When it comes to your floors checkout these high-tech options.
By Ziff Davis Media Extreme Tech Editor
updated 3/26/2005 6:49:54 PM ET 2005-03-26T23:49:54

Finally, spring is here— although last week in New York felt like anything but. And with spring comes spring cleaning! Luckily technology is here to help, because spring cleaning can be quite a chore!

Let's start with cleaning your electronic equipment. Whether it’s a flat-screen TV, computer LCD monitor, digital camera lens or your iPod, remember to choose your cleaning tools wisely.

In fact, for most of these, a simple microfiber cloth, and warm water, is all you need. Eschew windex and other cleansers, as they will simply scratch and dull your shiny devices.

  • Dust-Off, a pioneer in the field of gentle cleaning, has released a line of micro-fiber cloths that are just perfect for HDTVs, LCD screens, iPods and more. I recommend them for all your high-tech cleaning needs. Dust-Off also makes a fine line of compressed air, which is perfect for blowing dust off of that delicate digital camera or camcorder lens. Just a few puffs, and your device will be just like new again. Click here to read more.

But what about cleaning dust and dirt off of your floors? That's where our next two products really shine:

  • The first, the Roomba Discovery, is ideal for keeping your floors clean every day. As it makes its random passes around your floor, it picks up most dirt and other items. It will even return to its charger when running out of juice! Click here to read more.
  • But for deep cleaning, especially under furniture, nothing does it like a Dyson. These high-tech vacuum cleaners look more sculpted than a steroid swilling second baseman, but they really work -- and for $500, they had better! Click here to read more.


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