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PoliticsNation, Monday, July 20th, 2015

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Date: July 20, 2015
Guest: Joan Walsh; Tara Dowdell; Cannon Lambert; Sharon Cooper, Anthony
Terrell, Cornell Belcher, Terry O`Neill

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST, THE ED SHOW: And that is "the Ed How." I`m Ed
Schultz. "Politics Nation" with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: Tonight on "Politics Nation" the Trump show,
a brand-new poll shows the Donald with his biggest lead yet. But will the
John McCain controversy bring him down?

Also an independent autopsy for the woman found dead in a Texas jail. I`ll
talk to her sister live tonight.

And a powerful, inspiring response to hate. We`ll tell you why this photo
of a black officer and a neo-Nazi protester is going viral tonight.

Welcome to "Politics Nation." I`m live tonight in Washington D.C. We
start tonight with Donald Trump surging. A new national ABC News
Washington Post poll has Trump with his biggest lead yet, 24 percent.
Ahead of Scott Walker with 13 percent. The poll was conducted in part of
Trump`s controversial comments over the weekend when he said John McCain a
prisoner of war for five years in Vietnam was not a war hero. Trump later
repeatedly said McCain was a war hero but this morning, he would not
apologize for that original remark.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Let me ask you this, Donald, would you say to
John McCain`s face what you said in that one comment and I`m using the one
string of sentences together, he`s not a war hero, he`s a war hero because
he was captured. I like people that weren`t captured. Would you say that
John McCain`s face?

that`s what you don`t do -- excuse me, Matt, because you`re the media and
do the same thing. The next sentence is he is a war hero. I said that.
But they never want to play it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: We did run the part where you said he is a war
hero so please say we didn`t because we did.

TRUMP: Well then, why did Savannah start off by saying I said he was not a
war hero. I never said that. I said he was a war hero, Matt. So you
misrepresent just like everybody else.


SHARPTON: Trump also saying he doesn`t need to be lectured by his GOP
opponents and again blaming the media for distorting his words. Well, here
are his words.


TRUMP: He lost. He let us down, but you know, he lost. So I never liked
him as much after that because I don`t like losers.

Frank, let me get to it. He`s not a war hero.

He is not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Five and a half years later, a war hero, and I believe
perhaps he`s a war hero.

TRUMP: He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people that
weren`t captures, OK. I hate to tell you. He is a war hero because he was
captured, OK. You can have - and I believe perhaps he is a war hero.


SHARPTON: This morning, Senator McCain responded for the first time.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Does don Trump owe you an apology?

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: No, I don`t think so but I think he may owe
an apology to the families of those who have sacrifice in conflict and
those who have undergone the prison experience in serving their country.
As Lieutenant John Petivalano (ph) who was shot down during World War II,
he is 92 years old, he came to my office, thanks the air force. He was a
prisoner and was 90 pounds when patents tank core liberated prison camp he
was in, those are the people that frankly that I find it just totally
inappropriate for Mr. Trump to say that he doesn`t like to deal with people
who are captured. Again, what I think he should do is apologize to the
families and those who have served.


SHARPTON: Senator McCain saying he doesn`t need an apology, but a lot of
other Republicans disagree. The RNC saying quote "there is no place in our
party or our country for comments that disparage those who served and

"The Wall Street Journal" blasting Trump and his apologies. And nearly
every other GOP candidate is denouncing him.


RICK PERRY (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I don`t think he has the character
or temperament to hold the highest position in this country.

offensive and ridiculous.

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We should never, ever, ever
question the patriotism and the heroism of someone like John McCain.

JEB BUSH (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This is a legitimate hero that
served this country in lots of reasons. And Mr. Trump knows that. He
should just apologize.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump, you`re fired.



SHARPTON: It`s good to see because while I often disagree with Senator
McCain, there is no excuse for going after his service record. But where
was this kind of response when he called Mexican immigrants criminals and
rapists? And where was this response years ago when Trump led the birther
nonsense questioning President Obama`s place of birth? Did Republicans
create this problem and is there a way out for the party now?

Let`s bring in Joan Walsh and Tara Dowdell, Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Joan, I got to say this new poll is remarkable. I mean, what
can party leaders do to stop this momentum even with all the controversy
surrounding him?

WALSH: You know, I don`t know, Rev. They really did create this monster,
as you said, by not rebuking him sooner. And I spent the weekend and today
watching some of our colleagues suggest that he`s gone too far and this is
the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. But I don`t really think that`s

I think that Donald Trump is speaking to a sizable portion of the GOP base,
it might be 25 percent, it might be 30, maybe 35, I`m not sure how high he
can go, but they don`t like John McCain. They agree that he`s a loser.
They think he is a Rino or Republican In Name Only. They don`t like that
he was instrumental in putting together comprehensive immigration reform
more than once. It failed but that has been something to his credit that
he has worked hard on over the years.

These people don`t like Senator McCain, do they like him being called not a
war hero? Maybe not. But this is not something that`s going to make
anyone who thought they wanted to vote for Donald Trump before he did this.
I don`t see this being the thing that makes them say, maybe, I better

SHARPTON: But Tara, Republicans gave Trump credibility. Now that he`s
telling them he doesn`t need any lectures from him, I mean, they didn`t
stop him with birther, they didn`t stop him with his disparity comments
about Mexican people coming to this country, they gave him his credibility.
Did they create this political monster?

DOWDELL: Republicans definitely built this. They gave him a platform.
They celebrated him when he was talking about President Obama`s birth
certificate and questioning where he was born and parroting all of this
nonsense. They celebrated him when he did that.

And with regard to some of the other really nasty things that he said about
the president, I don`t think that they are really out of line with what
Republicans have said about the president. If people recall, they referred
to him as running a gangster government, being a welfare thug. They said
food stamp president. These are all the things they said about this
president and these are high-ranking Republicans who made these kind of
remarks and that was just a sampling. So he is actually not out of line
with what many quote-unquote "main stream Republicans" have said about this

SHARPTON: You know, Joan, Trump was also asked about saying that he likes
people who weren`t captured. I want to play that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: The one portion where you said at the end of
one comment, I like people who weren`t captured. OK? Let me just
highlight that moment for a second. If you`re elected president, you`ll
become commander in-chief of this country and they got about 10,000 U.S.
troops in Afghanistan, about 3500 serving in Iraq. They face danger on a
daily basis, Donald, and they face capture on a daily basis.

TRUMP: I agree.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Do you think you sent the wrong message f they
are captured, somehow Donald Trump the commander in-chief is not in favor
of them?

TRUMP: I don`t think so. I this - I do also respect greatly people that
aren`t captured. Nobody talks about them.


SHARPTON: I mean, how much damage is he doing to the GOP?

WALSH: He`s a disgrace. I mean, nobody is talking about people who aren`t
captured. I mean, my God, this man got a multiple deferment. He was a
playboy, a pampered playboy while John McCain was suffering in a prison
camp. I mean, it`s just unbelievable. And this is the kind of thing he
says. He is just keep digging this hole deeper. You got people now
defending him and saying, well, maybe he didn`t mean what he said and he
said he was a war hero.

But the contempt he oozed contempt for John McCain and said that because he
was looking for a way to completely dismiss and disparage him and now the
Republican Party is faced with this nightmare, basically, or this guy is
the frontrunner. We can`t call Jeb Bush the front runner. He has dropped
to third place.

SHARPTON: He`s at 24 percent, Tara. He is not only the frontrunner, he`s
more than double digits ahead of Scott Walker. I mean, and Republicans are
criticizing Trump now. But in 2012, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were both
reportedly going through his endorsement. Perry was asked about the
party`s embrace of Trump. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Is this an issue for the Republican Party,
there was the party embracing Trump four years ago. Mitt Romney sought his
endorsement and a lot of you did one on one meetings courting Donald Trump
back in 2011 after he dropped out during his birther craze at the time.
And you actively reached out to him. In hindsight, was that a mistake for
the party in general to embrace Trump four years ago?

PERRY: His twitter handle is the real Donald Trump. And I`ll suggest to
you, we`re seeing the real Donald Trump now.


SHARPTON: I mean, so this is the person that they built, the point that
I`m trying to make is that he said very ugly things about President Obama,
very ugly things about any number of people and Mexicans and there was none
of this outrage from his opponents, Tara.

DOWDELL: Exactly. And part of that is because again, I want to push this
point is that a lot of the things that Trump has said, so have other
Republicans. And when you look at what they did to John Kerry for
instance, when he was running for president with the whole swift boat thing
diminishing his service to his country. When you look what the Republicans
did to Max (INAUDIBLE) when he was running, you know, look at the injuries
that he suffered and look at how they disparaged his service to his
country, Tammy Duckworth. I can go on and on and on.

SHARPTON: No, I remember the 2004 race well. But, Joan, talking about
2004 and what they did there, listen to what now secretary of state John
Kerry had to say.


JOHN KERRY, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: To think that a man who makes the
decision to go and fight for his country is flying a very dangerous mission
over (INAUDIBLE), happens to be shot down and then spends a terrible time
period being tortured in prison. And then when he`s offered the
opportunity to go home because his father is an admiral he says no and he
lives by the code of military conduct and refuses, I mean, that is the
definition of heroism and to not understand that is to neither understand
what it meant to serve, what it means to serve or what heroism really is
and I think the situation just screams for itself.


SHARPTON: I mean, Joan, here you have John Kerry who in 2004 they did the
swift boat attacks thrown and he was a hero. And he`s standing up for John
McCain who clearly is on the other side of a lot of his political
decisions. I remember 2004 after the primary where we ran against each
other, we went out there for John Kerry, they were giving all kinds of
distortions and he`s standing up for them. They made Donald Trump a
political king maker and now it seems that they are reaping what they put
in and have sewn.

WALSH: Chuck Todd said it exactly right. They are reaping what they
summoned. And I`m so glad you and Tara brought up the issue of Senator
Kerry because that was despicable. And John McCain to his credit actually
did criticize that. But George W. Bush didn`t. Jeb Bush even wrote a
letter thanking some of the swift vote veterans for their service to his
brother`s campaign. So there are so many double standards at work here
this week, Reverend Al. We got to stay busy and stay on top of all of

SHARPTON: That`s what we are going to do. Joan Walsh and Tara Dowdell,
thank you for your time tonight.

WALSH: Thank you.

DOWDELL: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, just when you thought it couldn`t get any worse for
the GOP, Rush Limbaugh is coming to Trump`s defense in a big way.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: No, no, no, Trump can survive this.
Trump is surviving this. You know, this is a great, great teachable moment


SHARPTON: Is Donald Trump just saying what the right-wing base wants to

Also tonight, the death of a young woman inside a Texas jail. We`re
learning her family saw dash cam video. Sandra Bland`s sister joins me.

And how is this for a photo? A black officer helping a white supremacist
at a clan rally in South Carolina. The story behind this striking image


SHARPTON: Coming up, new questions about what happened to a woman found
dead in a Texas jail. Will the dash cam video be released and why was an
independent autopsy launched? We`re live in Texas, next.


SHARPTON: New questions tonight about the death of a woman inside a Texas
jail cell. Sandra Bland`s family ordered an independently dent autopsy in
her death and expect results in the next day or two.

Bland was found hanging in her jail cell a week ago. The medical examiner
ruled her death a suicide but friends and family doubt she killed herself.
"The Daily Beast" spokes to a Texas bail bonds man who says Bland tried to
post bail before her death.

These accounts may show a different sign of bland than seen in a Facebook
video she posted in March that the prosecutor said could be relevant to the


SANDRA BLAND, DIED INSIDE JAIL: I got to be honest with you guys, I am
suffering from something that some of you-all may be dealing with right
now. It`s a little bit of depression as well as PTSD, depression and
posttraumatic stress disorder are things that affect everyone black, white,
it does not matter. We all deal with them.


SHARPTON: Investigators are going to release dash cam footage from her
arrest part of which was appears to have been captured on this cell phone
video. Though, NBC News cannot verify that, that dash cam could answer
some key questions including whether bland assaulted that officer as stated
in her arrest report.

Joining me now is Sandra Bland`s sister Sharon Cooper and the attorney for
the Bland family Cannon Lambert. Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Sharon, let me first say how sorry I am for your loss and how
many of us around the country are really concerned about this matter.
First of all, how is your family doing tonight?

COOPER: Thank you, Rev., and I appreciate that and we receive that. I
will tell you that we are doing as good as you possibly can be doing in the
situation given. We`ve had the opportunity to be a part of some great
community efforts down here where we had dignitaries attend a prayer vigil
on behalf of Sandra last night. We had the governor here. We had the
state congresswoman here. We had so many people here, the mayor of prairie
view was here. And so, they were here to stand with us in solidarity
because they too, like us, clearly feel like something just simply does not
add up.

SHARPTON: Now, Attorney Lambert, I spoke with you briefly on Friday and
you seemed like a very careful and methodical lawyer that wants to make
sure you not only protect your clients but uphold the truth. And I
understand you watched the dash cam video that has not been released. Can
you walk us through what it shows?

LAMBERT: Sure. Rev., what it shows is that the officer makes contact with
Sandy on the passenger side, asks for the license, asked for her insurance.
Gets that license and insurance. Goes back to his car, runs her name, goes
back to her a few minutes later and then presents on her driver`s side.
When he does so, he asks her, you know, anything wrong? You all right?
She says no, not really. I mean, you stopped me and I`m trying to get out
of your way because you were coming up on me and I trying to get out of
your way and then you pulled me over. And so, then the officer then asks
her to put out a cigarette and she says why do I have to put out a
cigarette when I`m in my car? I don`t have to put out a cigarette while in
my car. The officer gets agitated at her answer and then asks that she
gets out of the car, instructs her to get out of the car. Sandy says I
don`t have to get out of my car for a routine traffic stop. Why do I get
out of the car for routine traffic stop? And then the officer opens up her
door and commences to trying to order her out of the car. She then,
because he opens her door, reaches for her phone so that she can record the
incident and then he steps back, pulls his taser. She then voluntarily
cooperates and gets out of the car and then is, walks back behind the car
where she`s ordered to put her phone done. She does that and they leave
the view of the camera.

SHARPTON: So on the camera, he pulls out a taser. She then voluntarily
comes out and as she comes out, we start losing footage. There is nowhere
in that encounter, though, until its cut off that we see any assault on the
police officer?

LAMBERT: You know I was looking for that and I didn`t see it.

SHARPTON: Now at what point does it cut off and before it`s picked up with
what we saw with the cell phone footage?

LAMBERT: Well, what it does is it actually over laps. You`ll hear the
verbiage on the cell phone footage from the witness that is also on the
dash cam, obviously. But you do not see Sandy being taken to the ground,
either, for that matter on the footage. You hear the officer saying put
your hands behind your back and she`s saying all of this for a dog gone
traffic stop? All of this for a traffic stop? And then she starts to
assert that she`s being hurt, and feels like she`s going to have her arm
broken. That`s what you hear outside of the view of the camera.

SHARPTON: Now Sharon, the Texas commission on jail standers say it found
the jail was out of compliance in two areas, jail officials did not observe
inmates every 60 minutes, the jail did not properly train its staff in
supervising inmates who were maybe mentally disabled or potentially
suicidal. The sheriff says these findings would not have prevented
Sandra`s death. I mean, what do you think about this information?

COOPER: I appreciate the question. I just want to be clear. I want to
primarily focus on, you know, the note about the mental illness piece and
even, you know, what`s been out there with regard to the Facebook post. I
want to be clear about the fact it`s hard to make an informed decision
about something when you`re not looking at the totally, totally of the

If you go back and look at the video that has been referenced since the
March video that was four months ago, she ended that video by saying she
offered words of inspiration and they were remnants of hope in that video.
So I want to be clear about the fact that if you go on Sandy speaks because
it`s still there for public consumption, let`s be clear about the fact that
she says while everybody goes through something she`s anchored in God. So
I will tell you, I know what`s been thrown out there is Sharon Cooper said
it`s untamable that her sister could commit suicide. And I stand by that
because everything that I`m seeing, I don`t understand why I have to buy
into the notion simply due to the fact that everything I`m seeing does not
add up with that. And even that video she still says I`m holding on and
anchoring to God and giving people inspiration to do the same thing.

SHARPTON: Well I did look --

LAMBERT: You`re an activist.

SHARPTON: She says that everybody black and white goes through something,
she didn`t act like this was any different. But also, I point to what
Attorney Lambert and Sharon, she -- a bail bondsman, said she was trying to
arrange to post bond.

COOPER: She was. She was. She called home. My older sister was the last
person to speak to her on Saturday, July 11th at approximately 1:50. She
said to her, hey, I`m in jail over a routine traffic stop. However, this
is the bond. My sister said hey, sister, don`t worry, we`ve got you, let
me work on some things, not at any point did she seem, she was in high
spirits and she knows that this family - she knew this family would be
there for her and that we will work towards getting her out expeditiously.

SHARPTON: Well, Attorney Lambert, we are certainly going to stay on this
and be in touch with you and Sharon.

Again, thank you for your time and our prayers with your families and our
thoughts and prayers with you. And whatever investigators determine about
this case, we should remember that it`s a tragedy for Sandra Bland and her
family. And we hope her loved ones can find comfort in Sandra`s own words
posted in a video on Good Friday just a few months ago.


BLAND: I want you to go out there, just be protective, have a great day,
make it a Good Friday. Do what you can to be a positive light in someone`s
life. I hope that I`ve done that for you. Know that somebody loves you.
Somebody is out there praying for you and hoping the best for you. Sandy



SHARPTON: So many on the right are denouncing Donald Trump`s comments
about John McCain but not Ted Cruz. He praised McCain but refused to
attack Trump, which brings me to our 2016 burn of the day. It goes to
Senator Claire McCaskill. He tweeted, "there`s something unseemly about
Cruz following Trump around like a lost puppy hoping to get his leftovers
when he finally flames out." She might be on to something. Here is what
Cruz said about Trump`s immigration comments last week.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It`s one of the reasons,
Jan, why I`ve been so vocal in the past couple of weeks defending Donald


CRUZ: Because, you know, you`ve had a whole slew of 2016 republican
candidates running out of their way to smack Donald Trump with a stick, and
not only am I not going to do that but I have been singing his praises.


SHARPTON: Ted Cruz is not the only one singing the Donald`s praises. Here
comes Rush Limbaugh, he`s defending Donald, next.



absolutely no problem with that. I do have a problem with what he`s doing
on the border. He`s terrible. And I do have a problem with the illegal
immigration is a disaster, and he`s doing a horrible job for the vets.


SHARPTON: Donald Trump today going right after Senator John McCain despite
cries that Trump apologized for saying he likes people that weren`t
captured, but will that defiance hurt him? As we mentioned, a new poll has
Trump with his biggest lead yet, 24 percent. Ahead of Scott Walker with 13
percent. The poll was conducted in part after Trump`s controversial
comments. And the post does report that his numbers were lower on Sunday.
But how much lower? In Iowa the crowd reacted to Trump with some boos but
also laughter.


TRUMP: He`s not a war hero.

He`s a war hero. Five and a half years --

He`s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren`t
captured, okay? I hate to tell you that. He`s a war hero because he was
captured, okay? You can have -- and I believe perhaps he`s a war hero.


SHARPTON: It wasn`t exactly an all out rejection, and afterwards, MSNBC`s
Anthony Terrell who was covering the event had no trouble finding people
supportive of Trump.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Donald Trump was just telling the truth, just
simply because you were captured doesn`t mean that you were a hero. What
he went through I think was worthy of admiration.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t believe in politically correct speech, which so
many of the candidates do speak that way, and trump has nothing to lose.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I guess what Donald Trump said, I mean, it`s not a
lie, just being captured doesn`t make you a war hero, but it doesn`t, I
mean, you have to look at the whole picture, I think, rather than just base
it on that little bit.


SHARPTON: And that`s the GOP`s problem in a nutshell. Some in the base
actually like his extremist rhetoric, even his comments about Mexican
immigrants. NBC caught up with Trump`s supporters in New Hampshire last


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: First of all, when I heard his comment about
immigration, I said this guy is talking what everybody thinks. This guy
just says it the way he is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is a salesman but isn`t that what the President is
supposed to be a leader, a salesman and he`s supposed to sail America, not
China, not the Pacific Rim, not Mexico.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like he said, we don`t have time to like be playing
with each other`s feelings. Like, we just need to take action and get
things done.


SHARPTON: Is this the real story of Donald Trump`s rise? Is he selling
what the GOP base wants to buy?

Joining me now is MSNBC`s Anthony Terrell who was in Iowa at the Trump
event this weekend. And democratic pollster, Cornell Belcher. Thank you
both for being here.


ANTHONY TERRELL, MSNBC REPORTER: Thank you for having me.

SHARPTON: Anthony, what did you hear from people in Iowa including Trump`s

TERRELL: Reverend Al, I spoke to a number of people after Trump`s made
those comments and during their launch break and they love to how blunt and
direct Mr. Trump was and then I asked, how does this play in Iowa?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s 50/50. Some people think, I can`t stand
him, I don`t, I think he would be a terrible president. Other people like
me enjoy the way he is stirring things up and I like what he says.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s received well by some. Others that have
been around politics a long time, I think probably it`s not received super

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With me, it`s played very well. Iowans for the most
part speak the truth except the politicians maybe.


TERRELL: And Reverend, that`s what I heard throughout the summit. You
know, one thing is clear, they do not like John McCain making him a perfect
opponent for Donald Trump.

SHARPTON: So, you are finding that people are 50/50 in terms of the
presidency part but it seems like they like this kind of blunt, not
politically correct rhetoric to say the least from Donald Trump?

TERRELL: Exactly right. They are looking for that anti-establishment non-
Washington, D.C. candidate. You know, I spoke to two senior operatives in
Iowa this evening, one on the way here and one a little bit earlier this
afternoon working for rival campaigns and they each sort of agreed that
Donald Trump`s surge is for real and the one thing that makes him a serious
threat in this race is that he has a lot of money. So, he can`t be bought
by donors, making donors very nervous. One of them told me the caucus of
people who like Donald Trump, they called is -- the f.u. caucus, the ones
that do not like the folks in Washington, D.C. being told what to do.
Donald Trump has continued to say that our leaders in Washington D.C. are
incompetent, they feel the same way and so Donald Trump is a real threat
and we asked him at the press conference afterwards, "how much money is he
willing to spend?" And he told us, as long as he`s surging in the polls,
he`s staying in the race.

SHARPTON: Cornell, is this the base of the Republican Party that they want
somebody like Donald Trump or is this they are making a statement and at
the end of the day, they are going to want somebody more established and
balanced to really be the next commander-in-chief and president?

BELCHER: Rev, I`m shocked at how shocked political Washington and
mainstream media pretend to be about Donald Trump. Look, Donald Trump is
tapping into something that`s been part of American politics particularly
in the south for a long time. I mean, there is a place for resentment,
racial aversions, you know, politics in this country. And look, it is not
like he`s far outside the republican mainstream. And FOX poll I think just
came out and showed that 70 percent of Republicans agree with Donald Trump
on immigration. So, it`s not like he`s far outside the main stream on
this. He`s someone and look, just from a political strategy standpoint,
he`s someone who speaks authentically to what he believes, even if we
disagree with it and he`s not politically correct and he doesn`t seem to be
filtering things through politics and just speaking bluntly what his mind
is and he is tapping into this racial resentment and this xenophobia which
is certainly a large part of politics and certainly part of the republican

SHARPTON: Well, Cornell, he`s not only not politically correct, he`s not
even politically accurate when you look at what he said about Mexicans and
President Obama and other. But he is now been joined by Rush Limbaugh.
Rush Limbaugh is defending Trump today saying no apology is needed. This
is what he said today, Cornell.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Trump can survive this. Trump is
surviving this. You know, this is a great, great teachable moment here.
People make the mistake of assuming one thing and that is this, they make
the mistake of assuming that the collective outrage of the Washington
establishment and the media is reflective of American public opinion.


SHARPTON: Now, if Rush Limbaugh knows one thing, he knows his audience,
Cornell. Is this a signal that the republican base is ready to rally
around Donald Trump?

BELCHER: If Donald Trump stays out of the weeds, look, his lane here is
clearly that resentment speak truth to the base in a way that Jeb, you`ll
never hear Jeb talk like this or Paul, or some of the other main stream
candidates talk like this. If he can stay in the lane, Reverend and if he
can build infrastructure and this is what to me is a big missing thing,
right now he has a lot of talk, and he`s rising but if he can bill campaign
infrastructure and he starts hiring people who actually know how to win a
caucus in Iowa --


BELCHER: Who actually knows how to win a primaries in New Hampshire, I
think he`s trouble.

TERRELL: Reverend Al, I think Cornell is dead on on that. I talked to
some senior advisors to other campaigns this evening who told me the
national party should be concerned just for that reason because if he
doesn`t buckle to the establishment and he continues, there is a calendar
issue and a delegate issue that they`re going to have to contend with
because of the condensed calendar --


TERRELL: And some of the states that are win or take all with Rubio, Bush
and Walker, taking, splitting some establishment vote, Trump could be a
real threat.

SHARPTON: Well, you know, I say it all the time, don`t let them push you
around, Donald, go for it. Go for it. Don`t change. Just stay like you
are, in my book. And I think he knows what I mean.

Anthony Terrell and Cornell Belcher, thank you for your time tonight.

BELCHER: Thank you.

TERRELL: Thank you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Coming up. Is the GOP war on women back? Scott Walker quietly
signs a 20-week abortion ban into law. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell accuses Hillary Clinton of playing the gender card. And the
amazing story behind this photo, a black officer helping a white
supremacist at a clan rally in South Carolina. That`s ahead.


SHARPTON: Think the GOPs war on women is over? Think again. It`s ramping
up just in time for 2016. This morning in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker
signed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. It bans
non-emergency abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy with no exceptions for
rape or incest. Walker signing the law just in time to polish his
conservative credentials for voters in the presidential race. Wisconsin
joins ten other states with similar laws on the books and Republicans in
Congress are getting in on the act, too. Politico says, the GOP is going
hard on abortion politics this year. Senate Republicans are planning a
vote on their own bill that would ban nearly all abortions after 20 weeks.
That`s set for September. With a final vote expected shortly after. One
of the least talked about issues on the campaign trail but is part of a
larger assault on rights that could affect millions of women.

Joining me is Terry O`Neill, president of the National Organization for
Women. Thank you for being here tonight.

be here, Reverend.

SHARPTON: First, Terry, what was your reaction to Governor Walker`s new
20-week ban on abortion?

O`NEILL: It`s completely unconstitutional. It`s a direct violation of Roe
versus Wade, the core holding of Roe is that prior to viability, abortions
cannot be banned by any state or the federal government. Twenty weeks is
well before viability and so this is a completely unconstitutional law and
it`s devastating to women`s health.

SHARPTON: Now, we notice that we`re not hearing anything, we`re not
hearing a lot about this issue on the campaign trail despite the fact in
September the Senator is planning a bill, now you have Walker signing a
bill and the timing of it I`ve already raised is curious. Why so quiet
about these things? Are we going to see mobilization and women groups come
out and really deal with this issue?

O`NEILL: Well, absolutely we are. And clearly the republican field, they
want to have it both ways. They want to go very right wing on abortion
rights for their base, but at the same time they know how this alienates
women voters and in particular millennial voters both male and female. So,
they`re trying to keep it quite, sort of loud for the base, quite for the
rest of this. It`s going to boomerang on them. Come to general election.
Every single republican candidate for President Obama is so anti-abortion
rights, they are going to lose the women`s vote and they`re going to lose
the millennial vote.

SHARPTON: Now, Senator McConnell, Mitch McConnell, the majority leader had
came out with a very curious statement about Hillary Clinton. Let me share
that with you.


arguing vote for me because I`m a woman is enough. The gender card alone
is not enough.


SHARPTON: Okay. No, they did not. So you got -- so you`re reaction -- I
mean, the gender card?


O`NEILL: Well, I hope she plays the gender card. Her candidacy and the
real possibility of her becoming president of the United States is
historic. Mitch McConnell may not like her politics? Maybe they are too
pro-woman for him but in fact she`s historic and I certainly hope that her
campaign continues to be proud of the historic nature of this campaign.

SHARPTON: But I mean, it`s almost like you can`t find logic because I have
not heard Mrs. Clinton really raised in any significant way even the fact
that she would be the first woman as her preamble to every speech or his
emphasis and a policy speech has been around income inequality and other
matters first. So, where does he come with his gender card?

O`NEILL: You know, I wonder that too, Reverend Al. You have to ask
yourself what is he talking about. If you look at his actual comments just
now, it almost looks as if he`s been looking at polling and not at what
Hillary Clinton has been saying and the polling is that they are losing
women of all ages, of all races, they are losing women because they are so
antiquated in their attitudes about women. And I think Mitch McConnell is
calling that somehow a gender card being played by Hillary Clinton.

SHARPTON: Are these bills like Wisconsin. Like the Senate bill, will that
backfire on them politically?

O`NEILL: Hugely, absolutely. Look, one in three women will have an
abortion by the age of 45. It is a common and necessary aspect of our
reproductive healthcare. And the only way a 20 week abortion ban is
constitutional is if the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v Wade all
together. The GOP starts pushing for an overturning of Roe versus Wade as
its own political peril. They will be anathema to women for decades.

SHARPTON: Terry O`Neill, thank you for your time tonight.

O`NEILL: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Ahead, a photo showing a black officer helping a white
supremacist at a clan rally goes viral. That story behind that photo is
coming up.


SHARPTON: They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. It certainly applies
here. A black officer helping a neo-Nazi protester at a clan rally. The
story behind that photo is next.


SHARPTON: Finally tonight, conquering hate, on Saturday the KKK rallied at
the South Carolina State House protesting the decision to take down the
confederate flag. It was shocking to see this rally. Just weeks after the
Charleston massacre and also shocking to hear their rhetoric.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What brings you down here today?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s a disgrace what Nikki Haley has done to


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Taking that flag down. It`s stood for years. It`s
not about race. Yes, we`re proud of our race.


SHARPTON: How do you deal with this kind of language? How do you respond
to this kind of hate? One law enforcement officer made a statement by
lending a helping hand. This powerful photo captured the moment when Leroy
Smith, the head of the Department of Public Safety helped a white
supremacist get out of the brutal summer son. The photo has since gone
viral already retweeted over 5,000 times. Today Director Smith put out a
statement saying, quote, "I consider myself like every other officer who
was out there braving the heat on Saturday to preserve and protect. I hope
this photo will be a catalyst for people to work to overcome some of the
hatred and violence we`ve seen in our country in recent weeks."

We saw that spirit the very next day when faith groups gathered at the
State House to promote peace. Some say that you are weak when you are kind
to those that hate you. I have found it takes more strength to rise above
the hate and not play into it. That`s why Smith got to be an officer in
the first place, people rose above hate and changed the country. That`s
why the flag is down because the families of those beautiful nine learned
how to raise the country to a higher level.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton, "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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