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The Ed Show for Monday, June 29th, 2015

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Date: June 29, 2015
Guest: Henry Fernandez, Genevieve Wood, Mark Pocan, Tobias Wolff, Kevin
Kearns, Sam Wercinski

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to Ed Show live
from Detroit Lake, Minnesota.

Let`s get to work.


SCHULTZ: Tonight, fallout.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with
Mr. Trump.

DONALD TRUMP, GOP PRESIDENCIAL CANDIDATE 2016: Now, with my statements of
immigration which happens to be correct. NBC`s stand on immigration is
very weak. I`ll be suing Univision. Maybe I`ll be suing NBC too.

SCHULTZ: Plus, backlash.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now the marriage of equality is legal. A 2016
presidential candidate is vowing to make that discussion front and center

FRM. REP. JEB BUSH (R) FLORIDA: I believe in judicial marriage.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R) TEXAS: Five unelected lawyers saying the view of 320
million Americans don`t matter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Only for civil disobedience.

MIKE HUCKABEE, FRM. REP. (R) ARKANSAS: I don`t think a lot of pastors and
Christian schools are going to have a choice. They will go path of Dr.
Martin Luther King.

SCHULTZ: Later, it`s finally over.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: After more than three weeks on the run.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: David Sweat is hospitalized in protective custody
after being shot and arrested Sunday afternoon. Two days earlier Sweat`s
partner in the escape Richard Matt was shot and killed by police.


SCHULTZ: Good to have with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching. We
start with Breaking News. NBC has advertised (ph) with presidential
candidate Donald Trump following his controversial comments on immigration.
Full disclosure here MSNBC is part of NBC universal. NBC release a
statement today saying "At NBC respecting dignity for all people are
cornerstones of our values, due the recent derogatory statements by Donald
Trump regarding immigration. NBCUniversal ending its business relationship
with Mr. Trump, to that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe
pageants, which are part of joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no
longer air on the NBC television network".

In addition as Mr. Trump has already indicated he will not be participating
in "The Celebrity Apprentice" on NBC in prime time. "Celebrity Apprentice"
is licensed from Mark Burnett`s United Artist Media Group and that
relationship will continue."

NBC is reacting to this comments Trump made at his presidential
announcement on June 16th.


TRUMP: The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else`s problems.
It`s true and these are the best in the finest. When Mexico sends its
people, they`re not sending their best. They`re sending you, they`re not
sending you. They`re sending people that have lots of problems and they`re
those problems with us. They`re bringing drugs. They`re bringing crime.
They`re rapists. And some I assume are good people.


SCHULTZ: Earlier today Donald Trump responded to NBC`s decision.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think Universal paying attentive business for what
(inaudible), to the recent derogatory.

TRUMP: Well, I think NBC, frankly, you know, I`ve had a great relationship
with them. But they didn`t want me to run because they wanted to the
Apprentice. As, you know, they renewed the Apprentice. But I just told
them I cannot do the Apprentice because of the fact that I`m running and as
long as I`m running for president they were not happy with it. They wanted
me to do the Apprentice and now with my statements on immigration, which
happens to be correct.

They`re going to take a different stance and that`s OK. I mean, whatever
they want to do is OK with me. I`ve a lot of great relationship with NBC.
I think as far as ending the relationship, I have to do that because my
view on immigration is much different than people at NBC.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you plan to sue NBC instead of their ending --
this relationship?

TRUMP: Well, I have to look. I mean, I have to look. But look, I had it.
I knew that NBC stand on immigration is very weak. They`re very weak on
immigration so I said when I`m strong on immigration. When I`m very, very
strong on it, I could see NBC coming up politically because maybe it`s good
for them but. I could see them coming out politically with a very week
stance. If that`s what they do that`s OK and we`ll find out.

I mean, I`ll be suing Univision. Maybe I`ll be suing NBC too. We`ll have
to see, I have to see it. But I said a long time ago when I come out when
I come out with a strong immigration stance and I`m very on boarders. And
I`m very strong on crime. That may I`ll lose NBC along the way and if that
happens that`s fine I`ll just have to probably bring lawsuit against them.


SCHULTZ: A short time ago Trump release a written statement saying in part
"We must have strong boarders and not let illegal immigrants enter the
United States, as has been stated continuously in the press. People are
pouring across the boarders unabated. Public reports routinely state great
amounts of crime are being committed by illegal immigrants. This must be
stopped and it must be stopped now. Long ago I told NBC that I would not
be doing the Apprentice because I`m running for president in order to make
our country great again."

Well, NBC can get rid of Donald Trump but guess what, the Republican Party
cannot. They`re stock with this guy, you know, by the way, if you think
he`s a joke or whatever you think of him. The numbers are what they are.
He`s at 11 percent and a National Fox poll and he is right behind the
frontrunner, the early frontrunner Jeb Bush.

What is mean? I don`t know. But we do know this. With Donald Trump
there`s never a boring day at the office. Who knows where this is going to
go. I speak from experience. I came to you tonight from the state of
Minnesota where nobody thought Jesse Ventura could win. But he beat a
political traditional name in Humphrey. "Skip Humprey". That`s right
relative to Hubert Humphery. Nobody thought Jesse Ventura could do it.

Also in that race was future senator Norm Coleman. So if you think that
Trump can`t do it you better think again, anything can happen in this
social media world. The bottom line is the Republicans they`re stock with
Trump and its look it might be for a long time.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Do you think Donald Trumps statements on illegal immigration are
accurate?" Go to cast your vote. We`ll bring you the
results later on in the show.

For more let me bring in Henry Fernandez, he is the Senior Fellow for the
Center of American Progress, also with us Genevieve Wood Senior Contributor
with Daily Signal, great to have both of you with us.

First of all Genevieve, you first, you`re a Republican.


SCHULTZ: You`re a conservative. You know, is anybody or could anybody
throw cold water on Donald Trump. You`re stock with this guy.

WOOD: Well, look. I mean, I think you made a very good point about Jesse
Ventura and this kind of celebrity culture that we live in. He`s got a big
name, a bigger name that a lot of people currently running on either side
of aisle at this point. So he`s going to -- that`s going to reflect itself
somewhat in the polls. I do think Ed, that once we get into really
discussing issues an illegal immigration is certainly an issue that we need
to talk about but we need to debate.

But once we get into it and we start talking about, what you`re solution
for these things? What`s your plan? What do you actually going to do if
you get elected? At certain point you got get off the talking points, you
got to get off just making some outrageous statement and you`ve got to
actually have some policy point and that`s where I think you may see the
poll change.

SCHULTZ: Well, he`s policy point is this, that he would connect security
to trade and he says that he would force Mexico to build a fence. Mr.
Fernandez, your reaction to Donald Trump and I guess before I get to that
point, I want to go back to this. And that is, that NBC is not firing him
because he is running for president.


SCHULTZ: They did this business relationship and they separate (ph) it
because of things that he says about immigration. You`re reaction to that.

FERNANDEZ: That`s right. We should be very clear about why this happen,
first with Univision and now with NBC. He referred to people of Mexican
decent in this country as being rapist and criminals. He referred to
immigrants as rapist and criminals. That simply inappropriate language and
I think if you look at both with Univision and what NBC did. It reflects a
fact that are 54 million Latinos in this county, its 17 percent of entire
population. That`s a market that neither of those companies want to give

And Donald Trump is speaking about people inhumane ways, disrespectful
ways. I really hope that other Republicans come out in the same way the
Republicans have come out around Boston. And start to have boulder

SCHULTZ: Well, they haven`t come out. Genevieve, I mean.

FERNANDEZ: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: It` really been though condemned nation of what Donald Trump is
said from the head of the Republican Party that I`m aware of, in Reince
Priebus or any of the other candidates if full-throated, that was a total
mistake and he shouldn`t had said it. I mean, NBC`s taken more action than
the Republican Party.

WOOD: Well, I don`t know if that`s actually true. I haven`t actually
looked at all the candidates what side or seeing everything that in this
story broke this afternoon.

FERNANDEZ: That`s true.

WOOD: But the reality is. I think many conservatives many Republicans are
not going to be happy with the way that Donald Trump talked about this
issue. That said to pretend the illegal immigration isn`t a problem. I
think is denying the fact. It is a problem and it`s a topic that we ought
to be talking about. And I think will be talked about.


WOOD: And it goes primary`s and obviously at the national level. But
look, I mean, NBC I`m glad, you know, their private company they`re
certainly have a right to do this. I don`t really understand how they can
-- wanting keep having a show in the first place as a declared candidate.
But when you look at Fox and the others whether it`s Donald Trump, whether
it`s Mike Huckabee, anybody else Ben Carson who had a contract I believe
with Fox. All of those -- the Fox network had actually said, none of these
folks who`re running for president are going to get free air time with us.


WOOD: I`m a little bit surprise NBC waited till now to do it frankly.

SCHULTZ: Let`s get to the policy. I mean, he says that he would force
Mexico to build a fence. Is that a policy Genevieve?

WOOD: It`s one person`s idea of a policy but that`s why we ought to be
talking about. Its fact is -- the vast majority of illegal immigrants.
None of them come across the Rio Grande River. Many people come here
legally and end up overstaying their visas. So, people had, you know,
maybe one thing in mind just building a fence that`s going to solve the
problem here. There are a lot of different elements to go into why we have
an illegal immigration problem.

SCHULTZ: Henry, what about the fence? What about how Trump says that he
would force Mexico to do this? I mean, he is just attacking Mexico not
only the people but also the way this whole thing of security has been
handled. And no one anywhere has said that security is not important. I
want to point that out.


SCHULTZ: In fact the Obama administration has three-fold of this security
as opposed to the last administration when it comes to resources and
technology and manpower on the border. That`s a fact that being said.
What do you make of Trump`s policy?

FERNANDEZ: We`re not going to build a big enough fence to address it --
this problem. I think maybe Donald Trump needs to look at the map of the
United States and realize how long our border is.

This isn`t about -- this is not all about a fence. And I think, with all
due respect to your other commentator, this isn`t about policy differences.
There are lines that should not be crossed. And when you call people
rapist, when you call people criminals, when all the facts, all of the
statistics demonstrate that immigrants are the least likely to commit crime
in this country, when you say those things, you`re pointing to a long
history of dog whistles in this country with regard to our politics. And
that`s just unacceptable.

SCHULTZ: But Mr. Fernandez.

FERNANDEZ: And that`s why we have to proud of what NBC do.

SCHULTZ: I agree. Mr. Fernandez, I agree. But don`t you find it
interesting that it didn`t hurt Donald Trump at all in the polls? What
about that, Genevieve?

FERNANDEZ: Well, I will agree with Genevieve on this.

WOOD: Well, but Ed, I don`t know that. Yeah. Hold on a second or two. I
mean, I don`t even know...


WOOD: ... when that latest poll was taken. I mean, you`ve got to take in
just -- to that -- some of that into account.

SCHULTZ: Within the last week, within the last week. I mean it came after
his announcement on the 16th.

WOOD: Well, story had really just been blowing out. Yeah. But not
everybody is watching. I know this may be hard for the cable networks and
news outlets to know but everybody is not watching every single
presidential to announcement when they comes out and most people have not
been following at that closely, Ed. So, I mean, I think this has become a
bigger story in the last -- end of last week beginning of this week and
we`ll see how that reflects out of the polls details (ph).



SCHULTZ: All right. Henry Fernandez, Genevieve Wood, great to have both
of you with us tonight. I appreciate your time.

FERNANDEZ: Always good, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thanks so much. You bet.

FERNANDEZ: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s question at
We`ll have the results after this break. Follow us on Facebook and watch
my Facebook feature "Give Me a Minute". And you can get my video Podcast

Ted Cruz calls for what, for Supreme Court elections? Now, match that up
with Citizens United and what do you got. We`ll have a round off of the
conservative reaction to Friday same-sex marriage ruling that`s coming up.

And later, Trump on trade, we`ll analyze the Donald`s trade policies.
Coming up.

Stay with us. We`ll be right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And numbers are rolling in on Ed Show tonight. Here is where we
stand on tonight`s Bing Pulse Poll. Tonight`s question, "Do you think
Donald Trump`s statements on illegal immigration are accurate?"

34 percent of you say "Yes". 66 percent of you say "No". Now, you get
keep on voting throughout the hour at

Lots more coming up. Stay with us. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show. Thanks for watching. Tonight,
America is still is buzzing over the Supreme Court`s landmark civil rights
ruling on same-sex marriage. On Friday, same-sex marriage became legal
nationwide. Sunday marked gay pride parades and celebrations across this
country. Roughly, 2 million people flooded the streets of New York for the
city`s annual gay pride parade. One million people gathered in Downtown,
San Francisco for the 45th annual pride celebration and parade.

Meanwhile, not everyone wants to be on the correct side of history.
Republican reaction to the court`s ruling has been pouring in. Senator Ted
Cruz of Texas said that the Obamacare on the same-sex rulings represent
some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation`s history.

Earlier today, Cruz suggested retention elections for Supreme Court


CRUZ: Twenty states have adopted retention elections, now they`re rarely
used but there were check when judges abuse their authority and violate the
constitution. And if you`re, you know, one of the things Justice Scalia
talks about, you got nine lawyers. There are all from Harvard or Yale.
There are no Protestants on the court. There are no evangelicals on the

The elites on the court look over much to this country`s flyover country.
They think that our views are simply parochial and don`t deserve to be
respected. And Justice Scalia pointed out, I mean, what a crazy system to
have the most important issues of our day decided by unelected lawyers.


SCHULTZ: The Reverend Mike Huckabee and former governor of Arkansas said
Christians might take part in civil disobedience over the ruling.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: So, are you calling for civil disobedience?

HUCKABEE: I don`t think a lot of pastors and Christian schools are going
to have a choice. They either are going to follow God, their conscience
and what they truly believe as what the scripture teaches them or they will
follow civil law. They won`t go the path of Dr. Martin Luther King, who in
his brilliant essay, the Letters from a Birmingham Jail reminded us, based
on what St. Augustine said that an unjust law is no law at all.

And I do think that we`re going to see a lot of pastors who will have to
make this tough decision. You`re going to see it on the part of Christian
business owners.


SCHULTZ: Donald Trump says he is for traditional marriage but as Jake
Tapper pointed out, Trump`s own record with marriage isn`t very


TRUMP: I`m traditional marriage. It is changing rapidly.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN REPORTER: But what do you say to a lesbian who`s married,
or a gay man who is married, who says, "Donald Trump, what`s traditional
about being married three times?"

TRUMP: Well, they have a very good point but, you know, I`ve been a very
hard-working person, and I`ve had actually -- I have a great marriage, I
have a great wife now. And I -- my two wives were very good and I don`t
blame them but I was working maybe like, you know, 22 hours a day.

TAPPER: I`m not asking you to explain your divorces but.

TRUMP: No. I know. No. I`m just saying it was -- I blame myself because
my business was so powerful for me.


SCHULTZ: For more, let me bring in Congressman Mark Pocan of Washington,
Tobias Wolff, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School
and also with us tonight Mike Rogers of

Congressman, we`ll start with you first. Have we seen the definition of
traditional marriage in this country now erode, what`s the future going to
be like with this ruling for the United States?

REP. MARK POCAN, (D) WISCONSIN: Oh I think we`ve seen the definition of
marriage match our constitution which is equality for all and now anyone
gay or straight can get married and have equal access so law under the eyes
of the constitutions, so and this is a good thing, this is a very passive
decision and if you support family and traditional values, this is a strong
decision for family and traditional values.

SCHULTZ: Tobias, many people like Ted Cruz are arguing that this ruling
from the Supreme Court violates the constitution, your response to that?

a very educated man, he`s an experience Supreme Court advocate, but on this
topic it has to be said he is being deliberately dishonest and his being
quite on principle. His being dishonest when he talks about this issue in
relation to other civil rights issues and fails to recognize for example
that the same kind of arguments about religious objections to equal
treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people had been seen in
past dispute over equal treatment over racial minorities or of women he
knows that history and he simply pretending it doesn`t exist.

And his unprincipled when he waves his hands and invokes a lot of rhetoric
about the undemocratic Supreme Court because this decision is when nobody
happens not to like. When the Supreme Court strikes down a law like for
example the campaign finance reform that he thinks the Supreme Court got
the right decision, you don`t hear anything about undemocratic value there
so the senators really not showing itself in a very good like.

SCHULTZ: Mike Rogers, it`s like -- Ted Cruz doesn`t like the outcome
obviously, so let`s have elections, what do you make to that, I mean I can
imagine Ruth Bader Ginsburg going out racing money to be reelected on the
Supreme Court I mean there`s something really wrong with this it picture
cross the board plus you throw in Citizens United and you`d have, you know,
who buying the Supreme Court, I mean what is this look like, Mike?

MIKE ROGERS, RAWSTORY.COM: It looks like she on insanity Ed, and what`s
interesting is, I always say in folks like my friend and Representative
Pocan or folks like to Tobias to University of Pennsylvania the lawyers so
able to maintain such a measured attitude in the face of absolute insanity,
I don`t know where this man comes from. This is a man who himself has a
law degree, this is a man who as you said they are purposely misleading the
American people, and I want to stand with them.

Any pastor in America that in their religious capacity does not want to
marry a couple of man or woman I`ll stand their right with them, and he
knows that, he knows that and his pushing the envelope and he`ll twist his
words and unfortunately a lot of people will buy into it so they`ll buy
into that hate coming along or saying my pastor we`ll be force to do this
or that when that`s patently untrue.

SCHULTZ: And Mike Rogers, what do you think of Mike Huckabee, saying that
Christians might practice civil disobedience, and putting in Martin Luther
King`s name and, and that history that angled to it, what do you make on

ROGERS: Well, when I hear Mike Huckabee invoke Martin Luther King Jr., I
literally want to burst out laughing go back Mike and look at the people
from your party and you group of folks in the political spectrum and tell
me what they thought of Martin Luther King, tell me what thought in the
Montgomery Bus Boycott, and at the time what are they think of the letter
from the Birmingham Jail.

We know the answer Ed, they were on the wrong side of history then and
they`re on again now.

SCHULTZ: And if I recall the confederate flag controversy and conversation
that`s going on to this country I think that Dr. Martin Luther King and
Mike Huckabee would certainly have difference of opinion there.
Congressman, have you heard any Republican saying that the right thing on
same-sex marriage ruling.

POCAN: You know, most of what we heard is the circus that`s also known as
the Republican primary and you`ll think about it Ed, you going to decide do
you want to try to get one or two extra percent of vote in Iowa in a
primary with a very small number of people who this is an important issue
to or do you want to be a mainstream candidate enough that the 60 percent
of the people in the country who support marriage equality that you`re a
candidate for the general elections, you`ve got to find that balance.

So right now they all realize unless you win the primaries you won`t be the
general election candidate. But I`ve watched Scott Walker flip-flop. I`ve
watched all this other people have the statement, you know, the bottom-line
is are they really presidential candidates or they just primary people and
going to ponder to that one or two...


POCAN: ... percent of extremists.

SCHULTZ: And, you know, Tobias the Republicans always rely on states
rights. Well, the people on their own state should be making these
decisions. This takes away that argument across the board, so were does
this leave the Republicans constitutionally at this point, there somewhat
at the crossroads and so what they going to resort to, well know they want
to hold the a retention elections for the Supreme Court, I mean how else
can you read it?

WOLFF: Well, let me say a few words about some of the real policies that
we`re seeing on the ground that are being push by Republican legislatures.
We see efforts in the State of North Carolina to tell public officials not
pastors, not private business owners but public employees, that they can
opt out of issuing marriage licenses that they have religious objections to
doing so.

We saw the attorney general the State of Texas just issue an opinion
yesterday but suggested that public employees can single out same-sex
couples and refuse to provide services just to them if they have religious
objections to doing so.

Now I think that we can have a good faith conversation about protecting the
rights of churches and pastors which no one disagrees with about how we
should enforce anti-discrimination principles in the market place. When
you`re talking about people coming to the offices of their government that
they fund with their tax money and being told that they can be sent to
another window because a clerk or a judge doesn`t want to serve people like
them, that for me is anti-democratic.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Mark Pocan, Tobias Wolff, and Mike Rogers, gentlemen
thanks so much for the conversation tonight, I appreciate you to be in the
Ed show.

Still to come, as the President signs off on Fast-Track, we`ll look at what
it really means for our nations trading future.

And the manhunt is over in Upstate New York. We`ll have new details about
the prisoners escape plans. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed show, thanks for watching tonight. Many
folks in Upstate New York are breathing a sigh of relief today, the three
week manhunt for Richard Matt and David Sweat is finally over.

Sweat was shot by a state trooper and take into custody on Sunday. Albany
Medical Center says Sweat is in serious condition.

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie announced today, David Sweat
will be charged with escape in the first degree.

NBC`s Jay Gray has the latest.


JAY GRAY, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: As police take a victory lap of soars
(ph). Families in Upstate New York can now finally breathe a sign of

CARRIE ROBINSON, NY RESIDENT: We want to cry like thank God, it`s over.

GRAY: Tears of joy, after an army of more than 1,200 officers and federal
agents ended the three-week-manhunt for escaped killers David Sweat and
Richard Matt.

ROBINSON: It felt good to seat on porch last night into dark by myself and
not have to worry about what`s out there.

GRAY: While the search is over, the search for answers about how they
escaped does not.

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, (D) NEW YORK: Currently, the original plan was for both
Matt and Sweat to go to Mexico.

GRAY: During a radio interview today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
released new detail from the investigation. He says when Joyce Mitchell,
the prison employee arrested for aiding in the escape didn`t show up to
give them in a ride. They turn their sites for Canada splitting up about
five days ago.

CUOMO: Sweat felt that Matt was slowly him down as a matter of fact when
we caught up with him he was mile and a half from the Canadian borders.

GRAY: Sweat is in serious but stable condition in a secured unit at Albany
Medical Center where investigators want to ask him some very direct
questions about the prison break.

ANDREW WYLIE, D.A. CLINTON COUNTY NY: How does the escape occur? Who was
involved and how many people?

GRAY: Police have arrested a second prison employee Gene Palmer who was
arraigned today on charges of tampering and promoting prison contraband, in
a community anxious for justice and overwhelmed right now by the work of
police federal agents here.


SCHULTZ: Let me bring in NBC`s John Yang and Constable, New York tonight.

John, what happened during the Gene Palmer court appearance today? What
could you tell us?

JOHN YANG, NBC NEWS CONSTABLE NY: Well, he waved a preliminary hearing
into the case will go straight to a grand jury. He has not yet entered a
plea but the district attorney says that in his -- he has told
investigators that he didn`t know that these guys were trying to escape or
were going to escape and that he has passed lie detector test. He is
charged with giving them contraband dealing with other parts of things but
not necessarily contraband that they use to help them escape.

Now, this is the field where David Sweat was eventually captured yesterday
shot by a New York state police sergeant. You know, this entire operation
had thousand or hundreds of officers, hundreds of dogs, high-tech equipment
helicopters with infrared technology and in the end, Ed, it was a single
alert New York state police sergeant who spotted Sweat running -- walking
across this field. He pulled over, call them over to and Sweat ignored
them, run to where the tree line. He knew that if we got him to that into
those trees, it would be hard to find them again so he fired, shooting him
twice in the torso, that single, that sergeant named Jay Cook, he is the
man who brought this manhunt to an end. Ed.

SCHULTZ: All right, John Yang reporting tonight from Constable, New York.
Thanks so much.

There is a lot mote coming up on the Ed Show right after this. Stay with

JANE WELLS, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Jane Wells with your CNBC Market Wrap.

World market tumbled after talks between Greece and its creditors broke

The DOW plummeted 350 points into the red for the year. The S&P also in
the red for the year is sliding at 43. The NASDAQ dropped a 122 more than
2 percent.

It`s Greece the word, Greece`s Prime Minister pleaded for calm amid worried
about the finances standard boost have increases credit again and it said
it pays a 50 percent chance of the country living in the Euro zone. Greece
has already shut its banks and limited withdrawals.

Well, that`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.
President Obama signed Fast-Track authority in the law today. The
legislation gives him the power to negotiate trade deals without input or
amendments from Congress. The law gives him a clear pathway to complete
the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The measure is much bigger than President Obama as I see it. Our next
president gets Trade Promotion Authority as well. This goes for the next
six years.


DONALD TRUMP: You have people coming through the border that are from all
over. And they`re bad. They`re really bad killers and rapist, I mean,
they are coming in to this country.


SCHULTZ: Donald Trump is coming out hard against U.S. trade deals because
of that situation.


TRUMP: I think NAFTA been a disaster. I think out current deals are a
disaster and I`m a free trader.


SCHULTZ: The presidential candidate called out NAFTA but he is ready to
create another trade disaster with Mexico. Trump says that he will hinder
their economy until a wall is built on the border.


TRUMP: Mexican makes a fortune because of this. A wall is a tiny, a
little peanut compared to the.

TAPPER: So you would cut off business or impose tariffs unless they built
the wall.

TRUMP: I would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us
the money to build the wall.


SCHULTZ: The plan isn`t feasible or responsible. Trump also wants to set
a new trade agenda but can`t manage to follow his own rules as it appears
Donald Trump still sells his ties made in China.


TAPPER: Is it hypocritical at all for you talk about this.

TRUMP: No, not at all.

TAPPER: While you`re manufacturing your clothing.

TRUMP: No, they`ve manipulated the currency to such a point that it`s
impossible for our companies to compete.

TAPPER: You dinged Ford for manufacturing your cars in Mexico.

TRUMP: No, no. I don`t ding them I say congratulations, I think it`s a
great deal, but I let you do it. I wouldn`t let them manipulate their
currency, because that`s what they do.


SCHULTZ: Trump wants to lead the country but he won`t lead by example as
it appears to his credit. He`s talking more about trade than any other
Republican candidate that is out there, and as I see it that relates to

One thing that is not been discussed very much is the value added tax which
puts this countries exports in a clear disadvantage.

For more on that, we`re joined tonight by Kevin Kearns. He is the
president of the U.S. Business and Industry Council and organization that
has been fighting for domestic manufacturers since 1933.

Mr. Kearns, tell us, why haven`t we heard more about the VAT tax? Why
isn`t this part of this whole deal of the value added tax? And how does it
put our country to this advantage?

Ed, this been going on for 50 years. Actually, since we joined together --
formed together in 1947 and now we seemed to have abandoned the playing

When our goods go overseas to 160 years or so out trading partners, they
face an entry fee called the Value-added tax and it can range form 5
percent up to 25 percent. So if you add, you know, 20 percent or so to an
American car go into Germany, you know, that`s a hefty increase in the
price it has to be charged for the American car to compete in Germany.
When the German car comes to the US, it gets the 20 percent rebated a lot
it get actually 19 percent the VAT in Germany.

So, it comes into the U.S. without any VAT and it comes in the manufacture
has 19 percent in his pocket as result to the operation of Value-added tax.
So its not in the Trans-Pacific deal, its not in a transatlantic deal and,
you know, we seem to have completely forgotten about it, but it was a
serious issue for many, many years.

SCHULTZ: It is and I believe that President Obama in 2009 stated that he
wanted to double our exports but this is the big roadblock in the middle of
that and we`re a long way form that goal, aren`t we?

KEARNS: Well, we are and well he failed. If you know, 2009 to 2014, he
increased exports by not 100 percent, but 52 percent and he said, "The
world, you know they want American products and its Americas fault so we
just have to try harder." But in fact, the rest of the world wants access
to the U.S. market and they want to make their own products to substitute
for the American products that their people might buy.

So, we have the VAT, just a major barrier to U.S. exports and we have
currency manipulation. Trump is quite right on that. And these are the
two 21st century barriers to American exports and we`re just not going to
win at this game, we`re not going to balance our trade if they go on
address. And in facts it`s an invitation to these countries. "OK, we cut
tax a little bit but, you know, on one hand -- but then you know, you raise
your VAT on the other hand this date been gaining this system since the GST
was started in the late 40s.

SHULTZ: Kevin Kearns, great to have you with us tonight. Explaining
exactly how the United States has its back to the wall when it comes to
exports and what we have to do. And keep in mind this TPA authority is for
the next six years that will involve the next president and nothing`s going
to be able to be done about the VAT tax as I see it.

KEARNS: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: Value added tax which puts us at a disadvantage, not a good

Good to have you with us sir, thank you.


SCHULTZ: Still to come, the Supreme Court rules in favor of voters in
Arizona. This is a big deal when it comes to gerrymandering.

Big story on that coming up. Stay with us. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are in. Here are the results in tonight`s Bing
Pulse Poll. Tonight`s question, "Do you think Donald Trump`s statements on
illegal immigration are accurate?"
40 percent of you say "Yes, 60 percent say, "No". Keep voting until the
end of this hour at

He was one of the all-time greats, Roger Maris. We`ll talk about him when
we come back.

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This weekend I participated in the
Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament in Fargo North Dakota, the tournament
has raise over $2 million for Fargo area organizations like Hospice of the
Red River Valley, the Stanford Roger Maris Cancer Center, and Maris`s alma
mater, Fargo Shanley High School through the charity Roger`s legacy lives


ROGER MARIS, FORMER N.Y YANKEE: In `61 was probably the most exciting year
of all the years I had.

SCHULTZ: It`s the most talked about in controversial record in baseball,
the single season home run record.

MAURY ALLEN: This is probably the single greatest speed in the history of

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For the record have made to be broke.

SCHULTZ: Babe Ruth held it for 34 years until Fargo`s Roger Maris stepped
to the plate on October 1st 1961. Maris is the hometown kid Fargo will
never forget.

reputation, it is good as its get some people here country (ph) really
proud of him.

SCHULTZ: The 30 second annual Roger Maris celebrity golf tournament has
raised millions for cancer after Maris`s wife was cut short at 51.

SCOTT: Of course it always a good cause and that`s important.

major effort that the community puts into it actually, we have about 20
people that are really start right after this tournaments over, we start
working on it for next year already.

KEVIN MARIS, SON OF ROGER MORIS: To come up here and experience, you know,
Fargo and the community how good it`s been over 32 years, you know, its
great deal for the Hospice and Roger Maris Cancer Center.

SCHULTZ: Keeping a benefit tournament going for 32 years isn`t easy but
the memory of Roger Maris, his achievement and considering what baseball
has gone through under score their admiration and respect for the men who
wore number nine.

SCOTT: Genuine affection, admiration people have for Roger Maris in this
community and beyond.

DANIELSON: But he was a real baseball player just great person too.

SCOTT: And I think people think more about Roger Maris now than ever
before and so, that`s why to me this tournament it`s not being particularly

MARIS: Just to know that, you know, Dad`s been gone as long for them that
still support this. It`s pretty amazing.

SCHULTZ: And Yankee fan to this day have the memory and respect.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He might have (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Record speaks thought itself, he won the MVP two years
in a row.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is one of the best we have right-field (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I think Roger Maris was one of the most under
appreciated stars.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was a leader and a winner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He accomplished something fantastic especially against
the odd.

SCHULTZ: 61 in 61 has new meaning over the years to the committee members
who volunteer for a great cause.

SCOTT: I think he`s image is brighter than today than it`s even been. I
think people care more about him appreciate him more.

SCHULTZ: Pretend (ph) and describe your dad as ball player base on what
we`re seeing out there today. How would Roger Maris doing in the field.

MARIS: Always good, always good.


SCHULTZ: And Roger Maris is not in the baseball hall of fame 256 lifetime
batting average probably had something to do with it. The baseball writers
never loved the give from the middle of the country because he kind of just
told it like it is and they weren`t used to that. A class act, a wonderful
family man and there`s not very many celebrity golf tournaments that go
more than three decades. And this one is going strong all because of Roger
Maris and what he left behind.

There`s a lot more coming up on the Ed Show. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. The Supreme Court upheld a system
to fight gerrymandering today. A big ruling, the five to four ruling backs
up Arizona`s redistricting efforts and puts the power back in the voter`s

Back in 2000, Arizona voters approved to bipartisan commission in response
to extreme redistricting. The independence system took the power away from
the controlling party in the Statehouse which of course has been a problem.
The legislature sued. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in her majority
decision that "Arizona voters sought to restore the core principle of
Republican government. The voters should choose their representatives not
the other way around."

A dozen states around the country have developed redistricting commissions
similar to the state of Arizona. The ruling says legislative power and
process can be exercised by the people through direct democracy. The
decision today upholds boundaries drawn based on the 2010 census.

Joining us tonight, Sam Wercinski, he is the executive director of
Arizona`s Advocacy Network and Foundation. Sam, good to have you with us
tonight. I know that your organization played a big deal in this. Not to
over state it but do you think this is a game changer when it comes to
power in the House of Representatives? Could this be a linchpin to this
whole thing?

opponent`s game plan off course. So, it`s very important that this
decision came down in favor of voters and not the politicians that as the
justice and the majority says wanted to choose their voters but rather
voters choosing their representatives.

SCHULTZ: Now that`s interesting. Citizens United came in long after 2000.
This was an issue in Arizona for a long time. Give us a little history
here in and what evolved.

WERCINSKI: Well, we`ve seen over time in Arizona as the politics have
become more and more extreme. Our legislature trying till you served the
power of the voters which is ceded in our Constitution to legislate
directly through the ballot. And as our legislatures become more extreme,
the voters have taken policy making more into their hands more frequently,

SCHULTZ: Well, in Arizona, do you feel like Arizona is paving the way for
the rest of the country that this is the true model to make sure that
there`s not social engineering to guarantee election turnouts?

WERCINSKI: Yeah. I think Arizona is a leader in this. There are other
states as you mentioned that have some form of independent body to help
with redistricting. I think the western states are leading this effort.
California has a similar independent redistricting commission. This really
is the design to be an independent non-partisan body that looks at the best
ways to advance a representative Democratic form of government. And we`ve
seen that with her congressional alliance. We have three of our nine
congressional seats extremely, extremely competitive.

There`s been times when those three competitive districts were held by all
Democrats. Today, two are Democratic. One is Republican. They can go
either way depending on the mode of the voters and how well the candidates
speak to the issues.

SCHULTZ: I mean, I go around the country and people talked about the
gerrymandering, the group that the Republicans have in the House. And they
really see no way out. I mean, I`m surprised that this ruling by the
Supreme Court didn`t get more media attention. I think this is a
blockbuster decision. So, what`s next for the redistricting commission in
the state of Arizona?

WERCINSKI: Well, really, the status quo remains as it is, which is a
really good thing, Ed. We have the congressional districts that withdrawn
in 2010. They remain as is. We know that our Republican majority had
hoped to redraw those lines through a special session that is not going to
happen now.

I think as you said, this is a major, major decision for the country,
advocate organizations like ours around the nation, realize this. I think
we also should be helping viewers across the country, connect the dots to
this particular challenge by the Republican legislature to the money that

You know, it`s interesting, Ed. There were two amici (ph) briefs submitted
on behalf of the legislature. One of them is the Coolidge Reagan
Foundation. The chairman of that foundation is Shaun McCutcheon. That was
a huge money and politics issue last year that gave oligarchs and
billionaires the ability to buy more influence with unlimited money. They
submitted an amicus brief on behalf of politicians rather than supporting
the will of voters.

SCHULTZ: This is an interesting story. No question about it. There`s
been so much gerrymandering going on in some of the craziest district lines
that have ever been drawn up social engineering across the border and
hopefully this kind of commission system will put an end to it. A big
ruling by the Supreme Court, no doubt.

Sam Wercinski, great to have you with us tonight. Keep up the good work in
Arizona. Thanks so much.

And that is the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now here on MSNBC.


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