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PoliticsNation, Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

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Date: July 21, 2015
Guest: Jamal Simmons; Areva Martin; Marq Claxton, Bill Press, Angela Rye,
Andy Greenberg

REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: Tonight on "Politics Nation," can you hear
him now? Donald Trump giving out private cell phone numbers on national
television? That`s the least of the problems he`s causing for the GOP

Also, new details from the Sandra Bland police report. What the officer
says happened during her arrest.

Plus, hackers take control of a car on a major highway. I`ll talk to the
driver about, why it was done and what it could mean for you the next time
you get behind the wheel?

We begin tonight with the Republican hurricane tearing down anything and
everything in his path, Donald Trump. Today`s controversy came from an
event in South Carolina when Trump responded to criticism from fellow
candidate Senator Lindsey Graham.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I was coming up and I see your
senator. What a stiff. What a stiff. Lindsey Graham. I got called a
jackass by this guy. Then I said to myself, hey, didn`t this guy call me
like four years ago? Yes, he called me four years ago -- three, four years
ago. Lindsey Graham, I didn`t even know who he was. And he wanted to know
whether or not I could give him a good reference on FOX and press, OK. He
wanted to know, would I do that? And then, of course, he wanted to know
whether or not he could come and see me for some campaign contributions.


SHARPTON: And then Trump did something I`ve never seen a public figure do.


TRUMP: He said, could you mention my name. I said, yes. And he gave me
his number. And I found the card. I wrote the number down. I don`t know
if it`s the right number. Let`s try it. (Bleep). I don`t know, maybe
it`s three, four years ago, so maybe it`s an old number. I don`t know.
Give it a shot.


SHARPTON: Just when I thought I heard it all, he gives out a sitting
Senator`s personal cell phone number on live TV. Senator Graham had a
sense of humor about it. Tweeting, probably getting a new phone, Iphone or
android? But what Donald Trump`s doing to the GOP field isn`t funny for
the party. He has all the attention. Nobody`s talking about the other
candidates. And, oh, by the way, this happened today, too.


your prayers, for your support, for your efforts because I have decided to
run for president of the United States.


SHARPTON: Ohio governor John Kasich entered the race today, but Trump has
all the attention. And candidates are doing anything they can to steal
some of the spotlight. The Des Moines register says Trump should pull the
plug on his campaign calling it a bloviating side show because Trump is
acting like a side show even though he`s the main event.

You know, I was at "the Washington Post" today talking to some of the
reporters in a roundtable discussion we had on things we were involved in.
And when they were asking me about Trump, I told them it reminded me when I
started running for president, I remembered something James Brown, the
godfather of soul, told me. He was like a father figure. He said,
Reverend, in Las Vegas you have the lounge acts and you have the acts in
the main room. The lounge acts have to compete with the gambling and the
noise and the drinks and the bars, so they have to do a lot of different
things to get attention. They have a different kind of show. But when you
go in the main room, you have to be more rehearsed and choreographed.
You`ve got to deal with these are people sitting for dinner with their
wives or their husbands and their families. You can`t do a lounge act in
the main room or a main room act in the lounge. Somebody ought to give
Donald Trump the James Brown advice. He`s on the main stage running for
president now. He`s not competing for little deals in his business.

Joining me now are Perry Bacon and Jamal Simmons. Thank you both for being

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thanks, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Perry, I`ve never seen anything like it, giving out a number.
And now, this will dominate the news cycle. How can other candidates deal
with this? I mean, how do they get noticed?

PERRY BACON, MSNBC POLITICAL REPORTER: I think you`re seeing what they`re
trying to do this morning is Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry are now trying
to attack Donald Trump because they know that`s the only way you can get
news. There was a study out today that showed that 46 percent, 46 percent,
of the stories right now in the Republican primary are about Donald Trump
meaning he`s getting covered as much as the other 15 guys are combined.
And the reason is because whatever you think of Donald Trump he`s brilliant
at courting the media and getting attention like I`ll be honest with you,
after he gave up that cell phone number of Lindsey Graham, I called it
because I`m a journalist and I have to check that kind of thing. And it
was in fact Graham`s cell phone number. I was shocked but I knew I had to
cover it because that`s, you know, Donald Trump keeps doing things that
we`re riveted by and he`s kind of winning the attention. He`s not going to
be the nominee, but he`s definitely grabbing the microphone from all the
other candidates.

SHARPTON: But that`s the question. What`s the endgame? What does he
think this leads to? Because as you said, he`s not going to be the
nominee, 62 percent of the poll that has him up to 24 -- 62 percent of them
said they don`t know if they`d vote for him being president.

Jamal, if you were consulting for the GOP, what`s your strategy here? What
do you do to deal with this?

JAMAL SIMMONS, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, you know, it`s very hard to do
because what you really ought to do is just shut down the attention. The
problem is Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican Party, doesn`t
have the ability to go to TV networks and newspapers and tell them to stop
covering Donald Trump. And Donald Trump understands incredibly well how to
make news.

I think that Perry`s right, his primary purpose here is to try to figure
out how to rate. He just wants to get -- he wants to do well with his demo
so that he can every day make news. And I remember being on campaigns, you
sit around and think about how can we make news tomorrow? What are we
going to do like what policy position are we going to about put out? What
endorsement can we put out?

You come up with these ways to try to move the debate forward and get your
candidate more gravitas and more energy and more attention. I don`t think
they would spend any time on that stuff. I think they only think about
what can we do to spin the wheel to get everybody back focused on Donald
Trump for a day on something that really has nothing to do with the country
except when it comes to him talking to his really conservative base about

SHARPTON: But that`s my point, Perry. You run for president either to
govern because you`re trying to win to govern, or because you`re running to
highlight and bring out in the mainstream political discussion a cause.
That`s why I ran. You don`t want your causes to be sidestepped or
marginalized. But Donald Trump`s cause is Donald Trump. And his
businesses and branding the businesses, and that`s my take on it. I mean,
let me play a little more of the event today.


TRUMP: Everyone figured keep Trump out of the debates because he`ll never
file his financials. Because he doesn`t want to see -- he doesn`t want
people to see that maybe he`s not as wealthy as people thought. Well, it
turned out that I`m much wealthier than people thought. I built a great
company. The apprentice, can you imagine they paid me $213 million. So
you know what that means when I give up "the Apprentice" to run to help you
people straighten out this mess?


SHARPTON: You see nothing about policies. There`s no policies. There`s
no causes, there`s no this is how we ought to be governing. It`s just all
bluster. And is that the way to run against him, Perry?

BACON: I think the way to run against him, (INAUDIBLE) would be to focus
on Iowa and New Hampshire, you know. Remember, the polls last time showed
the national polls Rick Santorum was way, way down. He went to all those
counties, he won the primary. That`s how John McCain won. I think the
Republican candidates would be better off in some ways trying to figure out
a way, how do I -- the national polls don`t matter. The debate does matter
but you can win the primary without being in the debate. I don`t know if
you are going to out - you are not going to out-attention Donald Trump, but
you can out-campaign also being on the ground.

SHARPTON: Why not challenge him and ask him, what is his policies on
health care? What is his policies on Iran? What are your policies on
criminal justice?

You know, Jamal, Lindsey Graham sent out a fund-raising email today saying
quote "Donald Trump continues to show hourly that he is ill-prepared to be
the commander in-chief. And friend, this is the time when Senator Graham
needs your support the most." So in a way, Graham is in the news cycle.
Could this fight actually help him?

SIMMONS: If you are one of the candidates who are struggling for attention
and poll ratings, fighting up and punching with Donald Trump is actually a
really good strategy to get attention. And I got to tell you though, Rev.,
the thing I don`t want us to lose focus on is how dangerous Donald Trump
is. I mean, he reminds me of, you know, I remember being in France two
years ago and you see the national front party who was going out against
immigration or you`re in Italy and you look at like Berlusconi who was this
big blustery guy who actually became the president or the prime minister of

You know, so we say Donald Trump can`t make it. That`s probably true, he
can`t. But what he`s unleashing in the electorate by going after Mexican
immigrants this way is such a dangerous thing for me. Because he`s going
to force all the other Republicans in the race to have to talk about the
things he`s talking about. And those are really dangerous things to let
loose out of the American psyche. They`re dark.

SHARPTON: You know, Republicans might be starting to do some weird stuff
to get attention away. Let me play a new ad from Senator Rand Paul, Perry.


trying to kill the tax code all 70,000 pages of it.


SHARPTON: What is he doing here, Perry?

BACON: He`s trying to -- you know, he was complaining today that, you
know, the media only covers Donald Trump. Donald Trump`s getting a million
dollar of free publicity. So he`s trying to change the narrative. You
know, Rand Paul started off this race as being one of the most prominent
candidates. And now he`s basically he is being ignored, he`s down in the
polls. He`s trying to get more attention.

I don`t think this is going to work, because I just don`t think that --
it`s hard competing against Donald Trump because Donald Trump is not really
on the level. He doesn`t really have any issues to talk about. He doesn`t
have any real proposals. So I don`t think you compete with that in terms
of attention. That`s what they`re all trying to do.

Jamal`s right, they`re trying to punch up. And I think that is smart
because Trump is ahead in these national polls. But ultimately I think the
best thing they can do is look at what Jeb Bush is doing where he`s taken
the aggressively non-Trump positions and trying to -- look at Ted Cruz.
He`s trying to sort of be a mini Trump. I think that`s probably not smart.
Jeb Bush is saying I disagree with everything Trump is saying.

The growth in Latino vote means the Republican Party has to be very opposed
to Trump. And I think Jeb Bush is the one who is being the smartest in
terms of getting out front and saying Trump is not in my party.

SIMMONS: And you know, rev, we`ve seen stuff like this before. Think
about -- we`ve seen people actually shoot guns through bills in TV ads or
Joni Ernst talked about castrating pigs in her ad. So you know, candidates
do all kind of things to try to get attention all that.

SHARPTON: Perry Bacon and Jamal Simmons, thank you both for your time

BACON: Thanks, Reverend.

SIMMONS: Thank you.

Coming up, the Sandra Bland death investigation. What happened during her
arrest? For the first time we`re hearing what the officer says as we wait
for a dash cam video that could provide key evidence.

And later, more on the Trump effect. How Hillary Clinton is using him to
her advantage.


TRUMP: We gave state dinners to the heads of China. I say why are you
doing state dinners for them? They`re ripping us left and right. Just
take them to McDonald`s and go back to the negotiating table. Seriously.
It`s true.


SHARPTON: Plus President Obama on the road talking about war and peace and
learning from our past mistakes.


SHARPTON: Straight ahead, the Sandra Bland police report. What the
officer says happened during her arrest. And the dash cam video could be
out tonight. That`s next.


SHARPTON: Any moment now we expect officials in Texas to release dash cam
video showing the arrest of a woman who was found hanging in her jail cell.
The medical examiner ruled Sandra Bland`s death a suicide. After a state
trooper pulled her over for not using a turn signal and arrested her for
assault a public servant.

New tonight, the trooper report gives his description of the arrest quote
"Bland became combative and uncooperative. Numerous commands were given to
Bland ordering her to exit the vehicle. Bland was removed from the car,
but became more combative. Bland was placed in handcuffs for officer
safety. Bland began swinging her elbows at me and then kicked my right leg
in the shin. I had a pain in my right leg and suffered small cuts on my
right hand."

Sandra Bland`s family attorney has seen the dash cam video we`re waiting
for showing that same arrest. Here`s how he described the video to me last


CANNON LAMBERT, BA\LAND FAMILY`S ATTORNEY: And then the officer opens up
her door and commences to try and order her out of the car. She then,
because he opens her door, reaches for her phone so that she can record the
incident. And then he steps back, pulls his taser. She then voluntarily
cooperates and gets out of the car, and then walks back behind the car
where she`s ordered to put her phone down.


SHARPTON: The Texas department of public safety put an employee on desk
duty after Bland`s traffic -- after Bland`s traffic stop saying it found
quote "violations of the department`s procedures regarding traffic stops
and the department`s courtesy policy."

Joining me now is legal analyst Areva Martin and former New York police
officer and director of black law enforcement alliance, Marq Claxton.
Thank you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Marq, from the description in that arrest report, what could
lead to a trooper being put on desk duty?

CLAXTON: To be honest with you, there`s so much missing out of the
narrative that it really poses more questions than answers. What were
these circumstances that established whatever understanding of probable
cause that this individual police officer have? What was the reason for
instead of issuing a violation, a summons for a violation of law, did the
police officer demand or require that Ms. Bland leave the vehicle? What
were the circumstances? What led you to these charges in addition?

There`s so much open in that narrative that`s of no value or little value.
And I think what`s much more indicative of where they`re going or what some
of the problems or complications they`re having or the statements made by
the prosecutors as opposed to this police officer`s own narrative.

SHARPTON: Areva, Bland`s family attorney says she reached for her phone
after being pulled over, and investigators are looking through the phone`s
data. How could that data be used here?

MARTIN: That data is critically important because what happened with
respect to that traffic stop is likely to be recorded on their phone if she
had an opportunity to start the recording because we`re hearing, Rev., that
after she exited the car, she and the officer went to the back of the
vehicle and that the dash cam itself does not record anything that happened
behind the car.

And I just want to amplify what Marq said. It`s very troubling as an
attorney that works on civil rights cases, that you know, talks about this
stuff on national television, to hear that she was ordered out of her car.
There doesn`t appear to be any probable cause or any reasonable suspicion
that would have required this officer to ask her to exit the car for what
we now know is this very minor traffic violation. How come she wasn`t
given a ticket or a warning and told to go about her business, I think is
the biggest question yet to be answered by the officer or that sheriff`s

SHARPTON: And talking about answers, to add there`s a lot of confusion
today about opposing comments between the sheriff and the district attorney
in the same press conference. I mean, they made these conflicting
statements and opposing comments in the same conference. Listen to this.


information received from the Harris county medical examiner`s office
indicates that Miss Bland passed away while alone in her cell as a result
of self-inflicted asphyxiation. The Harris County medical examiner`s
office listed the manner of death as suicide.

too early to make any kind of determination that this was a suicide or a
murder. This is being treated like a murder investigation.


SHARPTON: Listed as a suicide, Marq, but being investigated and treated
like a murder investigation. What`s your take on that?

CLAXTON: My take on that is that there is, of course, some additional
evidence that needs to be collected or obtained. And that the prosecutor`s
office is covering all bases at this point and trying to find the evidence
that leads to this conclusion of a suicide, self-infliction of death.

And I think the, of course, in typical law enforcement or police fashion,
you have the police officers department of public safety circling the
wagons and trying to make this into a neat package that could somehow
justify what happened or at least give an explanation that basically people
will believe or buy into. It really is further indication of the lack of
national standards in law enforcement across the nation. And this is where
it plays out in these tragic situations.

SHARPTON: Areva, NBC`s KPRC affiliate put together a timeline of Bland`s
final hours using video from the jail. Now, look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The video starts just before 6:00 a.m. and over the
course of 48 minutes, we see officers conduct two security checks in
Bland`s cell, in one instance attempting to serve her breakfast which they
say she refused. Just after 7:00 a.m., a male officer checks on Bland for
a third time. The Sheriff`s office said the officer talks with Bland and
she tells him, quote, "I am good." At 7:55, the jail says Bland used a
cell intercom to ask about making a phone call. There isn`t another in
person security check on Bland until 8:55 a.m., a violation of state jail
standards. And from the video shows a female officer walked down the
hallway towards Bland`s cell, look in the window and then run for help.


SHARPTON: Areva, what stands out to you in this timeline and this video?

MARTIN: Well, what`s really critically missing is what happened during
that time period where someone in that jail should have been checking on
Sandra Bland and apparently they did not. We`re hearing that there was
some kind of sensor with respect to the videotaping, so if someone wasn`t
walking in the hall maybe the video wasn`t on. But there`s questions about
whether the videotape has been tampered with and whether it`s accurately
reporting or recording what happened the day that she was found in that
jail cell. So I`m glad to hear that the FBI is involved. There`s been a
call for an investigation from Loretta Lynch`s office at the U.S. justice
department to make sure -- because the trust is so broken in the African-
American community with respect to the police around this country, so to
make sure that independent investigators are looking at every piece of
evidence in this case including DNA on this trash bag that we`re being told
she used to hang herself. That`s very important, Rev.

SHARPTON: A lot of open questions. We`ll definitely be staying on that
case. Areva Martin and Marq Claxton, thank you for your time tonight.

MARTIN: Thank you.

CLAXTON: Thanks, Rev.

SHARPTON: Still ahead, Hillary Clinton hits back at Mitch McConnell for
his crack about her playing the gender card.

And how easy could it be for hackers to take control of your car? A new
report is tackling that question.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So we`re killing the engine right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Actually I can`t accelerate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I turned on my hazard lights but still stuck in the
right lane with no shoulder to escape on to.



SHARPTON: We`re back with that growing fight between Hillary Clinton and
Mitch McConnell. Last night we played what McConnell told a crowd in
Kentucky about Clinton.


think arguing vote for me because I`m a woman is enough. The gender card
alone is not enough.


SHARPTON: The gender card isn`t enough? Well, Clinton had some fun at his
expense. She tweeted, if Senator McConnell thinks fighting for women and
families is playing the gender card, OK. Here`s our gender card.

And here is the picture of an actual gender card. It reads, we need
affordable child care. Paid family leave. Earned sick days. Equal pay.
So where`s the senator with his card? I would say he opposed fair pay
legislation numerous times. And he`s voted against an amendment supporting
paid sick leave. Did Senator McConnell think we wouldn`t notice that his
hand is all played out?

Nice try. But here`s my card for Mitch McConnell. We got you.



Apprentice," can you imagine they paid me 213 million? So, you know what
that means? When I give up "The Apprentice" to run to help you people
straighten out this mess.


SHARPTON: Donald Trump today telling the crowd he`s helping them. But
there`s one person he`s helping who wasn`t in that crowd. Hillary Clinton.
The "Times" reports Clinton is using Trump against his own party. Quote,
"There`s one candidate who hopes Mr. Trump continues to thrive, Hillary
Rodham Clinton."


candidate whose hair gets more attention than mine. But there`s nothing
funny about the hate he is spewing at immigrants and their families and now
the insults he`s directed at a genuine war hero Senator John McCain. It`s
shameful and so is the fact that it took so long for most of his fellow
republican candidates to start standing up to him.


SHARPTON: Clinton wants Trump to thrive, and so far there`s no signs he`s
getting out. Even if it means as a third party candidate. It`s bringing
back shades of 1992 when Ross Perot ran as an independent taking votes from
George Bush and boosting Bill Clinton. Could it happen again?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Respectfully, we remember the 1992 election Ross Perot
cost us that election.

TRUMP: Right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you go on record today as saying that if you
can`t get the republican nomination, you will not run as a third party

TRUMP: No. No. No. I won`t go on record as saying that. People want
jobs. No politician is going to get this country back.


SHARPTON: And here`s what the impact would be. The new "Washington Post"
poll shows Hillary Clinton would beat Jeb Bush by six points head-to-head.
But look what happens if Trump runs as an independent. Trump gets 20
percent and Jeb Bush falls to 30 percent. Sixteen points behind Clinton.
So what happens now? What is the strategy for Republicans who are frankly
fed up with the Trump show?

Joining me now are Angela Rye and Bill Press. Thank you both for being



SHARPTON: Angela, let`s start with that poll. If Trump runs as an
independent he would steal a ton of support from Jeb Bush. What`s your
take on this?

RYE: The first take I have, Rev, is that poll is a little scary to me.
There`s also a four percent drop-off for Hillary Clinton. I assume that
would be the white blue collar male workers that are causing that drop-off.
But I also want to point out, you know, listen, he is our early Christmas
gift. You know, Donald Trump is out here saying these things that are not
new, right? We`ve heard from him since President Obama was running and
he`s the reason why there`s a birther movement in so many ways.

He`s the guy that asked for President Obama`s transcripts even though this
guy, as a black man, is still one of the smartest in the room regardless of
race. And so I just think it`s really interesting that he would have such
a tremendous base of support even as an independent. I think one thing
that`s different about Donald Trump running in 2016 versus a Ross Perot
candidate in 1992 is you have a lot of folks that now identify as
independent because they don`t want to be affiliated or beholden to either
party. So it`s a really interesting poll, Rev.

SHARPTON: Bill, what`s your take on Donald Trump running as an

PRESS: First of all, I have to tell you my take on Donald Trump in general
is, I have three words, Reverend Al, thank you, Jesus. You know, as a talk
show host and as a democrat, I`ve never had more fun in my life and
watching him just mow down all the rest of the republican candidates. But
let me tell you, if these Republicans, other Republicans running, if they
think they`ve got a nightmare now on their hands and Reince Priebus thinks
that having Donald Trump in the primary is a nightmare, their biggest
nightmare lies ahead if were he to run as an independent.

And I got to tell you, what`s going to stop him? Money is the only thing
that could stop anybody from running as an independent or loyalty to the
party. He has no loyalty to the party. And he has all the money he needs.
And if he goes as the third party candidate, no, he`s not going to win, but
he will destroy any chance that any republican will have to beat Hillary
Clinton or whoever is the democratic nominee. And Donald Trump, he would
do it just to get even with these guys who are taking him on now.

SHARPTON: Now, Angela, I mentioned earlier that Trump gave out Lindsey
Graham`s personal cellphone number. But he went after others, too. Listen
to this.


TRUMP: Lindsey Graham says to me, please, please, whatever you can do, you
know, what`s this guy, a beggar? He doesn`t seem like a very bright guy.
Okay? He actually probably seems to me not as bright, honestly, as Rick
Perry. I think Rick Perry is probably smarter than Lindsey Graham, but
what do I know? I tweeted that Rick Perry should have to have an IQ test
before getting on the debate stage. Jeb Bush, I`m not a fan of Jeb Bush,
because Jeb Bush is in favor of common core and he`s weak on immigration.
Those are two big things.


SHARPTON: You know, Bill, the AP`s headline is, quote, "Trump`s self-paid
presidential run means he`s not going away." The point you just made. And
a republican poster says, quote, "Nobody leaves a race because they get
tired or because they think they don`t have the votes. They leave the race
because they run out of money. Donald Trump will never run out of money
and that makes him incredibly powerful." Is that the wild card here? I
mean, you said that, Bill, but Trump doesn`t have to play by the typical
rules. So is that the catch 22 they`re in, trying to confront him but at
the same time trying to appease him into not running independent?

PRESS: Well, I heard you earlier, you know, with Jamal and Perry Bacon,
yes, Republicans don`t know how to handle Trump. They don`t know how to
approach him right now. They can`t ignore him for sure because he`s
getting all the media attention. Some of them are trying to punch up by
attacking him. Like Lindsey Graham. But I`ll tell you the scenario that I
see. Trump is in here to stay. He`s going to go through Iowa and New
Hampshire. The only way I see his getting out of the republican primary is
if he`s just rejected by the voters in those states which doesn`t look like
it`s going to happen.

And if that happens, if that were to happen, then I think Donald trump goes
around, spends another billion. What`s that to him? And runs as an
independent candidate and, as I say, that`s when he just destroys a party.
One other quick thing, Reverend Al. Listen to him take on all the other
republican candidates, that`s why if I were one of them, I would not want
to be in that first debate with Donald Trump because nobody will be left
standing at the end of that debate. He will take on every one of them.

SHARPTON: You know, let`s get back for a minute to Ms. Clinton, Angela,
because we`re hearing her go after Trump. And let me play what she said
last week.


CLINTON: It`s shameful, and no one should stand for it. So I have just
one word for Mr. Trump. Basta, enough!


To all the other Republicans running for president, why did it take weeks
for most of you to speak out? The sad truth is that even if some of the
other candidates now condemn those words, if you look at many of their
policies, it`s hard to tell the difference.


SHARPTON: Angela, is that the Clinton strategy, to make the GOP own Trump?

RYE: I hope that it`s not just the Clinton strategy and I hope that it is
certainly the strategy of all the candidates in the democratic primary
right now, Rev, that is such an important thing. If they can`t get him in
control or under control, then that means that he is speaking for their
base. And we can see that by what the poll numbers are telling us right
now. We know that he certainly had a surge in the polls. You know it`s to
my surprise because I was on this show a few weeks ago saying, he`s not
going to go far at all because I did not think that these folks would be
all the way out here on so many different issues. I think now we see that
that is in fact the case. So I hope that they can continue to support him
and that voters with much more sense demonstrate that that is not the
policies that they want to stand on as we try to move this country forward.
So, I hope that becomes a strategy of all democratic candidates, Rev.

SHARPTON: Angela Rye, Bill Press, I`m going to have to leave it there.
Thank you both for your time tonight.

PRESS: Thanks, Rev.

RYE: Thanks, Rev.

SHARPTON: Straight ahead, is Hillary Clinton -- straight ahead, President
Obama defending Iran deal and taking on critics making a statement on the
last resort for war.


SHARPTON: Imagine driving on a busy highway and suddenly the engine shuts
off. Or your brakes stop working. And it`s done by someone sitting miles
away behind a computer. It`s not science fiction. It`s fact. In a
startling new report from "Wired" magazine, a reporter went out on the
highway as two hackers remotely controlled his jeep. It was sabotaged
wirelessly through his entertainment system allowing hackers to control the
car`s electronics. Here`s how it started.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They won`t tell me what they had planned, but they
assured me it wouldn`t be anything life threatening.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Remember, Andy, no matter what happens, don`t panic.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The tricks started small.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my god. There`s a picture of Charlie and Chris in
track suits that just appeared on the dashboard. But as I drove down the
interstate, things started getting unpleasant and very loud.

(Loud music)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can`t turn it down.


SHARPTON: But then the hackers showed how much power they really had over
his vehicle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The air conditioning is blasting, the music is blasting
and I can`t see anything because of the (bleep) windshield wiper fluid.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do it, do it. Kill the engine.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So we`re killing the engine right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Bleep). Actually, I can`t accelerate.

I stomped on the gas but the jeep slowed to a crawl. It says 45 miles per
hour, but I`m not doing that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I turned on my hazard lights but I was still stuck in
the right lane with no shoulder to escape on to. Guys, I`m stuck on the

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he`s panicking.


SHARPTON: "Wired" reports the hackers have shared their findings with car
manufacturers and are planning to publish some of their code at a
convention next month. They estimate at least 471,000 vehicles are
susceptible to these kinds of remote attacks. Last week Chrysler posted a
software update to protect its vehicles. And today two senators unveiled a
bill that would require cars sold in the U.S. to be protected against
digital attacks.

Joining me now is the reporter who took that wild ride, Andy Greenberg,
senior writer at "Wired." Welcome to the show.

ANDY GREENBERG, SENIOR WRITER, "WIRED": Thanks for having me on.

SHARPTON: First, what was it like to drive a car that someone else was
controlling, Andy?

GREENBERG: I think you could see in the clip that it was pretty
terrifying. I mean, they blasted the vents and the AC was on high, but I
was still sweating. And I actually knew that they were going to do some
sort of demonstration of their hack on me. I could only imagine if they
didn`t tell me what they were going to do. But I can only imagine how
scary this would have been if you hadn`t have any forewarning, if hackers
were really targeting you, you know, targeting unwitting victim from across
the country.

SHARPTON: Now, after the highway, you ended up in a parking lot where the
hackers again took control of your car. Let`s watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: After that stunt on the highway, they still wanted to
show me a couple other tricks. Below a certain speed they can control the
jeep`s steering as long as it`s in reverse. Pop its locks, mess with the
speedometer and, of course, disable the brakes. Hold on tight, hold on.

He`s not getting out of that.


SHARPTON: In retrospect, do you wish you had done the entire experiment in
like an isolated location?

GREENBERG: Well, as I said, I didn`t know what these two hackers, Charlie
Miller and Chris Valasek were going to do. They just told me to drive one
to the highway. And I trusted that it wouldn`t be something too dangerous.
You know, I think in retrospect and probably all, they didn`t know, for
instance, that there wouldn`t be a shoulder on the highway. So I think we
both all of us would have chosen to do this on a closed course if we`d
known how dangerous it might have turned out to be. Nobody got hurt. And
I think what it does show is just how risky this vulnerability is. This is
something Chrysler really needs to fix or people will have the same
experience as I did, which was not pleasant.

SHARPTON: Scary. You know, we reached out to Chrysler`s parent company
about the story, and they said, quote, "Under no circumstances does FCA
condone or believe it`s appropriate to disclose how-to information that
would potentially encourage or help enable hackers to gain unauthorized
and unlawful access to vehicle systems. Similar to a smartphone or tablet,
vehicle software can require updates for improved security." What`s your
response to that?

GREENBERG: Well, I think what they`re saying when they say we don`t want
anybody to release a how-to, they`re referring to the fact that these two
researchers plan to release some of their code at this conference next


GREENBERG: But that`s important in a way. Because that`s how other
researchers can prove that this vulnerability is real. It`s just good
science to be able to replicate those results. It also sends a message to
the industry, you need to fix these problems. Consumers should be aware of
the dangers. And we need to put pressure on the car companies just as we
do with seat belts and air bags to make cars safe from hackers as well.

SHARPTON: Big picture, let me cut to the chase. Do people need to be
concerned about hackers taking control of their cars?

GREENBERG: I think it`s something we need to think about for the future.
You know, there aren`t that many real world hacks of cars that have
happened yet. Mostly there`s just been wireless attacks on the locks to
steal them. You know, but this is absolutely something that`s real. You
know, we`ve wondered if this is kind of an urban legend. I know that it`s
real because I have experienced it. And I think that, you know, watching
me sweat, you should take that lesson and apply it to pressure these car
companies to protect their vehicles.

SHARPTON: A little frightening. Andy Greenberg, thank you for your time

GREENBERG: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up next, breaking news in the Sandra Bland case. Texas
officials release the dash cam video of her arrest. And President Obama`s
powerful message on the human toll of war. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: Breaking news, just moments ago the Texas Department of Public
Safety posted the video of Sandra Bland`s traffic stop to its YouTube page.
We`re going through the 52 minutes of video now to share it with you and
we`ll talk about it tomorrow with State Senator Royce West. He spearheaded
a meeting today of elected officials and investigators to make sure it`s
handled in the best way possible.


SHARPTON: I close tonight by talking about the cost of war. Today,
President Obama spoke to veterans in Pittsburgh thanking them for their
service and defending his historic deal on Iran`s nuke program.


PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: The debate over this deal we`re
hearing the echoes of some of the same policies and mind-sets that failed
us in the past. And some of the famed politicians and pundits that are so
quick to reject the possibility of a diplomatic solution to Iran`s nuclear
program are the same folks who were so quick to go to war in Iraq and said
it would take a few months. Instead of chest beating, that rejects even
the idea of talking to our adversaries which sometimes sounds good in sound
bites but accomplishes nothing, we`re seeing that strong and principled
diplomacy can give hope of actually resolving a problem peacefully.
Instead of rushing into another conflict.


SHARPTON: The commander-in-chief talking about real solutions to the
problems that America faces around the world. Diplomacy`s always the
preferred solution and the President went on to say that sending our troops
to war should be the last resort.


OBAMA: I believe that sending our sons and daughters into harm`s way must
always be a last resort and that before we put their lives on the line, we
should exhaust every alternative. That`s what we owe our troops. That is
strength and that is American leadership.


SHARPTON: We owe our troops not to rush into war, but certain voices on
the right don`t quite agree, and we`re hearing some disturbing rhetoric
from top presidential contenders in the GOP.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The next president could be called to take aggressive
actions including military actions on their very first day in office. I`m
going to be prepared to be president on day one.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A lot of people are just worn out by war.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, don`t vote for me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s that simple.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don`t vote for me because I`m telling you what`s


SHARPTON: Senator Ted Cruz even went on to claim that the Iran deal could
lead to tens of millions of Americans dying. The real numbers show more
than 4,000 Americans died in the Iraq war and another 2,000 died in
Afghanistan. Those are the real numbers. And the President is trying to
avoid more. Obviously, I feel that to avoid war and to try and use
diplomatic and peaceful means are not only preferred. It showed great
leadership. We cannot ever see war as anything but a last resort. My
feeling is those that want to rush to war, we ought not consider rushing to
the White House. Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton.

HARDBALL starts right now.


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