updated 12/6/2004 1:07:01 PM ET 2004-12-06T18:07:01

Attention all legal eagles: How well can you balance your wit with your legal acumen?  Here's your chance to show us. We've got a new segment in the works for the Abrams Report and we're asking you to name it. There's a bag full of MSNBC merchandise in it for the winner—and the winning name will be on our show!

Here's what we're planning: Starting next week, we'll do a regular segment on lighter legal stories.  You know, the ones about the criminal who robbed a bank using his own check with all of his personal information on it, or the slave to fashion who said he couldn't conceal his weapon because his jeans were too tight .  And then there are stories like the one about the immigrant man who was denied permanent U.S. residency because his wife had a sex change operation . We thought about calling the segment "Legal Lite" but wanted to give our viewers the chance to come up with something better.

We'll find the funny, bizarre, pathetic, or dramatic legal stories each day, we're just asking you to come up with a two or three word name for the segment.  We're looking for something fresh and to the point, just like our show.  So get creative and send us your ideas!

Click here for the rules of the contest .


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