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Carrie's diet story
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The theory behind South Beach is that some fats and carbs are better than others. Good carbs are ones with fiber, good fats are olive oil, canola oil and fish oil. Carrie stocked up for phase one, no breads, rice or potatoes -- in short, no carbs and no fruit or sugar for the first two weeks. To make it easier Carrie's family was doing it with her. And Carrie’s transformation included exercise. The first week turned out to be a struggle. She suffered unbearable cravings and withdrawals. But by the second week the cravings had mercifully subsided. A breakfast of tomato zucchini egg-bake and plain yogurt mixed with artificial sweetener left her full. And she was getting results. Carrie was down six pounds.

But after claiming to be faithfully following the South Beach Diet for two months, she was down only 12 pounds, a little more than half of what experts say Carrie should have lost by now. It turns out that law school finals were taking over. She wasn’t exercising. Her diet was thrown out of court. But the woman who vowed to reinvent herself vowed to start South Beach all over again. At their Wisconsin vacation home, Carrie's mom praised her courage for publicly sharing her story. And so she kept going, this time with floor and water aerobics. But one month later, she was still down just 12 pounds.  However, by June, Carrie had a breakthrough and was 295 pounds, down 19 and 14 away from her goal.

And that's not all. For the first time in years, she had her diabetes under control. She was off her medication. It's a major benefit of the South Beach Diet.  By July, Carrie said she could clearly see the benefit of exercise and good food habits But at her weigh in the same day, Carrie's weight loss was still hovering around 20 pounds. And to make matters worse, her husband, who's also on South Beach, was sailing, having lost about 35 pounds since March. And in August, Carrie’s stop at a gas station on route to her summer home set her off on some forbidden food on vacation.

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