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Schiavo saga — The latest set of judges, agrees with all the other judges, that the law is clear, and the feeding tube for Terri Schiavo cannot be re-connected .  It was another dramatic day in the Terri Schiavo saga.  As the politicians say that the laws must be changed — this minute, after fifteen years — to over-rule the judges, the case continues to spiral upwards...Despite the political calculus, the courts are not playing the game.  Early this morning, two judges on the 11th Circuit Appeals Court in Atlanta — one appointed by President Clinton, the other by the first President Bush — refused to order that Schiavo’s feeding be reinserted.  This afternoon, the full 11th Circuit court confirmed that decision by a vote of Ten to two.  And in Florida this afternoon, the state senate rejected a bill that might save Terri Shyvo's life — 21 to18.  The Schiavo family now says it will appeal to the Supreme Court.  Governor Jeb Bush promised to keep exploring legal options for reinserting the feeding tube.  This afternoon, he cited a new evaluation by a Mayo clinic doctor, who viewed videotapes and spent an hour by her bedside. The doctor did not examine her, but still concluded she might have been "mis-diagnosed" and could be in a state of "minimal consciousness."  Based on that, the Florida State Division of Social Services tried to gain legal custody of the woman.  A County Judge has already ruled against it.  But it appears the Federal Government is out of the picture.  Time might be the only judge now.

Schiavo decision — Whatever you may believe or hope about the Schiavo case, this is an undisputed fact.  For more than a decade, there was more than enough middle ground to keep what is, in essence, a family dispute over the continuation care for a very sick woman, out of the media, and out of politics.  No longer.  How did it change?  How did this become the thing that after four years, finally got the President to cut short a vacation?  Against overwhelming public opinion?  A CBS News poll tonight shows 82 percent of all respondents believe the Congress and President Bush should not have gotten involved in the Schiavo case, including 76 percent of Conservatives, 72 percent of Republicans, and 68 percent of White, Evangelical Christians — opposed to federal intervention in the case….  All of the lawsuits and appeals filed by the parents of Terry Schiavo and her husband have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, leading some to question the money trails.

Mourning in Minnesota — There is no question that the media attention to the worst American school shootings since Columbine has been significantly less than the coverage of Columbine — even of some of the lesser incidents since.  That has been criticized in many quarters as a racial or economic or even geographic slight.  In fact, it proves that police, acting on behalf of the Red Lake Tribe arrested at gunpoint, two photographers attempting to take pictures of a memorial adjoining a Minnesota state highway.  Other media members have been told that if they leave the highway, they too will be arrested.  The tribal chairman, in fact, stopped the sister of the slain school guard as she made her way to give a statement to reporters.  Against that backdrop, a memorial for the nine victims was held about 35 miles to the south of Red Lake.

Rude operator — 9-1-1 dispatchers supposedly have the same kind of job-stress levels as air traffic controllers.  They are not only the first line of defense when crisis escapes its cage, they not only hear the dying words of victims and they don't just have to help the occasional four-year-old save her mother...But mixed in with all this, they get constant calls about traffic jams, noisy neighbors, unrecognized smells and requests for directions to the local Winn Dixie.  You may have heard about this case from Connecticut… One trooper told an emergency caller ‘too bad’ when they sought his assistance.  It’s a reminder only to consider that the 9-1-1 dispatcher who evidently wigged out, has been doing this for 18 years.  That's a lot of Winn Dixies. 

Lottery losers — If you are someone who has long felt you cannot believe everything you read in the paper...There are tonight hundreds -- maybe thousands — of people who agree with you — and are prepared to sue over it.  The liberal media again? The conservative fiction machine?  Nope.
This is about money.  In New York, cash prize games have been used to lure readers to either the New York Post or the New York Daily News since at least the early '80s, when how you fared in something called "Wingo" was far more important than the political or factual content of the paper.  Now, something has gone terribly wrong with the latest game of bribe the reader. At least 2,000 people showed up at the newspaper's office, thinking they had won — as much as a hundred thousand dollars each.  Only  they didn't.  Now, they might get their money another way: by suing the paper.


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