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'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Read the transcript to the Thursday show (change to correct date)

Date: July 2, 2015
Guest: Greg McClain

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: Chris Hayes, I have a favor to ask.


MADDOW: Will you show me where you are?

HAYES: Yes, it`s secret. I didn`t know it existed but when I come
back next week, I`m going to take you up here. Totally amazing.

MADDOW: Thank you. It`s like the best kept secret in the building.
Only like the most favored sons of the building are allowed to know where
you are. I can`t find it. Thank you, my friend.

HAYES: I`m going to show you.

MADDOW: Amazing, well done.

Seriously, nobody invites me to things like this. I`m not told, other
people know how to get outdoors or on the roof. Jackie, do you know? I
don`t know. Nobody tells me these things.

And it`s not like they are putting out bread crumbs either. They are
keeping this to themselves. Someday, I`ll also get the key to the special
bathroom, too. Someday.

Thanks for being here. Happy Thursday.

We have two pieces of really great tape from the news cycle today,
both of which we`re going to play tonight, both of which are from the world
of politics.

One of them is from President Obama. He went to Wisconsin today and
he met Republican Governor Scott Walker on the tarmac when he landed, which
is nice. The White House for months now I think has been sort of subtly
telegraphing they except that Scott Walker is going to be the Republican
nominee for president in 2016, President Obama talks about Scott Walker by
name, the White House references Scott Walker more than any other
candidate, I think.

So, it`s interesting today to see President Obama go to Wisconsin to
meet with Scott Walker, to shake his hand. But then after he met Scott
Walker, he left to go elsewhere in Wisconsin to go just give a barn burning
speech in Lacrosse, one of these Obama speeches where he`s celebrating
everything that`s going right for administration right now.

And even in these moments when he`s celebrating things that are going
right, it`s more common to hear this president talk about policy than it is
to hear him talk about politics. But this first piece of great tape that
we`ve got today, we`ve got two of them -- the first one we got today is
President Obama kind of fired up, definitely enjoying himself and what he`s
talking about is Republicans as a group.

He`s talking about specifically the Republicans who are running for
president this year. This was kind of great. Watch.


competition in the Democratic Party but I lost count how many Republicans
are running for this job.


They will have enough for an actual "Hunger Games".



That is an interesting bunch.

I know some of them well. There are good people, it`s just that their
ideas are bad.


I don`t want to emphasize that -- we`re on one country. We`re all on
one team. And so, we`re all one American family. But we go there for
Thanksgiving and Uncle Harry starts saying something, and you say, Uncle
Harry, that makes no sense at all -- but you still love them. You still
remember your family, right? But you got to correct them. You don`t want
to put them in charge of stuff.


That`s all I`m saying.



MADDOW: In related news, some guy named Uncle Harry filed papers to
run for the Republican -- actually, that`s not true.

Probably. Somebody named Harry piled today, but in addition, Scott
Walker did file his papers today. We know Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor
Scott Walker is due to make his formal out loud announcement that he`s
running on July 13th, but today he filed with the FEC to say that he is
going to join the race. So even less suspension than there was.

We also tonight can do a little more updating on our ginormous chart
of the historically unprecedented over large presidential field this year,
trademark. All of the people with the red background on our chart, they
have all actually formally declared they are running. We have 14 declared
major candidates for the Republican nomination already.

Anybody who has dotted lines around them, we know when they are going
to declare if they are going to declare. So, for example, Scott Walker
here, Scott Walker -- where is Scott Walker? Upper right-hand corner.
He`s got dotted lines because he`s due to declare on July 19th.

We can also finally for the first time take somebody off this list.
It is time to poof somebody off this list. Peter King, Peter King, the
bombastic Republican congressman from New York state had said he would
decide by know whether or not he was going to run, Peter King has just
announced that he is not going to run for president.

And so, Peter King you become a small number of Republicans who is
announcing he`s not running for president and therefore you get poofed off
this list, three, two, one, poof. Good-bye Peter King.

We haven`t been able to take anybody off the list in a long time. But
we do have one further change that we can make to the list tonight, and
this is an interesting one. It`s my boyfriend, former governor of
Virginia, Jim Gilmore, who`s not really my boyfriend, but he does seem
nice. Governor Jim -- I want him to come on the show.

Governor Jim Gilmore has been a maybe on our list this whole time.
Governor Gilmore ran for president in 2008. He was up there on the debate
stage. He didn`t win any states or anything. But he ran in 2008. He`s
been keeping cards close to the vest as to whether or not he would run
again this year.

Well, Jim Gilmore`s office told us today that Governor Gilmore will
make his decision about whether or not he is running on or about August 6th
and if that date is in your mind for another run, it`s because August 6th,
Jim Gilmore is waiting for the first day of the presidential debate to
decide whether or not he is running.

Which I guess mean if that debate goes off the rails like everybody
expects it to because of the format and what they are letting in and who
they`re excluding, he may jump in and save the day and claimed the
Republican presidential nomination that is obviously and rightfully his.

But we got a dotted line around Jim Gilmore now August 6th. We know
that Scott Walker is getting in and Peter King is not running, very sad.
Still stuff happening on the Republican side of the field even at this late

On the Democratic side of the field, though, there is also some
action. We had a little heads up yesterday that this might happen. Here
is how that went at our news meeting yesterday for this show.


decide in few days.


MADDOW: I got to go get on the air.



MADDOW: That was yesterday. Jim Webb saying he would announce in a
few days whether or not he was going to run for president.

But he didn`t wait a few days. Today he announced boom, throw
yourself into the closet. Get on the air. That was not an earthquake.
That was the Webb-mentum.

Jim Webb is now declared as of a blog post on his web page and so,
now, we know the character of the Democratic field? Right? Republican
field still taking shape. We know the debate stage on the Democratic side
is going to be this group of these five friendly older white people who
could all fit in a family sedan.

Jim Webb is the fifth one to declare, probably the last one to
declare. If you`re intrigued by the Jim Webb announcement today, though,
and you were looking today to find out more information about him, this Jim
Webb who`s going to run for president, you might have run into trouble
finding the information because the way information about him is organized
on the Internet machine.

If you go to, what you`ll find is a very nicely organized,
very well-designed website for a man named Jim Webb, who is not the same
Jim Webb who is running for president. This Jim Webb, in fact, does Web
site design and very well.

If you decided to get more specific and put in, that
Web site is apparently nothing. That`s a Go Daddy holder page.

So, then, if you really want to get very, very literal and you want to
go to, that was my next guess, it turns out redirects to, which my work --
I kid you not, my work computer will not allow me to visit, much like the
garden rooftop setting where Chris Hayes was tonight. I`m not allowed to

So, I had to actually go to this redirect site,,
I had to go on my phone. Now I`m afraid to use my phone to call my mother.

So, that is not great for Jim Webb, right? All the obvious things you
would choose as your campaign Web site go either nowhere or to an unrelated
business or to Maybe not as quite as going to the a gay rights discussion website set up
by CJ and Charlie, the cute tech pairs from Portland, Oregon, who we had as
a guest on this show. That`s

Jim Webb`s predicament is probably not as bad as, which
still to this day reads support President Obama immigration reform now.

But going to is right up
there. is right up there.

The other thing going on that`s of real interest right now on both
sides of the aisle in the race is the money situation, Hillary Clinton
announcing yesterday she`s raised $45 million for her presidential campaign
in the second quarter of this year, which just ended and that`s a lot of

The pro-Hillary folks said today if you combine the $45 million in
campaign money with the PAC money she`s raised, it`s more like $70 million
she`s raised in the last quarter.

It`s interesting, though. Everybody has the same deadlines in both
parties, right? Everybody knows what their second quarter totals were.
Hillary Clinton announced hers right away.

But on the Republican side, the candidates have been really, really
slow to announce how much any of them have raised. They know, they just
haven`t said so publicly. The only Republican candidate, the on one so far
who said what he raised in the second quarter is Ben Carson. And it seems
like maybe Dr. Carson is first out of the gate as a Republican in
explaining numbers because he`s got a lot to be proud of in those numbers.

Ben Carson didn`t get close to Hillary Clinton, but he did raise over
$8 million in the last quarter. What his campaign was particularly proud
of, though, and it`s important metric, what he`s particularly proud of is
how many different people sent Ben Carson money last quarter. His campaign
spokesperson telling the "AP" today that no other campaign will come even
close to the number of donors that the Ben Carson campaign was able to tap
for money in this past quarter. No other campaign will come even close,
they say, because more than 150,000 people gave money to Ben Carson in the
last quarter. That was a huge number.

When I read that quote from the Carson campaign, I thought they are
definitely right. Nobody will say they got 150,000 different people to
donate to their candidate. I would never guess that anybody else in the
race could match that let alone beat it. That`s a huge number of donors.

But once again, guess who is surprising everyone.

Hi, Bernie. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders seen here last night
addressing the crowd of roughly 10,000 people in Madison, Wisconsin.
Today, Bernie Sanders campaign announced its fundraising totals for the
last quarter and actually, it`s not even for the last quarter because he
declared at the end of April. So, he`s not even declaring numbers for the
whole quarter. He`s only declaring for two months instead of three months.

But in that two-month period, Bernie Sanders raised $15 million for
his campaign, a number that "The New York Times" today calls surprisingly
large for a fundraising effort that has been primarily from small donors.

But even more surprising than the amount of money Bernie Sanders has
raised, more surprising than the total number is the number of people who
gave him that money.

I mean, Ben Carson is bragging rightfully so, bragging about the fact
he had 150,000 people give him money last quarter. Ben Carson campaign
said no other campaign will come close to the 150,000 donors. Turns out
Bernie Sanders had 250,000 donors.

So, the 2016 campaign is fascinating. It`s honestly as a person in
this job, it really fun to cover. It`s so freaking unpredictable on a day
to day basis. But I think sort of this far into it, you`re starting to see
it`s operating at a few different levels and day like today, today`s news
you could see fascinating to watch what is happening in this giant
Republican field and that gets most coverage, right? I mean, today,
another major company dropped the business association with Donald Trump.
Serta Mattress dropped him because of the racist and demeaning things he
said about Mexican immigrants.

Today, published a prominent conservative columnist
saying that Donald Trump is right what he says about Mexicans.

So, the Republican Party has been grappling with what everybody is
calling their Donald Trump problem. They`ve been grappling with it quietly
for awhile. And now, they are figuring out whether they`re going to
embrace these positions that he`s got that are horrifying the rest of the
country, but now, he`s one of them and he`s polling really well. So, maybe
they have to get on board with it.

Really interesting, right? There is news like that every day.

Today, this incredibly counterintuitive news is coming out from the
fundraising numbers. Ben Carson with huge numbers, right, and all the
other Republicans not saying -- there is this fascinating stuff every day.
There`s this kinetic day to day, breaking news, every day, about what is
already an amazing presidential race, and who is in, who is out, what they
are trying to get away with, and what people are not letting them get away
with. It`s just rollicking, it`s great. That`s at this level.

At a deeper level just below that, though, there is this legitimate
manifest real enthusiasm, which defies all beltway explanation. It defies
all pundit explanation, this huge enthusiasm for the really, really,
really, really, really, really, really, really liberal guy in the race, for
Bernie Sanders.

If you ask about that, they do not get it at all, but day after day
the Bernie Sanders campaign keeps proving it. They continue to turn out
people by the thousands. They continue to show up every other campaign by
almost every metric, and the Beltway just is choosing not to believe it.
You almost have to watch the local news in the places where Bernie Sanders
is appearing to see it happening but it is really happening.

So there is the fascinating stuff, sort of happening at the beltway
press level, all that, you know, kinetic day in, day out stuff. At the
level deeper than that, there is this stuff that`s happening with the
Bernie Sanders campaign, which the Beltway doesn`t get and which is

But I said at the start here, that there are two great pieces of tape
about the news for politics. And one of those pieces of tape was President
Obama having such a great time talking about Uncle Harry and the Republican
field and enjoying himself in the politics of this moment today in
Wisconsin, all right, in the face of the guy who the White House is going
to be the Republican nominee. That was great to see. That was one of two
pieces of tape today.

The other piece of tape today, though, is from a totally different
level at which nobody is talking about politics at all. And it`s from
actually one of those Republican candidates for president, who the
president talked about today and it is the most non-partisan thing you can
possibly imagine in your life. It`s one of the most human things I`ve seen
a politician do, certainly that I ever seen a politician allow himself to
do while being filmed.

This is happening at a level of political discourse I think we`re very
uncomfortable with as a country, but is amazing and actually moving to see.
This is honestly moving. It`s great. It`s from a Republican candidate for
president, I`ve never seen anything like it, and that`s next.


MADDOW: A reporter named Scott Conroy who works at "The Huffington
Post" just did an interview in the backseat of a moving car with a
Republican candidate who`s running for president this year.

Now, I said at the top of the show tonight that there are two amazing
pieces of tape from today`s news, from today`s politics news. One of them
was President Obama having an awesome time speaking today in Wisconsin.
The president enjoying himself talking about the presidential field in 2016
and how big the Republican field is and how you shouldn`t put your crazy
Uncle Harry in charge of stuff even if you like him. It`s very funny. It
was sort of vintage happy Obama. It was great.

The other piece of tape today that you really have to see -- I have
never really seen anything like this -- is this tape today from Scott
Conroy at the "Huffington Post." It`s him as a reporter talking with South
Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. It`s really emotional.

And what they are talking about is Vice President Joe Biden. Vice
President Biden, obviously, a Democrat, and Lindsey Graham, a Republican,
and now a Republican candidate for president. But Vice President Biden and
Lindsey Graham are friends.

And you know that happens in Washington, and you hear about that
happening in Washington but you rarely hear somebody, particularly when
they are presidential candidate, you very rarely hear somebody talk about
it in terms this human and honestly this moving. I think this is just


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: If you can`t admire Joe
Biden as a person, then probably you got a problem.


GRAHAM: You need to do some self-evaluation because what`s not to
like? Here`s what I can tell you. That life can change just like that.
Don`t take it for granted. Don`t take relationships for granted.

I called him after Beau died, and he basically said, well, Beau was my
soul. We talked for a long time. He came to my ceremony and said some of
the most incredibly heart-felt things that anybody could ever say to me,
and he`s the nicest person I think I`ve ever met in politics.


GRAHAM: He is as good a man as God ever created and we don`t agree on
much but I think he`s been dealt a really gut blow. I think he focuses on
what he`s got to do, not what he lost. His heart has been ripped out, but
he`s going to make sure the other members of his family is well taken care
of and he started talking about his grandkids, more worried about them than
anything. We just talked about the future.


GRAHAM: He started talking about the future, the future of his


MADDOW: Remarkable taped interview with South Carolina senator and
presidential candidate, Lindsey Graham, talking about his friendship with
Joe Biden.

Joining us now is long time Washington reporter, MSNBC analyst and all
around good guy David Corn, D.C. bureau chief from "Mother Jones".

David, it`s great to see you. Thanks for being here.

DAVID CORN, MOTHER JONES: Good evening and happy Fourth of July

MADDOW: Thank you. Do you love Lindsey Graham now watching that
tape? I kind of love Lindsey Graham now watching him talk that way.

CORN: Well, it`s very moving. The thing is that, you know, those of
us who are fortunate or unfortunate to spend most of our adult lives in
Washington realize a lot of people, politicians who you may not agree with
often are good folks and you kind of wish that they could sort of take some
of that positive character traits they have and apply it to the debates
they wage when they disagree with you or somebody else.

I mean, I can point out a number of times Lindsey Graham said stuff
that wasn`t a good way of having a debate in this town. He made jabs
against Susan Rice or others, they were unfair, and I kind of wish that,
you know, for all the decency he showed there, I don`t want to just pick on
Lindsey Graham here, that sort of decency would inform all the debates and
agreements we have.

I mean, Chris Christie today is quoted in "The Washington Post" saying
the problem with President Obama is that he doesn`t like being president
and that he just doesn`t like people. Now, does Chris Christie, talk about
liking people. Let`s put that aside with Chris Christie.

But my question is, does Chris Christie really actually believe that
Obama doesn`t like people? And that`s something to say? I mean, it`s just
silly name calling and from a guy who used to hug Obama when they were
working together on Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. So why does he say
crap like that?

I don`t really get it. I don`t know. It`s not necessary.

MADDOW: I feel like the field being so big and predictable because of
how flat it is and the size of the field, I feel like anything might break
out at any minute. And so, some of that is going to be nasty and some of
it is going to be ugly and some will be fact challenge. I`m starting to
wonder if decency or surprising, you know, rising of partisanship may be
something to break out.

Maybe that`s because I`m in a good mood because I`m a liberal and it`s
been a good week for liberals. But I am actually wondering if the field is
so big that it might be weird enough that some good comes of it.

CORN: You are being very optimistic.


CORN: My political analysis is that the grass roots, the base, the
voting base of the Republican Party is still very much in a we want to vent
mode. They hate Obama. They believe he is a secret socialist who wants to
destroy America, someone social conservatives do believe that the Supreme
Court decision is akin to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor and they are out for blood.

And they pulled the Republican Party far to the right. They are the
tail that wags the dog, and you see this across the board with candidates
who are trying to figure out how to win votes if that`s the audience, if
that`s the pool you swim in and that doesn`t seem to allow for a lot of

We saw this with Mitt Romney last time around. I know people who work
for Mitt, Bain Capital and elsewhere, and they always said he was a descent
fellow. Yet, he got out there and said lots of things he knew weren`t
true. He said he kept trying to make the president seem like he didn`t
believe in America, wasn`t exceptional. He kept playing with that sort of
bither notion, without accepting it.

And why would a decent fellow who has helped neighbors and his
colleagues so often play that game? Because he thought it would get him

MADDOW: Right.

CORN: And I still think that drives a lot of fellows, Lindsey Graham,
at 1 percent in the poll may have more opportunity to be decent than a lot
of these other guys.

MADDOW: The idea you can out-flank somebody with surprising and
heart-felt decency would make for the best sort of beltway political
headlines I can possibly imagine.

David Corn, D.C. bureau chief for "Mother Jones", thank you talking to
me about this. It`s great to see you.

CORN: Thank you, Rachel.

MADDOW: Thanks.

All right. Ahead, a news cliffhanger resolved with a xylophone, a
real xylophone. Stay with us.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Become a teacher, it will give you the power to
lead one kid at a time.


MADDOW: The More You Know, NBC`s brilliant PSA campaign that`s been
around for decades. It`s perfect in every way.

We have developed our own cheap cable version to describe a thing that
happens in the news cycle when a big news story ends on a cliff hanger.
You know it started, you think you might know how it ends but you don`t
know until you finally do, until -- you know more now. Thank you, Nick.

On last night`s show, we reported Alabama Governor Robert Bentley had
said he was going to make a major announcement today, this afternoon. And
at the time we did not know what it was going to be about, but we reported
it was happening, maybe how the state would handle the Supreme Court ruling
on same-sex marriage, maybe it would be about how the state was going to
handle continuing controversy over Confederate flags, who knows?

Well, now, today, we know. That major announcement actually had
nothing to do with same-sex marriage, nothing to do with the flag.
Instead, it had to do with the largest oil spill in the history of the
United States.

The Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11 people and spilled
almost 5 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
Today, Governor Bentley announced that this state, Alabama, along with
Louisiana and Mississippi, Texas and Florida, and the federal government,
they have all agreed to settle with BP over the legal claims stemming from
that giant spill, and it`s the largest settlement any corporation ever paid
for anything ever, $18.7 billion.

And undoubtedly, BP is probably relieved to at least know how much
they are on the hook for, this is one step closer to closure for them when
it comes to figuring out what their ultimate liability is for that massive
and disgusting disaster.

On the other hand, this is the biggest fine any company paid for
anything ever, and if you add to it what BP already paid toward legal and
cleanup cost, BP is on the hook for more profit than they made in the past
four years combined. What they agreed to today, what they announced today,
this is such a big fine that some analysts say BP might not actually
survive it intact. There is some thinking this settlement makes BP ripe
for being acquired by some other company entirely, which means thanks to
the Deepwater Horizon spill, BP would basically seize to exist.

So yesterday, we didn`t know what that press conference was going to
be. Now -- you know more. Thank you, Nick.


MADDOW: I have covered a lot of disasters and a lot of crashes and a
lot of spills of dangerous things. But before today, I can never remember
covering one that required detailed local reporting on antidote kits for
cyanide gas. A serious disaster is unfolding, still burning tonight in one
state. That story is next.


MADDOW: The Great Smoky Mountains run along the Tennessee/North
Carolina border, one of America`s treasures. That mountain range is a
UNESCO world heritage site. Great Smoky Mountains are beautiful.

At the foot of the Smoky Mountains is a place called Maryville,
Tennessee, just south of Knoxville. It`s population of about 27,000

Late last night, a CSX tanker train was making its way through
Maryville, Tennessee. That train started in Ohio on its way to Georgia but
just outside, one car derailed off one of the main highways there.
Apparently, one of the tank cars on that train broke an axle and that
punctured the car, sparked a huge fire that happened around midnight.

Late into the evening tonight, that train car was still burning from
midnight last night and that`s not because this is some inaccessible spot.
This is right off the highway outside town, easy to get to. They can get
to it. They just couldn`t stay close enough to it to put it out, because
the car that was burning and eight other cars on that train, they were
carrying something called acrylanitrile.

And acrylanitrile is a very toxic used in making plastics. It`s
toxic. It`s highly flammable, and when it burns, it releases a highly
toxic byproduct that you have heard of. It releases cyanide gas. Exposure
to cyanide gas can cause dizziness and headache and nausea and vomiting,
but enough exposure to cyanide gas can kill you.

And that`s why nobody has wanted to come near that burning train all
day today. They realized soon after the derailment, they needed to
evacuate a two-mile radius around the burning train car. That meant
evacuating 5,000 people in that part of Tennessee in the dead of night, and
into this morning, 5,000 people.

But what that burning car is giving off, that cyanide gas, it`s so
toxic, so potent, that ten law enforcement officers who are going door to
door, getting people out of their homes, 10 law enforcement officers
themselves had to be hospitalized for chemical exposure, including those
ten officers, a total after 52 people have been sent to the hospital so far
because of exposure to the toxic fumes, about half of them, 25 people have
been admitted to the hospital now for ongoing treatment.

Because of that risk of cyanide gas exposure, local officials at one
point today issued a region-wide request for these. They are called
cyanokits. Cyanokits are specialized medical kits for treating cyanide

It`s about a 4x10 little kit. They hold a chemical that you
administer intravenously to basically act as an antidote to the cyanide, to
force the cyanide out of your system.

One neighboring county apparently passed along four of the cyanokits
that they had on hand. But officials in Maryville say that they are still
looking for more. There are on going concerns about these toxic fumes from
the fire, ongoing concerns about drinking water in the vicinity of the
spill and local officials have reportedly told the evacuees tonight, these
5,000 people, that they should not to plan to be going home tonight.

Don`t know when they`re going home yet.

Joining us now from Maryville is the city manager, Greg McClain.

Mr. McClain, I know this is an incredibly difficult day. Thank you so
much for making time for us.

GREG MCCLAIN, MARYVILLE, TN CITY MANAGER: Well, thank you very having

MADDOW: I understand, I`m told the train car did finally burn out and
did finally stop burning tonight. Is that true?

MCCLAIN: That is correct. Probably three or four hours ago it
finally extinguished.

MADDOW: There does seem to be some question at least we can`t tell
from here, as to how much of the 24,000 gallons in that tanker burned or
spilled in the surrounding area. Do you have a handle on that yet?

MCCLAIN: Well, the fact that the product was burning was probably a
really good thing. It`s very flammable and it burns at a very high
temperature so most of the product was probably burned up, sent into the
sky and vapor and very little of it probably got into the ground. No doubt
there will be some residue, some tankers just went through now, and other
heavy equipment that`s going to be digging up through the night evaluating
how deep, how far that may have spread.

But the vast majority of the product will burn.

MADDOW: In terms of what did burn, obviously this worry about those
fumes and we know a number of people are sick and gone to the hospital.
Are you satisfied that everybody in the surrounding area is out of danger
in terms of inhalation of the fumes?

MCCLAIN: Yes, we think at this point it`s pretty much just wrapping
up. We`ve done air monitoring, EPA and other haves been with us from the
beginning doing air monitoring and what we found that most of the fumes
have gone upward. All of the monitoring around it has shown roughly
background traces of the chemicals you would expect in this product as it
burns. So we`ve been lucky in that regard.

It rained much of the day and helped to knock that plume down and
probably didn`t go as far. Fortune has it, it`s burned all the product up
and as we are now, it`s just a matter of mopping up.

MADDOW: Maryville city manager, Greg McClain -- incredibly difficult
circumstances for your town today. Good luck to you, sir. Thanks for
being with us.

MCCLAIN: Thank you so much. Thanks for having us.

MADDOW: Thanks.

Really big evacuation there. Really scary chemical spill, just

All right. Next I`m going to attempt to contain my excitement for
something that is due to happen this weekend -- I`m going to fail at
containing that excitement. I`ll be right back.


MADDOW: Tonight, we mad two pieces of news about Vice President Joe
Biden. First though is that remarkable tape from Republican presidential
candidate Lindsey Graham talking about his love for Joe Biden as a friend,
just amazing.

But we also just got word from the vice president`s office about a
surprise trip that Vice President Biden is going to be taking this weekend.
It`s a previously unannounced but really high-profile trip, and that`s


MADDOW: Here is an update on your Fourth of July weekend plans.

You`re planning on watching the women`s World Cup final on Sunday
night at 7:00 Eastern. I know you`re planning on it. The U.S. national
team is in the World Cup final. You`re already planning on watching that,
I know.

The American team has an incredible defense this year. The American
team only let one goal be scored against them during the entire world cup
tournament. The U.S. national team is amazing. They`re going to be
playing in the final against Japan on Sunday. And because of that, this is
the most important question in the whole sport now in the whole world, the
most important question now is the Japanese offense good enough to score
against the Americans amazing defense on Sunday night for the world title?

Now last night on the show it was breaking news, it was mind-bendingly
exciting breaking news when Japan beat England in order to get into the
final against the U.S. Japan won that game last night, not by their own
team, their own offense scoring a goal against England -- no, Japan won
that game last night because England accidently scored on themselves. The
English player, player in white here kicked the ball into her own team`s
goal accidently and that is how England lost and Japan won, and that`s how
we got this U.S. versus Japan final that`s going to be played this Sunday
night, 7:00. USA, USA.

If that is not enough to make you interested in that game, this will
do it, because the organization that runs the World Cup for the world, all
right, that organization is called FIFA. FIFA had worldwide executives
arrested on corruption and bribery and match fixing charges, just terrible.
The head of FIFA hasn`t been charged or not been charged yet, but he did
have to announce his resignation from FIFA after pretty much his whole
inner circle got sent to the crowbar hotel.

In terms of women`s game specifically, that head of FIFA, his name is
Sepp Blatter. He`s famous for saying that what he would do to improve the
game is make the women wear tighter shorts. So, that`s nice.

Well, one of the really, really awesome things about the World Cup
final this Sunday -- USA, USA -- is that not only is the American team
awesome and going to the final of the world cup, but the head of FIFA, Mr.
Tight Shorts, he will not be going to the final. He technically still runs
the World Cup but will not be going to the World Cup final on Sunday. He
says it`s for, quote, "personal reasons".

But you know there is also this worry about the vast number of
countries around the world in which Sepp Blatter could face arrest the
moment he crosses a border into that country or steps off a plane into a

So, three things about why you are watching the World Cup find on
Sunday night, number one, amazing defense versus the luckiest offense on
earth. Number two, the biggest villain in international sports corruption
and sexism. This is supposed to be his big moment, right? But he won`t
actually be able to go because he might get arrested if he shows up.
That`s awesome.

But number three, obviously, is just USA, USA, USA. That`s the other
reason. Also, Joe Biden is going to be there. I know.

World Cup final Sunday night. Watch parties have been scheduled in
places like Lincoln Park in Chicago and Civic Center in San Francisco. No
matter where you are watching it from on Sunday night, you will be watching
it on Sunday night. Your country needs you.


MADDOW: Regular people sometimes make history. If you are a regular
person and you find yourself in the middle of something where you realize
that what you do is really going to make history. When you realize that
you personally are about to become an important part of the historical
record, how do you handle that? How do you comport yourself? How do you

Because when we think of the historical record, we not only think
about, you know, famous people in history, we also think of the drama of
how history is presented, right? Like Washington crossing the Delaware.
Our first president when he was still just a heroic revolutionary general.
George Washington making that dramatic dangerous charge across the icy
Delaware River, crossing the Delaware to the sleeping British forces.
Morning after Christmas.

People make a point to see this painting in person at some point
during their lifetimes, right? And the vividness of the color in this
picture is part of what is so striking for this as history, because for us
as a country this is as close as we get to ancient history, right? I mean,
this is the founding of the United States of America.

When it comes to the historical record, it`s an interesting thing,
that the further you go back, the more likely it is there is vivid color in
the portrayals of what happened, a really, really long time ago. I mean,
the history that we have before cameras, the history people had to paint in
order to remember, that history comes to us in vivid color. Whether it was
a painting of a scene like Washington crossing the Delaware or whether it
portraits, where painters picked up a brush and the subject sitting for the
portrait sat as still as he or she could and the great figures of our
history -- they presented themselves for all time for us for whenever we
might come along, right? We see the historical figures from way, way back.
We see them in color.

Then, we got the camera. At first, after a long time, we only had
black and white film, or black and white photographic processes, and it was
tricky processes for a long time. You had to sit there for a long period
of time while the exposure happened long enough that in big group
portraits, sometimes people would start at one with end of the group and
run to the other side of the group so they could be in the picture twice.

But mostly the style of the time was to sit somberly, to sit, not just
still but serious. So, history might record you both unblurred and also as
a person of heft, serious person in serious times.

In a long period between the invention of the camera and the invention
and popularizing of color film, our history comes to us in black and white
as though the world itself had no color. It is funny, right? There`s no
black and white photos of George Washington because there are no photos
George Washington. George Washington got painted for history so he is a
four-color president.

But FDR in our memory he is in black and white. Washington and FDR
obviously both ate apples that are red and walked on grass that was green,
but we with see them the way they were recorded in color or black and white
for history.

Well, today, painting is for art and photography is for art, too but
for most of us it is free for nothing. Today, we take more pictures of
ourselves than we could possibly catalog or need or maybe even look at.
Pictures now aren`t just a dime a dozen. They are truly ephemeral. We
take pictures we intend to exist for the milliseconds that somebody might
view on them before they disappear.

We take all those pictures of ourselves in particular and they`re the
most transient thing imaginable. Photography now -- photography now is
ubiquitous, right? Posing is basically a form of looking in the mirror.
No longer posing for the sake of history -- except in those rare moments
when we are.

There`s a woman named Barbara Dunn. Barbara Dunn is the long-time
clerk in Hinds County, Mississippi. Hinds County, Mississippi, is where
the capital city of Jackson, Mississippi, is.

For the past two years, Barbara Dunn has been in the position of
saying no to people who wanted to get married. Because of her job, she
personally has been recorded for history over and over again as the face of
the law in Mississippi as the person who would not and could not give gay
couples marriage licenses when they asked but in Mississippi at that county
clerk`s office, they kept asking over and over.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`d like to apply for a marriage license.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you have that bond with someone you know the
feeling and what it is like to want that.


BARBARA DUNN: Statute states that we`ll take your application, but we
will not issue the license.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We love each other so much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We know that life is short and we want to be

DUNN: I understand.


MADDOW: She says "I understand" there at the end. That video is from
two summers ago from July 2013. It is from the Campaign for Southern

Well, less than a week ago on Friday, the Supreme Court established
marriage as a fundamental right in all 50 states. And so, this week,
history was able to record the marriages of people who have been waiting a
very long time to get married. People who have been trying and trying and
getting told no. People had been told getting told no sometimes by clerk
and local officials who were happy to say no all of these years, but, you
know, some local officials clearly broke their own hearts to have to say no
to these folks because the law would not let them say yes.

Until now. Now the law says, and all of these county clerks offices,
across the country and the deep south, they can say yes.

When they started marrying couples in Barbara Dunn`s office in Hinds
County, Mississippi, the newlyweds stopped by for a photo before they left.
So did Barbara Dunn. Look at this.

Look at this photo. Look at her. She wore the brightest pink for the
occasion. Right? History in full color.

You can see she smiled a little bit but not too much. Future
generations will want to know this moment mattered.

All over the country, now all over the Deep South, the last federal
courts still being used as an excuse to not follow the Supreme Court`s
rulings, those courts as of today have now ruled in Louisiana, and
Kentucky, and Alabama, in Hinds County, Mississippi, it`s done. It`s
history. It is bright, serious, very personal history. It`s done. It`s
been a big week.

That does it for us tonight. Now, it`s time for "THE LAST WORD WITH


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