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Authorities discovered part of a human skeleton in a vacant lot believed for years to be a graveyard for people ordered killed by the late mob boss John Gotti and other gangsters.

FBI spokesman James Margolin said the bones discovered Monday in Queens included a pelvic bone, a piece of a jawbone, ribs and leg bones. Also found were a watch and a pair of glasses. A forensic anthropologist was to examine the bones Tuesday.

In 1981, the body of Bonanno crime family captain Alphonse “Sonny Red” Indelicato was discovered at the lot by children who spotted his arm poking through the soil. No other bodies were found, but some officials believed mob burials at the lot continued.

Last week, FBI agents and police detectives acting on a tip from an underworld informant began searching the lot for the remains of a half dozen or more victims dating back two decades or more. They include a man who vanished after he accidentally struck and killed the 12-year-old son of Gotti, known as the “Dapper Don,” in 1980.

The suspected burial ground is situated near John F. Kennedy International Airport. Dilapidated homes, abandoned cars and other empty lots dot the marshy area.

Gotti was sentenced to life in prison for racketeering and murder in 1992 and died behind bars in 2002.

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