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Yet another earthquake of a substantial magnitude rocked the Indian Ocean today. While the information on damage has been spotty so far, it does not appear that a tsunami was triggered.  This has been a bad year for that region, and hopefully they will be spared any additional heartache.

The thing that amazes me is that through it all we are able to get practically real time accounts on the Internet.  Blogs and instant messages are the new telegraphs, and they are faster and more precise.  We monitored sites like and for reaction from real people in the region.

Today at 5 p.m., a look at international response to this most recent quake. We'll examine blogs and sites from all around the world.

And then, a ruling in the Jackson case that could prove very damaging to the defense team.  Today the judge said that previous accusations against the King of Pop are admissible. As you know, he has settled with other families out of court. All of that is now fair game. Should it be?

While the gut reaction would be yes, it is worthy of a debate.  Keep in mind that these kinds of decisions can sometimes set precedent.  If you were on trial and had never been convicted of another crime, would you want a judge to bring up all your other dirty laundry?  Probably not.  But on the other hand, when rape victims take the stand, defense attorneys tend to paint them in an unflattering light by discussing their previous sexual history.  At least the same seems fair for the accused.  Get ready for a spirited discussion.

And finally, a detainee at Guantanamo Bay is claiming that Osama Bin Laden was in Tora Bora and escaped U.S. forces, fleeing into Pakistan.  Now, these detainees tend to sing like canaries if you believe the news reports, and to my knowledge no serious allegation has come back to make sauce.  This could just be a prisoner trying to keep the Osama trail cold.  But if he is right, the U.S. missed an enormous opportunity to score the Grand Poohbah of terror.  One criticism against the administration is that in diverting resources from Afghanistan to Iraq we diluted the war on Al Qaeda.  We'll discuss this, as well.

Good stuff, kids.  Stay with us. 

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In the 1980's, astronauts reached the peak of their popularity.  As a child, I recall the obsession every boy had with Space Camp, a program NASA started that let school-aged children come to spend a week experiencing the training that real astronauts endure.

My best friend in the seventh grade, Robert, got picked to go and I was insanely jealous.  I had no interest in being an astronaut and, at the time, couldn't name one real space cowboy, but it was the thought of the freeze dried foods that appealed to me.

The NASA Space Camp recruiter had come to our class one day to talk about space travel and work the protractor and pocket protector set into a froth over images of the Moon and the concept of weightlessness. He brought with him a packet of freeze dried Neapolitan ice cream for each of us. It was like sucking on Styrofoam. Truly the most disgusting and chalky thing I had consumed since a time I had actually eaten chalk.  But the thought of it was exciting.  It seemed so futuristic, so utterly cool.

Thirty years into the manned space program, I wonder whether we have much more than freeze dried ice cream. Without a doubt, interest in space travel among kids has subsided.  Images of exploding shuttles and failed launches has left a bad taste in our mouths, worse than the chalky ice cream. Is there really any reason to continue the manned space program?  We will debate it today.

Also, a look at potential political fallout from the Terri Schiavo case.  With even most Evangelicals, around 53%, saying that they support removing Schiavo's feeding tube, it kind of makes you wonder what motivated the president and members of Congress to get involved.  It has been said that President Bush is truly a man of conviction.  It's possible that he and his brother, the Florida Governor, felt so strongly that they acted without waiting for poll results.  But the numbers are in, and they ain't pretty. The president is riding at around 46 percent, depending on which poll you trust.  We'll discuss whether this move was a misfire from a guy who is normally a pretty straight shooter.

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