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The Ed Show for Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

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Date: May 27, 2015
Guest: Paul Douglas, Mercedes Schlapp, Richard Viguerie, Zerlina Maxwell,
Dean Obeidallah, David Scott

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Tonight, disaster zones.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Center Texas the scene of utter devastation, a natural
disaster of epic proportions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is the worst thing I`ve ever seen.

SCHULTZ: Plus, Rick running again.

FMR. SEN RICK SANTORUM, (R) PENNSYLVANIA: Don`t try this home. Running
for president is not easy.

We need a candidate in 2016 that`s going to unite Americans.

SCHULTZ: Later, dropping the Duggar.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The growing scandal surrounding the Duggar family.
More advertisers pulling out of TLC`s reality show "19 Kids and Counting."

SCHULTZ: And red card.

LORETTA E. LYNCH, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: They corrupted the business of
worldwide soccer to serve their interest and to enrich themselves.

World Cup of fraud.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.

We start this evening with the latest on the devastating flooding in Texas.
At least 23 people are confirmed dead across Texas and Oklahoma after heavy
rains and thunderstorms have absolutely battered the area. Tornadoes were
reported in Blanco County Texas today.

At this hour there are no reports of damages or injuries from the
tornadoes, but the severe weather seems to continue. 11 people are still
missing throughout the region. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has issued a
disaster declaration in all 46 counties.

Earlier today all eyes were on the Padera Lake Dam, 25 miles Southwest of
Dallas. A breach was possible and 20 feet of water could have flooded more
than 20 homes. Engineers in Ellis County said they no longer expected the
dam to break. Forecaster warned more storms could roll through the
Southern Plains through the end of the week.

NBC`s Jay Gray has the latest from Texas.


JAY GRAY, NBC CORRESPONDENT: Mother Nature`s relentless attack continued
across Texas today, with more rain in areas already ravaged by the water.

are saturated folks. The isolated thunderstorms could cause immediate
local flooding.

GRAY: Still responders continued work along the Blanco River expanding
their grip and holding out hope they`ll find survivors.

BELL: We are still in search and rescue mode. We are still looking for
viable victims.

GRAY: As crews begun to clean up, pulling away debris where they can
sifting through what little is left behind in an area literally swallowed
by the river.

BELL. Wimberley has multiple homes with no -- they are down to the
foundation. It`s pretty devastating scenario.

GRAY: It`s a scenario playing out in Houston as well where homes are now
islands, communities isolated, or even worst after the storms there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You see the home and lives and dreams of Houstonians
crushed literally by the power of the water.

GRAY: Water that destroy just about everything in its path.


SCHULTZ: Let`s bring an NBC`s Charles Hadlock tonight who is reporting
from Houston, Texas.

Charles, it just seems that any kind of moisture is an absolute threat to
life at this point. It seems very fragile. What is the situation?

CHARLES HADLOCK, NBC CORRESPONDENT: Hi Ed. Well, it was scary today.
Thunderstorms are rolling back over Houston dumping about another inch of
rain. But take a look at this. This is Buffalo Bayou. 24 hours ago it
was well out of its banks. We thought it might increase a little bit today
with the thunder showers. But it`s done quite the opposite. It`s come
down and it continues to go down.

Across Houston more than 4,000 businesses and homes were damage by rising
water all across town. The water is all receded now, all the streams are
back in their banks and most of the water has now drained away from the
city streets. They`re still pumping some underpasses out and that`s where
they found yet another body today. The death count here in Texas -- here
in Houston rather is in -- is now seven.

They found another body late this after. It was one of the persons who was
rescued from the raging water yesterday by the Houston fire department.
That boat overturns spilling three people into the water, two of the bodies
have been found. They`re still searching for an 87 year old man.

Take a look at this. Yesterday Ed when we join you. This is whole basin
was filled with water. But look at it now. It`s green, it`s long, people
are out riding their bikes and walking, enjoying a beautiful day in
Houston. That`s Buffalo Bayou, it goes around downtown and into the
Houston Ship Channel and then into the Gulf of Mexico. This water is all
draining away and Houstonians can`t wait for it all to be gone.

Back to you Ed.

SCHULTZ: Charles Hadlock. Appreciate your time tonight. Thanks so much
for joining us.

Severe weather events can be tied to climate change and the facts are very
clear. Extreme whether events becoming more common throughout the United

California is in the middle of a devastating drought that is affecting
agriculture in the state`s economy. Last year alone we saw record
wildfires in Washington State, another extreme. There were record snow
falls in the Buffalo New York region and record low temperatures throughout
the country from the polar vortex, another extreme.

Overall NOAA said 2014 was the warmest year on ever recorded, another
extreme. Many scientists say that climate change and the increase since
severe weather are clearly connected. Now is Texas is facing devastating
severe weather in the form of record floods and of course in Houston it is
so sad, along with 11 inches of rain falling in the last 24 hours.
Unfortunately some elected officials in Texas are denying the science of
climate change.

On Tuesday Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz gave a joint
press conference on the deadly flood. Cruz has made clear many times he
denies the science of climate change.


SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: Debate on this should follow science and should
follow data. And many of the alarmists on global warming, they`ve got a
problem because the science doesn`t back them up. And in particular,
satellite data demonstrate for the last 17 years there`s been zero warming,
none whatsoever.


SCHULTZ: Governor Abbott is also a climate change skeptic. He said "Many
scientists believe that certain human activities impact the climate.
Others dispute the extent to which any activity has a particular level of
influence on the climate, which is why this matter needs to continue to be
investigated" he said.

Then there is the issue of federal funding. What do we do as country?
Senator Ted Cruz has been slamming excessive federal spending since he
first arrived in Washington D.C. This is a man who played a big part of
the shutdown of the government to defund Obamacare.

In 2013 he voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief package because he said
that there was pork in the bill. Now when Cruz`s home state is in trouble
he is singing a different tune. Here is the Senator on Tuesday.


CRUZ: The federal government`s role, once the Governor declares a disaster
area and makes a request, I am confident that the Texas congressional
delegation, Senator Cornyn and I, and the members of Congress both
Republicans and Democrats will stand united as Texans in support of the
federal government fulfilling its statutory obligations, and stepping in to
respond to this natural disaster.


SCHULTZ: As I see this, this cannot and it never should be a political
football. The people of Texas, the people of the United States deserve
federal relief instantly. Just like everybody else around the country.
Texas should be no different. This debate on disaster relief has been
going on and it`s been a political football for a number of years whether
it be a hurricane, whether it be Sandy, whether it be tornadoes. Why do we
have these debates?

It might start with accepting the science of over 96 percent of the
scientists who were involved in the research on climate change. That would
be a good start. If we accept the science and we understand the extremes
maybe as country we won`t have political fights when lives are being lost
on our own turf. When families are being destroyed and the gut wrenching
stories that are coming out across American and this time it`s in Texas.

Get you cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
questions, "Are climate change and increasing severe weather events

Go to to cast your vote. I`ll bring you the result
later on in the show.

For more let me bring in Paul Douglas. He`s a senior meteorologist at the
Aeris Weather. Paul, always good to have you with us.

These are tough stories and tough times. But the science tells us this is
the way it`s going to be, whether it be in Texas, or whether it be on
Washington State, or California and this isn`t the first time, it won`t be
the last. What it`s going to take to convince people in American that the
science is real, our climate change and increase in severe weather
connected as you see it.

little debate about that right now among real scientists. And again on the
internet you can find anything to support any caco (ph) maybe theory and
that`s what we have right now this echo chamber.

I should point out Ed that Texas historically has seen more billion dollar
weather and climate disasters than any state in the nation. And what we
have now is probably a weather and climate Trifecta. We have El Nino the
warming of the pacific which energizes the southern branch of the jet
stream, setting the stage for more storms. We have a warmer atmosphere, a
warmer Gulf of Mexico, more water vapor, more fuel for these serve
thunderstorms which are pretty much stalled over Texas and Oklahoma.
Oklahoma wettest May on record statewide already.

And the third factor, what`s happening in the Arctic. The Arctic is
warming two to three times faster than Texas and that`s affecting the jet
stream, the configuration and speed of the Jet Stream. The science is
early, it`s emerging. But it`s fairly compelling suggesting that weather
systems increasingly or getting stuck, and that creates more whiplash. It
creates deeper droughts, biblical floods and that`s what we`re seeing in
the data.

I`ve been talking about this here in Minnesota for 15 years. People
thought I was standing too close to the doppler Ed. And now I tell people
where the symptoms are showing up is in the weather. Not every day, not
every week. But how many times do you have to be hit on the head by a two-
by-four to say "Houston we have a problem". The same people reeling (ph)
about federal deficit rightfully so, are going to be the first ones with
their hand out asking for assistance for their citizens due to way
treadmill of weather extremes. And that treadmill is gradually increasing
in speed. And that what we`re seeing...

SCHULTZ: It certainly is.

DOUGLAS: ... in the data right now, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Paul, what can we expect for Texas for the rest of the week?
What does it look like? Are these weather patterns just terribly
inconsistent and it`s really hard to predict. I mean how do you predict 12
inches of rainfall in less than 24 hours?

DOUGLAS: You don`t. No meteorologist in their right mind goes out on
layman (ph) predicts a foot of rain from one event or even a series of
events. But again what we`re seeing is this preponderance of evidence that
suggest that the weather is increasingly slowing down.

We may be seeing fewer storms especially during the warm months, spring
summer and fall. But the storms that due form produce these biblical rains
because their moving much, much, much slower and the weather system is
stall. All the data I`m seeing Ed suggest that thunderstorms continue
through the end of the week for Oklahoma and Texas, couple more inches of
rain. They`re not out of the woods until hopefully next week. It looks
like a dryer pattern setting in starting Sunday, Monday of next week.

So, we will climb out of this. But it`s amazing the same state that was in
and extreme drought two years ago now experiencing record in some cases
historic flooding just jaw dropping extreme. And we`re going to be seeing
more whiplash, it is evidence of what`s happening with the climate system.
There`s more volatility in the system and that`s going to be showing up
with this weather extremes increasing in frequency and intensity, that`s
what the data shows.

SCHULTZ: Meteorologist Paul Douglas with us tonight here on the Ed Show.
Appreciate it Paul. Thanks so much for joining us.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the
We`ll have the results for you right after this break. Follow us Facebook.
Watch my Facebook feature "Give me a minute" and you get my video Podcast

Coming up, Rick Santorum is ready to announce his presidential campaign
again. We`ll bring it to you live and take a look his chances in 2016.

And later, 15 companies and counting more fallout for the Duggar family as
advertiser drop their support for the show.

The Ed Show, stay with us. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are coming in. Here`s where we stand on
tonight`s Bing Pulse poll. Tonight question, "Are climate change and
increasing severe weather events connected?"

91 percent of you -- now 92 percent of you say "Yes". 8 percent of you
"No" -- oh the number is changing 9 percent saying "No, they`re not

Lots more coming up on the Ed Show. Stay with us. We`ll right back on



SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Well the sweater vest is going to be back on the campaign trail. Former
Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is announcing his run for the
presidency. Let`s listen in live in Pennsylvania.

SANTORUM: I just want to say hello to my mom who I know is watching and
they took me on a voyage at 7 years of age from West Virginia to Butler,

We live on the V.A. post in World War II government apartments surrounded
by our nation`s veterans. Most of my friends though their dads worked in
mills and the mines, they got off ship and coached us in sports and in
life. They were the generation of God fearing people who built this
country and at the same time were the foundation of the country.

In the late 70s like many of you, we saw the economic devastation. Here in
Southwestern Pennsylvania but across this country particularly in the area
of manufacturing. It`s a result of the excesses and indifference of big
labor, big government and yes, big business. Here in Southwestern
Pennsylvania the epicenter we lost over 100,000 jobs in what seem to be
overnight. That has to and did leave a marked on all of us.

Afterwards big government and big business told our workers that time have
changed. American workers could no longer compete with low foreign wages
and that those jobs were gone forever. Well, what about those politicians
for all those years what did they do. What did they do for communities
across this area and across this country in small town America? They had
no plan and they provided no hope. And to that I say "No longer".

As middle Americas hollowing out we can`t sit ideally by as big government
politicians make it harder for our workers and then turn around and blame
them for losing jobs overseas. Working families don`t need another
president tied to big government or big money. And today is the day.
Today is the day we`re going to begin to fight back.

I am proud to stand here among you and for you. The American workers who
have sacrifice so much to announce that I am running for president of
United States.

I`ll offer a bold vision for America, one that`s clear and conservative
that has plans to reform and has a proven track record that I have in my
time of service. Step one in taking back America, step one. Let`s scrap
the corrupt federal tax code and the IRS that goes with it. It`s time to
give America a simple fair, flat tax.

It will create millions of good paying jobs, it will rebuild our factories
and it will take and increases take-home pay for workers in America.
Powered by the shale revolution and the renewable revolution, powered by
those two revolutions, we have regained the title of the world leader in
energy production.

With low-cost energy in our bold plan, I promise you we will regain the
title of a leader in world manufacturing.

That`s not all. We will shrink the government. We will reduce spending.
We will revoke every executive order and regulation -- yes. We will revoke
every executive order and regulation that costs American jobs.

From day one, we will work to bring back America and put Americans back to
work. American workers deserve a shot at these jobs. Over the last 20
years, we`ve brought into this country, legally and illegally, 35 million
mostly unskilled workers and the result, over that same period of time.
Workers wages and family incomes have flatlined.

Hillary Clinton and big business, they have called for a massive influx in
unskilled labor. Business does it because they want to control costs.
Hillary does it -- well, she just wants votes. Their priorities are
profits and power. My priority is you, the American worker.

SCHULTZ: Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum announcing that he is
going to run for president again. He won Iowa in 2012. He`s putting a
heavy emphasis on jobs and manufacturing. And I`ll give him credit. None
of the other Republican candidates to date have gone down this road to this

For more, let me bring in Mercedes Schlapp, Republican Strategist and
Former Spokesperson of George W. Bush, also with us tonight, Richard
Viguerie, Conservative Strategist and Chairman for the,
great to have both of you with us tonight.

Mercedes, this is a theme that we have not heard other Republican
candidates echo. What do you make of it?

you know, he really is taking unique approach. He is -- you`re going to
see and I`m sure as we listen more to the speech him talking about sort of
the economic populism. This is something that the other candidates really
haven`t addressed.

And his big focus here has been about the American worker. He`s one of the
few candidates. In fact, he`s actually been open to even raising the
minimum wage. I mean, he`s talking about opportunities about, how do you
reduce income inequality?

These topics that normally Republicans have not really addressed so
directly and he has -- I think, Rick Santorum has decided this is going to
be one of his main themes. He`s broadening his message from not only being
about social issues but about the blue class worker.


SCHLAPP: And I think that that`s an important way to go.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Viguerie, what do you think? Is this the same game, same
message, just a different year? Is Rick Santorum conservative enough?

I supported Rick in 2012 as did most conservatives after he won the Iowa
caucus. But, you know, it`s quite frankly, 2012 was a rather weak field
and 2016 is a very strong field. And Rick is known for a lot of things.
He covered a lot of bases just now and I think that`s going to resonate
with the primary voting.

But he`s strong suit has often been the social issues, the cultural issues
and he`s going to have lot of competition for that. Cruz is going to
compete for those votes as well as Huckabee, as well as Scott Walker, as
Bobby Jindal.

So, it`s going to be very competitive out there and he doesn`t seem to have
a natural base like a lot of these candidates, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Cruz,
they don`t have strong basis. But, don`t rule out the Rick Santorum. He
is a tireless worker. And I`m impressed what he`s been putting together in
recent weeks here.

SCHULTZ: Well, he wants to get rid of the tax code and the IRS. He also -
- he`s talking about big government and big business. When it comes to --
he didn`t use the word outsourcing but it sure seemed like that`s the road
he was going down, Mercedes. This -- as I said is something the others
aren`t talking about.


SCHULTZ: How does this play in Iowa? How does this play in New Hampshire,
the two states early on?

SCHLAPP: Sure. Well, I think for Iowa it`s mostly about the social
conservatives. Again, as Richard has mentioned, for Rick, that`s going to
be a little more challenging because of the fact that you have so many of
these talented candidates in the field vying for these conservative votes.

So, I think for Rick also with Senator Santorum coming in a little bit
later in the race, it makes it difficult. Although he has visited, you
know, 99 counties in Iowa. He was one of those politicians that in 2012, a
really -- became sort of the retail politician driving in the beat up truck
going to meet with these Iowa voters. Again...


SCHLAPP: ... he had more competition this time, it`s going to be a little
more difficult.

SCHULTZ: Well, it wasn`t just Iowa, he -- you know, Mr. Viguerie -- 11
states in 2012.

VIGUERIE: I was there. I was with him.

SCHULTZ: How can he not be better today? How could he not be better

VIGUERIE: Ed, you know, looking back if -- I think, Rick made a serious
mistake quite frankly because after he withdrew in April in 2012, he
basically withdrew from the political arena. He was there but not very

Reagan after he lost a close race in `76, was very active in 1977, `78,
`79, daily radio shows, syndicated column, you couldn`t hardly go to
conservative meeting without bumping into Ronald Reagan in the time between
1976 and the `80 contest.

And Rick Santorum, if he had stayed active, he would be the natural leader
of the conservative calls right now. But he started coming in late and
that`s going to be hard to play catch up.

SCHULTZ: Mercedes, a recent Fox News poll shows Rick Santorum 9th among
White Evangelical voters. I mean, as Mr. Viguerie says he really doesn`t
have a base but...

SCHLAPP: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: ... this used to be his base. This used to be his base. What

SCHLAPP: Well, again, we have so many of these other candidates. We`ve
got Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Scott Walker, we have
some many of these different individuals who are actually dividing up a lot
of these conservative votes in these key states. Now, Iowa is one of them.
New Hampshire is going to be a different story because as we know, it`s a
little more moderate. So that`s where Governor Jeb Bush probably plays
place better.

And so, Rick, I think, Senator Santorum will have a more -- a difficult
time breaking through like he did in 2012 when in fact he was more than
anti-Romney vote where the conservatives really clung onto him. But this
is a different field, it`s a different year.

Again, I think, he`s -- coming in a little late in the game but what I do
like about Senator Rick Santorum is his message on really reaching out to
that American worker, to the working family. That is incredibly important
and having that discussion about income inequality in its most critical

SCHULTZ: That`s a Democratic theme, Mr. Viguerie, what do you make of it?

VIGUERIE: Ed, you know, I have to say this about a lot of conservative
candidates. They don`t always do a good job of showing empathy with the

Marco Rubio quite frankly is exceptionally good at it. And Rick Santorum
is and you can just listen to him right now. You can tell that there`s
empathy for the working men and women in this country. And I think that`s
going to be a strong suite. But it`s got serious competition we`ve been --
conservatives for 25 years or so since Reagan. We`ve had very, very few
top-tier, top level candidates run for president and that was the case in
2012, not so in 2016 we`ve got a lot of very strong...


VIGUERIE: ... top-tier conservatives.


VIGUERIE: It`s going to be tough.

SCHULTZ: All right, Mercedes Schlapp, Richard Viguerie, great to have you
with us tonight. I appreciate your time.

SCHLAPP: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thank you.


SCHULTZ: Rick Santorum is officially in.

Still ahead Rand Paul calls out his own party for the rise of ISIS in the
Middle East. We`ll break it down.

And later, a soccer scandal, big news in the investigation into possible
corruption throughout soccer`s governing body.

Stay with us. We`ll right back on the Ed show.


SCHULTZ: Still to come in the Ed Show, advertisers are dropping from the
show "19 Kids and Counting". The Rapid Response Panel weighs in on the
social media backlash.

And the justice department gets involved in a worldwide soccer scandal.
We`ll take a closer look at the FIFA`s bribery bus.

Stay with us we`ll be right back.

MEG TIRRELL, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Meg Tirrell with your CNBC Market

Stocks rebound from yesterday sell-off, the DOW climbs 121 points, the S&P
500 adds 19, and the NASDAQ jumps 73, hitting a new record.

And Tiffany shares surged about 10 percent and the company`s revenue and
earnings beat estimates thanks to strength in Europe. But a different
story in Michael Kors, shares were hammered today sliding more than 24
percent after the retailer`s revenue growth slowed and same store sales

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: And we are back.

There`s more fallout for the Duggar`s following reports alleging the oldest
son Josh molested five girls when he was a teenager. Josh has apologized
saying that he acted inexcusably and would do anything to go back and take
different actions.

TLC pulled "19 Kids and Counting" from their lineup following last week`s
revelation. The network has not made a decision on whether the show would
be canceled. Now advertisers, many under pressure from consumers on social
media are already deciding not to continue sponsoring the show.

15 companies have pulled their advertisement from future airings in the
program. H&R Block says while they are not currently advertising on the
network they will keep the Duggar allegations in mind in the future.

Critics are also pointing out more Duggar family hypocrisy, while it`s been
reported that Jim Bob Duggar was made aware of his son`s actions in 2002.
Police were not involved until 2006 after the statute of limitations had
run out. But at the time -- at the same time he was learning about his
son`s alleged sexual misconduct Jim Bob was taking a hard stance publicly
on sexual assault. Jim Bob Duggar`s website from his 2002 senate run lays
out his position statements on a variety of issues when it comes to rape
and incest he said "They are heinous crimes that should be treated as
capital crimes.

Joining me tonight in our Rapid Response Panels Zerlina Maxwell, Political
Analyst and Contributor to Essence Magazine, also with us tonight Dean
Obeidallah who is a columnist for the Daily Beast, great to have both of
you with us.

Advertisers leaving certainly not a good signal, many times they don`t come
back. Zerlina is this the beginning of an end? Can the show be
rehabilitated, what do you think?

ZERLINA MAXWELL, POLITICAL ANALYST: I really don`t think so because I
think what we`re dealing with here is not a mistake like the family said
and also Mike Huckabee tried to frame this as a mistake that one makes when
they are young teen. But I have something to tell you, this is actually a
very serious crime that we`re talking about. And so, I would hope that
advertisers will continue to distance themselves from this show and this
family, because that would then be -- them speaking out and speaking up on
behalf of survivors everywhere who see this as a very triggering and
serious story. And I think that it`s time that people pushback and say, no
more, we have no tolerance for molestation and abuse in this manner.

SCHULTZ: Well, I want to point out that you wrote an article responding to
supporters calling Josh`s actions a mistake. How disturbing is it?


SCHULTZ: To see this issue being minimized by high profile people such as
Huckabee trying to give the guy an alibi and jump-start him again? What do
you make of it?

MAXWELL: Well, I think, it`s really disgusting, but this is what rape
culture looks like. When feminist talk about this idea of rape culture,
it`s this notion that if you are committing a crime like sexual assault,
that is just a mistake, it`s just boys will be boys. It`s just the way it
is and women need to plan accordingly for the -- this perceived danger.
But I think that as the White House is saying this year as activist at
Columbia University are saying this year, enough is enough.

I really think that we need to take this issue much more seriously and hold
people accountable. This family let these allegations lie for years and
years without even going to the authorities. And I think that that is
really, really troubling considering how many children, young children they
have particularly the young women in their family which were as young as
five at the time of these allegations.

SCHULTZ: Exactly. Dean, what about Jim Bob Duggar? I mean, talk about
sweeping it under the rug and being a hypocrite? I mean, how do you view

hypocrite to the 10th level. I mean, there`s a man out there campaigning
while knowing his son has committed sexual molestation potentially rape at
least incest but he`s campaigning saying if anyone does this, they should
get capital punishment. It`s ridiculous to me.

And it`s also, I just want to say ridiculous that at this point that TLC
which is own by Discovery Communications hasn`t pulled this -- the plug on
this show completely. I mean, there`s now two sides of this. This is a
man who committed a crime. He`s got a family who covered up for it at
least arguably and, you know, by putting it on air or any sponsors standing
with them.

They`re sending the message that this is somehow OK. It`s not OK. And I
know this is TLC`s top show, it`s made lots of money, but as part of
Discovery Communications, the company made over $1.5 billion last year.
They don`t need this it`s ruining their brand. They should drop him today.

SCHULTZ: Well, they should drop him today as I see it as well. And it`s
almost like they`re seeing which way the windsock is going to go, just how
our consumers going to respond. Well, we`ve seen it.


SCHULTZ: The social media pushed back has been extraordinary, and are
companies much more sensitive to consumer feedback now, what do you think,

OBEIDALLAH: I think they are. I think one of the good things of Twitter
and there are so many bad things with the trolling going on. One of the
good things is democratized the process of getting your word out there.
It`s instantaneous and the access is immediate. And there are people, big
companies charged with looking at social media.

I`ve Tweeted complains about companies and gotten a response pretty quickly
about things. So, they see it now. As long we got to write a letter, mail
it and it gets there three days later, or make a phone call, it`s in real
time. So, it`s having an impact and that`s a good thing. And you see the
sponsors pulling out and that`s the key to this.

This is a business decision by TLC and ultimately, Discovery
Communications. If other sponsors would step up, like they did with the
Rush Limbaugh and keeping him on air, this show could survive. It`s not
happening at all. The sponsor jumping ship and it`s (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: This is kind of a leading comment but, Zerlina, my question, how
much more information does TLC have to have?

MAXWELL: Yeah. And that`s a really interesting question because I don`t
think that they need anymore information. What we know right now is that
he admitted to committing a crime. He didn`t -- it`s not allegations or
somebody accusing him of something. He`s admitting to have -- having done
this and under the law, it`s a crime.


MAXWELL: Even though they waited three years in, you know, they let this
statute of limitation run out. Arguably to cover this up, but I think that
we need to look -- take a serious look at how we actually handle
allegations of sexual assault because it`s very serious. This is happening
all over everywhere all the time.

SCHULTZ: All right. Zerlina Maxwell, Dean Obeidallah, great to have both
of you with us tonight.

MAXWELL: Thank you.


SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time.

Still to come, Senator Bernie Sanders shares his thoughts on fighting ISIS
as Republicans continue to play the blame game. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Here are the results of tonight`s Bing Pulse poll. Tonight`s
question, "Are climate change and increasing severe weather events
connected?" 83 percent of you say "Yes". 17 percent of you say "No".

More coming up on the Ed Show. Stay with us. We`ll be right back.



RAND PAUL, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2016: ISIS exists and grew stronger
because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately, and most
of those arms were snatched up by ISIS. They created these people.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show.

When Republicans aren`t busy blaming President Obama for the rise of ISIS,
they`re pointing the finger at each other.

Americans don`t seem to be too interested in the blame game as off late.
We need a serious debate about which strategy is the best and in the best
interest to the American people. If you`re looking for a serious debate
and an answer, look no further than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

I sat down with the Senator yesterday ahead of his presidential campaign
kick-off last night and asked him for his take on the war against ISIS.
Take a listen.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (I) VERMONT: I voted against the war in Iraq. And I
think history will record that as the right vote. What I believe in my
hollow (ph) parts is the United States alone cannot win the war against
ISIS we can`t do it. The Muslim nations in that world, Saudi Arabia has
the third largest military budget in the world. They have to step up to
the play.

This is a fight for the soul of Islam and the countries now that are
opposed to the idealogy, this barbaric ideology of ISIS are going to have
to lead the effort. We have got the place supportive role. Other
countries western countries around the world for got to play a supporting
role. But the United States alone cannot win that war and I worry very
much that a number of my Republican colleagues want perpetual warfare for
whatever reason in the Middle East and I strongly oppose that.

I think the President under very, very difficult circumstances is trying to
do the right thing. And what he is saying is he does not want combat
troops in Iraq and Syria and I agree with him wholeheartedly on that. A
number of my Republican colleagues are trying to out do each other, show
how tough they are. I heard that rhetoric back in lead up to the war in
Iraq and that was a disaster.


SCHULTZ: Still ahead on the Ed Show. Reports of the bribery in the
International Soccer Organization put a spotlight on troubling working
conditions in the World Cup`s future host country.

You`re watching the Ed show. Stay with us. We`ll right back with the


SCHULTZ: This led investigation uncovered deals dating back more than 20
years. Earlier today U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch addressed the


LYNCH: Many of the individuals and the organizations we will describe
today were entrusted with keeping soccer and open and accessible to all.
Instead they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their
interest and to enrich themselves.


SCHULTZ: New accounts of bribery continue to come out. There is a
separate Swiss investigation concerning the selection of Qatar and Russia
as the future World Cup venues. A whistle blower who work for the Qatar
bid team claims several African-American officials were paid $1.5 million
each to support Qatar as the host city for the 2022 World Cup. There are
also questions surrounding the treatment of workers who are building the
stadiums in Qatar. HBO`s Real Sports highlighted some of the issues and
its episode "The Price of Glory in Qatar."


DAVID SCOTT, HBO REAL SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: 4,000 migrant workers will die
building Qatar`s World Cup.


SCOTT: How many Qataris?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No one, could have done because work condition, because
of the heat because there is no safety measures applied.


SCHULTZ: I`m joined tonight with David Scott, correspondent for HBO`s Real
Sports with Bryant Gumbel who did reporting on the Price of Glory in Qatar.
David good to have you with us tonight, this is just a...

SCOTT: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: ... shocking story about the way this human beings are being
treated. What kind of conditions are the migrant workers in Qatar facing?

SCOTT: Well, it`s truly shocking and when you think about how much FIFA
had to over look in Qatar in order to give that country the games. It is
an overwhelming. Hundreds of thousands of the poorest men in Asia are
being imported and indentured to do all the heavy lifting in that society
including building this World Cup in the in 2022. Their house then
squalled labor camps literally by the hundreds of thousands some 8 to a
room, 10 men sharing a bathroom for a country that literary is the richest
people in world it`s shocking and appalling conditions.

SCHULTZ: What did today`s developments really mean for the international
soccer world in the international soccer game, what does this mean?

SCOTT: So interesting and I think surprising to a lot of us that have
followed this, for a longtime the problem was that there was no controlling
authority on FIFA other than themselves and they`re not especially good at
policing themselves.

The Swiss government hasn`t been specially aggressive in looking at their
books and so, here comes this U.S. attorney general quietly in Brooklyn for
what sounds like years piecing together a very substantial investigation
and now indictment of this multi-billion dollar organizations, it`s
fascinating and surprising and perhaps, you know, the greatest challenge to
FIFA and its 100 year history.

SCHULTZ: What is it mean for the World Cup on 2022?

SCOTT: That I think is the $64,000 question and really interesting to see
what happens next. FIFA of course has investigated the claims of bribery
related to the 2022 games and cleared Qatar, cleared itself of any wrong
doing very publicly so. So how they can reverse that outcome now is little
confounding to think through but, you know, one thing that should hunt them
today is that the U.S. government said in its announcement of this
indictment that they`re not finish yet.


SCOTT: This is not the last chapter of the investigation. We know that
the way the FIFA has been doing business in the Americas is the same way
they`ve been doing business in the Middle East and in Asia and then Africa
for many years. So, I would not for a minute think that that it ends here
and perhaps the U.S. government has a way of getting at the Qatar

SCHULTZ: Well, the attorney general said today that the problems with FIFA
are systemic going back 20 years clearly it`s right in the culture of
international soccer, which I think clearly will damage a lot of lives no
doubt about it. Excellent reporting David Scott that was -- it was a great
piece and very eye opening at as what`s happening to those workers. I

SCOTT: Thank you very much.

SCHULTZ: ... you time thanks so much. You bet.

That`s the Ed show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening Rev.


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