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Readers on why the election
was the biggest story of 2004

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Viewers have been writing to share what they thought the biggest story of 2004 was. Below, are some entries on the presidential elections of 2004:

I think that the biggest story of the year was the presidential election.

The race between President George W. Bush and Mass. Democratic Senator John Kerry was quite tense and a war of words. It was also close. I followed the election campaign quite extensively, especially the primaries, the political conventions, and the debates, as well as the election. I felt that the election was the biggest news story of 2004. —Sanjay Iyer, Rockaway, N.J.

I live in Columbus Ohio and my brother was killed in Iraq in 2003. He was a commander. In the last election I voted for Bush, but after what the personal effect the war has had on my family, it was the my goal to see the president removed.

It was very large controversy to our family. Some were Republican, some were independent, some were Democrats. It divided our family and our lives. E-mails went back and forth all year. The night of the election I stayed up on the telephone with my father counting the counties whose results weren’t in yet. And those unbelievable lines that night of people waiting to vote and giving up and going home. 

I stopped believing in the election process and our democracy after that entire year of mudslinging and hypocrisy on both sides. However I do still value the need to vote and the election changed my life. I feel like I let down my brother that night and I feel a need to be a part of the change to create a better system for electing our president. I don’t know how yet, but I know doing nothing will continue the cycle we currently are on.  —Pam Baragona, Dublin, OH

The story of the year, hands down, was the critical and very tight race for the presidency. This nation was divided by moral values and divided by personal opinions on the war In Iraq. The race for the presidency remained so tight and so close down to the very end. It seemed at times that it could go any way.

What we as Americans have learned by this is that we are a divided nation, regardless of what either candidate, President Bush or Senator Kerry, have said. We are divided by this War and by many other things. It does seem to be the crucial year, 2004 that is, where it was red states versus blue states. Certainly the next four years will be challenging, but this is not a time for division in America. We need unification. The Election of 2004 is without a doubt the biggest news story of the year.  —Brandon Turner

Because I love politics dearly, the 2004 Presidential campaign was an event, which was both riveting and agonizing. Judging from the level of grass-roots involvement in the process and the high voter participation on November 2, one can safely make the assertion that the recent presidential elections were the most important in generations.

The issues were momentous but the debate was any thing but substantive.

And so we had politicians deliberately engaged in distortions, a media dragged along in a perpetual process of wholesale disinformation, and consequently, a public that was largely ill-informed and grossly unprepared to make sound judgments.  —Arob Deng

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