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By Ziff Davis Media Extreme Tech Editor
updated 3/1/2005 2:23:41 PM ET 2005-03-01T19:23:41

Whether you're looking for a fashionable number thinner than a supermodel, or something to that e-mails as well as calls, check out the list below. Click on the link for the full story, including pictures, reviews and details on where to get your hands on the hottest phone candy on the market.

  • Motorola RAZR: This one's the bomb. Thin, svelte, sexy, it's the most desired phone on the planet. The touch pad looks like something out of the matrix, and the flip up flop will have everyone from baristas and barristers staring in awe. 
  • Nokia 7610: Are you a shutterbug on the go? You don't need to carry around a digital camera too. The 7619 is a favorite of photo-bloggers and the hoi polloi alike. It features a crystal clear 1.3 megapixel camera—far better than the photo-booth class types found on lesser phones. It's also adorned with a radical swooping number pad that'll have mere mortals drooling over its design. Want to leave footprints and take pictures? The Nokia 761 0 is for you.
  • Danger Sidekick II: OK, so Paris Hilton did have a password protecting her address book—but it was her dogs name! As if someone wasn't going to guess that. But the bane of Paris' pals is also the fashionista phone for the starlet set: Brittany Spears has even outfitted hers with Rhinestones. The hiptop has a nifty color screen, a great keyboard for sending e-mails and surfing the web, and a great flip-up design. Just remember to choose a password that's a bit more difficult to crack.
  • Palm One Treo: Tired of following the pack, searching for the next best thing? Settle into what I think is the best e-mail/phone combo out there—the popular Treo line. It's a great phone ( the speakerphone rocks), you can do e-mail and surf the Internet on the tiny but type-able keyboard, and it's a full-blown Palm Pilot-type PDA as well. I've settled on the less expensive 600, but true converts will pony up the extra $150 for the even better 650. Click here to learn more about the 650. Click here for 600.


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