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Schiavo — He has been accused of trying to murder his wife, of covering up rumored past abuse, of wanting her cremated so that all the evidence will disappear when she dies.  Michael Schiavo today asked that the Florida Medical Examiner's office conduct a full autopsy on his wife Terri, after her life ends, so that there is no doubt about the extent of her brain damage, nor how it had made a recovery, impossible.  The offer — an incredibly risky one if her husband indeed had something to hide — might have seemed to be conclusive evidence to end the controversy about the end of Terri Schiavo’s life.  An autopsy will be conducted before Terry Schiavo's body is cremated…  There is disagreement within the Schindler camp about Schiavo’s condition.  Yesterday, family attorney David Gibbs told CBS News that Mrs. Schiavo has "passed where physically she would be able to recover"... should the feeding tube be re-inserted.  Yet, family spokesman and anti-abortion activist Randall Terry contradicted that by saying "In the family's opinion, that is absolutely not true." …The case long since burst out of its nearly 15 years as a family, and legal battle, into a cause of hysteria and mutually exclusive realities.  But lost in the frenzy, an entire group of individuals who have no direct interest in the outcome, but whose lives have nonetheless been upended.  An elementary school down from Schiavo's hospice is closing for at least a week due to the chaos created by the protestors.  And then there is Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer.  He and his family are living under the protection of armed guards as the legal battle over Terri Schiavo has been fought through his court.  Judge Greer has become the public face of the judiciary in this fight, with death threats made against him for allowing the removal of Mrs. Schiavo's feeding tube just 11 days ago...It was, of course, the second-highest ranking Republican in the House Tom DeLay who played the pivotal role in re-locating this story to the national political stage, so quickly that an extraordinary number of congressmen and senators who voted on the special legislation a week ago yesterday, had no idea how to correctly pronounce her name.  It turns out DeLay has neglected to mention a relevant fact from his own life.  Though not exact circumstances, DeLay refused extraordinary care for his own father without there being a living will.

Indonesia earthquake — The chances of after-shocks for earthquakes, worldwide, decline on a week-by-week, and a month-by-month basis.  Only this past Saturday, on the exact three-month anniversary of the underwater earthquake that set off the disastrous tsunami in the Indian Ocean, fears of history repeating itself surfaced today.  Another earthquake , nearly as big as the one on December 26, and nearly in the same spot, brought more death to the tsunami-devastated region.  Indonesia’s vice president predicted up to 2,000 deaths as a result.  While no major tsunami was triggered, another wave of panic spread .

Jackson — Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you...It's your tax and entertainment dollars in action: Day 497 of the Michael Jackson Investigations.  And as Jackson claims his prosecution is actually a conspiracy to deprive him of his ownership of the Beatles and Little Richard publishing catalogues, it is useful to note that he gave two other examples of prosecutions against prominent African-Americans: Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson, and was probably right — both of those were conspiracies.  There was a significant development from the Jackson trial today .  And a rare development that seemingly goes in the prosecution's favor.  And then some.  Prosecutors were hoping to get Judge Rodney Melville to admit evidence, into this trial, about the 1993 molestation accusation against Jackson, which was settled without charges being brought against him.  In fact, District Attorney Tom Sneddon couldn't have won bigger at a Las Vegas slot machine.  The Judge ruled that evidence was admissible about Jackson's conduct with five other teenaged boys, including actor Macauley Culkin.

Fear factor survival — It was not long ago that the NBC Series "Fear Factor" was the subject of a lawsuit by a viewer who didn't really believe it when they said "coming up, we'll show you something gross" -- then they showed it, he got sick, and he sued.  But, "Fear Factor" is now credited with saving the life of a woman who drove into a creek.  One woman survived death after her car fell into rushing waters.

Royal wedding mess — The upcoming wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles has become even more embarrassing today.  A bishop of the Church of England says that Charles should apologize to the ex-husband of Mrs. Bowles for having broken up his marriage.  De Bishop says the apology should be delivered to Andrew Parker Bowles before his ex gets hitched to Chuck 11 days hence…Remarkably, Charles doesn't even come in first, out of the pair of new royal embarrassments.  The brother of his ex-wife, the late Princess Diana is turning her bedroom into a Bed-and-Breakfast.  The Earl Spencer, is offering to rent the "Princess of Wales Room" in his family's ancestral home, Althorp, for weekend sleepovers for $56,000 a night.  The offer was nestled inside a magazine sent to holders of an ultra-toney American Express card.  The room in which Diana and Charles slept, is supposedly haunted by the favorite footman of the third Earl.  No truth to rumors that he's only there because he's looking for a percentage of the gate.


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