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  Unlikely friends
A pig and a tiger, a monkey and a rabbit, a duck and a dog – these best buddy pairs make some very odd couples.

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  Lending science a paw
Tour a program at Washington State University  where scientists are hand-rearing grizzly cubs in hopes of creating research subjects that are safe around humans.
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  Bountiful birds ... again
Critical habitat for wildlife has been covered by silt and water from locks and dams constructed along the Mississippi River. Researchers are working to reverse the damage.
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  A Mermaid’s Playground
Presented by Sport Diver Magazine.

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Video: Animal tracks  
Watch Wrangler’s encounters with celebrities
As Wrangler’s time at TODAY comes to an end, we take a look back at some of the celebrity friends that he has made while on the show.

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Nicolette Sheridan at World Style Pre-Oscar Event
Celebrity dogs
Click to see celebrities and their four-legged friends.
Image: Anti-government protesters gather at a barricade at the site of clashes with riot police in Kiev
  The Week in Pictures
Snow snarls the South, avalanches isolate Alaska town, snakes cause a stink, angry birds attack peace doves, and more.

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Africa CD, Summer 2002
  Most wanted
View photographs of some of the species threatened by humans, as identified by the World Wildlife Fund in 2004.
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Pug Rocky looks curiously into camera during 130th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York
  Doggy doings
Check out some of the best moments, cutest dogs from Westminster Dog Show.
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  California's 'Galapagos'
View photographs of the protected wildlife on the Farallon Islands off San Francisco.

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