Image: Scorpion on woman's face.
Bazuki Muhammad  /  Reuters file
Malaysian Nur Malena Hassan shows a scorpion she has been living with in Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur, in this photograph taken in August.
updated 9/21/2004 8:56:32 AM ET 2004-09-21T12:56:32

A Malaysian woman has broken a world record by enduring 32 days enclosed in a glass box with 6,069 scorpions, suffering seven stings in the process, her sponsor claimed Tuesday.

Nur Malena Hassan, 27, will remain in the case, on display in a shopping mall in the eastern city of Kuantan, until Saturday, said Bohari Rahmat, whose biscuit company sponsored the stunt.

Late Monday, Nur Malena surpassed the previous record held by Kanchana Ketkeaw from Thailand, who spent 31 days in a glass box with 3,400 scorpions, Bohari said.

Bohari said he hadn’t talked to Nur Malena since she reclaimed her record, which she first won in 2001 by living for 30 days with 2,700 scorpions.

“We don’t want her to lose focus, thinking that this is enough,” Bohari said. “If we can reach 36 days, it will be more difficult for someone else to beat us next time.”

Sujatah Nair, a spokeswoman for the Malaysia Book of Records, told The Associated Press that video and other documentation were being sent to the Guinness Book of Records.

Image: Woman with scorpions.
Vincent Thian  /  AP file
Nur Malena Hassan is seen inside a glass box with scorpions at a shopping mall in Kuantan, Malaysia, on July 5, 2001, when she claimed her first world record.
Nur Malena, nicknamed Scorpion Queen in this Southeast Asian country, has been stung seven times by the poisonous arachnids since she began the stunt.

“She was stung on her leg three times last Wednesday and could not walk, but she’s recovered,” Bohari said. “She left the room on Saturday for two minutes to cut a cake and celebrate her 27th birthday.”

Otherwise, she has left the room only once a day for a 15-minute bathroom break.

Nur Malena has built up resistance to stings after five years of training, but can pass out if stung three times within a short span. A doctor has remained on standby to treat her if necessary.

Thousands of Malaysians have visited the mall to observe Nur Malena in the room, where she sleeps, eats and performs Muslim prayers, moving very carefully to not upset her dangerous roommates.

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