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'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Friday, September 18th, 2015

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Date: September 18, 2015
Guest: Paul Rieckhoff, Jason Smith

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC HOST, ALL IN: That is all for this evening. "The
Rachel Maddow Show" starts right now.

Good evening, Rachel.

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: Good evening, Chris. Happy Friday.

HAYES: Happy Friday.

MADDOW: And thanks you to you at home for joining us this hour. We`ve got
a big show tonight.

Paul Rieckhoff is here from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Paul
is here live and in person. You may remember earlier this week here on
this show we were first to report on the sketchiness of the supposed
veterans fund-raiser that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump
did on that decommissioned battleship earlier this week. Specifically, we
were first to report that the group Donald Trump was raising money for that
night did not actually appear to be a group of veterans.

Our initial reporting on that has now been followed up by the "Associated
Press," by CNN, by local media where this veterans group is headquartered
in South Dakota. And over the course of this week that story has gotten
sort of deeper and deeper and worse and worse. It is starting to turn into
what I think is a legitimate scandal for the fairly bulletproof campaign of
the Republican presidential front-runner.

But for the first time tonight we`ve actually obtained from the Trump
campaign their explanation of what they thought they were doing on that
battleship and who they thought they were raising money for and where the
money went. They have not previously explained that all this week as the
story has unfolded, but tonight they have given us their explanation. It
is fairly amazing. And that is ahead. We`re going to be talking about
that and other veterans` issues with Paul Rieckhoff. I`m very much looking
forward to that.

But before we get to that conversation, frankly the news has been breaking
fast and weird all day long today. There`s a lot of it to get to just
because I`m not sure you will have heard all of these stories and any one
of them could end up being important in the long run. A lot of it is on
the surface important. A lot of it mostly seems important to me right now
because it`s just so strange. And we`re going to have to start way very
strange story in politics that you have probably not heard today in part
because it`s out of Vermont.

Vermont, not exactly a swing state. It`s not really seen as part of
battleground 2016. But, you know, every place in the country is starting
to get polls now in the presidential race, in part because the presidential
race is in such chaos. So since polls are being done everywhere, a new
presidential poll has just been done in Vermont. The results are not at
all what you would expect.

First of all, Jeb Bush does pretty well. I mean, for Jeb Bush right now
getting six percent is a pretty good result. Doing better than Jeb,
though, is Scott Walker. And that must be really nice for the Scott Walker
campaign because he could use some good news right now. He`s bottoming out
everywhere now, including nationally, including in Iowa where he really
needs to do well. In the great state of Vermont at least Scott Walker is
doing better than Jeb Bush. He`s at eight percent in Vermont.

Above Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, though, there is a three-way tie for first
place among Republican voters in that state. So it`s Jeb in fifth place,
Scott Walker in fourth place, and then three candidates are tied for first
place for the Republican nomination for president and those three
candidates are Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders.

This is the Republican vote. I mean, among Democratic voters in his home
state Bernie Sanders has a 51-point lead over Hillary Clinton. But he`s in
first place on the Republican side too. He`s at least tied for first on
the Republican side. And I know everybody`s a hero in his own hometown.
But that is freaking -- that is a freaking transcendently weird poll
result, right?

Bernie Sanders tied for first place for the Republican nomination for
president. Pinch me. But that is not even the weirdest political news
today. I hereby submit that this is even weirder. And I swear this is a
thing I did not make up.

Rand Paul`s national political director now says he is pressing criminal
charges against Marco Rubio`s deputy campaign manager because he says Marco
Rubio`s deputy national campaign manager punched him in the face in a bar
fight in Michigan last night. Yes, before you ask, there is surveillance
camera video of the not very impressive punch. It`s not exactly "down goes
Frazier" or anything. But the guy who got punched, Rand Paul`s national
political director, who is also his chief strategist in the state of
Michigan, he is not taking this lightly.

After the punch was thrown he got on Facebook and wrote this. Quote "Marco
Rubio`s national campaign manager," he meant deputy campaign manager,
"literally physically assaulted me by punching me in the face."

National journal now reports that same guy, the punchee, he also last night
after the fight emailed Marco Rubio`s national campaign manager to tell him
what had just happened. At 12:51 a.m., he sent this email to Marco Rubio`s
campaign manager. Quote "hey, man, you`d better wake up. Beeson," who is
Rich Beeson, Marco Rubio`s deputy campaign manager, the he says threw the
punch. "Beeson punched me in the face. Cops involved."

Six minutes later at 12:57 a.m., he got a response from Marco Rubio`s
campaign manager. Quote "well, if you were talking bleep I`m glad he did.
Besides, we need more space and we want to take over your townhouse when
Rand is done."

The following morning, this morning with Marco Rubio`s campaign manager
apparently had second thoughts about that initial response. The "National
Journal" reports that he sent another email to the same guy, to the
punchee, saying quote "I assumed you were kidding when you sent this last
night. Guess I was wrong. Sorry. I didn`t realize it was a real

Local police are apparently now investigating this bar fight. Rand Paul`s
political director says he does want to press charges. But the local
prosecutor will have to decide if criminal charges are going to be brought
against Marco Rubio`s deputy miss campaign manager.

But this is now a thing between the Marco Rubio for president campaign and
the Rand Paul for president campaign. This guy who got punched from the
Rand Paul campaign is publicly calling on Marco Rubio to fire his deputy
campaign manager over this rather pitiful altercation. I told you today`s
news was weird.

The reason these two charming young men were in that bar in Michigan on
Mackinaw Island last night is because this weekend is one of those
Republican presidential candidate cattle calls where all the candidates are
expected to show up and give speeches.

Interestingly, although Marco Rubio apparently sent his deputy campaign
manager up there and his deputy campaign manager was fired up enough to
allegedly be throwing punches in a bar at political rivals, Marco Rubio
himself is not due to speak at this Michigan event.

Rand Paul is, though. Rand Paul has the plum closing keynote speaking spot
tomorrow night. It has been reported that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker
used to also have a really good plum speaking spot at this Michigan event
this weekend but he moved it to an early morning breakfast speech tomorrow
instead so he could make more time in his campaign schedule to be in Iowa.

Scott Walker`s candidacy, as I mentioned earlier, really does seem to be
falling off a cliff now after another forgettable debate performance by
Governor Walker, after continued bad numbers in the polls. Governor Walker
made a really interesting admission to MSNBC`s Kasie Hunt about how his
campaign is having to change course now and what they see as their last
lifeline for trying to keep his presidential hopes afloat.


take any additional steps to get your campaign back where it needs to be?
Do you need to shake up your staff? Do you need to make any changes in how
your campaign`s being run?

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The biggest thing for us is
getting back to the basics. Getting in Iowa, in the early states. But
really, we announced the other day 99 county chairs. We`re going to be
organized by the precinct.

HUNT: So it`s Iowa or bust for you.

WALKER: I think we`re putting all our eggs in the basket of Iowa. We`re
committed to Iowa.


MADDOW: We`re putting all our eggs in a basket of Iowa. I would love a
basket of Iowa. Strategically, though, that`s the sort of thing that you
really let other people say about you. You let sort of pundits say. Oh,
Scott Walker better do well in Iowa or he`s toast.

You don`t usually say it about yourself because then you really get
yourself in a box, right? I mean, if for some reason you don`t do well in
Iowa and you`ve just told the press my eggs are in that basket, well, then
it`s going to be really hard to explain why you`re going to keep going at
that point.

I mean, if that is in fact where all your proverbial eggs are, then if
Scott Walker does poorly in Iowa, he`s basically saying now publicly there
won`t even be a New Hampshire for him, that`ll be it. That`s not the sort
of situation you want to get yourself into strategically. But Scott Walker
has not been the most disciplined talker on this campaign. Currently for
the record regardless of where his eggs are Scott Walker is polling at an
average of less than five percent in Iowa. And so, if he`s admitting that
he has to win there or that`s it, that is not a good place for him to be
and that is not a good strategy for him to be admitting.

Scott Walker`s not the only one, though. A lot of people are struggling
right now. It made for some more weird news right now. Rick Santorum
right now is polling at less than two percent in Iowa even though he won
Iowa in 2012. Rick Santorum is at the point, especially after he also made
no hay at the kids` table debate Wednesday night. He`s at the point where
he knows he needs to be reassuring people that he`s not dropping out of the

Rick Santorum today to that end I think sent out a big splashy press
announcement about some totally uninteresting non-notable campaign hires.
This is basically Rick Santorum getting up on his tip toes and saying "not
dead, not dead."

Jeb Bush is supposed to be top of the heap at this point in the race but he
is also struggling in his own way after mixed reviews on his debate
performance Wednesday night. The Jeb Bush presidential campaign announced
that their candidate would be holding a rally, a Jeb Bush for president
rally. Not a town hall, not a speech, not a meet and greet but a rally for
him in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the turnout for his big rally. Which
just has to be -- I mean, has to be demoralizing for the candidate if
nothing else, right? Mr. Bush did try to put as much of a happy face as he
could on it.


JEB BUSH (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I appreciate you coming out. At
3:00 in the afternoon, there`s other things that are going on. I saw that
the schools are emptying out with the kids and that there`s a lot of
activities here. You could be doing other things.


MADDOW: Most people were doing other things. But a handful of them did go
out to see Jeb Bush. They shouldn`t have called it a rally.

Republican candidates also did another big cattle call today in South
Carolina. A six-hour-long marathon event put on by a conservative activist
group called heritage action. Forgive the Donald Trump phrasing but it was
a mostly low-energy affair. I think that was in part because the
candidates were not allowed to be on stage with each other at the same
time. They just had to go one after the other separately.

For some candidates, though, that suits them. Ben Carson is one of the
mellower candidates in any event in any format. He got a nice surprise
today when the crowd at this event in South Carolina decided to sing to
him. They sang very badly, but they meant well and it was very nice of
them. And then looking happier than I think he ever has on the campaign
trail, Ben Carson responded by making a funny. Ben Carson doesn`t usually
do this. But today he was all lit up. Pew, pew, pew.


BEN CARSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: First of all, thank you for
inviting me here on my birthday. And what a great birthday present.


CARSON: Thank you. I guess -- I guess the best birthday present is I
heard Donald Trump had dropped out. Oh, wait a minute. That was just for
today. No, just kidding. Actually --


MADDOW: Donald Trump did drop out of the race today, just for today. He
was supposed to speak at that same South Carolina event where Ben Carson
was having the time of his life. But Donald Trump`s campaign said very
close to the time he was supposed to be there that actually he wouldn`t be
appearing. He had an unforeseen business transaction which was kind of a
strange announcement.

NBC`s Katy Tur notes today this is actually the third time this week that
Donald Trump has canceled a previously planned something on the campaign
trail. Mr. Trump also had a press availability, a Q&A with reporters that
was scheduled in conjunction with his speech Monday night in Dallas. He
canceled that. He had another press availability scheduled in conjunction
with his ill-fated fake Veterans group fund-raiser on the decommissioned
battleship on Tuesday night. He also ended up canceling that event with
reporters. And now today this late announcement that he was canceling
today`s appearance in South Carolina.

And so there was a lot of speculation today that -- on what exactly is
going on with Donald Trump and why he pulled out so late from the South
Carolina event, which again wasn`t just a media event. This was supposed
to be in front of an audience in the state that goes third in the country,
South Carolina.

So speculation today that the reason Donald Trump got yanked off the
campaign trail today, the reason he decided not to show up, was because of
the bad reaction to the incident at his New Hampshire town hall last night
in which a questioner told Mr. Trump that President Obama is a Muslim and
that President Obama was not born in America and that Mr. Trump in fielding
that question did nothing to push back on those comments at all.

Mr. Trump was criticized pretty aggressively for that all day today. He
was criticized by all the democratic candidates for president. He was
criticized by a couple of the Republican candidates for president, Chris
Christie and Lindsey Graham both went after Donald Trump on how he handled

Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, went after Mr. Trump from
the White House press room podium at length today on that subject. So
there`s all this criticism of how that went. That led to all these
headlines today that maybe the reason Donald Trump was pulling back off the
campaign trail and not showing up in South Carolina was that he was so
stung by all this criticism.

I tend to think that Donald Trump is more like one of those bacteria that
eats radiation. You know what I mean? Like the idea that he`d be stung or
hurt by criticism. Criticism is the thing that gives him his life energy.
It`s what he lives for. I mean, getting scolded at length by the White
House from the White House press room briefing. I mean, are you kidding?
The White House spokesman talking about him for a long time? People saying
that he`s a bad guy and giving all these reasons why. I mean, that`s like
Christmas and Hanukkah and tooth fairy day all in one for a guy like Donald

It`s hard for me to believe that he`s pulling back because he`s been stung
by criticism. I hereby pause it that the reason Donald Trump might be
pulling back today is because he`s pooped, he`s tired.


to see on the $10 bill? Mr. Trump.

TRUMP: Well, because she`s been sitting for three hours, I think my
daughter Ivanka, who`s right here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: What have you learned after tonight?

TRUMP: Well, I`ve learned that I have no trouble standing for three hours.
And you know, that`s - I mean, literally, it must be a record. I hope that
the audience is OK, because I actually think it`s a little bit too long.

The one complaint would be it was a long debate. You know, to be three
hours has got to be a record. So I would say the one thing is it was very,
very long, three hours. It was a very long debate.

Can you believe this? That debate was three hours. It felt like more than


MADDOW: I think he`s pooped. I think running for president is hard. I
think maybe he just needed a day off. But the news did get just weird
today. Trump and otherwise. Mr. Trump is due to appear, I kid you not, at
a high school homecoming dance tomorrow in Urbandale, Iowa. We`ll see if
his business transaction is completed in time for him to make it. This is
in response to a twitter campaign run by the students of that high school
under the #presidance as in president come to our dance. They`re getting
Donald Trump to come speak to them tomorrow before they dance.

Mr. Trump`s own high school, the military-themed prep school he went to in
the 1960s which he says made him feel like he was in the military even
though he wasn`t, that high school has just gone bankrupt and has been put
up for sale. There was an ad for people who might want to buy it this week
in the "New York Times." You can buy Donald Trump`s high school this week
if you want to. Minimum bid, $9.5 million. OK.

Want to get weirder? There was also that weird story earlier this summer
where one of the super PACs supporting Ted Cruz inexplicably gave a half
million dollars to a group supporting Carly Fiorina. We couldn`t
understand at the time why one campaign would be funding another campaign.
Well, now it turns out in that very strange story the FEC is investigating
is that expenditure.

You know, today, I didn`t think anything could be weirder than Bernie
Sanders being tied for first place in the race for the Republican
nomination for president in one state. But almost everything else that
happened in politics today was as weird as that or even weirder which is
kind of awesome.

Today the news gods were a little drunk.


MADDOW: So we were first to report this week on the still unanswered
fairly troubling questions about Republican presidential front-runner
Donald Trump related specifically to this fund-raiser he held on Tuesday
night on a decommissioned battleship for what was described as a massive
Veterans organization. Mr. Trump called the group he was raising money for
a group with quote "hundreds of thousands of veterans" when really it
appears that this group is just this one person, this guy from South

Since then reporters from other news outlets have had lots of questions for
that one guy about his supposed group. But we have really wanted to know
what the Republican presidential front-runner was doing on that battleship
with that guy in the first place. What was that fund-raiser all about?
Was Donald Trump really sure it was a group of hundreds of thousands of
people even though it wasn`t? If he was misled, how was he misled? If he
wasn`t misled, was he in on it? And what happened to all the money?

Tonight we finally got the Trump campaign`s explanation of what happened
there. And that`s next.


MADDOW: Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson this week proposed
abolishing the VA. And whatever you think of the VA and the troubles the
VA has had in terms of wait times and other ways the VA has not served
veterans the way it should, veterans it turns out do not want to abolish
the VA. The leaders of the seven largest veterans organizations in the
country just were to Ben Carson telling him that they quote "vehemently
disagree" with his dangerous proposal to eliminate the department of
veterans affairs health care system for America`s veterans.

That seems like it`s worth talking about, right? I mean, I would love to
hear the guy who is running second for the Republican nomination for
president explain why the seven largest veterans` organizations in the
country say they vehemently disagree with his dangerous ideas for what he
wants to do to veterans. Alas, it did not come up at the debate.

What also did not come up was a pretty momentous thing that just happened
last month. Two women becoming the first female graduates ever to earn
their taps at U.S. army rangers school, a feat that seems to be paving the
way toward having the army, Navy, and air force open up all combat
positions to women. Turns out what it has also done is clear the way for
what`s turning out to be a conflict with the marine corps, between the
Marine Corps and the other branches.

Today, the Associated Press is reporting that despite what the other
branches of the military are saying they`re going to do the Marine Corps is
not planning on allowing women into combat roles. Talk about a political
hot issue. I mean, among these socially conservative Republican candidates
for president, almost none of whom have ever served in the military, it
would be fascinating to hear what they think about that. But that also
just didn`t come up.

The debate`s moderator, CNN`s Jake Tapper, actually ended up apologizing
semi-privately to some veterans and veterans` groups over twitter for not
addressing any of these issues during the debate. He said on twitter this
week, quote "veterans` issues were not discussed adequately last night and
I regret that deeply." He said, "I will try to up my game in interview.
It`s an important subject." He went so far as to call himself a very
flawed moderator. "My deepest apologies." It should be noted that I think
Jake Tapper was a very good moderator at that debate. And it should be
noted that he`s got a lot of credibility on the issues that matter to
veterans, on military issues. And he`s apologizing for not coming up in
the debate. But the fact that veterans` groups and veterans themselves
were willing to criticize him personally over that when he`s got so much
credibility on the issue shows you how much anger there is about the way
veterans` issues are being handled during this presidential campaign.

And the Republican front-runner for the presidency is the guy who has the
most to explain right now on an issue that`s sort of becoming an acute
scandal. For the first time tonight we are getting an explanation from the
Donald Trump campaign with about what Mr. Trump was doing on that
decommissioned battleship earlier this week, not talking about foreign
affairs, not talk about veterans` issues, but raising money for a group
with what he called hundreds of thousands of veterans.

Even though the group appears to be not a membership organization at all,
the IRS has revoked their non-profit status because they have not filed tax
returns in the past three years. And now not just us but a lot of other
media organizations are asking why Donald Trump got himself and his
presidential campaign hooked up with this group that was not what he said
it was. And now that leaves this lingering question of what happened to
the money?

Well, we finally got a partial explanation tonight, the best explanation
we`ve got so far from the Trump campaign as to what they thought was going
on. Mr. Trump`s spokesperson, Hope Hicks, has written us this tonight.
Quote "Mr. Trump was asked to speak as a guest at the veterans for a
stronger America event and as an ardent supporter of veterans and veterans`
causes he agreed to attend. Mr. Trump and the campaign had no knowledge of
any issues associated with the group or their chairman, Joel Arends, nor
does the campaign know what the group intends to do with the money raised
that night."

One quick note. They even got the name of the group wrong. The group is
not veterans for a stronger America. It is apparently veterans for a
strong America. Either way, Mr. Trump and his campaign say they had no
knowledge of any issues associated with the group and no idea of where the
money is going. In fact, we actually tried to really nail them down on
this. We asked them specific questions about what they knew and didn`t

We asked them specifically, did veterans for a strong America tell you
which group exactly would benefit from the ticket sales? Was it Joel
Arends`s non-profit or was it Joel Arends`s PAC? Did they tell you? The
answer from the Trump campaign, no.

We asked them further, how much money did the event raise? The answer from
the Trump campaign, please ask veterans for a strong America. We asked
them further, did they tell you what they would use the money to do?
Answer, no.

But the candidate went out there and did it anyway and said they had
hundreds of thousands of members. The presidential campaign so far on the
Republican side has provided 11 hours of nationally televised debate time.
Obviously, that affords an opportunity to talk about lots of really big
issues. But so far when it comes to America`s veterans and a lot of really
acute and fascinating issues surrounding the U.S. military and America`s
veterans, so far it`s been crickets.

Joining us now is my friend Paul Rieckhoff founder and CEO of Iraq and
Afghanistan veterans for America.

It is great to see you, Paul. Thanks for being here.

Nice to see you. What a week.

MADDOW: What a weird week. I have to ask you, the IAVA is obviously the
largest organization of post-9/11 veterans. You`re a membership
organization, you`re really non-partisan, you don`t endorse anybody. Have
you ever heard of this group that Trump did the thing?

RIECKHOFF: No. I never heard of it. None of the other VSOs heard of this
group. They don`t testify. They don`t hold events. They don`t do any
programmatic group (INAUDIBLE) to find out. And sounds like they are not
even on any legitimate non-profit. So it is a fraud group. (INAUDIBLE).

The Trump is not the only doing this. I mean, none of the candidates can
pulled this. Eleven hours of debate and they can`t focus on veterans
issues at all. And they`re not focusing on suicide where we are losing 22
people a day. They are not focusing on women in the military. They are
not focusing on reforming the VA. If you want to show how you can be an
effective conservative how are you going to fix the VA? And it`s not just
throwing the whole thing in the trash like Ben Carson said, that crazy
idea. We need real substantive policy. It`s ridiculous that it`s gone
this far without anyone addressing it.

MADDOW: Paul, we are having an unusual thing going on. Our audiovisual
equipment is failing.

RIECKHOFF: I know. I`m just keeping going.

MADDOW: I know. But I think nobody can hear us. So we`re going to
commercial and come right back and do the whole thing again. Live TV.
We`ll be right back.


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: It`s gremlin check. Talk.

PAUL RIECKHOFF, IAVA: Hello. Can anyone hear me?


RIECKHOFF: NSA, Donald Trump, can you hear me?

MADDOW: I`m telling you it was the Bernie Sanders hacker army.

RIECKHOFF: Any number of people could have been behind it.

MADDOW: Joining us once again is Paul Rieckhoff the executive director and
founder -- CEO and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.
I`m sorry for whatever happened there.

RIECKHOFF: It`s all right. It`s all right, man. Adapt, improvise and
overcome. Keep going. Live TV. Let`s go.

MADDOW: All right. What we were talking about. We have a lot to talk
about. But the Donald Trump campaign apparently did this fund-raiser for a
group which appears to have no members, which he said have hundreds of
thousands of veterans.

They`ve lost their non-profit status. You were saying before we got so
rudely cut off by gremlins that you`ve never heard of this group.

RIECKHOFF: No, nobody`s heard of these guys. I mean, they don`t work in
Washington, they don`t have any programs that we can speak of. I`ve never
met any of their members. I`ve never even seen a t-shirt.

I mean, these folks don`t seem to be legitimate. They`re definitely not a
member of the military coalition, which IAVA is a part of. Those are the
top 50 groups in D.C. that really drive policy. Most of them don`t do
endorsements and the ones that do, it`s a very hard earned endorsements and
they take it very seriously don`t just frivolously throw it out in the
middle of the day on a USS Iowa charade.

So, I think it`s a real insult to veterans. I hope there`s accountability
in the media but there hasn`t been much.

MADDOW: Right. I mean, the debate the other night we had three hours and
I like Jake. Jake knows our issues. But he blew it. And he said he blew

But that doesn`t help us now. We lost three hours of important time where
you could have got one question in about the 22 veterans dying each day to
suicide. You could have talked about women in the military. You could
have talked about V.A. reform, $170 billion at the V.A. and you`re a
conservative. Well, talk about how you`re going to fix it. Are you going
to --

MADDOW: They do mention complaints about the V.A. They just don`t --

RIECKHOFF: What they do now is say "I`m going to fix the V.A.", which is
like saying "I`m going to fix Washington. It`s the new throwaway line in

And what we need people to do is hold them accountable the media to hold
them accountable. The candidates are responsible, too. They blew an
opportunity in two debates to talk about these issues which are actually
populist issues.

We`re not just talking about a small group of people, 22 million veterans
in America and our members vote about 93 percent, 94 percent. They vote.
They`re involved.

And when you go to Iowa, you go to New Hampshire, you`re going through
veterans` halls, you`re talking to veterans. So, you really need to bring
some serious policies. Also, remember we`ve got folks in Iraq and
Afghanistan right now. They couldn`t even talk about that. They want to
be commander in chief.

And this is both parties. Both parties are not addressing the issues.
Most of them have never served themselves. If you go to our website, you can see our presidential tracker. Most of them don`t even
mention it on their Website. They don`t have a veterans section on their
Web sites.

So, I think as activists they have to step up. You know, the Black Lives
Matter is also ticked off after not being mentioned. And I understand
where they`re coming from. As activists, we`ve got to step and make our
politicians and make the media address the urgent issues of our day.

It`s like the early days of the AIDS crisis when their friends were dying
all around them and nobody seemed to care. That`s where we are as veterans
and we need our presidential candidates to respond we need the media to
respond. If they won`t, people watching take it to them in the town halls,
take it to them in social media, stand with us in the other groups and hold
them accountable.

MADDOW: The thing about you guys that is unique, which is the perceived
political capital around veterans` issues and around military issues. And
so, you get all the lip service in the world and that not only gives people
a chance to say they`re with you when they`re not, try to get credit for
things they don`t deserve, but it also does open -- opens the door
basically for fraud, for people to come in and say oh, yes, I`ll give you a
veterans` endorsement, I`ll give you a seal of approval on this issue. You
guys have to deal with that in a way nobody else does.

RIECKHOFF: We`re going to be watchdogs. All the veterans groups are
together. You saw that in the letter to Ben Carson. We`re going to stick
together, we`re stronger when we`re united and I think we`re going to call
on them to really define their policies.

And if they won`t address it in the debates we`ll come to them in town
halls, be outside in the debates, we`ll push them on social media and we
need folks to offer concrete proposals.

Also, there`s differences between Republicans and the Democrats. Let`s ask
the question are you going to privatize the V.A.? Because there was a time
there was no V.A. and that`s why we had a bonus march. There was a time
veterans were left to suffer and they marched on Washington and some of
them were killed protesting so that veterans would get taken care of.
That`s not where we want to go back to.

V.A. screwed up. They`re making some head ways. It`s a long way to go, but
throwing the whole thing out is not the answer.

MADDOW: Paul Rieckhoff, founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
of America and a brand new dad.

RIECKHOFF: Thank you.

MADDOW: It`s wearing well on you. You look great, man. Congratulations.

RIECHOFF: He`s watching. Hi, Ryder.

MADDOW: Hi, Ryder. I`ll come over and bring beer, in 21 years.

We`ll be right back.


MADDOW: There`s something about to happen in this country, and it has
generated what`s being called the largest domestic security operation in
the United States of America ever. It starts soon. It starts in the next
few days. They say it`s going to be like nothing we have ever seen. And
that`s next.


MADDOW: So, earlier this week we spoke with Richard Engel when he was in
Hungary and Serbia right in the midst of this huge ongoing crisis of the
migrants and refugees in Europe. These big groups of mostly Syrian
families fleeing the war in their country trying to find shelter in Europe.

While Richard was shooting footage in Serbia, an 8 1/2-month pregnant woman
trying to make this journey collapsed right in front of him when he was
doing a stand-up on camera. Richard is one of the people that ended up
working to revive that woman. She`s OK.

It has just been these incredibly difficult scenes to watch unfold in that
part of the world. Richard told us just two nights ago on this show that
it looked like Croatia was going to be the next path that might open to
these thousands of families who were increasingly finding closed doors and
barbed wire as they tried to get themselves across Europe. That was only
Wednesday night. That was two days ago when Richard said Croatia was the
new way forward for these folks.

Well, now already Friday night, Croatia has changed their mind. They have
pulled back the welcome mat and they too are now turning people away.

It is starting to look like there are going to be no open paths for these
people to move across Europe. And they`re starting now to get stuck in the

And for us, it is not clear what role the United States is going to have in
trying to fix this crisis. Within the last 24 hours, a group of former
senior administration officials wrote to President Obama, and this is a
very unusually diverse group. It`s everybody from Harold Koh, the famous
human rights lawyer who President Obama put at the state department, to
Paul Wolfowitz, who was the neocon Iraq war architect from the George W.
Bush administration, and dozens of other high-ranking officials in between.

This is very big, very far left to very far right high-level group of
former officials who have written to President Obama and they`ve asked him
to put an extra zero on the end of the number of Syrian refugees that the
United States will take.

President Obama`s already announced that the U.S. will take 10,000 people
in the next year. These former officials including multiple ambassadors
and senior military people, they`re all now asking that President Obama
instead say that the U.S. will take 100,000 instead of 10,000.

So, there`s a lot going on on that front right now as that crisis continues
in Europe, and that crisis in Europe is getting worse right now, it is not
getting better. There`s also a lot going on around the issue of the war
that created this crisis in the first place.

Russia is now sending significant military resources into Syria to fight on
the side of the Syrian government forces. That has resulted in our
government and the Russian government now talking to each other again for
the first time in months. There`s been no contact at all because of
Russia`s war in Ukraine for months now, but now those contacts, those high-
level contacts have started again.

So, the United States in the world is an extra complicated thing at the
moment. There`s a lot of moving parts. All in advance of the pope coming
to the U.S. for his big visit next week. They`re saying the pope`s visit
to the U.S. next week will result in the largest domestic security
operation ever mounted in this country ever. As the pope visits
Philadelphia and Washington and New York and turns all of those cities
upside down with the number of people who will want to see him and the
security arrangements that will be put in place to protect him.

And the pope`s visit is happening at the same time as the U.N. General
Assembly will be convening with world leaders from all over the globe
coming to New York City. Even if you put aside the fact that Donald Trump
now says he`s maybe going to meet one on one with Putin next week when
Vladimir Putin is here for that general assembly because, hey, what could
possibly go wrong? Even if you put ridiculous things like that aside,
there is a lot going on with international news and international security
and America`s role in the world.

But here`s the thing -- between me and you -- on top of all that other
stuff there is one other story which is a much lower profile story, but it
is worth putting on your own personal radar right now because it could end
up being really, really important. Now, this is not something that is
conclusively known. It`s being reported in a sort of woolly and anonymous
way right now.

But if this turns out to have happened the way it`s being reported right
now, it`s going to be a big freaking deal and it`s going to be a big
freaking deal for a long time. OK. This was first reported by Sky News
this week in Britain. Sky News is not the world`s most reputable news
source. But it sat out there basically, the story as a Sky News exclusive
for a couple of days while other news outlets did not touch it.

But now, today it has been picked up by the "Washington Post" and by "The
New York Times." And the news is this -- some anonymous intelligence
officials are now saying that five very high-ranking guys in al Qaeda have
just been turned loose.

This includes two guys that have $5 million U.S. bounties on their heads.
It includes the person who took over and was running al Qaeda globally on
an interim basis after Osama bin Laden was killed. It includes two people
indicted for the for the Kenya and Tanzania U.S. embassy bombings. It
involves the guy al Qaeda put in charge reportedly of Osama bin Laden`s
wives and children after 9/11 to keep them safe from American reprisals and
move them into what they considered to be safe havens.

These are five very senior bin Laden-era al Qaeda guys who apparently have
been held under some form of house arrest for years now in the nation of
Iran. And if this reporting this week turns out to be true, that Iran has
just released them in a deal they made with al Qaeda, this is going to be a
big deal. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was apparently holding an
Iranian diplomat hostage in Yemen.

What`s being reported now is that Iran made a deal to get their diplomat
back and the deal meant springing these al Qaeda guys who are some of the
highest-ranking al Qaeda operatives known to be anywhere in the world since
9/11, some of the highest-ranking al Qaeda operatives since 9/11 who have
not been killed or captured. They are the most well-known al Qaeda senior
operatives other than Ayman al Zawahiri, who is now the head of the group.

If it is true these guys have just been sprung, this is going to be a very
big deal for a long time, both for al Qaeda and for Iran if they did this,
and for the whole world if this turns out to be as scary as it might be.

Reporting on matters like this is always a little bit woolly, and it`s
always very anonymous when it comes to U.S. sources. Some of this may get
walked back in the future. But if it doesn`t, this is worth setting a
Google alert for. And it may ultimately be worth worrying about. Watch
this space.


MADDOW: Hillary Clinton as secretary of state was once prevailed upon by
America`s leading producers of gefilte fish that she should please
intervene on their behalf in a naughty international gefilte fish dispute.
As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton did so. And she prevailed. And it
was a good day for American gefilte fish.

And now you have to hold that thought.


MADDOW: You hear something? I hear something. It`s getting closer. It`s
getting closer. It`s a truck! Dropping off the "Friday Night News Dump."

Nick Tuths, who`s tonight`s lucky Friday night news night player?

NICK TUTHS, TRMS PRODUCER: Tonight, we`re joined by D. Jason Smith. He
goes by Jason.

MADDOW: OK. He`s a staffer in the University Music Library. He`s working
on a masters and digital story telling and he`s a roller derby producer.
He`s Muncie, Indiana.

Rachel, meet Jason.

MADDOW: Jason, very nice to meet you.

D. JASON SMITH, CONTESTANT: Nice to meet you, Rachel.

MADDOW: How does one produce roller derby?

SMITH: Well, my job is basically to put on everything that goes on around
the show. So, making sure the track is laid, the floor is set, the EMTS,
the halftime act, everything that goes on around the game. The game
itself, I have nothing to do with.

MADDOW: OK, I think I love you. That`s so awesome, what a great gig.

All right. You`re obviously a smart guy. This is a simple thing. You
probably know how it works. Basically, you`re going to get three multiple
choice questions. If you get two of them, you will win this piece of junk.

Nick, please show us.


SMITH: The highly coveted.

MADDOW: Highly coveted and very cheap and not all that functional RACHEL
MADDOW SHOW tiny cocktail shaker.

If you get all three questions right and you need extra credit or you do
very badly and you need a consolation prize, we also have something random
for you that until tonight has been cluttering up our office. Nick, what
are we ridding ourselves of tonight?

TUTHS: A bit of a theme tonight. The first is shark jacks. Like jacks,
but sharks.

MADDOW: Like jacks but sharks, OK.

TUTHS: The other thing is, as seen on TV, as seen on this show, gefilte

MADDOW: Two giant jars of gefilte fish.

TUTHS: Two giant jars of gefilte fish from the Hillary Clinton story.

MADDOW: Oh, about the carp. Right. OK, there you go.

We`re also going to need to bring in Steve Benen from Maddow Blog. He will
determine whether or not you got the right answer.

Say hello, Steve.

STEVE BENEN, MADDOW BLOG: Good evening to you both.

MADDOW: Good evening, Steve.

SMITH: Good evening.

MADDOW: All right, Jason, ready for your first question?

SMITH: Indeed.

MADDOW: OK. It`s from Tuesday, Tuesday`s show. Tuesday was the
anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers which started the whole
financial system collapsing at the end of the George W. Bush presidency.

On Tuesday`s show, we reported the names of the 2016 presidential
contenders who worked for Lehman Brothers at the time of its collapse, who
were they? Was it (A), Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina? Was it, (B),
Lindsey Graham and Jim Gilmore? Was it (C), John Kasich and Jeb Bush? Or
was it (D), Bernie Sanders?

SMITH: That would be C.

MADDOW: John Kasich and Jeb Bush.

Steve, did Jason get that right?

BENEN: Let`s check Tuesday`s segment.



MADDOW: Republican presidential candidate John Kasich served as managing
director of Lehman Brothers from 2001 right up until the company`s collapse
seven years ago today. There`s Jeb Bush who served as a Lehman Brothers
adviser for years before the bankruptcy, through the bankruptcy and on to
Barclays Bank once Barclays inherited the smoking rubble of what Lehman
used to be.


BENEN: Correct answer is C. And Jason is 1-1.

HAYES: Yay. Good start.

All right. This next one is from Wednesday`s show. Wednesday`s show, we
reported on the CIA releasing 2,500 previously secret documents from the
Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Now, these newly declassified
documents included presidential daily briefs, but also another similar
document, which has an acronym that sounds like a food.

Was that other document A, the PIE, the President`s Intelligence Estimate?
P-I-E, PIE. Was it B, the PICL, the President`s Intelligence Checklist,
PICL. Was it C, the PEAR, the President`s Executive Action Report, P-E-A-
R, PEAR. Or was it D, the PLOUT, the President`s List of Uh-Oh Trouble?

What do you think, Jason?

SMITH: That would be B, the PICL.


Steve, what`s the right answer here?

BENEN: This is a tough one, but let`s check Wednesday`s segment.


MADDOW: They called it a PICL. It stood for the president`s intelligence
checklist, PICL. Pronounced pickle. And the PICL was a super secret
intelligence document prepared specifically for the president of the United


BENEN: The correct answer was PICL and Peter is right again.

MADDOW: Jason you are --

BENEN: Jason is right again.

MADDOW: It`s Peter and the pickled peppers.

SMITH: Peter piper pickle --

MADDOW: All right.

SMITH: It appears there`s something out of it.

MADDOW: You`re obviously a ringer, Jason. No matter what we call you, we
can`t get you off your game.

You got one last question. On last night`s show, we finally found out who
came up with the idea of splitting the Republican presidential candidate`s
field into two different groups for the first Republican presidential
debates. Who finally fessed up? Who finally admitted responsibility for
that as we reported on last night`s show?

Was it (A), the Republican National Committee, (B), C-Span, (C), the
Presidential Debates Commission, or (D), that rascally Bernie Sanders?

SMITH: It was the RNC.

MADDOW: Steve, you have the answer for us?

BENEN: Let`s check last night`s show.


MADDOW: Incidentally, I know not everyone in the world cares about how the
debates are organized, but the Republican Party admitted today finally that
they are the ones who insisted there be a kid`s table in the first place.


BENEN: Yes, it was in fact, the RNC, and Jason is correct again.

MADDOW: Nick, will you do that math? Does Jason win everything?

TUTHS: He does!


MADDOW: So, Jason, now the question, do you want the shark jacks or do you
want the two giant and fragile jars of gefilte fish?

SMITH: Both. Now that you say fragile and shipping, I`m wondering. But -
- for reasons that are personal, I`m going to have to go with the shark

MADDOW: The shark jacks are a choking hazard, is that going to be an issue
for you?

SMITH: That is fine. I can be choked. It`s absolutely fine.

MADDOW: Jason, it`s been great to have you here. Congratulations, we`ll
send you your shark jacks. Really nice to meet you. Thank you.

SMITH: Nice meeting you. Thank you.

MADDOW: If you think you have what it takes to fly and now that you know
the gefilte fish is still an option, e-mail us with Tell
us a little something about you. Operators are standing by.

Actually, they`re not. You know what happened to the operators? It`s


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