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Your Valentine's stories

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I gave my now husband a diamond ring and told him that when he was ready to commit to a real relationship to put it on.  He still wears it today.  Sometimes role reversal can be quite romantic. —Anonymous

I've had several beautiful Valentine's Days. The best valentine I've ever received was made for me by my 8-year-old son Jimmy, I had a broken foot and was in a cast and on crutches. Jimmy and his older brother Van were doing their best to help me out at home. Jim's hand-made valentine had a drawing of a big brother, a little brother, and a mom with a cast on her foot, with a big heart drawn around them.  The caption said, "Happy Valentine's Day!  You are speshall to Van and me! I love you and Van (sometimes)."  Well, he was honest about loving his big brother! That valentine is pinned to the wall of my office.  I look at it every day and smile. —Liz Palmer, Folsom, Calif.

My husband tells everyone he first kissed me on Valentine's Day. We had met through a mutual friend and had only been introduced a week before. He had told our mutual friend that he was going to marry me. His friends thought he was crazy because we had never had a chance to talk. The night before Valentine's Day, we were both invited to a party by our mutual friend. We re-introduced ourselves again and this time talked the whole night. It was after midnight when I said I was going to go home. He asked if he could walk me to my car so we could continue our conversation. When we arrived at my car he gave me a kiss on my cheek. I was surprised and he said it was my Valentine's Day gift. He tells his friends it took him eight months to convince me to marry him. It was eight months after that kiss he asked me to marry him. We have been married for  years and he still reminds me every Valentine's Day that this was the day he first kissed me. —Jen Reith, South Bend

My Cinderella story came true the day I meet Ozzie.  He swept me off my feet just when I had lost all hope.  We got engaged over one year ago.  I can happily say that for this February 14,2005 Valentine’s Day, we are getting Married.  —Sandy, Palm Springs, Calif.

The best Valentine’s Day was when my soon-to-be husband finally made it into the country.  He's from London and we planned to get married in January.  The INS gave us incorrect information and his initial visa to enter the U.S. was denied.  After several agonizing months of paperwork, he finally landed in the country on Valentine's Day.  I'll never forget waiting in the international arrivals hall at Newark Airport and seeing him come down the ramp.  It was the best gift ever.  We were married in April after postponing the wedding three times.
Anonymous, Maplewood, N.J.

I vividly remember our first kiss in January 1965 as my (now) wife and I returned from our first official date— an early Valentine dinner. We were walking through a park in the city center which was covered in snow and still replete with Christmas decorations, when overcome by an urge, I attempted a peck on her cheek. (This was 1965 after all!)

She turned to me and said "if we are going to do this we are going to do it right" and flung her arms around my neck and planted a smooch on me I can sill feel.

I remember my heart racing, being buried in the fur collar of her winter coat, and the smell of her perfume — something called "Cassac" which has been off the market for years.

We must have done something right, because in the Fall of that year we became engaged and this summer will mark out 38th wedding anniversary.  —Small Town Romeo, Chatham, Ontario, Canada

"Romantic" to me was a cheap ($0.98) box of candy and a few flowers I might plucked off of sombodys lawn. At 39, I met a lady and something in me changed. At 40, on "V" day I dixed up my place with balloons stuck to the ceiling, with "I love you" and "Be mine" on them. I fashioned a bow out of a small sapling and a long workshoe lace, and an arrow out of a toilet [plunger.  With a big fluffy blonde wig, cardboard wings, and a G-string (I' m a 6'3" 250lb truckdriver) I waited for her to enter. She did. I rattled off a goofy poem I made up ending with "be mine" and shot her in the rear with the plunger. That was on February 14 in 1992. Today, we are happily married with two beautiful children.  I thank the Lord every day for the happiness she's given me. —Steve Gaichin, Newburgh N.Y.

My wife and I have been married for 26 years, and I used to buy her diamonds, candy, and flowers like everyone else. She always complained about them.  Finally, I told her I wasn't buying anymore gifts because I didn't know what she liked or wanted.  This is true of most men. We're not clairvoyant, and women's hints are too vague and easily misinterpreted. 

So how do you tell someone you love them more than anything in the world?  I found a way by mistake and for 15 years, it's made her happy and told her that I love her.

We live were snow and ice is common during the winter, and since we both work, she has to drive in these conditions.  I decided one night when we had a terrible freezing rain, followed by snow, to go where she worked and warm the car and clean the windshields before she had finished her shift.  I then followed her home to be sure she was safe.  She had such a smile on her face when she came out I couldn't help but decide I would continue to do this on these occasions. So for 15 years this is what I do to make her happy, when it snows or we have freezing rain, I get to show the lady I love how much I really do. —Anonymous, Grand Island, Neb.

I think my favorite Valentine so far has got to be one from my nephew Mason, who was probably 4 or 5 at the time.  The artwork features a fairly recognizable primate holding something yellow that might certainly be bananas.  The tagline simply says "Hey Monkey, I love you so much as the sky." There you go! Brevity and infinity in one sentence.  Try topping that at your local Hallmark store.  Only kindergarteners can do it. —George, Oxford, Miss.

This is the second Valentine's day my husband has been serving in Iraq. Valentine's Day consists of a few care packages filled with my husband's favorite candy (dark chocolate), a letter from me, and the always required baby wipes. Here, it feels just like another day— hoping for phone call, an e-mail, or even a letter in the mail from my husband. My story is not unique, it's how alot of us military spouses "celebrate" Valentine's Day. —Jeanine Ward-Morris, Hinesville, Ga.

My Valentine story begins with my boyfriend's mom's birthday party at a restaurant.  We were sitting in a booth with the rest of his family when the pastor of their church walked in for dinner.  My boyfriend pulled out a treasure chest from his coat and said "The pastor walked in for a reason today... you will always hold the key to my heart." He gave me the chest and once I unlocked it with the key, my engagement ring was inside. He said, "Will you marry me?" Everyone cried.  It was the perfect moment. —Karen King, New Castle

One Valentine's Day, I went to see "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray and bought myself two dozen half priced roses after the movie.  That was a great way to spend the holday, in my opinion. —Anonymous, Colo.

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