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  'Autism: The Hidden Epidemic?' on DVD

"Autism: The Hidden Epidemic?" is a compilation of NBC News special reports on the subject of America's fastest growing serious developmental disability. Included on the DVD are an 11-part "Today" show series, a four-part series from CNBC, extensive reporting from "Nightly News with Brian Williams," as well as comprehensive coverage on autism that aired on MSNBC, NBC Universal's owned-and-operated stations and Telemundo.

  Today Show: Autism Book Features
Da Capo Press
Opening Walker’s heart and mind
In 'The Boy Who Loved Windows,' Patricia Stacey tells how her son was saved from autistic isolation. Read an excerpt
Da Capo Press
Encouraging intellectual and emotional growth
Stanley Greenspan, Serena Wieder and Robin Simons integrate research and clinical experience into a definitive guide on raising special needs children. Read an excerpt

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