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The Ed Show for Monday, June 15th, 2015

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Date: June 15, 2015
Guest: Bernie Sanders, Jim Moore, Genevieve Wood, Mitch Caesar, Adam
Green, Christine Haughney

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from New York.

Let`s get to work.


SCHULTZ: Tonight, afraid of commitment.

CHRIS WALLACE, ANCHOR OF FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Why can`t she say whether or
before or against it.

whether if she`s against us, we need her to speak out. Right now.

final agreement.

SCHULTZ: Plus, now it`s official.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jeb Bush goes after the once held by his father and

FRM. REP. JEB BUSH (R) FLORIDA: I`m a candidate for president of the
United States.

SCHULTZ: Later, stepping down.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you African-American.

RACHEL DOLEZAL, NAACP LEADER: I don`t understand the question.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rachel Dolezal has resigned her post as the head of the
Spokane chapter of the NAACP.

SCHULTZ: And shark attacks.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They happen just miles away from one another on the
stretch of beach in North Carolina.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We can never guarantee anybody safety 100 percent -- I
would stay out of the water.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.

If you remember it was the first thing that Mitch McConnell talked about
after the last election. It was internal trade or it was something (ph)
the way to work on with just president. Well, here we`re in middle of

At this hour Fast-Track promotional authority for president Obama is dead
in its tracks. That means the Trans-Pacific Partnership is endangered of
being killed as well. Now it all voted (ph) on Friday on the House floor
with the House voted trade against Trade Adjustment Assistance 302 to 126,
where did this come from? Trade Adjustment Assistance, nobody was talking
about that. Well, you see this is money that goes to help people who`re

Now, without this key vote Fast-Track cannot move forward because the way
the rules were written before all the votes were taken. Now the president
isn`t giving up to his credit. The House is expected to vote again on TAA
by Tuesday. The House rules committee at this hour is meeting to decide if
they can combine the Trade Adjustment Assistance vote and throughout the
Fast-Track and put it all into one instead of two votes.

Now what was Paul Ryan who came up with the brain child (ph) that all we
can get two votes and we`ll make this worked. Well, President Obama is
pushing harder than ever for support on TAA from Democrats.


the Senate have voted to renew this initiative, but so far, the House of
Representatives has chosen to let it expire in just a few months, leaving
as many as 100,000 American workers on their own.


SCHULTZ: Now, it`s not going to be an easy lift to past TAA Trade
Adjustment Assistance, helping unemployed folks, get rid tool back into the
economy. The President, what is he need right now, roughly a hundreds
representative to change their vote. Do you think the Republicans are
going to do that?

On Sunday Congress Paul Ryan Chairman of the House weighs in means
committee so the President has serious work to do.


REP. PAUL RYAN, (R-WI): The Democrats abandoned their president, the
leader of their party, in droves, on a bill and programmed that they
demanded as part of this, that they previously voted for unanimously. That
they asked as a part of this process. So, to me, it was stunning that they
would do this to the leader of their party, the president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If I may, so to answer my question...

RYAN: To answer your question is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... is you`re going to turn.

RYAN: That President has a lot of work to do with his own party to turn
this around to salvage this.


SCHULTZ: Hold the phone. Mr. Ryan, did I miss something here? Don`t the
Republicans have the majority in the House? If you get all Republican on
board you`re going to get everything you possibly want. But here`s the
key. Trade adjustment Assistance is something the Republicans have never
been in favor off. When was the last time you saw Republican stand up and
say you don`t really want to help the unemployed, really want to help those
who fall by the way side because of the bad trade deal?

This in itself under scores that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a rotten
deal that they won`t be haggling over TAA. The key player for the
Democrats in all of these of course is Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
Pelosi was largely responsible for helping defeat TAA on Friday. Pelosi
and the Democrats their bottom-line, they don`t believe that the adjustment
assistance goes far enough for displace workers. Now Pelosi made clear
that Congress needs to also act on a highway bill.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, (D-CA) MINORITY LEADER: ... because I`ll be voting
today to slow down the Fast-Track, to get a better deal for the American
People. Bigger paychecks, better infrastructure, help the American people
fulfill the American Dream.


SCHULTZ: Now, here`s another dose of reality folks. Do you really think
that the Republicans are going to step up and say "Hey, we love free trade
so much that we`re going to give this President a highway bill and make him
look good with his legacy," it didn`t going to happen. Pelosi knows that
there`s not going to be any highway bill. She said in the statement that a
highway bill would greatly increase Fast-Track chances. Fat chance, I
don`t believe it, I don`t think the Republican will ever do anything with
this President and they`re certainly not going to go down the road of a
highway bill, if they can just wait another year and a half and have
possibly a Republican president do it.

Meanwhile, the Democratic frontrunner for President still hasn`t taken a
position on Fast-Track or the TPP. Lots of talking going on, but no
straight talk, a Clinton spokesperson had this exchange on Fox News Sunday.


WALLACE: I`m talking about giving President Obama the same Fast-Track
authority that Bill Clinton had on NAFTA. Why would she possibly be
against that?

KAREN FINNEY, CLINTON SENIOR SPOKESPERSON: Well, we`re talking about it in
the context of this agreement, right?


FINNEY: We are talking about it in the context of an underlying agreement.

WALLACE: We`re talking about in the context of how to negotiate a deal and
give it to Congress. Why can`t she say whether or not she`s for or against

FINNEY: But I think you may hear -- again, we`re going to talk about a lot
of issues. I think you may hear her talk about it sooner rather than
later. I`m going to let her be the person to speak about that.

WALLACE: But there`s a vote this week in Congress, doesn`t she have to
weigh in pretty quickly? Because if there`s no Fast-Track trade authority,
the President can`t make the deal.

FINNEY: Well, we`ll see, won`t we? We`ll see if they decide that she wants
to go ahead and, you know, tell us what she wants to say about it.


SCHULTZ: Now, this is not the media manufacturing a Hillary Clinton story
that might not be very good. This is a classic example of how Hillary
Clinton has not on this issue been crystal clear on where she stand on
Fast-Track and whether she thinks Congress should be reading trade deals
before they vote on him. Because Fast-Track would of course have the
Congress in a position where it`s either going to be up or down vote.

So, Hillary in a sense is putting her spokes people in untenable position
admittedly well, I`ll let her go ahead and explain all of that. OK, when
that`s coming.

Later on Sunday Hillary Clinton addressed Fast-Track and the TPP at a
campaign event. She still didn`t take a position. This time Clinton
decided to take a page at Nancy Pelosi`s play book.


CLINTON: Here`s what I think should happen now. In order to get a deal
that meets these high standards, the President should listen to and work
with his allies in Congress starting with Nancy Pelosi who have expressed
their concerns about the impact that a week agreement would have on our
workers, to make sure we get the best strongest deal possible. And if we
don`t get it, there should be no deal.


SCHULTZ: OK. So does that mean Mrs. Clinton that you`re against Fast-
Track? Forget Obama. Forget anybody else who`s been president in the
past. This is a new world when it comes to outsourcing jobs and got the
American economy. Does Hillary Clinton think that Congress should read
trade deal before they vote on him? That`s really where we`re. What does
Fast-Track mean? Give a hell a lot of authorities to the President.
That`s exactly why the Republicans don`t want to vote for it.

American voters deserve to know where Hillary Clinton or whoever else wants
to be president where they stand on Fast-Track and the TPP. If it`s a yes
or no problem for Hillary Clinton at this point, it`s going to dough (ph)
here campaign for a long time. I guarantee you. This story isn`t going to
go away after the vote, because it`ll never be forgotten by the people
who`re going to be losing their jobs and be putting jeopardy on this

So this weekend the Ed Show team, we go on the ground at the Clintons
campaign relaunch here at New York City. And out team ask people their
thoughts on trade.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Slow down Fast-Track.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: None of the trade agreements we had so far been
invest interest of workers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We could lose a lot of jobs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t think it`s a good bill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need to expand trade.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would like (ph) would be pro trade agent.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Either it`s going to happen whether we want it or not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would not be surprise if Hillary for it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know Bill Clinton supports NAFTA obviously.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know what the hell it`s all about. How I`m
suppose to reply (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sorry, I don`t know what that is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t think I`m -- I know enough about to say

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yeah, same (inaudible) on that one.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, you just say it because the media wants you to
say it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`ll alienate some people no matter what stand she

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: TPP is obviously very complicated.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If she`s going to be the next president we need her
viewpoint on that.


SCHULTZ: So, a lot of Clinton`s supporters know where they stand on trade.
I think it`s time that Hillary Clinton starts providing some transparency
for voters. She`s coaching the President as she sees it at this hour. But
if it were her hour, what would she say? What would she do? She needs to
sit down and do some interviews and answers some direct questions on where
this economy is going and will Fast-Track benefit American when it comes to
trade deal.

Here`s a number that you have to consume folks. 85 percent of the
Democrats in the House voted against Fast-Track. Is Hillary Clinton going
to stand with her party? Is she going to stand with 85 percent of the
Democrats in the House, or she going to explain a better way and how wrong
they`re and why the President should have Fast-Track authority.

Question, again should the Congress be reading bills before they vote on
them. Should we be doing trade deals that deal with 40 percent of the
global economy at all the Congressional folks get us an up or down vote.
They don`t even get to debate it. In fact if it`s a bad deal down the
road, they can`t even amend it.

This takes across the board. This is exactly why every single union in
this country is against it. It`s not hard to say now is not the right
time. Know the Fast-Track. 85 percent of Democrats are going to go home
and say "I`m standing with workers". Hillary Clinton didn`t vote the way I

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Has Hillary Clinton been clear on trade?"

Go to to cast your vote. We`ll bring you the result
later on in the show.

For more let me bring in Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who`s a Democratic
candidate for president. Senator, good to have you with us tonight.

SANDERS: Good to be with you.

SCHULTZ: What is the key question and I`ll let you frame it. What is the
key question at this hour seeing that the House may go back in redo the
rules to massage this, to try to get a hundred more representatives to get
the President Fast-Track authority? How do you see it?

SANDERS: If Fast-Track passes, TPP will pass. There`s no question about
that. Ed, there is a reason why virtually every corporation in American,
the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street want this to be passed and
there is reason as you`ve just mentioned why every union, many
environmental groups or religious groups are against it. Because anyone
who looks at history understands that our trade policies from NAFTA, CAFTA
to China have been a disaster for the American workers.

Since 2001 we have lost almost 60,000 factories, not all attributable to
trade, but a lot of it is. Million of decent bank jobs, our demand now
must be the corporate America and say to them. "You want us to buy your
products. The time is long for you to stop...


SANDERS: ... outsourcing. Let`s create and manufacture those products here
in the United States". That`s what this is about.

SCHULTZ: Senator does the size and the magnitude of this deal and the
impact place a difference importance on Fast-Track. The question, should
Congress be able to read trade deals before they vote on him?

SANDERS: Well, that`s a hard question Ed. But I guess so. It might be a
good idea to know what`s in the legislation that you`re voting on it. And
maybe there is a reason why members of Congress cannot take staff into the
room why they cannot copy sections of what is a very complicated legal
document. Maybe there were some folks who really don`t want the American
people to know what is in this legislation.

Having said that we know enough from leaks and other sources that what
isn`t ain`t good for the American worker. We should not be competing
against Vietnamese workers who make $0.56 an hour. We should not have an
investor state dispute process in there which benefits corporate American
and we`ll make it difficult for states or governments of pass legislation
protecting the healthcare or the environment for their people.

SCHULTZ: Senator, has Hillary Clinton taken a strong enough position on
Fast-Track in your opinion?

SANDERS: Ed look, this ain`t a complicated issue. You`re for Fast-Track.
You`re against Fast-Track. This is an issue you just can`t side step. I
think Secretary Clinton obviously has not made her position clear.

SCHULTZ: Do you think she is side stepped this and as waiting for this to
just go away?

SANDERS: Well, it`s not what I think. I mean it`s obvious you`re for it
or you`re against it. I very strongly and propose the Fast-Track and the
TPP. What is Secretary Clinton`s position? I don`t know.

SCHULTZ: Senator, the Trade Adjustment Assistance kind of came out of
nowhere. It got very little attention. Is this the Democrats way of
saying to the President "We want to support you, but you`re not going to
get Fast-Track authority because of this Republican problem?


SCHULTZ: They don`t want to help out workers...


SCHULTZ: ... who`ve been affected? What about that?

SANDERS: I don`t think that`s it Ed. I think what the Democrats and the
House cleverly did, is use the TAA Trade Adjustment Assistance as a tool to
torpedo this agreement. And they use that as a tactic. Trade Adjustment
Assistance unto itself is a good thing. It helps displace workers. Buy
given the contacts that they`re operating and right now knowing there a
whole lot of Republicans are opposed to it. They use it as a tactic to
torpedo and slow down Fast-Track and that was a very successful and I think
smart move.

SCHULTZ: Do you think the rules committee will set up a scenario that will
have it pass in the House?

SANDERS: I truly hope not. I mean they`re trying. I mean corporate
America is not going to stand still. They love the idea of outsourcing
jobs to low wage countries. Pharmaceutical industry loves the idea of
being able to charge poor people around the world, higher prices for their
medicine. These guys are not going to give up. I hope very much that the
Democrats and some of the Republicans of the House continue to have the
courage that they`ve shown last Friday and say "No" to another disastrous
trade agreement.

SCHULTZ: Senator, do you hear about this in Iowa when you`re on the

SANDERS: All of the time. I talk about it all of the time and people are
very, very concern about this issue. Look Ed, in Iowa, in Vermont all over
this country. We have seen factories disappear and go to China and other
low wage countries. We have seen wages go down because American workers
are now being force to compete against disparate people all over the world.


SANDERS: Across the people in Iowa or around the country are aware of

SCHULTZ: And Senator, I want your personal reaction to the amount of
people that are coming out to see you speak, and meet you, and hear from
you in Iowa. We`re eight months away from the caucuses, and these are
crowds that we haven`t seen in contemporary time. What`s your reaction to
700, 800, 1000 people, 1,100 people showing up to see Bernie Sanders.

SANDERS: In Minneapolis we have a 4,000 people. It`s kind of mind
blowing. But I think Ed, what it tells us is there an enormous frustration
today with the establishment, economics and the grid of the big money
interest with the establishment politics and the degree to which the
wealthy are dominating the political system. People in this country are
angry, they want real change. They want a government that works to them
and not just the billionaire campaign contributors. So I`ve been just, you
know, kind of blown away and very gratify by the kinds of crowds we`re

SCHULTZ: Democratic hopeful and Senator Bernie Sanders with us tonight
here on the Ed Show. I appreciate your time Senator.

SANDERS: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s question at
We`ll have the results after the break. Follow us on Facebook. Watch my
Facebook feature "Give a minute" and you can get my video Podcast at

Coming up, Jeb Bush kick-off his 2016 campaign. We`ll look at his chances
and how he impacts the Republican field, the very crowded Republican field.

And later, Hillary Clinton lays out her 2016 platform. We`ll see how it
plays with the true progressive Democrats.

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are coming in on the Ed Show. Here`s where we
stand on tonight`s Bing Pulse Poll. Tonight`s question, "Has Hillary
Clinton been clear on trade?"

32 percent of you say "Yes", 68 a majority. Almost 70 percent say "No".
Keep voting throughout our hour at

We are coming right back and a lot more.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Within the last hour, Jeb Bush
announced his running for president.


BUSH: I will give it my all. I will campaign as I would serve, going
everywhere, speaking to everyone, keeping my word, facing the issues
without flinching, and staying true to what I believe. I will take nothing
and no one for granted. I will run with heart. I will run to win.


SCHULTZ: Running with heart, going to speak to everyone, can I get on that
list, I`d love to seat down with Jeb Bush absolutely. You know, back in
2009 if someone had said there`s probably going to be another Bush`s
president, I don`t know if the mood of the country would have accepted any
kind of conversation like that, but of course things change and kind of
things mold out overtime if you know what I mean.

Joining me tonight, Jim Moore, Investigative Journalist, Genevieve Wood,
Senior Contributor at the Daily Signal and Mitch Caesar, DMC Executive
Board Member who has 40 years of roots in Florida, I thought I throw that
one in there. And I`ll start with you Mitch, what did you think of the
presentation that Jeb put on today?

MITCH CAESAR, DMC, EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER: I thought it was vintage Bush.
I mean, you know, he had a little trouble he`s a little bit, you know, out
of practice a little bit wound (ph), did his best. I thought it`s
interesting it shows Miami. I frankly would been much more impress if he
didn`t choose to say venue and maybe had in Iowa. But what I thought was
most interesting is he used the term, "I want to disrupt Washington."
That`s his way of showing that he`s not the establishment candidate which
of course he is. It`s like the commercial you step on with the boys is
yelling we have to stop the man, we have to stop him and the employee says
"But you are the man".

So, it`s a way of getting around if showing his independent, his showing is
not part of the Bush family, but then frankly his also trying to get away
from the fact that he`s hired the same foreign policy advisors and advice
his George W. the neo (ph) kinds. So I thought his speech was good but it
was very carefully crafted. This I would assume it would be to show his
not part of the family legacy his independent.

SCHULTZ: Jeb says we need a candidate to riddle Washington, listen to this
as you mentioned.


BUSH: We need a president willing to challenge and disrupt the whole
culture in our nation`s capital and I will be that president because I was
a reforming governor, not just another member of the club.


SCHULTZ: So Genevieve, what`s that mean, what`s he going to do to
Washington and another presidents having been able to do, if he were the

governed as a president the way he governed in Florida, you see a lot of
change. He made big changes in education among other things. I think the
challenge for Jeb Bush is that the base that we`ll have to elect town
through Republic nomination, the conservative debate is concerned, he won`t
be the reformer that he was when he was governor of Florida.

Now look I`ll give him credit today, he had all the right notes, he made a
lot of conservative statement, he talked about things like religious
freedom, he talked about illegal immigration but he said, you know, you got
to do this without doing things like executive amnesty. So he used
language and I think a lot of conservatives wanted to hear. But look, this
is one speech. Everybody knew he was going to keep it (ph) and the
question will be where is he go from here, because I think he does have a
lot of convincing to do among the conservative base.

SCHULTZ: I think he was the best Republican presentation and we`ve seen so
far. Mr Moore will Jeb Bush his father and brother ever get an invitation
to campaign on the trail for him. Ain`t that the key question? I mean how
far is the Bush is go to say they want him to be president.

JIM MOORE, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Let say at some at point I think he`s
got to invite his brother out there with him, but early on he`s got to
campaign on his own Ed. But look you vote for Bush you get a Bush, nobody
from the Bush family has ever gone to Washington and disrupted anything.
What they`ve done is open the doors to the corporate lobbyist and the
multi-national corporations and everybody else to come in and take control
of the government.

While at the same time running around on the stamp and talking about how
they`re standing up for a little guy and creating opportunities. It never
ever adds up, but Jeb challenges to separate himself from his brother and
I`ve think frankly it`s all about the marketing and a branding campaign and
it`s going to be really, really tough for him to do that.

SCHULTZ: Well, speaking of that he`s got the same logo Mitch Caesar, what
do you make to that?

CAESAR: Well, it`s interesting his trying to separate himself from the
past. Yes, he`s using as you said the exact logo he used in rank for
Florida. He`s playing into the same negative narrative. He`s also
assuming that he`s fresh and his brand new which is a fine thing to
attempt. But the problem is the Bush name is both a plus and a minus and
when -- as it been said before as he goes into this state such as Iowa as
well as others. It maybe more of a negative than a positive, so...


CAESAR: ... yes, it`s a harking back today`s in Florida. But I`ll give
you one quick statistic in a article I read recently that it`s that in
someway doing some number, 75 percent of the people that voted for Bush the
last time he run in Florida in the early 2000`s are no longer existing in

SCHULTZ: Well, he`s held the -- so demographically there`s going to be a
challenge but I would say that Jeb Bush would be closer to the Hispanic
community that any other Republican candidate has been in the past. I know
Rubio obviously is going to be able to appeal to a new generation of
Republicans will see, but there`s a couple of groups Genevieve that want
Jeb Bush investigated for skirting (ph) campaign finance laws. I mean is
there any steam at all behind this demands or it will be a problem?

WOOD: I don`t think that there`s a lot of steam behind them. But look, if
he`s done something he`ll to have answer for but, I don`t think that`s a
question there`s always people who want to come out and try to throw darts
if somebody who they think is a frontrunner, or they think if they hate --
if he gets a nomination as strong candidate as Hillary. But I think Jeb
Bush his bigger problem is convincing people that he -- I know he says, you
know, that he may -- we`re not to move to few far toward the right he said
not that long ago as if to run for president. But the problem is he`s got
the Republican nomination first.

And I think him talking about the issues and convincing people he his a
conservative on a broad base of issues it`s a much bigger challenge for him
than bending off and he kind of campaign finance stories are popping out.

SCHULTZ: Do you Mr. Moore he has held 70 fund raisers, you know, it`s like
the old baseball pitcher this Dizzy Dean the announcer years ago. In today
(inaudible) he can do it and he can raise the money, the Bush is can raise
the money.

MOORE: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: So where these place him against some of the billionaire dollars
are we going to throw into this?

MOORE: Well, he`s got to have money to go as long as he wants in this
process, he does have to do well in some of their early primaries but,
Texas where he`s son has state wide office here Ed, is going to be very
problematic for the Bush`s ironically because in this election Ted Cruz is
hugely popular here with the very hard conservative right and Texas could
be the place where Jeb Bush and Rick Perry`s campaigns come to fall flat on
their face even though there`s a lot of money that`s coming to those two
campaigns, particularly Jeb there`s going to be a lot of money for him to
use to run on but he`s going to run into some difficulties as this thing
goes on.

SCHULTZ: All right Jim Moore, Genevieve Wood and Mitch Caesar great to
have you with us tonight. Thanks so much.

WOOD: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Still ahead. The progressive push back to Hillary Clinton I`ll
ask the Rapid Response Panel, if her campaign relaunched took off with

And the head of the local NAACP chapter steps down as questions about her
racial identity continues. Stay tuned.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show.

Rachel Dolezal has officially resigned from her position as president of
this Spokane, Washington`s NAACP Chapter. The news comes less than a week
after Spokane officials open an investigation, Dolezal`s parents told the
local media the civil right activist said have been falsely portraying
herself as a black for years. In a statement posted to the Spokane NAACPs
Facebook page Dolezal wrote, "It is with complete allegiance to the cause
of the racial and social justice and the NAACP that I step aside from the
presidency and pass the baton." Dolezal offered her sincere gratitude for
the NAACPs unwavering support through this unexpected firestorm. Dolezal
explained her decision to step down saying, "This is not about me. It`s
about justice."

Dolezal`s parents joined MSNBCs Thomas Roberts earlier today and gave their
reaction to her resignation. Take and listen.


RUTHANNE DOLEZAL, RACHEL MOTHER: I noticed in her letter of resignation
there was no actual addressing of the issue of being dishonest about her
ethnicity, nor was there any apology. I pray that she will take the steps
necessary to embrace her true personal identity and not feel compelled any
longer to be false or malicious toward her family.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight MSNBC Political Analyst Michael Eric Dyson,
Professor of Georgetown University. Professor, your reaction to the events
that unfolded today.

that her parents want her to pledge fealty and fidelity and loyalty to her
true roots, you know, but what Rachel had suggested that is that she has
embrace an African-American culture of black identity that seems to run
counter to what her parents desire. Now I understand people get upset on
the black side on the white side saying look just be who you are and still
stand up for which you stand up for. I get that Ed, but on the
(inaudible), you know those of us who talk about racist to social construct
that is more complicated.

Bill Clinton is the first black president though he didn`t try to claim he
was black. It means that she may not be African-American but she certainly
could be black in a cultural sense. She`s taking on the ideas the
identities the struggles she`s identified with them I`ve been a lot more
black people with support Rachel Dolezal than what supports say Clarence

So the point is how do we talk about useful blackness the utility of
blackness and the service of justice and I think here we haven`t answer
that question yet.

SCHULTZ: Well, you bring up a very profound point, what`s the down side of
someone who wants to be in the struggle and make a wrong right.

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: Does she need to apologize as you see it. Does Rachel Dolezal is
such a personal issue or did she do she harm to the NAACP?

DYSON: I don`t think she did harm to the NAACP. There are many people who
let her commitment and I think her commitment is profound and I think it`s
just and I think it`s beautiful. If she feels like apologizing to people
that she may have personally mislead who felt, "Oh, I thought you were
black and you weren`t". But then we got ask a broader question, what is it
mean to be black? How do we signified that blackness in the culture were
blackness is complicated. She`s not the son of Tom Hanks who wants the use
the N word thinking that he is...


DYSON: ... earn the right even as a white guy to her (inaudible) against
an African-American person. That`s not what she`s doing, she`s trying to
eradicative and erase all the visages of racism in the broader culture and
I think her parents have to be press a little bit, what is your over
investment in insisting that she be white. I mean this is a complicated
issue here that needs to be talked about in much more sophisticated terms.

SCHULTZ: No doubt, Michael Eric Dyson always a pleasure. Thanks for...

DYSON: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: ... joining since last week, appreciated.

DYSON: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Still to come the Rapid Response Panel on Hillary Clinton`s
progressive push.

And later, a new documentary series takes a look at the fishy business of
illegal seafood that could be hiding your table at home. Do you know where
it came from?

Stay tune, your watching the Ed Show on MSNBC. We`ll be right back.

Market Wrap.

Stocks sink as worry persist about Greece (ph). The DOW falls 107 points,
the S&P is off 9 and the NASDAQ ends down 21 points.

GAP shares are higher after hours. The company is closing 175 stores over
the next few years. It`s also cutting 250 jobs at its corporate
headquarters. And target shares grows more than 1 percent today CVS health
is buying targets pharmacy and clinics business in a deal value to $1.9

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Hillary Clinton officially relaunched her presidential campaign on
Saturday, big deal here in New York, no doubt. She took what many are
calling a populous tune during the rally at Roosevelt Island here in New
York City. She wasted no time addressing income and inequality and took a
shot at Wall Street.


CLINTON: You see corporations making record profits, with CEOs making
record pay, but your paychecks have barely budged. While many of you are
working multiple jobs to make ends meet, you see the top 25 hedge fund
managers making more than all of America`s kindergarten teachers combined
and often paying a lower tax rate.


SCHULTZ: So, does that mean that Hillary Clinton is going to take on
income inequality head on. That would have been the perfect two words to
put in that paragraph. I`m not telling her how to do her speech but,
that`s kind of what I got out of it. Clinton made an appeal to everyday
American. She spoke about her family growing up and made this speech to
the crowd.


CLINTON: All our Presidents come into office looking so vigorous. And
then we watch their hair grow grayer and grayer.

Well, I may not be the youngest candidate in this race. But I will be the
youngest woman President in the history of the United States.


SCHULTZ: At this point, Hillary Clinton is still the frontrunner but
Senator Bernie Sanders is climbing fast in a new poll at New Hampshire. A
new poll from Morning Consult shows Hillary Clinton at 44 percent, Bernie
Sanders comes in at second at 32 percent. With the primaries still roughly
eight months away, Sanders still has plenty of time to chip away at
Clinton`s lead and Clinton has plenty of time to be well-defined on the

Joining me tonight on a Rapid Response Panel, Adam Green, Co-Founder of the
Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Genevieve Woods still with us who
was the Senior Contributor to the Daily Signal. Great to have both of you
with us.

Adam, I`m curious, your group has been very progressive, very aggressive
when it comes to populous issues around the country. Your reaction to
Hillary Clinton`s relaunch with that someone of a theme that`s been picked
up by the media that is all about the populist. Your thoughts.

ADAM GREEN, CO-FOUNDER, PCCC: Yeah. So first, the good news. It`s clear
that Hillary Clinton wants to be known as an economic populist candidate.
This is a vast departure from Bill Clinton who wanted to be known as a
corporate Democrat when he ran. And her campaign is even using the words
bold progressive which happens to our tag lines.

So, it`s good if that`s where she wants to be and well-said is that the
center of gravity in the Democratic Party is moving away from corporate
Democrats and in a populist direction. That`s a good news.

You know, more than (ph) uses that she correctly identified a lot of
problems facing our nation. The one area that she didn`t go into are the
solutions. You know, a lot of rhetoric that she used could lead to big
bold economic populist ideas or more smaller bore boilerplate Democratic
ideas and our hope is that she goes bold in his election cycle.

SCHULTZ: All right. I want to play a clip of a Clinton campaign
spokesperson describing Hillary Clinton`s agenda. Here it is. Get your


FINNEY: And then we had a launch speech, where I actually thought it was a
bold progressive agenda, quite frankly, and I think she made her case.


SCHULTZ: They`re describing it as a bold progressive agenda. Would you
embrace that?

GREEN: Again, We would certainly embrace the term bold progressive. But
it was a correct analysis of the problem. But again, with the solutions,
let me give you a couple examples. You know, she said that CEO`s and hedge
fund managers shouldn`t be the only one sharing in prosperity. But that`s
not actually saying that she`s going to do anything about their pay. She`s
not saying that those who have ill-gotten gains will be taken on, that Wall
Street will be held accountable, right?

We need to hear that from her. We need to hear that Hillary Clinton will
challenge power, that she proposed big bold solutions to problems.


GREEN: And, you know, that`s a way to look forward to in the future.

SCHULTZ: Genevieve, where`s the weakness here?

WOODS: Well, the weakness is and I understand the predicament that the
Democrats are in. They got to project this progressive agenda they want
onto Hillary whether she is honest in what she is saying or not. But what
is she going to say? I mean, all these that she is talking about that are
problems. What been going off for the past eight years under Barack Obama
who is a progressive President. What is she going to do differently than
what he`s been doing? She didn`t announce anything.

And let`s be clear, nobody more than the Clinton`s have been tied to
corporate money. When you look at the Clinton Foundation and all the money
funding in there, it`s very hard for her to say she`s going to...


WOODS: ... distance herself from that world, the trade deal that you`ve
talked about as been a problem, where is she in the Export-Import Bank in
this is kind of crony capitalism.

I mean, frankly, there are a lot of moderates out there I would argue that
conservatives and liberals are both going to be fighting over who don`t
like crony capitalism. And I don`t know that Hillary although however,
it`s going to be the Democrat can do that and I think that`s why she`s got
a challenge.


WOOD: And I just want the Democrat to have a challenge though I have to
say is because even though Bernie Sanders maybe doing OK right now in the
polls. I don`t think most people think he`s going to be a very a serious
challenger in serious.

SCHULTZ: Well, I do. I think...

WOOD: And so, they got to hope she is the best thing we got.

SCHULTZ: I think, he`s going to be a very serious challenger and in fact,
I`m surprised Adam at that number 42 or what was it? 44 to 32. I mean, I
think, this is someone of a -- early surprise, your thoughts.

GREEN: There is a rising economic populist tied in America. Genevieve is
right that neither people in the left nor the right want crony capitalism.
And Bernie Sanders as he states -- stands up against the TPP as he calls
for, you know, real measures that will make college way more affordable as
he calls for expanding Social Security benefits. These are not 50-50


GREEN: They`re usually 70, you know, 20 issues with 10 percent undecided.

SCHULTZ: And finally...

GREEN: So, in Hillary Clinton will do better if she tries more and more to
sound like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and if she plays the
cautious and is it really to truly whole power accountable, that`s what
will, you know, take her numbers accountable.

WOOD: Yeah. But in all being said he always comes down of the details.
When everything Hillary talked about how the big price tag of attach to it,
she didn`t talk about how we are going to pay for anything that she was
for. Yeah, we all want college to be cheaper but her idea, how she going
to make it cheaper just from giving loans? Well, doesn`t make college
cheaper. We don`t have the money to pay for that. What`s going to her
answer and I think that`s going to be the real debate we essentially.

SCHULTZ: Well, her answer would be tax increase is I would think.

WOOD: Well, and that -- but that`s a.

SCHULTZ: And getting people to pay their fair share.

WOOD: Yeah. But Ed, in this.

SCHULTZ: That is something that she has said before.

WOOD: Yeah. But let`s talk about with that -- the point is with things
like education, the more government`s got involved, the more expensive
college has gotten and that`s the kind of debate we ought to be having.
Not these...

SCHULTZ: OK. And we will have that at another time. It`s great to have
both of you with us. Adam Green, Genevieve Wood, I appreciate the

WOOD: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Still ahead, shark attacks put North Carolina beach goers and
residents on alert while another danger in our oceans could have a major
impact on our seafood supply. We`ll have the details coming up. You know,
where that food came from?


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are here. Here are the results of tonight`s Bing
Pulse Poll. Tonight`s question, "Has Hillary Clinton been clear on trade?"

39 percent of you say "Yes". 61 percent of you say "No". Keep voting
until the end of the hour at and we are coming right
back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And at tonight`s Two-Minute Drill, it`s today`s catch. It`s only
June 15th, in fact, it`s not even summer yet. I think Americans need to
really understand what a great vacation is, so I`ve got the key right here

No deadlines, no commitments, no worries, just go and it`s amazing what a
big fish will do for you. Catch about 40 of those in an hour and you ain`t
going to thinking about the TPP anymore.

Rounding out tonight`s Two-Minute Drill, the Golden State Warriors have a
golden opportunity. Golden State has battled back from a two-game deficit
in the finals to take a 3-2 series lead. They are now one win away from
the team`s first title in 40 years speaking (ph) to the NBA, wouldn`t it?

Warriors walked away with a 104-91 victory of the Cleveland Cavs on Sunday
night. Steph Curry led the Warriors with 37 points on the night. LeBron
James, I don`t know the stellar performance for the Cavs with his second
triple-double of the series. The king will try to hold off the Warriors on
his home court in Cleveland on Tuesday. Good series.

Stick around. Lots more coming up on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show. People in North Carolina are on
edged tonight after two separate shark attacks on Sunday off the Coast of
Oak Island. A 12-year-old girl had her left arm amputated below the elbow
and received damage to her left lower leg. The 16-year old boy had his
left arm amputated from below the shoulder. Local officials have asked
beach goers to be cautious and of course they will be.

We want to bring your attention to other ocean news tonight, other related
news to the oceans. Fishing crimes which you don`t hear a whole lot about.
One of the biggest illegal money makers in the world on par with selling
drugs. Illegal fishing and fraud is part of a global black market valued
up to $23 billion, an estimated 32 percent of wild-caught seafood brought
to the United States is imported illegally.

Do you know what`s on your kitchen table? A well-known case begin in 2004
when Fishing Magnate Arnold Bengis was convicted of smuggling sea bass and
rock lobster from South Africa and getting rich doing it. A new
investigative documentary series called Food Crimes premiered today. The
first episode examines the world of illegal fishing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today, the industry watch where this traceability, the
attempt to follow the demanded (ph) and twisted path from net to deck, the
processing plant to other processing plant back to deck to whole cellar, to
chef to play. It`s a lie. If you remember that nine of every 10 fish
eaten in the U.S. is imported.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s a big push now to ensure that fish coming in
imported from overseas is traceable, harvested from sustainable sources and
labeled correctly as to species.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight, Christine Haughney, the Journalist behind the
Food Crimes Series. Very interesting and very eye opening. How much going
on kitchen tables in America is legal and illegal?

extraordinary amount of illegal fish that`s out there. Nearly 1/3 of the
fish that we consume is illegal. And if you`re looking at how much of it
is international, over the last 20 years, we`ve gone from roughly 50
percent of our fish being imported to 90 percent of our fish being

SCHULTZ: There`s no regulation to stop this at all or any oversight at
all? What -- how do this evolve to this point?

HAUGHNEY: There is a lot of regulation. I think a lot of government
agencies are trying to keep up that the resources are limited. I mean,
roughly two percent of our fish is actually inspected because there`s just
limited resources to inspect and keep up with this global fishing business.

SCHULTZ: So, if I go to my local food store, I can say that only two
percent of the fish that I see in the -- on the ice there has been

HAUGHNEY: Yes. Yeah. And that`s our -- according to research done by the
Marine Policy Journal.

SCHULTZ: OK. What`s the most shocking thing that you personally came
across in doing the research for this series?

HAUGHNEY: What I found that was incredibly shocking was just the high
percentage of illegality that comes to fish that nearly 1/3 of the fish we
consume is illegal. Needs to get extraordinary number and then, how much
money people make from illegal fishing.

Arnold Bengis as you mentioned made something like $56 million in three
years. And, you know, for the time he served in prison, it`s next to

SCHULTZ: Is it unsafe?

HAUGHNEY: In some cases, that can be unsafe. Yes. We can`t track where
all of our fish is coming from. We can`t track what the kind of water
that`s been farmed in. So, it arguably can be unsafe.

SCHULTZ: Is the federal government doing enough? Do they have the
resources to do more, I guess? What did you find out there?

HAUGHNEY: I found in my reporting, I actually spent quite a bit of time
with no agents and they are working day and night to keep up. Do they have
the resources? They have very limited resources. I think there`s roughly
90 agents to inspect the entire nation`s fish supply.

SCHULTZ: And finally Christine, what are we doing to the global supply of
fish? Has that changed a lot over the last 20 years?

HAUGHNEY: They`re definitely been challenges with fish being kind of wiped
out. We -- there is a lot of kind of attempt that fisheries management
happening and, you know, fish can -- in some types of fish can be
incredibly sustainable and can turn itself around. Arnold Bengis nearly
wiped out the rock lobster population of South African. That has come
back, you know, despite his best efforts to make tremendous money from

SCHULTZ: Christine Haughney, great work. Thanks for you time tonight. I
appreciate it.

HAUGHNEY: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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