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PoliticsNation, Thursday, Septembr 3rd, 2015

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Date: September 3, 2015
Guest: Dorian Warren, Clarissa Martinez-de-Castro, Evan Wolfson

REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: Right now on "Politics Nation," Donald Trump
signs the Republican pledge and takes another swipe at Jeb Bush.

Also, big news about the alleged gunman in the Charleston massacre.

A county clerk goes to jail for refusing to obey the law on gay marriage.

And I talk to secretary of state John Kerry about Dick Cheney being wrong
on Iraq and Iran.

Welcome to "Politics Nation." I`m live in Los Angeles.

We begin with Donald Trump. The Republican front-runner promising to run
as a Republican.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The best way for the Republicans
to win is if I win the nomination, and go directly against whoever they
happen to put up. And for that reason, I have signed the pledge. I will
be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party and the
conservative principles for which it stand, and we will go out and we will
fight hard and we will win.


SHARPTON: There it is. Trump`s pledge that if he doesn`t win the GOP
nomination, he will endorse whoever does. He also promises not to run as
an independent.

When have we ever seen a party that had to ask its front-runner for
loyalty? And not just that, the chairman of the Republican Party came to
Trump`s office to meet with him before-hand. He has got them in the palm
of his hand. And then, he takes credit for being selfless.


TRUMP: The question was what did I get from signing the pledge?
Absolutely nothing other than the insurance that I would be treated fairly.
And I have seen that over the last months. But they really have been very


TRUMP: No. I have no intention of changing my mind.


SHARPTON: He doesn`t intend to change his mind. But there is really
nothing stopping him if he does.

In the meantime, he`ll take down anyone in his way, like Jeb Bush.


TRUMP: As far as Jeb is concerned, I watched him this morning on
television. And it is a little bit sad. Don`t forget, he was supposed to
win. And he just doesn`t have the energy. But what he does have is a lot
of, a lot of money that was given to him again by special interests donors
and lobbyists.


SHARPTON: Another blistering attack against the man expected to be the
front-runner. And it`s working. In a new poll, Trump is beating the rest
of the field by double digits. Jeb Bush is down to 8 points. Donald Trump
might have just signed the GOP loyalty pledge today but it looks like more
and more Republican voters are loyal to him.

Joining me now are Richard Wolffe and Joy Reid. Thank you both for being


SHARPTON: Richard, did Donald Trump just play the RNC for all its worth?

WOLFFE: Played them like a fiddle. Not only did he get stamp of approval,
that little certificate of approval, he might want to frame it. But also
they certified him as the unconventional candidate. Everything he said
there. You caught a little of that when he was talking about Jeb Bush. He
is the reform guy. The guy who can`t be bought. He is the guy who stood
up in Iowa. He told the crowd, they offered me $5 million. Should I take
it? No. I don`t need the money. They are, they`re not just teeing it up
for him. He is it straight to the green. It is easy for him to play and
win when they`re setting the rules like this.

SHARPTON: You know, what does it say, Joy, that the RNC chairman went to
Trump`s office to get him to do this?

JOY REID, MSNBC NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely. I was going to make
that point. Think about the spectacle of the chairman of the Republican
party, supposedly the head of the party, having to go hat in hand to one
out of 17 candidates, just the one, to his office, to the office with his
name on the front door, and have to go essentially begging, please don`t
destroy us by becoming a third party candidate. We want you in the party
so badly, we need to you take this magic marker and sign this paper. You
put the wrong date on it? Please, Mr. Trump, sign it again. I think it
makes the party look incredibly needy. They`re so worried about him.
They`re not going to Jeb Bush`s office and asking him to sign anything.

So I think that this just doubles down on the power that Trump has. You
look at that Monmouth poll. He is at 30 percent. With the actions today,
he might be as well be at 60 percent, the way they are treating him.

SHARPTON: You know, Richard, Trump attacked Jeb Bush today after Bush
criticized him this morning. I want to play part of what Bush said.


JEB BUSH (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think Donald Trump is trying to
insult his way to the presidency and it isn`t going to work. People want
an uplifting hopeful message.


SHARPTON: You know, I noticed this afternoon, Bush tweeted this picture at
Trump of a paper he signed that says, voted Republican since 1972.
Meaning, he doesn`t need to sign a pledge.

Richard, is Bush cut out for a Trump twitter war?

WOLFFE: No, he`s not. He`s also turns out not cut out for a viral video
with Stephen Colbert either. You know, it does feel sad, honestly, that
Jeb Bush who is an accomplished former governor, very thoughtful about
policy, is trying to play at this level.

For a start, what Trump is tapping into isn`t just being unconventional
anti-establishment, it is that reform message that he is bringing, really
weirdly lately. I mean, the reform message is I`m so rich I cannot be

Somehow, Jeb Bush has to get in to that. He has to understand that that is
seen as being hopeful and positive to people who are disillusioned by
politics and disillusioned by the establishment. So saying you`ve been a
lifelong Republican is no stamp of approval. If he wants to get his own
certificate saying that he should run for president, then it is going to
have to be as the outsider, the person who can clean things up and that
Donald Trump isn`t up to the job because he`s fake. That`s the argument
Jeb Bush needs to make.

SHARPTON: You don`t know the interesting part about this, Joy, is Trump
signed the pledge today. But just weeks ago, he talked about how good he
is at getting out of contracts. Listen to this.


TRUMP: You know, I`ve taken over some bad contracts. I buy contracts with
people who people who screwed up and they have bad contracts. But I`m
really good at looking at a contract and finding things within a contract
that even they`re bad. I would police that contract so tough that they
don`t have a chance as bad as the contract is. I will be so tough on that


SHARPTON: So, is there any reason to believe that he is going on stick to
this pledge with the GOP given his own assessment of how he can get out and
wiggle out of a contract?

REID: Right. And this isn`t even a contract. This is just a pinky swear
promise that some people have been describing it on Twitter. So, of
course, if he decided that circumstances changed, because remember, he said
all he got was that they are going to be nice to him. They are going to
treat him well. Or he can decide at any moment, they`re not being nice to
me anymore. So hey, I had to walk out of it.

And his supporters are so beholden to him, are so devoted to him, I don`t
think they would care. I don`t think he would pay a price if he tore this
supposed contract up and just decided, they are not being nice to me. I`m
going to run any way.

SHARPTON: You know, Richard, I want to go back to what you said about his
gain as a reform as an outsider sought as a right wing populist.


SHARPTON: Because when you look at this poll, Ben Carson has also soared.
And I want to get to that. But you know what is something that has
occurred to me, you and I both live in New York most of the time, we`re not
on the road. The place where he has these press conferences, his
headquarters, where he`s doing all these interviews, is the Trump towers.
And they have the shops downstairs, which are all signature shops,
including Tiffany`s and then you have the building.

I wonder if the people supporting him out there understand that they
couldn`t afford to go into the Trump towers and go shopping, and none of
them could afford to buy a condo in his building. I mean, I don`t
understand why his opponents are not really just walking around his
headquarters where he is standing now and holding all of these interviews
on these stations, and say, the average one that thinks he is speaking for
them couldn`t afford to come in here and buy anything.

WOLFFE: Right, Rev. But you`re approaching it as the Reverend Al
Sharpton, lifelong Democrat who understands what it feels like for people
at the lower end of the scale.

SHARPTON: But Iowan Republicans would be amazed what you need to go
shopping with.

WOLFFE: What they are seeing and what they are aspiring to is the wealth
that he boasts about. He is an aspirational figure. That`s again what Jeb
Bush doesn`t understand either. And that`s what someone like, you know,
Sylvia Velez (INAUDIBLE) had in Italy. I`m outrageous. I`m larger than
life. I say crazy things but you want to be like me. I am successful. I
am owned by no one. I know how corrupt the system is because I corrupted
it myself. That`s his message. And there is an aspirational part of that
which may be crude. Is it any more crude than what we`ve seen out of
Congress for the last eight, ten years?

SHARPTON: It says something about whether he can empathize. When you look
at the poll, and the person that may be able to come down with a different
kind of message is Dr. Ben Carson. Trump crushes Jeb Bush, 56-37. But if
Trump, according to this poll, same poll, if Trump were face off against
Ben Carson, Carson would beat him, 55-36. Should Trump be worried about
Ben Carson, Joy?

REID: Well, I mean, I think that Ben -- not necessarily. Because I think
what Ben Carson is doing is giving you essentially the same messages. Ben
Carson has some incredibly extreme views but they`re wrapped in what Trump
would call a low energy style, right? His style is much more sort of
orbain (ph) and sort of less (INAUDIBLE) and less bombastic. But he is
still giving Republicans or conservatives the same kind of views.

Interestingly enough when I was flying back here to New York from Atlanta,
on the plane, there was a gentleman sitting a few rows ahead, older
gentleman who would be in the Trump demographic white older gentleman and
he was reading Ben Carson`s book. I think a lot of conservatives, they
like what Trump is saying. But if they still want an outsider, but they
want someone in their minds who is the flip side of Barack Obama, Ben
Carson fits the bill.

SHARPTON: Richard Wolffe and Joy Reid, thank you both for your time.

REID: And by the way, Rev., I just have to say really quickly. I want to
say congratulations on four years of "Politics Nation." You know, when you
pass the switch to the congregation, a lot of congregation to the new
church, I`ll be there at the new church on Sunday mornings. And so, you
got me in the front pew.

SHARPTON: And Sunday mornings is where people should go to the pew. Don`t

REID: Amen.

WOLFFE: Thank you, Rev.

SHARPTON: Coming up, a human rights crisis brings the world to tears.
What should be done about it?

Also, big legal news about the alleged killer in the Charleston massacre.

And the White House reacts to that clerk who refused on obey the law on gay


applies to the president of the United States and that applies to the
county clerk.


SHARPTON: And new signs the ice bucket challenge may have led to a medical

Much more ahead. Stay with us.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Meanwhile, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker said that he
thinks only 12 states will decide the presidential election. And if Trump
wins those 12 states will include shock, confusion, outrage, despair,
denial, anger, bargaining and finally acceptance.



SHARPTON: Breaking news, a South Carolina prosecutor said she will seek
the death penalty against the man accused of killing nine people in a South
Carolina church. 21-year-old Dylan Roof faces nine counts of murder and
federal hate crime charges. Investigators say he gunned down nine people
inside a Charleston church in June. They had welcomed him into their bible

Whether you support the death penalty or oppose it like I oppose it, there
is something important to remember here. We should think did b the
families of the victim and the Grace they showed to Roof in the days right
after the shooting.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I forgive you. You took something really precious.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I forgive you. My family forgives you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have killed some of the most precious people I`ve
known. May God have mercy on you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Their legacies will live in love so hate won`t win.



SHARPTON: Today the county clerk from Kentucky who refused to grant same
sex marriage licenses is in jail. Today, a judge ruled Kim Davis in
contempt of court and turned her over to federal marshals. The jail just
posted her booking photo. Davis told the judge that she cannot separate
herself from something in her heart and soul. But the judge says Davis
took an oath that she must uphold.

After the hearing, one woman who has been denied a license multiple times
by the clerk`s office, said she looks forward to finally getting it.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re going to the courthouse tomorrow on get our
marriage license. We`re very excited about that. Again, we`re saddened by
the fact that Miss Davis has been incarcerated. We look forward to
tomorrow as a couple. It will be a very important day in our lives.


SHARPTON: A lawyer for Davis call this a violation of her religious


MAT STAVIER, KIM DAVIS` ATTORNEY: To not issue a license that conflicts
with her Christian values and beliefs, regarding marriage, that has her
name as the authority on it. She may be jailed but her conscience remains


SHARPTON: Today, five of her six deputy clerks said they were willing to
issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. The one who said no is her
son, though he is not being held in contempt. This debate is spreading
across the country even to the White House. A spokesman weigh in the late


EARNEST: Every public official in our democracy is subject to the rule of
law. No one is above the law. That applies to the president of the United
States. And that applies to the county clerk in Roanoke, Kentucky as well.


SHARPTON: Joining me now is Evan Wolfson, the founder of the group,
Freedom to Marry. He`s been a central figure in the national fight for
same-sex marriage for years. Thank you for being here, Evan.


SHARPTON: Some critics of Davis worried that jailing her would make her a
martyr. Do you have that concern?

WOLFSON: I do think it is unfortunate that there is this whole side show,
particularly when this is such an isolated incident. But this clerk really
left the judge no choice. She flouted the rule of the court. She flouted
the law, she flouted the command of the Supreme Court and she is insulting
not only the gay couple who`s live in her county, but the entire population
by refusing to do her job. She is not issuing marriage licenses to anyone.
The court had no choice. That is unfortunate. But it is important in
America that we uphold the rule of law.

SHARPTON: Now, after the win in the Supreme Court, did you expect to see
fights like this break out across the country?

WOLFSON: Actually, what has happened since the Supreme Court ruling is
pretty much what I expected, which is that the American people have
embraced this decision. 99.9999 percent of public officials are following
the law. Couples are getting married. This is just an isolated instance
of out and grand standing by one clerk and there may be a few copycats here
and there. It is a big country. Occasionally there is this kind of thing.
But by and large, what we`ve seen is the American people have seen this is
a good thing and have embraced it. And even some people who may not agree
have agreed that we have to follow the law.

SHARPTON: I want to read something the judge said. Quote, I myself have
genuinely held religious beliefs. I took an oath. Isn`t that the real
central issue here, Evan? That she took an oath to uphold the law? I
mean, I look at it this way. I have engaged, as you know, in civil
disobedience in my life. And I`ve gone to jail, 90 days in (INAUDIBLE),
Puerto Rico other places, 30 days. But I was not one that had taken an
oath to enforce the law. I made a conscience decision as others have. She
is one that took an oath to uphold the law. She was not a protester of
some grievance that decided to engage in civil disobedience and take a
punishment here.

WOLFSON: No. You are exactly right. Nobody walked into her home and said
you have to send me a wedding present. People walk into the county clerk`s
officer and said to the clerk, you must give us a marriage license which is
your duty and you took an oath to the constitution, a solemn oath to obey
the law and she is refusing to apply the law. Not only to the gay couples
but to everyone who lives in her county. That is not acceptable. Public
officials especially must follow the law.

SHARPTON: Wouldn`t it have been a different kind of statement if she said,
well, I in good conscience can`t do this. Therefore I resign and I`m not
going on hold this position because I refuse to enforce this law than to
say, I`m going to hold this position, take the oath of office, but decide
which laws I`m going to enforce or not enforce or abide by while I hold
this position, that I`ve taken the oath to uphold?

WOLFSON: That`s exactly right. She is entitled to her beliefs. No one is
telling her what she can believe or what she can say or what she can think.
But what she is not entitled to do is to impose those beliefs on the people
who she is being paid to serve. She is drawing a taxpayer salary. She has
taken an oath to follow the lawful it is her job to follow the law. And we
can`t have a country. We can`t have the rule of law if we start allowing
every single person to just take their personal views and throw the law out
the window.

SHARPTON: Evan Wolfson, thank you for your time tonight.

WOLFSON: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Ahead, Chris Christie takes on a new opponent.

Plus, Donald Trump doubles down on his new speak English campaign.

But first, leave it to Sesame Street to put it all in perspective. Here`s
a look back at the character Donald grump.


Donald grump happens to have the most trash of any grouch in the world.

Yes. He`s loaded with trash.

You`d better fire us.

Nope, I`m not going to fire you. I`ll never find helpers as rotten as you

If you won`t fire us, we have just one thing to say to you. Scram! You`re



SHARPTON: "Politics Nation" viewers know in every show we like the
highlight hypocrisy. Guess what, today New Jersey governor Chris Christie
did our work for us. When talking about climb change during a recent town
hall, Governor Christie, take it away.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So you said that you mean what you say but on August
4th, here in New Hampshire at one of our town meetings, you said that
humans contribute to climate change by breathing.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you really believe that humans exhaling carbon
dioxide contributes to climate change?

CHRISTIE: Listen, give me my microphone back. I never -- I know you
really care about this subject. But you know what? The first thing you
need to do is not be wrong and not quote me incorrectly. I never said that
humans contribute to climate change by breathing. I don`t care what day
you say it was. I never said it. What I said -- were you there?


CHRISTIE: And you heard that.

Well, you need on clean out your ears then, young lady because here`s what
I said. Humans contribute to climate change. And I said, I don`t know how
much they contribute to it. But I never said that humans contribute to
climate change by breathing. Ridiculous statement and never said it. And
since we film every one of these, I would be happy to go back and give you
the tape from August 4th so you can re-listen.


SHARPTON: Don`t worry, governor. We did the work for you. Let`s have a
look at the video from August 4th.


CHRISTIE: Because let me tell you, the climate has been changing forever
and it will always continue to change. Does human activity contribute? Of
course it does. We all contribute to it in one way or another. By
breathing we contribute to it. And by driving our cars and by doing other
things in our society we contribute to it.


SHARPTON: The tape doesn`t lie, governor. It looks like this one is
signed, sealed and delivered. Nice try. But we got you.


SHARPTON: Tragic scenes unfolding across Europe today as the migrant
crisis in several nations grow more critical. This video shot by "The New
York Times" shows a group of Syrian refugees, including children, hoping to
cross the border from Serbia into Hungary. Instead, they`re sprayed by
police with something that burns their eyes before police turn and drive
away. They`re just a few of the hundreds of thousands of migrants trying
to escape war torn nations, seeking refuge in Europe. The tragedy of the
crisis has been captured in one photo. And we want to warn you, the photo
is disturbing. This is a picture of a Turkish police officer, carrying the
body of a three-year-old Syrian boy who drowned with his mother and
brother, trying to reach the shores of Greece. Today his father described
the trek that left his family dead.


He says they went into the sea for four minutes. And then the captain saw
that the waves are so high, they were hit immediately. The captain
panicked and dived into the sea. This man took over and started steering.
The waves were so high and the boat flipped. He took his wife and his kids
into his arms. And he realized that they were all dead. Now, all he wants
to do is sit next to the grave of his wife and children.


SHARPTON: Families are risking their lives for the hope of a better
future. This video from outside Budapest, Hungary, shows a man who threw
himself, his wife and his baby on to train tracks to avoid being sent to a
detention camp. He desperately tries to hold on to his wife, clenching
onto her jacket with his teeth as authorities try to pull him away.

NBC`s Richard Engel is reporting live in Hungary. Richard, what was the
scene like today?

it with that man who threw himself and dragged his wife and his baby on to
train tracks. Those are the train tracks where I am right now. What
happened here began several hours ago. These trains like the one behind me
are considered life lines for the refugees. They want to get on the trains
and they hope they will to go northern Europe. They want to go to Germany,
they want to go to Scandinavia. And this morning, thousands of people were
crowded at the Budapest train station. This train rolled in. It was

People thought that this train would bring them closer to Germany and
that`s where many of the refugees want to go. They climbed on. They
thought they were heading toward Germany ultimately and then the train made
an unexpected stop. It stopped where I am right now, it`s just about 45
minutes outside of Budapest. When the train pulled up into this station,
riot police were waiting for the train at the platform. Another train was
also waiting here. The non-migrant, the non-refugee passengers on the
train, that is to say, the passengers with papers, were off loaded. They
were put on another train which continued on to their destination.

And then the riot police tried to take the migrants and refugees off of
this train. Usher them into buses and take them to containment camps. The
migrants and refugees refused. A stand-off has been continuing all day.
And many of them are still inside the train, refusing to get off. Because
they don`t want to be taken into any internment camps. They want to
continue to be taken toward the border and then to move on. They home to
arrive in Germany. So this stand-off like that horrific picture you just
showed encapsulates the difficulties that the migrants are facing. These
people thought they were on a train to the border. Forty five minutes
outside Budapest, the train was stopped surrounded by police and they were
ordered to get off and they refused.

SHARPTON: Now, how is the image of that drowned little boy shaping public
opinion there in Europe?

ENGEL: Well, it is very different, depending on which country you`re
talking about. In Germany, Germany has been perceived to have a very
generous policy. Wanting to receive hundreds of thousands of migrants and
refugees. And is generally considered the most open door policy. If you
look at the British Press today, the British government said, it would take
in more refugees after that terrible photo emerged. After the image of
literally a Syrian boy washing up dead on to the beach because he wanted to
have a better life. Here in Hungary however, the government is taking a
much harder line. This is a more right wing government, a center right
government which is in a coalition with other more extreme groups. It is
taken a very anti-immigration policy and it is positioning itself to be the
safeguards of Europe. That it is the front door to Europe. And Hungary
today is trying to show the rest of Europe that it is locking that door.

SHARPTON: NBC`s Richard Engel, thank you for your reporting tonight.

When we return -- Donald Trump doubled down on his new message about
speaking English. Driving the GOP further to the right on immigration.


SHARPTON: Any moment, Jeb Bush will take the stage at a town hall meeting
in New Hampshire. Will he respond to Donald Trump`s latest digs at him on
immigration? One day after blasting Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish, Trump
doubled down this afternoon.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: When you get right down to it,
we`re a nation that speaks English. And I think while we`re in this
nation, we should be speaking English. And that`s how assimilation takes.
And that`s how, I mean whether people like it or not, that`s how we
assimilate and that`s how we go to that next phase and that next stage.
And that`s how people that don`t speak, and I`m not just talking about
Spanish. I`m talking about from various parts of the world. That`s how
they will become successful and do great. So I think it is more
appropriate to be speaking English.


SHARPTON: Earlier in the day, Jeb Bush struck a very different tone when
addressing the same issue. And slammed Trump along the way.


GOV. JEB BUSH (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: People come to this country to
pursue their dreams. Sometimes they start without speaking English. But
they learn English and they add vitality to our country. And the fact that
he would say you can only speak English is kind of ridiculous if you think
about it. This is a diverse country. We should celebrate that diversity
and embrace a set of shared values. And Mr. Trump doesn`t believe in those
shared values. He wants to tear us down. He doesn`t believe in tolerance.
He doesn`t believe in the things that have created the greatness of this


SHARPTON: Bottom line, Jeb Bush is being forced to have a discussion about
whether it is okay to speak Spanish. And for that, he has got one person
to thank or blame.


TRUMP: If I didn`t bring up the subject of illegal immigration, you
wouldn`t be asking the question, nobody would even be talking about
immigration, and immigration and in particular, illegal immigration has
become a very big factor. If I didn`t bring it up, immigration would not
even be a subject that we`re talking about. And it happens to be a very
important subject.


SHARPTON: Joining me now are Dorian Warren and Clarissa Martinez-de-
Castro, Vice president of the National Council of La Raza. Thanks for
being here.


Thank you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Clarissa, what do you make of Trump saying it is, quote, "more
appropriate to speak English"?

MARTINEZ-DE-CASTRO: You know, I`m always fascinated by how somebody can
turn a statement that is a positive and brandish it as a negative. The
reality is that all immigrants in this country want to learn English. And
history and statistics show that all immigrants do just that. I am proof
of that. When I came to this country, I didn`t know how to speak English.
I`ve learned it along the way. That is history of this country. The
problem with statements like, Mr. Trump`s, is that what they are trying to
do is make people fearful as if immigrants today were any different and
were not learning English. Saying that people should learn English is like
saying that water is wet. The problem I have is that he is trying to paint
it as a negative and to paint immigrants as a negative. When there is no
such thing and no argument to be had about that.

SHARPTON: Dorian, isn`t that the real point? That no one is saying that
immigrants are not learning English. But he condemned Jeb Bush who
obviously speaks English for also speaking Spanish, and we have always
said, it is the right thing to do for Americans because we are such a
global community. To be able to reach out and communicate with others in
their native language. It does not mean they do not learn English.
There`s a lot of they`re different than us kind of bias being suggested

WARREN: That`s right. And in fact, Jeb Bush has said that he speaks more
Spanish at home than he does English. And hey, fun facts for Donald Trump.
English is not the official language actually of the United States, despite
conservatives attempting to make it so for decades now. But here`s the
other thing, Reverend Al. Just yesterday, a new "Washington Post" ABC News
poll came out and despite what Mr. Trump thinks about Latinos in this
country, eight out of 10 have an unfavorable view of him. Eight out of 10.
He is taking the Republican Party off a cliff to death, essentially.

Because we know Latinos are the largest growing demographic in this
country. We know that this country would be majority of people of color by
2044. That has the littoral and political implications. So, Donald Trump
is actually taking the Republican Party of this demographic cliff.


WARREN: This is the last gasp of white votes in terms of 2016 election
that could potentially, and the numbers still don`t add up actually for the
Republicans in terms of presidential elections. But he is really dog
whistling and dog barking as loud as he can to demonize people of color
particularly in this case Latinos to try to win votes. And by 2020, the
Republican Party will have to look around and see if they`re even a
relevant as a party.

SHARPTON: But Clarissa, even broadened it. Because he is specifically
said, I`m not just talking about Spanish, I am talking about all
immigrants. So, if he`s saying now, that people that may speak their
native language or not even theirs but not of their grandparents of parents
at home that is inappropriate, even though they are fluent in English or
maybe learning English. I mean, what message are we sending when we say

MARTINEZ-DE-CASTRO: I think the most important thing here is to peel back,
what is he trying to do. The unfortunate thing is that in American
politics, we often see many opportunists` politicians who try to feel fear,
anxiety, to try to distract us away from what if any real solutions they
are proposing or to try to win points by turning us against each other.
Not only are candidates spending most of the time attacking each other.
Now they`re attacking us voters too. The reality is a distraction.
Because what are the solutions? And we as voters, I think, deserve better
candidates but need to educate and force candidates to be better and not be
distracted by this kind of rhetoric.

I don`t think that anybody doubts that the language that the United States
speaks is English. You can look at the United Nations. But I think that
it is ludicrous to have a conversation where you`re putting down people who
speak multiple language, when we live in a global economy. You cannot do
this, we should not allow this kind of conversation to continue to divide
Americans from each other. And frankly, where it comes to Latino voters, I
think that what Trump is intent on doing this, that every time he opens his
mouth, the distance between the Republican Party and the Latino population,
the Latino-Americans, fellow Americans of Latino origins, that distance
just grows bigger.

SHARPTON: And it seems that Dorian that it has been for decades now, the
American way to teach, Americans that are English speak everything from
birth, how to reach out and become more rounded educators by learning other
languages. When I went to school which was years before you did, we were
given Spanish classes, French classes in public schools. I mean, how all
of a sudden that is it inappropriate to use those languages? And how does
it threaten your English speaking?

WARREN: Or, you know, or frankly, Mr. Trump`s wife who is an immigrant as
I understand it. Right? Is he suggesting she should speak her native
tongue with her family members? This is a series, he could be having a
serious discussion about education policy, about the need to be a
multilingual population. You`re absolutely right Reverend Al. We now have
a public education system that offers multiple languages for our young
people to be more global citizens in the world. And if Mr. Trumps wants to
take a position on that, should we yanked other languages from other
schools? Shall we deprive young people from having the ability to speak
multiple languages? I wish he would come out and say specifically. That
actually would be a policy stance that he would be taking instead of
insults at his fellow candidates.

SHARPTON: Dorian Warren and Clarissa Martinez-de-Castro, thank you both
for your time.

WARREN: Thank you, Reverend Al.

MARTINEZ-DE-CASTRO: Thank you, Reverend.

SHARPTON: Next week, we`ll see a big political fight in Congress over
President Obama`s Iran deal. Lawmakers must vote to authorize the deal by
September 17. Before that, on Tuesday, former Vice President Dick Cheney
will give a speech opposing the deal. Earlier today on my radio show,
keeping it real with Reverend Al Sharpton, I spoke with Secretary of State
John Kerry. I asked him what he thinks about people like Cheney saying
this deal strengthens Iran in the Middle East.


JOHN KERRY, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: That`s very ironic coming from a guy
who invaded Iraq. If you want to talk about strengthening Iran, go back
and look at what happened in the Iraq war, the decision Cheney made. And
particularly, how wrong he was about what he said about them possessing
weapons of mass destruction. So I really don`t listen very carefully to
that particular judgment, if you want to know the truth. The fact is that
Iran will have to live up to these agreements.


SHARPTON: The Iran deal will be a big issue in the coming days. But we
know President Obama has the votes in the Senate to move forward.

Coming up, all the great highlights from President Obama`s historic trip to

Plus, it`s been one year since the ice bucket challenge blew up the
internet. Today, there are signs that this activism may have helped lead
to a medical breakthrough.


SHARPTON: It was all in the name of climate change. President Obama`s
historic three-day trip in Alaska had a real purpose. Fighting global
warming. But the President had some fun along the way, too. He traveled
to places no president has ever been. Going north of the Arctic Circle.
He did things with social media no president has done. Taking selfies in
the mountains, and don`t forget the dancing, and the dogs.


PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: Hi, everybody. We`re at Kenai
Fjord National Glacier Park. And behind me is one of the most visited
glaciers in Alaska.


SHARPTON: The entire trip went smoothly, virtually hitch-free. Until one
funny moment with a salmon. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh-oh! He`s spawning.

OBAMA: Did you see that? That got on my shoes. She said he was happy to
see me.



SHARPTON: President Obama having some fun while calling attention to the
environment. And the need to preserve it.


OBAMA: And for many of those Alaskans, it is no longer a question if
they`ll going relocate but when. And think about it. If another country
threatened to wipe out an American town, we would do everything in our
power to protect it. Well, climate change poses the same threat right now.



SHARPTON: Finally a movement that took over social media last year. It
was everywhere. You know what I`m talking about.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am ready for the ice now.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hold up. Don`t do it until I said.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I do not think it is presidential for me to be splashed
with ice water.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s ice in this bucket!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. There is ice in there. So, be careful --
don`t like slam it on my head.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One, two, three!


SHARPTON: The goal of the ice bucket challenge is to raise money to
research A.L.S. and Lou Gehrig`s disease. And it did. The ALS
Associations says, it raised $115 million in just six weeks. And now
there`s evidence that it made a difference. Leading to a major
breakthrough. It is very early but it sounds promising. Doctors found a
key protein that can help damaged cells return back to normal. It is a big
deal. People jumped into action because of the ice bucket challenge and
researchers say, because of it, they were able to speed up their work and
it is paying off. There were doubters who called this movement stupid,
labeling it armchair activism.

But today, Nick Christoph in the New York Times writes, quote, "Think of
armchair activism as a gateway drug. It exposes people to causes and
sometimes gets them hooked. And white it doesn`t always solve problems, it
tends to build awareness of crisis." And that`s what activism is. It may
not solve problems, but it dramatizes and exposes problems. And where
there is arm trail or streets or platforms a pulpit, if someone does not
expose the problem, no one will go forward to try to solve them.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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