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MSNBC Election Anchor and "Hardball" host Chris Matthews hosts "Hardball: The Horserace," a weekly look inside the 2004 presidential campaign and a look ahead at the "horserace" to the finish line as Election Day approaches. "Hardball: The Horserace" premieres Friday, Sept. 17, 7-8 p.m. (ET).

"Hardball: The Horserace" is the viewers' source for election news, with analysis of the campaign ad wars and the latest poll numbers, and a look around the country at some of the local races with national impact. The combined resources of NBC News and MSNBC will cover the candidates and the issues with original reports from NBC News reporters Campbell Brown, Andrea Mitchell, Ron Allen, David Gregory, Carl Quintanilla, Norah O'Donnell, and MSNBC's Ron Reagan, Chris Jansing and David Shuster. "Hardball: The Horserace" will also feature reports from NBC affiliates in key battleground states across the country, including Pennsylvania, Arizona and Missouri.

The debut telecast will include in-depth reports on the debate over the presidential debates, how early voting could effect the outcome of the election, the success of mudslinging campaigns, how the candidates are looking for voters on the football fields in the swing states and a look at the possible political fallout from the hurricanes.

"Hardball: The Horserace" goes in-depth on Hardball.MSNBC.com with a comprehensive multi-media feature that provides viewers with an immediate read on the state of the race. Updated weekly, viewers can see at a glance the standings in the electoral outlook with map views of the projected electoral vote count, the latest figures from each candidates' campaign fund-raising race, poll updates and campaign trail news that includes a review of recent visits and where the candidates are heading next- including tracking which states each candidates visits most- as the final stretch of the campaign rolls out. In addition, viewers can view video clips, including "Hardball," and get the latest analysis from top blogs on MSNBC.com, including "Hardblogger."

In addition to his work on MSNBC, Matthews hosts "The Chris Matthews Show," a syndicated weekly news program produced by NBC News and distributed by NBC Universal Television Distribution. Mr. Matthews is also a frequent commentator on NBC's "Today" and has reported for NBC's "Dateline."


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