By Ziff Davis Media Extreme Tech Editor
updated 3/23/2005 2:28:17 PM ET 2005-03-23T19:28:17

Finally, after what feels like the longest winter on record, spring has finally come.  And now that the days are getting longer, our thoughts move from thinking about skiing and staying warm, to enjoying the great outdoors without all those heavy clothes.

And when you begin to think about heading out from your cave to see what this dewy fresh world looks like, you’re going to want to bring some gear along with you.  Good thing we’re here to help at the Hot List, because we’ve gathered together some of the neatest new stuff that will keep you safe from harm, keep you playing even after the sun goes down, and help you move under your own power.  Here’s what’s hot:

  • Glove Radar:  Sure, you can throw high heat with the best of them, and you don’t even take steroids.  But your friends think your fast ball’s tepid, and your curve downright slothful.  Prove ‘em wrong with the glove radar.  It straps to the back of your glove, and measures just how fast that pitch was going when it slammed into the webbing.  Perfect for little league, or winning that bet with your bud.
  • IXI Bike:  Looking for a lightweight collapsible bicycle that’ll fit in the back of your Mini?  This IXI fills the bill, expertly at that.  It sets up just like a Razor scooter, and easily adjusts to just about any body type.  Even better, its left the world of greasy chains in the past— this bike uses a hard rubber chain to connect the pedals to the rear wheel.  You can commute, in a suit, without worrying about getting it dirty.  If you’ve outgrown a scooter, this is the conveyance of choice! 
  • Glowing Frisbee: Remember those green glow in the dark Frisbees from when you were young?  They never really worked well, because the glow-juice kept fading.  Enter the modern world of fiber optics and LEDs, and now you get a Frisbee with tiny lights along the perimeter that looks and flies great.  The  Flashflight LED Fiber Optic Flying Disk costs less than $25, and works great.  Even better, it comes in three smashing colors - blue, green and red.
  • ACR Beacon: Are you into extreme sports?  Whether you like rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, sailing or back-country skiing, that tiny threat of danger is what makes the sport so exhilarating.  But what if you something bad really does happen?  Yes, you could die.  But if you’re packing the ACR Beacon, chances are you’ll be able to summon help before you expire.  Press a button on the device, and it sends a call for help up to a network of satellites roaming the earth - with details on where you are, within a few feet. The TerraFix from ACR electronics makes sure that those search and rescue teams can actually find you.  If you adventure off the beaten path, you need one of these!


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