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Date: August 19, 2015
Guest: Robert Costa, Kellyanne Conway



TRUMP: ... a disgrace, what happened in San Francisco and other places,
sanctuary cities should be defunded and should be just gotten rid of.
Sanctuary cities are a disgrace.

Go ahead.


TRUMP: We`ll talk about that. Go ahead.


TRUMP: Well, somebody wrote an article that I was a whiner, that I
complained. And I said, you know, he`s actually right. I do complain.
Because our country is in trouble. We`re run by people that either are not
smart, perhaps they`re incompetent, perhaps they have a bad agenda, which I
actually don`t believe. I think they`re just not very good at what they
do. I think they`re incompetent.

And he said I`m a whiner, I`m a complainer. And I am. I`m complainer. I
said, I complain and I complain and I whine and I whine until I win. And
then I win.

And I will win for the American people. We`re going to have great trade
deals. We`re going to have a strong military. We`re going to take care of
our vets. We`re going to take care of this country. We`re going to get
rid of "Obama care" and come up with something that will be spectacular,
that will be better for people.

Look what`s happening with the premiums on "Obama care." They`re going
through -- look at -- I mean, take a look at what`s going on with the
premiums. They`re going through the roof, up 40 percent, 45, 50 percent.
We will make our country great again.

All right, maybe one more question.


TRUMP: I`ll give you two more. Say it again?


TRUMP: Jeb Bush is a low-energy person. For him to get things done is
hard. He`s very low energy. Go ahead.


TRUMP: Yes. You know what we spend on illegal immigration right now?
We`re spending $130 billion a year! So if we can spend a similar amount
and not have the problem, it would be phenomenal. That`s a good deal.
It`s a one-year payback. You know, not that I`m looking at that, but we do
need it.

Hey, we are losing as a country on a yearly basis billions and billions --
beyond anybody -- they can`t even believe it. You look at our trade deals.
You look at what we`re talking about illegal immigration. We have to
straighten things out. And we will.

But you know, a lot of people are saying that, the plan -- building the
wall is something that has to happen. It`s not expensive. Won`t be
expensive. The reason it looks expensive is because you have people
working on it that don`t know what they`re doing. It`s not expensive. And
that wall will save us.

But you know, the one thing I have to get, before we leave -- I want people
to come into the country. I want them to come in legally. And I want
really talented people also to come into the -- great workers, great
talent. I want a lot of people to come into the country, but they have to
come in legally.


TRUMP: I love that question! What a good guy. Who are you? I love you!
This is a great guy. Why can`t you ask me a question like that?

Look, we are crossing -- you know, it`s very interesting. North Carolina
just came out, a poll just came out, Public Policy Polling. And I`m
leading in North Carolina by a lot. And I`m leading against Hillary
Clinton by a lot. A very important place, and very important state and a
great state.

And a lot of things -- and they went over the numbers, and so did many of
the other polling companies. And I draw from Democrats and I draw from
conservatives and Tea Party. I draw from everybody. And people are a
little surprised -- straight across the board.

But we draw more than anybody else from the Democrats, and that`s good.
You know, ultimately, we`re going to have to do that if we`re going to win.

Go ahead. One question. You look so nice.

QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) all the voters who say they love you but they`d
never vote for you?

TRUMP: I don`t have too many of them. You know (INAUDIBLE) take a look at
the polls.

QUESTION: (INAUDIBLE) favorable, but...

TRUMP: You know what? That`s changing. Excuse me. Say it legitimately.
How much has that changed in the last three or four weeks? And in New
Hampshire, it`s so positive. And in, by the way, Iowa, it`s so positive
because they`ve gotten to know me. I`ve been here a lot and I`ve been to
Iowa a lot and South Carolina a lot, where we have incredible numbers. And
in the places where I go, my favorability is through the roof, including
New Hampshire.

OK, I`m going to have to go. All right, we`ll do one from you, but it`s
always a negative question from -- go ahead. Give me -- can you write --
can you ask a positive question? Let`s see if it`s possible.


TRUMP: Major`s question. What?


TRUMP: If necessary, I would do that, yes. We have to stop ISIS. I
didn`t want to do Iraq. It was a big mistake. It should never have
happened. The way we got out was also a big mistake. We cannot let ISIS
continue to do what they`re doing.


TRUMP: So if necessary, the answer is, yes. OK?


TRUMP: Thank you, everybody.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Good evening. I`m Chris Matthews in Washington.

We`ve been listening, of course, to Donald Trump. He`s wrapped up his
event with reporters and he`s about to hold his first ever town hall event
with New Hampshire voters. This is real politics. We`re going to bring
you that live when it begins.

Joining me right now is Robert Costa, national political reporter with "The
Washington Post." Howard Fineman`s the global editorial director at the
HuffingtonPost. Kellyanne Conway`s a Republican pollster. And Ron Reagan
is an MSNBC contributor. Thank you all. I have a lot of clips to bring
back. It`s good to have you all here.

Let`s go with the straight journalist right now in the beginning, Robert
Costa. Why can`t Hillary Clinton run a press conference like that, the way
he instructs people how to ask him questions, he corrects them, he uses the
gestures. It`s like they`re trained seals out there.

Hillary Clinton gets overrun by them! Who`s right and who`s wrong in
running a press conference?

ROBERT COSTA, "WASHINGTON POST": It`s a huge contrast, and Trump is...

MATTHEWS: Is that the right way to run a -- if somebody else tried talking
to you guys like he does, would they get away with it?

COSTA: I think he gets away with it because he has a comfort with being on
that stage, with being at that podium. He`s a celebrity. He`s been in
front of these cameras for 25, 30 years.

MATTHEWS: But when he tells people to shut up, they shut up!


MATTHEWS: If Hillary Clinton said, Shut up, Ed, he wouldn`t shut up!
Would he?

COSTA: No, and...


REAGAN: ... totally different politicians. Totally different -- the
Republicans are out there...

MATTHEWS: You`re defining the obvious.

COSTA: I know.

MATTHEWS: I`m just asking what -- Howard, you`re the pro here. How does
he get away with just -- he`s like a lion tamer with a chair. He`s
whipping them into action!

ANALYST: Because he knows that everybody out there is hanging on his every
word. He has the confidence, in that, of a master salesman. This is a guy
who`s built his career in New York, which is the toughest media market in
the world.

MATTHEWS: It`s minute by minute.

FINEMAN: And minute by minute. When you`re arguing to build a building,
it`s a constant campaign. He`s run a million campaigns to build buildings
in New York and Las Vegas and elsewhere. He`s a master salesman.

And more than that, he speaks the language of the American people. I`ve
spent a lot of time in New Hampshire fairly recently. Those words about
immigration, about ISIS, about James Foley, who`s a New Hampshirite...

MATTHEWS: Yes. I`m with him -- I`m with him (INAUDIBLE)

FINEMAN: OK. That is straight out of the mouth of your average male New
Hampshirite, females too, but predominantly male New Hampshirites who are
going to be assertive about what they think is the lost greatness of

He just -- he -- he`s...

COSTA: He`s got a little joy.


MATTHEWS: Ron Reagan, it`s great to have you back, my buddy. But I just -
- a couple of things here that seemed like nuance, but they work with this
character. He talks American English. He says "chokes." He said W --
what`s his Jeb is choking. He talks about his -- who`d he say -- he said
Mitt Romney chokes. These other candidates don`t even know American idiom!
They wouldn`t even say the word "choke," and yet that`s the way we talk.
Your thoughts?

I know this isn`t as important as what your -- the policy questions, but
there`s something in the style here that Hillary ought to learn from the
style, just (INAUDIBLE)

RON REAGAN, MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, it`s all style. Let`s face it,
he`s actually kind of fun to watch. And he`s very loose. He revels in the

And frankly, in my opinion, at least, he`s got nothing to lose. Donald
Trump, again in my opinion, is not really running for president. I don`t
think he really wants to be president. He`d take it if it came to...

MATTHEWS: What`s he doing?

REAGAN: He`s running for the attention. He`s running to build his brand.

MATTHEWS: How does he get off the stage?


MATTHEWS: How does...


REAGAN: I think he runs as an independent, eventually.

MATTHEWS: OK, but...

REAGAN: If he likes this well enough, he runs as an independent. And
think of the possibilities there...

MATTHEWS: OK, but then if he loses...

REAGAN: ... with Donald Trump running as an independent.

MATTHEWS: If he loses that, if he gets 10 points, that`s -- and he brings
down the Republicans, they`ll hate him for it, like they -- like Democrats
are angry at Ralph Nader still.


REAGAN: But he doesn`t care. He doesn`t care.

MATTHEWS: Well, I think he cares about his image.

REAGAN: What does Donald Trump care whether the Republicans are mad at
him? He doesn`t care.

MATTHEWS: Because -- the brand. The brand.

CONWAY: I think he cares very much.

MATTHEWS: Kelly, your thoughts.

CONWAY: He cares. Yes, my thoughts -- well, you asked a question, Chris -
- hi -- that how is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump different, and what
can she learn from him?

I think, number one, he really enjoys being up there. He enjoys engaging
the press. Hillary Clinton had a press conference yesterday. She looked
like she was going in for a root canal. She was arguing with them. She
seemed indifferent, a little bit arrogant, a little bit sarcastic.

And I also see Trump at that podium as a man with confidence. Mrs. Clinton
used to have -- Secretary Clinton used to have a great deal of confidence
when she was up at a podium. Lately, she`s reading prepared remarks from a
binder and still flubbing her lines.

MATTHEWS: I agree.

CONWAY: She seems like she wants to be somewhere else. You cannot be
joyless and run for president.


MATTHEWS: ... that press conference with a lot of joy yesterday until she
met Ed Henry with his hammer -- his hammerjack (sic), or whatever, and just
kept asking the same question. But it`s a good point. I do (INAUDIBLE) a
difference in quality.

Just moments ago, by the way, to get the facts out here, Donald Trump
continued his aggressive push against "anchor babies," as he called them.
Here he is right now.


TRUMP: There`s a very big question as to the anchor babies. They`ve been
talking about it for years. There`s a very big as to whether or not the
14th Amendment actually covers this. We`re going to find out whether or
not it does.

Changing the 14th Amendment would take years and years. It`s a long,
drawn-out process. A lot of people think that it is absolutely, in terms
of anchor babies, that it is not covered. So we`re going to find out.

Many of the great scholars say that anchor babies are not covered. We`re
going to find out.


MATTHEWS: Let`s define the terms. It`s a crude term. It`s not very
humane, but it`s a term for women and families who come to America, they
manage to get across the border, in these cases illegally. They have a
baby here, but that baby becomes an American by the 14th Amendment, and
that`s the law of the land and that`s the Constitution. And everybody`s
accepted it until now.

Now, as for the practice or whether we like the practice or not or the
politics of it, Trump is exploiting it, I think.

COSTA: He`s exploiting it. And he listened to a reporter asked him about
using the term "anchor baby," he didn`t back away from it. That...

MATTHEWS: What`s another term?

COSTA: You could say the child of an undocumented worker. I mean, there

MATTHEWS: No, he`s talking about the purposeful coming here just to have
the baby and say you have a...

FINEMAN: Robert -- Robert...

MATTHEWS: You have an anchor.

FINEMAN: Robert`s point is that he refuses to speak in the language of
political correctness. He turns opposite way whenever he can. He wants to
use the most -- the most basic...

MATTHEWS: Well, also...


MATTHEWS: ... do it the other way. "Undocumented worker" is not a very
informative term.

FINEMAN: And he insists on saying "illegal."

MATTHEWS: OK, let -- well, I think "illegal alien" is really terrible.


MATTHEWS: Anyway, Donald Trump was asked if he`s gotten under Jeb Bush`s
skin. There`s a pretty tough question from a reporter. Who are you
working for out there? Anyway, here`s what Trump had to say.


TRUMP: Have I gotten under Jeb Bush`s skin? I don`t know. I will tell
you this. You mention the word "skin." He said the other day one of the
dumber things I`ve heard ever in politics, when talking about Iraq, that
we, the United States, he said, have to show them that we have skin in the
game in order to go into Iraq.

We`ve lost $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors, who I love,
all over the place, and he`s talking about we have to show them that we
have skin in the game?

Between Common Core, his "act of love" on immigration, and skin in the game
with Iraq -- that`s the third one that we`ve now added -- I don`t see how
he`s electable.


MATTHEWS: We`ve got Katy Tur joining us now. She`s covering this for

Katy, it just seems to me that he`s made a point. There is a strategy to
this soft of off your -- hot off your feet, like he is here, cleverness and
repartee. He`s going after the leader that he has to knock off in the end.
It`s Jeb Bush. And he`s -- he`s, like, picking a fight with him, saying
how he`s -- "skin in the game," he`s questioning his patriot -- his
nationalism, his sense of grievance about that stupid war in Iraq. He`s
hitting him where he`s weakest, Iraq.

He seems -- what is that about? Because you`ve got a competing press
conference going on right nearby here. Your thoughts? The strategy of
Donald Trump.

KATY TUR, NBC CORRESPONDENT: Well, you know this. You punch -- well, you
punch up. And I think what the campaign...


TUR: ... sees is that Jeb Bush is his biggest threat, his biggest
competitor in this race for the long haul. Jeb Bush might not be doing as
well in the polls. He might not have the same energy and get the same
crowds, but I think it`s telling that he`s singling him out as much as he

He takes every opportunity he can to spar with Jeb Bush. And it`s usually
a one-way spar because Bush is trying to avoid talking about him
completely. He can`t quite because reporters keep asking about him. He`s
tried not to mention him by name, just saying the big personalities in the

He was forced to comment on his immigration plan on Monday. And now today,
even though Bush hasn`t directly commented yet that I`ve seen on Trump
holding a rally here in New Hampshire at the same time as him, just a few
miles away, he is -- he`s getting all the attention.

This is going to be in the news for the next few days. This is the
headline of all the news cycles, Trump and Bush have competing rallies. So
Trump is doing this in a calculated way to get all the attention and to
take the air out of the tires of Jeb Bush.

Even though the air might not be so hot or so inflated at the moment, he`s
taking it for the long run. He`s trying to deflate him for the primaries
for months from now. It`s a long game, Chris.

MATTHEWS: I love your consistent metaphors there, by the way. Let me --
let me go to Ron -- I mean it. I like consistent metaphors.

Ron, it seems to me that the shot at Bush was right to -- almost to his
solar plexus, if not to his groin. He`s unelectable. That is the one
thing Bush has been selling, that he`s electable. It seems to me he`s very
focused -- I think he`s trying to win this nomination fight now.

What do you think, Ron?

REAGAN: Well...

MATTHEWS: With your dad, with your life -- is this the real thing, or is
this a reality TV show? It`s beginning to look like the real thing to me.

REAGAN: Well, it can be both. I mean, he can be treating this as an
opportunity to get attention, but he still likes to win. He doesn`t like
to lose at things. We know that about Donald Trump.

And I think that that shot at Jeb really was -- that was tough stuff. That
may have been his best moment there at the press conference. And it does
hit Jeb where he lives.

And the other big story -- we`ve all been talking about Donald Trump...

MATTHEWS: Well, his brother -- he lives in his brother`s war, is who (ph)
he lives with.

REAGAN: Yes. Exactly. He is. And he hasn`t dealt with it effectively.
But all this time that we`ve been talking about Donald Trump as the big
story -- and that`s legitimate enough, I suppose. The other big story
that`s been happening at the same time is Jeb Bush, the establishment
candidate, the guy who`s been raising all the money, absolutely failing to
gain traction, going down in the polls. The more people see of him, the
less they think of him.

This is the guy that`s supposed to be the winner, and he just doesn`t look
like a savvy politician. He may raise a lot of money, but he doesn`t have
the one thing that money can`t buy, and that`s charisma.

MATTHEWS: Yes. By the way, do you think Phil Griffin, the president of
this network, is calling me right now, saying, Get over to that Jeb press
conference! You`re missing the big story! What`s the matter with you


MATTHEWS: Kellyanne, there`s no -- there`s a reason -- we`re moths to the
-- we`re moths to the flame here, but there`s only one flame. I don`t want
to cover Scott Walker. There`s nothing to these guys! I don`t want to do
Huckabee, Chuckabee, whatever his name is. He`s been around forever with
the same old country boy sermon. It`s yesterday. I don`t want to hear it.

This guy at least is thinking on his feet. He is entertaining.


REAGAN: He`s entertaining, yes.


MATTHEWS: ... Hillary (INAUDIBLE) against him tomorrow night. Just give
me primetime tomorrow night, exhibition match for the...


MATTHEWS: Just do it. Just send...


MATTHEWS: Look at the audience.

CONWAY: It`s great for ratings, Chris. It would be delicious. I just
hope Hillary can hang on long enough to actually be the Democratic nominee.
That`s my hope. But look...

MATTHEWS: The way you put these...


MATTHEWS: That was another knife in the back from you. That was a

CONWAY: Actually...

MATTHEWS: First of all, you don`t hope for the hang-on. You don`t want
her to hang on.


MATTHEWS: You are just putting it to -- oh, you don`t.

CONWAY: I do want her to hang on.


CONWAY: I do, and here`s why. I worry that if she gets pushed out of the
race too early, Chris, then you got Elizabeth Warren stepping in. She`s
got plenty of time to raise the money and -- and take that mantle.

MATTHEWS: You think that`s going to happen?

CONWAY: But let`s get back to the word "electable." This is so important
to a conservative like me...

MATTHEWS: Just before we go off to the...

CONWAY: ... to clear...

MATTHEWS: ... the crazy car again, do you actually think Elizabeth Warren
is eventually going to go into this race?

CONWAY: If Hillary is truly damaged and if she exits on her own, yes.

MATTHEWS: OK, thank you for the "if."


CONWAY: Why not?

MATTHEWS: We`re waiting right now -- no, no. There`s a lot of ifs there.
We`re waiting -- when Hillary Clinton quits this election, we`re going to
shut down this show, OK?


MATTHEWS: We`re waiting now for Donald Trump to hold his first town hall
meeting as a presidential candidate. He`s up in Derry, New Hampshire,
right now. We`re going to wait -- well, we`re going to bring you that when
it happens. And this town meeting`s going to be just as exciting as -- so

Anyway, this is HARDBALL, the place for politics.


MATTHEWS: We`re waiting for Donald Trump`s first town hall as a
presidential candidate. We got a pretty good warm-up right there. Anyway,
he`s in Derry, New Hampshire, just a few miles from where Jeb Bush is
holding his own town hall in Merrimack.

Back with HARDBALL after this.


MATTHEWS: We are waiting for that Donald Trump town hall meeting which is
about to begin.

By the way, the press -- pregame was pretty darn good to start with. Just
a few minutes ago, Trump, as I said, told reporters that the only constant
in this race for president is him. Let`s watch him.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The only thing constant is
Trump. All of them change on the bottom. They`re going up and down like

But I have been up there are if a long time, and I hope I`m going to be up
there for a long time. I read a lot of phony reports. A couple reports
today in the papers say, oh, well, you know, when Donald Trump gets tired
of doing this, he`s doing great, and he`s leading all the polls, but at
some point, he will get -- I`m not going anywhere folks.

I`m not doing this for my health. I`m doing this to make America great


MATTHEWS: We`re back with NBC`s Katy Tur, who is up there in New Hampshire
at the event, "The Washington Post"`s Robert Costa, who is here with me.
Howard Fineman is with The Huffington Post, of course. And Republican
pollster Kellyanne Conway and MSNBC contributor Ron Reagan.

Let me go back to Ron, because I know you have got big thoughts because of
your pre-interview today about this notion that he`s been pushing that he`s
a Reaganite, he`s in the footsteps of your late dad.

What do you make of that, as an expert?

RON REAGAN, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well, you know, everybody who runs as a
Republican wants to be running in the footsteps of my father, and they
mostly say that. They all say that, I think, at one time or another.

I can`t think of a human being on Earth, I think, that is more -- that is
farther from my father than Donald Trump. I mean, I just have to say it.
I think, if my father were here, he`d be amused by Donald Trump. If he
were running against Donald Trump, however, I think he would sort of swat
him aside like a fly.

That`s another thing that`s incredible watching this. Donald Trump, it`s -
- forget about his policies such as they are, because they really don`t
exist. They`re just sort of notions. But look at how he`s moving the
Republican field. Look at how these guys are kowtowing to Donald Trump.

These are people that want to be the commander in chief, the leader of the
free world, who want to go toe to toe with Vladimir Putin, and they can`t
deal with Donald Trump, for God`s sakes. What does that say about the rest
of them?

MATTHEWS: I want to go to Robert on this, Robert Costa.

That`s a brave thought. These guys supposedly thought about running for
president before they announced. They have been in the race for months.
They have thought about the Constitution of the United States, probably.
And they probably understand the 14th Amendment. If you`re born here,
you`re one of us. OK? However it happened, you are.

All of a sudden, Donald Trump says, no, that`s not the way it`s going to
be. It`s not even the way I read the Constitution. I`m starting to talk
like him with the hands. And they say, you`re right, Jindal first. All
the -- every one of them said, without any problem, said, you know what?
All of a sudden, my reading of the U.S. Constitution is your reading. I
don`t have a personal reading anymore.


MATTHEWS: It`s unbelievable, how quick they`re moving. He`s the leader.
That`s the definition of a leader, whether you like him or not.

ROBERT COSTA, "THE WASHINGTON POST": He`s got his foot on their necks in
Iowa. If you`re on the hard right, you`re getting no attention this
summer. You`re under pressure from donors to move.

You`re starting to get nervous and you`re taking cues from Trump. See, we
got to review our campaign. Well, look at Rick Perry. He`s running out of
money. Can`t even pay his staff.


MATTHEWS: Can we show something that -- can we show something now? It`s
from an old movie, "Dr. Strangelove."

And I got to tell you, this is how they remind me. Remember Slim Pickens,
the crazy cowboy guy, who gets on the atom bomb as it`s blowing up the
world? And they climb onto it and they yell, with the cowboy hat, yahoo.
Let`s watch that clip, because this is the way -- can we do this now?


MATTHEWS: Because this is the way these guys have -- like Huckabee and the
rest of them -- have been behaving. They`re climbing onto the bomb. Here
it is. Let`s watch it.



Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!


MATTHEWS: Ron Reagan, why are they jumping on this bomb? Why are they all
jumping on this bomb? Why are they al acting like Slim Pickens riding an
atom bomb to the destruction of their party?

All the Hispanics are paying attention. One thing -- I`m not Hispanic, but
I can tell you, they`re paying attention to this guy, because he`s talking
about them.


MATTHEWS: And he`s saying basically go home. If it`s your grandkid, your
grandpop, your uncle, your aunt, your cousins, somebody who lives next door
to you, get them out of here. It`s pretty gross, and yet he`s doing it to
the Republican Party.


REAGAN: Indeed he is.

And the Republicans are doing it to themselves. Kiss off the Hispanic
vote, which is now about 11 percent of the electorate.

MATTHEWS: I think it`s 13.

REAGAN: That`s no small chunk.

Maybe 13.

MATTHEWS: And it`s growing.

REAGAN: And -- even better. That is no small chunk of the electorate that
the Republicans are essentially writing off once again.

Remember last electoral cycle, the presidential cycle, when they all sat
around afterwards talking about how they had to have outreach to the
Hispanic community? And now they have got a guy, a standard bearer in
Donald Trump who thinks they`re all rapists? Really?

MATTHEWS: But I want to take a break here.

Kellyanne, you`re the expert on polling. Are they not trading general
election votes for Hispanics they have a chance to get still if they have
the right ticket, if they run an Hispanic guy, for example, Cruz or Rubio,
or somebody on the ticket with them, or the guy who`s married to a Mexican?
That`s, of course, W. -- Jeb.

Aren`t they traded away those November next year votes to get early contest
votes this time? Isn`t that the tradeoff they`re making now, to their
infamy perhaps?

KELLYANNE CONWAY, REPUBLICAN POLLSTER: Well, the they, I don`t know who
the they is.


MATTHEWS: OK, Donald Trump and those agreeing with him on birthright --
all -- here it is. As goes Trump goes the Republican...


MATTHEWS: No. Watch this, Kellyanne. Kellyanne, here they are. I want
to show you how many of them are joining on this anti-Hispanic number here.

And here`s the aim course, by the way, in response to Trump`s comments
about restricting birthright citizenship. On Monday, Bobby Jindal agreed
with Trump, saying: "We need to end birthright citizenship for illegal

He wasn`t the only one. Let`s watch.


QUESTION: Do you think that birthright citizenship should be ended?


QUESTION: You should end -- we should end birthright citizenship?

WALKER: Yes, to me, it`s about enforcing the laws in this one country.

BEN CARSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It doesn`t make any sense to me
that people can come in here and have a baby and that baby becomes an
American citizen and allows them to come in. That doesn`t make any sense
at all.

ways of not allowing people who are coming here deliberately here for that
purpose to acquire citizenship, because it`s -- for example, in California,
it`s grown into an industry.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If you have an open border,
you can`t have birthright citizenship. I have sponsored legislation and
co-sponsored legislation in the past to end birthright citizenship.

automatic birthright citizenship to the children of those who are here


MATTHEWS: Kellyanne, doesn`t that hurt your party in the general?

CONWAY: No, not necessarily.

What they`re talking about is not abusing something. Everybody there
pretty much was talking about not abusing something. However, this is an
important issue to Hispanics. However, it`s just like saying all women
care about is abortion and contraception.

Hey, the four guys I`m on with tonight, we can think above the waist also.
We don`t just care about abortion and contraception. It`s important to
women. It`s not the only issue. It`s not "women`s health." Women`s
health is breast cancer and cardiovascular disease and the rest of it. For
Hispanics, immigration is important, but so are a lot of the other issues
that Republicans are giving voice to and Hillary Clinton is running away


Howard, that may all be true, but the issue, if you`re Hispanic, I think
you do think about the issue of the border. I think about the way you`re
talked about on television, especially by leaders of a party.


to Donald Trump, he`s sliding a little bit here on where he started out.



FINEMAN: He started out calling them, you know, drug dealers and criminals
and pimps and so forth. It was raw. It was all-inclusive.

Now he`s saying, well, I want to get rid of the gangs in Chicago. And he`s
saying, I want to get rid of the anchor babies. There`s still 11 million
or 12 million people...

MATTHEWS: The buses aren`t moving.

FINEMAN: ... who he had said originally have to get out.

MATTHEWS: Well, everybody knew where he was headed.


FINEMAN: That`s the underlying thing here. By the way, he`s not dumb
politically. In Iowa, Steve King, the congressman who controls Western
Iowa conservatives, has been on this issue alone for years.

MATTHEWS: And in New Hampshire. Tell me about New Hampshire again.

FINEMAN: Well, New Hampshire, I spent a lot of time up there recently
talking to top figures. They are really obsessed with immigration.

MATTHEWS: They`re with him?

FINEMAN: They`re with him on this issue, including some of the biggest
media people and political people in the state.

MATTHEWS: I think, by the way, calling the guys pimps was probably one of
the -- an upgrade for him. That was a nice term for him, the way he talks.



COSTA: Think about New Hampshire. Howard`s dead right. In New Hampshire,
they are really immigration border hawks. They`re also more center-right
on social issues. Who is center-right on social issues and very much a
border hawk? Donald Trump. That`s got to freak out -- if you`re Jeb Bush
or John Kasich and you think New Hampshire is your place...


MATTHEWS: Well, if immigration is the issue, I don`t see Jeb Bush pulling
it off.

Anyway, just moments ago, Donald Trump went after Mitt Romney. He used an
American parlance term. I think we have learned it in Philly. It`s called
the choke. He said he choked.


TRUMP: He let us down. Mitt Romney let us down.

He should have won that election. He failed. He choked in the end, no
different than a golfer that misses a putt on the 18th hole, no different
than a man who strikes out a baseball player. He let us down. Mitt Romney
should have won that election, and he didn`t. Something happened to him.
And that`s not going to happen to me. Honestly, honestly, I think he


MATTHEWS: Well, Donald Trump`s beginning his town hall meeting right now,
his first as a presidential candidate.

Let`s go live to Derry, New Hampshire. And there he is, Donald Trump.


TRUMP: That is so nice. Thank you, thank you.




TRUMP: You know, and I say it, the silent majority is back.


TRUMP: We really are in a position that we haven`t been in, in a long
time. The people are speaking. It`s an amazing thing. It`s like a
movement. And this is happening and so many other things.

On Friday, I`m going to be in Alabama, and there was going to be 500
people, and the room held about 1,000, and they heard that we were there.
And within about two minutes, that room wasn`t big enough. So they went to
a room that held 2,000 people, and they heard that wasn`t big enough. And
now they went to the convention center, and they heard that wasn`t big
enough. They`re going to end up being 30,000 to 40,000 people in Alabama.


TRUMP: So -- and New Hampshire`s been so amazing. I mean, the
relationship I have developed with so many people even in the room has been
-- they`re incredibly people.

Somebody said -- I left New York and they said, what are they like in New
Hampshire? I said, you know what they`re like? They`re hardworking people
that love the country. That`s what they`re like.


TRUMP: And, you know, right down the road -- thank you.

Right down the road, we have Jeb.


TRUMP: Very small crowd. We have 2,500. You have the best real estate,
by the way. You have the best real estate. There are other rooms. The
overflow rooms all over this building, they have closed-circuit television.
There are people outside with speakers.

So I give you credit. And to the other folks, I have to say, we love you
equally as much, but the next time, you got to get here a little bit
earlier, right? Something like...


TRUMP: But, you know, I look at what`s wrong with even our party, and the
other day -- and I say it very strongly -- I heard that Jeb Bush, that
Marco Rubio, that Governor Walker...


TRUMP: Who? Who? That`s what they`re saying, who?


TRUMP: They are going to spend a huge amount of money on fighting Trump.

And I say, I think that`s OK, because haven`t you sort of heard everything
already? It`s like sort of like getting boring. But they -- Jeb has $114
million. The others have a lot. Hillary has 60. I think Hillary`s in big
trouble, by the way, folks.


TRUMP: So, I heard the other day that the three of them are going to spend
a lot of money on negative ads about me.

So, I think, you know, you can listen, listen.


TRUMP: You`re fired.


TRUMP: But I just heard it. They said they`re going to spend -- I love
these rowdy crowds. Isn`t it great? There`s spirit. There`s spirit.


TRUMP: You know what? I will tell you what. You know what`s happening to
Jeb`s crowd, as you know, right down the street? They`re sleeping.
They`re sleeping now.


TRUMP: But, you know, I saw that Jeb made a statement, and I wrote it
down, because I couldn`t even -- I couldn`t even believe it.

We`re talking about Iraq. OK? Now, we`re in for $2 trillion, thousands of
lives, thousands, great people, great people, wounded warriors, who are the


TRUMP: And we love our wounded warriors. They`re wounded warriors.
They`re great warriors. And they`re all over. We love them. They`re all

And Jeb made the statement about the possibility of going back into Iraq.
He said -- I will give you the exact quote -- "The Iraqis want our help."
We don`t even know if there is an Iraq. Every time a bullet`s fired, they


TRUMP: They leave our Humvees. They drop the equipment. You know, the
enemy has our best equipment. We have the old stuff.


TRUMP: So, he said, the Iraqis want our help. Now, listen to this.

This is after all we have spent. "They want to know that we have skin in
the game."

Can you believe it? After years of fighting, unsuccessfully because of the
way we fight, I mean, we should -- can you believe, skin in the game? And
I thought that was incredibly dumb, as dumb as, on immigration, an act of
love. It`s an act of love, when they come in. It`s an act of love.


TRUMP: Or a belief in Common Core.

And the reason I talk about Jeb is, you know, he was supposed to do well in
New Hampshire. He`s going down like a rock. But how the hell does he do -
- how does he do well? Between Common Core, which he desperately wants --
that means your children, they`re going to be educated by the bureaucrats
in Washington.

I think New Hampshire wants to educate their children locally. Do we agree
with that? Do we agree?


TRUMP: So, our problem is -- what`s that?



TRUMP: Oh, my group. These are my people. These are my people.


TRUMP: I don`t mind if you shout out. Be careful of your language,
because you`re on about live seven live broadcasts tonight.


TRUMP: But, you know, the problem we have is, we don`t -- as a country, we
don`t have victories anymore. We don`t have victories.

When was the last time we had a victory? We make this horrible deal with
Iran, which is a disgrace and, by the way, could be one of the worst deals,
you know, depending on what ultimately happens...


TRUMP: It could be -- it could go down as one of the worst deals in
history, because it`s going to -- in my opinion, you will have nuclear
proliferation all over the Middle East and maybe beyond.

You are going to see things that you have never seen before. You know, the
deal -- not only the 24-day deal, the 24 days -- how about this, you have
24 days? But before the clock starts ticking, it`s a long process before
you get to day one. Nobody knows that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bring our men home, Donald.

TRUMP: Well, bring them home is right. In many ways, bring them home.

But in one way -- and I`m the first one. If you look at July of 2004,
Reuters -- Reuters is here -- they`re all here. They`re all over the
place. Look at these people.


TRUMP: Yes, they`re all over the place.

But if you look at Reuters, July of 2004, you`re going to see Trump say --
and, by the way, before I say it, I believe more strongly in the military
and military strength than anybody running by a factor of a million.


TRUMP: And in the recent big CNN poll that was just -- just came out
yesterday, they said, in terms of the economy and jobs, Trump is like,
forget it, so far ahead, many, many times ahead.

And I was so happy to see, in terms of security and ISIS, I was way ahead
of everybody else, because I think, you know, we all know I`m going to do a
good job. I`m taking the jobs back from China. I`m taking the jobs back
from Japan.


TRUMP: I`m taking the jobs back from Mexico. You know who`s moving to

Who likes Oreos? Does anybody like Oreos? We all do, right? Nabisco --
Nabisco is leaving Chicago and they`re moving a big plant to Mexico.


TRUMP: I don`t like Oreos anymore, OK?

No, but, seriously, Nabisco, I mean, there`s an American company.

Ford -- I tell it all the time with Ford -- $2.5 billion, they`re spending
on a car plant in Mexico. Now, they will make cars. They will put them
into our country, no tax, no nothing. How do we benefit?

I went to the Wharton School of Finance. You know, like really smart
people go to the Wharton School of Finance, I will just tell you. I`m
trying to figure out, who was the person that said it`s good for us to have
our companies building plants in Mexico, where they make cars and they sell
them to us and other people perhaps? How does that help us?

And I actually gave them a great idea. And you probably heard this,
because I have used it a couple of times. We have the illegals drive the
cars over the border. You save a fortune. Is that correct? No tax, no



TRUMP: No, no, they come in with no tax.


TRUMP: And with me, we`re not going to let our companies go. We`re not
going to let them go. We want cars to be made, in all fairness, in
America, or even Michigan. Do we agree? I was at Michigan, right? That`s


TRUMP: I mean, we`re in New Hampshire, but Michigan would be fine. We`re
all happy with that.

You would rather have it in New Hampshire, right? But let`s let Michigan
have some of their factories back for the cars. But they`re taking our
jobs, and, by the way, not just China and Japan. I was in Los Angeles. I
saw ships, the biggest ships I have ever seen with cars. They just keep
rolling off, rolling off.

You know what we give Japan? Beef. We give them wheat. Wheat. It`s not
quite a good deal. You know, if you look at the numbers, they`re up here,
we`re down here with everybody. I don`t blame Japan. I don`t blame
Mexico. I don`t blame China.

And I say it all the time. Their leaders are much smarter and sharper and
more cunning. You know the word "cunning" is important. But they`re more
cunning than our leaders.

Our leaders are babies. But more than anything else, they`re politicians,
very good, thank you, I love that word.

You know, I had to fill out a form. I was at jury duty the other day, did
you see it? I was at jury duty and I enjoyed it. It was a great

But I had to fill out a form and they said, "Profession". It was a line.
They said, what profession? What`s your profession? And I said, I refuse
to say I`m a politician. I can`t say it.


So, if you people don`t mind, you know what I did, I put real estate. OK?
I couldn`t say -- I just couldn`t say, these politicians, I can`t take

No, I`ve dealt with them all my life. I`ve dealt with them all my life.
And just remember, and it`s very important, all of this money that I was
talking about a little while ago, all of that money comes from my friends,
guys that I know. I used to be one of them. I know the system better than

All of that money that`s going to Hillary and Jeb and Scott and Marco, and
all of them, the people that are putting up that money are -- it`s like
puppets, bing, bing, you saw that. They had it on Jimmy Fallon, I better
not do it, the bing bing, bang bang, boom. I was imitating puppets and I
said maybe I shouldn`t do that anymore.

But it`s true. They`re totally controlled -- totally controlled by special
interests, lobbyists and donors.



And those people, I mean, actually they do like me. Those people, they`re
friends of mine in many cases. Some cases, enemies. Some of them are
terrible people. But I know them. I know them all.

You know, I see the Hamptons and on Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue and all
these great locations, they`re having parties. Well, when a guy gives a
million dollars and much more than that, some give much more, but do you
think they`re talking about like nothing. They`re talking Turkey. They`re
talking lots of different things.

And with me, I don`t need anybody`s money. I don`t want anybody`s money.
So --


Now with that being said, I have to say, people are sending in money. One
woman sent in $7.24. And you know what, she wrote me a two-page letter and
I actually read it. You know, the guys that want to give me a million, I
said, oh, forget it, who cares? And I know these guys, they`re not good
people. Eh, some of them are OK.

But the woman writes me a beautiful letter, how she wants to she our
country, she`s 84 years old. How she wants to see our country -- another
one sent me $17 and $22. And it`s really an amazing thing.

And I love that in a way because it`s like they`re invest -- it`s not going
to mean much in terms of dollars, but they`re investing in the campaign.
They`re investing it with their heart. They`re not saying you have to give
me an ambassadorship. You have to do something bad for the country. You
have to let Ford go into Mexico.


You have to approve the Nabisco deal. All of this stuff, it`s all deals.
It`s all deals. And it`s not good.

Thank you.

And it`s not good. And we got to stop it. We got to stop it.

So, we`re going to take some questions. You know?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Bring it home!

TRUMP: Thank you.

We`re going to take some questions. So this was a town hall. They call it
a town hall. I never saw a town hall with 2,500 people sitting in a
theater. But we`ll call it a town hall, right?


But we are going to work really hard. You know, everybody said, he`s not
going to run. You remember that, right? Never going to run.

Then they said, eh, but he`s never going to file his papers. Not the
financial papers. I had to sign my life away with one page. It says your
signing your life away. They said, he`ll never sign that. Then I signed

He announced he`s running, we had the event, now he signed the paper. Then
they`re going to say -- then they did say, he`s never going to file his
financial documents, because he`s probably not as rich as people think,

So, then I filed 90 -- I think it`s 98 or 102 pages of financials. And it
was much, much bigger than anybody anticipated. Actually, I wanted to file
the financials, because, you know, I`m sort of a bragger, you know?


TRUMP: No, I actually wanted people -- yes, I`m a private company, these
people are analyzing. One of them analyzed he`s only worth $3 billion.
But we haven`t been able to look at about 200 of his corporations.

I said, how do you figure what worth that? I mean, it`s amazing. So I
filed the papers and they were spectacular. And I did a great job. And
the reason I tell you that is not to say, I did a great job. It`s to say
that we need somebody with that mentality to straighten out our country.
We can`t have --


TRUMP: We can`t have, we just can`t have these people that don`t know what
they`re doing on all of these issues. As an example, I called Carl Icahn,
who`s a great guy. Some people won`t like him. Maybe some people don`t
think he`s a nice person. Who cares, right?

Do you want a nice person? We got plenty of nice people. We got too many
nice people. I want people -- but Carl is a brilliant businessman, made a
fortune. I said, I`d love for you to do me a favor. I want to make the
country so strong financially.

You know, some people say, it sounds crass. I had one person, I said we`re
going to make the country rich again, and then we`re going to make the
country great again. The person said, "Mr. Trump, that sounds so crass."
I said what`s crass? Rich. I said we got to be rich to make it great.

We`re right now a debtor nation. We owe $18 trillion. It`s going to go up
$20 trillion, $21 trillion, $22 trillion, $24 trillion is like the magic
number that`s a disaster. And we`re going there, you know that.

And we need -- we need -- it won`t be long -- we need this kind of
mentality to make great deals. You know, an example, not financial, but
it`s the same thinking. The Iran deal we all know about it, everybody
thinks it`s bad. So bad.

But take Sergeant Bergdahl. Does anybody remember that name?


TRUMP: So, this is the way we think. So we get a traitor named Bergdahl,
a dirty, rotten traitor --


Who, by the way, when he deserted, six young beautiful people were killed
trying to find him, right? And you don`t even hear about it anymore.

Somebody said the other day, well, he had some psychological problems. You
know when the old days -- bing, bong.


When he were strong, when we were strong. So we get Bergdahl, a traitor,
and they get five of the people that they most wanted anywhere in the
world, five killers that are right now back on the battlefield, doing the

That`s the kind of deals we make. That`s the kind of deals we make, right?
Am I right?

Six men died.

That`s right. Probably more than that. They probably don`t -- and you
know, the amazing thing, I said, well, you know what, first of all, you
can`t do those trades. Those trades are no good to start off with. Those
trades are no good, you can`t do them.

But they knew, because the colonel and the general went to see the people
that knew Bergdahl, they knew he was a traitor before they made the deal.
So, I say to myself, who would make these deals? Who would do it?

But that`s what we have running our country. We have people -- we have
people that are stupid. We have people that do not have our best interest
at heart. They do not have our best interest at heart. I mean, how they
can allow some of these things to happen is incredible.

So, we`ll talk about it tonight and I have a long -- you know they have a
huge problem at LaGuardia, so I can stay with you people as long as you
want. All right? OK?

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: We`ve been watching Donald Trump up in New
Hampshire. He`ll be taking questions in just a moment from the audience.
We`ll get back to it in just a moment.

Right now, a quick break, and more Trump when we get back.


MATTHEWS: Let`s get back to the leader of the Republican Party and his
town hall meeting in New Hampshire. He is taking questions from reporters.
Let`s listen.

TRUMP: I thought you might say that.

Go ahead --


TRUMP: I think he does care.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here`s my concern. People say you have a bit of
hubris as well. I don`t think I`m speaking out of line there.

TRUMP: That`s okay.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But how are you going to get people who are tired of
that kind of stuff to --

TRUMP: I think we`re very opposite people. I think we`re opposite.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But how do you get them to vote for you knowing what
that --


TRUMP: Yes. It could be that doesn`t happen. Hey, look. I`m putting
myself out there. It takes guts to run for president and even these other
guys -- it does.


TRUMP: You know, I`ve always heard that if you`re very successful, you
cannot run for political office. And especially you can`t run for
president. I never really got it. But now, I get it. I get attacked
every day so viciously by the press which is largely dishonest. I have to
be honest with you. No, I mean, they`re largely dishonest.


TRUMP: And in all fairness, I`ve had some incredible, I`ve met some really
talented political reporters but there`s a lot of dishonesty going on and
purposely going on, and really wonder what`s going on.

But it takes courage to run for president. And I would say this. For the
politician that`s run, probably not so much. That`s what they do. They
run, they lose, they win, they run, they keep (INAUDIBLE).

But for a person to come out of the private sector, especially somebody
that really has had great achievement. John McLaughlin, "The McLaughlin
Group" (ph), he`s a good guy. He said the other day, he was arguing with
one of the people on the panel. He said, "I don`t understand you." He
said, "This is a man of great accomplishment or achievement. Why do you
think he shouldn`t run?"

I saw it with some of the people when I was on the debate, which by the way
the polls all that I won the debate. Can you believe it? If you listen --


And my questions were slightly harder than everybody else`s. Do we agree,
OK? A little bit harder.

But you know, I`ve seen some of the things I`ve seen in the political
circuit. It really does take a certain amount of courage. And when I made
that decision, that final decision, I`ll tell you. It went right up to the
wire. I just took a deep breath and said, "Here we go. Ladies and
gentlemen, we`ll make our country great. I`m running for president". And
I said, I`ve done it, because I want to make it, I want to do something so

And you know, as well as I`ve done in business and all of that, it`s so
much, this is so much more important, what I`m doing now, just so much
more. I`m building buildings and they`re wonderful and great.

I`m building one on -- think of this one. I`m building one on Pennsylvania
avenue right next to the White House, between the White House and Congress.
The old post office. OK? It`s great.

By the way, under-budget and ahead of schedule. Is that nice? Wouldn`t
that be? Right?

It will open far ahead of schedule, under-budget. It will be one of the
great hotels of the world. I love doing that. Doral in Miami, Turnberry
in Scotland. I mean, I do great stuff, the most I can (ph), but that`s all
-- this is -- this is so important. That won`t even matter if our country
falls apart. And our country is falling apart.

And I just wanted to do this. And you mentioned wall. I mean, I will
build the greatest wall that you`ve ever seen.


And I would never do this myself. But I hope it`s going to be so --
actually, it will even look great. I already know what it should look

You know, the other day -- the other day, they were saying, I was watching
these characters, politicians that are running against me. You can`t get
Mexico to pay for the wall! Of course you can. They can`t because they
never would even think of it.

Do you know how much Mexico is making from the United States? That`s
peanuts, the wall. And then they say, you can`t build a wall! It`s too
big, it doesn`t work.

Well, 3,000 years ago -- right? The Great Wall of China was built. We
would like to have that wall. That wall, nobody gets through, that I can
tell you. And that`s 13,000 miles, right?

And that was done between -- did it take them 500 years in all fairness. A
pretty long time. They don`t stop. They don`t stop. That`s why we need
tough people to negotiate with the Chinese because they don`t stop.

But the Great Wall of China was built, 13,000 miles. Now, in Mexico, they
were complaining it doesn`t work. Now, they have these walls built. They
said, well, people go over these walls with a ladder.

Do you know how tall the wall is? Like this. It is not a wall. It is a
little fence. And people put up a ladder that they buy at Home Depot and
they jump and that`s the end of it.

I`m talking about a wall. See that ceiling there? Higher. Did you ever
see -- OK. Did you ever see precast plank for parking garages? OK, as an
example. Not a big deal.

I`m a great builder. What do I best in life, in all fairness, I build,
which is good, because your infrastructure of this country is crumbling.
Isn`t it nice to have a builder? A real builder.


So, you take precast plank. It comes 30 feet long, 40 feet long, 50 feet
long. You see the highways where they can span 50, 60 feet, even longer
than that, right?

And do you a beautiful nice precast plank with beautiful everything, just
perfect. I want it to be so beautiful. Maybe someday they`ll call at this
time Trump Wall, maybe. So I have to make sure it`s beautiful, right?
I`ll be very proud of that wall.

If they call it a Trump Wall, it has to be beautiful. And you put that
plank up and you dig your footings. And you put that plank up. There`s no
ladder going over that. If they`re having it up there, they`re in trouble.
There`s no way to get down. Maybe a rope.

But -- and then somebody said, well, they`d build tunnels. You can`t build
a tunnel. Because with X-ray equipment, you can see if they build a
tunnel. You can try, but if you have people, you know?

Now, we have to build a wall. We have to get the bad people out. The
immigration policy, I`ve gotten great -- I tell you what. I`ve gotten
tremendous applause for what we submitted yesterday on immigration,
tremendous applause. And support.


And you know, a lot of the illegals, if you look at Chicago with the gangs,
you see the gangs. And I have property in Chicago. Chicago is a great
city in many ways but it is getting really hurt.

But you look at Chicago, you look at Baltimore, you look at Ferguson, you a
lot of these places, a lot of these gangs and the most vicious are
illegals. They`re out of here. First day, I will send in people -- those
guys are out of here. They`re out of here.


You know? They talk about guns. I`m a big Second Amendment person. I
believe so strongly.


Big. But they talk about guns. You look at Chicago. Do you know that
Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the United States, by far. And people
are getting shot with guns all over the place, OK? You need enforcement,
you need lots of things.

But you also to have get the bad people out, the people that are not
supposed to be here, and they`re here illegally. We`re going to get them
out so fast and so quick and it`s not going to be tough. It`s not going to
be like, oh, please, will you come with us, please? Will you come, please,
with us?

Because you know these law enforcement people, and I know the guys in
Chicago. Your police commissioner is a great man. They can do it, if
they`re allowed to do it. I know the guys.

New York, I know them. They`re great. Bratton, great. Great
commissioner. They can all do it. They can all do it.

But they have to be allowed to do their job. They have to be allowed to do
their job.


So we`re going to make our country a really wonderful place. When I was
criticized the other day by Hillary --


And also, the same day with the same word by Jeb, same day. They said my
tone, my tone. Do you know the word tone? Isn`t nice. They didn`t like
my tone. They thought it was too strong.

And I`m saying to myself, you know? We have crime all over the country.
We have the borders are -- I mean, the southern borders --

MATTHEWS: That`s Donald Trump in his first town hall meeting as
presidential candidate.

And we`re going to continue to watch Trump now with "ALL IN WITH CHRIS



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