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PoliticsNation, Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

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Date: August 19, 2015
Guest: Erin McPike, Jimmy Williams, Amy Holmes, Shira Center; Eric Guster;
Karen Desoto

REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: Right now on "Politics Nation," Donald Trump
versus the constitution. You got to hear what Trump, the lawyer, says
about why some people born here shouldn`t be citizens.

Also, emotional new testimony from the accuser in the prep school rape

And even Democratic allies new criticizing Hillary Clinton`s campaign.

And President Obama going to New Orleans ten years after Katrina.

Welcome to "Politics Nation."

We begin with Donald Trump and the radical way he`s shifted the debate on
immigration. Trump plans to hold a town hall meeting in New Hampshire
later today, and sure to be major topic of conversation is his call to ban
citizenship for babies born in the U.S. to undocumented parents.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I don`t think they have American
citizenship. And if you speak to some very good lawyers, and I know some
would disagree, but many of them agree with me. You are going to find they
do not have American citizenship. We have to start a process where we take
back our country. Our country is going to hell. We have to start a
process, Bill, where we take back our country.


SHARPTON: The 14th amendment guarantees citizenship to everyone born in
the United States. But I guess Trump knows better than the constitution.
And more and more of his fellow candidates are taking up the issue.


BEN CARSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It doesn`t make any sense to me
that people can come in here and have a baby and that baby becomes an
American citizen and allows them to come in.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Birthright citizenship is sort
of a forgiveness. You break a law, you come here and have a child, and
then we say, well, that`s fine, the child is here now, the child is a
citizen. I think if you have an open border, that`s a mistake.

automatic birthright citizenship to the children of those who are here


SHARPTON: This won`t be going away anytime soon. One reason, Trump isn`t
going away. A new poll finds him closing the gap in a head to head match-
up with Hillary Clinton. He`s down just six points against the Democratic
front-runner. The Republican base like what Donald Trump`s saying on
immigration. So we`re going to be hearing a lot more of it.

We`ll be covering this story from all angles. MSNBC political
correspondent Kasie Hunt is covering Donald Trump in New Hampshire. Also
with me is MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber and Shira Center of
the Boston Globe. Thank you all for being here tonight.




SHARPTON: Let me start with you, Kasie, how much will Trump talk about his
immigration proposal tonight?

HUNT: Well, Reverend, it`s part of his, to the extent he has a standard
campaign speech. It is a big part of it. It`s an issue that he talks a
lot about. So I think we can expect to hear him have some words for the
voters appear on that subject. But this is billed as a classic New
Hampshire town hall. So to a certain extent, it will is going to be
dictated by the voters, you know. We`re not sure how many questions he`ll
take from voters in this audience yet. But I think you are going to hear a
cross-section of their concerns.

I will say, immigration is on the list of things that tends to come up or
has come up at the New Hampshire events that I`ve covered in recent months.
I think you can also expect to hear a lot about education, common core in
particular is another topic that a lot of these more conservative activists
tend to hit on.

So I think it`s going to be interesting to see what kind of crowd shows up
for Trump tonight, how big it is, whether it`s some of the typical New
Hampshire activists. You tend to see the same people come out to these
kinds of events, no matter what the candidate. There are a lot of people
here in New Hampshire who feel like they have to feet every candidate
before they have a chance to make up their minds. So I think it`s going to
be interesting to see whether their interest in his sort of bluster, or
whether they`re looking more for a traditional type of New Hampshire

SHARPTON: Now, Kasie, a lot of candidates are up in New Hampshire today.
But how much is Trump dominating the conversation?

HUNT: Well, Reverend, I think he`s dominating the conversation that will
definitely the media are having. I think a lot of the other candidates who
are here are frustrated by the fact they get question after question about
Trump and not necessarily about the things that they`re saying.

But I`m not sure for the voters here that he`s 100 percent dominating the
conversation. I was at a John Kasich town hall earlier today. And while
he did get a question on immigration, and that is certainly an issue the
people are concern about, he also talked about a wide variety of other
issues. People who worried about ISIS. They were worried about Social
Security. They were worried about education. And I think for the voters
here, this is something that they`re very used to. They do this every four
years. They`re extremely engaged in the process. And I think that Donald
Trump might find it a little bit more difficult to easily dominate the
process here in New Hampshire simply because of the quirks that it has all
too itself.

SHARPTON: Kasie Hunt, thank you for your reporting tonight.

HUNT: Thanks, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Now, let me go to Shira Center and Ari Melber.

Ari, Trump wants to get rid of birthright citizenship, which, by the way,
is protected by the 14th amendment. Now, what does the 14th amendment
actually do? And what does it say that Republicans want to change?

MELBER: Well, that`s the big question, right? Legally what that amendment
did was roll back the dread Scott decision, establish equal protection and
due process for all citizens in all states. And as is key, Rev, it
basically said anyone born here, born inside the United States, has natural
citizenship. Period. End of story.

You and I know from covering the news, there are times when statutes or
parts of the constitution are vague. What does free speech mean? We can
debate that. It`s pretty hard, I think, and --

SHARPTON: It`s clear here.

MELBER: Yes. It`s pretty clear. It says, if you are born within the
borders, that means within the United States or on a military base abroad,
you`re a citizen, period.

SHARPTON: Now, in order to change the constitution, to change the 14th
amendment, what do you have to do?

MELBER: To actually do that, which would be unthinkable, as some have
pointed out historically, this was a Republican achievement to get the 14th
amendment passed and expand those rights. You would have to send that to
the congress, have a super majority vote there, then ratification from
three-quarters of the states.

SHARPTON: So first, you have to go to the Congress, win a vote there and
get three-quarters of the states.

MELBER: That`s right.

SHARPTON: Alright, Shira, Trump was asked if he`d try to get the 14th
amendment overturned. I want to play you what he said.


SHARPTON: I think that`s not the bite I want. I want to play you, because
what he actually said, I think, is very revealing. Let me play it here. I
think we`ve got it.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It`s a long process and I think
it would take too long. I`d much rather find out whether or not anchor
babies are actually citizens.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why don`t you test it out? Why don`t you have your
guys file federal suit now? You should do it tomorrow.

TRUMP: We`re going to test it out. That`s going to happen, Bill.


SHARPTON: We`re going to test it out. You`ve got to win a majority of the
Congress and three-quarters of the states. Does Mr. Trump know what it
takes to change a constitutional amendment? I mean, this is the guy
leading now for the Republican nomination, and six points behind the front-
running Democrat.

CENTER: Yes, I`m not quite sure he totally understands everything it would
take. Would he hire a team of lawyers at this point to just assess the
validity of the 14th amendment? I mean, he has the money. If that`s how
he wants to spend his money, on the lawyers of America, I`m sure we`ll be
happy to take it from him. But really, if he`s trying to run a
presidential campaign, that`s not the kind of argument 99.99 percent of
candidates want to be having. And that`s a legal argument over one of
their first policy platforms among other first the policy releases of the
presidential campaign.

SHARPTON: But Ari, I think the real issue, notwithstanding the parts and
isn`t -- we`re talking, as you said, about there`s no ambiguity here. And
we can have different opinions, we can have different facts. There`s one
factual way to change an amendment.

MELBER: That`s right. And I think that`s what makes this current
controversy a little different than others. There are people who want to
argue, is building a wall a good idea or not? And you have that policy

What he is saying here, though, is that something that everyone knows to be
true, the 14th amendment expands citizenship. He thinks it`s false or
hasn`t looked into it enough to realize. He may not be lying, he may be
mistaken on the law. Those are different types of mistakes.

The other point, Rev., that I would mentioned that you know, because you`ve
talked about this a lot. Every change that has occurred to the
constitution by amendment regarding citizenship or suffrage has expanded
and protected it. Seventeen amendments is the bill of rights, seven of
them do that. For women, for people under 21 in the Vietnam era. And
several regarding the discrimination against black Americans. To go
backward like that would be unusual.

SHARPTON: Well, and also, Shira, aren`t the Republicans the ones that
claim respect for the law and respect for the constitution, and upholding
the constitution? Now we`re talking about radically changing it and going
against what is always done when there is a big attempt to do that? And
you`re talking about a huge attempt in this case.

CENTER: Yes, I`ve never heard a Democrat referred to themselves --
Democratic candidate at least refer to themselves as a strict
constitutionalist. It`s always Republicans who describe themselves,
Republicans and conservatives who describe themselves at strict

And another thing about Donald Trump`s immigration platform that he
released, the amount of money it would take to build this so-called wall, I
think once Republicans see the price tag on that, they might think twice
about that too.

SHARPTON: Well, I guess what I`m saying, Ari, is he being serious, or is
he playing to his base, really knowing that what he`s saying can`t happen,
and just using all kinds of inflammatory things that he thinks will get his
base riled up, that he knows is really not even within the realm of the

MELBER: Well, I think this issue shows the combination of Donald Trump,
the entertaining and controversial speaker, to your point, saying things
about immigration, about so-called anchor babies that he knows will
resonate with part of the Republican base. And also partly, Donald Trump
the businessman. I`m sure when you look at a contract and you want it to
say something different and you have billions of dollars to spend, you hire
a group of lawyers and you start pushing back, just like people hire
lobbyists. That`s true in a lot of parts of American life. It works well
for him in business. It`s not true when you go into constitutional law.
As he told Bill O`Reilly, I`m going to have my lawyers look into it, as if
that is going to change literally over a 100 hundred years of precedence.

SHARPTON: Well, the right-wing media loves it, though, Shira. This is
working wonderfully for the right-wing media. Let me show you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a dream list for many who have wanted immigration
reform for a long time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The immigration plan of his, especially the law,
that`s common sense.

RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: He would end the practice of granting
U.S. citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. Bye-bye, anchor
babies. And I`m telling you, that one has people standing up and cheering.


SHARPTON: I mean, they love it, and they`re selling this like this can be
easily done. I mean, I may not agree with their politics, but I at least
respect the people that I disagree with. I don`t know how you respect your
listeners, when you act as, though, something is just some (INAUDIBLE) that
you can just change that easily or that you can just build a wall with an
abra cadabra kind of policy, Shira?

CENTER: Yes. It is absolutely unrealistic. And you`d like to think a lot
of these radio hosts who are talking about this, know enough with the
ramifications and the process to change the 14th amendment or the price tag
to build a wall across the entire Mexican border. They would let their
readers know that. Excuse me, their viewers know that. I don`t think that
is always the case.

But look, Republicans are touting this right now, one year from now, are
they really going to be wanting to talk about repealing the 14th amendment?
I highly doubt it. I mean, this is a very controversial issue in the
general election and with the booming Latino population, especially a lot
of swing states along the Sunbelt and this will be an issue that will
really make them angry. And I think will drive turn-out and benefit
Democrats in the end.

SHARPTON: Ari Melber and Shira Center, thank you both for your time

MELBER: Thanks, Rev.

CENTER: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, the man who got famous for selling sandwiches, now
infamous for accusations of child porn. The shocking details ahead.

Plus, the drip, drip, drip of Hillary Clinton`s email. Clinton`s lawyer
now weighing in, and so is James Carville.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It doesn`t amount to a hill of beans. It`s just a
bunch of people, you know, talking to each other, spinning themselves up
over a pile of garbage.


SHARPTON: Also, Senator McCaskill pulls a gotcha on lawmakers who are
trying to point the finger at college interns.

But first, check out the mixed emotion from students on the first lady of
school in L.A.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you going to miss your mom?





SHARPTON: Coming up, major developments in two legal stories. A girl who
says she was raped at a prestigious prep school, testifies about the secret
date that she says turned into an attack.

And from subway to prison, lawyers for Jared Fogle say the former spokesman
will take a plea deal and cop to child porn charges.


SHARPTON: It`s time now for the justice files. We start with developing
news. Day two of the testimony in the New Hampshire prep school rape
trial. It puts the culture of one of the nation`s most exclusive schools
in the headlines. St. Paul`s graduate Owen Labrie sat in court today as
the teenage girl who accused him of rape detailed what she says she
remembers. We altered her voice for her privacy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I didn`t want any of this. I was so confused. I
didn`t know what else I could do. I had already said no, and I had already
moved his face physically. I didn`t know what else he could understand
from that.


SHARPTON: Prosecutors say Labrie raped her, when she was a freshman and he
was a senior last year. They say it was part of a contest involving senior
boys having sex with younger students. Labrie has pleaded not guilty.

The school statement about the contest says in part, currently allegations
about our culture are not emblematic of our school or values.

Labrie says this interaction was not part of the contest. He has told
police they were messing around, but he says he experienced a moment of
quote "divine inspiration, and stopped himself from having sex."

Joining me now are legal experts Karen Desoto and Judge Eric Guster. Thank
you both for being here.



SHARPTON: Let me ask, day two, the accuser was on the stand. How
effective is that?

DESOTO: very effective. Her statement is what is going to be the basis
for the entire prosecution`s case. Meaning, she`s a young girl. She`s
telling about what happened. And of course the jurors are going to be
thinking in the back of their head and also the defense counsel, why would
somebody lie about something this horrendous, this disturbing? So her
testimony is, in fact, the crux of the case.

SHARPTON: Now, the accused, Labrie says they did not have sex. But a high
point today was when the accuser read messages, text messages, that were
sent -- that they had shared back and forth after they met. Listen to


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is the next message the defendant sends to you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He says to me, are you on the pill?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you answer?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s his next message?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This confused me a lot. He said praise Jesus.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And then it`s the next message, does that continue
from the defendant?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you read those two together?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Praise Jesus, I put it on like halfway through.


SHARPTON: Now, how does the defense deal with that after he said they
didn`t have sex?

GUSTER: The defense`s argument is going to be very complex because the
defense has to choose a defense whether they had sex or not, or whether it
was consensual. Was there a lack of sex or consensual sex? And was that
coming in, saying were you on the pill, I`m glad you`re on the pill. That
means that there was sexual intercourse is implied. So the jury has to
take that information and decide whether they believe that those
intercourse was consensual or not, if they had sex. Because in these rape
cases, you have to make an affirmative defense, this is exactly what
happened because the jury want to know exactly what your point is.

SHARPTON: But do you take some things away from your argument of
consensual, when you first said, you never had sex at all?

DESOTO: Right. Well, in this particular case, it`s been reported that
there`s physical evidence as well with this young girl. So obviously, we
have also heard and it has been reported that he is going to testify. So
it may be one of those cases that he`s a young man. They are going to put
him on the stand and he is going to say, listen, I said I didn`t have sex
with her, not because I raped her, but because I was scared and that`s the
way that reacted because I`m a kid.

SHARPTON: All right. Well, selling on a wise this way.

Let`s move on to another developing story. The former subway spokesman is
accused of sexually exploiting children. Prosecutors say Jared Fogle will
plead guilty to having child pornography and traveling to pay for sex with
minors. According to federal court documents, he had images with victims
as young as approximately six years old. It also says he asked several
people to quote "provide him access to minors as young as 14 years old to
pay for sex." One of them was a 16-year-old girl. Investigators say he
had sex with police -- that he had sex with this young girl. Police had a
clear message today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your fame and fortune will not protect you from
attacking those most vulnerable in our communities. I cannot think of
anything more repugnant than sexually victimizing a child.


SHARPTON: Fogle`s attorney explained what will come next.


JEREMY MARGOLIS, FOGLE`S ATTORNEY: Jared also knows he has a medical
problem. He`s already sought evaluation by a world-class psychiatrist.
Jared Fogle expects to go to prison. He will do his time. He expects to
get well.


SHARPTON: Subway just tweeted Jared Fogle`s actions are inexcusable and do
not represent our brand`s values. We had already ended our relationship
with Jared.

Karen, federal agencies, computers and DVDs from Fogle`s home in July, one
month later he`s pleading guilty. What, if anything, do you make of this?

DESOTO: Well, it sounds like it was a slam dunk for the prosecution in
this case. Obviously they had a smoking gun. They had the information,
maybe from, you know, an unidentified witness, but also they had his
computer. So there`s pressure for him plead out, or the case could have
drawn on. And I`m sure there probably could have been dozens more counts
with this complaint given that we already know of 14 different counts and
they could have added more. So there might have been pressure to give him
a plea to get this over with quickly.

SHARPTON: How well is saying that he is sick and going to seeking help and
expects to go to jail, how will that play into his sentencing, Judge?

GUSTER: Everyone who is caught is seeking help, whether they were caught
with drugs, they`re seeking drug help. Sexual intercourse with minors,
they`re seeking help. That is just part of what these words have to put up

DESOTO: And finding God. Don`t forget they always find God.

GUSTER: With the bible in their pocket. And we have to -- as defense
lawyers, we have to mitigate all the damages against our client. Try to
minimize a person`s sentence which is facing a minimum of five years, up to
possibly 12 and a half. So they`re trying to keep him out of prison as
long as it possibly can and try to minimize the sentence, and saying he`s
seeking help.

DESOTO: He`s sick, it`s a disease, it`s an illness.

SHARPTON: Well, it`s an appalling situation and a great fall from grace.
I mean, it`s just one of those things you just can`t really get your head

GUSTER: It`s just nasty.

DESOTO: And to use his public persona to do it. I mean, he used the fact
that he was Jared.

SHARPTON: Karen Desoto, Eric Guster, thank you both for your time.

DESOTO: Thank you.

GUSTER: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Ahead, if you can`t beat Trump, then be more like Trump. It`s a
new strategy for the 2016 GOP candidates.

Plus, a Democratic senator blasts a proposed intern`s dress code for
blaming the victims of sexual harassment.


SHARPTON: They`re scrambling for answers at the Missouri state house. But
are they missing the point? Two members of the state legislature have
resigned after allegations involving interns.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The fallout in Jefferson City, a day after admitting to
sending suggestive text messages to an intern, Missouri House speaker John
Deal is out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Only two days after forcefully denying the sexual
harassed an intern right here on KTTV5, Missouri state senator Paul LeVota
announced on his Facebook page that he will resign from the senate.


SHARPTON: But it`s the response to these scandals that`s now making
headlines. Some lawmakers say the interns need to change. They`re
proposing a more conservative dress code that won`t be a distraction.


STATE REP. BILL KIDD (R), MISSOURI: You`re asking us for suggestions. I
looked at it from a purely human resources point of view. Didn`t have a
policy on their dress code. And so I wrote and when they asked, what can
we do, what do we need to answer? I wrote three little words. Intern
dress code.


SHARPTON: An intern dress code? This isn`t about the interns. It`s about
the lawmakers. And now some are pushing back, including democratic Senator
Claire McCaskill, who heard the proposal from her home state and called it
victim-blaming. Quote, "Such a recommendation wreaks of a desire to avoid
holding fully accountable those who would prey upon young women and men
seeking to begin honorable careers in public service." It`s a strong
message and Missouri`s House Speaker says, the proposal is dead on arrival.
Sexual harassment is a serious issue and lawmakers need to face it, instead
of trying to mask it. Nice try, but Senator McCaskill gotcha.



whole server? You didn`t answer the question.

idea. That`s why we turned it over.

HENRY: You said, you were in charge of it. You were the official in
charge. Did you wipe the service?

CLINTON: What? Like with a cloth or something?

HENRY: I don`t know. You know how it works digitally. Did you try to
wipe the whole server?

CLINTON: I don`t know how it works digitally at all.


SHARPTON: Hillary Clinton responding to questions about her personal e-
mail server. And today, more headlines and more pressure. Clinton`s
lawyer sent a letter to the Senate Homeland Security Committee saying the
server no longer contains data from Secretary Clinton`s private e-mail
account. But her next challenge may involve reaching out to some of her
own supporters. Politico reports, some long-time allies are increasingly
worried that she`s learned little from past scandals and is falling back on
her tendency to mount a legalistic defense that only encourages perceptions
that she has something to hide. And late today her campaign conceded that
the e-mail controversy is an issue.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We do think that people have questions about this.
It`s a very confusing topic, and I think as you`ve seen over the last
couple of weeks, we have changed our strategy, and that we are trying to do
more education. Hillary addressed this directly in her remarks in Iowa
last week. Obviously, she takes a lot of questions from you all on it. So
we do want people, we do think about concerns and questions and we want to
-- we think it`s really confusing and want to answer them.


SHARPTON: And it may be taking a toll with voters. A new poll shows
Bernie Sanders making big gains. Cutting Clinton`s lead by 25 percentage
points in two months. It`s hard times for the Clinton camp. But is it
just a blip, or is it drip, drip, drip?

Joining me now are Erin McPike, Jimmy Williams and Amy Holmes. Thank you
all for being here tonight.



AMY HOLMES, THEBLAZE TV ANCHOR: My pleasure. Thank you.

SHARPTON: Erin, Clinton`s allies are getting worried. Is her campaign now
waking up to it?

MCPIKE: I really don`t think so, based on that comment that you just
played from Jen Palmieri. Because think about this old adage. When you`re
explaining, you`re losing. And they`re continuing on this strategy that
they`ve been trying for the last five months. And I`ve heard today a lot
of people say that polls don`t matter. But you`ve got to look at the trend
line for her poll numbers, because over the last five months, she`s gone
down and down and down. And Bernie Sanders has come up. And we probably
wouldn`t be talking about Joe Biden and a potential candidacy this fall if
she weren`t in trouble.

SHARPTON: Is she in trouble, Jimmy?

WILLIAMS: I would suggest that we are a year and something out from an
actual election. I would suggest that we are many months away from
primaries. I would also suggest that, yes, Erin is right about the trend
lines. That`s a true statement. But if you look at the women voters,
women are still overwhelmingly with her, republican women, independent
women, and democratic women. Women decide every election, at this point, I
have no concerns about this. Do I wish, yes, that Hillary Clinton would
get out and she would do sort of a Bill Clinton statement and say, I, like
every other secretary of state used a private e-mail account. I had a
private server just like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Rick Perry. I gave all
of my e-mails up. Jeb Bush has not done that. That I think would go a
long way. What most people want is fairness inequality.

SHARPTON: Why won`t she do that?

WILLIAMS: Because her campaign is not letting her do that, and perhaps she
is deciding not to do that. If I were advising her, I don`t do political
campaigns, let`s be clear. That`s what I would advise her to do.

SHARPTON: Well, Amy, let me ask you. Is she in trouble?

HOLMES: Of course she`s in trouble. She`s dropped nine points since last
month. She is now under 50 percent among democratic and leaning democratic
voters, we`re just talking about her own constituency, and you just played
her own campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri trying to address this in
this round-about way. I would disagree that she`s being legalistic. She`s
not being legalistic, she`s being dishonest. And she has said a number of
dishonest things, starting with that she had only used one device, now it
could turn out to an iPad, and a blackberry and in addition to her iPhone.
She`s been caught on that. And Reverend, your own Chuck Todd of NBC said,
three letters could change this. FBI. They`re now investigating her e-
mail server. And let`s also dispense with the euphemism that it was wiped
clean. It means that she was getting rid of evidence. And legally that
could even be considered obstructing justice. As secretary of state, she
was required by the federal records act to keep these records and turn them

SHARPTON: I`m going to let you respond Jimmy, let her finish.



And try, Amy, next time you`re on to tell us how you really feel.

SHARPTON: Go ahead, Jimmy.

WILLIAMS: The fact that she`s actually withholding evidence is a lie.
She`s not withholding any evidence. There`s nothing to withhold evidence
from. There`s no investigation by any criminal authority, group if you
will. The FBI is looking into an inquiry. Nothing more, nothing else. By
using the words FBI, Amy, you`re doing something remarkably fun --

HOLMES: I was quoting Chuck Todd of NBC.

WILLIAMS: I love Chuck Todd very much, but the fact of the matter is, the
FBI has not charged her prosecuted her or indicted her. Using the FBI is
dishonest on your part --

HOLMES: Jimmy, are you going to address the fact that Hillary Clinton has
not been honest about her e-mail use?

WILLIAMS: You guys have been using this since September 11th, 2011.

HOMES: Whose you guys?

WILLIAMS: You`ve been using this, the word Benghazi over and over again,
now you have FBI.

HOLMES: I didn`t say it once. You just said it.

SHARPTON: All right. Let me get back to the politics Erin, while our
colleagues calm here down a little. I like a little heat, though.


Let me bring some politics in here, Erin. Washington Post spoke to one
former adviser to President Obama, Dan Pfeiffer who said, quote, "She isn`t
as natural a politician as Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, but that`s like
saying Scottie Pippen isn`t as talented as Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson.
She`s as good or better than just about everyone in the current GOP field."
Isn`t this kind of a backhanded compliment? I mean, it seems like even
supporters are disappointed in Hillary Clinton`s skills as a campaigner.

MCPIKE: Yes. I think there are a lot of Democrats who would say that she
is not the best campaigner there is. She never has been. And Barack Obama
was better than she was in 2007 and 2008. Look, there is not a better
democratic campaigner in the field and so of course --

SHARPTON: Hold it right there, Erin. Donald Trump is just walked down,
he`s taking questions from reporters in Derry, New Hampshire. Let`s

involved with Mexico at a high level or the head of Mexico, I would be
saying the same thing. Look, we have to straighten out our country. Our
country is a mess. And whether it`s China or Mexico or japan, we have to
straighten out our country. I`d be saying the same thing, yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald, yes or no, do you think American born children
of undocumented immigrants should be deported?

TRUMP: Here`s the story, very simple --


TRUMP: I don`t give yes or no. It`s not that easy. You know, for you
it`s easy. Let me tell you. It`s not that easy. It`s a horrible
situation that we`ve placed ourselves in. We have thousands and thousands
of illegal immigrants in our country, not only taking jobs, but many of
them are causing problems beyond belief. And you see that all over. We
have to straighten out the problem with illegal immigration. It starts
with getting the bad ones, you know the gangs in -- you saw it -- the gangs
in Baltimore. You know that, right? Did you see the people? You have
illegal immigrants in many cases. In Chicago, illegal immigrants. The bad
ones are getting out fast. Day one. If I win, day one of my presidency,
they`re getting out, we`re getting them out, and we`re getting them out

Over a period of time, we`re going to work on numerous things. The first
thing is building a wall, which Mexico will pay for. Okay? We`re going to
build it. I know how to do it. It`s going to be a real wall, not a toy
wall, like we have right now that`s ten feet tall, and it`s a fence. Going
to have a real wall. And people are going to come into our country, and I
want people to come in. I want people of great talent to come in. But I
want a lot of people to come in. They have to come in legally. If we
don`t have them come in legally, we don`t have a country. We don`t have
borders, we don`t have a country. They have to come in legally. I want
them to come in, they have to come in legally. All right, go ahead, David.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) -- You want to build a wall, and if you
build a wall, why worry about -- (INAUDIBLE) you`ll keep illegal immigrants
out --

TRUMP: There`s a very big -- there`s a very big question as to the anchor
babies. They`ve been talking about it for years. There`s a very big
question as to whether or not the 14th Amendment actually covers this.
We`ll going to find out whether or not it does. Changing the 14th
Amendment would take years and years. The long, drawn-out process. A lot
of people think that it is absolutely in terms of anchor babies, that it is
not covered. So we`ll going to find out. But look, here`s the story,
here`s what happens. Wait a minute, wait, wait, wait.

Here`s what`s happening. A woman is going to have a baby. They wait on
the border. Just before the baby, they come over to the border, they have
the baby in the United States. We now take care of that baby, Social
Security, Medicare, education. Give me a break. It doesn`t work that way.
The parents have to come in legally. Now, we`ll going to have to find out
what`s going to happen from a court standpoint. But many people, many of
the great scholars say that anchor babies are not covered. We`re going to
find out. Yes. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There was a conference today with other candidates here
about the federal government`s intrusiveness -- (INAUDIBLE)

TRUMP: Well, I think large portions can be. I`m not a common core person.
Jeb Bush wants common core. I want local education, and I think large
groups, and large portions can be shutdown, absolutely. I have no question
about that. You look at the Department of Education, they`ve done such a
poor job. We`re number 25 or 26 or 28 or 32 depending which you look at,
in the world. We spend -- the one thing we`re number one at, and that`s a
definite number one. We spend more money per student than any country
anywhere in the world. And we`re way above number 25 in the world. So we
are terrible at education. But we spend far more money than anybody else.

The Department of Education has done a terrible job. I happen to be a
person that does not believe in common core. I believe the people of New
Hampshire, locally, locally, should work mostly on the education. Do we
allow little pieces? Yes. But largely, it should be shut down. And I`m
very surprised to hear that other of the candidates don`t want it touched
because that really does surprise me.


Say it again.


Have I gotten under Jeb Bush`s skin? I don`t know. I will tell you this.
You mentioned the word skin. He said the other day, one of the dumber
things I`ve heard ever in politics, when talking about Iraq. That we, the
United States, he said, have to show them that we have skin in the game in
order to go into Iraq. We`ve lost $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded
warriors who I love all over the place, and he`s talking about we have to
show them that we have skin in the game? And every time a shot is fired
they run? Because there practically is no Iraq. An Iraq, whatever that
is, is being taken over by Iran after us spending trillions in lives and
warriors, and wounded warriors.

For him to say that we have to show them that we have skin in the game is
one of the really dumb statements. I`d say his other dumb statement is an
act of love, that they come here for an act of love. And I would say,
between common core, his act of love on immigration, and skin in the game
with Iraq, that`s the third one that we`ve now added, I don`t see how he`s
electable. And then on top of that, he talks about women`s health issues
and he`s against women`s health. Now, he then comes back a few hours later
and he says, he misspoke, but he`s bad on women`s health issues. Nobody is
going to be better on women`s health issues than Donald Trump.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You seem to see the world fairly clearly divided as
winners and losers.

TRUMP: No, I don`t. No. I don`t at all. I have a much bigger heart than
other people and frankly than probably any of the candidates that I`ve
heard so far.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you ever failed?

TRUMP: Excuse me?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you ever failed?

TRUMP: Not often. You want to know the truth, have I failed? Not often.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE) allegedly beating up a Hispanic homeless

TRUMP: Who was?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Two men (INAUDIBLE) rather were arrested for
allegedly beating up a Hispanic homeless man, they told cops it was okay
because you were right on immigration. These issues of Megyn Kelly`s
alleged death threats, are you worried you`re inciting violence?

TRUMP: I don`t know anything about death threats or Megyn Kelly. You tell
me about that. I haven`t heard that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are reports that she`s been threatened by your

TRUMP: I have no idea about that. In all fairness -- excuse me, excuse
me, excuse me. Take it easy. I have no idea about death threats for Megyn

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What about the brothers --

TRUMP: I haven`t heard about that. I think it would be a shame, but I
haven`t heard about it. I will say, the people that are following me are
very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be
great again and they are very passionate. I will say that and everybody
here has reported it. Yes, go ahead.


No, go ahead. What do I think about what?


TRUMP: I think Heidi Klum is a very nice person. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you heard about the secret deal that was happening
in Iran (INAUDIBLE) --

TRUMP: I think it`s crazy. I think the whole Iran deal is the dumbest
deal that you can imagine. I think it`s going to go down as one of the
worst deals in the history of this country, maybe of the world. It is a
total and complete catastrophe. And you know, it`s beyond even talking
about. So, it`s hard to believe that people actually -- do we have
negotiators? Do we have anybody that knows what they`re doing? Not only
the 24 days, which by the way, it`s much more than that, because the 24
days to start the clock takes a long time. Not only the fact that they
still have our prisoners, every single aspect of that deal is incompetent.
And it`s a deal that shouldn`t be approved. And the amazing thing is, even
if it`s not approved now, they get $150 billion plus, plus, and they`re
going to use that money for terror all over the world. It is one of the
great dumb deals of our time.


TRUMP: Well, I`m not surprised. I`m not surprised to hear that there are
side deals. The White House doesn`t know what they`re doing. I mean,
that`s been proven, whether it`s ObamaCare with a $5 billion website. The
White House truly has no clue what they`re doing and the Iran deal is a
disaster. It`s a disaster. It`s going to lead to, in my opinion, nuclear
proliferation, so many things are going to come out of that deal for the
bad. And I`ll tell you, Israel is in big trouble. Probably something will
happen. Because Israel, I don`t know how Israel can live with that deal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Martin O`Malley today is in Las Vegas for an event with
some of the employees at your hotel, trying to get them to unionize

TRUMP: Well, I know nothing about him. I think he`s got less than one
percent in the poll. And I did see my beautiful building on television.
It`s beautiful. Tallest building in Las Vegas, I`m very proud of it, most
beautiful building in Las Vegas. I know he was in front. And as you know,
we`ve beaten -- we`ve won, let me say a nicer word, we`ve won with the
employees. Let`s see what happens. We have employees that love us. They
decided not to go union. And that`s a great honor as far as I`m concern.
You know, they love me, they love us. Martin O`Malley was there to try and
get some publicity which he desperately needs. And I think he was the one
that said that lives don`t matter, white lives don`t matter. I mean, is he
the one that apologized almost in tears because he made a mistake of
saying? Is that the same Martin O`Malley that we`re talking about? I
think he should be ashamed of himself. But I really -- I heard he was in
front of one of my buildings to try and get some publicity and I think it
was in Las Vegas. Yes?


No, I would not. I have great respect for Ted Cruz. And he`s been very
supportive of some of my tough stances and actually he`s done well. And
guys like Perry and our senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham, he`s
gotten zero. How do you get zero? Can you explain to me? How do you get
zero? Does that mean that thousands of people that -- but he has nothing.
The people that attacked me, now Rand Paul is going down the tubes and he
hit me all of a sudden. I mean, he was doing very poorly. He hit me, he
went down. One of the greatest honors is that everybody that attacks me
seems to go down. Ted Cruz and Carson who`s been, you know, really
terrific, they have been great. A few of the others have been great.
Meaning, we all get along. Because we should get along. But some of them
attacked me fairly viciously, and when they attack, you have to attack




She`s a very nice woman. She really is.


Go head. Go ahead.


TRUMP: Yes, I know James Foley`s parents very well.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) Do you spend more time about thinking about

TRUMP: I would defeat ISIS and I`m okay with what he said, but I would
defeat ISIS, absolutely. And I think the whole James Foley thing, as you
know, I was up here a year ago making a speech for Joe McWade and the group
in honor of the Foley family and James Foley, and I got to know his parents
very well. Made a contribution to the foundation. James Foley was a
fantastic young man, and we can`t let that happen. We can`t let that
happen. We have to stop it. And we have to stop it fast. And we have to
stop it now. I sort of explained that view strongly, and I would cut off
big sources of their financing. Go ahead. By the way, both at the bank
level and at the oil level. Go ahead.


TRUMP: I don`t think I`m mean-spirited. We have to get back our country.
Look, our country is going down. We have to get back our country. It`s
based on laws. These are illegal. Now, people like to say undocumented
because that`s politically correct. I don`t say that. These people came
in illegally. Some are excellent, fantastic, wonderful. But they have to
go out. Now, they can come back in, but they have to come in legally. We
can expedite the process. I think that`s fine, I like that. And then you
have some really bad ones, the gangs, you got gangs roving, hurting people,
killing people. You look at what happened to Kate in San Francisco. So we
have to be able to get the bad, we got bad dudes out there. Bad ones. And
we`ll get them out so fast. Let me tell you, if I`m president, we`ll get
them out of here so fast, you`re head`s going to spin. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You said that you have a big heart. And that you`re
not mean-spirited. Are you aware that the term anchor babies, that`s an
offensive term? People find that offensive.

TRUMP: You mean it`s not politically correct and yet everybody uses it?
So, you know, what? Give me a different term, give me a different term.
What else would you like me to say?


You want me to say that, okay, I`ll use the word anchor baby. Excuse me.
I`ll use the word anchor baby. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Trump, do you believe that wealth equals wisdom?

TRUMP: No, not at all. Oh, boy, would I be a smart person then.


He wasn`t very wealthy, no.


Was he wealthy? He let us down. Mitt Romney let us down. He should have
won that election. He failed. He choked. In the end, no different than a
golfer that misses a putt on the 18th hole. No different than a man who
strikes out a baseball player. He let us down. Mitt Romney should have
won that election, and he didn`t. Something happened to him. And that`s
not going to happen to me.


I don`t know. I can tell you this, he disappeared at the end. He just
disappeared. Say what you want about Obama, he was on Jay Leno, he was on
Letterman, he was on all the shows. I called up, I said, "why aren`t you
doing more television? Obama`s on every show, where are you?" He just
disappeared. Something happened. Honestly, I think he choked. Okay?


I actually saw a doctor, I had a physical the other day, and they said, you
are really good. You can all hear it, would you like to hear it? I would
do that anytime, yes, very good.


He was 88-years-old when he developed it and he died at 94.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you have any concerns?

TRUMP: No. Not whatsoever. He was 88. My mother was 88, 89, and she was
in amazingly great health. And my father too, was in great health. They
lived long lives. Yes?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. Trump, you said earlier in the press conference
that you would support women`s health. Do you think that some of the other
candidates in the republican race are out of touch?

TRUMP: Well, I think Jeb Bush is totally out of touch on women`s health
issues, I mean, totally. Because he basically said he wasn`t going to fund
it. Now, he came back after his pollster told him, oh, you made a mistake.
He came back a few hours later when he said he misspoke. But I`ll be very,
very strong, very powerful on women`s health issues. Yes. Go ahead.


Who do I see as strongest? You know, it changes. From -- the only thing
constant is Trump. I mean, all of them change. On the bottom, they`re
going up and down like yo-yos. But I`ve been up there for a long time, and
I hope I`m going to be up there for a long time. You know, I read a lot of
the phony reports. A couple of reports today in the ten percent. Oh,
well, you know, when Donald Trump gets tired of doing this, he`s doing
great. And he`s leading all the polls but at some point -- I`m not going
anywhere, folks. I`m not doing this for my health. I`m doing this to make
America great again. And "again" is a very important word. Very important
word. I`m not going anywhere. I`m not going anywhere. Got a lot of
money. I don`t need people funding me. Like the other candidates. I have
people coming up all the time, wanting to give me millions of dollars -- $5
million last week I turned down from one man. I said, I don`t want your
money. And I think that resonates with people. I really think it
resonates with people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One more question, guys. One question.

TRUMP: Excuse me?


TRUMP: Well, sanctuary cities. It is a disgrace. What happened in San
Francisco and other places, sanctuary cities should be defunded and should
be just gotten rid of. Sanctuary cities are a disgrace. Go ahead.


We will talk about that. Go ahead.



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