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King rat and the brilliant squibbon
What will the animal kingdom look like millions of years from now? Experts have created scenarios with, and without, humans.
Evolving with our stomachs
Our bodies are still wired for hunter-gatherer biology — and that's a dangerous configuration for a society with all-you-can-eat buffets.
Einstein, Darwin: A tale of 2 theories
The Hayden Planetarium's Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the different places that relativity and evolution hold in science and culture.
The drive to upend evolution shifts gear
A third wave of creationist thinking seeks to prove the Genesis account through serious science. Some say it could be a formidable threat.
Ideas about humanity’s fate are evolving
Should our visions about future evolution be reviesed? ‘Fast Forward’ sparks hundreds of second thoughts from users.
Texans forge compromise on evolution
Theory’s backers voice dismay over school board’s ‘convoluted’ standards
Thank brain evolution for small motor skills
Humans likely inherited the sophisticated tool skills of great apes
Evolution debate changed by court ruling
The ruling in a Pennsylvania school-board case deals a blow to the "intelligent-design" movement, but no one believes that the policy debate is over.

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  Evolving animals
What’s the future for pets and wild animals? Click to see artist Alexis Rockman's perspective.
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Up on the mountain ...
Lloyd Anderson, a retired minister, believes the world was created in six days just a few thousand years ago. Click "Launch" to learn more.

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