projections are with accelerating ice melt are
4.1 feet to 6.6 feet by the end of the century. That`s enough to do in all
the barrier islands of the world and that`s enough to pretty well do in a
place like Miami-Dade County.

The 6.6 feet, that would be 2 feet by 2048. That`s verily a mortgage cycle

SCHULTZ: The effects are already visible along the shoreline.

WANLESS: We have had about a foot of sea level rise in the last 85 year
globally in South Florida. And so, that has destabilizes all the beaches
and bare islands everywhere.

SCHULTZ: Renderings created from climate data show a bleak outcome for
iconic ocean drive in the coming centuries.

PHILIP STODDARD, SOUTH MIAMI, FLORIDA: Out on the coast, we`re starting to
get high tide plotting. So, when the moon goes full, the tide comes up
higher than they use to some reengineering of islands and the channels have
caused harder currents that are pushing water inland.

In land, we have a different situation. We have what`s called potential
for reverie in flooding (ph).

So as the waters come up on the coast, the Water Management Districts had
to raise the heights of our canals to keep salt water from pushing inland
and taking out our water supply. And so, that`s raised our water table.

high, then you start to lose grass flats, mangroves start to die, and these
are intricate for the life cycle of so many different fish, crabs, and
shrimp, and fish species. They need grass. They need mangroves. And if
the water comes up too fast the mangroves will die and a grass will not be
able to take sunlight and live.

SCHULTZ: While there`s water everywhere, South Florida`s drinking water is
at risk. 90 percent of fresh water supply moves through the forest
limestone aquifer.

KIPNIS: As we live on a forest limestone here. Water coast right
underneath the sea wall through the limestone and backup on the other side,
so there`s no way to armor this.

WANLESS: And we can`t play the Netherlands, we can`t play in New Orleans.
And so we live below sea level, and that would be unbelievable amount of
giant pumps spewing green house gases in the atmosphere to try to do that.

SCHULTZ: The Miami metro area is already home to more than 5 million
people and growing.

WANLESS: We`re building like there`s no tomorrow.

Unfortunately there is at some point no tomorrow for down here.
We will have to move on. We have a real catastrophe coming on our hands
and we need to plan for it.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, Kerry Kennedy President of the Robert F.
Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. Kerry, great to have you with
us tonight.

RIGHTS: Thanks. Good evening.

SCHULTZ: Is climate change a human rights issue?

KENNEDY: Absolutely. We see this all over the world places like
Bangladesh, places that have huge migrations because of climate change,
peoples who live in island nations who are literally going underwater.

SCHULTZ: That story in South Florida, real estate folks aren`t getting the
message, construction isn`t getting the message. I mean they`re acting
like there`s no -- don`t worry about tomorrow, what do you make of that?
How do you turn that around?

KENNEDY: Well, I think, you know, show you like you`re -- so very, very
important organizing on college campuses like the "No Tomorrow" campaign
which is going on October 2nd this year across the country and other`s.

But, you know, there is something each of us can do to impact climate
change but it`s really important for member that is better to change your
leader than your light bulb and we just have to hold our political leaders

SCHULTZ: Yet there is a number of deniers in Washington. How can, unless
you have a political commitment, can we address climate change?

KENNEDY: I don`t think it`s possible unless all of us get out there and
use our franchise, and vote, and to add demand change from our political
leaders that, you know, we didn`t -- ratify the Kyoto Protocol in 1997
because the Republican control of the Congress, and we`re facing the same
thing today.

So I think President Obama has been very courageous and shown leadership on
this issue but we need to as a people to band together and demand more.

SCHULTZ: Do you think it factors in to 2016 in a big way? For instance
healthcare in 2008, the economy in 2012, what`s -- is this -- could this
signature 2016 for a younger generation?

KENNEDY: I think, you know, for the next generation this is the issue.
The impact of the climate change and human rights on the next generation
because they are the ones who really going to be feeling the impact and
we`re the ones who are causing the problem.

SCHULTZ: All right. The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human
Rights, you`ve got an auction going on, it closes tomorrow. It`s been a
fabulous organization. You`ve done wonderful things around the globe,
how`s this year going?

KENNEDY: Yes. It`s going well. You can go online right now and bid to
have lunch with Tim Cook or see Taylor Swift, or go to the on the Kennedy
Center Honors, or go to the Super Bowl or the World Series, it just about
anything you want to do.

SCHULTZ: All right.

KENNEDY: You can do on that option.

SCHULTZ: All for good cause.

KENNEDY: Well, thank you.

SCHULTZ: Thank you. I appreciate it tonight. You bet.

Tomorrow in our series local officials are taking charge in Miami to hold
back the rising tide while their Governor and Senator have their heads in
the sand about climate change. They are deniers. They don`t believe
there`s the impact that we`re talking about.

The Texas Governor buys into the conspiracy theory out there about a
military take over. We`ll have the details ahead on the Ed Show.

Stay with us, we are right back.


SCHULTZ: And tonight`s Two-minute Drill, how about this for a touching
touchdown. University of Kansas held its annual spring game recently and
among the former Gridiron Greats was 89-year-old Bryan Sperry.

The World War II, a veteran who played for the Jayhawks in the `40s
appearing an orange ball in 1947 and 1948, almost 7 decades later, Sperry
was back on the field. He caught a pass and with a little bit a help from
his offensive line, hut, nothing is (inaudible) what say he`s gone all the
way for touchdown, how about that?

Also the Forest was at all bases last night as Major League teams
celebrated Star Wars Day. The anthem angels let Darth Vader call balls and
strikes for the ceremonial first pitch that have (inaudible) raise face
fans from the dark side as they took on the Red Sox at Fenway.

The Washington Nationals traded bats for lightsabers, in this video
promoting an upcoming Star Wars Night at the park. Pittsburgh`s mascot
practice his saber your skills in the dugout. Clearly, he`s not yet a

Stick around, more coming up at the Ed show right here on MSNBC.


SCHULTZ: And finally tonight, there is a Texasized (ph) conspiracy theory
brewing down there and they go to old state of Texas, the Lone Star State.

This summer, U.S. military, is holding a huge training exercise in Texas
and other Western States. It`s called Jade Helm 15. And it is part absurd
conspiracy theory. Some think it`s really a military takeover of Texas or
the military trying to implement martial law. It`s of course an absurd
conspiracy theory but Republicans are actually fueling the fire.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked the state guard to monitor the exercise.
He wrote a letter saying, "It is important that Texans know their safety
constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not
be infringed by monitoring the operational in a continual basis. The state
guard will facilitate communications between my office and the commanders
of the operations to ensure that the adequate measures are in place to
protect Texans".

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, his office, actually reached out to the Pentagon on


SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: My office, we reached out to the Pentagon to
inquire about this exercise. We are assured that if it is a military
training exercise and I have no reason to doubt those assurances, but I
understand the reason for concern and uncertainty, because when the federal
government has not demonstrated itself to be trustworthy in this
administration, the natural consequences that many citizens don`t trust
what it saying.


SCHULTZ: I mean if you can`t trust the military, who can you trust? I`m
glad Senator Ted Cruz trust the Pentagon.

The Pentagon spokesman told CNN, "Jade Helm is a long-planned and
coordinated exercise. We are not taking over anything."

Largely, a military exercise is in western states are nothing new, the
terrain is similar to places overseas where troops maybe fighting.

For more, let`s bring in Wayne Slater, a Dallas Morning News Contributor
and Harold Cook with us tonight, a Texas Democratic Strategist, gentlemen,
great to have you with us.

Mr. Slater, you first, how does a journalist take this reaction seriously?

saying here in Texas that it`s, "I don`t know much but I suspect a lot."
And that`s understandable that some folks out there on the far-right
fringed who for years, for decades, the (inaudible) succession as elements,
are the Republican Party and the maybe no party at all, see a conspiracy,
Ed, every time.

I think what you do here is you ignore it until the Governor of Texas steps
in and since to give aid and comfort and by doing so raises all issue.

One point, Ed, and that`s Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott, the Governor not
stepped in, none of us would have paid any attention to this, but he did.
It was almost a wink and a nudge and so doing, I think as a journalist, it
seems to me that Abbott is reflecting an attitude about how the Republican
Party has moved over the last 10 years especially so that some of this
stuff, if not mainstream, at least is not wacko bill anymore.

SCHULTZ: I mean, this isn`t just the passing comment, Harold. I mean this
is all in, all the way that Texas Governor saying, his office will be
monitoring the Pentagon operations. What do you make of this? What`s
motivating this?

HAROLD COOK, TEXAS DEMOCTRATIC STRATEGIST: Oh yeah, he is -- well, here is
the deal. I don`t think for a second that he buys in to the conspiracy
theories himself which actually in way makes it worse that a weigh in on
this. I think what he is doing is what Wayne said, is he is reflecting the
changes in the Republicans Party. He is basically sucking up to the Koch
and there is no other way -- there is no way to sugar coat this, Ed.

I have a man who won`t stop laughing about it. Why not until the time I
start thinking about the extent to which all of this is...


COOK: ... reflects some fundamental disrespect on the military.

SCHULTZ: Well, it is but we`ve also got the Ted Cruz trust but verify
right? I mean is that where we are, Harold?

COOK: Yeah, you know, it`s -- well, I can assure Senator Cruz, you know,
the epicenter of this in Texas about 25 miles down the road here in here
Bastrop where they have a town hall meeting a couple of nights ago where
all the troop showed up in full force.

I can assure them though, that there is no sign yet that the Americans have
invaded America.


COOK: So I think we`re going to be fine, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Slater, this is the map that apparently is causing all the
controversy. This is a mock (ph) training map, a diagram of certain
portions of Texas. Is this the root of the cause right here, what do you
make of it?

SLATER: Well, it is kind of map that moved among these folks on social
media reflected by some of the conspiracy theorists include the guy who
lives here Austin. It was quite the following on the very far fringe.

And so when you have a map, we have the state of Texas as hostile territory
or the military for potential military takeover.

Again, it`s a narrative from the (inaudible) years in the `50s and `60s, a
distrust of government. But also I think one reason that the Governor
thought it was safe enough to at least offer this some aid and comfort to
this idea, was that Obama as President. And Republicans now...


SLATER: ... this governor, Rick Perry, before them and others have always
been very quick to say, "I can`t trust the government". What they are
really saying is, "We don`t trust Obama and we got a lot of people behind
us in this state with us".

SCHULTZ: Yeah. And finally, Harold, this is just another example about
how all you folks in Texas always seen the corner of the market on
political fun?

COOK: I`m telling you, you need to just move yourself down here apparently
and we will (inaudible) we run out front (inaudible) with that. I mean,
this is a very serious. This martial law comes, Ed, in the west they start
rationing barbecue and that`s going to -- there`s going to be some annoyed
people, when am I get out on our (inaudible) health, ask ourselves and join
the (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Gentlemen, good to have you with us tonight, Wayne Slater and
Harold Cook from Texas.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz. PoliticsNation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening, Rev.


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