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The Ed Show for Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

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Date: June 24, 2015
Guest: Bob Shrum, Genevieve Wood, Tim Ryan, Maxine Waters, Greg Stewart

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from New York.

Let`s get to work.


SCHULTZ: Tonight, elephants stampede.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Republican race for president already has 12

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bobby Jindal makes it 13.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Probably won`t be the last.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Chris Christie could announce his campaign as early as
next week.

SCHULTZ: Plus, on the Fast-Track.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH) HOUSE SPEAKER: If I were focus on sending
another good job bill, after the President and that`s a trade promotion

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is something that President want the legacy. He
was so happy yesterday that he actually embraced Joe Biden.

SCHULTZ: Later, defender of the confederacy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s very easy to beat up on debt (ph) presenters.
Senators are entitled to do crowd or rubbery.

SCHULTZ: And heck of a catch.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.
Going to start with some Breaking News from down south Louisiana Governor
Bobby Jindal has announced he`s running for president. He`s about to take
the podium down in Kenner, Louisiana for his official announcement. When
steps up we`ll take a few minutes of it. But let`s take a quick look at
Governor Jindal`s record as the Louisiana governor. It`s not pretty.

Jindal recently passed the Religious Freedom Executive Order giving
companies the right to discriminate against gay consumers. He slashed
money from states higher education system. Higher education in the state
of Louisiana is currently facing a $1.6 billion budget shortfall this year
in 2015. How do run on that?

He`s refused to expand Medicaid under Obamacare in Louisiana. Over 16
percent of Louisiana residents are uninsured. It`s one of the highest
rates in the nation.

Jindal slashed millions from the states STD prevention budget and prevented
new plan parenthood clinics from opening up. He`s given over a billion
dollars in tax breaks to wealthy corporations including the Fracking
Industry, big connection to oil in Louisiana, no doubt.

Now, this is just the shortlist. Unfortunately for Jindal the polling
looks as bad as his record. The latest NBC News Wall Street Journal poll
has Jindal in 14th place with less than 1 percent. So what is -- how even
this around? What`s he thinking?

Not far away is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who`s at 4 percent. The
scandal plague New Jersey Governor could make his presidential announcement
later than next week. Christie might be looking for job because he`s New
Jersey approval rating is pretty much in the tank right now.

Over the last month since January of 2013 Christie`s approval rating is
dropped 43 points down to 30 percent. It`s the lowest number ever with 55
percent of the voters disapproving of the governor of New Jersey.

Meanwhile, here we go. Donald Trump, now he maybe polling pretty low
nationally, but where it counts early on, he`s doing pretty good or could
we say he`s hired. In New Hampshire his doing well a new poll out of the
Granite State show`s that Donald Trump in second place in 11 percent.

Now, just behind Jeb Bush, ask yourself a question, do you think Jindal
would like to be in second place in New Hampshire?

On Tuesday Donald Trump gave a speech at a dinner for Maryland Republicans.
Trump immediately took a shot at the Republican frontrunner Bush.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENCIAL CANDIDATE 2016: I can`t believe Bush is in
first place. You know, what, some people are trilled. I`m not trilled.
How could Bush be in first place? This guy can`t negotiate his way out of
paper bag.


SCHULTZ: Trump of course criticized President Obama`s negotiating skills.


TRUMP: We have a president, who honestly sending a negotiated. I don`t
what him negotiating for me. Anything he makes, he makes a deals. He
doesn`t know what a good deal is. He`s a terrible negotiator. Some people
would say he`s in confident. I would not say that. That is (inaudible).


SCHULTZ: Donald Trump also made a clear he makes a lot of money for
speeches and he`s going to take it.


TRUMP: Another report just came out said I`m the highest paid speaker in
the world, you saw that, right? Over a million bucks is speech. Is that
right? More than Clinton. And by the way we need, you know, that I get
nothing. I don`t have to do something for somebody to get the speech. I
mean, listen just to speech.


SCHULTZ: So at least Donald Trump is keeping things interesting. We`re
expected to take a little bit of Bobby Jindal`s announcement when we get
that shot from Louisiana. We`ll hear a few words from him even though he`s
polling at 1 percent.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Can Donald Trump win the New Hampshire primary?" Go to to cast your vote. And we`ll bring you the results
later on in the show.

For more let me bring in Bob Shrum Democratic Strategist and Warschaw
Professor of Politics at USC, Genevieve Wood joins us tonight the Senior
Contributor with the Daily Signal.

OK, whether you like him, you think he`s a clown, whatever, he`s policies.
He`s polling OK, where it counts early on Bob Shrum. What do you make of
Trump early on? It`s almost as if out there make everybody else life
miserable in the Republican ticket.

BOB SHRUM, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, I think that`s true. Look, he`s a
caricature not a candidate. And at the end of the day Republican primarily
voters are going to look him and say "You`re fired".

But in the meantime if you look inside that New Hampshire poll, you
understand that while might be in second place he doesn`t have a lot of
room to grow, because he`s unfavorables (ph) are very, very high. On the
other hand I think there`s a very good chance he`s going to be in those
Republicans debates. And as just saw by the way in that speech in
Maryland, when he stands on the stage with the other candidates, he`s going
to be a nonstop machine attacking them.

So I guess I`m happy that he`s in the race because I think it`s going to
help Democrats. And by the way I`d be trilled if he was the Republican
Nominee. He`d lose in the landslide.

SCHULTZ: Well, it`d be good cable news. There`s no question about that.
He offers up a sound bite every 30 seconds. Genevieve, all right, what
about this, you know, you`ve got Trump who`s got the TV moxie, he`s
polished, he can speak.


SCHULTZ: And he has this air about him. I have everything to gain and
nothing to lose.

WOOD: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: That`s a tough dynamic to face isn`t it?

WOOD: Well, and his also -- let`s not forget he`s got his own money.

SHRUM: Right.

WOOD: He`s not dependent on a lot of other folks out there having a race a
small dollar donation for folks, his got he`s own money. But look and he`s
also got a well known name. He`s better known and probably over a half the
other running currently in the GOP building (ph) including a number of the

But it takes more than that to win a nomination. And so I agree with a lot
what Bob just said. I think he`s going to make a splash.

Look, he`s clear successful in the business arena. I think a lot of people
admire that, a Washington probably could learn a lot from Donald Trump.
But I do think that there`s a negative that come with his candidacy. So,
you know, how long it will go we`ll have to see.

SCHULTZ: All right. Now Genevieve, what does Bobby Jindal bring to the
table? I listen some of the things that aren`t real good about some of the
things that unfolded while he was a governor of Louisiana. Clearly he`s a
tax great guy for corporation, he has defunded education. I mean, these
are things that just don`t pull very well with average everyday folks.
What he bring to the table and what`s he thinking polling so poorly. How
can he not see what`s happening.

WOOD: Well, I think Bobby Jindal has been a very reformed minded governor.
He`s done a lot when it comes to education. I know you don`t like school
choice and educational choice. But I do and a lot of Republicans the
conservative do. And I think increasingly the more Americans know about
it, the more they like school choice. He`s been a leader on that front.
He`s done a lot on the healthcare reform arena.

So I think, look, like a lot of the other people running especially in the
number of governors. He is going to be able to put real policy measures on
the table. Bobby Jindal is a very smart man.


WOOD: He knows policy inside. Now he`s been accused of being a walk at
times. So, I think he`s going to impress many people who today don`t know
who he is.

SCHULTZ: Well, the only issue that I`ve got with all of these Republican
governors that are cutting the billion dollars in education and not
delivering a better product. No ones ever proven to me you can cut a
billion and come up with something better. Yeah, you can get choice.

WOOD: Well, Ed.

SCHULTZ: And that`s going to help out the rich folks. There`s no doubt
about that.

WOOD: Common lets give them.

SCHULTZ: But the resources on the resources.

WOOD: Let`s give their policies have the time to work that we`ve given the
national education bureaucracy over the past 30 years to work, when their
interest just spent more money and our grade keep going down.

I think Jindal, Governor Jeb Bush when he was governor in Florida and
others have some good ideas and that`s what`s going to play out in this
debate. I mean, that`s what I`m excited about. The other a lot of people
running but there are a lot of smart people running who had new ideas, real
reform ideas. And I want to hear them to bring it up.

SCHULTZ: Well, I`m willing to listen to new ideas. But because closing
school is not what you do to neighborhood. That`s just my philosophy. I
mean, I`ve seen public education in this country worked for a long time.
And are there, you know, places in America where you can do a heck a lot of
better, absolutely.

WOOD: Yes.

SCHULTZ: No doubt about it. But you`re not going to make it better by
cutting the billion dollars and no one ever won an election on the hills of
talking like that to the people saying "Hey, you know, what, I cut a
billion dollars in my education fund, elect me. What about that Bob Shrum?
What does Jindal bring to table?

SHRUM: Well, Genevieve and I are going to be in real disagreement here. I
don`t think he bring much to the table. He has a poisonous relationship
with his own legislature with a lot of the GOP party in Louisiana. David
Vitter who`s going to run for governor and I think probably be elected next
year was the senator from Louisiana can`t stand him doesn`t like being in
the same room with him.

Look, with the 1 percent draw in those Republican polls. He`s not going to
get into the debates unless he improves he`s position materially. But he`s
not a very good campaigner. He doesn`t come across this presidential. And
by the way you want to talk health reform. How can he brag about health
reform when you have one of the highest rates of people without...


SHRUM: ... health insurance in the country. Look, ever since Donald Trump
announced and now we have Jindal and we`re soon going to have Christie. We
have a motorcade of Republican candidates. I mean, just car, after car,
after car. But right now we`re talking about the clown car. I don`t think
any of these guys has a serious chance to become the Republican nominee.

SCHULTZ: What about Christie? Can he lead the New Jersey baggage behind
to do something nationally?

SHRUM: You know, Ted Kennedy use to say that in politics when the door
opens you have to go through it. 2012 in my view was Christie`s door. He
could have been Republican nominee and he could be a formidable candidate.
But since then we`ve had to embrace to President Obama during the
hurricane, we`ve had bridge gate, we`ve had an economic mess in New Jersey
with the states credit rating constantly down grade it and maybe even more

What was a kind of attractive stick in 2011 and 2012, the perception that
this guy was straightforward in candidate has shifted. And he`s now seen
by a lot of people as a bully and someone who won`t listen. So I think,
you know, nominate him. One thing I`m very sure of this Hillary Clinton
will carry New Jersey.

SCHULTZ: OK. And Genevieve, what about Christie? Can he lead New Jersey
baggage behind and is it too late for him to get in right now? Of course I
don`t think it is because nobody`s really running away with it.

WOOD: You know, I mean.

SCHULTZ: Jeb seems to be consistently leading all the polls but not by

WOOD: Now, I don`t think anybody right now knows who`s going to win the
nomination. You maybe able to name a couple of they say they`re definitely
not going to get it. But nobody knows for sure who`s going to get this
thing. And look, I think elections ought to be about idea.

SCHULTZ: What about Christie?

WOOD: And we only -- well, so let me say. We only allow people to jump
in, who were sure their going to win. But basically each party just maybe
have one person get up there and we don`t have to have any real debate
because as we see on democratic side, you`re not having a lot of debate
about ideas or talk about ideas right now, because you don`t have to.

I think on the Republican side having multiple voices, multiple ideas will
bring forth a lot better debates on ideas themselves. And look, Chris
Christie, you know, you talk about is he popular in New Jersey, Bobby
Jindal, is he popular in Louisiana?


WOOD: My guess that you also remember Al Gore didn`t win his home state of
Tennessee. I want to guess Hillary Clinton doesn`t win Arkansas even
though she lived there for a number of years. This is a national election
not just state by state.

SCHULTZ: Why doesn`t it the Republican Party take the position, whoever is
running we`re going to get them on stage no matter where their polling
because we want to make sure we exploit all ideas to the American people.
What about ideas? I mean, you could put names on the hat and draw him and
have a lottery and this candidates going to this debate.

WOOD: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: This candidates going to that debate. I mean, they`re excluding
voices. I mean, polls don`t mean anything if you got money.

WOOD: Right. Well, but Ed. Listen.

SCHULTZ: Either the Republicans have made sure there`s plenty of money

WOOD: Who knows? I agree with you. But I think we have to really
seriously think more, maybe rethink. The House of the debates are going to
be set up. I mean, just the people polling in the top 10. I don`t know
maybe that`s a good idea. But I don`t know that every debate has to follow
the same rules in that sense.


WOOD: Because I think anybody willing (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: I want to hear him all, I want to see him all of there. I want
to see a bunch of camera shots. No doubt.

WOOD: Well, but it has to be done in a way that we could actually have a
discussion. I would hope agree with that.

SCHULTZ: All right, Bob Shrum, Genevieve Wood I do. Thank you so much.

SHRUM: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thank you for joining us tonight.

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Coming up, a huge news day for Fast-Track in Congress, it`s unfolding at
this hour. House Democrats could be flipping in a big way on TAA, which
would pave the way for what I say is a bogus trade deal. The Trans-Pacific
Partnership, we`re talking to key House Democrats next.

And later, Bill Kristol defense of confederate history is turning heads.
We`ll have a reaction from the Rapid Response Panel.

Stay with us. You`re watching the Ed Show. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are coming in on the Donald. Here`s where we
stand on tonight`s Bing Pulse Poll. Tonight`s questions, "Can Donald Trump
win the New Hampshire primary?"

53 percent of you say "Oh yeah", 47 not so sure. Keep on voting throughout
the hour at

We`re coming right back. Lot`s more in the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We`ve got some Breaking News at
this hour. Moments ago the United States Senate voted to give President
Obama Fast-Track, that`s Trade Promotional Authority by a vote of 60 to 38.
TPA is officially headed to the president desk. The bill has no Trade
Adjustment Assistance included in the language for displaced workers.

Now, the Senate is expected to take that up and pass TAA tonight. It will
head to the House for a vote tomorrow. The feature of adjustment
assistance for folks who lose their job in this economy they get retrained.
The future of that in the House became a little bit more clearer today.

Earlier this month Nancy Pelosi blocked TAA in an effort to derail Fast-
Track and the TPP, after the bills were split apart. Well, she`s changing
her mind at this hour. She wrote a letter to Democratic House members
today saying "While we may not all vote in the same manner on TAA, I will
support its passage because it can open the door to a full debate on TPP,
Trans-Pacific Partnership". The big trade deal which I think stinks, but

Republicans are generally opposed, generally opposed to adjustment
assistance. They think it`s going to cost the government too much money to
retool workers in our economy although it appears Democrats are ready to
give President Obama the vote he needs to see TAA pass. If the President
gets Fast-Track with adjustment assistance, it will pave the way for the
largest trade deal this countries ever done. 40 percent of the global
economy and that is the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Meanwhile, a new report out shows the Trans-Pacific Partnership does not
address the Value Added Tax. The President has been selling the TPP as a
tariff-free way to export goods that would boost the economy here in
America. But even with tariff-free access. 10 of 11 TPP countries can
still impose this tax. 19 percent for Chile, 18 percent for Peru, 16
percent in Mexico, that`s getting goods in there. 15 percent in New
Zealand, 8 percent in Japan and so on and it also depends on what goods are
being shipped in, on what the tariff is going to be.

The only country with no value added tax is Brunei. Maybe that`s why the
President likes him so much. So even with TPP, U.S. goods will still be
subject to high tariffs. So, how are we going to get goods out of this

Now, on the flip side the United States has no value added tax. They could
just get their goods in here so foreign goods can just flood the United
States market. Tariff-free, commentary tonight. I`ve cover this for over
a year.

At this hour I don`t recognize President Obama anymore, I don`t know who
this guy is, this is not what he campaigned on, I`m totally confused at
everything he has done through out this entire process. It`s been a lot a
generic talk and the sell job but no specifics and promises that have never
been lived up to.

The President, remember, never mentioned the word about this massive trade
agreement during the 2012 reelection campaign, I happen to listen to him
quite a bit in 2012. In fact President Obama made outsourcing in the
actions of Mitt Romney closing down plans a focal point of his campaign.

Let it be said, beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is the biggest win Wall
Street has ever had when it`s come to trade, there`s never been a bigger
deal, it`s also the biggest lost, labor has ever had in this country a real
black guy. It seems to me this President has turned his back on a very
people that put him in office, he wouldn`t have been there in 2008 and he
would had never been reelected in 2012 had he not had labor behind them.

Every union in this county had said no to this the President is turn his
back on and him said "Well, this is what we`re going to do, I can`t figure
it out it must be some national security thing that we`ve going to have
military presence and bunch of bases and that part of the world because of
the end of the day, we`re really worried about China and we sure as hell
don`t want to get and shoot and match with them.

For more let me bring in Congress and Tim Ryan of Ohio and Congresswoman
Maxine Waters of California. Two advocates for workers, no doubt about it.
Congressman, let me ask you first, what has unraveled for the Democrats in
this process in the last 24 hours because TAA was really the last hope that
would turn this whole trade thing around, your thoughts.

REP. TIM RYAN, (D) OHIO: Well we got some clarity with the Senate passing
the TPA given the President the authority to negotiate without any
amendments from the House, that train has left the station that`s going to
pass, they have the votes in the House of Representatives there in the
senate, the president`s going to sign it, train left the station.

And I think now we`re face with the Congresswoman Waters and I, and our
colleagues are face with, you know, those same people that have been
displaced in the past from NAFTA and CAFTA and now will be displaced from
this trade agreement whether or not we`re going to do anything for them and
I think that`s the position that we`re all in and I think, you know, we
have to help them. I have one of the highest concentrations of TAA
members, healthcare tax credit members of any congressional district in the
entire country and here these folks are being used this upon in this game
and now we`re force to choose, you know, we`re going to have to help to the
extend that we can.

But I think to watched democrats pass this bill Ed, is a tragedy and I will
say that I can`t believe not only did democrats vote for this bill, we
think it a damn thing for it, we didn`t get a transportation bill, we
didn`t get an increase in Pell Grant, we didn`t get campaign finance
reform. We have the major corporations coming to this place get exactly
what they want, the pharmaceutical industries getting exactly what we want,
but if you look at immigration, human trafficking, some of this other
issues that are going to be in the trade agreement, those provisions have
all been diminished.


RYAN: So we didn`t get a damn thing in this thing and the American workers
left to suffer and now we`ve got a throng (ph) cramps like we always have.
And it`s a shame that`s a tragedy what`s happened here.

SCHULTZ: Congresswoman Waters, some may come to the conclusion that
Democrats didn`t fight to the finish, what`s your response?

REP. MAXINE WATERS, (D), CALIFORNIA: Oh no, we fought and we fought very
hard, as a matter of fact, we won when we refused to allow them to trick us
in voting for the trade adjustment along with the Fast-Track authority, we
beat them, but then the Republicans went and vote it for the agreement for
the President to have this authority and they send it over to the Senate
and Senate that`s agree to it.

So we got out maneuvered. They used a lot of tricks and so what they have
basically done is they have taken the trade adjustment authority and
they`ve coupled it with goal. That is trade with Africa so that it would
handicap of (inaudible)...

SCHULTZ: That would have passed anyway.

WATERS: It would have passed but what they trying to do was, they try to
get the authority for the President to have this authority to move forward
by coupling it with the trade adjustment.


WATERS: And we would not allow that so they came back and the Republicans
got their way. Yes?

SCHULTZ: Congresswoman, give us your true assessment of President Obama on
this issue, never talked about it in 2012 of the run up to reelection, it
was being negotiated. We all know this is going to outsource jobs or we
would even be talking about TAA, Trade Adjustment Assistance for displaced
workers. I mean, is this the President Obama that you thought was elected?
I mean, is it this -- isn`t he turning his back on the middle class?

WATERS: Well, you know that we are extremely disappointed. We did not
want him any president to have the authority by which to go and negotiate
without Congress having the ability to vote, to amend, to really be
involved in anyway. What we have now is the possibility that we are going
to have a trade plan that simply will come to the Congress and we can look
at it, but we can`t amend, we can`t do anything.

SCHULTZ: This is for six years...

WATERS: And there a lot of issues to be dealt with, yes.

SCHULTZ: This isn`t

RYAN: Right.

SCHULTZ: ... just for the rest of Obama, this is for six years the next...

WATERS: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: ... president is going to have to deal with this, so there`s
going to be more trade agreements Congressman Ryan coming down the pipe
that could be worst than this one.

RYAN: Well, there`s no question about it if you get a Republican
president, there`s going to be -- it`s going to happen even quicker and
what`s stunning is, we have the evidence Ed, you`ve been Ohio, I`ve seen
you there many times, you seen what is happen in our communities after
NAFTA after CAFTA. We have the evidence.


RYAN: You know, we can see what the end result of these things are and yet
we`ve chose to do it anyway and staying for another six years whatever
president comes in the office, you know, they`re going to have the


RYAN: ... to negotiate this, just bring it the Congress for an up or down
vote. Maxine Waters, Tim Ryan, we don`t have the opportunity to put a
labor amendment in there.



RYAN: Human trafficking amendment in there...


RYAN: ... nothing, we are up now or down and these things already have
being negotiated...

WATERS: And we`re going to watch...

RYAN: ... we`re going to have to say.

WATERS: that watch good jobs...

SCHULTZ: The multi-nationals.

WATERS: ... go offshore, yes.

SCHULTZ: That the corporations a multi-nationals now run the United States
government they play a big, big hand, a bigger hand that they than ever

RYAN: Ed, Ed.

SCHULTZ: And president that keeps talking about all this customers that 95
percent of the customers are outside of the United States. 80 percent of
the people that live on face off this earth, make less than $10 a day,
where are all this new customers going to come from?

RYAN: Yeah.

WATERS: I don`t know, what I see is exporting jobs offshore.

RYAN: Yes.

WATERS: To these countries that are paying their people penny`s a day or
penny`s an hour to do this work and we`re going to lose jobs and lose
manufacturing that we`re trying to build up here in this country and not do
good job creation here.

SCHULTZ: All right.

WATERS: And I think is going to hurt our economy.

RYAN: It is.

WATERS: I`m really concerned about.

SCHULTZ: It is going to hurt it economy.

RYAN: But, let me just say quickly, the number one issue here is campaign
finance reform, we have got to get the money out of this political system
it`s corrupted the system the average person knows that the deck the stack
against them, they see it particularly with this issue here, we`ve got to
clean up the money and politics.


RYAN: Because that`s was driving the whole machine. We can talk about
trade, tax, cuts, whatever you want to talk about. Behind that is the
massive amounts of money that`s in the political system and until we fix
that problem this system is going to continue to be corroded.

SCHULTZ: All right Congressman Tim Ryan, Congresswoman Maxine Water.
Waters, I appreciate you keep it up the fight, thanks for joining us

And one final comment. Donald Trump is been working over the President on
his negotiating skills, to the credit of the president, looks like he did a
pretty good job on this one he got exactly what he wanted for the
corporations and Wall Street, who had would ever thought.

Still ahead, Bill Kristol is worried about Americans loosing respect, for
confederate history. Rapid Response Panel, we`ll give Kristol a refresher
course to the American history 101 and next time.

Coming up the manhunt for the two escape murderers continues in Upstate New
York, we`ll bring you the latest from the ground, Owls Head, New York.

Stay with us we`re right back on the Ed show.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.
The massive hunt for fugitive convicts in Upstate New York is now in day
19. Law enforcement has focused the search for David Sweat and Richard
Matt in 75 miles of thick rugged forest. Searchers found DNA and other
clues in a cabin in the woods just 30 miles from the prison where the men


believe that they were at the point last seen, where that cabin is. Their
distance from that cabin could be extensive if their travel was unimpeded,
with this 75 miles square area and that`s being generous that`s the primary
search area, they could have made it our before law enforcement could have
encircle them. The fact to the matter is, we are not limiting our
investigation to Owls Head, we`re continuing to look nationwide and we have
all the essence there disposal, U.S. Marshall`s, FBI and others to take
this thing nationwide and around the world if necessary.


SCHULTZ: Police say they have received and pursued 2,200 different leads
in this searched. Meanwhile, we`re learning more bizarre details about the
former prison worker Joyce Mitchell`s involvement and helping the pair
escaped from the facility.

For more let me bring in Adam Reiss coming to us live tonight from Owls
Head, New York. Adam, what`s the latest?

ADAM REISS, OWLS HEAD NY: Good evening Ed. Lots of leads, lots of dead
ends, very frustrating for law enforcement here yesterday, we were in town
of Mountain View not far from here they thought they have their men at that
location they swarm the area, they came empty, after that they want to
Titus Mountain here in the Adirondacks also came up empty.

This afternoon they went to Malone about 10 miles from here they had a tip,
they surrounded the house. Again, empty they`ve got a thousand searchers
running down 2,200 leads all they have is the last known location where
they found some items, they`ve found some underwear`s possibly some food,
DNA and today they tell us is possible they left a bloody sock. And even
more importantly they may have made off with the shot gun that would make
the search even more dangerous for the searchers.

Ed, officials today spoke at news conference. They said they want to make
sure these guys are on the run they`re looking over their shoulder not
having a moment of rest.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t want them to have a restful, peaceful night,
putting their head on any pillow, whether it ends here today in Owls Head
or whether it`s, you know, indeterminate amount of time going forward, we
will resolve this case and capture these individuals return to corrections.


REISS: We`ll almost three weeks in, not one confirm siting, Ed.

SCHULTZ: That is amazing and that was my next question Adam, where in day
number 19 and there`s been no confirmed visual of either one of this
convicts, what is law enforcement say about that?

REISS: That`s absolutely correct, they`ve had all this leads, some false
alarms, someone saw somebody jumping a fence, somebody saw somebody in
Philadelphia that fit this, you know, the description getting into taxi. I
can tell you moments ago we saw state police vehicles racing out of here,
once we don`t know where they`re going, we don`t know if it`s a good solid
lead or if it`s another one that`s going to turn out to be a false lead.

SCHULTZ: Adam Reiss reporting from Owls Head, New York, great to have you
with us tonight. Thank you, Adam.

Stick around Rapid Response Panel is next here on the Ed show.

Market Wrap.

Stocks pulled back on worries about Greece, the DOW falls 178 points the
close below the 18,000 level, the S&P off by 15, the NASDAQ sheds 37

U.S. economic growth declined in the first quarter dropping two-tenths of a
percent that was better than previous estimates that is stronger than
expected consumer spending. And shares of Bed Bath & Beyond are lower
after hours, the retailer`s earnings missed estimates, revenue was inline
with targets.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: And we are back. The Alabama governor removed the confederate
flag today from the state`s capital grounds, Governor Bentley called it,
the right thing to do. The flag still flies outside the South Carolina
State House today inside, Reverent Clementa Pinckney`s body lays an honor
for mourners to pay their respects. Some South Carolinians are still
holding on to the flag, NBC`s Ron Allen spoke with one man who stands by
the confederate symbol.


JEFF O`CAIN, SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERAN: It`s a lack of understanding of
what its play is and what it means. It`s a war memorial. It`s a battle
flag that represent it over 25,000 men from South Carolina, who perished,
for southern independent.


SCHULTZ: This seems to me the same thinking of Bill Kristol the editor of
the Weekly Standard says, we`re loosing respect for the confederacy", he
wrote in a tweet, "The lefts 21st century agenda is to expunge every trace
of respect, recognition and acknowledgment of Americans who fought for the

Kristol also says he would vote to take down the confederate flag and calls
himself a "Union Guy". His statements seem to have a sharp contrast so
let`s talk about it.

Joining me tonight in our Rapid Response Panel, Michael Eric Dyson MSNBC
Political Analyst and Professor at Georgetown University, also with us
tonight Greg Stewart, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the
Executive Director of Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis, gentlemen
thanks for your time tonight.

Mr. Stewart, I want to start with you and I`m going to give you a leading
question here if I may to qualify it. Is the reaction to the confederate
flag in the story overboard in your opinion?

say shameless, exploitation of a tragic event, and I think there`s some
other things that at play here that haven`t been discuss much but you got
to a Republican -- the national Republican Party that needs to clear that
issue before that candidates get to South Carolina. And then we maybe
seeing and I think I just saw your story on it a classic case of wag the
dog. They just passed the trade deal of that the public can got a very
little information about, because we were all from this which in of from
dead (ph) confederates over150 years ago and we got Supreme Court this
coming out with huge decisions and we`re being fed all this other
information that has nothing to do with good policy.

SCHULTZ: What should be said about the confederate flag, where do the Sons
of the Confederacy stand on this, the removal of the flag and other states
reacting to it?

STEWART: Well, the Sons of Confederate Veterans is a national (inaudible)
organization. Who`s members spend most our time in cemeteries cleaning up
cemeteries and directing monuments or cleaning monuments and that`s what we
do when we`re left alone has that`s only the purpose and we have camps all
over the different states and we talked about obscure battles in which ways
some cannon was pointed on some hills somewhere on this.

That`s what we really do, but our other charge is to defend a good name of
the confederate soldier and of course this people have been dead along time
and so attacks on their character and making them out to be monsters is
part of our charge, we need to answer that and we need to have honest
discussion which I want and I think everybody wants that. I`m a little
alarmed about the speed of things because it seems to be coordinated and,
and back for the wagging the dog. I don`t think that a public at large is
being serve with this which on that we`re seeing right now.

SCHULTZ: All right, Dr. Dyson, you hear his explanation there, should
confederate soldiers receive national respect and your thoughts on the
discussion about where Bill Kristol stands on this and this gentleman.

course, you know, we should respect all human beings and especially
American citizens. The irony of course is that we`re asking for respect in
the American culture where the confederacy tried to succeed. It is now
loyal to a succession attempt, the attempt to be disloyal to the United
States of America and to form it`s own particular country which is I find
highly ironic. But beyond that I think that Mr. Stewart, because his an
honest man and wants to have a honest conversation should acknowledge that
that flag did not -- you know, in one sense only a company people who were
fighting in a war that was about slavery despite what people say in this
about the future of this nation in regard to color, but also it was revived
most especially in the 1960`s when it was deploy as a symbol of bigotry and
hatred toward African-American people in this country...

SCHULTZ: What about Mr. Stewart?

DYSON: ... and that the goal of that flag also engages in some heinous
crimes and murders and lynching and castrations...


DYSON: ... of African-American.

SCHULTZ: What about that Mr. Stewart?

STEWART: Dr. Dyson makes a very good point the flag has been misused and
misappropriate about other people as has the U.S. flag. And I`m wondering
if Dr. Dyson is offended at all in the current conversation where some
people have lumped (ph) all black people is thinking one way and, you know,
not able to think individually or has their own thoughts that has been a
constant comment that I`ve heard of last two three days and it`s really
offensive and I what to know what he thinks about that.

DYSON: Well, I absolutely think its offensive but here is the -- if you
will the false equivalence there, because African-American people are
fighting the very bigotry, the very refuse to acknowledge our individuality
that has been summoned by that flag and those who have deployed it. I`m
not suggesting that every human being who is wave in a confederate flag is
a racist, I`m saying that that`s symbol is bigger than their individual
intent. They`re been individual intents maybe honorable and no worthy, but
the symbolism of that flag is so overwhelming that it up skewers every
human inclination that those who carry it can signify.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Stewart, you get the last word.

STEWART: OK, well and what I would ask Dr. Dyson if you could -- if you
had a choice between respect which is what black Americans deserved and
need and certainly are entitle to or an empty flag on oppose somewhere,
which would you choose?

DYSON: I want both I want the flag lowered so that what can rise up and
place of it is respect for African-American...


DYSON: ... people its not simply as symbolic representation. I agree with
you it should be economic equality. It should be social justice. It
should be the writing of the wrong if you will in terms of our schools. So
I agree with you absolute...

SCHULTZ: And finally we have more...

DYSON: I think we have more agreement in perhaps it appears.

SCHULTZ: OK, final Mr. Stewart, do you think the confederate flag should
be remove off state grounds in South Carolina?

STEWART: That is a South Carolina question, I hope and the speed of this
thing is rubbing the citizens of South Carolina of that the time they need.


STEWART: To have a meaningful discussion, it should be left to the people
and I hope their giving that opportunity.

SCHULTZ: OK, Michael Eric Dyson, Greg Stewart, great to have you with us

STEWART: Thanks you Ed.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time. Still to come, Scott Walkers
presidential hopes could be sabotage by Republicans in his home state.

We`ll have the details coming up, stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Here are the numbers as they rolled in, in tonight`s Bing Poll`s
poll. Tonight`s question, "Can Donald Trump win the New Hampshire

56 percent of you say "Oh yeah. Keep voting until the end of the hour at

We`ll be right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And in tonight`s Two-Minute Drill. Catch this, a multitasking
Cub fan made this incredible catch Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. Now
that is one good daddy right there. Keith Harley grab the foul ball in the
first base side while feeding his young son. The umps (ph) called the
batter out on fan interference after Dodgers coach Don Mattingly challenge
the call despite the out.

Cub fans gave the guy a standing ovation. It was much different story for
a Cub fan way back in 2003. Remember the Steve Bartman incident, the
nationally championship series led to a Cubs collapse in game six. The
team was just five outs out from their first World Series appearance since
1945. Bartman batch catch in the stands cause them an out and led to an
eight run inning by the Marlins. And the Marlins went on to win the series
in seven games.

Cub fans of Chicago right now are saying "Why are you reminding me of
that?" But you got to say it was a heck of catch by daddy on the first

Let`s go live to Bobby Jindal. He`s saying he wants to be president of the
United States.


GOV. BOBBY JINDAL, (R) LOUISIANA: American, indeed, "The land of the free
and the home of the brave".

37 years later my parent`s eldest son became governor of Louisiana. It was
the aftermath of Katrina. Our economy was locked in a downward spiral, our
biggest city was reeling, for 25 straight years more people had left this
state than had moved into it. Louisiana was in big trouble. So we had to
make big changes. We had to believe in Louisiana Again. And that is
exactly what we did.

We reformed our ethics laws. We went from one of the worst states to one
of the best states in the country.

We privatized our outdated government-run hospital system, we reformed
education, with nearly 100 percent charter schools in New Orleans. And now
we have statewide school choice because every child deserves an equal
opportunity for a great education.

Instead of the child following the dollars, we make the dollars follow the
child, because we trust parents not bureaucrats to make the best decisions
for their kids.

We did what they said could not be done, we shrank our government. We cut
our budget by 26 percent. We cut the number of government bureaucrats by
more than 30,000.

It was not easy, the big government crowd fought us every step of the way.
They protested. They filibustered. They even took us to court. But in
the end, we won.

Today we have more people moving into Louisiana than out of it, our highest
population in history. Our kids are coming home.

And now we have more people working than at any time in our state`s
history, with the highest incomes in our state`s history. A job for your
family and a paycheck in your mailbox, they`re the ultimate proof your
state is doing things right.

But of course, there is another side to the story. The big government
crowd they hates what we have done. They say that we have cut government
more than anyone. The government budgets are always running low on funds
with me in the Governor`s office.

My response to the big government crowd is simply this, yes. I am guilty
as charged, and our state is better off for it today.

It`s time for the folks in Washington to admit the truth. You can`t grow
the economy and the government at the same time. It`s an either or choice.
Now, Hillary Clinton she wants to grow the government in Washington. We
want to grow the real economy out here in America.

Here`s the key difference, Democrats evaluate success in terms of the
prosperity of government. We define success in terms of the prosperity of
our people.

My approach is different from most of the other people running for

The United States of America was made great by people who get things done.
Not lots of talk or entertaining speeches. I`d got to be sure. There are
a lot of great talkers running for president already. But none of them,
not one, can match our record of actually shrinking the size of government.
If great speeches helped our country, we`d be on easy street right now.
The guy in the White House today he`s a great talker, we have a bunch of
great talkers running for president. We`ve had enough of talkers, it`s
time for a doer.


SCHULTZ: From Kenner, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announcing that he
wants to be President of United States seeking to Republicans nomination.
He is the first Indian American to seek the Nomination. Let`s go back to
Bob Shrum Democratic Strategist and Warschaw Professor of Politics at USC,
Genevieve Wood Senior Contributor at the Daily Signal.

Well, what I read earlier in this broadcast of what I`m listening too right
now. Genevieve, are we talking about the same guy?

WOOD: I was just wondering if maybe he changed your mind. You guys have -
- you have deferent way.

SCHULTZ: You know it`s a pretty good sales pitch. But I don`t see the
number that way.

WOOD: It is.

SCHULTZ: What do you make of it?

WOOD: Well, his clearly going to run in somebody who`s outside Washington,
not the inside guy. He`s going to run to somebody governor. He could say
"I`m executive, I`ve actually done things". I mean, that`s what we just
heard. But look, I think what he just talked about is going reach down.
Well with the conservative base. And I think a lot of people who don`t
yet, you know, who Bobby Jindal is. I think they`re going to like what he
said on things like school choice.

Can he get up into the high chains immediately? Maybe not. But this is a
long hall and I`m sure he knows that.

SCHULTZ: Well, this is interesting. He throws out some hard numbers.
He`s cut the state budget 26 percent if I heard that correctly. And 30,000
government employees have been taken off the payroll on Louisiana. How
does that play Bob Shrum?

SHRUM: I think that plays very well with the Republican base. It`s a much
better speech than just the part I heard that I thought that he`s going to
be giving. He`s really fighting here I think for the sort of right end of
the right-wing Republican Party. He`s competing with Ted Cruz. He`s
competing with Scott Walker.

This kind of argument I think could help him. He has a lot of
disabilities, not clear to me that he can raise the money, not clear to me
that he can get much above that one percent.


SHRUM: And by the way he`s wrong about one thing. In the 1990`s the size
of government grew and the economy grew at a record phase. It is not true
that you can`t grow the government and grow the economy at the same time.
But the Republican base would love that.

SCHULTZ: There`s another numbers that`s got a problem.

WOOD: Yeah. Well, there`s a problem with that Bob...

SCHULTZ: I got to get this thing Genevieve. Genevieve I got to get this

WOOD: ... is the government can`t grow within the economies in.

SCHULTZ: See our sister network CNBC annual survey of the top state
businesses is out today in Louisiana number 46. I`m not hearing Bobby
Jindal say that. Genevieve.

WOOD: Well, I was just going to say into Bob`s point there added, you
know, yeah, you can grow them at the same time. But one eventually out
grows the other and the government can`t run the economy didn`t. Look, I
think he`s got a good record and he can stand on. He`s been.

SHRUM: The economy stops growing Genevieve because George Bush became
President where in (inaudible) deficit.

WOOD: No, no, no.

SHRUM: Throw away the surplus.

WOOD: And let me say this Bobby Jindal just like Scott Walker and others.
They`ve been reelected so it`s not like they just got one chance at it and
voted though mass.

SHRUM: A lot of bad people get reelected.

SCHULTZ: All right, Bob Shrum, Genevieve Wood.

WOOD: I can name one of the White House right now.

SHRUM: Yeah, I love your roll.

SCHULTZ: Lot`s you`re talking we`ll do it again.

SHRUM: You`re wrong.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate your joining us tonight here on the Ed Show. Bobby
Jindal officially in Louisiana governor.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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