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The Ed Show for Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

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Date: July 22, 2015
Guest: Mercedes Schlapp, Sheldon Whitehouse, Eric Boehlert, Bernie
Sanders, Lloyd Doggett

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from New York.

Let`s get to work.


SCHULTZ: Tonight, no Trump slump.

DONALD TRUMP, GOP PRESIDENCIAL CANDIDATE: The biggest lead we have seen my
any by any Republican so far in this race. By far since I went to number
in the polls they having the field they making.

the character or the temperament to hold the highest position in this

SCHULTZ: Plus, progressive pope.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The pontiff`s focus will be unchanged. Not his own but
climate change.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is our home he said, if it`s ruin it damages

SCHULTZ: Later, may I have your attention.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good luck to Republican presidential contenders
desperately trying to be heard above Trump.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some candidates will be so frustrated they will do
nearly anything.

SCHULTZ: And movement matters.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How do you see addressing racial justice?

you that I had a magical formula on how to end racism.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching. We
start tonight with important news on the 2016 presidential race. A new
Quinnipiac poll shows voters in key swing states do not trust Hillary
Clinton. In Iowa, only 33 percent of voters trust Clinton compared to 59
percent who do not. In Virginia, 39 percent trust Clinton. 55 percent
don`t. In Colorado, 34 percent say she is not honest and trust worthy. 62
percent say they don`t trust Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders trustworthy numbers look way better but people need more
information on the candidate from Vermont. In Iowa, voters trust Sanders
43 percent to 20 percent. 39 percent, well they don`t know. In Virginia
voters trust Sanders 43 to 17 percent and 40 percent are undecided. In
Colorado the numbers are 41 percent trust Sanders and of course 24 percent
don`t 35 percent need more information. What does this poll show? The
poll shows a huge opportunity for Sanders to overtake Clinton.

Meanwhile, when you put Hillary Clinton up against Republicans, it`s pretty
much more trouble. Jeb Bush has the lead on Clinton in Iowa, Virginia and
Colorado. Walker also leads on Clinton in all three states. He`s up 9
points in Colorado, 8 in Iowa. Rubio beats Clinton in all three states.
He`s winning by 8 points in Colorado and Iowa.

We should point out Sanders does a little better against Republicans in
these states. This poll means Clinton clearly has some works to do. You
could make the case that she`s not connecting with the voters.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to dominate the head lines. Today Trump
was asked if he regretted giving out Senator Lindsey Graham`s phone number.


TRUMP: Not at all. I mean he just came out. I`ve never seen anything
like it to be honest. He came out and started call me a jackass in any
program. The guy got zero in the polls. He`s got nothing going anyway. I
don`t think he`s even very popular in his own state. Because you heard the
applause I was getting. And I did it for fun and everybody had a good time
and we had a packed house.

I don`t regret it. It seems to have got a lot of press but I don`t regret
it at all. He calls me names. You have to fight back.


SCHULTZ: He did it for fun. Can`t politics be fun? Is Trump telling us
something? Rick Perry has also been critical of Trump. So this morning
Trump jabbed back at Perry. He`s going take this stuff. Trump posted this
picture on Instagram saying Governor Perry in my office last cycle playing
nice and begging for my support and money, hypocrite.

Earlier today Governor Perry responded to Trump.


PERRY: Let no one be mistaken. Donald Trump`s candidacy is a cancer on
conservatism and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded. We
will be no better off with a Republican divider in the White House than the
current Democrat divider in the White House. Donald Trump, the reality
television star, is a great generator of ratings. But Donald Trump the
candidate is a sewer of division, wrongly demonizing Mexican Americans for
political sport.


SCHULTZ: Well, we`ll remember if he remembers anything in the next debate
when it happens and Trump is there. Now it would seem to me that this
would be the perfect time for Rick Perry to organize some kind of
demonstration outside of the Trump towers if he wants to get some advise
measure, if he really want`s to get some news but then again maybe nobody
would follow him. The formula for Republicans is pretty simple at this
point. Attack Donald Trump on all fronts and get some attention somehow.
This morning Marco Rubio jumped on the band wagon.


SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R) FLORIDA: The presidency of the United States is not
just the top government official. It is the leader of our people and of
our nation as well. It is important that we have -- to conduct the
presidency it has to be done in a dignified way. With a level of class.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you believe Donald Trump.

RUBIO: I don`t think the way he`s behaved over the last few weeks is
either dignified or worthy of the office that he seeks. We already have a
president now that has no class.


SCHULTZ: And we all know how dignified the Republican Party has been over
the years to Barack Obama. A new poll out today from morning consult shows
Trump is in the lead among Republicans. He`s not going in the wrong
direction. He`s in first place with 22 percent, Jeb Bush at 15 percent,
Walkers at 12 percent. No other Republican breaks double digits. Trump`s
favorability rating is 49 percent. Not bad. However Quinnipiac has
negative rating for Trump in roughly two to one in Iowa, Virginia and

So I guess you could make a case for anybody, any way right now. Tomorrow
Donald Trump will take he`s campaign to the Mexican border. He was invited
by the national border patrol counsel. Trump will visit Laredo, Texas and
go on a tour with boarder patrol agents and get a firsthand look at what`s
going on at the border. He`s expected to speak more about the
controversial comments on immigration.

Where is Trump in he`s on the firing line? He makes a comment about border
security and what do they do? They invite him down there. Are they doing
to it correct the record or showing that "Yeah, you know, what? You`re
right about all this stuff? So tomorrow, it`s more Trump coverage.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Are you paying attention to Trump on social media?" Go to to cast your vote. We`ll bring you the result later on
in the show.

For more let me bring in E.J. Dionne columnist for the Washington post and
MSNBC Contributor and Mercedes Schlapp with us tonight she`s Republican
strategist and former spokesperson for President George W. Bush, great to
have both of you with us tonight.


E.J. DIONNE, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Good to be with you.

SCHULTZ: Let`s talk about Hillary first. E.J., are you concerned? Or
should I say, should the Clinton camp be concerned about these trustworthy
numbers? What do you think?

DIONNE: Well, I think it`s an issue they have to be concerned about. I
don`t think they should necessary will be concerned too much about the
Quinnipiac polls. I mean if you look inside them they have had a shift of
5 points towards the Republicans between their two surveys. It seems a
very Republican sample. And if you compare what the Quinnipiac found in
Virginia July 9th to 20th with what PPP found July 13th to 15th overlapping

Clinton was ahead of Bush in PPP by 8 and she was behind Bush by 3 and this
one. So think there is something in this numbers that just don`t compare
to the national numbers. Two things, one is, yeah it something she has to
worry about she`s lost any Republican who`s ever said nice things about her
and she`s been under this attack and, you know, she problems on the website
there -- a Benghazi comes up regularly. And so I think she does need to
get out there and spend more time talking to voters, the way she did in the
second half of her 2008 campaign when she did much better and when she was
out there.

One other thing from these polls that I take that I think is important.
Marco Rubio and whether you look at the PPP, Quinnipiac or the other, seems
to be doing better against the Democrats than the other candidates. And I
think your going to be hearing some Rubio electability arguments. But I do
think both Rubio and Governor Perry owe President Obama an apology to
comparing him to Donald Trump.

SCHULTZ: Mercedes when you think and look at Clinton losing to Republicans
in Iowa, Virginia and Colorado. This is about the best polling. Your
party has had since 2008, early on.

SCHLAPP: Absolutely and a very long time. And I think it`s a little
telling in the sense and of course we need to put master (ph) care which is
that the polls now really don`t mean that much. I mean, when you`re
looking at July around this time frame 2007 guess who was in the lead? It
was Hillary Clinton who was beating Obama, you know, two to one.

SCHULTZ: Which tells Bernie Sanders everything if you look at trends.

SCHLAPP: Exactly. So again it`s going to be obviously the money issue
that we know is critical for all of these things. So when you look at the
war chest, obviously Hillary Clinton has raised a lot of money, as Governor
Jeb Bush has. Marco Rubio and obviously Ted Cruz have done well, as well
as Governor Walker.

But here`s what we`re looking at yes, the numbers look better for
Republicans in this sense but she`s having an issue with not only the fact
that they don`t trust her, but it is a likability issue. Can the voter
connect with her? And I think that`s something she`s going to have to deal
with. And I think with her campaign. Even her communications director
came out not long ago saying we are sacrificing our coverage because she`s
not out there talking about the issues, talking to the press. And I think
with here campaign even our communication director came out not long ago
saying we`re sacrificing our coverage because she`s not out there talking
about the issues, talking to the press. And I think that there`s a void
there coming from her campaign.

SCHULTZ: I`ve never understood why Hillary Clinton is so guarded to doing
one-on-one interviews. I`ve never understood. It`s almost if it`s a royal
family kind of thing. And why? If you want to represent the people, don`t
you want to talk to the people? If you want to rep -- and she`s done these
tours and everything. But let`s face it. Facebook, Twitter, all of this
stuff. Social media clearly very important to this campaign, which is even
more the reason she should be more visible and accessible from the


SCHULTZ: ... who think that she`s not trustworthy. She has all these
vehicles yet she`s seems to be denying the use of them E.J.

DIONNE: Well, you know, she has a very complicated history with the press.
The Clinton family has a complicated history with the press. And so
there`s a certain reluctance there. I don`t think that reluctance serves
her well. Again I was talking to a former Clinton aide who`s still very
much for her who made this contrast between the very controlled Clinton in
the first part of the 2008 campaign. And it was in that period that Barack
Obama took off. Once she took her knocks, once she got clobbered in Iowa
and came back in New Hampshire and then lost more races, so she really let
herself loose. Both on stamp and an accessibility


SCHULTZ: She didn`t have a strategy past super Tuesday back in 2008. She
had no strategy past super Tuesday. That she had to do something
different. Now is she at the point right now where she`s got to do
something different to get a hold of this early on?

SCHLAPP: You know, I think it would be wise for her to do that. I think
again the campaign for a long time, they`re kept her guarded, they keep
making the argument that they just want her to be talking to voters.
Everything is very scripted with speeches et cetera.

Compare that to Republicans that are being accessible, answering hundreds
of questions. Each of these candidates they want to be able to talk to the
voter. And guess what, even with Donald Trump and all of his comments that
he`s made, he`s the one the media is so attracted to and getting all these
answers from him and he`s willing to answer any question as many of these
GOP candidates are doing.

Hillary has decided to take a different strategy. I think it is hurting
her because at the end the controversies of the private e-mail can the
Clinton donation -- with the foundation all those issue I think still
remain to be answered. She hasn`t answered it accurately and I think
that`s affecting her trust issue, honesty issue and again we go back to the
likability problem that she`s having.

SCHULTZ: I don`t think there is a reporter in the media in Washington or
New York that wouldn`t like to do a sit-down interview with Hillary Clinton
right now. Who would deny that E.J.?

DIONNE: No, lots of people what I think she`s started doing it. If the
question is do I think she should open up more? Yeah.


DIONEE: I think it would be good for her. Do I think that bigger events,
you know, events with more questions and all that. Sure. I think she
should do that. But again I think it`s very early. I look at the national
polls against the Republicans. Average of the last three national polls.
She`s up on Bush by 9, Walker by 10. Rubio by 8. On this notion that
there is something imploding, this is just wrong.

SCHULTZ: Nobody choice that would now.


SCHULTZ: No one`s used the word imploding.

DIONNE: Right.

SCHULTZ: But when you have consistency in polling in state after state
that people don`t view her as trustworthy, you`re looking at the button but
you ain`t pushing it. Houston we got a problem. I mean, something I think
has to be noted here.

E.J. Dionne, Mercedes Schlapp, great to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate it so much.

SCHALAPP: Thank you Ed.

DIONNE: And good to be with you.

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s question at And
we`ll have the results avenue the break. Follow us on Facebook, watch my
feature "Give me a minute", and you can get my video Podcast at

Coming up, top scientists issue a dire warning about our climate future.
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse joins me to discuss the need for action and why
he`s calling out presidential candidates for inaction.

And later, Bernie Sanders faces tough criticism on the campaign trail. The
senator joins me to respond.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are coming in. Here`s we stand on tonight`s Bing
Pulse poll. Question, "Are you paying attention to Trump on social media?"
33 percent of you yes. Actually I think that`s pretty high number. 67
percent of you say "No, not doing it." Keep voting throughout the hour at

We`re coming right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Top scientists gave a bomb shell
warning about climate change and rising sea levels. A new study says
glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica will melt 10 times faster than
previous estimates. This means sea levels could rise 10 feet in as few as
50 years from now. The study was written by James Hansen NASA`s former
lead climate scientists and 16 co-authors many of whom are considered the
top in their field. Climate change is now a real human issue. Pope
Francis and five dozen world leaders signed a joint statement pledging to
take strong and speedy international action. New City Mayor Bill de Blasio
was among the leaders who met with Pope Francis. He announced an interim
goal to reduce carbon emissions, the levels in the city of New York by 40
percent before 2030. The larger goal is to cut them 80 percent by the year


MAYOR BILL DEBLASIO: He`s holiness challenges us, he challenges us not to
be captives, not to be slavish to consumerism. As citizens to rise above


SCHULTZ: Florida is ground zero for the impacts of climate change with
over 1,200 miles of coastline. Florida is especially vulnerable to rising
sea levels. Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse visited Florida twice
last year to see the effects firsthand. He says Republican presidential
hopefuls Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio from Florida are ignoring the realities
of science in their own state.


scientists. The scientists are there to help. They have offered to and
they understand this. Mr. President the Republican candidates from Florida
are running against the facts and they`re running against the opinions of
experts and local leaders in their own home state. The question is why
Republican presidential candidates continue to refuse to engage on climate


SCHULTZ: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse joins us tonight. Senator, good to
have you with us. Thanks for your time.

WHITEHOUSE: Good to be with you Ed.

SCHULTZ: You bet. A melt 10 times faster than previous estimates? What
does that mean?

WHITESHOUSE: Well, it`s a reminder that the consensus position on climate
change has very responsible views on the other side of it. The climate
change is actually going to be a lot worse than we currently anticipate.
And when you look at what 10 feet of sea level rise means to an ocean state
like Rhode Island or to a sea front city like Miami, it is a lot of pain.
It is a lot of catastrophe. It is a lot of expense. It is a very, very
significant danger.

SCHULTZ: Senator, you have been to the Senate floor no less than 107 times
talking about climate change. And now you have called out those in a state
where they say it is ground zero, Florida some of the politicians there.
Why do you think they are in denial? And I was down in Florida earlier
this year and I did a five part series on climate change. The real estate
boom down there and crazy. Some of the cities are investing in
infrastructure. But for the most part, the business community they`re not
paying any attention to this. What do you make of that?

WHITEHOUSE: Well, the Florida lesson is really clear and these Florida
presidential candidates. They are ignoring their hometown papers. They`re
ignoring the home state universities. They`re ignoring the Army Corps of
Engineers office in Florida. They are ignoring virtually everyone who
knows anything about this. They`re ignoring their mayors and county
official, Republican and Democrat, who are living with this problem day in
and day out. And I think kind of help send a message that maybe this is
just a political fight and there`s no reality behind it. But, you know,
that`s an awful lot of voices from Florida that have piled up to the point
where I think it`s absolutely irresponsible for these Florida presidential
candidates particularly to have anything at all to say on climate change.
They got nothing, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. What about New York City? Is that just a good start? Or
is that something that is going to really have an impact with the measures
that de Blasio is talking about?

WHITESHOUSE: Look, I think there were 50 mayors there and there`s a whole
mayor`s conference on this. They are going to get a lot done. The big
polluter political guns haven`t yet really focused on the mayors, so they
have a lot more room to maneuver than a Republican Congressman or
Republican senator who has to live in a very tough threat environment from
fossil fuel interests. In the wake of the Citizens United decision. But
even above mayors, even Congress, you know, what, there`s going to be a
reckoning with the American people in November. And the American people
aren`t denying climate change any longer.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. And finally the role of the pope, how critical is it, how
important is it? And do you think he can have a real impact.

WHITEHOUSE: I think he`ll have a huge impact. It`s doubly important first
he himself as a charismatic person and very widely well regarded and a
great speaker on the subject. Second, his message in the encyclical gets
propagated out to every single Catholic School, every single Catholic
Parish, all of the bit Catholic civic organizations like the Knights of
Columbus and that tidal effect of it spreading that way is going to -- I
think as profound as his immediate speaking of it.

SCHULTZ: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse with us tonight on the Ed Show.
Senator, thanks so much. Keep up the great work.

WHITEHOUSE: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: And vitally important. No doubt.

Still ahead, Senator Bernie Sanders joins me to discuss Black lives matter,
that movement that`s in his face and how it is impacting the 2016 race.

And next, Republicans are trying to steal the spotlight. Trying to gin up
momentum about the front-runner Donald Trump. Is it working and what they

Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. In a month since he launch his
campaign, Donald Trump has stolen the media spotlight or should we say
earned it from the rest of Republican field. Trump outrageous comments
have put his name on the head lines and at the top of the polls. For the
other 15 candidates it`s not as easy to get air time. Now some them are
trying to beat Donald at his own plan. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul promoted
his plan for a plat tax by destroying the current tax code in a new
campaign video.


trying to kill the tax code, all 70,000 pages of it.


SCHULTZ: Another candidate with an appetite for destruction is Trump`s
current target, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. After Trump made
the senator`s cellphone public yesterday, Graham decided to put it
permanently on silent.


can always give your number to the Donald. This is for all the veterans.


SCHULTZ: And you can also read those two videos like a book. If there was
ever an endorsement that the polls have got these two senators nervous, it
is those two senators right there. On one hand they`re cooling him a
clown. On another hand they`re reacting to everything he`s saying with
videos like that for two seating United States senators to do that that`s
almost a Trump endorsement that he`s credible and they`re nervous about it.

Joining me tonight Eric Boehlert Senior fellow at Media Matters for
America. What do you make of this? You wrote on Huffington post that the
press has missed the Trump surge. Explain that.

matters have documented for a long time. And I think during Obama years
they have turned sort of blind eye to the ugly radical turn that the
conservative movement and the Republican Party has taken. The obstruction
the unprecedented obstruction on in and of itself. The press has for years
pretend, this is a he said, she said both sides are to blame, oh why can`t
they get along. It`s radical, it`s unprecedented.

So, from that environment you`re throwing the Birther (ph) nonsense. You
throw in the race beating from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. It`s not that
unusual, it`s not simply that shocking that some like Donald Trump emerges
as front-runner. But I think the D.C. press is very surprised. He`s not a
serious person. Should we really cover him? Maybe we shouldn`t pay any
attention to him? He reflects a large portion increasingly large portion
of the Republican base. He is the Ed -- he is the Fox News Ed without a

SCHULTZ: I think one of the stories that was missed yesterday, me
included. I had an opportunity and I didn`t take it. What is Lindsey
Graham doing calling Donald Trump seeing if he can get on Fox News? A
United States senator...


SCHULTZ: ... calls up a guy in New York saying, "Hey do you have any
influence over there?"

BOEHLERT: Can you get me in (inaudible) Fox.

SCHULTZ: I mean, really is that why he went to Washington?


SCHULTZ: Is it so important for him to serve he`s constituent in South
Carolina and he just got to get on Fox News? What is his agenda?

BOEHLERT: Talk about pulling the curtain back a little bit.


BOEHLERT: This is what these people live for. It`s not the RNC. It`s
less and less the donors says "Who is the booker in Fox News? I`m running
for president. I want to be important senator. How do I get on a Fox News
camera?" That is crazy. And that ties in exactly into Trump.

He is, again, he is the Fox News, Ed. He`s the one who teamed up with Fox
in 2011 with the extended Birther Charade. Fox gave him a platform. He`s
wreaking havoc and people like Lindsey Graham are still trying to figure
out how do I...

SCHULTZ: So you are not at all surprised what`s happening here.

BOEHLERT: Well, I mean...

SCHULTZ: H`s sucking a lot of air out of the room. No doubt about it.

BOEHLERT: Right. And he remembered Republicans were told him there he
please tone it down. You know that worked really well.

SCHULTZ: Can you imagine what Trump said on the end of that phone call,
what he told Reince Priebus? I`m only imagining. Are you kidding me?


SCHULTZ: You told me to tone. Who are you?

BOEHLERT: Who are you exactly? Right, but it goes back, again, to, you
know, the Republican Party itself, the quote establishment. It has
evaporated. It doesn`t exist. It`s a free for all. It`s largely a right-
wing media free for all. And Donald Trump for now has figured out the

SCHULTZ: So, what does a Donald Trump look like on a debate stage? Sooner
or later he`s going to have to get real serious or does this continue? The
style. This is Trump. What you see is what you get.

BOEHLERT: My guess is what you see at those press conferences is what
you`re going to get at these -- at the debates. It`s going to be much
shorter. He`s not going to have much time but he`s going to have the
Republicans responding to him. Every headline the next day is going to be

SCHULTZ: Eric, New York magazine is reporting Rupert Murdoch is asking Fox
executives to back off the Trump coverage. Now, to me, if this isn`t an
admission of media suppression.


SCHULTZ: .I don`t know what is. You mean to tell me that the reporters at
Fox News don`t have instincts of their own to understand or to feel out
what the American people are thinking about or what they want reported on?
What do you make of this? I mean Rupert Murdoch saying back off Trump?

BOEHLERT: Right, again, it all goes back to who`re the king makers in the
Republican Party? It`s Fox News. So we have this little mini Civil War.
I don`t know if they`re playing it up for ratings. I don`t know if it`s
authentic. But clearly Rupert and I assumed his sons are not happy with
this Trump clown imagery. Roger Ailes, Fox & Friends, Eric Bolling, I
think they`re very excited about Donald Trump. So there`s this sort of
back and forth.

We`ve never really seen this open warfare on Fox in terms of a Republican
candidate. This is all new. This is all complicated for the Republican
Party when you`ve got morning show hosts running the primary season.

SCHULTZ: So if Trump`s got a huge ego.


SCHULTZ: And Trump`s got a big bank account and Trump has a lot of media
attention, how does he capitulate and step out saying, "I didn`t get the

I don`t see that happening.


SCHULTZ: I mean, I think this guy he is going to go as far as he can. And
if he has to go independent, he would.

BOEHLERT: Right. That`s the true terror for the Republicans. I mean if
he goes independent if he is legitimately goes through to the end, look at
the numbers. I mean the Republicans we might get 30, 35 percent of the

SCHULTZ: And listen to the sound of the people that were talking in South
Carolina yesterday. We played some tape. They`re genuinely affected by
this guy and what he`s saying and they appreciate what he`s saying. So he
is striking a nerve. He`s news tomorrow. He`s going to the border. He
was invited down there. Something is going to happen. Either they`re
going to scold him or pat him on the back. We`ll see.

Eric Boehlert, great to have you with us tonight.

Still to come on the Ed Show, Senator Bernie Sanders joins me on closing
the income inequality gap.

And later troubling details about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and working
conditions on one of the countries involved and how the state department is
going to turn a blind eye. We`re right back.

KATE ROGERS, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Kate Rogers with your CNBC Market

Disappointing tech earnings weigh in on stocks today. The DOW fall 68
points. The S&P is off five and the NASDAQ ends down 36.

Shares of American Express are lower after hours. The company reported
earnings that beat estimates but revenue fell short. Existing home sales
jumped a stronger than expected 3.2 percent last month and shares of
Halliburton Baker Hughes slump on report. Their merger is facing
regulatory opposition.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: And we are back on the Ed Show. Senator and Candidate Bernie
Sanders wants to reach black voters. The Twitter Universe mocked Sanders
after a confrontation with Black Lives Matter activists in Phoenix, Arizona
over the weekend. Protests chanted, "Say her name," in reference to women
who have died in police custody.

Sanders did not mention any names on stage. His answer moved the
conversation to income inequality.


SANDERS: When we talk about issues like Black Lives Matter, let me tell
you something, a study just came out a few weeks ago talking about youth
unemployment in America, an issue we do not deal with as nation.


SCHULTZ: Critics say the senator missed the point. Racial discrimination
and economic disenfranchisement are connected but independent. Sanders
appeared to listen. He became the first candidate to speak on the case of
Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old woman who died while in police custody.

On Tuesday night, the Texas Department of Public Safety released a 52
minute dash cam video showing a traffic stop that ended in Sandra Bland`s


SANDRA BLAND: Don`t touch me. I am not under arrest. You don`t have the
right to take me out of the car.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are under arrest.

BLAND: No, I`m not under arrest for what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 25 (inaudible).

BLAND: For what? For what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (inaudible) send me another unit. Get out of the car?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Inaudible) 298.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get out of the car now.

BLAND: Why am I being apprehended?


SCHULTZ: Bernie Sanders immediately called the video totally outrageous in
the state. He says the incident highlights why we need real police reform.

Sanders now faces questions about what real reform looks like and he joins
us here tonight on the Ed Show.

Senator Sanders, candidate for president, great to have you with us

SANDERS: Good to be with you.

SCHULTZ: Senator, what specific reforms in policing would you want to see
or what you are calling for?

SANDERS: Oh there`s a lot that we have to do Ed. We have more people in
jail than any other country on Earth. Millions of lives have been
destroyed because people are in jail for nonviolent crimes so we have to
take a look at mandatory minimums. We have to take a whole new look, I
think in our drug policy. We have to look at the militarization of police
forces all over this country. We have to take a look at use of force
policy. That`s what you saw in that dreadful and painful video of Sandra

What you saw is an aggressive, overactive police officer, who dragged this
woman out of her car, assaulted her, sent her to jail for what crime? A
minor traffic violation. That happens all over this country. And it
especially happens to people of color.

So we need a real hard look at the way police departments function in
America. And we need to figure out a way that -- in terms of how we treat
African-Americans so that young people can walk down the street without
having to worry about whether they`re going to be harassed or shot in the
back. We got a lot of work in front of us.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Senator, we reached out to the Black Lives Matter movement
and we asked DeRay McKesson if he had a question for you what would it be?
And it came back. You advocate for free public colleges for all but how do
you address that fact that black degree holders are less likely to be
employed or paid equal wages. What`s your response to that?

SANDERS: Well, he`s absolutely right. That`s called structural racism and
we have to address it. Providing free tuition at public colleges and
universities will be a huge step forward for this country and the African-
American community. But what we also have to do is to make sure that when
people apply for a job they are not discriminated against because of their
race or their country of origin. And obviously the other thing that we
have to do, Ed, is that when 51 percent of young African-American kids that
graduated high school are unemployed, we need a jobs program to put those
young people to work.

But getting back to that really painful video of Sandra Bland, one could
not imagine. It would be very hard to imagine a white middle class woman
being treated in the same way as Sandra Bland was.

SCHULTZ: OK. Senator, do you have a problem with black voters? Is this
going to be a real stumbling block for your campaign? And if so, what are
you going to do to reach out to them?

SANDERS: We are working -- look, I come from a state which is 95 percent
white. That`s just the simple reality. We`ve only been in this race for
president for about two and a half months. So we have a lot of work to do
to reach out to the African-American community and the Hispanic community.
But I`m very proud. I`m proud of the record that I have established in all
of my years in Congress. I`m proud of the fact that I have been a leader
in the fight for civil rights and social justice in this country.

We are going to get that record out to the American people. And I believe
at the end of the day, we`re going to have a significant amount of support
from the African-American and the Hispanic communities because the agenda
that we are proposing is going to be very, very meaningful to them.

SCHULTZ: And Senator, the incident that took place last weekend in
Phoenix, what`s your reaction to that? Did that blindside you and critics
say that you do?

SANDERS: Well of course it did.

SCHULTZ: And critics say that you missed the point.

SANDERS: Well, look I was there and invited to be there to talk about
immigration reform. That`s what I was invited to do. So was I blindsided,
was I surprised? Of course I was. On the other hand, the issue that the
folks there were raising about institutional racism in America is an
absolutely vital issue that has got to be addressed than I intent to
address it. As I said I said a moment ago, our criminal justice system is
out of control. The number of African-Americans and Hispanics who are in
jails are disproportionately high.

We have got to from A to Z rethink criminal justice in America so we do not
end up having far more people in jail than any other country. Lives are
being destroyed right and left and we got to change that.

SCHULTZ: And finally Senator, here in New York a panel appointed by
Governor Andrew Cuomo just recommended the minimum wage be raised to $15
for fast -- $15 an hour for fast food restaurant employees. You introduced
a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Is this catching

SANDERS: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: Is this and why is this such critical time for that?

SANDERS: In fact, we just had a rally here on Capitol Hill with about a
thousand workers. Many of them whom work for contractors of the federal
government. Look, 725 minimum wage is a starvation wage. And I`m really
happy to see that as a result of grassroots activism, Seattle, Los Angeles,
now New York have raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The legislation that I and Keith Allison (inaudible) to introduce today
would do that nationally. Nobody who works 40 hours a week in America
should be living in poverty, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Senator Bernie Sanders, on the Ed Show. Appreciate your time
your time tonight sir. Thanks so much, Bernie.

Still to come, Malaysia`s poor working conditions could get a pass from the
United States as they push forward on the TPP. We`ll explain. Stay with


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are rolling in. Here are the results on
tonight`s Bing Pulse poll. The question, "Are you paying attention to
Donald Trump in social media?" 36 percent of you say "Yes". 64 not there.
Keep on voting until the end of the hour at

We`re right.


SCHULTZ: And in tonight`s Two-Minute Drill, the Minnesota Vikings are one
year away from moving into their new home. The team hosted a tailgate
party for the stadiums 1,200 construction workers, Monday to celebrate
milestone. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is about 65 percent complete.
The seaters (ph) schedule to go in next month and the turf goes in next

Check out the roof. The stadium will have a much lighter feel, thanks to a
transparent plastic material called ETFE. It will cover 60 percent of the
stadium, including part of the roof, letting in natural light while keeping
out the elements. Pretty cool, huh? The front of the stadium, you are
going to feature a five 95-foot high glass doors that pivot to give the
stadium an open air feel on really nice days which we have in Minnesota.
The cost of the new stadium is just over a billion dollars, and half of
that is coming from the taxpayers of the state. U.S. Bank Stadium will
host Super Bowl 52 in 2018.

Stick around. Lots more coming up on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And we are back. The United States has been concerned about
human trafficking for a long time and on record about it although the state
department could give Malaysia a pass to secure their position in the
Trans-Pacific Partnership. Vice News reports human trafficking and forced
labor conditions are reportedly rampant in Malaysia. A member of the
Malaysian parliament told Vice News, "Human trafficking and forced labor
are as bad as here and is ever here. We have women who are raped
endlessly, workers who are malnourished, and there is no political will to
take it seriously." And we`re going to do a deal with these people? Here is
the condition. In May, 139 graves in cages were discovered in the
Malaysian jungle. Authorities believe the abandoned jungle camps and mass
graves were left behind by human traffickers.

Things are so bad, the state department related -- or should I say rated
Malaysia a tier 3 country in their trafficking in persons report.
Countries with a tier 3 rating cannot be accepted into the Trans-Pacific
Partnership. Reuters reports the U.S. State department is preparing to
give Malaysia a tier 2 rating. It would reduce Malaysia to a watch list
and give them a path to join the TPP. The report is expected to be
released later this week.

People are outraged, protests were held at the U.S. Capitol, and the
Malaysian embassy today, Senator Robert Menendez added the amendment to the
Fast-Track legislation that would prohibit tier 3 countries from joining
the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He told Vice News upgrading Malaysia "Would
represent a blatant manipulation of the administration`s own ranking
system, undermining the credibility of our international efforts to fight
human trafficking. It would be a stain on our country`s record of
upholding human rights around the world."

For more, let me bring in Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett. Congressman,
good to have you with us tonight.

REP. LLOYD DOGGETT, (D) TEXAS: Thank you, Ed. It is a really horrifying

SCHULTZ: Why is the state department even considering this?

DOGGETT: Well, I`ve raised this directly with the state department
earlier, and with Ambassador Froman. They`ve assured me earlier that they
would not do this but the reports that we`re hearing perhaps from a
whistle-blower about this is very troubling. The real question is, can we
develop a 21st century international trade policy that incorporates our
American values, including respect for individuals and certainly stopping
sex trafficking, trafficking in children, and forced labor? The Malaysia
situation has just gotten worse and for them, to reward Malaysia at this
time would be a real step backward.

SCHULTZ: So Malaysia has made no progress in your opinion in the stopping
of human trafficking?

DOGGETT: No. And it is more than my opinion or Senator Menendez. I
raised this concern in the ways and means committee during the markup but
our ambassador to Malaysia in April noted they had not made progress to get
out of tier 3 and this report only covered to the prior month that the
state department is considering further recently, the president of the bar
association. The attorneys in Malaysia noted there was no basis for
removing Malaysia from that list, that awful list of North Korea, Syria and
Zimbabwe, a few countries in the world that don`t value people that treat
them as slaves.


DOGGETT: That`s what we`re trying to prevent.

SCHULTZ: I don`t want to put words in your mouth, be would you think that
it seems or appears like the United States would sell its moral soul to get
this trade deal done?

DOGGETT: Well, Ed, that`s what`s so troubling to those of us who have
sought a better TPP and a better Fast-Track. The Fast-Trackers seem to
only be concerned about how many goods and services move across borders,
and not concerned with those values, the issues of worker rights in
Vietnam, of trafficking in Malaysia, of destroying the hardwood forest in
Peru. The USTR just does not seem to place a priority on those matters.
They`re either indifferent or they just don`t prioritize this.

SCHULTZ: Do you expect a response from the White House? And the
president? I mean, did you expect a response from President Obama? Is it
that critical?

DOGGETT: I think it is that critical. I think he needs to speak out on
this issue personally. We`re hearing that the report, which has been
delayed, this trafficking and persons report normally comes out at the
beginning of June. It`s been delayed longer than any time in history. It
appears to be coinciding with this trade conference out in Maui (ph), that
it may be released next week. And I certainly hope that we don`t reward
Malaysia but I don`t want to see this report, which has been the gold
standard around the world in dealing with trafficking, to see it devalued
and rejected by simply manipulating it for one country that is not a good
actor on these issues.

SCHULTZ: And quickly, congressman, do you expect other countries to raise
the same concerns you are and this country is?

DOGGETT: One would certainly hope so. If you read reports like the one
you referenced, if you look at the groups around the world that really are
trying to do something about trafficking, they want the world to speak out
on this.


DOGGETT: But President Obama and the United States need to lead the way.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas. Great to have you with us
tonight, sir.

DOGGETT: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thanks so much.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with the Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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