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PoliticsNation, Friday, May 22nd, 2015

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Date: May 22, 2015
Guest: Matthew Fogg; Ed Rendell; E.J. Dionne, Wendy Murphy, Drew Courtney,
Barclay Oudersluys

REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: Thanks to you for tuning in.

We begin tonight with developing news. Hillary Clinton weighing in on the
fight against ISIS, hitting back against GOP critics of the Obama
administration`s policy?


very difficult situation. And I basically agree with the policy that we
are currently following. This has to be fought by and won by Iraqis.
There is no role whatsoever for American soldiers on the ground to go back
other than in the capacity as trainers and advisers.


SHARPTON: She says ISIS is a serious threat but the American people don`t
want to get bogged down in another war. It`s a serious answer, a very
different answer from the saber rattling we heard today from a Republican
presidential hopeful.


JEB BUSH (R), FORMER FLORIDA GOVERNOR: Leading from behind is not a
foreign policy. Think about it. As ISIS continues its march to create a
caliphate taking over Ramadi growing in its influence in Syria and also
spawning other forms of Islamic terrorism, not just in Iraq and Syria but
around the world, leading from behind is not a policy. Our enemies need to
twitch a little bit. They need to fear us a little bit. That`s how you
bring security and peace in the world.


SHARPTON: It`s the same old GOP playbook, scare the American people into
voting for you. Jeb is not alone.


GOV, CHRIS CHRISTIE, NEW JERSEY: No one around the world will doubt the
resolve of the American people and no one will resolve -- will doubt our
strength again, because I will say it directly, whether I`m saying it to a
friend, like prime minister Harper in Canada, or to an adversary like
Vladimir Putin in Russia or the Ayatollah in Iran.


SHARPTON: He talked tough. That`s not policy. It`s a campaign slogan.
And make no mistake. This is all about 2016.


CHRISTIE: If you are like me and despondent and full of despair over how
America`s role in the world has been diminished and how America`s
confidence at home has been destroyed after just seven years of Barack
Obama, imagine what the spirit of America at home and its reputation around
the world would be if we added on to that eight years of Hillary Rodham

BUSH: One thing she can`t say is that I was a secretary of state during a
time when there was an effective foreign policy. She can`t say that
because she was right there with Barack Obama.


SHARPTON: It`s a one-two punch. Hit President Obama and knock out Hillary
Clinton. But why does the GOP wanted to make 2016 all about foreign
policy? Because on the social issues that have been the party`s bread and
butter, they are getting more and more out of touch.

A new poll out today shows for the first time in 15 years the same
percentage of Americans describe themselves as socially liberal as consider
themselves conservative. The numbers for liberals are growing while
conservatives are falling on issues like same-sex marriage.

The country is changing, but the GOP isn`t. Even now, not one GOP
candidate has endorsed same-sex marriage. So the country is moving forward
but it`s unclear if the GOP is doing the same.

Joining me now are E.J. Dionne of the "Washington Post" and former
Pennsylvania governor and DNC chair, Ed Rendell. Thank you both for being

E.J. DIONNE, WASHINGTON POST: Good to be with you.


SHARPTON: E.J., the GOP is losing ground on social issues, but can they
convince voters they are credible on foreign policy?

DIONNE: Well, I think there are a couple of things going on here. The
first is that if you look at the polls, Republican primary voters rank
foreign policy a lot higher in answering the question what are you going to
vote on in 2016 than either independents or Democrats do. So a lot of this
is purely directed toward gaining some ground in the Republican primary.

But I thought it was really striking that Hillary Clinton did not in any
way try to distance herself from President Obama because I think she knows
that, yes, Americans are upset, maybe a little nervous about ISIS but they
do not want American troops back in Iraq and the problem for the
Republicans is the logic of what they are saying is somehow or other they
will have to send somebody there or do something that we`re not doing now
to justify all that rhetoric. And I think Hillary Clinton feels that she`s
on strong ground right now with a vast majority of the American people on

SHARPTON: You know, Governor, Hillary Clinton, talking about foreign
policies, she said today that there should be no American boots on the
ground. Isn`t that really what the American people want to hear?

RENDELL: Absolutely, overwhelmingly. And interesting, Rev., you said
something that was very pertinent. The Republicans have decided they can`t
win on social issues. They can`t win on the economy anymore. The
affordable care act is getting more and more popular as more and more
people are covered and more and more people are finding out its benefits.
The economy has come back significantly. It`s not all the way back but
it`s moving in the right direction. Americans are starting to feel more
optimistic about the future.

They can`t win on anything else so they are trying to saber rattle and
scare the American people and hopefully win on foreign policy. But they
don`t understand that Hillary Clinton is a tough cookie. If they want to
bring her back and have her testify on Benghazi, I welcome them to it.
Hillary will put them in short pants.

SHARPTON: Well, you know, E.J., it`s interesting when you talk about
foreign policy with the Republicans because Jeb Bush might want to make
this election about something other than foreign policy because he`s not a
perfect messenger there.

"Politico" reported today even his brother`s former advisers are bashing
Jeb over his answers on Iraq. Quote, "the aides and confidants who helped
steer the George W. Bush White House have criticized, re-tweaked and
prodded Jeb Bush over his bungled remarks."

It`s emphasizing foreign policy going to work for Jeb, E.J.?

DIONNE: No, I think it hurts him twice over. First of all, he did have a
very, very rough time over a period of four days. And, look, I sympathize
with somebody who doesn`t want to throw his brother under the bus. But he
really started in one place and ended up in a completely different place.
But also it`s not as if Americans look bag right now and say, boy, do we
long for George W. Bush`s foreign policy. I mean, we can have all kinds of
recriminations over what`s happening with is now, but it`s clear that is
arose after a whole series of actions beginning with the invasion of Iraq
that happened under George W. Bush.

So, yes, I think Jeb Bush would prefer not to run on important policy. But
as Governor Rendell said social issues don`t work very well right now and
as long as the economy is doing well, that`s not going to help them either.

SHARPTON: Governor, another big story today is the state department
released nearly 300 emails Hillary Clinton sent and received during her
dealing with Libya -- U.S. dealing with Libya and the Benghazi attacks.
She was asked about that today. Listen to this.


CLINTON: I`ve said from the very beginning I want them to release all of
them as soon as possible, and they are in the process of doing that. It`s
beginning. I just would I like to see it expedited so we can get more of
them out more quickly.


SHARPTON: Now, Republicans want to go after Hillary Clinton over Benghazi,
but "Politico" reported GOP insiders say Benghazi could work to Clinton`s
advantage, one New Hampshire Republican said, quote, "Hillary is at her
strongest when she answers her critics head on. She should embrace it and
hope her opponents overplay their hands which they could do easily."

How could this backfire on Republicans, Governor?

RENDELL: Well, Hillary don`t have to hope they overplay their hand. They
will overplay their hand. They always do it. But it puts Hillary in a
position of being a strong leader. She responds to a gang of mostly men
ganging up on her and she fires back and wins the argument point by point.
It frames her in a very advantageous position.

And if Benghazi sort of lurking in the American consciousness, and I don`t
think it is to a great degree, I don`t think many voters are going to vote
on Benghazi, but if there are some out there who are thinking about it, it
will give people a chance to explain by every congressional committee that
has looked at that there was no culpability on the part of the
administration. If there was culpability it was the Republican Congress
who cut the money for the embassies.

SHARPTON: Now, on the GOP side, E.J., there`s controversy about the fact
that the first debate will be limited to the candidates in the top ten of
national polls. I want to play you what Rick Santorum said about that.


at four percent in the national polls, and I won the Iowa caucuses. I
don`t know if I was last in the polls but I was pretty close to last. And
so, the idea that a national poll has any relationship as to the viability
of a candidate, ask Rudy Giuliani about it.


SHARPTON: He makes a fair point, E.J.?

DIONNE: Yes. I think MSNBC should invite all candidates who were excluded
from the FOX debate. It could be a very interesting evening. And it is
really going to be a very odd thing because the difference between when you
look at how low some of these candidates are in the national polls, they
are going to do it by polling. The difference between numbers eight, nine,
and ten, and eleven, twelve and thirteen, couldn`t be like three or four
people in the poll. So you might have a situation for the first time ever
where a group of Republican candidates pick at FOX News for being excluded
from a big discussion. I think both inside that studio and outside it`s
going to be a very interesting evening.

SHARPTON: Well, I would support the picket. We`re all about inclusion.
We demand inclusion. Put them all up there together in one time. I like
the MSNBC idea, too, E.J.

E.J. Dionne and Ed Rendell, thank you both for your time tonight. Have a
nice weekend.

DIONNE: Good to see you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Still ahead. Breaking news on the D.C. murder suspect.
Authorities tonight saying they do not think he acted alone.

Also, the stunning allegations of child molestation against reality star
and conservative icon Josh Duggar. Tonight a GOP presidential contender is
standing by the family.

Plus, tragedy in Omaha. How a murdered police officer touched lives and
made a difference in a life cut short.

And my interview with a young man who is running 3,000 miles for a good


SHARPTON: Coming up, breaking news on the gruesome quadruple murder in
D.C. Today, the suspect was arraigned on first-degree murder charges and
investigators allege he didn`t act alone, and what more warrants could be
issued? Details straight ahead.


SHARPTON: Breaking news tonight. Authorities say more people could be
involved in the gruesome quadruple murder in Washington. Late this
afternoon the prime suspect Daron Dylon Wint was arraigned on first-degree
murder charges in a D.C. court. U.S. marshals apprehended Wint earlier
today in an interstate manhunt that ended where it started, in Washington.

And tonight, signs that case is widening, charging papers allege that all
four victims were held alive in the D.C. mansion by Wint and others until
$40,000 were delivered to the victim`s home. The charging papers also
allege the crimes required the presence and assistance of more than one
person. Today the U.S. attorney said the investigation is far from over.


VINCENT COHEN, JR., ATTORNEY GENERAL: We unsealed the arrest warrant today
and we intend to unseal additional search warrants in the coming days.
Though Mr. Wint is now incarcerated and he is held without bond, our work
is not done. We`ll continue to investigate this case and bring all charges
that are appropriate in the coming weeks.


SHARPTON: The question now. Who else might have been in the house and
what might their roles have been in this crime?

Joining me now is Matthew Fogg, retired chief deputy U.S. marshal and Jim
Cavanagh, MSNBC law enforcement analyst and former ATF special agent.
Thank you both for being here tonight.

Appreciate it.


SHARPTON: Jim, others were involved but no other arrests have been made.
What`s your take?

CAVANAUGH: Yes. I think they really feel they have others involved like
they said in the affidavit, Reverend Al. We don`t know exactly what they
had. You know, one thing that did stand out in the affidavit is, they had
a witness that saw the Porsche drive on New York Avenue northeast going out
of Washington toward Maryland. And the witness said that the man had short
cropped hair and was wearing this neon vest which was found in the burned
out car, the neon vest, and similar vests were in the Savopoulos house.

Now, Wint does not have short crapped hair. You can see his booking photo.
You showed it on the lead-in. He has got a long hair. So that`s the one
public indicator that the detectives may say, well, who is driving that
Porsche because whoever is driving that Porsche from the murder scene to
where it was burned is involved. Now, could that have been Wint and the
witness was mistaken or was that an accomplice? And they may have other
signs at the crime scene.

When you`re in a crime like this, four people controlled, three adults and
a child. Tied up and held a long time. You know, nobody discovers them.
It just feels like there`s more help, more people involved, but it`s not an
absolute, but they could find a fingerprint on the duct tape. They could
find other DNA on pizza. They can find some bloody footprints under
something that was covered and protected in the fire. So we don`t know
what they have, but they are certainly looking real hard like there might
be accomplices.

SHARPTON: You know, Matthew, three men and two women were arrested with
Wint. They were all traveling together at the time in a sedan and a box
truck. At least $10,000 in cash was found in the truck. Today
investigators said that the denomination of the money is consistent with
the money delivered to the victims` home, so we see that they were with
them. They had $10,000, the denominations matched the same denominations
in the Savopoulos` home who were the victims. What are investigators
asking the people who were with Wint?

FOGG: Well, the main thing is they want to know if they were involved at
all. They are asking every question that you can imagine that would tie
these individuals to any type of conspiracy, any type of conversations with
-- with the suspects, so they are asking a myriad of questions to try to
figure out if there was any involvement as well as looking at detective
Cavanagh -- investigator Cavanaugh just said about, fingerprints on duct
tape, if there`s any more DNA so it is a myriad of questions and
investigations going on right now.

SHARPTON: Now, Jim, the charging papers allege that someone called witness
one who appears to be the victim`s driver, the Savopoulos driver. He was
the one who brought the moneyed to the house. He changed his story several
times about how he got the money. The report says as detectives continued
to question witness one, it changed its accounts of the event regarding how
it received the package, where it left the package and when it was told to
get the package. Jim, what do you make of this? Is it possible this
person was involved?

CAVANAUGH: Well, it`s too early to tell. I mean, you know, sometimes
people are just lousy witnesses. They can`t remember things. They don`t
think details are important. They just mess things up. I mean, that`s
possible it`s that. It`s possible he`s involved. I`m sure the homicide
bureau is looking at that very heavy, and that`s a great point, Reverend

But also when you talk to the marshal there, you know, what a superb job by
the marshal service that one of the top agencies in the world of doing this
stuff, what a great job they did. But recovering that bundle of money, the
affidavit said it was four bundles wrapped in white bank wrap, specific to
the bank, four bundles of $40,000. Well, here`s a bundle they find. So
now you`ve got Wint, his DNA is at the murder scene. Wint stopped by the
marshal`s task force and in the truck he has followed and they travel in
caravan there`s money, probably from the bundle from the delivery to the
Savopoulos house.

So one pack of the four packs, so back and forth, so they are starting to
put this case together. It`s starting to come together slowly, but, you
know, it`s not the end. It`s not the beginning but as Churchill said maybe
it`s the end of the beginning. So it`s going to be a long process from
here on in.

SHARPTON: Matthew, when we were on the air last night this time we thought
we had reports he may be in Brooklyn. Then he found him in Washington.

FOGG: Right.

SHARPTON: Give us an idea of what a, you know, multi-state manhunt like
this entails for marshals.

FOGG: Right. Well, one of the things was they were in touch with NYPD New
York city, any place that they thought this man may have gone. They would
have been in touch with those detectives up there. And from what I
understand that when the guy -- when the suspect learned that marshals and
the detectives were close on him he immediately fled and came back to
Washington, D.C., and a lot of times these suspects will do that. They
will go to the closest friends, the people that they know. They will run
to that direction. Once the marshals got word this morning through sources
that this guy was at the location where they -- not this morning but when
they captured him, they followed him once they got enough resources on area
and made sure they had enough support backup with the Prince George`s
county police helicopter, all the resources they had. They made sure they
had enough manpower there because, of course, this is a very dangerous guy.
We knew this guy, right, would want to shoot it out with police and when
they had enough support personnel on the scene that`s when they decided to
take him down.

And in that process, a lot of times, we`re waiting to see if they will meet
with other people, if there will be other evidence that we can have to make
certain that we can solidify this crime to determine exactly what happened.

SHARPTON: Matthew Fogg and Jim Cavanagh, thank you both for your time.
Have a good weekend.

FOGG: Thank you.

CAVANAUGH: Thanks, Reverend Al.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, the Duggars lose their TV show after those
explosive allegations about child molestation. Why wasn`t this case
handled in a normal way?

Also, a Republican lawmaker`s bizarre statement about the Ayatollah and
President Obama.

And a shaggy emoticon hits the Senate floor. Reverend Al`s report card is


SHARPTON: It`s almost time for summer break but not before I give out some

First up, Republican senator Ron Johnson. He`s the chairman of homeland
security. Here`s what he recently said about President Obama and Iran.


SE. RON JOHNSON (R), WISCONSIN: I don`t know. I hate to admit it, but in
terms of this framework, do I trust President Obama or the Ayatollah in
terms of what the framework actually says? I`m not so sure I`m trusting
President Obama on this.


SHARPTON: The ayatollah could be more trustworthy than the president?
He`s got to be joking. Senator Johnson gets a c-plus for class clown. I
guess the joke`s on him.

My next students tonight cross paths at a Philadelphia Phillies game.
Check this out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can see the fan here. Off the glove of that woman,
and this guy comes barreling over and pushes her aside and takes it away.


SHARPTON: That guy just stole a home run ball from a grandmother. Who
does that? He gets a big fat "E" for error. But check out what the TV
crew did for the woman.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, there you go.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We mend fences here. We bring people together. Fans
of all nations.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There she is. Standing up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She is some kind of proud of that shirt showing


SHARPTON: She gets an HR for home run. What a great fan.

My final grade tonight goes out to Democratic Senator Chris Murphy. Here`s
how he called out Republicans for not caring what happens if the Supreme
Court guts Obamacare.


SEN. CHRIS MURPHY (R), CONNECTICUT: This is a pretty good summary of what
the Republicans` plan is to respond to king V. Burwell. The Republicans
plan if King V. Burwell goes in favor of the plaintiffs is essentially a
shrugging of the shoulders.


SHARPTON: It`s a shrugging emoticon. I love it. We have an emoticon
grade for Senator Murphy, the night of guitar because he rocked it on the
Senate floor.

Thanks for all my students tonight. Class dismiss.

ANNOUNCER: That`s tonight`s edition of Reverend Al`s weekly report card.


SHARPTON: Developing now, cable network TLC just pulled all future airings
of the show "19 Kids and Counting" amid a major controversy. The show
features the Duggar family and one of the main stars, Josh Duggar, now
faces child molestation accusations. TLC just released a statement saying,
quote, "We are deeply saddened and troubled by this heartbreaking situation
and our thoughts and players are with the family and victims at this
difficult time." NBC Erica Hill explains how we got here.


are shocking. Josh Duggar accused of child molestation. In response to
now 27-year-old father three issued a statement which reads in part, "12
years ago as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely
sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others including my family and close

The incident occurred in 2002 just before the family began filming its
first TV special, 14 children and pregnant again.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Work teen children in unusual.

HILL: Police records obtained by In Touch Magazine which were destroyed
Thursday by request by an Arkansas court show Josh Duggar was accused of
repeatedly molesting five underage girls. Some touched inappropriately
during the night while the victims were quote, "sleeping." Apparently the
victims were sleeping in a common room at this time.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: While it has been very busy --

HILL: Those same records also sig Josh`s father Jim Bob knew about the
incidents but waited more than a year before contacting authorities. NBC
reached out to both Josh and Jim Bob but neither responded to our requests
for comment. In a separate statement posted on their Facebook page, Jim
Bob and Michelle Duggar called this one of the most difficult times of our
lives and went on to say, he made some very bad mistakes and we were
shocked. The investigation was open in 2006 after a caller contacted
producers from the Oprah Winfrey show and in turn contacted the Department
of Human Services.

(on camera): Josh Duggar resigned from his position with the Family
Research Council on Thursday, a conservative Christian lobbying group. Its
president released a statement saying, the incidents were previously
unknown to the group and this is the best decision for Josh and his family
at this time.


SHARPTON: Duggar will not face criminal charges in these cases because the
statute of limitations has passed. As the show grew in popularity, Duggar
used his voice to push conservative causes he cares about. He rallied
against same-sex marriage and abortion saying they destroy family values.

Joining me now are former child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor Wendy
Murphy and Drew Courtney from People For The American Way. A progressive
advocacy group. Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Wendy, what do you think about the apparent year long delay
before this was reported to authorities?

MURPHY: You know, where to begin with the cover-up. It`s just astonishing
to me. You know, some people might say, well, it`s been reported that
these were people in his family and so, you know, that`s different. No,
no. When they are people in your family that you`re hurting, that makes it
worse, not better. More of a crime, not less of a crime and we`re not
talking about some kind of incestuous Romeo and Juliet one time pat on the
rear end. This behavior occurred over a long period of time and involved
my estimation from the police reports a child as young as four. So let`s
be clear. This was bad in such a serious way, felony bad, Reverend Al,
felony bad.

SHARPTON: Yes. And let me be clear. We do not know and are not alleging
who the victims may have been, but let me ask you this, Drew. What do you
think about TLC pulling all of the episodes of the show?

COURTNEY: Well, I think it`s a prudent move at this point. I mean, you
know, looking at the whole situation, when it comes back to me again and
again is just a hypocrisy. That`s the word staring in the face. You know,
the Family Research Council, including its President Tony Perkins, never
missed an opportunity to describe gay people as perverts and sexual
predators. Josh Duggar himself was involved in a campaign to stop anti-
discrimination protections in Fayetteville, Arkansas that relieved heavily
on the believed, the smear that LBGT people, specifically transgender
people are child molesters and who are preying on women and children. You
know, at every opportunity they smeared every member of the LBGT community
in order to further their political ends.

SHARPTON: Well, let me push you there, Drew. Because through his work
with the Family Research Council Josh Duggar spoke frequently about having
principles and protecting families. Listen to this.


JOSH DUGGAR, "19 KIDS AND COUNTING": It was called, you know, an anti-
discrimination ordinance, but the truth was that it was doing real quite
the opposite in so many ways. We have to make sure that we`re standing up
for the rights of privacy and protecting the well-being of women and
children in our cities.

People from all across America will be coming together to talk about the
issues of the day, including defending the sanctity of human life,
traditional marriage and defending religious freedom.

We feel like there is no more important time in our nation than to take a
stand than now, and we`re looking at what`s going on around this country,
it`s important that we are willing to have the principles and we`re willing
to stand up for values.


SHARPTON: Drew, he`s not been shy about voicing strong opinions. How will
this play?

COURTNEY: Well, no, he absolutely hasn`t been nor has his other members of
the family. I mean, his mother has recorded a long and very disturbing
robo call about how transgendered people were going to attack women and
children. As for how it`s going to play, frankly I hope if any good can
come out of this, I mean, objectively horrible situation, it`s that this
line that gay people are perverts and pedophiles and predators is going to
be finally exposed and rejected as the smear that it has always been.

SHARPTON: You know, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was quick to
support Duggar saying, quote, "Josh`s actions when he was underage -- an
underage teen are as he described them himself, inexcusable, but that
doesn`t mean unforgivable." Drew, what do you think of the response of
Governor Huckabee?

COURTNEY: Well, look, I`m not here to tell Governor Huckabee how he should
respond to the fact that kind of a close family friend and up close
political ally has been accused of this. But I do think it`s fair to look
at how he`s decided to respond to other issues that have come up. He was
responding with outrage when gay and lesbian people were allowed to serve
openly in the military. He responded with outrage every time we`ve seen
laws to protect LBGT people at work who don`t want to be fired simply
because of who they are. He`s responded with so much outrage to marriage
equality that he`s compared gay people to Nazi propagandists and people who
have sex with sheep. Now he seems kind of stung by the judgment that he`s
feeling or feels the Duggars have received, but he`s responded with
bitterness and judgment at every step along the way in our country`s
progress to legal equality for gay people. And I hope frankly he remembers
this feeling the next time he decides that he should be attacking gay and
lesbian families in order to score some political points.

SHARPTON: All right. I`m going to have to leave it there. Wendy Murphy,
Drew Courtney, thank you both for your time tonight.

COURTNEY: Thanks for having us.

SHARPTON: Coming up, running from California to Maine. This real life
Forrest Gump is running coast to coast for charity. My conversation with
him from somewhere in the middle of Arizona is ahead.

And the tragic killing of a young police officer and mother in Nebraska.
How her community is honoring her service. Stay with us.



UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I need your help.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: I told you not to buy that boat.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: It`s for Red Nose Day. Red rover day, I don`t know.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: We`re raising money for Red Nose Day, a big charity

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Really, Martin Short.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Yes, it is, Martin Short.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: One for each other and all for one.



SHARPTON: Those were just a few clips from the NBC special charity night
to raise money for Red Nose Day. The event filled with music and plenty of
laughs was for a serious cause, raising well over $10 million to combat
global poverty. It showcased how individuals can come together and use
their talents to make a difference in the world. And my next guest is
undertaking an unusual challenge to fight poverty. Who doesn`t remember
Tom Hanks running across the United States as the iconic and fictional
character Forrest Gump?


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Why are you running?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Are you doing this for world peace?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Are you doing this for the homeless?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Are you running for women`s rights?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Or for the environment?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Or for animals.

TOM HANKS, ACTOR: They just couldn`t believe that somebody would do all
that running for no particular reason.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Why are you doing this?

HANKS: I just felt like running.


SHARPTON: Now there`s a real life Forrest Gump, and he does have a reason
to be logging all those miles. Twenty three-year-old Barclay Oudersluys is
running across America about 3200 miles in 100 days. The goal is to raise
awareness and money to highlight the plight of global poverty. He`s
calling it project Gump, and he`s looking to raise $10,000 for the steps
foundation. The group has already invested $50,000 in microloans in East
Africa, built a well in Mozambique and rebuilt a maternity clinic in
Senegal. Barkley started his run in Santa Monica, California on May 9th
and will finish in Maine on August 16th. So far he`s run over 400 miles.

Barclay Oudersluys joins me now via skype from somewhere in the middle of
Arizona. Welcome to the show.


SHARPTON: Well, I should ask you that, Barclay. Where are you right now
and how far have you run today?

OUDERSLUYS: I`m just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, ran about 28 miles today
and right now I`m just kind of resting for the rest of the day.

SHARPTON: Now, what made you want to run across the country?

OUDERSLUYS: Well, I was on a run one day and I was kind of bored and I was
trying to think of something big that I could do to spice things up and I
came up with running across the country. So, that I`m doing it.

SHARPTON: Are you a runner, that`s what you do normally?

OUDERSLUYS: I have been for a few years now, doing running.

SHARPTON: How did you end up raising money for the Steps Foundation?

OUDERSLUYS: Well, I knew when I came up with this plan I wanted to do it
for a charity but I didn`t have one in mind yet and I wanted something
running-related and something to fight poverty, and this was endorsed by
professional runners and I was like the perfect fit, so I e-mailed Sarah
Hall, one of the founders, and we talked about it and she said it was a
great plan so then I went for it.

SHARPTON: What do you hope happens with the money that you raise?

OUDERSLUYS: She said $10,000 would be enough to build the well and village
in Africa without any water. So, hopefully I`ll be able to get enough for
that. That was pretty cool.

SHARPTON: Tell me, what`s been your hardest day out there so far?

OUDERSLUYS: I think the hardest day, there was one day in the Mojave
Desert, it`s like real hot, real dry and I was supposed to meet up with my
van at some point and there was mass communication so I ended up doing five
or six miles more than I was supposed to and there`s like no water and I
was dying out there. And it was a rough day.

SHARPTON: Wow. What kind of things are you seeing out there while you`re
running by yourself? Do you have any company?

OUDERSLUYS: There`s a lot of animals, a lot of mountains, a lot of
deserts. There`s a lot of stuff to look at. A lot of stuff on the side of
the road that`s kind of weird, but, yes, it`s interesting.

SHARPTON: Well, are you seeing any support and any contact on social
media? Are you connecting? Are people knowing you there? Are they

OUDERSLUYS: Yes. It`s -- it`s gotten pretty thing on social media. A lot
of things than I expected. But I have a -- page at Project Gump. And ever
since like this point started, (INAUDIBLE).

SHARPTON: Well, good luck to you. Great cause. Barclay Oudersluys, thank
you for your time tonight. Good luck on the rest of your journey. You can
donate to Barclay at

OUDERSLUYS: Thank you very much.

SHARPTON: Thank you.

Next, a slain police officer`s heroic story. She a life before her time.
Now, the community is making sure her legacy leaves on.

And ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the Vice President`s inspiring message
at the U.S. Naval Academy. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: Breaking news on what could be a historic vote on same-sex
marriage. Polls in Ireland closed just over an hour ago. That country
today voting on a referendum that would legalize gay marriage. Ballots
will be counted overnight. If it passes, Ireland will become the first
country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. It
comes just weeks before a potentially historic Supreme Court decision here
in the U.S. at stake, whether the American constitution protects the right
of same-sex couples nationwide to marry.

Now to a tragic story here at home. It comes from Omaha. Last night
friends and family as well as fellow officers gathered to remember Officer
Kerrie Orozco who was fatally shot by a gang member on Wednesday. Officer
Orozco had an impressive career with the Police Department but equally
impressive was the number of lives she touched off duty.

MSNBC Sarah Dallof has the story.


SARAH DALLOF, MSNBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): For the past five years
Officer Kerrie Orozco went by a different title on the baseball field that
the "North Omaha Boys and Girls Club." Coach "K" as her players called
her, was always encouraging, always positive.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: She would tell us it`s okay. Like you don`t always have
to win, but like just keep your spirits up.

DALLOF: And her coaching didn`t apply just to the game. She talked openly
with her players about the challenges they might face growing up, bridging
the gap between community and cops.

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: Gang violence and drugs and stuff like that, like,
that`s not -- it`s not cool.

DALLOF: Officer Orozco was shot to death Wednesday while attempting to
arrest 26-year-old Marcus Wheeler, a man police describe as a known gang
member. Wheeler was also killed.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: It was a tragic circumstance that didn`t have anything
to do with equipment, tactics or anything like that. It had to do with the
fact that this job is extremely dangerous.

DALLOF: Officer Orozco died one day before she was to go on maternity
leave. Her baby daughter was born prematurely and was scheduled to leave
the hospital Thursday. She also had two young stepchildren.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: The way she presented herself and carried herself with
my kids here at the Boys and Girls Club, I know what kind of mom she would
have been.

DALLOF: Now a community united in grief and a team determined to play on
in honor of their coach.

(on camera): She never gave up?


DALLOF: Is that a lesson that you will remember as you continue to play?

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: Yes. I`ll remember everything she thought us.

DALLOF (voice-over): Lessons these players will carry with them always.


SHARPTON: Officer Orozco`s funeral is scheduled for next Tuesday. Our
thoughts and prayers go out to her family and community who are mourning
her death this weekend.


SHARPTON: This was the scene in Annapolis, Maryland, earlier today at the
Naval Academy Graduation Ceremony. Vice President Joe Biden gave the
commencement address, telling the graduates we owe you.


JOE BIDEN (D), U.S. VICE PRESIDENT: We owe you every breath of our liberty
to the sacrifices that you have made. I`ve been in and out of Afghanistan
and Iraq over 27 times. I`ve seen you. I`ve seen young navy captains in
fobs high up in the Kunar Valley. I`ve watched marines throw themselves in
harm`s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thirty five thousand of you marines,
5,000 sailors at this moment are deployed ashore in conflict areas.


SHARPTON: While we celebrate the graduation of these brave young men and
women, we also remember the sacrifice of all those who have given their
lives to protect this country going into this Memorial Day weekend.
Soldiers planted flags on each grave at Arlington National Cemetery
yesterday, an annual memorial to our fallen soldiers. Schoolchildren also
planted flags in Illinois this week at a civil war cemetery.


UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: There were a lot of people who died for our country.

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: We were putting flags in -- in the grave to support
people that fought for us.


SHARPTON: And last weekend a memorial exhibit at Ft. Bragg displayed
soldiers` boots, a remembrance of service members who made the ultimate
sacrifice since 9/11. This Memorial Day weekend our country is in the
midst of a new debate about how to take on ISIS. Some propose sending
thousands of troops into harm`s way. We must think about the possible cost
in human lives of that decision. We must think about those that have lost
their lives this weekend while we contemplate do we want to risk that
again? We must also think about the veterans who still face many burdens
and many challenges. We should love our troops that have given their lives
this weekend and remember those veterans that are still among us.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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