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Amber Frey was Scott Peterson’s girlfriend, and one of the most important witnesses at his trial.  It's been two years since they first met, now she’s speaking out about their romance and how her life has been changed with Dan Abrams.

Below is a transcript of their interview:

DAN ABRAMS, HOST, ‘THE ABRAMS REPORT’:  Amber Frey, when we met her almost two years ago, she announced to the world that she knew Scott Peterson.  She knew him, had a romantic relationship with him.  Same man who now sits on death row in California, convicted of killing his wife Laci and their unborn son Conner.  Amber was considered by many to be the prosecution’s key witness in the trial.  Jurors heard countless taped conversations between Amber and Scott, and now we’re learning even more.  In her book "Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson," Amber explains how she became involved in Scott’s web of lies.  Has she forgiven him?  Can she forgive him?  Where does she go from here?

Joining me now are Amber Frey and her attorney Gloria Allred.  Thanks a lot for coming in.  It’s good to finally meet you in person.  So let me ask you that question of forgiveness.  Have you forgiven Scott Peterson?


ABRAMS:  And you had to, you wrote in your book.

FREY:  I had to.  I had to in order to move on with my life and move forward, yes.

ABRAMS:  And the anger, I mean you know, there had got to be so much anger at Scott.  I mean, from the moment you find out first of all that he’s married, OK, get angry with that, then you find out, no, not only is he married, but also his wife is missing and he’s going to drag me into this.

FREY:  Right.

ABRAMS:  There must have been anger there.

FREY:  Of course, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t.

ABRAMS:  Furious.  I mean do you remember the first moment when you found out that he was married?

FREY:  I really don’t believe at that point I was angry.  I was just more in shock.

ABRAMS:  Because you thought this was a great guy.  All right, you know what?  I want to say hello to you.  Gloria, hi.


ABRAMS:  Good to see you.

ALLRED:  You too.

ABRAMS: All right, Amber, so you start dating Scott Peterson, you’ve been dating him for a few weeks or so.  What starts to make you a little suspicious?

FREY:  Probably the time for me would have been when he was giving me a P.O. box number to send him mail overseas.  And it was a P.O. box number to Modesto.

ABRAMS:  He said he lived in Sacramento, right?

FREY:  Right.

ABRAMS:  He claims he’s going on some wild trip to Europe for work, et cetera, and you want to mail him stuff.

FREY:  Right.

ABRAMS:  And he’s saying, well you know, I have a P.O. box in Modesto.

FREY:  Well, I knew his business was out of Modesto and he said he had a warehouse there.  It just didn’t make sense to me, why would he have a carrier service that would box up his mail and send it to him wherever he was at?  It just didn’t sound right to me.

ABRAMS:  And the way you actually found out about Scott Peterson was not by seeing the newspapers or reading about it, but it was because of your suspicions, right?

FREY: Yes, I believe so, it was. 

ABRAMS:  So you called some friends of yours.  You’re saying you know, I’m starting to wonder about this guy. I don’t buy this guy’s story, right?

FREY: Right.

ABRAMS:  And then what happens?

FREY:  Well, the previous day before I actually learned about Scott Peterson, I was on the Internet and I couldn’t find anything with his business OR with the Rotary Club, I just couldn’t find anything on him, which was really even more surprising considering all that was out there about him.  And not until the next day, the early morning on the 30th, did I, get another call saying I believe it’s your Scott Peterson, you need to call the Modesto, police, I’m going to give you a number.

ABRAMS:  So at this point you’re finding out not only is your boyfriend married, but also his wife is missing.

FREY: And earlier that December, he was telling me he had lost his wife and you know, it would be the first holidays without her, so you know, all these thoughts...

ABRAMS:  Did that hit you right away?  Did you think the minute you found out about this guy, did you think back right away and say to yourself, wait a second?

FREY:  Yes.

ABRAMS: ... this guy told me before all this happened that his wife was missing.

FREY:  And I talk about those in the transcripts that so many people have heard.

ABRAMS: And did that make you think, maybe this guy is responsible?

FREY:  He had been telling me he was in Europe, but the thing was he told me all of those things on our first date, that he was going to be on a trip traveling.  So he just kind of laid it out for me.  To know that was just this whole facade was really bizarre and unbelievable to me.

ABRAMS:  You agreed to tape your conversations.  You called the police and they said look, we would like you to tape the conversations.  Some people have said did she do it out of anger. You heard that Scott Peterson, the guy you knew, was a suspect in a murder but it had nothing to do with his wife, never had a wife, and so you wouldn’t have had that anger towards him for lying to you about his relationship, do you think you still would have been just as willing to help?

FREY: If there was information that I had that may you know, help assist law enforcement, yes.

ABRAMS:  It wasn’t out of anger, sort of the jilted woman that you went to the police and you said I’m going to get him back?

FREY: No.  Absolutely not.

ABRAMS:  During the conversations while he was making sounds on the phone, making it sound like he’s in Paris at the Eiffel Tower rather than Modesto, did you want to just say you liar?  Was it hard for you to resist screaming at him on the phone?

FREY: I knew what was going on.  I knew the reality.  I knew the importance of me not letting on.  I just had to keep on with this whole facade along with him.  As soon as I’d get off the phone, I’d be calling Detective Jon Buehler.  I was scared.  I thought, are you kidding me?  This guy is completely unbelievable.

ABRAMS: When you were making these tapes, did you ever think the world would hear these conversations or did you still think of them even though the police were listening as kind of intimate conversations?

FREY:  I understood that, but for me to change who I was to him and how we already were together in our conversations, I felt and they felt that was important for me just to continue.  But into the entirety that they have been played, no, not even in court did I even realize that they were going to be public. 

  Were you embarrassed?

FREY:  I was embarrassed.

ABRAMS: Why?  I mean you knew you were being taped.  What was so embarrassing for you?

FREY:  Well just that I didn’t know that so many people were going to hear these tapes.  I thought, OK, these tapes are going to be used by the police, and that they may use them in court.  I had reassurance from Gloria and other people from law enforcement that the only person that should be embarrassed is Scott, and I do agree with them.  But it still didn’t make it any easier for me to have to listen to them again.

ABRAMS:  Gloria, the question so many people ask is why did Amber hire an attorney.  Tell us about Amber hiring you.

ALLRED:  Well Dan, I think it’s a really good idea for anyone who is a witness in a high-profile case to consult a private attorney because then she can be in a confidential relationship, she can talk about her feelings, her concerns, her needs without worrying that it’s going to go to the tabloid.

ABRAMS:  And she reached out to you, right? 

ALLRED:  Absolutely.

ABRAMS:   You didn’t solicit the business?

ALLRED:  I never have in 28 years of law practice.

ABRAMS:  Right, but you know that people have asked that question, right?

ALLRED: Well people ask, but no, she contacted me.  But in addition to being able to talk to someone, her reputation was being attacked.  False statements were being made about her and it was very important to be able to have someone to set the record straight as she went along because at the end, she could have been ruined.  So I’m very happy that she reached out, that she got some guidance through the criminal justice system, and I wanted to help her because she was doing the right thing. I thought the least I could do was to support her.

ABRAMS: Ambers, you already knew that he was a liar?  On the tapes it sounds like you’re kind of insulted a little bit that he’s sort of out there minimizing your relationship.  Were you really insulted or were you just playing along for the tape?

FREY:  It was just almost humorous to me to watch them and to listen to him.  I just wanted to hear his response and then there were just more lies.  He said they cut it off because they said so many other things after that.  I was advised to just say no and -- so it sound -- so it was just more of his personality and just trying to warm things I guess.

ABRAMS: Was part of you believing this as it was true?  Did you want to believe like little nuggets of what he was saying to you or were you just done?

FREY: I was done as soon as I learned the truth of Scott Peterson.

ABRAMS:  And your reaction in court, I remember seeing you get a little teary-eyed.

FREY: There were several moments of listening to our conversations that I become emotional.

ABRAMS: Because it was real?  Because it wasn’t just that you were just feeding questions that the police were giving to you?

FREY:  Yes.

ABRAMS: How involved were they, the police in the questioning?

FREY: Really quite limited.  One time at the Modesto Police Department, they had made suggestions. But other than that, there may have been conversations between Detective Jon Buehler and I.  I was pretty much on my own.

ABRAMS:  You decided on your own to cut off the conversation -- the taping.  You were like, I don’t want to deal with this anymore.  You called the police.  You said look, I want to stop taping these conversations.  I want to tell him I didn’t want to talk to him anymore.  You told him. He said fine, good idea.  I’m glad that you brought it up, blah, blah, blah…But then he called you after that.

FREY: Well it was discussed between Detective Jon Buehler and I that that time was coming and so I called him early morning. At that point when I did give that conversation or that tape — that last taping, that wasn’t the last time I heard from Scott Peterson.

ABRAMS:  When what happened?  He called you after that?

FREY:  My daughter’s birthday was the next day and Scott had sent a gift to where I worked.  Then he had called to see if I got it and so then again I talked to Detective Jon Buehler. At that point I had made a suggestion to e-mail me.  At least that way I had could download and turn something over.

ALLRED: Dan, this is what’s so interesting, because I know you were in court, I was there when Mark Geragos tried to make it seem as though when Amber said don’t call me anymore and Scott said fine on the tape.

ABRAMS:  Right.

ALLRED:  That he was just fine with it when obviously he was continuing the relationship...

ABRAMS:  The defense characterized your relationship as purely sexual.  You know, all Scott wanted was to get a little something from Amber and that’s what this was all about.  Did that irritate you, hurt you, and anger you that Scott was probably providing them this information?

FREY:  Oh, it’s irritating, but did it affect me?  I don’t think it affected me.


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