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The Ed Show for Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

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Date: July 23, 2015
Guest: Henry Fernandez, Heidi Harris, David Corn, Joel Berg

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Welcome to the Ed Show, live from Detroit Lakes,

Let`s go to work.


SCHULTZ: Tonight, boarder line.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump heads to the center of the storm today.

DONALD TRUMP, GOP PRESIDENCIAL CANDIDATE: The people who said `Oh, it`s so
dangerous what you`re doing Mr. Trump, it`s so dangerous what you`re
doing, I have to do it, I have to do it. We`re going to make a tour, we`re
going to the boarder.

SCHULTZ: Plus, lion or now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Video out of Milwaukee, it`s got a lot of people in
that city on edge with good reason.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everyone looked at it and said, I think this is a

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The good news is the lion hasn`t been seen since Monday
morning. Perhaps the bad news is, the lion hasn`t been seen since Monday

SCHULTZ: And fast food fix. Fast food workers in New York State are a
step closer to making $15 an hour.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A significant win for the ongoing fight.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight, folks. Thanks for watching.
We start with Donald Trump at the Mexican border, what could be better
after all the conversation leading up to it. Just moments ago, Trump
visited Laredo, Texas to get a firsthand look at the border. Trump spoke
to the press and stood by his controversial comments on immigration.


TRUMP: Oh, there`s great danger with the illegals and we`re just
discussing that, but we have a tremendous danger on the border with the
illegals coming in this time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you seen any evidence here to confirm your fears
about Mexico sending its criminals across the border?

TRUMP: Yes, I have. And I`ve heard it. And I`ve heard from a lot of
different people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What evidence specifically have you seen?

TRUMP: We`ll be showing you the evidence.


SCHULTZ: Trump made it clear he still wants the wall on the border.


SCHULTZ: Are you still in favor of a wall?

TRUMP: Oh, yeah, in certain sections you have to have a wall, absolutely.

And by the way, the wall, will save you a tremendous amount of money. But
you absolutely -- there are areas that you have to have the wall.


SCHULTZ: Now, originally Trump was invited to tour the border with a local
chapter of the border patrol union, today they pulled out of the event.
The union released a statement saying "After careful consideration of all
the factors involved in this event and communication with members of the
National Border Patrol Council at the national level, it`s been decided by
local 2455 to pull out of all events involving Donald Trump."

This is not a good move as I see it. Why? The big boys don`t want any
heat from Washington? The union had originally planned to give Trump a
boots on the ground tour of the border? Where`s the harm in that? Trump of
course responded in typical fashion.


TRUMP: Well, they`re petrified and they`re afraid of saying what`s
happening. You know, they`re the ones who invited me. They wanted to give
me award and the boarder patrol they`re petrified of saying what`s
happening, because they have a real problem here. And I`m talking about on
the whole border, and they invited me and then all of a sudden they were
told silencio, they want silence. So it`s a problem that we will get
straightened out. If I win believe me we will get things straightened out


SCHULTZ: So, we as Americans are we`re not able to figure this out? The
boots on the ground, the people who are there working locally, wanted the
guy who`s talking about it nationally to come down and get a first hand
look at, you know, what you`ve been talking about is happening right here.
But then somebody at a higher level said "Oh, no you can`t do that, that
will cause too much of a riff."

That doesn`t look good on all fronts. Trump again a winner. He was
willing to go down there and check it out. And then for him to be stopped
right there, speaks volumes of the problem. Fellow presidential candidate,
Rick Perry is slamming Trump`s border visit. He released a statement that
read in part "As a known employer of illegal immigrant labor, Donald
Trump`s record on border security is non-existent at best and a farce at
worst. It`s going to take more than a day trip for him to convince the
American people he is anything but a hypocrite when it comes to border

Earlier today, Trump responded to Governor Perry.


SCHULTZ: Well, I think Rick Perry did a terrible job as the Governor of
Texas, where he took the border security was terrible. Now your new
governor of Texas is I think is doing a great job. Governor Abbott is
doing a great job. But Rick Perry, honestly, I don`t think he even
understands what it means.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s following your (inaudible) he does.

TRUMP: Oh, he`s following my lead, absolutely. I mean, we`re the ones who
brought up, you know, I took a lot of heat the first week. And then the
second week, everyone realized that I was right.


SCHULTZ: Trump`s opponents haven`t been holding back in recent days.
Donald Trump is dominating recent national polls. And other candidates are
doing their very best to chip away at his lead. You know, back in my old
radio days, I use to have consultants telling me, if you want to have the
number one radio station in town, you have to be the most talked about
radio station in town. It`s the oldest formula in the world, Trump is
using it. He`s the most talk about candidate in the field.

And the new angle to all of this is that he is out flanking all of the
other candidates when it comes to the use of social media. I am personally
following Donald Trump because I`m entertained by the guy. He`s
unpredictable, he`s aggressive, and there`s never a dull moment. And can`t
we have just a little bit of fun in politics any more?

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Do you think Trump`s proposal of a border wall is a good idea?"
Go to to cast your vote. I`ll bring you the results
later on in the show. In no way was that an endorsement of Trump. I just
like the entertainment factor.

For more let me bring in Henry Fernandez he`s a Senior Fellow at the Center
for American Progress Fund, also with us tonight Heidi Harris, host of the
Heidi Harris Radio Show. Heidi, you first. You know what it is, you want
the number one radio station in town, you got to be the most talked about
radio station in town. Donald Trump has taken a page that`s been used for
years in people`s playbooks, is it going to work for the long hall?

work for the long haul, but it certainly working now isn`t it. And
consider we`ve got a year to go. It is nice to be entertained early. I do
want to mention this thing about the wall though. When you think about the
wall, there are two lakes on the border between Mexico and the United
States, as you well know. Where are you going to put the wall, in the
middle of the lake? Where are you going to put the wall? Are you going to
put the wall on our side of the Rio Grande, so all of the livestock, all of
the wild live that survives by drinking out of the Rio Grande well all die?
I mean, I`m tired of hearing about a wall. It`s not practical. It`s not
going to happening.

SCHULTZ: Henry. What do you think the union reverse course on Donald
Trump. It doesn`t look good on all fronts.

union has had an interesting history with regard to working closely with
anti-immigrant groups. So this is actually a very odd situation, I was
very surprised that they backed off. I think Rick Perry`s in a very
interesting position. He has probably grandstanded on the border issues,
more than anyone. So for him to be calling out Donald Trump is really odd.
And let`s remember, it was Rick Perry who kind of started this lie around
the border in Texas, when he sent National Guard troops to the border to
address a surge of children who are fleeing violence from places like
Honduras. And he sent the troops there, they showed up months late, the
problem had largely subsided but he got his press conference. He`s been
working very hard to push this lie. Donald Trump has usurped it, and now
he`s upset.

SCHULTZ: Heidi, why do you think the union pulled out. Why did they
reverse course on Donald Trump, when he is the candidate that brought forth
their issue.

HARRIS: I think the same thing you said, I think the higher ups told them
their not to do it, which I think it`s wrong. Because all they`re going to
do is escort them around. And him see what they`re actually dealing with.
What`s anybody afraid of? Let the guy take a look at it, I don`t see why
anybody would want to do that. I love the same things in daylight.

SCHULTZ: Are you surprised that Trump is basically, well, he is leading in
all the national polls right now, but why, Heidi? Why is Trump out there?
Do the American people or should I say the Republicans that are being
polled agree with him on immigration issues? Are they that radical and
this is just a scab being ripped off?

HARRIS: Well, I think he`s sucking out all the air, right in the press.
Nobody is talking about Jeb Bush these days they all talking about Donald
Trump because he`s got a lot of P.T. Barnum in him. But I`ll tell you
something. If he wants to be serious about the border, he needs to know
who El Chapo is. And when they asked him that in the press conference, he
couldn`t bear hear it. He didn`t know who that was. Whether reporter
asking him it`s kind of an issue, don`t you think, Donald? So that was a

SCHULTZ: All right. Henry. What about this. Why is he polling so well?
Is he ripped the scab off the Republicans in a sense?


SCHULTZ: Do they agree with him on immigration? Is that where it is?

FERNANDEZ: I think you`d hit something here Ed. This is a lie that`s been
told to Republican voters for some time, by people like Rick Perry. Even
John McCain had that ad when he was running for office. Build the damage
fence. It`s a lie, though. In face over the last eight years, we have a
million fewer undocumented immigrants in the country. More undocumented
immigrants are leaving the country than are coming. The Pew Research
Center which is kind of the touchstone organization that looks at issues of
immigration the country has recently indicated that we now have fewer
undocumented Mexicans coming to the country than any time since 1970. This
is a lie, and now that they told that lie, they`re now surprised that
Donald Trump has been able to really take the lead by talking about exactly
what they`ve been talking about now for years. So I`m not surprised that
he`s leading, because other Republican leaders told this lie first, and he
is now the beneficiary of it.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Heidi.

HARRIS: What`s the lie? What`s the lie? There are people who are coming
to our country illegal who are committing crimes. There are many that are
not committing crimes other than being here illegally. But there are tons
of illegals who are committing crimes. Ask Katie Steinle`s family how she
feels about that, that`s not a lie.


HARRIS: That`s a truth.

FERNANDEZ: Well look, first of, I think what we have to be honest about
here is the actual numbers of people who are coming across the border, and
that number is very small at this point. Barack Obama has deported more
people than any president in the history of the United States.

So, clearly what`s happened is, we have a lot of stability at the border
now, the lie is continuing to say that we have an unsecure border. Do we
have to address those people who are criminals who have engaged in criminal
activity? Make sure they`re in prison, make sure they`re deported, of
course we do. The lie is saying that there`s a problem at the border
around border security when we spend at this point more on immigration
enforcement, some $18 billion than we do on all federal law enforcement
combined. So this is a problem that`s largely been resolved. The lie is
continuing to say that it`s a problem when it`s not.

HARRIS: That`s ridiculous. There are going to be people dying in the
desert all summer long who are going to tell you you`re wrong. The boarder
is not secure. People are dying trying to get here, which is unfair to
them. Because we lie to tell them you get here your all safe. That`s lie
to those poor people.

SCHULTZ: Well, let me put this way. Heidi, do you think?

FERNANDEZ: That`s why we need comprehensive immigration reform to resolve
that issue.


FERNANDEZ: So can people can come legally.

HARRIS: Yeah. Let everybody in. Yeah, your version is let everyone come
in. That`s comprehended.

FERNANDEZ: Yeah, that`s exactly what I said, Heidi, very clearly.

SCHULTZ: Heidi, do you think Trump is overselling the issue, I mean, if
you look at the numbers. There is a 57 percent drop over the last -- I
think I read 12 years.

FERNANDEZ: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: You know, when you look at the window from 2003 to 2007. Excuse
me, and then the window from 2009 to 2012. There`s a 57 percent drop in
the number of folks coming across the border. I mean, so it sounds like
Trump is over selling this.

FERNANDEZ: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: You don`t buy that?

HARRIS: Well, I think it`s not the only thing he`s talking about, but I
think it`s touched a nerve with a lot of people, and, of course, as you
know, with Kate Steinle being murdered by an illegal who had been deported
numerous times. If our border is so secure, how did this guy get back in
the country? That`s a lie. You`re talking about lie. That`s a lie that
league (ph) is pushing.

SCHULTZ: Well, I don`t think anybody`s saying that there`s a lie in the
number numbers. I mean, if you got a 57 percent increase in pay, you would
think that`s a good thing. If you had a 57 percent decrease in pay, you
would be upset about it. I mean, this is from the University of Texas at
Austin did this study, and also the University of New Hampshire. I

HARRIS: But it doesn`t matter.

SCHULTZ: ... either they`re coming across in droves or they`re not. The
fact is, that the Obama administration has four-fold the resources on the
border since the last administration when it comes to technology, when it
comes to manpower, an overtime and fences that have already been put up.
So I just wonder how the conservatives are going to grab on to this and
support Trump`s argument. If there`s reduction in numbers, I mean, is he
overselling this?

FERNANDEZ: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: That`s the question.

HARRIS: I don`t think he is, but it doesn`t matter what the numbers are,
if one person gets into the country, in and out, in and out, in and out and
kills your daughter, that`s one too many.


HARRIS: Ask the family members who were testifying this week in Congress
about illegals who killed their children. Ask them if they think not
enough people are coming across the border any more. It`s all nice and
secure. Not to those families is not.

SCHULTZ: OK, would there -- I guess we could come to the conclusion there
might be more murders if the Obama administration had done what the last
folks had done. I guess we could speculate on that.

HARRIS: Well, I`m not going to (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Henry Fernandez, Heidi Harris. All right, I appreciate your time
tonight, thanks so much.

Remember to answer tonight`s question at We`ll have
the results after the break. Follow us on Facebook, like me on Facebook,
appreciate that. You can watch my feature "Give a minute" and you can get
my video Podcast at

Coming up, Donald Trump could turn the election into a three-ring circus.
We`ll look what a third party candidate would mean to the race in 2016.

And later the fight for $15 continues. We`ll look at the progress being
made across the country to raise the minimum wage.

Stay with us. We`re right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers are pouring in. Here`s where we stand on
tonight`s Bing Pulse poll. Tonight`s question "Do you think Trump`s
proposal of a border wall is a good idea? Only 28 percent think they`re
going to stand there with the Donald on this one. 72 percent, big
majority, no. Keep on voting throughout the hour at

And we`re coming right back on the Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: And we`re back on the Ed Show. Thanks for watching. Well, I
guess this is what really keeps Republicans awake at night tossing and
turning. What if Donald Trump runs on a third party ticket? If Trump runs
as an independent, I mean, can we come to the conclusion it was almost
guaranteeing a Democrat in the White House.

Earlier today Donald Trump threatened the RNC with a third party run. He
told the hill "The RNC has not been supportive. They were always
supportive when I was a contributor. I was their fair haired boy. The RNC
has been I think very foolish." When asked if he would run as a third
party candidate, Trump said I`ll have to see how I`m being treated by the
Republicans. Absolutely, if they`re not fair, that would be a factor.

Earlier today, Trump backtracked on this threat.


TRUMP: Look, I`m a Republican, I`m a conservative, I`m running, I`m in
first place by a lot, it seems. According to all the polls, I want to run
as a Republican. I think I`ll get the nomination. We`ll see soon enough,
but I think I`ll get the nomination the best way to win is for me to get
the nomination. And run probably against Hillary. Hillary is the worst --
look easily she`s the worst secretary of state in the history of our
country. She is going to be beaten and I`m the one to beat him.


SCHULTZ: He wants to get the nomination, but he didn`t answer the question
if he would run as a third party candidate.

For me let me bring in David Corn Washington Bureau of Chief, Mother Jones
and MSNBC Political Analyst, and also with us tonight Lanny Davis former
White House counsel, and Vice President at Levick. Gentlemen, great to
have you with us tonight. Lanny, you first, you`re sleeping very good the
more publicity the Donald Trump gets, aren`t you? I mean, this is really -
- music to your ears as you go to sleep at night as opposed to the
Republicans, isn`t it?

LANNY DAVIS, VICE PRESIDENT LEVICK: I`ve actually been very, very busy, in
fact I`m on my way right after this appearance to the latest meeting of
Democrats for Trump. And we`re organizing to him help them in.

You know, he didn`t really back away in that interview. No, he didn`t
answer the question. But he didn`t say "No, I won`t, it was a threat."
And all I can say is, while there`s some humor involved, this man is a
despicable repulsive hater who should not be ahead in the polls, and it
says a lot about the Republican Party base or people who are so far out
that they don`t join me in those words, because that`s what this man is.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. David Corn, I was astounded that two sitting United States
senators would respond with videos to Donald Trump specially Lindsey
Graham. I mean, that to me underscores that this guy is a treat. He`s a
force and a force to be reckoned with politically. How terrified are the
Republicans and how serious is this threat of possibly a third candidate.
If he doesn`t get the respect he wants? What do make of it all?

DAVID CORN, MOTHER JONES: Listen, Donald Trump has shown that he can stay
in this race as nominee or is not as nominee for as long as he cares to.
He doesn`t need to spend money on ads, he gets all the free media he could
ask for he doesn`t need to have a big operation, he has his own plane. You
know, he`s financial disclosure for him a lot showed that he has a lot of
cash on hand if he needs to, or stocks that he can turn into cash.

So, this guy can very quickly move from the Republican nomination contest
to not a third party. We call it an independent run. And it`s not too
difficult to get on the ballot in most states if you do it with the right
amount of time. So I do think -- it`s obvious. And this is why Lanny has
formed Democrats for Trump. That if he runs he certainly drives more from
the Republicans. We heard the Republican nominee might be and if look at
states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia swing states. Where we anticipate a
close match between any Democrat any Republican. This could be the
determining distinction in the results.


CORN: So it puts the Republicans in a very obvious bind. They get him too
mad and he takes his ball and goes on an independent run. If they treat
him too well, he taints the party with his rhetoric and positions on
immigration reform and other things.

SCHULTZ: I mean, Lanny Davis, isn`t Donald Trump just say you better
respect me or there`s going to be big trouble ahead? Isn`t that really
what the message is, and he`s not going to pay attention to anybody except
the people who are following him?

DAVIS: You know, that`s what he`s saying and there`s a significant group
of Republican according to the polls who`re saying to pollsters I am for
him, but I would wonder if you really interviewed them. Are you for him
just to make a statement on this particular immigration issue? Or do you
really think you want him as your president? And that`s a big difference,
so even as a third party candidate. Ralph Nader got 3, 4, 5 percent in
some states that made the difference with the election of George W. Bush
versus Al Gore. So he can pick up a handful of present in (inaudible)

I`m going to say something pretty historic today. I agree with David Corn.

CORN: Oh no.

DAVIS: I haven`t said that very often on -- I`ve just ruined David said.

CORN: I`m getting out here Ed.

SCHULTZ: Won`t happen.

CORN: But the thing is do think the important thing about Donald Trump is
that he speaking for a pretty large significant, you know, blocks of
grassroots Republican voters.

SCHULTZ: I think he is too.

CORN: I don`t think it`s just an immigration firm so I will mildly
disagree with Lanny on this. I think, you know, there are one out five,
one of four Republican voters who just want a inventor (ph) in chief.
Neither are the same people who thought that Obama was a secret socialist
Muslim who wanted to destroy the country. They hate (inaudible) for
immigration two for Spanish. They`re fed up and they want a guy, even if
they don`t agree with everything he says. Who`s going to speak with anger,
passion to reflect their own anger and passion and that`s what he`s
captured and it shows how far to the right the Tea Party has gone and
dragged the Republican party with it, the party has exploited those voters
to win back the House in the Senate. But now they have to live with them.

DAVIS: Just a quick point.

SCHULTZ: Lanny Davis, I got to ask you.

DAVIS: All right.

SCHULTZ: There`s Quinnipiac poll out that show at voters in Iowa, Virginia
and also Colorado are struggling with trusting Hillary Clinton. How bad is
this for her if it is at all? Is it a worry for the campaign? Your take.

DAVIS: Well, it`s certainly a worry that we see results about personal
characteristics like trust. And I find that not surprising consistent with
the number in last several months, where she`s been subject to a lot of
criticism on a number of issues in the national media, it not just the
right-wing conspiracy.

But on the key issues of qualities to be president, on strong leadership,
on fighting back when she`s down, all of the polls show that she has strong
leadership numbers and in the general election.


DAVIS: She`s still going to be very strong against what will be I think a
strong candidate if it turns out to be Jeb Bush. And by the way, I just
wanted to say there`s a sister soldier moment created here by Donald Trump.
Every Republican and Rick Perry looks awfully good, now standing up to him.
And I think Jeb Bush was the first. Every time that happens, it positions
a Republican as standing up to the base on something as crazy as Trump and
helps them in the general election.

SCHULTZ: All right. Lanny Davis and David Corn. Gentlemen, great to ask
you with us tonight. I appreciate your time.

DAVIS: Thanks you.

CORN: Sure, thank you.

SCHULTZ: Still ahead, fast food workers make their voices heard to the
minimum wage debate. Rapid Response panel weighs in just on how these
protests are really paying off.

And next, lion eyes. Milwaukee residents are on the lookout for a
ferocious feline? We`ll have an update on the search.

Stay with us. We`re back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight. Now
just imagine what this would sound like. You`re a guy, it`s early in the
morning, you`re taking a shower, and your wife yells out to you, from the
bedroom, honey, there`s a lion in the backyard. I guess it`s no laughing
matter, but this is the situation. People in Milwaukee are on the lookout
for what might be a mountain lion on the loose.

Earlier this week a woman capture video of an animal with her cellphone.
Now authorities are scrambling to find the creature. Residents obviously
are on edge.

NBC`s Craig Melvin has the latest.


CRAIG MELVIN, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Look closely, could it be a lion
hanging out in downtown Milwaukee? Kelly Brooks didn`t see one (inaudible)
in his backyard Monday morning. But he did see his neighbor`s video.

KELLY BROOKS, MILWAUKEE RESIDENT: Well and I was like oh no this is a real
lion. When I saw lion and something really could have happens to me. City
officials received more than 2 dozen 911 calls from folks around northern
Milwaukee claiming to see a lion.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s not definitely, not a regular, you know, a dog
with mange or a house cat, it`s definitely much larger.

MELVIN: Wildlife official examined several paw prints like this and
conceded it`s likely a mountain lion. Possibly a Cougar, but how did it
get here?

When the locals zoo announce all it`s wildcats were presents and accounted
for, officials concluded it probably follow the river for food and was just
passing through. Little comfort.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I couldn`t run fast enough. I don`t know what I`d do.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just catch him. Caught him so everybody is safe now.

MELVIN: The sightings, sparks (inaudible) on social media. The cat with
its own twitter account. photoshop in pictures exploring Milwaukee even
with a cheese head, wild animals wandering city streets is unusual, but not
unprecedented. Last year, this lion was spotted in the suburbs of Los
Angeles. While many are having fun with the idea of a lion on the loose in
Milwaukee, animal expert says "We shouldn`t be all that surprise."

animals have no where to go. All the good available habitat and
territories are already take up by the existing population.

MELVIN: As the search continues, people here hope the animal realizes it
belongs in the wild. Not downtown Milwaukee.

If the lion had been outside, when you had come out, what would you have
done? Be honest. You would have run back inside?

BROOKS: I would have run back inside. Yes. I would have run back inside.


SCHULTZ: NBC`s Craig Melvin with the story tonight.

Still to come here on the Ed Show, the Rapid Response panel on the fight
for living wage.

And later, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas goes biblical with his opposition
to the Iranian nuclear deal.

We`ll have the detail coming up. Stay with us.


MANDY DRURY, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Mandy Drury with your CBNC Market

Well earnings disappointments weigh in on stock again with DOW dropping by
119 points, the S&P falling 12 while the NASDAQ off by 25 points.

But the story this afternoon after hours a stunning beat by, the
company posting of profit of $0.19 a share when a lost was expected. The
stock has been up more than 17 percent in extended hours or about $85 a
share. And I believe is now an old time high.

Starbuck (inaudible) also out with better than expected earning now for the
closing bill. Share of about 5 percent.

That`d it from CNBC, we are first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Well, it looks like a lot of
workers are going to be getting a raise. The living wage battle for fast
food employees has paid off in the state of New York. A panel appointed by
Governor Andrew Cuomo said "Workers should get $15 an hour. New York has
the fourth largest fast food workforce in this country. The panel said
"Taxpayers were subsidizing the workforce with food stamps and welfare
between benefits. It`s time for corporation to pay their fare share. Los
Angeles County plans to increase their minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Janet Napolitano President of the University of California system said
"U.C. is joining in." She says "The whole country should be moving in this
direction." In Washington, D.C., the $15 an hour battle is now moving to
the voting booth. City officials approved an initiative to put it on the
ballot in 2016. Members of the congressional progressive caucus unveiled
the bill the raise the wage nationally.

Eleanor Holmes Norton says labor needs to keep up the momentum.


started the way, the only way to get this 15 and the next 15 is to form
yourself into a union.


SCHULTZ: The country is watching for labor`s next move, and of course,
candidates who want to be the next commander in chief.

Joining me tonight on a Rapid Response panel Michael Eric Dyson Professor
of Georgetown University and MSNBC Political Analyst, also with us tonight,
Joel Berg, Executive Director of the New York City coalition against
hunger. Dr. Dyson, you first tonight, we have touched quite a bit on this
income inequality issue. What does this mean that state by state
community, county by county, we are seeing a shift? What does this mean to
lower income families and will it have a real impact?

lifeline, Ed. You know, people have deserve to live decently, they work
hard, they work sometimes 40, 50, 60 hours a week and still can`t make the
poverty level or barely above it. So this boost in income is significant.
It allows them child care, it allow them some flexibility in terms of work
hours, especially as divvy up between a husband and wife or partners.

And it`s means that the quality of their lives will be in hand. They can
buy better groceries, they can have, you know, more gas for the car, so to
speak, and it makes the quality of life overall a better thing. And the
union`s strength here is to protect the workers. As that report indicated
if they are on the doll not because they`re lazy, but because they don`t
have any other means to facilitate their economic upward mobility, this is
a tremendous thing, and corporations and other employers ought to pay their
fair share when it comes to the American worker.

SCHULTZ: Joel Berg, what does this do to say like food pantries, to the
food stamp program? Would this lessen the burden socially do you think?

attended one of Governor Cuomo`s wage board hearings and worker after
worker, after worker testified that because they don`t have enough money
they simply don`t have enough money to feed their families. Now if the
McDonald`s of the world whine they can`t somehow afford even though their
executive makes millions to pay their workers enough to feed their
families, but I say trade in their golden arches for some bronze arches and
use the saving s to feed their families.

SCHULTZ: Well, it`s not a whole heck of a lot money let say in New York
City it`s just over $31,000 a year. So it`s not exactly as if they`re
going to be jumping right into the middle class. And if you look at the
profits of the fast food industry? That`s the gross elements to all of
these Mr. Dyson. We are talking about an industry that makes billions and
yet the people who where there doing the work are the minions who can`t
feed their families and end up being a social liability.

DYSON: That`s a great point.

SCHULTZ: So, you know, this has taken a movement, what does it say about
other issues? For instance, Scott Walker who wants to be president of the
United States removed the words living wage from Wisconsin`s budget. How
can he expect to win the presidency, when the country is moving in one
direction, and he`s going somewhere else? Your thoughts.

DYSON: He can`t. And workers and the other American citizen have to make
him pay for that kind of lapse. And that kind of legion (ph)

The reality is this that the vast majority of the people in this country
are those who have to depend upon this minimum wage. They are the ones who
are -- as you already indicated making these businesses go, and as my
colleague brother Berg here said, that if they cry poverty themselves, when
we know that their dividends are extraordinary, that the ability to make
money rests upon the backs and labor and the hands of these people who were
working for every day, shame on them. And we all shame every politician in
this race.

This is why again Bernie Sanders emphasis upon economic inequality and
social in justice and a vastly more just distribution of wealth is
extremely important, he shouldn`t be the only one holding up that banner,
we should press this for every candidate that`s in this race to become
president for the United States of America.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Berg, is this going to be a political issue in 16? I mean,
if this takes hold and you see real progress being made in pockets of the
country where the minimum wage is going to $15, how much is that going to
help Senator Sanders? And I believe was Representative Grijalva who
brought this forward nationally.

BERG: I think it will help any elected official who stands behind the
basic proposition, as Bill Clinton use to say "If you work hard and play by
the rules, you shouldn`t be poor." And I challenge my friends who`re
conservatives, if you say you`re against safety net programs that lift
people out of hunger, then for goodness sakes, support increases in wages
like Governor Cuomo courageously pushed through, so that families don`t
need to rely on these benefits if they`re working full time.

SCHULTZ: You know, I don`t know what this is going to do to union
membership, but it certainly is a recognition that if workers stand
together good things can happen. What about that Dr. Dyson?

DYSON: Absolutely right. As a former member of UAW myself, I saw its
benefits not only in my family but in the lives of millions of other
people. And though labor has taken a bad wrap, and people have demonized
it specially our conservative brother and sisters without the presence of a
strong union, the benefits of hard work will not be protected.

And as Bill Clinton, as Barack Obama and as any other president worth his
or her salt has indicated, if you work hard and invest in, you know, the
work that you do, you should derive a living wage from that work. What
sense does it make to demoralize the American citizens who do most of the
work. The quality of life will go up, and therefore the quality of work
will go up. Strong unions mean strong citizens which mean a strong

SCHULTZ: All right. Gentlemen, great to have you with us tonight Joel
Berg and also Michael Eric Dyson. Thanks for your time on this vital
issue. If we`re going to address income inequality in this country. This
is a great start.

Still to come, thousands protest the proposed Iranian nuclear deal as John
Kerry Secretary of state continues to sell the deal on Capitol Hill. We`ll
have details coming up. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And the numbers have been rolling in all night. Here are the
results of tonight`s Bing Pulse poll. Tonight`s question "Do you think
Trump`s proposal of a border wall is a good idea? (inaudible), 44 percent,
it was like 26 percent. It`s jumped up. 44 percent of you say "Yes", 56
percent of you Say "No". Keep voting to the end of the hour at

We`re coming right back.


SCHULTZ: And in tonight`s Two-Minute Drill, training day, NFL teams are
reporting to training camps this week. Quarterback Tom Brady of the New
England Patriots is going to be allowed to join the Patriots for training
camp. But whether he`s going to be on the field opening night remains to
be seen. Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to rule on the quarterback
four game suspension. NFL preseason kicks off with the Hall of Fame game
between the Steelers and the Vikings on August 9th.

And a shocking soccer loss for the United States. The U.S. men`s team was
the favorite in the semifinal match up against Jamaica at the CONCACAF Gold
Cup in Atlanta, Georgia. The two to one lost was America`s first loss to a
Caribbean team on their home turf since 1968. The U.S. will face Panama in
the third place game Saturday. And, of course, Jamaica and Mexico will
play on the championship game on Sunday.

Stick around. Lots more coming up on the Ed Show. We`re right back.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you back with us. And finally tonight the Iranian
nuclear fight is reaching biblical proportions.

Earlier today Republican Senator Tom Cotton made a fiery reference when
talking about John Kerry`s handling of the negotiations.


SEN. TOM COTTON, (R) ARKANSAS: This may have been a firm line that Iran
would not draw, and the United States negotiating team simply was refusing
to draw their own line or to walk away from the deal. So John Kerry acted
like Pontius Pilate, he washed his hands, kicked it to the IAEA, knowing
Congress would not get this information unless someone went out to find it.


SCHULTZ: This morning Secretary State Kerry went before the Senate foreign
relation committee to make his case for the deal. Overnight, New York
City, thousands jammed into Times Square asking Congress to drop it.
Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio says the next president will
undo the deal.


SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R) FLORIDA: This is a deal whose survival is not
guaranteed beyond the term of the current president. And by the way, I
personally hope that the next president is someone who will remove the
national security waiver and reimpose the Congressional sanctions that were
passed by Congress because this deal is fundamentally and irreparably
flawed. I believe it weakens our national security and makes the world a
more dangerous place.

JOHN KERRY, SECRETARY OF STATE: I am confident that next president of the
United States will have enough common sense that if this is being applied
properly, if it is being implemented fully, they not just going arbitrarily
end it.


SCHULTZ: Secretary Kerry also said if Congress rejected this deal, the
opportunity to negotiate would not come along again.


KERRY: We don`t lose anything here. The way we lose is by rejecting the

If you think the ayatollah`s going to come back and negotiate again with an
American, that`s fantasy.


SCHULTZ: Congress is now in that 60-day period to review the deal. We`re
just a few days into it. President Obama has said he would veto a bill
rejecting this deal.

I`m joined once again by David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief for Mother
Jones, and MSNBC Political Analyst. If there is no deal, David, where does
this take us? I mean, the Republicans act as if he can just trash this
deal, be done with it and start all over again and put this sanction grim
on the Iranians and we don`t have anything to worry about when it comes to
them possibly a nuclear power, which could walk us into war. Some experts
have said this. Where is this on Capitol Hill with the Republicans?

CORN: The big conceptual difference here, are divide, is that Republicans
are acting as if the United States has the ability to, on its own, to
dictate the terms of a deal and force it and punish Iran if there is no
deal. Now, that`s really in reality not true. The last time we thought
that we could go into the Middle East on our own, essentially unilaterally.
We had the Brits with us but not too many others and change the reality in
the region.

Well, it didn`t work out according to the plan. The same people who
advised that are now they`re saying that we could do it again. Well, if
you jettison this deal, as John Kerry said not only do the Iranians not
come back to the table but perhaps more important, the Russians, the
Chinese and our European allies don`t come back to the table. And without
their participation in the sanction regime, there is not enough clout on
the U.S. side to force Iran to a deal.

We already have sanctions in place unilaterally, U.S. sanctions that will
continue, because they`re for other reasons than the nuclear program. That
are not affected by this deal. So coming back and saying we`ll go back to
more U.S. Sanctions will not be enough of a stick to get Iran to give us
what they claim will be a better deal. So they`re left with no deal


CORN: Iran free to do what it wants with its nuclear program.

SCHULTZ: What about the credibility of who is doing the talking? Who is
Tom Cotton? I mean, I look at John Kerry. This secretary of state has
been around foreign relations for almost 40 years of his life.

CORN: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Tom Cotton was in elementary school when John Kerry was dealing
with foreign relations issues.

CORN: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: Is this guy -- is this the anointed critiquer of the Republican
Party on this deal? He seems to be getting more pub.

CORN: Yeah.

SCHULTZ: And he`s out there more than anybody else and now he is invoking
some religious connotations to his conversation and criticism in all of

CORN: Well, I think the only reason he didn`t go full out on John Kerry is
that they`re waiting to call Barack Obama Judas. Right?


CORN: Because, after Pontius Pilate, what do you have left? I guess
there`s Satan as well. So maybe their holding that back in reserve. I
mean Tom cotton. Regardless of his youthful, you know, looks and lack of
experience, is really the front man in a lot of ways for the neocon...


CORN: Conservative wing of the Republican Party. The same people who told
us again and again that Iraq would be a cake walk would lead to democracy
throughout the region and who have yet to apologize for not finding WMDs
and for killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and tens of thousands,
several thousands Americans and injuring tens of thousands of G.I.s. So I
mean, they have no credibility on this front. But yet there is Tom Cotton
popping off and he`s going to continue to. And Marco Rubio is doing the
same. And you have Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Republicans are pretty
united on this front.

SCHULTZ: You have got some folks who`re running for the presidency, who`re
on the Senate foreign relations committee. You got Rubio, you go Graham,
how many of presidential politics and positioning is in all of this
rhetoric that we`re hearing against the deal?

CORN: Well, I mean, Republicans, you know, don`t want to give Obama credit
for anything. Because essentially, if you`re running for president,
because they know that about a quarter, if not more of the Republican base,
believes Obama, you know, they said earlier a secret Muslim socialist who
wants to destroy America. And so, you know, of course a guy like that is
not going make a good deal with Iran. In fact he will use it for his
agenda to destroy the country.

So, you know, there is no way that they can be fair, reasonable, let alone
support this deal and still have a chance at winning the Republican
nomination. So that`s part of the dynamic here. But generally, you know,
the hawks out there with the exception of Rand Paul who is not a hawk, are
going to just pound away and, you know, not have a reasonable debate.

SCHULTZ: So your take on, your gut feeling on whether the president and
vice president win this tug-of-war on Capitol Hill.

CORN: Well, I think the Republicans will succeed in voting against this.
But I doubt at the end of the day, it`s going to be a veto proof majority.
So the deal will go through. And John Kerry said something very smart.
You know, by the time the next president comes along, the year and a half
down the road, at that point, he or she should have evidence to indicate
whether this deal is working or not. And intelligence that indicates
whether it is working or not and then can make a reasoned decision. For
anybody out there to say now that I will pull the plug on this, you know,
on January 21, 2017, strikes me as being just, you know, irresponsible
political talk.

SCHULTZ: Mother Jones Bureau Chief in Washington, David Corn with us
tonight here on the Ed Show. Thanks David. Appreciate it.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with the Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.


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