updated 2/8/2005 7:09:50 PM ET 2005-02-09T00:09:50

A surprise of a different kind during a 2-year-old’s birthday party in Little Rock.

Police on a drug raid burst into a suburban home during a child’s birthday party, startling children as they were about to enjoy their birthday cake.

Authorities say the woman hosting the party for her niece is accused of selling marijuana from the house and had been the subject of a stakeout for the past several weeks. Police didn’t know about the party.

Police Chief Richard Friend said at the time of the raid, the woman was in the master bedroom smoking marijuana and taking calls from prospective pot customers.

He says that as his officers burst through the door last Friday, the kids started crying. He says the phone kept ringing with calls from customers.

Friend said one of the first things he did after he realized what was happening was to order his officers to holster their guns.

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