updated 11/7/2004 4:41:03 PM ET 2004-11-07T21:41:03

"Because of the continuation of a pattern of violence and terrorism and the daily operations of mass murder so that even children and women have not been spared, and that are committed by terrorist intruder groups against the sons of our people and in an indiscriminate manner, and because these groups went too far in practicing various malicious methods in their persistent attempt to paralyze the state's activities through their organized criminal practices of murder that reached the sons of our people, and because of these groups' deliberate destruction of the country's infrastructure on daily basis, and to block these groups that are pursuing their goal to hinder the correct democratic process, represented by holding general elections in all the country, and given that the government has exhausted all possible means and has made all the necessary and expansive contacts to include everyone in the peace process, instead of resorting to violence, we decided to declare a state of emergency in all parts of Iraq with the exception of the region of Kurdistan for a period of 60 days starting the date this decision has been issued, based on the stipulations of Article No. 1 of the National Safety Law No.1 for the year 2004.

"The ministers must implement this decision on the basis of the requirements to provide security and to issue the necessary orders in the areas where it has been specified to start implementing the national safety law."

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