Image: Space station tracking
This graphic is an example of the real-time space station tracking information available from NASA.
updated 12/21/2004 11:29:38 PM ET 2004-12-22T04:29:38

If the weather cooperates, the international space station should be visible at various times during the holidays from the continental United States, NASA said Tuesday.

On Christmas morning, the orbiting station should be visible during the predawn hours, NASA said. That day, a Russian cargo ship carrying food and supplies is scheduled to dock with the station.

The space station will appear as a steady white pinpoint of light as it moves across the sky, NASA said, and can be seen by the naked eye or with binoculars.

Since the station will fly by at 5 miles a second, it may be visible only for a minute or less, the space agency said.

The 200-ton station should be visible on various days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day from the continental United States. To see when the station is visible in various regions, go to NASA's "ISS Sightings" Web page.

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