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The Ed Show for Thursday, June 25th, 2015

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Date: June 25, 2015
Guest: Howard Dean, Mike Papantonio, Wendell Potter, Larry Cohen, Jim
McDermott, John Garamendi, Mercedes Schlapp

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good morning Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from Detroit Lake, Minnesota. We got a lot to talk about today.

Let`s get to work.


SCHULTZ: Tonight, the law of the land lives.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Breaking News from the Supreme Court.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Whether (ph) the 6-3 decision.

here to stay.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe Obamacare is bad for American.

REP. NANCY PELOSI, (D) CALIFORNIA: It`s a victory for common sense.

OBAMA: Let`s get back to work

SCHULTZ: Plus, fight for voting rights.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Voting rights are under attack.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s very clear what its stake here. There is an
effort underway to use these discriminatory state laws to deny an
opportunity for Americans to vote.

SCHULTZ: And the yield (ph) to Bern.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is now within 25 points over (ph).


Thank you.


SCHULTZ: Good to have with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching. I`m
going to start tonight broadcast with a personal note. I do not have
amnesia. I do not have short-term memory loss. I don`t have any memory
loss at all. I might have it someday, but ain`t got it right now. I will
always remember how health care in this country came about.

What happen today with the Supreme Court is monumental, but it also has to
be reported correctly. And if sounds partisan I`m sorry, it`s the facts.
Who brought health care to this country? Who brought health care reform to
this country in the middle of a rotten economy? It was the liberals. It
was the Democrats. I don`t know about you but I remember reconciliation in
the Senate. I remember the dogfight and the back biting back and forth
that took place in this country politically and the fight that took place
for reform.

And all I`ve heard today in all of the cables is, well, it sure is a good
think the Supreme Court ruled the way they did today because they really
help the Republicans because they didn`t have plan B. Really? I don`t
think the Republicans ever had plan A or did a missed that. Because you
see when the Republicans have the White House, the House and the Senate and
we were taken on double digit increases in health care cost in this
country. The Republicans decided to do nothing about it.

In fact the Republicans love the free market. They`ve loved it when you
got thrown off your health care. They didn`t want to do anything about it.
They had no problem with pre-existing conditions. And it wasn`t until the
Democrats. Every candidate in the race in 2008, it was the Democrats who
say "You know, what, we have to do something about healthcare in this

And what did we see, we saw the rise in the Tea Party, we saw the
vilification of our first black president, we saw all kinds of stuff come
down because of health care, but it was the Democrats who had political
guts in the middle of a rotten economy to say, you know, what we`ve got to
do something for the America people, so what we have seen today, it is

The three branches of government work for this country. The three branches
of government have completely weighed in on health care reform in this
country and there are absolutes. There`s right and there`s wrong. And you
know who`s been on the wrong side of history for the last five and a half
years? It`s the Republicans, and they`re trying to wiggle out of it and
you know what, I`m not going to let them do it.

I know what happened, and I know how much this network, MSNBC and this
show, the Ed Show dedicated to a full year of coverage of health care

Now, I say to the American people, including you Republicans out there who
now have health care, this is a great day for America. We should all be
celebrating. This is what democracy looks like, isn`t it? We go through
what they say over on Fox News. All this sausage making that has to take
place. You know what, I`m bellying up to the table and I`m eating good
tonight, because we got health care in this country, and you know what,
it`s only going to get better.

So let`s not forget the political fight that took place. Let`s not forget
the guts of Harry Reid, lets not forget the guts of the Senate, and the
reconciliation, the process that we went through, and how some said, well
it`s dead, we`re not going to get health care, we did. We got it, and
today the justices ruled in a 6 to 3 vote, consumers, that`s you, qualify
for health care subsidies through both state and federal exchanges.

And, you know, what, it ain`t against the law. The suit against Obamacare,
and that`s exactly what it is, and they want to name it and I`m proud to
call it that. They claim that these federal subsidies. Well, they`re just
illegal, we can`t do that.

Oh yes, we can. Today`s ruling means that over 6 million Americans will be
able to keep their subsidies and continue on. If the court ruled against
the Affordable Health Care Act, the consequences would have been

This is what the Republicans wanted. They wanted it to go down today,
because they don`t want to see this President or the Democrats
generationally signature anything as big as health care reform.

For the record, it`s the progressive movement that has given us social
security and protected it, it`s the progressive movement that`s given us
Medicare and Medicaid and protected it, and now the next phase is health
care, and the Republicans have had nothing to do with it, the law could
have been completely torn apart if the Supreme Court had ruled differently
today. This decision is a huge victory for President Obama. A
conservative court just helped him right his legacy again.

Earlier today the President address the ruling


OBAMA: Today after more than 50 votes in Congress to repeal or weaken this
law. After a presidential election based in part on preserving or
repealing this law. After multiple challenges to this law before the
Supreme Court. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.

This morning the court upheld a critical part of this law, this is not an
abstract thing any more. This is not a set of political talking points.
This is reality. We can see how it is working. This law is working is at
exactly as it`s supposed to.

In many ways, this law is working better than we expected it to. For all
the misinformation campaigns, all the doomsday predictions, all the talk of
death panels and job destruction, for all the repeal attempts, this law is
now helping tens of millions of Americans, and they`ve told me that it has
changed their lives for the better.


SCHULTZ: Well, the majority opinion was written by Chief Justice John
Roberts who was appointed by George W. Bush, he was joined by Justices
Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer and Kennedy. And Roberts wrote in the
last paragraph of his opinion said "Congress passed the Affordable Care Act
to improve health insurance markets not to destroy them. If at all
possible we must interpret the act in a way that is consistent with former
and avoids the latter."

You know, there`s a guy who said in his confirmation hearings that he was
going to call balls and strikes. I remember that, today he called balls
and strikes. Roberts realizes that the health insurance industry is making
money hand over fist. It`s good for America. He came to the conclusion
that if you`re making money, you`re not hindering the markets. Everybody
can win. It`s a win for the consumers, the health care industry, and

Conservative Justices Scalia, Alito and Thomas. Well, they didn`t like it,
they wrote a scathing dissenting opinion. Justice Scalia mentioned several
times the court has had to rule on Obamacare several times. He wrote "We
should just start calling this law Scotuscare."

You know, Justice Scalia, call it whatever you want. The American people
got it, and that`s the only thing that matters, Republicans were not
pleased with the Obamacare being upheld today. Behind closed doors they
have to be going nuts.

Republicans led by speaker John Boehner, they`ve tried to repeal Obamaccare
roughly 60 times, let`s not forget that. It`s been a massive waste of
taxpayer time and effort. Today marked a major defeat for House
Republicans and John Boehner had this to say?


REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH) HOUSE SPEAKER: The law is broken. It`s raising
costs for American families, it`s raising costs for small businesses and
it`s just fundamentally broken. And we`re going to continue our efforts to
do everything we can to put the American people back in charge of their own
health care and not the federal government.


SCHULTZ: So, the law is broken according to Boehner. Mr. Boehner, I don`t
mean this as a personal shot. But it is a personal experience. After the
health care law my wife got cancer and they couldn`t drop her, and I`m not
so sure that they wouldn`t have if the law hadn`t been passed.

Boehner also issued a statement today saying "We will continue our efforts
to repeal the law and replace it." Have at it, dude. Have at it.

Jeb Bush weighed in today. He released this video after the ruling.


JEB BUSH, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2016: Any family will tell you that the
premiums have gone up, what we need to have is more choices for people,
empowering them to make decisions. Rewarding better health care outcomes,
more flexibility, less mandates, where they`re empowered to make more
decisions for themselves, so fixing this is a huge, huge challenge. And we
have a duty to begin to solve these problems.


SCHULTZ: You know, what, I don`t think there`s any Democrats out there
that would disagree with that. The only problem is Mr. Bush, is your party
and you are late to the game. Republicans need to let this go, though,
don`t they? Obamaccare is the law of the land. Congress voted for it, the
Supreme Court, the conservatives on the court, they tried to stop it,
couldn`t do it. Upheld it two times, the people voted for to the 2012,
with the re-election of President Barack Obama, so I think today`s ruling
opens the door for "Hey, let`s go to round two, let`s do more expansion."

This really destroys everything the House has done when it comes to
repealing Obamacare. The fact that it`s a 6 to3 ruling is a real statement
and it underscores how John Boehner has been wasting his time repealing
health care, when he could have been focusing on the economy and jobs. And
he didn`t do that either.

I will never forget the election cycle when some of the Democrats ran away
from Obamacare because it wasn`t popular. Well, is it now? Do the
Democrats now have the guts to stand up and say, you know what, we did the
right thing, and we`re going to make it better, and we`re going to reach
across the aisle and ask the Republicans if they`d like to come along with

Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Are Republicans wasting their time by trying to repeal Obamacare
after today`s ruling?" Go to to cast your vote. We`ll
bring you the results right after this segment.

OK, let me bring in Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont, Mike
Papantonio Ring of Fire radio host is with us tonight, and also Wendell
Potter Senior Analyst for the Center of Public Integrity, and as I started
this broadcast tonight, I said, I did not have amnesia, but I want all of
you out there to know that if I had, Obama care would cover that too. So
that`s pretty good isn`t?

All right, Governor Dean how big is it. Put it into some submission what
do you think?

FRM. REP. HOWARD DEAN, (D) VERMONT: The President`s had a huge day and
huge week. He although many progressives don`t agree, he got the Trans-
Pacific trade agreement through, and now he`s got Obamacare pretty much
nailed down, they can pick around the edges on the Republican side if they
want to.

But this is a done deal, and one of the first things that`s going to happen
which is very exciting, I predict now that more Republican governors are
going to start allowing their citizens to have health insurance by allowing
Medicate expansion in their states. If they don`t, they`re just taking
money out of their own hospital budgets.

And I think the game is over as far as Obamacare goes. It is the law of
the land. It`s a huge victory for this President. He`s had an
unbelievable week maybe the best of his presidency.

SCHULTZ: Well, Governor Dean, let me ask you, do you think that going
after Obamacare now for the Republican is nothing but a political
graveyard? I mean, I thinks interesting that you think that this is going
to really open it up to other states and maybe they`ll get some political
pressure to do the right thing. What do you think?

DEAN: Well, I do think they are going to. And I`d like to hear what
Wendell says about this because he`s certainly a tremendous expert in this
area. But I absolute think that the Republicans, the governors who have
denied their coverage to their people not only are denying coverage to
their poor people in their states or working people in their states. But
they`re also really sticking it to their hospitals who are not getting
compensated for people who need care and can`t pay for it.

That`s a no-brainer for any reasonable smart governor on either side of the
aisle and to this -- at this point, Republicans have had a history of
putting their politics ahead of their people. And that can`t happen in a
Republican primary. Scott Walker`s going to get fried if he should get the
nomination as a governor who denied all his people health insurance. And
so, I think.


DEAN: This is -- we`re done here, Obamacare is no longer a liability for
Democrats if it ever was. It`s now positive and it`s going to have a big
effect in the presidential election.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Potter, what does this ruling mean for the health care

means some stability for one thing. The insurance industry was obviously
very, very concerned about this, I`m sure they were among them. The most
relieved among this ruling, so were the hospitals as Governor Dean said.

And in particular, in the states that have not expanded Medicaid yet, it`s
a very big deal. They`ve been losing money and they have political power
and political clout in every state, and I think you`ll start seeing some
changes as Governor Dean suggested. But it obviously is a very big deal.
It goes with that saying to not only to those people who stood to lose
those subsidies, but everybody who buys insurance to the individual market.
This really could have devastated those markets had they gone the either

SCHULTZ: No doubt. And Mr. Potter, what do you think round two is?
What`s round two going to look like? What the next phase?

POTTER: I think progressives should be emboldened to start trying to move
us toward universal coverage. If Affordable Care Act gets us, you know,
along the road toward that goal. They doesn`t get us far enough. It does
some good work to control cost but not as much. I think that business
leaders in this country also need to start assessing, what value do
insurance companies really bring to our health care system? Are they able
to control health care costs, if not, I think the business community should
take a look at really taking the leadership position in moving us to the
next -- because we need to go from here.

SCHULTZ: Mike Papantonio, what`s the legal take here? What`s the legal
ramifications of this ruling? What did it all come down to as you see it?

MIKE PAPANTONIO, HOST "RING OF FIRE RADIO": Well, the media had a hard
time trying to convey what the dispute was about. But in his distill term
it was very simple. Interpretation was argued about ambiguity, did the
term state mean an individual state such as Alabama or Mississippi or did
state as a term of -- did it in campus the entire federal system, that`s
where this started to show you how ridiculous this was to begin with. It
was absolutely absurd.

Did every individual state first have to find its own state insurance
infrastructure, in order to benefit from subsidies, so when people looked
at this from the outset, they said "We don`t know how this court`s going to
get here, we don`t know how they`re going to end this". As a matter of
fact I was surprised because we have to look at the history of this court,
the history that gave us as Citizens United. They gave us the voting,
destruction of Voting Rights Act.

Every time the GOP is asked for something where it`s corporation. Wall
Street against he average consumer they had lined up for the GOP. So this
was a surprise. You know, it`s bad Ed, when you have Scalia using terms
that sounded like a word salad. He described it as "Jiggery-pokery."

Now, I`ve been practicing law a long time and I`ve never seen such words in
an opinion this important. He called it pure applesauce, that shows you
how crazy the fringe right has attacked this thing. And you know the good
news Ed, that the private meetings that Scalia and Thomas had with the Koch
brothers, it didn`t pay off for the fringe right. That`s good news.

SCHULTZ: All right. Harold Dean, Mike Papantonio, Wendell Potter, great
to have you with us tonight on this historic day for American consumers.

Remember to answer tonight`s question at We`ll have
the results later in the show. Follow us on Facebook, watch my Facebook
feature "Give me a minute" and you can get my video Podcast at

We`ll have more on today`s historic ruling on health care later on the

And next, the fight for voting rights continues. It`s the second year
anniversary. We`ll have the updates from Virginia, where demonstrators are
calling for new voting legislation to be heard by Congress.

Stay with us, we`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show. Here are the early numbers in
the Bing Pulse Poll. You can keep voting throughout the hour at

93 percent of you say "Yes".

In other news, earlier today, the House voted to approve Trade Adjustment
Assistance for displaced workers. President Obama will have Fast-Track and
TAA on his desk by the end of this week.

These bills open the way for the President of the United States to present
Congress with the Trans-Pacific Partnership as I see it, this would be a
big defeat for workers in this country if it passes.

We`ll be right back on the Ed Show. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Congressional Democrats are
fighting to give the Voting Rights Act a new life. Demonstrators are
rallying in the State of Virginia and urging the House judiciary chair to
restore voting right protections and at least get a hearing exactly two
years ago, the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia would even hold a hearing on bills to
revive the regulations, Goodlatte`s is standing firm against strengthening
the law he says, "The fact of the matter is, we have a Voting Rights Act,
it is very strong."

Really? We have a Voting Rights Act in name only it`s a hollow shell.
Lawmakers introduced the voting rights Amendment Act last year, the NAACP
submitted a 16,000 word document outlining discriminatory voting chances,
and of course Goodlatte did nothing. The new Voting Rights Advancement Act
of 2015 is a robust improvement on last year`s attempt.

The new bill covers half, the United States population, and encompasses
most of the places where voting discrimination is prevalent. Florida,
North Carolina and Texas are a top priority. The legislation is an
aggressive strategy, and sets the stage for real progress.

Joining me tonight by phone is Larry Cohen, former President of the
Communication Workers of America, he`s in transit tonight, joins us by
phone he was at that rally today in Virginia. Mr. Cohen, what was the
mission today, and how did it look, how did it go in Virginia?

today was to say to representative Goodlatte national leaders from a wide
range of lead by the leadership conference for human rights, democracy and
initiative comment course here it pull up for unions, student groups, that
all of us are united and think that Bob Goodlatte each share has to
judiciary you`re a national leader and you`re a disgrace. No hearing on
voting rights. No hearing on immigration, and, you know, that`s not what
democracy looks like. We were joined by 300 people from Roanoke, all walks
of life and they`re saying the Representative Goodlatte, you`re supposed to
represent us and who you represent is the right-wing of this country that`s
trampling our rights.

So I`m on -- I`m here on a bus now with that 50 of those leaders and their
message is very clear. Hold the hearing, that`s it, that was the message
to Bob Goodlatte.

SCHULTZ: Have you had any response to Mr. Goodlatte, do you think he`ll
ever get a hearing?

COHEN: I think we`re going to stay on him wherever he goes until we gets
those hearings yeah. 50 years ago with Selma and we`re saying this is the
Selma of our time, and we will follow him and we will demonstrate and we
will fight with that Republican leadership, until there`s a hearing on
voting rights and until we restore voting rights.

It`s great to see a movie about what happened 50 years ago so we`re living
through too much of the same thing.

SCHULTZ: All right Larry Cohen on the move in Virginia, as the protests
continue in Roanoke.

Let`s turn now to Reverend William Barber, who is the president of the
North Carolina NAACP. Reverend, good to have you with us tonight. How do
you view this movement...


SCHULTZ: ... right now to restore the Voting Rights Act and is this
amendment going to take hold with Americans?

BARBER: Well, it has to, about when we talk about the piece that was just
introduced the voting right to advancement, we need it now. When we see
all of the tears and they say that they love Senator Pinckney for instance
down to South Carolina where the very district that he was a part of is not
covered anymore by the Voting Rights Act. It could be changed without pre-

And so, while we need the flag to come down, we need the hearings to come
up and we need a vote on the Voting Rights Act to come up what this in June
25th, 2013 the Supreme Court opened the flood gates for a new season of
into position and nullification, southern legislators throughout the south
have been on an all out attack on voting rights, and it has not just been
stopping bills from come of voting rights opportunity from cutting on books
they have actually gone back and taken away in our state, they took away
same day registration.

They wrote back early voting, they took away out of precinct voting, they
took away the same single shot ballot voting and they even took away for 16
and 17 year olds to pre-register, this is our Selma, it`s the fight of the
century, we go to court on July 13 to fight the worst and the first bill
after Shelby, and if we -- and really, if we don`t deal with voting rights,
that also helps us deal with all the up the issues from health care on, the
fact is when it comes to some like South Carolina, the perpetrator has been
arrested, but the killer is still at large, because the killer is
continuous systemic racism that exists in the country that is exemplified
in this denial of voting rights.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. All right if Bernie Sanders and especially I think Hillary
Clinton is obviously support this bill, and the Republicans have been coy
about this. How big of an election issue is this going to be that one
party has candidates that are adamantly in favor of it, and another party
is almost silent on this? What do you make of it?

BARBER: It`s going to be one of the loudest elections in terms of people
going to the polls and the reason why, because clearly now we see what has
happened in South Carolina is put a microscope on this, it`s forcing a new
conversation about systemic racism, denial and inequality. Remember, it
was the deaths of Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman, James Reid (inaudible) and
Emily Jack (ph) and James Reid, that forced the consciousness of the nation
to turn to do the Voting Rights Act of 1965. If people are livid that we
have less voting rights, less voting rights, 50 years...


BARBER: ... after the Voting Rights Act then we have today than we had in
1965, that ought to shake the entire consciousness of this country. We
have less, and part of it I believe is because the southern legislators
that they know that the demographics have shifted in the south, they know
it`s full of opportunity to vote, if we can stop this apartheid
redistricting it`s a new day in the south, the southern -- so called
southern strategy is over, and they know if that happens you get
progressive people elected, you won`t have legislative blocking health

SCHULTZ: All right.

BARBER: You won`t have them blocking criminal justice reform.

SCHULTZ: Well, we`ll see how the goes to a senate, just how many
Republicans will go along with this, Reverend William Barber, always a
pleasure to have you on the Ed Show, keep up the fight the work my friend.
Thanks so much.

Still ahead, my commentary on the long fight for health care in this
country. And another prison worker is under arrest for allegedly aiding
two prisoners who escaped, we`ll have the latest from Upstate New York

Stay with us. We`ll be right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. It`s been 20 days and two convicted
killers are still on the run, believed to be in New York. In the last few
hours, police have intensified their search in Upstate New York. More than
1,100 law enforcement offers from state, federal and local agencies are
involved in the effort.

Meanwhile, a second Clinton Correctional Facility employee has been charged
with helping Richard Matt and David Sweat break out on June 6th. 28 year
veteran prison officer Gene Palmer worked in the honor block where the
convicts were housed.

Palmer did not appear in court today. The court has been informed there is
a possible change in his legal council. He is due in court on Monday at
4:00 p.m. Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie addressed the
media a short time ago.


continue to evaluate this as we go on, is cooperation, it`s truthfulness in
providing a statement he passed a polygraph test last weekend.


SCHULTZ: NBC News has obtained a sworn statement from Palmer, where he
confesses to providing paint materials to Matt and accepted paintings from
the prisoner. Also in the statement, Palmer said he helped Sweat get
through inmate investigations such as pat downs and searches. He also
allowed him to access the catwalk behind his cell to do electrical work.
Palmer claims he never knew they planned to escape. The first arrest in
the Clinton Connection to escape was prison tailor shop employee Joyce
Mitchell. She has pleaded not guilty and remains in custody.

Joining me tonight is NBC`s John Yang in Owl`s Head, New York. John, what
is the latest on this investigation?

JOHN YANG, NBC NEWS OWLS HEAD NY: As you said Ed, they continue intensify
the searcher in Owl`s Head, it`s in this area where they discovered or last
weekend a break-in in a cabin and turned up the DNA of both of these two,
two escaped killers on the run. So the intense search continues up here,
they have no evidence that they`ve left this area, they`re still looking
around here, they don`t believe they`ve gotten far, they believe they`re
still on foot. Gene Palmer, the prison guard who has now been charged Gene
has says that he supplied them, or he`s the one who took the frozen ground
beef from the tailor shop that Joyce Mitchell brought in, with hacksaw
blades and drill bits inside this hunk of ground beef.

He`s the one who took it to them, took the prisoners in the -- in their
cells, eight days before the prison break. He also as you said, showed
them the catwalk that they used for their escape in November of 2014. This
investigation continues, they`re still are looking to see who else might
have helped them, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thank you, John. John Yang reporting tonight from Owl`s Head New

Stick around. We`ll have more reaction on today`s health care really here
on the Ed Show after this.

Market Wrap.

Stocks fall for the second day the as the Greek debt crisis remains
unresolved, the DOW sinks 75 points, the S&P is off 6, the NASDAQ ends down
10 points.

The number of Americans filing for fist time jobless claims rose less than
expected last week. Claims increased by 3,000 to 271,000 holding below the
key 300,000 level for a 16th straight week. And Nike shares are rallying
after hours, the company`s earnings in revenue both beat estimates.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.



SCHULTZ: More Americans will be affected by this legislation than anything
that has been passed in the last 50 years it absolutely is amazing what`s
unfolding here. I think a lot of Americans out there who have been gouged
by the insurance industry, that have been denied coverage, that have had
their coverage dropped, that have had to fight with COBRA rates, and small
businesses have been strapped, this is a defining moment in our history
when it comes to what our priorities are. We have chosen people over


SCHULTZ: Well, that was March 21, 2010. Your old buddy, Ed on MSNBC`s
special coverage in the Affordable Care Act vote in Congress on March 21st,
2010. When I first came to MSNBC I`m in my 7th year now, I started health
care every day until that moment right there. I think I said public option
probably more than anybody in the media in this country. That evening was
a culmination of a brutal battle in Congress that ultimately changed
American lives for the better.

Two days later, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law,
and the Republicans decided they name it Obamacare, I`m OK with that. But
the brutal fight over Obamacare really is never ended. Republicans in
Congress let`s not forget they have voted to repeal it over 60 times, they
made it the focal point of their election campaigns.

Republicans shutdown the government in an effort to defund Obamacare, only
cost the treasury $25 billion. The Supreme Court has now heard two
challenges to the law and today they voted to uphold it for a second time.

Republicans have thrown a lot of ugly rhetoric at Obamacare consistently,
but they can`t argue with the facts. Over 16 million uninsured Americans
have obtained health coverage since Obamacare passed. The uninsured rate
for Americans is at 13.2 percent, the consumer protections in this law are
saving lives. Insurance companies can`t deny people coverage with pre-
existing conditions and there are no lifetime limits on coverage. All good
stuff that republicans never backed, the law is working, and it is saving

Let`s turn now to Ari Melber, who is MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent who
has spent the day at the Supreme Court from a legal perspective. Ari, what
jumps out at you at the final ruling of this court?

say, with regard to your open, and that night when you were covering it,
and these other days. There are days that matter in politics and law.
Today was one of those days. To your question, what jumps out is Chief
Justice Roberts growing the majority here people remember Chief Justice
Roberts said last time this law was constitutional 5 to 4.

This morning he said, it`s also legal and the Congress meant to fund health
care throughout the whole country nationally and that was 6 to 3 he brought
along Justice Candidate with him. What that tells you is, this is a
growing majority and whether it`s on the constitutional side or to what
Congress said decide, there`s no appetite here to knock down this law.

A second point it`s important, Ed. The people I don`t think have fully
realize is everyone`s making sense of the opinion. He also said future
presidents whatever party cannot reinterpret the subsidy piece. He said
it`s fundamental to what the Congress of 2010, the democratic Congress was
trying to do, fund health care nationally. So if this was a bitter pill
for Republicans to swallow, I`ll tell you the bad aftertaste is, Justice
Roberts has now concretize part of this law more long term than it would
have anything never brought this case in the first place.

SCHULTZ: All right Ari Melber with us tonight here on the Ed Show. Thanks
Ari, been watching all day.

MELBER: You`re welcome.

SCHULTZ: Great reporting from Supreme Court.


SCHULTZ: Let me bring in Congressman Jim McDermott of Washington, and also
Congressman John Garamendi of California, gentlemen great to have you with
us tonight.

Well, Congressman McDermott and Congressman Garamendi the three of us we`ve
had a lot of conversations about health care in this country. How big a
day is this, Dr. McDermott?

REP. JIM MCDERMOTT, (D) WASHINGTON: OK. It`s a fabulous day, Ed. We all
knew that the court was going to decide this. I thought that John Roberts
did not want his legacy to be, I`ve put 11 million people out on the street
with no health care so I always thought that he would vote. But the fact
that we got six votes instead of just five is really that`s a real stamp of
approval on this bill and I think we`re now going to get the Republicans to
recognize they have to do some things to make it work better. It`s not


MCDERMOTT: And it needs still (ph).

SCHULTZ: Congressman Garamendi, House Speaker John Boehner said he`s not
giving up on repealing the law. When did the Democrats in, in conference
go into Boehner and say "You know, dude, you have to give it up." Are we
at that moment yet?

REP. JOHN GARAMENDI, (D) CALIFORNIA: Well, we`re at that moment long ago,
Ed. But he`s wrong, he`s wrong on the constitution, he`s wrong on the law,
and he`s wrong on what the American people want. American people want
health insurance, they want affordable health insurance, and they`re able
to get it, they`re able to get it through the Affordable Care Act, Obama
care, whatever you want to call it.

And now I got to tell you whether you are an older American in your 50s and
60s, and you have high blood pressure, this is critically important to you,
because you`re going to be able to get coverage, no pre-existing

And if you happen to be a young woman that`s 25 or 21, you`re getting
insurance, either through your family or if your 25, 26 your going to able
to get insurance and not be discriminated against because you are a woman.
There are so many things in this bill, preventative care for seniors
driving down the cost of health care. We have seen the lowest inflation
rates in health care ever.


GARAMENDI: Since we have Medicare as a result of the Affordable Care Act.
It is good news for America, and this is a great day for every American,
because we all need health insurance.

SCHULTZ: Congressman McDermott, how much was this is just anti-Obama on
the part of the Republicans? And they just didn`t want to see this
President succeed, but maybe behind closed doors they admit what Mr.
Garamendi is saying, maybe there`s a lot of good stuff in this. What about
all that?

MCDERMOTT: I think that`s absolutely the root of the problem, they have
always wanted to make him fail. And he -- when we put this together with
him, and now it`s clearly working, and they are really stuck, you`re going
to see governors all over this country who have denied their people access
to Medicaid now begin to make changes.

You can`t go into the election of 2016 saying that you forced a million
people in your state not to have health insurance just because you want to
embarrass Obama. That`s not working for them.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. And Congressman Garamendi, what do you think the politics
of this looks like going forward? I mean are the Republicans going to gear
campaigns toward repealing Obamacare, now that the Supreme Court twice has
upheld the law?

GARAMENDI: Well, they`re certainly been stuck on that riding the road for
at least since 2010, and that -- will they get off it, they should. The
American public is not with them on this issue. Individuals Americans,
particularly those that are among the 16 million that have insurance, this
is a very, very important issue and those who want to get insurance, they
understand this is how they can get it.

Well, I looked at the Congress, I looked at my colleagues there, and I`m
afraid they are stuck that they`re going to come back just as Boehner said,
we`re going to try again says Boehner. Well, he`s going to fail,
ultimately the President will veto it, ultimately Jim and I and the other
Democrats will uphold that veto.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Jim McDermott, Congressman John Garamendi, gentlemen
great to have you with us, and congratulations...

MCDERMOTT: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: ... is in order. And a personal note -- you bet.

GARAMENDI: Thanks for your advocacy. All these many years you`ve been on
it, we thank you.

SCHULTZ: Thank you, sir, I appreciate that. And a personal note about our
Ed Show team. The first year I was here at MSNBC, we never had a
discussion about OK what`s our lead story tonight. Our team would come
together, we just all knew, we`re leading with health care, that`s just the
way it was, we`re proud of that to this day.

Bernie Sanders gets a bump in the polls, but he`s got a lot of ground to
make up, with one key group of voters.

We`ll tell about you that when we come back. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are rolling in. Here are the results in
tonight`s Bing Polls Poll. Tonight`s question, "Are Republicans wasting
their time trying to repeal Obamacare after today`s ruling?" 94 percent of
you say "Yes", 6 percent of you. I don`t know what you`re thinking. Keep
voting until the end of the hour at

We`re coming right back stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Still to come here on the Ed Show. Donald trump`s rhetoric is
working in the poll, but it could be hurting his bottom line.

We`ve got all the details next. Stay with us right here on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Bernie Sanders` momentum is picking
up with early primarily states.

Hillary Clinton leads Sanders in Iowa 50 to 24 percent of the latest
Bloomberg Politics poll. Clinton`s holds a 32 point lead over Sanders in
New Hampshire, 56 to 24 percent. Sander`s numbers have jumped 6 points in
New Hampshire and 8 points in Iowa since May.

Voters gave the senator higher marks than Clinton on authenticity and
willingness to take on Wall Street. Sanders` growing popularity is putting
Clinton surrogates on defense.


SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL, (D) MISSOURI: I think the media is giving Bernie a
pass right now. I very rarely read in any coverage of Bernie that he`s a
socialist. Rand Paul, he got the same sized crowds. Pat Buchanan got
massive crowds. It`s not unusual for someone who has an extreme message to
have a following and massive is relative. I think Hillary had a massive
crowd at her announcement. Certainly as large as any crowd that Bernie
Sanders has had.


SCHULTZ: Bernie Sanders just responded within the last few minutes to that
comment by Claire McCaskill, a senator from Missouri.

He said this is the first time a colleague has ever attacked me. You`ll
have to ask senator McCaskill why.

One challenge facing Bernie Sanders as he announced a national campaign is
he`s lack of visibility in the African-American community. Campaign
advisers concede African-American votes are much more -- voters are much
more familiar with Clinton and Sanders, the Sanders camp says the
candidate`s struggle will be to get some name recognition and also to make
sure that they know what his policies are with that voting block on a broad

Let me turn now to Mike Papantonio Ring of Fire radio host, also with us
tonight Mercedes Schlapp, she`s Republican Strategist and former
spokesperson for President George W. Bush, great to have you both with us.

All right, what do you think? Here we go, Mike Papantonio the first shot
over the battle from a fellow Democrat to Bernie sanders. He`s a
socialist. What do you make of it?

PAPANTONIO: Yeah, I had a fundraiser to McCaskill, I really regret that
now, because she didn`t need to say that. Look, Bernie Sanders has changed
the narrative of the campaign. He`s talking about what he`s been all in
his life. And, you know, what, it is? He`s there for the environment.
He`s there for campaign finance reform.

All these things aren`t just merely talking points. He`s lived this. If
you take a look at his record. I mean, if you just go right down the
record after 25 years, his voting record is impressive on virtually

Over the years, this is what he said he would bring us and this is what
he`s brought. He`s against...


PAPANTONIO: ... all forms of domestic spying, proposed constitution to the
amendment guaranteeing equal rights for gender, voted in favor, proposal to
strengthen social security, Medicaid, Medicare.

This has to be troublesome for the GOP because, you know, what,
independents agreeing with him and Republicans who are rational thinkers
agree with him, as well. You can go down.

SCHULTZ: Mercedes Schlapp.

PAPANTONIO: There`s nothing.


SCHULTZ: Mercedes Schlapp I`ve got to ask you. I mean, here you got a
Democrats attacking a Democrat calling him socialist. Is this red meat for

SCHLAPP: Goodness gracious, it`s something that the Republicans normally
do. We`re always going after each other. So, yeah, it was shocking that
she came out so strongly against Bernie Sanders, especially because he`s
starting to gain some traction in states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

So, you know, again, he kind of has that calling for the liberal party base
voter there. And I think that that is something that is starting to
resonate in those states. The question for Bernie Sanders besides the fact
that obviously he`s having issues with certain core democratic
constituencies like the African American community is does he have the
grassroots capability. He doesn`t have the war chest.
And those will be issues and obstacles that he`s going to be running into
in other critical states.

SCHULTZ: All right, the latest Fox poll shows that Trump just 4 points
behind bush as the Republican pick for the nomination. Mercedes, what do
you think of Trump? He has a little mojo right now.

SCHLAPP: You know the polls are going up and down and all the way around
here. But in New Hampshire for instance where he is placing that second
place, you know, what we`ve noticed in New Hampshire, it`s all about the
ground game. And those in New Hampshire are saying that Trump does not
have that visible ground game. So again.


SCHLAPP: These polls are constantly going to be changing. But there is
something to be said although he`s very radioactive and has these very raw
comments, he somehow, you know, basically is going into that Republican
voter and, you know, trying to get in there, make his case. But he`s being
incredibly polarizing which I don`t think won`t help them in the long time.

SCHULTZ: Mike, we`re going to see a candidate take 11 percent and it turn
it into 99 percent. I mean, if anybody can to it is Trump. He`s own
ground game. What does he bring to the table?

PAPANTONIO: He has to overcome his insane gibberish, Ed. Because that
insane gibberish does not just affect him, if affects the entire GOP. They
relate this guy with the GOP and when you look at the clown car that the
GOP has up there right now, this guy Trump does not help that clown car a
bit as a matter of fact, if I was the GOP.

SCHULTZ: All right.

PAPANTONIO: I`d be pleading for him to get out of the race.

SCHULTZ: Mike Papantonio.

SCHLAPP: Me, too Mike.

SCHULTZ: Mercedes Schlapp, great to have you both with us tonight always.

SCHLAPP: Thanks Ed.

SCHULTZ: That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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